KIACK/S a fish of the herring family [n -S]

MISTAKER-/S one that mistakes (to interpret wrongly) [n -S]
SITKAMER/S (Afrikaans) a sitting-room [n -S]

M/ETHOXIDE/S a type of saltlike compound with metal and organic components, elso ETHYLATE [n -S]

TOADLET/S a small toad [n -S]
TOTALED TOTAL, to amount to [v]

-IKANS- IKAN, fish as an ingredient of Malaysian cooking [n]
-KAINS- KAIN, a tax paid in produce or livestock, also KANE [n]
KINAS-/E KINA, cinchona bark from which quinine is derived, also KINAKINA [n]
KISAN/S a peasant of India [n -S]
NAIKS- NAIK, an Indian corporal [n]

CALIPERS- CALIPER, to use a type of measuring device [v]
CARSPIEL/S a curling match in which curlers compete for a car [n -S]
REPLICAS-/E REPLICA, a copy or reproduction [n]
SPIRACLE/S an orifice through which breathing occurs [n -S]

SORBITAN/S a chemical compound [n -S]

DABSTER/S a bungler (one who mismanages) [n -S]
TABERDS- TABERD, a medieval peasant's overcoat [n]

HM/OLLA/SV a wide-mouthed pot or jar [n -S]

BCDFLPW/ADDY- an email address (slang) [n ADDIES]
-DYAD/S a pair of units [n -S]

TRANSMEW/S to change to another form or substance [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TREWSMAN a wearer of trousers [n TREWSMEN]

DHOL/ELS an large cylindrical drum, used in Indian music [n -S]
A/-HOLD/S to keep possession of [v HELD or HILD, HOLDEN, HOLDING, HOLDS]

VICTROLA/S (trade) a type of gramophone [n -S]
VORTICAL pertaining to a vortex (a whirling mass of fluid) [adj]

ISOTRON/S a device for separating isotopes [n -S]
NITROSO- containing nitrosyl [adj]
TORSION/S the act of twisting [n -S]

T/ARTINESS the quality of being arty [n -ES]
RESIANTS- RESIANT, a residence, also RESIANCE [n]
RETSINAS- RETSINA, a resin-flavoured Greek wine [n]
SNARIEST SNARY, in danger of entrapment [adj]
STAINERS- STAINER, that which stains [n]
STEARINS- STEARIN, the solid portion of a fat, also STEARINE [n]

-CRUD-/EOSY to be blocked with filth [v CRUDDED, CRUDDING, CRUDS]
-CURD-/SY to curdle (to congeal (to change from a fluid to a solid)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

O/DORISED- DORISE, to become like the Dorians, also DORIZE [v]
SODDIER- SODDY, consisting of sod; covered with sod [adj]

LENTILS- LENTIL, an Eurasian annual plant [n]
-LINTELS- LINTEL, a horizontal supporting beam, also LINTOL [n]
TELLINS- TELLIN, a bivalve mollusc, also TELLEN [n]

S/HASTA- until (up to the time of) [prep]
TAHAS- TAHA, the South African weaver bird [n]

ACTINIDE/S any of a series of radioactive elements, also ACTINOID [n -S]
CTENIDIA CTENIDIUM, a comblike anatomical structure [n]
DIACTINE/S a sponge spicule having two rays that develop in different directions from a single point of origin also DIACT [n -S]

TORTURES- TORTURE, to subject to severe physical pain [v]
-TROUTERS- TROUTER, a trout fisherman [n]

-ASTELIC lacking a stele [adj]
G/ELASTIC/S a stretchable material [n -S]
LACIEST LACEY, resembling lacework, also LACY [adj]
LATICES LATEX, the milky juice of rubber trees [n]
SALICET/AS organ stops [n -S]

BOASTED BOAST, to brag (to boast) [v]
SABOTED wearing sabots [adj]

M/ACRO/S a skiing event in which a skier performs acrobatic moves to music [n -S]
NY/ARCO-/S (Italian) the bow of a stringed instrument [n ARCOS or ARCHI]
ORCA-/S a marine mammal, also ORC [n -S]

MV/ERISTIC/S an expert in debate [n -S]
P/-RICIEST RICY, like rice [adj]

NITREOUS as in nitreous silica, another name for quartz glass [adj]
ROUTINES- ROUTINE, a regular course of procedure [n]
SNOUTIER SNOUTY, resembling a long, projecting nose [adj]

HLW/EFTS- EFT, a newt, also EVET [n]
-FEST-/ASY a gathering of people for an activity [n -S]
FETS- FET, to fetch (to go after and bring back) [v]
-TEFS- TEF, a cereal grass, also TEFF [n]

STONNED- STONNE, to stun, also STONN [v]
TENDONS- TENDON, a cord or fibrous tissue [n]