2/2 ACEILOS CELOSIA/S a flowering plant [n -S]
COALISE/DS to bring into coalition, also COALIZE [v COALISED, COALISING, COALISES]

3/6 AGNOW GOWAN/SY a daisy (a flowering plant) [n -S]
-WAGON/S to transport in a four wheeled horse-drawn vehicle, also WAGGON [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WONGA/S money (a medium of exchange) [n -S]

4/8 EGOST GOEST- (Arch) 2nd pers sing pres of GO [v]
TOGES- TOGE, a toga (a garment worn in ancient Rome) [n]


6/16 EEINRST ENTIRES- ENTIRE, the whole of something [n]
CGS/ENTRIES ENTRY, a place of entrance [n]
NERITES- NERITE, a type of sea snail [n]
RETINES- RETINE, a substance in cells that retards growth and cell division [n]
TRENISE/S the fourth movement of a quadrille [n -S]
TRIENES- TRIENE, a type of chemical compound [n]

7/33 EEGILOS -ELOGIES ELOGY, a funeral oration, also ELOGE, ELOGIUM [n]

8/39 AIRSTU AURIST-/S an ear specialist [n -S]

9/41 AEEHMNRS SHAREMEN SHAREMAN, a fisherman who shares profits [n]
SHEARMEN SHEARMAN, a textile worker [n]

10/45 AGPW GAWP-/S to stare stupidly, also GAUP, GORP [v -ED, -ING, -S]

11/54 AFIMNORT NATIFORM shaped like a buttock [adj]

12/56 MMOS -MOMS- MOM, mother [n]

13/74 DDIKNO DODKIN/S an old Dutch coin, also DOIT, DOITKIN, DUIT [n -S]

14/76 EGIMNOR MOERING MOER, (South African slang) to attack [v]

15/79 AGIOORSU ORAGIOUS stormy (boisterous, also STORMFUL) [adj]

16/86 CEINNORS INCENSOR/SY a burner of incense, also INCENSER [n -S]

17/98 CNOO -COON-/S a raccoon (a carnivorous mammal, also RACOON) [n -S]

18/102 ADIORSST ASTROIDS- ASTROID, a four cusped geometrical figure [n]
SARODIST/S one who plays the sarod [n -S]

19/107 ACEIOPRT APORETIC relating to aporia, a professed doubt of what to say or to choose [adj]
OPERATIC/S the technique of staging operas [n -S]

20/119 AEELMNST MANTEELS- MANTEEL, a soldiers cloak [n]
STEELMAN a worker in the steel industry [n STEELMEN]
TALESMEN TALESMAN, a person summoned to fill a vacancy on a jury [n]

21/124 AEEIPRST PARIETES PARIES, the wall of an organ [n]
PETARIES PETARY, a region covered with peat, also PEATARY, PEATERY [n]

22/130 ADEEGNT AGENTED AGENT, to act for another with authority [v]
ENDGATE/S (US) a tailboard [n -S]
NEGATED- NEGATE, to nullify (to negate) [v]

23/137 CEHIORST ROTCHIES- ROTCHIE, the little auk [n]
THEORICS- THEORIC, theory (an explanation of anything) [n]

24/147 AEENRSS ENSEARS- ENSEAR, to dry up [v]

25/153 CEESVZ CEZVES- CEZVE, a small metal pot, usually of copper, with a long metal handle, used for preparing Turkish, Arabic, or Greek style coffee [n]

26/162 AAIKST AKITAS- AKITA, (Japanese) a large powerfully built breed of Japanese dog [n]
KIAATS- KIAAT, (Afrikaans) a tropical African leguminous tree [n]

27/164 AGINORTY GYRATION/S the act of gyrating (to revolve or rotate) [n -S]
ORGANITY an organized whole [n ORGANITIES]

28/179 CILXY CYLIX (Greek) a shallow two-handled drinking-cup also KYLIX [n CYLICES or CYLIKES]
XYLIC relating to xylem [adj]

29/187 AEIJNT TAJINE/S a clay pot, also TAGINE [n -S]

30/198 ADEFIILS LADIFIES LADIFY, to make a lady of, also LADYFY [v]
SALIFIED SALIFY, to combine with salt [v]

31/201 AKKOOP PAKOKO/S (New Zealand) a small freshwater fish [n -S]

32/202 ACLU CAUL/DKS a fetal membrane [n -S]

33/208 BLRU -BLUR/BST to make indistinct [v BLURRED, BLURRING, BLURS]
BURL-/SY to finish cloth by removing knots [v -ED, -ING, -S]

34/211 CEEGNORS COGENERS- COGENER, something of the same nature [n]
CONGREES- CONGREE, to agree (to have the same opinion) [v]

35/213 KKMOU KOKUM/S (Marathi) an E. Indian tree also KOKAM, KOOKUM [n -S]

36/223 AEGY -YAGE-/RS a tropical vine of the Amazon region, aka ayahuasca [n -S]

37/235 ADIYZ ZAIDY (Yiddish) a grandfather also ZAIDA, ZAIDEH, ZEDA [n ZAIDIES]

38/248 ARZZ RAZZ to deride (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

39/254 ILPU PULI-/KS a long-haired sheepdog [n PULIS or PULIK]

40/261 HKRSUU KURUSH- a monetary unit of Turkey also GIRSH, GURSH, QURSH, QURUSH [n -ES]

41/280 AEIILNST ALIENIST/S a person who treats mental illness [n -S]
LITANIES LITANY, a ceremonial form of prayer [n]

42/281 AEGINST BFRY/EASTING/S a movement toward the east [n -S]
BHS/EATINGS- EATING, the act of consuming food [n]
GAINEST GAIN, near (situated within a short distance) [adj]
GENISTA/S a plant [n -S]
INGATES- INGATE, an inlet for molten metal in founding [n]
INGESTA- ingested material [n]
-SEATING/S material for covering seats [n -S]
TAGINES- TAGINE, a clay pot, also TAJINE [n]
TANGIES-/T TANGIE, a water-spirit [n]
-TEASING/S the act of teasing [n -S]
TSIGANE/S a Hungarian gypsy [n -S]

43/282 DEGIINNT ENDITING ENDITE, to charge formally with a crime [v]
INDIGENT-/S a needy person [n -S]
TEINDING TEIND, to assess (to estimate (to calculate)) [v]

44/289 AEELNRT ALTERNE-/S adjoining different plant communities [n -S]
ENTERAL- pertaining to the enteron [adj]
-ETERNAL/S something lasting forever [n -S]
TELERAN/S a system of air navigation [n -S]

CANITIES the turning grey of the hair [n CANITIES]

46/294 ENORSTT ROTTENS- ROTTEN, a rat [n]
SNOTTER/SY to sob (to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STENTOR/S a person who has a very loud voice [n -S]

47/295 DEIINOT S/EDITION/S the number of copies printed at the one time [n -S] / to produce multiple copies of an art work [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TENIOID like a tapeworm [adj]

48/296 ACINORST CANTORIS to be sung on the north side of the choir [adj]
CAROTINS- CAROTIN, a plant pigment, also CAROTENE, CARROTIN [n]
CORTINAS- CORTINA, a membrane on some mushrooms [n]

49/297 AEGNORST ESTRAGON/S tarragon, a perennial herb [n -S]
NEGATORS- NEGATOR, one that negates, also NEGATER [n]
ORANGEST- ORANGE, the colour of an orange (a fruit) [adj]
RAGSTONE/S undressed masonry in slabs, also RAGWORK [n -S]
STONERAG/S a lichen, also STONERAW [n -S]

50/298 CENORST CONSTER/S to infer (to deduce (to derive (to trace to an origin))) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CORNETS- CORNET, a trumpet-like instrument [n]
CRESTON/S an outcrop [n -S]
CRETONS a spread of shredded pork cooked with onions in pork fat [n]
CRONETS- CRONET, hair growing over the top of a horse's hoof [n]

51/301 AIJ H/AJI/S a spicy pepper [n -S]
-JAI-/L onward to victory (Indian) [interj]

52/303 EEEMORST EROTEMES- EROTEME, a rhetorical question, also EROTEMA, EROTESIS [n]
STEREOME/S mechanical tissue in plants [n -S]

53/304 ADEELRS DEALERS- DEALER, one that deals (to trade (to have dealing with)) [n]
LASERED LASER, to treat with a laser, a source of high-intensity optical, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation produced as a result of stimulated emission maintained within a solid, liquid, or gaseous medium [v]
P/LEADERS- LEADER, one who guides (to show the way) [n]
REDEALS- REDEAL, to deal again [v]

54/305 AEKRSS MT/-ASKERS- ASKER, one who asks (to inquire or request) [n]
ESKARS- ESKAR, a narrow ridge of gravel and sand, also ESCAR, ESKER [n]
KESARS- KESAR, an emperor, also KAISER, KEASAR [n]
SAKERS- SAKER, an Eurasian falcon [n]
SKEARS- SKEAR, to scare (to frighten (to make afraid, to scare, also FRIGHT)) [v]

55/307 EMORSTU -MOUTERS- MOUTER, to take a fee for grinding grain [v]
-OESTRUM/S the period of heat in female mammals, also ESTRUM, ESTRUS, OESTRUS [n -S]

56/308 CDENORS CONDERS- CONDER, a person who directs steering [n]
CORSNED/S a historical legal process [n -S]
-SCORNED SCORN, to treat with contempt [v]

57/311 GINO BDJLP/INGO-/T the inner sides of a doorway [n INGOES]

58/314 ADIOOPRT PAROTOID/S a gland of certain toads and frogs [n -S]

59/315 ABEEILMS BELAMIES BELAMY, a good friend [n]

60/316 INQU QUIN/AEOST a quintuplet [n -S]

61/318 ADEEFIR R/AREFIED AREFY, to dry up [v]
FEDARIE/S an accomplice, also FEDERARY, FOEDARIE [n -S]

62/320 AADIMOT DOMATIA DOMATIUM, a plant-structure that harbours mites [n]

63/323 DEIKRY DYKIER DYKEY, like a lesbian, also DIKEY [adj]
-YIRKED YIRK, to draw tight [v]

64/325 EKT S/-KET/AEOS carrion (dead and rotting flesh) [n -S]

65/326 AEIMSTT ETATISM/ES extreme state control over the individual, also ETATISME [n -S]
MATIEST- MATY, friendly (amicable (friendly)) [adj]
MATTIES- MATTIE, a young herring [n]

66/329 AEGIKN KAEING KAE, to serve, also KA [v]

67/332 ABELORT BLOATER/S a smoked herring [n -S]
RETABLO/S a shelf or ornamental setting for panels behind an altar also RETABLE [n -S]

68/333 CRRU CURR-/SY to purr (to utter a low, vibrant sound, also PUR) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

69/334 AEGLNOS ENGAOLS- ENGAOL, to put in gaol [v]

70/335 ABEEGINR BAREGINE/S a gelatinous mass [n -S]
BERGENIA/S a perennial flower [n -S]

71/336 AIKM -KAIM-/S a ridge of gravel or sand left by a glacier, also KAME [n -S]
-KAMI-/KS a sacred power or force [n KAMIS or KAMI]
S/MAIK/OS a halfpenny, also MECK [n -S]
MAKI-/S a small segment cut from a long roll of cold rice and various other ingredients wrapped in a sheet of seaweed, in Japanese cuisine [n -S]

72/337 DEEFINR DEFINER-/S one that defines (to state the meaning of) [n -S]
ENFIRED- ENFIRE, to inflame (to set on fire) [v]
FENDIER FENDY, thrifty (economic (relating to finance)) [adj]
REFINED- REFINE, to free from impurities [v]

73/340 EILOT TELOI TELOS, an ultimate end [n]
E/TOILE-/DRST a sheer linen fabric [n -S]

74/357 ABDEERST BETREADS- BETREAD, to walk upon [v]
-BREASTED BREAST, to confront boldly [v]
DEBATERS- DEBATER, one who debates (to deliberate) [n]

75/359 AAEGNRSW NAGWARES- NAGWARE, software that is free but then nags you to pay for it [n]

76/361 ADLO -ALOD/S land held absolutely, also ALLODIUM, ALODIUM [n -S]
LOAD/S to place goods or cargo on transportation [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MNP/-ODAL-/S a Scottish estate without feudal superior, also UDAL [n -S]

77/365 ADELOSW WALDOES WALDO, a gadget for manipulating objects remotely [n]

78/367 AEILSTY TAILYES- TAILYE, a limitation of inheritance to certain heirs, also TAILZIE [n]

79/368 ADNS BFHLPRSW/ANDS- AND, something added [n]
-DANS- DAN, a tub [n]
-NADS testicles (a male reproductive gland, also TESTIS) [n]
-SAND-/SY to cover with a loose granular rock material [v -ED, -ING, -S]

80/369 DERU -DURE/DS to endure (to last (to continue (to go on with))) [v DURED, DURING, DURES]
CP/RUDE-/RS a rude boy [n -S] / discourteous [adj RUDER, RUDEST]
GT/RUED-/A RUE, to feel sorrow or remorse for [v]
URDE-/E pointed [adj]

81/370 ADESZ ADZES- ADZ, a cutting tool [n]
DAZES- DAZE, to stun (to render unconscious) [v]
ZEDAS- ZEDA, (Yiddish) a grandfather also ZAIDA, ZAIDEH, ZAIDY [n]

82/376 AAILNOV NOVALIA newly reclaimed wastelands [n]
VALONIA/S a tanning material, also VALLONIA, VALONEA [n -S]

83/380 HMTUYZ ZYTHUM/S egyptian beer [n -S]

84/381 AHIRSZ SHIRAZ (Persian) a type of wine grape, aka syrah [n -ES]

85/383 AEIRRTT B/RATTIER RATTY, infested with rats [adj]
RETRAIT/EST a withdrawal, also RETRAICT, RETRAITE [n -S]
-TARTIER TARTY, like a prostitute [adj]

86/385 AKNT -KANT/S to turn on the edge [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TANK-/ASY to store in a container for liquids [v -ED, -ING, -S]

87/386 AABDHI IBADAH (Arabic) in Islam, service, worship [n IBADAT]

88/387 ACEIORS S/-CARIOSE of teeth, affected with caries, decayed, also CARIOUS [adj]
ORACIES ORACY, skill in oral communication [n]
SCORIAE- SCORIA, the dross or slag from metal smelting [n]

89/388 AGNORST SNOTRAG/S (slang) a handkerchief [n -S]

90/389 AINNRSTY TYRANNIS/E an illegal regime [n -ES]

91/391 BDEGORU BUDGERO-/SW an Indian barge, also BUDGEROW [n -S]

92/394 AGILOST GALIOTS- GALIOT, a small galley, also GALLIOT [n]
LATIGOS- LATIGO, a strap used to fasten a saddle [n]
SALIGOT/S the water chestnut [n -S]

93/398 ADERSTW STEWARD/S to manage (to control or direct) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STRAWED STRAW, to cover with stalks of threshed grain [v]
WRASTED WRAST, to take away by force, also WREST [v]

94/399 DENRSTU RETUNDS- RETUND, to blunt (to make dull (mentally slow)) [v]
UNDREST UNDRESS, to take off clothing [v]

95/401 ADNRSTU DRAUNTS- DRAUNT, to drone (to make a monotonous humming sound) [v]
DURANTS- DURANT, a type of strong cloth [n]
TUNDRAS- TUNDRA, a level, treeless expanse of arctic land [n]

96/402 DEENRST -STERNED STERN, to row backwards [v]
-TENDERS- TENDER, to offer for acceptance [v]
TENDRES- TENDRE, concern [n]

97/403 ATTW TAWT-/S to tangle (to form into an interwoven mass) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TWAT-/S (slang) to strike violently [v TWATTED, TWATTING, TWATS]
-WATT-/S a unit of power [n -S]


99/406 AEKLST F/LASKET/S a loop at the foot of a sail [n -S]
LATKES- LATKE, a potato pancake [n]
SKLATE/DS to cover with slate [v SKLATED, SKLATING, SKLATES]

100/409 AIRZ S/IZAR/DS an outer garment worn by Muslim women [n -S]
RIZA-/S an ornamental plate [n -S]
ZARI/S a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire used in traditional Indian and Pakistani garments [n -S]

101/412 EOY -OYE-/RSZ a grandchild, also OY [n -S]

102/417 AAAEGLRT ALTARAGE/S offerings made upon the altar [n -S]

103/419 EHIKRS HIKERS- HIKER, one who hikes (to go walking) [n]
SHREIK/S to utter a scream, also SHREEK, SHRIECH, SHRIEK [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SHRIEK/SY to utter a scream, also SHREEK, SHREIK, SHRIECH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

PIANISTE-/S someone who plays the piano, also PIANIST [n -S]

105/422 ACDEEIPS DISPEACE/S lack of peace [n -S]

106/423 AEFMORST FOREMAST/S the forward mast of a ship [n -S]
FORMATES- FORMATE, to fly in formation [v]
MORTSAFE/S a heavy grille which protects a corpse from bodysnatchers [n -S]

107/425 AEINSTUV SUIVANTE/S a lady's maid [n -S]

108/426 AMOY MAYO-/RS mayonnaise [n -S]
MOYA-/S a volcanic mud [n -S]

VITIATED- VITIATE, to impair the value or quality of [v]

110/428 CEEIINRT ICTERINE marked yellow [adj]

111/431 BBSUY BUSBY a tall fur hat [n BUSBIES]
SUBBY a subcontractor, also SUBBIE [n SUBBIES]

112/432 DILL -DILL/ISY an annual herb [n -S]

113/433 ADEERSTT ASTERTED ASTERT, to start up, also ASTART [v]
-RESTATED- RESTATE, to state again [v]
P/RETASTED- RETASTE, to taste again [v]

114/435 ADLW AWDL/S a Welsh ode [n -S]
WALD/OS a species of mignonette [n -S]

115/438 IKOPTU POUKIT POUK, to pluck (to pull out or off) [v]

116/439 BEILV -BLIVE immediately, also BELIVE, BYLIVE [adv]

117/442 DEENORST -ERODENTS- ERODENT, a caustic chemical [n]

118/443 CIKR BCEPTW/-RICK/S to pile hay in stacks [v -ED, -ING, -S]

119/444 AEINRST ANESTRI ANESTRUS, a period of sexual dormancy, also ANOESTRUS [n]
ANTSIER ANTSY, fidgety (restless (unable to remain at rest)) [adj]
NASTIER NASTY, ill-natured [adj]
RATINES- RATINE, a heavy fabric [n]
RESIANT/S a residence, also RESIANCE [n -S]
RETAINS- RETAIN, to keep possession of [v]
RETINAS- RETINA, a membrane of the eye [n]
RETSINA/S a resin-flavoured Greek wine [n -S]
STAINER/S that which stains [n -S]
STARNIE/S a star [n -S]
STEARIN/EGS the solid portion of a fat, also STEARINE [n -S]

120/445 ALOPR PAROL/ES an utterance [n -S]
POLAR/S a straight line related to a point [n -S]
S/-PORAL pertaining to pores [adj]

121/446 ADEMNOS DAEMONS- DAEMON, a demon (an evil spirit) [n]
MASONED MASON, to build with stone or brick [v]
MODENAS- MODENA, a shade of crimson [n]
MONADES MONAS, a monad (a single-celled organism) [n]
NOMADES- NOMADE, a wanderer, also NOMAD [n]

122/447 EIKPSY PIKEYS- PIKEY, derogatory word for a gypsy or vagrant [n]
-SPIKEY- resembling a spike, also SPIKY [adj]

123/450 AEILMZ MEZAIL/S a visor, also MESAIL [n -S]

124/453 ACEENRTU ENACTURE/S fulfilment [n -S]

125/455 ACDEEFIL CALEFIED CALEFY, to make warm (moderately hot) [v]

126/458 AAKS HKTVW/-AKAS- AKA, a New Zealand vine [n]
-KAAS a large cupboard (a cabinet (a piece of furniture with shelves and drawers)) [n KAAS]

127/459 DEELNST DENTELS- DENTEL, one of a row of tooth-shaped square blocks, also DENTIL [n]
NESTLED- NESTLE, to lie snugly together [v]

128/460 EEHQTU QUETHE/S to say (to utter (to give voice to)) [v QUOTH, QUETHING, QUETHES]


130/464 EIMNORSU INERMOUS without thorns, also INERM [adj]
MONSIEUR a French title of courtesy for a man [n MESSIEURS]

131/465 AAGIKN -KAINGA-/S a Maori village [n -S]

132/469 DELOSTU LOUDEST LOUD, strongly audible [adj]
CW/OULDEST OULD, old (living for a long time) [adj]
TOUSLED- TOUSLE, to dishevel, also TOUSE, TOUZLE [v]

133/476 EIORRST RIOTERS- RIOTER, one who riots (to take part in a violent public disturbance) [n]
ROISTER/S to revel, also ROYSTER [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RORIEST RORY, noisy (making loud sounds) [adj]

134/477 ABEEMRST BEERMATS- BEERMAT, a cardboard mat to put under a glass of beer [n]

135/478 AAF -FAA-/NS (Scots) to fall [v FELL, FAAN or FALLEN, FAAING, FAAS]

136/480 ACJKOP PAJOCK/ES a Shakespearian word for peacock, perhaps, also PAIOCK, PAIOCKE, PAJOCKE [n -S]

137/481 ADEILLRT TRIALLED TRIAL, to make a judicial examination of [v]

138/482 EEIRSTV RESTIVE difficult to control, also RESTY [adj]
SIEVERT/S the SI unit of radiation dose [n -S]
STIEVER- STIEVE, firm (resolute (characterized by firmness or determination)) [adj]
VERIEST VERY, absolute [adj]
VERITES- VERITE, a technique of filming so as to convey candid realism [n]

139/486 CERSUZ SCRUZE/DS to squeeze (to press hard) [v SCRUZED, SCRUZING, SCRUZES]

140/488 AGIINORS SIGNORIA-/LS the power of a seignior, also SEIGNORY, SIGNIORY, SIGNORY [n -S]

141/491 ABDEIRS -ABIDERS- ABIDER, one who abides (to wait for) [n]
BARDIES-/T BARDIE, an Australian wood-boring grub [n]
-BRAISED- BRAISE, to stew (to cook by boiling slowly) [v]
DARBIES handcuffs [n]
SEABIRD/S any marine bird [n -S]
SIDEBAR/S a short news story accompanying a major story [n -S]

142/492 EEMORRTU MOUTERER/S one who receives multures [n -S]
OUTREMER/S an overseas region [n -S]

143/493 CEILNOSU LEUCOSIN/S a cereal albumen [n -S]

144/494 AAFIKL ALFAKI/S a teacher of Muslim law, also ALFAQUI, ALFAQUIN [n -S]
KAFILA/S a caravan, also CAFILA, CAFFILA [n -S]

145/497 DEIMOST DISTOME/S a parasitic flatworm [n -S]
DOMIEST DOMY, like a dome [adj]
MODISTE-/S a dealer in stylish women's clothing [n -S]
MOISTED MOIST, to wet slightly [v]

146/498 GIMR -GRIM/EY stern and unrelenting [adj GRIMMER, GRIMMEST]

147/501 AEGNSTTU GAUNTEST GAUNT, emaciated, also GANT [adj]
TUTENAGS- TUTENAG, an alloy [n]

148/506 ADEILSSU DEASIULS- DEASIUL, motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIL, DEASOIL, DEISEAL, DEISHEAL [n]
DUALISES- DUALISE, to make twofold, also DUALIZE [v]

149/508 BDII BIDI-/S (Hindi) a hand rolled cigarette, also BEEDI, BEEDIE [n -S]

150/523 DEORSTU DETOURS- DETOUR, to take an indirect route [v]
DOUREST DOUR, sullen (showing brooding ill humour) [adj]
-DOUTERS- DOUTER, one that extinguishes [n]
OUTREDS- OUTRED, to surpass in redness [v]
REDOUTS- REDOUT, a condition in which blood is driven to the head [n]
-ROUSTED ROUST, to arouse and drive out [v]

151/525 DEEGIMV DEMIVEG a person who eats no red meat, but eats poultry and fish [n -ES]

152/527 AEMYZ -AZYME-/S unleavened bread, also AZYM [n -S]
MAZEY- dizzy (giddy (dizzy)) [adj MAZIER, MAZIEST]

153/535 JMOO JOMO/NS a cross between a yak and a cow, also ZHO, DSO, DZHO, DZO [n -S]
MOJO/S a magic charm [n MOJOS or MOJOES]

154/541 COTT COTT-/AS a cot (a narrow bed) [n -S]

155/563 AHIILOST HALIOTIS (Greek) a genus of molluscs [n HALIOTES or HALIOTISES]

156/574 AEIMRRS MARRIES MARRY, to enter into marriage [v]
SIMARRE/S a loose coat [n -S]

157/578 ILOT LOTI-/C a monetary unit of Lesotho [n MALOTI]
-TOIL/ES to work hard [v -ED, -ING, -S]

158/581 ADMU DUMA-/S a Russian council [n -S]
MAUD/S a Scottish gray and black plaid [n -S]

159/582 ADENWZ WANZED- WANZE, to decrease (to diminish (to lessen (to become less))) [v]

160/585 DEFIILOR OILFIRED using oil as fuel [adj]

161/587 AEILMRRS LARMIERS- LARMIER, a course serving as a drip-stone [n]

162/588 FOWW WOWF- crazy (insane (mentally unsound)) [adj WOWFER, WOWFEST]

163/590 DEGIINRV DERIVING DERIVE, to trace to an origin [v]
VIRGINED VIRGIN, to continue to be chaste [v]

164/591 EIINOPST SINOPITE/S an iron ore [n -S]

165/592 EGLY A/-GLEY/S to squint (to look with the eyes partly closed) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

166/593 EKNOW KNOWE-/RS a rounded hillock, also KNOLL [n -S]
A/WOKEN- WAKE, to rouse from sleep [v]

167/596 AEMNORR ORRAMEN ORRAMAN, (Scots) an odd job man [n]

168/598 CERUV CRUVE/S a pen or sty, also CROOVE, CRUIVE [n -S]
CURVE/DSTY to bend (to curve) [v CURVED, CURVING, CURVES]

169/599 AEERSST F/-EASTERS- EASTER, a wind or storm from the east [n]
RESEATS- RESEAT, to seat again [v]
SAETERS- SAETER, an upland meadow [n]
SEAREST SEARE, withered, dry [adj]
-SEATERS- SEATER, one that seats (to place on a chair) [n]
STEARES- STEARE, to guide (to show the way) [v]
-TEASERS- TEASER, one who teases (to make fun of) [n]
TESSERA/EL a small square used in mosaic work [n TESSERAE]

170/601 AAHJKT JHATKA/S the slaughter of animals for food in accordance with Sikh law [n -S]

171/604 ACIMNORS MARCONIS- MARCONI, to communicate by wireless telegraphy [v]
MINORCAS- MINORCA, any of a breed of large domestic fowls [n]

172/605 CEIKPR S/-PICKER/SY one who picks (to select (to choose)) [n -S]
RIPECK/S a mooring pole for a punt [n -S]

173/608 ELORU LOURE-/DS an old slow dance [n -S]
T/ROULE-/S a scroll, also ROUL [n -S]

174/609 EEEINRS TW/EENSIER EENSY, (colloq.) very small [adj]
-ESERINE/S a toxic alkaloid [n -S]

175/610 BEILOST BETOILS- BETOIL, to weary with toil [v]

176/612 AGSU GAUS-/S GAU, a Nazi political district [n]

177/613 ABLOOR BAROLO/S an Italian wine [n -S]
ROBALO/S a marine food fish [n -S]

178/614 ABEEINTY AYENBITE/S remorse (deep anguish caused by a sense of guilt) [n -S]

179/615 BEORUZ BROUZE/S a wedding race, also BROOSE [n -S]


181/617 DEEEFINR FINEERED FINEER, to get goods by fraud [v]
NEEDFIRE/S a beacon [n -S]

182/618 NPSU -PUNS- PUN, to make a play on words [v]
-SPUN/K SPIN, to draw out and twist into threads [v]

183/619 AEGLRTU GAULTER/S a gault digger [n -S]
TEGULAR- resembling a tile [adj]
TRAGULE/S a mouse deer [n -S]

184/620 ACHIKO KOCHIA/S any of several plants whose foliage turns dark red in summer [n -S]

185/622 AAEPRZ ZARAPE/S a woollen riding blanket [n -S]

186/623 DEIRSTU DUSTIER DUSTY, full of dust [adj]
REDUITS- REDUIT, an inner fortified retreat for a garrison [n]
STUDIER/S one who studies (to apply oneself to learning) [n -S]

187/624 EEIMNOS SEMEION a unit of time [n SEMEIA]

188/625 BDEEIMNR BRIDEMEN BRIDEMAN, a groom's attendant at a wedding [n]

189/626 ABJMO -JAMBO-/K an African salutation [interj]

190/627 AEISTTW TAWIEST TAWIE, docile (compliant) [adj]
-TWAITES- TWAITE, a British species of shad [n]

191/628 BELO O/-BOLE/S a fine clay [n -S]
G/-LOBE-/DS the lower soft part of the ear [n -S]

192/629 ACEILRST ALTRICES immature young birds [n]
P/ARTICLES- ARTICLE, to indict (to charge with a crime) [v]
RECITALS- RECITAL, a detailed account [n]
SELICTAR/S a sword-bearer [n -S]
STERICAL pertaining to atoms in a molecule, also STERIC [adj]

193/631 AAEMNRST SARMENTA- SARMENTUM, a stem in the form of a runner [n]
SEMANTRA SEMANTRON, a makeshift bell [n]

GRANTEES- GRANTEE, one to whom something is granted [n]
GREATENS- GREATEN, to make greater (large (great in size)) [v]
NEGATERS- NEGATER, one that negates, also NEGATOR [n]
REAGENTS- REAGENT, a substance with a characteristic reaction, also REAGENCY [n]
SEGREANT in heraldry, with raised wings [adj]
SERGEANT/SY a noncommissioned military officer, also SERJEANT [n -S]
STERNAGE/S sterns collectively [n -S]

195/634 ELORSTU ELUTORS- ELUTOR, a vessel for elution [n]
OUTLERS- OUTLER, someone who is out of office [n]
-TROULES- TROULE, to trundle (to propel by causing to rotate, also TRINDLE) [v]

196/636 EINOPRT POINTER-/S one that points (to indicate direction with the finger) [n -S]
PROTEIN-/S a nitrogenous organic compound, also PROTEID, PROTEIDE [n -S]
PTERION a place where several skull bones meet [n PTERIA]
REPOINT/S to repair mortar [v -ED, -ING, -S]
A/TROPINE-/S a poisonous alkaloid, also TROPIN [n -S]

197/637 KMOOOR MOKORO/S (Botswana) a traditional dugout canoe [n -S]

198/640 ABBHIJ D/JIBBAH-/S a type of Muslim outer garment [n -S]

199/641 NOY -NOY-/S to vex (to annoy (to irritate (to provoke))) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BCMPT/-ONY-/X (Scots) any also ONIE [adj]
-YON-/DIT over there [adv]

200/643 ADELOST SALTOED SALTO, to perform a daring leap [v]
I/SOLATED- SOLATE, to change to a fluid colloidal system [v]

201/644 AEEIMRST EMERITAS- EMERITA, a retired woman who retains an honorary title [n]
EMIRATES- EMIRATE, the rank of an emir, also EMEERATE [n]
CD/REAMIEST REAMY, creamy (having the consistency of cream) [adj]
STEAMIER- STEAMY, covered with vapour [adj]

202/645 ADENOSU DOUANES- DOUANE, a custom-house [n]

203/649 KOSU BDGJPSTYZ/OUKS- OUK, a week, also OULK [n]
-SOUK-/S (Scots) to suck also SOOK [v -ED, -ING, -S]

204/650 HIINORST HISTRION-/S an actor (a theatrical performer) [n -S]

205/652 EINRSUW UNWIRES- UNWIRE, to take the wire from [v]
UNWISER- UNWISE, not wise [adj]

206/653 ADIIKY YIDAKI/S a long wooden wind instrument played by the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land [n -S]

207/654 ABIIV BIVIA BIVIUM, part of a starfish [n]

208/655 BIIMOZ IMBIZO/S a gathering of people at the request of a chieftain [n -S]

209/657 AACHK KACHA makeshift, also KACHCHA, KUCHCHA, KUTCHA [adj]

210/658 ACEIPRST CRAPIEST CRAPY, like crape [adj]
CRISPATE/D curled, also CRISPATED [adj]
PARETICS- PARETIC, one affected with paresis [n]
PICRATES- PICRATE, a chemical salt [n]
PRACTISE/DRS to train or drill in order to acquire skill, also PRACTICE [v PRACTISED, PRACTISING, PRACTISES]

INSOURCE/DS to subcontract work to another company that is under the same general ownership [v INSOURCED, INSOURCING, INSOURCES]
NOURICES- NOURICE, a nurse [n]
ROUNCIES ROUNCY, a riding-horse [n]

212/662 DEGIK KIDGE brisk, also KEDGY [adj]

213/664 ABDEIRR BARDIER- BARDY, insolent [adj]
-BRAIDER-/S one who braids (to plait (to braid)) [n -S]
BRIARED covered with [adj BRIARS]
-RABIDER RABID, affected with rabies [adj]

214/666 AEFILNOT OLEFIANT oil-forming [adj]

215/667 AAHILT HIATAL pertaining to a hiatus (a gap or missing section) [adj]

216/668 ADEGINRY DERAYING DERAY, to go wild [v]
READYING READY, to make preparation [v]
-YEARDING YEARD, to bury (to put in the ground and cover with earth) [v]

217/669 AAAJMT JAMAAT/S (Arabic) an assembly [n -S]

218/672 ADINV DIVAN-/S a sofa or couch [n -S]
DIVNA (Scots) do not [v]
VIAND/S an article of food [n -S]

219/673 DINOOST ISODONT/S an animal with uniform teeth [n -S]

220/674 AEIMNTTU MATUTINE relating to the morning [adj]

221/675 EEILORSW OWLERIES OWLERY, a place inhabited by owls [n]

222/677 AEEILMRS ALMERIES ALMERY, a cupboard for sacred vessels, also AMBRY, ALMIRAH, AMBERY, AUMBRY, AWMRIE, AWMRY [n]
R/-EMAILERS- EMAILER, one who sends electronic messages via computer [n]
MEASLIER MEASLY, meagre (inadequate, also MEAGER) [adj]

223/680 AETT -ETAT-/S state or rank [n -S]
S/-TATE-/RS a tuft of hair [n -S]
-TEAT-/S a mammary gland [n -S]

224/683 EEFTW WEFTE-/DS a waif [n -S]

225/684 AEORRTUV AVOUTRER/S an adulterer [n -S]

226/685 AEEFILRT FEATLIER FEATLY, gracefully [adj]
FRAILTEE/S frailty (weakness (the state of being weak (lacking strength))) [n -S]

227/689 AADINRT INTRADA/SY a musical prelude [n -S]
RADIANT-/S a point from which rays are omitted [n -S]

228/691 ACEILNSU AESCULIN/S a sugar producer in chestnut bark [n -S]
LUNACIES LUNACY, insanity (the state of being insane (mentally unsound)) [n]

229/712 FOTU TOFU/S a soft Oriental cheese made from soybean milk [n -S]

230/719 GNO A/-GON-/EGKS a grade [n -S]
S/NOG-/GS to fill a space in a wall with bricks [v NOGGED, NOGGING, NOGS]

231/721 AADINOTV AVOIDANT avoiding intimacy [adj]

232/722 KKNO KONK-/S to hit on the head, also CONK [v -ED, -ING, -S]

233/724 CEELNNOT CENTONEL/LS (Spenser) a sentinel [n -S]
NONELECT not chosen [adj]


235/729 BIKRY KIRBY as in kirby grip, a kind of hair grip [adj]

236/730 IKLPU PIKUL/S a Chinese weight, also PICUL [n -S]
PULIK- PULI, a long-haired sheepdog [n]

237/738 ERTT -TRET/S an allowance paid to purchasers for waste in transport [n -S]

238/739 ABENOST ONBEATS- ONBEAT, the first and third beats in a bar of four-four time [n]

239/740 GIINORST IGNITORS- IGNITOR, one that ignites, also IGNITER [n]
RIOTINGS- RIOTING, the act of rioting [n]
ROISTING ROIST, to revel (to engage in noisy merrymaking) [v]
ROSITING ROSIT, to rosin (to treat with a brittle resin, also ROSET) [v]

240/742 AELNOPST LAPSTONE/S a stone for hammering leather held in the lap [n -S]
PLEONAST/ES someone who is prone to redundancy [n -S]
POLENTAS- POLENTA, a thick mush of cornmeal [n]

241/749 DIRU RUDI-/ES (In Jamaica) a member of a group of lower- or working-class teenagers in the 1960s, noted for listening to ska music and for juvenile delinquency also RUDY [n -S]

242/750 ADENSTU SAUNTED SAUNT, to make a saint of [v]
UNSATED not sated [adj]

243/764 EETY TYEE-/S a food fish [n -S]

244/772 ILLV -VILL/AIS a village (a small community in a rural area) [n -S]

245/774 ACEEHNRS M/ENARCHES ENARCH, to graft a plant [v]
ENCHASER-/S one that enchases (to place in an ornamental border, also INCHASE) [n -S]

246/776 ADEVW ADVEW/S to view (to look at) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WAVED- WAVE, to flutter back and forth [v]

247/791 ACEINRST CANISTER/S a small metal box [n -S]
CARNIEST- CARNY, cunning (crafty (skillful in deceiving)) [adj]
CERATINS- CERATIN, a fibrous protein [n]
CISTERNA-/EL a fluid-containing sac [n CISTERNAE]
CREATINS- CREATIN, a chemical found within vertebrate muscle, also CREATINE, KREATINE [n]
NACRITES- NACRITE, a clay mineral [n]
-SCANTIER SCANTY, meagre (inadequate, also MEAGER) [adj]
TACRINES- TACRINE, a drug for treating Alzheimer's disease [n]

248/797 AAEELNPU PAENULAE- PAENULA, a Roman cloak [n]

249/800 EEORSTY ESOTERY secret doctrine [n ESOTERIES]

250/802 DEEKNOST DESKNOTE/S a notebook computer used like a desktop [n -S]

251/803 ADILNSU DUALINS- DUALIN, a type of explosive mixture [n]
SUNDIAL/S a type of time-telling device [n -S]

252/804 DEEILLRT TILLERED TILLER, to put forth stems from a root [v]
TREDILLE/S a card game for three [n -S]

253/805 EEEINPRT PERENTIE/S a large Australian monitor lizard, also PERENTY [n -S]

254/806 AAEINRST ANTISERA serums that contain antibodies [n]
ARTESIAN type of well [adj]
RATANIES RATANY, a South American shrub, also RHATANY [n]
RESINATA/S a Greek white wine [n -S]
SANTERIA/S a religion of the Caribbean region [n -S]
SEATRAIN/S a ship equipped to carry railroad cars [n -S]

255/808 AIKNPR KIRPAN/S a small sword of religious significance to Sikhs [n -S]
PARKIN-/GS an oatmeal biscuit, also PERKIN [n -S]

256/809 EMNOSTU UNSMOTE unsmitten [adj]

257/815 AAAHKR AKHARA/S (India) a gymnasium [n -S]

258/817 ADEKLN FR/ANKLED- ANKLE, to walk (to advance on foot) [v]
BCFP/LANKED LANK, to become limp (lacking rigidity) [v]

259/820 EGR B/ERG-/OS a Saharan area of shifting sand dunes [n ERGS or AREG]
AE/-GER/EMST in Mongolia, another name for a YURT, a felt tent [n -S]
AD/REG-/OS a regulation [n -S]

260/821 BENORST BRETONS- BRETON, a type of hat [n]
SORBENT/S a substance that sorbs [n -S]

261/824 AHO C/HAO-/S a monetary unit of Vietnam [n -S]
W/HOA-/RSX to stop (to halt or discontinue) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

262/826 ELOTV VOLET-/S a short veil [n -S]
VOLTE-/DS a fencing movement [n -S]

263/828 MOY -MOY-/ALS a measure [n -S]
-YOM-/P day (the time between sunrise and sunset) [n YOMIM]

264/834 AEHIKS SAKIEH/S an Eastern water wheel, also SAKIA, SAKIYEH [n -S]

265/835 AEEHPRST -PREHEATS- PREHEAT, to heat beforehand [v]
SPREATHE/DS to chap (to cause to crack) [v SPREATHED, SPREATHING, SPREATHES]

266/839 AHKN ANKH/S a cross whose top member is a loop [n -S]
CST/HANK-/SY to fasten a sail [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-KHAN/S an Asian ruler [n -S]

267/840 AIJO JIAO/S a monetary unit of China, also CHIAO [n -S]

268/842 ADEEMPRT EMPARTED EMPART, to communicate, also IMPART [v]
TAMPERED TAMPER, to interfere in a harmful manner [v]

269/843 ADEILPR LIPREAD/S to understand spoken words by interpreting the lip movements of a speaker [v -ING, -S]
PEDRAIL/S a tractor whose wheels have little feet [n -S]
-PREDIAL/S a rural slave, also PRAEDIAL [n -S]

270/844 AKKOW WOKKA (Australian) as in wokka board, a piece of fibreboard used as a musical instrument [adj]

271/847 DEIOPRST DIOPTERS- DIOPTER, a measure of refractive power, also DIOPTRE [n]
DIOPTRES- DIOPTRE, a measure of refractive power, also DIOPTER [n]
DIPTEROS a building with two colonnades [n DIPTEROSES or DIPTEROI]
PERIDOTS- PERIDOT, a green mineral, also PERIDOTE [n]
PORTSIDE on the port side [adj]
PROTEIDS- PROTEID, a nitrogenous organic compound, also PROTEIN, PROTEIDE [n]
RIPOSTED- RIPOSTE, to make a return thrust in fencing, also RIPOST [v]
TOPSIDER-/S one who is at the highest level of authority [n -S]

272/853 AHHT HATH-/A HAVE, to possess [v]

273/861 AGILNOST ANTILOGS- ANTILOG, a number corresponding to a given logarithm [n]
SALTOING SALTO, to perform a daring leap [v]
I/SOLATING SOLATE, to change to a fluid colloidal system [v]

274/874 GMOS S/MOGS- MOG, to move away [v]
-SMOG/S a mixture of smoke and fog [n -S]

275/878 AIRW -WAIR-/S to spend (to expend, to pay out) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

276/880 AANZ H/AZAN/S the Muslim call to prayer, also ADHAN [n -S]

277/888 AAKPST PATKAS- PATKA, a scarf worn as a head-covering by Sikh men in place of a turban [n]

278/889 AFFN -NAFF/S to go away (as in naff off) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / inferior [adj NAFFER, NAFFEST]

279/890 AHKOP HOPAK/S (Russian) a Ukrainian dance also GOPAK [n -S]

280/893 ADOOPRRT TRAPDOOR/S a door set in a floor or ceiling, flush with the surface [n -S]

281/902 ERU CGT/RUE/DRS to feel sorrow or remorse for [v RUED, RUEING, RUES]
CDIJLMPS/-URE-/AS a wild ox [n -S]

282/906 BSTU BUST-/ISY to burst (to break open violently also BRAST, BRUST) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
A/-BUTS- BUT [v]
-STUB/S to strike accidentally against a projecting object [v STUBBED, STUBBING, STUBS]
S/TUBS- TUB, to wash in a large receptacle [v]

283/907 EOPRSTU PETROUS resembling stone in hardness [adj]
POSTURE/DRS to assume a particular position [v POSTURED, POSTURING, POSTURES]
S/-POUTERS- POUTER, one that pouts (to protrude the lips in ill humour) [n]
PROTEUS any of the rodlike bacteria found in decaying matter [n PROTEUSES or PROTEI]
SEPTUOR/S a group of seven, also SEPTET, SEPTETTE [n -S]
-SPOUTER/S one that spouts (to eject in a rapid stream) [n -S]
TROUPES- TROUPE, to tour with a theatrical company [v]

284/908 CEINOSTT CENTOIST/S a poem manufacturer [n -S]
STENOTIC pertaining to stenosis (a narrowing of a bodily passage) [adj]
TONETICS- the phonetic study of tone in language [n]

285/910 ACEILMNO COALMINE/RS a mine at which coal is dug [n -S]

286/911 KOU BDGJPSTYZ/OUK-/S a week, also OULK [n -S]

287/913 AFHIKR KHARIF/S a crop sown so as to ripen in autumn [n -S]

288/915 AEGNORUV VARGUENO/S a cabinet or desk [n -S]

289/918 AEEGNNRT GENERANT/S a line which traces out a figure [n -S]

290/919 OTTU S/-TOUT/S to solicit brazenly [v -ED, -ING, -S]

291/920 AEINRTTU TAINTURE/S defilement [n -S]

292/922 EINNOTT NONETTI NONETTO, a musical piece for nine players, also NONET, NONETTE [n]
TONTINE/RS a form of collective life insurance [n -S]

293/926 EFILNOSU NOISEFUL full of noise [adj]

294/931 BCDEKO BOCKED/Y BOCK, to belch, also BOKE, BOAK [v]

295/932 ACDEENRY CARNEYED CARNEY, to coax, also CARNY [v]
DECENARY a tithing (the act of levying tithes) [n DECENARIES]

296/941 ABEERRST REBATERS- REBATER, one that rebates (to give a discount for payment) [n]
TABRERES- TABRERE, a person who bears the tabor [n]
TEREBRAS- TEREBRA, a boring instrument [n]

297/944 AGIILNOT INTAGLIO-/S (Italian) a figure engraved into a gem or another substance [n INTAGLI or INTAGLIOS] / to carve an intaglio on [v INTAGLIOES, INTAGLIOING, INTAGLIOED]
LIGATION/S the act of ligating (to bind, also LIGATURE) [n -S]
TAGLIONI/S a 19th century overcoat [n -S]

298/945 AST BCEFGHKLMNOPQRTVW/ATS- AT, monetary unit of Laos [n]
-SAT/EI SIT, to rest on the buttocks [v]
EIU/-TAS-/EHKS TA, an expression meaning thank you [n]

299/947 EGIIMRST -GRIMIEST GRIMY, dirty (soiled) [adj]
TIGERISM/S swagger [n -S]

300/950 AELLORS ROSELLA/S a parakeet (a small parrot, also PARAQUET, PAROQUET, PARROKET) [n -S]

301/953 AELOPST APOSTLE/S one sent by Christ to preach the gospel [n -S]
PELOTAS- PELOTA, a court game of Spanish origin [n]
POTALES- POTALE, refuse from a grain distillery [n]

302/954 CIINORT NORITIC pertaining to norite (a granular rock) [adj]
-TIRONIC resembling a tiro, also TYRONIC [adj]

303/955 AAIR MV/-ARIA/S an accompanied vocal solo [n -S]
-RAIA-/S a non-Muslim inhabitant of Turkey, also RAYAH, RAYA [n -S]

304/956 EIOSZZ CMP/OZZIES- OZZIE, (Dial) a hospital [n]

305/959 ALOR BCGHLMPRS/ORAL-/S an examination requiring spoken answers [n -S]

306/961 ACEILPST PLICATES- PLICATE, to pleat (to fold in an even manner) [v]
SEPTICAL pertaining to septic (an agent producing sepsis) [adj]
TIECLASP/S a clasp for securing a necktie [n -S]

307/964 ILLQQU QULLIQ/S (Inuit) a type of oil lamp used by the Inuit also KUDLIK [n -S]

308/965 EIOPRSTV OVERTIPS- OVERTIP, to tip more than is normal [v]
PIVOTERS- PIVOTER, someone who makes pivots [n]
SORPTIVE capable of sorption [adj]
SPORTIVE playful (full of fun) [adj]

309/966 ADIOPRT PAROTID/S a salivary gland in front of the ear, also PAROTIS [n -S]

310/968 EHIL ELHI pertaining to school grades 1 to 12 [adj]
HEIL/S to salute (to greet with a sign of respect) [v -ED, -ING, -S]


312/986 AGITT GAITT-/S a child (a young person) [n -S]

313/994 DENORSY RODNEYS- RODNEY, (Canadian) a small fishing boat [n]
YONDERS- YONDER, the distance [n]

314/995 EIINOPRT POINTIER POINTY, coming to a sharp, tapering end [adj]
POITRINE/S breast in French cuisine, eg poitrine du poulet [n -S]

315/996 EGIINRSV REIVINGS- REIVING, plundering [n]
P/REVISING REVISE, to make a new or improved version of [v]

316/1002 EPR A/-PER-/CEIKMNPTV for each [prep]
-PRE/EMPXYZ before (in front of) [prep]
P/REP-/OPS to act as a commercial representative [v REPPED, REPPING, REPS]

317/1005 AENOPSU POSAUNE/S the trombone (a brass wind instrument) [n -S]

318/1009 ACEEPRTU PERACUTE violent [adj]

319/1011 ADHHKU DUHKHA/S suffering due to the desire for permanence, also DUKKHA [n -S]

320/1012 ATWY -TWAY-/S a set of two, also TWAIN [n -S]

321/1013 EEKRSW KREWES- KREWE, a private group participating in the New Orleans Mardi Gras [n]
RESKEW/S to rescue, also RESKUE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SKEWER/S to pierce meat with a long pin [v -ED, -ING, -S]

322/1016 EEINTX EXTINE/S the outer layer of some spores, also EXINE [n -S]

323/1018 EINORSS ORNISES ORNIS, the collection of birds of a region [n]
SENIORS- SENIOR, a person who is older than another, also SIGNEUR [n]
SONERIS- SONERI, cloth of gold [n]
SONSIER- SONSIE, comely, also SONSY [adj]

324/1020 EGIKNR -REKING REKE, to be concerned about, also RECK [v]

325/1021 EGIINRSW RINGWISE in the manner of a ring [adv]
-SWINGIER SWINGY, having swing [adj]

326/1022 AAILORS ROSALIA/S ascending music [n -S]
SOLARIA SOLARIUM, a room exposed to the sun [n]

327/1023 CEEKLS -CLEEKS- CLEEK, to clutch (to grasp and hold tightly) [v]
SECKEL/S a variety of pear, also SECKLE [n -S]
SECKLE/S a variety of pear, also SECKEL [n -S]

328/1024 ACEIRRTT RETRAICT/S a withdrawal, also RETRAIT, RETRAITE [n -S]

329/1029 AEIRSST ARSIEST ARSY, lucky (having good fortune) [adj]
ARTSIES-/T ARTSY, an arty person [n]
-SAIREST SAIR, sore (tender to the touch) [adj]
SATIRES- SATIRE, the use of ridicule or scorn to criticise folly or vice [n]
TIRASSE/S a pedal-coupler in an organ [n -S]

330/1030 EENORSTT ONSETTER/S an assailant [n -S]

331/1031 AEGILMRS GREMIALS- GREMIAL, a lap cloth used by a bishop [n]
REGALISM/S royal ecclesiastical supremacy [n -S]

332/1032 EEKR CG/-REEK-/SY to give off smoke, fumes or smell [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-REKE/DSY to be concerned about, also RECK [v REKED, REKING, REKES]

333/1033 AENRSTY -TRAYNES- TRAYNE, to be instructed [v]

334/1034 ADIMQU QUIDAM/S a certain person [n -S]

335/1035 ATT BMTW/ATT- a Laotian monetary unit [n ATT]

336/1039 ITZ TIZ-/Z a state of confusion also TIZZ, TIZZY [n -ES]
-ZIT/EIS a pimple (an inflamed swelling of the skin) [n -S]

337/1040 IPR PIR-/LNS a Muslim title of honour [n -S]
CDGT/RIP/EPST to tear apart roughly [v RIPPED, RIPT or RIPPED, RIPPING, RIPS]

338/1041 MOO -MOO-/DIKLNPRST to make the sound of a cow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BCDLRSTZ/-OOM-/S uncle [n -S]

339/1046 CDEO -CODE-/CDNRSX to convert into symbols [v CODED, CODING, CODES]
COED/S a female student (a person formally engaged in learning) [n -S]
-DECO/RSY a decorative style [n -S]
-ECOD- a mild oath, also EGAD, EGADS, IGAD [interj]

340/1049 EGILNOSS LIGNOSES- LIGNOSE, a constituent of lignin [n]
LOGINESS the state of being logy (sluggish, also LOGGY) [n -ES]

341/1050 AABEINRT ATABRINE-/S a drug to treat malaria [n -S]
RABATINE/S a low collar [n -S]

342/1051 ACEKRS BDHJLPRSTWY/ACKERS- ACKER, (Australian slang) an academic, also ACCA [n]
-CRAKES- CRAKE, to boast (to brag (to boast)) [v]
S/-CREAKS- CREAK, to squeak (to make a sharp, high-pitched sound) [v]
-SACKER/S one that sacks (to put into a large bag) [n -S]
-SCREAK/SY to screech (to utter a harsh, shrill cry) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

343/1053 ILOORSTU RISOLUTO with emphasis (music) [adj]

344/1054 CHIKST KITSCH/Y faddish art or literature [n -ES]
SCHTIK/S a corny comedy routine, also SHTICK, SCHTICK [n -S]
SHTICK/SY a corny comedy routine, also SCHTICK, SHTIK [n -S]
SKITCH (New Zealand) of a dog, to attack [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-THICKS- THICK, to make dense (compact (closely fitted together)) [v]

345/1057 AEILNRST ENTRAILS- ENTRAIL, to interlace [v]
LARNIEST LARNEY, of clothes, smart [adj]
LATRINES- LATRINE, a type of toilet [n]
RATLINES- RATLINE, one of the ropes forming the steps of a ladder on a ship, also RATLIN, RATLING, RATTLIN, RATTLINE [n]
REINSTAL/LS to instal again, also REINSTALL [n -S]
RETINALS- RETINAL, a pigment in the retina, also RETINENE [n]
SLANTIER SLANTY, deviating from the horizontal or vertical [adj]
-TRENAILS- TRENAIL, a wooden peg used to fasten timber, also TREENAIL, TRUNNEL [n]

346/1058 ADEGNTU GAUNTED GAUNT, to yawn (to open the mouth in a large gape) [v]
UNGATED not gated [adj]

347/1062 AFILORTY FILATORY a machine which makes threads [n FILATORIES]

348/1068 EKOOQU QUOOKE QUAKE, to shake (to move to and fro with short, rapid movements) [v]

349/1069 ADEIMNRS ADERMINS- ADERMIN, a vitamin (an organic substance essential to proper nutrition, also VITAMINE) [n]
SIRNAMED- SIRNAME, to name by a family name [v]


351/1077 DDSU -DUDS- DUD, a bomb that fails to explode [n]
SUDD-/S a floating mass of vegetation [n -S]

352/1088 DEINRTU INTRUDE/DRS to thrust or force oneself in [v INTRUDED, INTRUDING, INTRUDES]
TURDINE belonging to a family of singing birds [adj]
UNTIRED not tired [adj]
UNTRIDE not ventured upon [adj]
UNTRIED not tried [adj]

353/1089 EPPS PEPS-/I PEP, to fill with energy [v]

354/1095 AEEINRSS SENARIES SENARY, a set of six [n]

355/1096 GORS -GORS-/EY GOR, a seagull [n]
ORGS- ORG, (short for) an organization [n]

356/1099 EEESTV STEEVE/DRS to stow in the hold of a ship [v STEEVED, STEEVING, STEEVES] / firm (resolute (characterized by firmness or determination)) [adj STEEVER, STEEVEST]
VESTEE/S a garment worn under a woman's jacket or blouse [n -S]

357/1100 ACELORTU CLEAROUT/S the action of removing unwanted material from a place [n -S]

358/1103 EILORSU LOURIES-/T LOURIE, an African bird, also LOERIE [n]
B/LOUSIER LOUSY, infested with lice [adj]
SOILURE/S a stain or smudge [n -S]

359/1104 AKNS I/-KANS a type of Indian grass [n -ES]
SANK-/O SINK, to subside to a lower level [v]

360/1105 AGNO W/-AGON-/ESY conflict between the main characters in a Greek play [n AGONS or AGONES]

361/1111 EFIIRST FISTIER FISTY, like a fist [adj]

362/1119 GNU -GNU/S a large antelope (a ruminant mammal) [n -S]
-GUN-/GKS to shoot with a gun (a portable firearm) [v GUNNED, GUNNING, GUNS]
S/-NUG-/S a chunk of wood sawn from a log [n -S]

363/1122 ABLOSX BOXLAS- BOXLA, a form of indoor lacrosse [n]

364/1148 EINNRSU SUNNIER SUNNY, filled with sunlight [adj]
UNREINS- UNREIN, to give rein to [v]
UNRISEN not risen [adj]

365/1150 BEINORST BORNITES- BORNITE, a copper ore [n]
RIBSTONE-/S an apple, also RIBSTON [n -S]

366/1152 ADEILSU AUDILES- AUDILE, one who thinks in terms of sounds [n]
DEASIUL/S motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIL, DEASOIL, DEISEAL, DEISHEAL [n -S]

367/1154 BDEEIRT BEDRITE/S the privilege or due of the marriage-bed, also BEDRIGHT [n -S]

368/1156 ACENORS CANOERS- CANOER, one who canoes (to paddle a small slender boat) [n]
CARNOSE fleshy (having much flesh) [adj]
COARSEN-/S to make coarse (rough (uneven (not even))) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CORNEAS- CORNEA, a part of the eye [n]
EARCONS- EARCON, an audible marker in a computer display [n]
NARCOSE-/S characterized by stupor [adj]

369/1157 ACDEELRT CLARETED CLARET, to drink a red dry wine [v]
DECRETAL/S a papal edict [n -S]
TREACLED- TREACLE, to smear with molasses [v]

370/1158 HOO S/-HOO-/DFKNPRT expressing boisterous emotion [interj]
BCMST/-OHO- an expression of surprise [interj]
BP/-OOH-/S to express surprise [v -ED, -ING, -S]

371/1159 AEILNOPU POULAINE/S a long, pointed shoe-toe [n -S]

372/1160 ACIILSTV SILVATIC pertaining to the forest [adj]

373/1162 HIS ACGKPT/-HIS-/HNST the possessive form of the pronoun HE [pron]
BDEFHKNPW/-ISH- a Scottish law term for expiry [n -ES]

374/1164 CFSU FUSC dusky brown, also FUSCOUS [adj]

375/1167 EFR KST/ERF- a garden plot [n ERVEN]
-FER-/EMN for (directed or sent to) [prep]
T/-REF-/IST to referee (to supervise the play in certain sports) [v REFFED, REFFING, REFS]

376/1168 AENPRSTU PERSAUNT piercing, also PERCEANT, PERSANT [adj]

377/1171 EIOPRSTU C/ROUPIEST ROUPY, hoarse, also ROUPET [adj]
-SPOUTIER SPOUTY, having a spout [adj]

378/1172 ACIINNOT INACTION/S lack of action [n -S]
NICOTIAN/AS a tobacco smoker [n -S]

379/1176 EGRRSU REGURS- REGUR, rich, black cotton soil of India, also REGAR [n]
-SURGER-/SY one that surges (to move in a swelling manner) [n -S]
BPS/URGERS- URGER, one who urges (to drive forward) [n]

380/1178 CEKM MECK/S a halfpenny, also MAIK [n -S]

381/1180 AEEHNPST HAPTENES- HAPTENE, a substance similar to an antigen, also HAPTEN [n]
HEPTANES- HEPTANE, a hydrocarbon used as a solvent [n]
PHENATES- PHENATE, a salt of carbolic acid [n]
STEPHANE/S an ancient Greek headdress [n -S]

382/1182 BOO -BOO-/BHKLMNRST to show disapproval by making this sound, also BOOH [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BGHKLZ/-OBO-/ELS an oil bulk ore vessel [n -S]

383/1183 ACELORRT RECTORAL of God as a ruler [adj]

384/1184 AHINPR HARPIN/GS harping (a wooden plank used in shipbuilding) [n -S]

385/1186 CLOU -CLOU/DRST the centre of attraction [n -S]

386/1188 AABKNR BARKAN/S a crescent-shaped sand dune, also BARKHAN, BARCHAN, BARCHANE [n -S]

387/1190 ENOORSTT NETROOTS- NETROOT, a political activist who promotes his or her cause via the internet [n]

388/1195 ADENRRS DARNERS- DARNER, one that darns (to mend with interlacing stitches) [n]
ERRANDS- ERRAND, a message or mission [n]
SNARRED SNAR, to slither like a snake [v]

389/1197 EGIINRST GIRNIEST GIRNIE, ill-tempered [adj]
IGNITERS- IGNITER, one that ignites, also IGNITOR [n]
REISTING REIST, to become rancid (rank in taste or smell) [v]
RESITING RESITE, to move to a different locality [v]
STINGIER STINGY, mean (stingy, MEANER, MEANEST (pa p MEANT)) [adj]
STRIGINE owl-like [adj]

390/1198 DENORUW REWOUND REWIND, to wind again [v]
WOUNDER/S one that wounds (to inflict an injury upon) [n -S]

391/1201 AADILRRS RISALDAR/S a commander of Indian cavalry [n -S]

392/1218 AITU AITU-/S a Polynesian demigod [n -S]

393/1219 EEIILORS B/OILERIES OILERY, an oil business [n]

394/1229 AEMSYZ -AZYMES- AZYME, unleavened bread, also AZYM [n]
ZYMASE/S an enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n -S]

395/1230 DEEIMNT DEMENTI-/AS a denial (the act of denying (to declare to be untrue, also DENAY)) [n -S]

396/1235 EILPSTU PULIEST PULY, sickly (inclined to be ailing) [adj]
PUTELIS- PUTELI, a flat-bottomed boat [n]
STIPULE/DS an appendage at the base of a leaf [n -S]

397/1236 AIILNSTY SALINITY a concentration of salt [n SALINITIES]

398/1243 DELMNOSU UNSELDOM not seldom [adv]

399/1244 AELMNPRS LAMPERNS- LAMPERN, a primitive fish-like vertebrate, also LAMPER, LAMPREY [n]

400/1245 AADILOPS PALISADO to fortify with a fence of stakes, also PALISADE [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

401/1246 LOPW LOWP-/S to leap, also LOUP [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PLOW/S to turn soil with a farm implement, also PLOUGH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

402/1248 EIMOSX EXOMIS a Roman sleeveless garment, also EXOMION [n -ES]
-MOXIES- MOXIE, spirit or courage [n]
OXIMES- OXIME, a chemical compound, also OXIM [n]

403/1249 ACINSTU ANICUTS- ANICUT, a dam, also ANNICUT [n]
NAUTICS- water sports [n]

404/1251 AEGHNRS GNASHER/S one that gnashes (to grind the teeth together) [n -S]
C/-HANGERS- HANGER, one that hangs (to suspend (to stop for a period)) [n]
REHANGS- REHANG, to hang again [v]
SHERANG/S in the phrase the head sherang, the person in charge [n -S]

405/1252 ELORSSTU SOULSTER/S a singer of soul music [n -S]

406/1253 CEEORSU CEREOUS waxy (resembling wax) [adj]

407/1254 DEELORTT DOTTEREL/S a shore bird, also DOTTREL [n -S]
TOLTERED TOLTER, to flounder (to struggle clumsily) [v]

408/1260 CEELORS CREOLES- CREOLE, a type of mixed language, also CREOLIAN [n]

409/1261 EKNORST REKNOTS- REKNOT, to knot again [v]
-STONKER/S to kill (to put to death) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STROKEN- STROKE, to rub gently [v]
S/TONKERS- TONKER, one who strikes (to hit (to strike forcibly)) [n]

410/1262 EFIOPRRT PORTFIRE/S a slow fuse, allowing the explosive to be carried for a while [n -S]
PROFITER/S one who profits (to gain an advantage or benefit) [n -S]

411/1266 ACEGINPR CAPERING CAPER, to frolic (to gambol (to leap about playfully)) [v]
PEARCING PEARCE, to pierce, also PERCE, PERSE [v]

412/1267 DEILMST MILDEST MILD, gentle in temper and disposition [adj]
MISTLED- MISTLE, to rain in small drops [v]

413/1268 AINNRSU URANINS- URANIN, a sodium (a metallic element) [n]

414/1271 ACEIKNT ANTICKE-/DS (obsolete) an antic [n -S]

415/1273 ACEGINRS CREASING CREASE, to make a wrinkle in [v]
SEARCING SEARCE, to sift (to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE) [v]

416/1274 AAEGMRST MARGATES- MARGATE, a tropical fish [n]
MEGASTAR/S an extremely successful performer [n -S]

417/1275 EEGIKNRS KREESING KREESE, to stab with a Malay dagger, also KRIS, CREESE [v]
SKEERING SKEER, to scare (to frighten (to make afraid, to scare, also FRIGHT)) [v]

418/1277 AFILNTU ANTIFLU combating the flu [adj]
FLUTINA/S a type of accordion [n -S]

419/1278 ACIIM AMICI AMICUS, an unbiased advisor in court [n]


421/1281 AADELNSW DANELAWS- DANELAW, danish law that prevailed in England, also DANELAGH [n]

422/1282 EIOOSST G/OOSIEST OOSY, having fluff [adj]

423/1284 ADELNORV OVERLAND/S a train or stagecoach that travels over land [n -S]
RONDAVEL/S a South African round hut [n -S]

424/1287 EIKRS KEIRS- KEIR, a vat for boiling and dyeing fabrics, also KIER [n]
S/KIERS- KIER, a vat for boiling and dyeing fabrics, also KEIR [n]
-REIKS- REIK, a prank [n]
SIKER- secure (free from danger) [adj]
-SKIER/S one who skis (to travel on narrow strips of wood) [n -S]

425/1288 AEINNPST PANTINES- PANTINE, a pasteboard doll with movable limbs [n]

426/1289 EGHINRTW WRETHING WRETHE, to shape into a wreath, also WREATHE [v]

427/1290 EGINPRU PUERING PUER, to tan leather with dog faeces [v]

428/1292 EEGNSTU GUESTEN/S to stay as a guest [v -ED, -ING, -S]

429/1293 AAJMNP JAMPAN/IS an Indian sedan chair [n -S]

430/1294 AADNRST -ASTRAND on the strand [adv]
TARANDS- TARAND, a reindeer (a large deer (a ruminant mammal)) [n]

431/1299 ABDEELNT BANDELET/S a flat moulding around a column [n -S]

432/1300 AADMNORS MADRONAS- MADRONA, an evergreen tree, also MADRONE, MADRONO [n]
MANDORAS- MANDORA, a large mandoline [n]
MONARDAS- MONARDA, an aromatic herb [n]
ROADSMAN a driver (one that drives (to urge or convey forward)) [n ROADSMEN]

433/1301 ACEGILS ALGESIC relating to algesia, sensitivity to pain also ALGETIC [adj]

434/1305 ACEHLRTU ARCHLUTE/S a large lute [n -S]

435/1307 EMT -MET-/AEHS short for meteorology [n -S]

436/1308 CEIOSTT COTTISE/DS to give a heraldic border, also COTISE [v COTTISED, COTTISING, COTTISES]
SCOTTIE/S a short-legged terrier [n -S]

437/1309 DEEGLNT GENTLED- GENTLE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]
GLENTED GLENT, to glint (to glitter (to sparkle (to reflect flashes of light))) [v]

438/1310 DKSTY KYDST KYTHE, to make known (pr t KYDST), also KITHE [v]

439/1312 ACINNOST ACTINONS- ACTINON, an isotope of radon [n]
CANONIST/S a specialist in canon law [n -S]
CANTIONS- CANTION, a song (a musical composition written for singing) [n]
CONTAINS- CONTAIN, to hold within [v]
SANCTION/S to authorize [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SONANTIC pertaining to a sonant (a sound made by vibration of the vocal chords) [adj]


441/1314 EEINNRV ENRIVEN torn [adj]
NERVINE/S a soothing medicine [n -S]

442/1315 IMNOORT MONITOR/SY to keep track of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TROMINO/S a flat, three-sided shape [n TROMINOS or TROMINOES]

443/1317 ABCEGIRS RIBCAGES- RIBCAGE, an enclosure for the ribs [n]

444/1318 AAHKS -HAKAS- HAKA, a Maori ceremonial war-dance [n]
KASHA/S a cooked cereal [n -S]

445/1319 EINRSSTT C/ENTRISTS- ENTRIST, one who indulges in entryism, also ENTRYIST [n]
-STINTERS- STINTER, one who stints (to limit (to restrict)) [n]

446/1320 EGIMNST STEMING STEM, to deprive a plant of a leaf-bearing axis [v]
TEMSING TEMS, to sift (to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE) [v]

447/1324 ADEERRS DREARES-/T DREARE, gloom, also DREAR, DRERE [n]
DT/READERS- READER, one who reads (to look at and understand written matter) [n]
REDEARS- REDEAR, the common sunfish [n]
REDSEAR brittle at red-heat, also REDSHARE, REDSHIRE, REDSHORT [adj]
REREADS- REREAD, to read again [v]

448/1328 AAKSUW KAWAUS- KAWAU, the black shag [n]

449/1329 ABCEIIT R/ABIETIC as in abietic acid, a soap ingredient [adj]

450/1330 AAEEHRTW -AWEATHER towards the windward side [adv]
HAWEATER/S a resident of Manitoulin Island, Ontario [n -S]
WHEATEAR/S a small bird [n -S]

451/1331 ABDEENRY BARNEYED BARNEY, to quarrel loudly [v]

452/1333 ACEEHORT OCHREATE relating to an ocrea, also OCREATE [adj]

453/1334 AORTT C/OTTAR/S a fragrant oil, also OTTO [n -S]
TAROT-/S playing cards used for fortune-telling [n -S]
TORTA-/S in mining, a flat circular pile of silver ore [n -S]
TROAT/S to bellow (to roar like a bull) [v -ED, -ING, -S]


455/1336 DEILOPS DESPOIL/S to plunder (to rob by force) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DIPLOES- DIPLOE, a bony tissue of the cranium [n]
DIPOLES- DIPOLE, a pair of equal and opposite electric charges [n]
PELOIDS- PELOID, a mud or other natural medium used as a medicinal plaster [n]
SOLIPED/S an animal with uncloven hoofs [n -S]
SPOILED SPOIL, to mar (to spoil) [v]

456/1337 ADEEMNRS -AMENDERS- AMENDER, one who amends (to correct (to make right)) [n]
MEANDERS- MEANDER, to wander (to roam (to move about without purpose or plan)) [v]
REAMENDS- REAMEND, to amend again [v]

457/1338 EFN -FEN-/DIST a marsh (a tract of low, wet land also MARISH) [n -S]
-NEF-/S an ornamental stand for table cutlery [n -S]

458/1339 AEEILPTX PIXELATE/DS to divide an image into pixels for display in a digital format also PIXELLATE, PIXILATE, PIXILLATE [v PIXELATED, PIXELATING, PIXELATES]

459/1340 EGIMNRS GERMINS- GERMIN, something that serves as an origin, also GERMEN, GERMAIN, GERMAINE [n]
MERINGS- MERING, a marking off [n]
MINGERS- MINGER, an unpleasant person [n]

460/1342 AAEEGNRT TAGAREEN/S (English dialect) a scrap dealer's store [n -S]

461/1343 AEGILMNY YEALMING YEALM, to prepare straw for thatching, also YELM [v]

462/1344 ANTU DGHJNSTV/AUNT/SY the sister of a mother or father [n -S]
TUAN/S a marsupial [n -S]
TUNA-/S a marine food fish [n -S]

463/1345 ADEELLRS SARDELLE/S a small fish, also SARDEL [n -S]

464/1346 AHINSTU INHAUST/S to drink in [v -ED, -ING, -S]

465/1347 AEGHNRU NURAGHE an ancient round tower, also NURHAG [n NURAGHI]

466/1348 CEEHLNOT ENCLOTHE/DS to clothe (to provide with clothing) [v ENCLOTHED, ENCLOTHING, ENCLOTHES]

467/1349 EIMNNOPT IMPONENT/S someone who imposes an obligation [n -S]
PIMENTON-/S smoked chilli powder [n -S]
POINTMEN POINTMAN, a certain player in hockey [n]

468/1351 AADEFIJO FEIJOADA/S a Brazilian dish of black beans, meat and vegetables served with rice [n -S]

469/1355 EILMU P/ILEUM a part of the small intestine [n ILEA]
MULIE/S a western North American deer [n -S]

470/1358 AEKMRU KUMERA/S (New Zealand) the sweet potato, also KUMARA [n -S]

471/1359 ADELW -DWALE/S deadly nightshade [n -S]
BCF/-LAWED LAW, to take to court [v]
S/WALED- WALE, to mark with welts [v]
WEALD-/S a woodland (land covered with trees) [n -S]

472/1361 EINNOPS PENSION/EIS to grant a retirement allowance to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PINONES PINON, a pine tree, also PINYON [n]
SPINONE as in Italian spinone, a wiry-coated big-eared gun dog [n SPINONI]

473/1362 ACILRTU CURTAIL/S to cut short [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TRUCIAL bound by a truce [adj]

474/1363 CEHIORTT TROCHITE/S an encrinite joint [n -S]

475/1364 AEILLNNS -NAINSELL/S a Scots Highlander [n -S]

476/1367 DEGINNR -DERNING DERN, to keep hidden [v]
GRINNED GRIN, to smile broadly, also GERNE [v]
T/-RENDING REND, to tear apart forcibly [v]

477/1370 EHITTW TEWHIT/S a shore bird, also TEUCHAT, TEWIT [n -S]

478/1371 AEEILNTV ELVANITE/S a granular rock, also ELVAN [n -S]
A/VENTAILE-/S the adjustable front of a medieval helmet, also VENTAIL, VENTAYLE [n -S]

479/1372 DEEGILS LEGSIDE/S that half of a cricket field on the side on which the batsman stands when waiting to receive the ball [n -S]

480/1373 ACGINOS AGNOSIC ss losing ability to recognize familiar objects [adj]
ANGICOS- ANGICO, a South American tree [n]

481/1375 DOP -DOP-/AESY to dip (to immerse briefly in a liquid) [v DOPPED, DOPPING, DOPS]
AS/-POD-/S to produce seed coverings [v PODDED, PODDING, PODS]

482/1380 EEIMNTT MINETTE/S an intrusive rock [n -S]

483/1383 EEEINQRU QUEENIER- QUEENY, camp or effeminate [adj]

484/1384 ACEENNR NARCEEN/S a narcotic component of opium, also NARCEINE, NARCEIN [n -S]

485/1385 DINR G/RIND-/SY to bark (to cry like a dog) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

486/1386 AAEEGMNS -AMENAGES- AMENAGE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]

487/1387 AEGIRSS -AGRISES- AGRISE, to terrify, also AGRIZE, AGRYZE [v]
GASSIER GASSY, containing gas [adj]

488/1389 CEIIMR CIMIER/S the crest of a helmet [n -S]

489/1392 EENNR BF/RENNE/DST to run (to move by rapid steps) [v RENNED, RENNING, RENNES]

490/1394 AGLOO AGLOO/S a hole in the ice through which a seal breathes, also AGLU [n -S]

491/1395 ACDIMNOS MANDIOCS- MANDIOC, a plant of the Manihot genus [n]
MONACIDS- MONACID, a type of acid, also MONOACID [n]

492/1397 EEHNORSW HERONSEW/S a young heron [n -S]
NOWHERES- NOWHERE, a non-existent place [n]

493/1402 EIMRSTUV VITREUMS- VITREUM, a vitreous humour of the eye [n]

494/1404 AILNOPSY POLYNIAS- POLYNIA, open water surrounded by sea ice, also POLYNYA [n]

495/1405 ABDELNRY BENADRYL/S antihistamine used to treat nasal allergic reactions [n -S]
BYLANDER/S a two masted Dutch cargo vessel [n -S]

496/1406 CEIPRSTU CREPITUS the sound made by a fractured joint [n -ES]
CUPRITES- CUPRITE, the ore of copper [n]
PICTURES- PICTURE, to form a likeness of [v]
PIECRUST/S the crust of a pie [n -S]

497/1408 EEFRTW FEWTER/S to set in a rest, also FEUTRE [v -ED, -ING, -S]


499/1416 CEEGIRS CIERGES- CIERGE, a type of candle, also CERGE [n]

500/1418 AABIORRS SORBARIA/S a small Asiatic shrub [n -S]

501/1419 AIIPR PIRAI/S a ferocious, carnivorous South American fish, also PIRANHA, PERAI, PIRANA, PIRAYA [n -S]

502/1423 DEILRSW REWILDS- REWILD, to release (an animal) from captivity into the wild to return (land) to a natural, undeveloped state [v]
SWIRLED SWIRL, to move with a whirling motion [v]
WILDERS- WILDER, to cause to stray [v]

503/1427 EEGILNP BCS/LEEPING LEEP, to boil (to vaporize liquid) [v]
S/PEELING/S a piece or strip that has been peeled off [n -S]

504/1429 AEEGMRS -MEAGRES-/T MEAGRE, a large Mediterranean food fish, also MAIGRE [n]

505/1431 AABDELRW DRAWABLE able to be drawn [adj]

506/1432 AACCKR CARACK/S a type of merchant ship, also CARRACK, CARRECT [n -S]
CRACKA-/S a poor white [n -S]

507/1437 DENPRTU PRUDENT cautious, wise and discreet in conduct [adj]
-PRUNTED ornamented with a prunt [adj]
UPTREND/S a tendency toward growth [n -S]

508/1438 EFIPRSTU SUPERFIT exceptionally fit [adj]

509/1439 FRTU TURF/SY to cover with thick grass [v -ED, -ING, -S] / the surface of land mattered with roots of grass [n TURFS or TURVES]

510/1440 ACNOSTU CONATUS an effort (exertion (the act of exerting (exert))) [n CONATUS]
NOCTUAS- NOCTUA, a type of moth (a winged insect) [n]
TOUCANS- TOUCAN, a tropical bird [n]

511/1444 GNNO NONG-/S a fool [n -S]

512/1445 ABENNOS NANOBES- NANOBE, a very small microbe [n]

513/1446 ABEIOSS ABIOSES ABIOSIS, absence of life [n]
ISOBASE/S a contour line of equal upheaval of the land [n -S]

514/1447 AEGIMPRS EPIGRAMS- EPIGRAM, a brief, witty remark [n]
GRAMPIES GRAMPY, a grandfather [n]
PRIMAGES- PRIMAGE, an amount paid as an addition to freight charges [n]

515/1448 ABELRSTW BLEWARTS- BLEWART, the harebell (the Scottish bluebell, also HAIRBELL) [n]

516/1449 EEMNOPRS PROSEMEN PROSEMAN, a writer of prose [n]

517/1450 ABEEGRS ABREGES- ABREGE, an abridgement [n]
BAREGES- BAREGE, a silky dress fabric [n]
BARGEES-/E BARGEE, a bargeman (the manager opf a barge) [n]

518/1451 AILNPTU NUPTIAL/S a wedding (a marriage ceremony) [n -S]
PATULIN/S a drug [n -S]
UNPLAIT/S to undo the plaits of [v -ED, -ING, -S]

519/1452 BDEEORS BEDSORE/S an ulcer due to bed-confinement [n -S]
ROSEBED/S a part of a garden where roses grow [n -S]
SOBERED SOBER, to make sober [v]

520/1453 CEIILRSU SLUICIER SLUICY, falling in streams [adj]

521/1454 ACIRSTU URTICAS- URTICA, a plant of the nettle genus [n]

522/1455 ACEORRS ARROCES ARROZ, (Spanish) rice [n]
COARSER- COARSE, rough (uneven (not even)) [adj]
CORREAS- CORREA, an Australian evergreen shrub with large tubular showy flowers [n]

523/1456 AEEEGMRT METERAGE/S the process of metering [n -S]

524/1457 AEOPRRS PARORES- PARORE, a type of fish found around New Zealand and Australia [n]

525/1459 CEIKNOST CONKIEST CONKY, full of a tree fungus [adj]
KENOTICS- KENOTIC, someone who promulgates the idea of kenosis [n]

526/1460 ABIMNRTU TAMBURIN/S a musical instrument [n -S]

527/1461 EEEINQTU QUEENITE/S a queen's partisan [n -S]

528/1462 AIINNOPS PIANINOS- PIANINO, an upright piano [n]

529/1464 EIIKNR DHKLPSZ/INKIER INKY, like ink [adj]
KEIRIN/S a cycling race originating in Japan, in which groups of cyclists follow a pacesetter and then sprint for the last part of the race [n -S]

530/1465 DELNRSU LURDENS- LURDEN, a lazy or stupid person, also LURDAN, LURDANE [n]
NURDLES- NURDLE, to glide the ball in cricket [v]
GT/RUNDLES- RUNDLE, a rung (a crosspiece forming a step of a ladder) [n]

531/1466 IINRSTU SIRTUIN/S any of a group of enzymes which regulate cell metabolism and aging [n -S]

532/1467 AENO P/-AEON/S a vast age, also EON [n -S]
EOAN pertaining to dawn [adj]

533/1468 AAEKRS KEASAR/S an emperor, also KAISER, KESAR [n -S]

534/1469 ACINRSU CRUSIAN/S a type of fish [n -S]

535/1470 ABEMNSTU SUBMENTA/L SUBMENTUM, part of an insect's lower lip [n]

536/1471 EEORSST OSSETER/S a type of sturgeon (an edible fish) [n -S]
STEREOS- STEREO, to make a type of printing plate [v]

537/1474 AAEEHPRT EARTHPEA/S a twining plant [n -S]
HEARTPEA/S the balloon-vine [n -S]

538/1475 ABEORRS ARBORES ARBOR, a shady garden shelter [n]
BRASERO/S a brazier (a container for hot coals) [n -S]

539/1476 EEFLNORW ENFLOWER/S to cover with flowers [v -ED, -ING, -S]

540/1478 ACEOPRTT ATTERCOP/S a spider, also ETHERCAP, ETTERCAP [n -S]

541/1479 ADEIINUV INDUVIAE persistent withered leaves on some plants [n]

542/1480 BEKM KEMB/OS to comb (to separate with a toothed instrument) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

STEPOVER/S an instance of raising the foot over the ball while in possession in order to wrongfoot an opponent [n -S]

544/1483 AEGNNRU GUNNERA-/S a plant [n -S]

545/1484 AEGNSTT GESTANT laden [adj]

546/1486 AEIRTTX EXTRAIT/S an extract [n -S]

547/1488 CDELNOSU ENCLOUDS- ENCLOUD, to cover with clouds [v]
UNCLOSED- UNCLOSE, to open (to expose to view) [v]

548/1489 EILMNSU EMULSIN/S a type of enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n -S]
A/LUMINES- LUMINE, to light up [v]
UNLIMES- UNLIME, to free from lime [v]

549/1490 EEIRRTV RIVERET/S a small river (a large natural stream of water) [n -S]
RIVETER/S one that rivets (to fasten with a type of metal bolt) [n -S]

550/1491 AEEHLMOS HEALSOME wholesome [adj]

551/1492 CDEKNO CONKED CONK, to hit on the head, also KONK [v]
DOCKEN/S a dock plant [n -S]
K/NOCKED NOCK, to notch a bow or arrow [v]

552/1493 AAELNPSU PAENULAS- PAENULA, a Roman cloak [n]

553/1495 ADEGHIS HIDAGES- HIDAGE, a type of land tax [n]

554/1496 AEEEGRT ETAGERE/S a display stand [n -S]

555/1498 AADIILR DIARIAL of a diarchy [adj]

556/1499 EEGLNST GENTLES-/T GENTLE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]
LENGEST longest (far-extending) [adj]

557/1502 EGINNRS ENRINGS- ENRING, to encircle (to form a circle around) [v]
A/-GINNERS- GINNER, one that gins cotton [n]

558/1503 AILMNRU MURLAIN/S a basket, also MURLAN, MURLIN [n -S]
RUMINAL- pertaining to a rumen (a part of the stomach of a ruminant) [adj]

559/1504 AACEHIR ARCHAEI ARCHAEUS, an inner controlling spirit, also ARCHEUS [n]

560/1505 EGIMNRU D/-EMURING EMURE, to enclose behind walls, also IMMURE [v]

561/1506 AEOPSTT APTOTES- APTOTE, an indeclinable noun [n]
TEAPOTS- TEAPOT, a pot used to make tea [n]

562/1507 EEGIKNST KITENGES- KITENGE, a cotton cloth worn as a dress in East Africa [n]
STEEKING STEEK, to shut (to close (to make impassable)) [v]

563/1508 AADLMNOR MANDORLA/S an oval panel [n -S]

564/1511 EGHIOSTT GOTHIEST GOTHY, (colloq.) relating to Gothic music or fashion [adj]
GOTHITES- GOTHITE, an ore of iron, also GOETHITE [n]

565/1512 AEOPRTTW TOPWATER floating on or near the top of the water [adj]

566/1513 CDELOSTU -COULDEST CAN, to put in a cylindrical container [v]
LOCUSTED LOCUST, to lay waste in the manner of locusts [v]

567/1514 AEEKRST RETAKES- RETAKE, to take back [v]
SAKERET/S the male saker [n -S]

568/1515 DELORSUV SOURVELD/S in South Africa, a type of grazing characterised by long coarse grass [n -S]

569/1517 BEINOST BONIEST BON, good (having positive or desirable properties) [adj]
-EBONIST/S an ebony worker [n -S]

570/1518 AEILLSTT SITTELLA/S a small black-and-white bird, also SITELLA [n -S]
TALLITES TALLIT, a Jewish prayer shawl, also TALLITH, TALLIS [n]

571/1519 ABEGINSY EBAYINGS- EBAYING, selling on eBay [n]

572/1520 CENORTT CORNETT-/IOS an old musical instrument [n -S]

573/1531 LOUUV VOULU deliberate [adj]

574/1532 ADILNRY RANDILY RANDY, lustful (full of lust) [adv]

575/1534 ACELMNRU CRUMENAL/S a purse [n -S]

576/1535 ACEGILRV CLAVIGER/S a club-bearer [n -S]

577/1538 CEEFIINT INFICETE not facetious [adj]

578/1541 EKSW EWKS- EWK, to itch, also YUKE, EUK, YOUK [v]
A/SKEW/S to turn aside [v -ED, -ING, -S] / awry [adj SKEWER, SKEWEST]

579/1542 AGILNOV LOAVING LOAVE, to form a head as in a cabbage [v]

580/1543 ABLNTU BUNTAL/S the straw of the talipot palm [n -S]
TULBAN/S a head-covering [n -S]

581/1544 AEILLNNU UILLEANN- as in uilleann pipes, Irish bagpipes, worked by squeezing bellows under the arm [adj]
UNLINEAL not lineal [adj]

582/1546 EGINRRS H/ERRINGS- ERRING, a wandering [n]
GIRNERS- GIRNER, someone who girns [n]
BCW/RINGERS- RINGER, one that rings (to give forth a clear, resonant sound) [n]
-SERRING SERR, to press close, also SERRE [v]

583/1547 AEMORRS MAREROS- MARERO, a member of a mara in the US or Central America [n]
REMORAS- REMORA, a type of marine fish [n]
ROAMERS- ROAMER, one who roams (to move about without purpose or plan) [n]

584/1548 EILOOPRR POORLIER POORLY, unwell (not well) [adj]

585/1550 EILMNNOO MONOLINE as in monoline insurer, an insurer who undertakes to pay the principal and interest on a bond should the issuer default [adj]

586/1552 CEIMORRT MORTICER-/S one that mortices (to join or fasten securely, also MORTISE) [n -S]

587/1554 AINNSTU UNSAINT/S to divest of saintliness [v -ED, -ING, -S]

588/1556 AEEJNTU JAUNTEE briskly self-assured, also JANTY, JAUNTY, JANTEE [adj]

589/1557 ABEGILMN EMBALING EMBALE, to form into a bale [v]

590/1559 EGILMNNO LEMONING LEMON, to flavour with the juice of a citrus fruit [v]

591/1560 AEIKNRR S/NARKIER NARKY, irritable [adj]

592/1561 ABEGOSTT BOTTEGAS- BOTTEGA, a wine shop [n]

593/1562 AEEIPSTX EPITAXES EPITAXIS, epitaxy (a type of crystalline growth) [n]
EXPIATES- EXPIATE, to make complete atonement for [v]

594/1563 BDEIKNOR BRODEKIN/S a high boot worn by classical actors, also BRODKIN [n -S]

595/1564 ADEGHIRT GRAITHED GRAITH, to dress (to clothe (to provide with clothing)) [v]

596/1566 ACEEILMN CAMELINE/S a material made from camel hair [n -S]

597/1567 EINOSTT SNOTTIE/RS a midshipman [n -S]
S/TONIEST- TONY, stylish (fashionable) [adj]
TONITES- TONITE, a blasting explosive [n]

598/1568 AEEIPR EPEIRA/S a type of spider, also EPEIRID [n -S]
PEREIA PEREION, a crustacean's thorax, also PERAEON, PEREON [n]

599/1569 EGILNTT FKNPS/ETTLING ETTLE, to intend (to have as one's aim or purpose) [v]
B/LETTING/S the act of letting [n -S]

600/1571 DEEIIPR EPEIRID/S a type of spider, also EPEIRA [n -S]

601/1572 AEEHIPTT HEPATITE/S a mineral,a variety of barytes [n -S]

602/1573 DEEEGRST DETERGES- DETERGE, to cleanse (to clean (to rid of stain)) [v]
-REGESTED REGEST, (Milton) to register, record [v]

603/1574 DIILOST IDOLIST/S someone who worships idols [n -S]

604/1575 ADEGORST GOADSTER/S a man who uses a goad, also GOADSMAN [n -S]

605/1577 EFNRSTU FUNSTER/S a joker (one who jokes (to say something amusing)) [n -S]
NETSURF/S to browse the internet for information [v -ED, -ING, -S]

606/1578 ACEGILRY GLYCERIA/S a plant [n -S]

607/1580 ACEHLRST ARCHLETS- ARCHLET, a little arch [n]
TRACHLES- TRACHLE, to draggle, also TRAUCHLE [v]

608/1582 AEFHLRST FARTHELS- FARTHEL, an oatmeal cake, also FARL, FARLE [n]

609/1583 ABEFLNRU FUNEBRAL dismal, also FUNEREAL [adj]

610/1584 HORT THRO/BEW through (by way of) [prep]

611/1585 EEGILOSS GELOSIES GELOSY, being resentful of another's advantages, also JEALOUSY, GEALOUSY [n]

612/1588 ACENRSTT TRANECTS- TRANECT, a ferry [n]
TRANSECT/S to cut across [v -ED, -ING, -S]

613/1589 AEEFLMOS FLEASOME abounding in fleas (a parasitic insect) [adj]

614/1590 AHIOOST ATISHOO/S sound of a sneeze [n -S]

615/1593 DEIILTUY TUILYIED- TUILYIE, to struggle, also TUILZIE [v]

616/1594 AFINSTU FAUNIST/S someone who studies fauna [n -S]
FIAUNTS- FIAUNT, a judge's warrant [n]
FUSTIAN/S a cotton fabric [n -S]
INFAUST unlucky (not lucky) [adj]


618/1597 GINORTW ROWTING ROWT, to rummage out [v]
S/-TROWING TROW, to suppose (to assume to be true) [v]

619/1598 AIIMR IMARI/S a richly decorated Japanese porcelain [n -S]

620/1599 AADEEGLR LAAGERED LAAGER, to form a defensive encampment, also LAGER [v]

621/1600 ACELRSU CESURAL- of a breathing space in a line of verse [adj]
RECUSAL/S the act of recusing (to disqualify or challenge as judge in a particular case) [n -S]
SECULAR-/S a layman (a member of the laity) [n -S]


623/1602 BEEGIMNT BEMETING BEMETE, to measure (to compare with a standard) [v]

624/1605 BCORS SCROB/ES to scrape with or as with claws [v SCROBBED, SCROBBING, SCROBS]

625/1606 ACIILRTU URALITIC pertaining to uralite (a mineral) [adj]

626/1607 ADELNPRY PANDERLY acting as a procurer [adj]
REPANDLY REPAND, having a wavy margin [adv]

627/1608 AAHKKT KATHAK/S a dance of India including mime [n -S]

628/1611 ABELMNST SEMBLANT/S a likeness or copy [n -S]

629/1612 AEEISTTT ETATISTE-/S someone who advocates etatism [n -S]
STEATITE/S a variety of talc [n -S]

630/1615 DEILMNU LUMINED- LUMINE, to light up [v]
UNLIMED- UNLIME, to free from lime [v]

631/1617 AAK HKTW/-AKA/S a New Zealand vine [n -S]

632/1621 ADERSTVY STRAYVED- STRAYVE, (English dialect) to wander aimlessly [v]

633/1622 AILNOQSU AQUILONS- AQUILON, the north wind [n]

634/1623 AEEGHNPR GRAPHENE/S a film of graphite with a thickness of one atom [n -S]

635/1624 DEIINRSS INDRISES INDRIS, a short-tailed lemur, also INDRI [n]
INSIDERS- INSIDER, an accepted member of a group [n]

636/1625 ACDNORU CANDOUR/S frankness, sincerity, also CANDOR [n -S]
CAUDRON/S a caldron (a large kettle or boiler, also CAULDRON) [n -S]

637/1626 ACENRTY ENCRATY self-control [n ENCRATIES]
NECTARY- a plant gland [n NECTARIES]
TRANCEY- (of music, etc) creating a hypnotic effect [adj TRANCIER, TRANCIEST]

638/1628 EGILMNR GREMLIN/S a mischievous creature [n -S]
MERLING-/S the whiting (ground chalk) [n -S]
MINGLER-/S one who mingles (to mix together) [n -S]

639/1629 ABIRSTU ABITURS- ABITUR, in Germany, the final-year school examinations [n]

640/1630 EIOPSTT S/POTTIES/T POTTY, a child's chamber pot [n]
SPOTTIE/RS (New Zealand) a deer up to three months old [n -S]
TIPTOES- TIPTOE, to walk on the tips of one's toes, also TIPPYTOE [v]

641/1632 CEFIRSTU FRUTICES FRUTEX, a shrub [n]

642/1634 ACEMNRT CREMANT of wine, moderately sparkling [adj]

643/1635 EGINNST NESTING/S the act of making nests [n -S]
SENTING SENT, to scent (to fill with a perfume) [v]
TENSING TENSE, to make taut (fully stretched) [v]

644/1636 AACEEGLR CLEARAGE/S a piece of land cleared [n -S]

645/1640 ACGINORY CONGIARY an ancient Roman gift [n CONGIARIES]

646/1641 EEINSTX EXTINES- EXTINE, the outer layer of some spores, also EXINE [n]
SIXTEEN/S a number [n -S]

647/1642 EIOSTTW TOWIEST- TOWY, like flax [adj]

648/1643 AADELRSY SALEYARD/S a yard for saleable cattle [n -S]

649/1644 EIMOSTT MOTIEST MOTEY, full of motes [adj]
MOTTIES/T MOTTY, (Irish) a target at which coins are aimed in pitch-and-toss [n]
TITMOSE a small bird [n TITMICE]

650/1645 ACEGHILT LICHGATE/S a roofed churchyard gate, also LYCHGATE [n -S]
TEIGLACH a confection of dough balls boiled in honey, also TAIGLACH [n TEIGLACH]


652/1649 ABEERRT REBATER-/S one that rebates (to give a discount for payment) [n -S]
TABRERE/S a person who bears the tabor [n -S]
TEREBRA/ES a boring instrument [n TEREBRAS or TEREBRAE]

653/1650 DEIINSST INSISTED INSIST, to maintain very firmly [v]
SNIDIEST SNIDEY, maliciously derogatory, also SNIDE [adj]
TIDINESS the state of being tidy (neat and orderly) [n -ES]

654/1651 ACEGIPRS SPAGERIC pertaining to alchemy, also SPAGIRIC and SPAGYRIC [adj]

655/1653 ADEFLNRU DEARNFUL mournful (expressing grief or sorrow) [adj]

656/1656 EIILPRSU PLURISIE/S superabundance [n -S]

657/1657 BEEGINRV BEVERING BEVER, to snack [v]

658/1658 AEEOSUU EUOUAES- EUOUAE, a name for a Gregorian cadence, also EVOVAE [n]

659/1659 BIILNORU UROBILIN/S a brown pigment in faeces and sometimes urine [n -S]

660/1660 EIOPRTTY PETITORY petitioning [adj]

661/1661 CDEENOOS COOSENED COOSEN, to cheat, also COZEN, COOSIN [v]

662/1662 DEEORSV DEVORES- DEVORE, something etched with devore [n]

663/1663 EEINRRV NERVIER NERVY, nervous (easily excited) [adj]
VERNIER/S an auxiliary scale that gives fractional readings [n -S]
VERRINE/S an appetiser or dessert consisting of layers of different food presented in a glass [n -S]

664/1665 DEEILLST DELLIEST- DELLY, like a dell [adj]

665/1666 AADEKLRW LAKEWARD/S facing a lake also LAKEWARDS [adj]

666/1667 AHILNRS SHRINAL of a shrine [adj]

667/1668 AEEISTTV AVIETTES- AVIETTE, a glider (a type of aircraft (a machine for travelling in the air)) [n]
L/EVITATES- EVITATE, to avoid, also EVITE [v]

668/1669 EGHINNT HENTING HENT, to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v]

669/1671 EGINPRS S/PERSING PERSE, (Spenser) to pierce also PERCE, PEARCE [v]
PINGERS- PINGER, a device for producing pulses of sound [n]
SPRINGE-/DRS to catch with a type of snare [v SPRINGED, SPRINGEING, SPRINGES]

670/1672 EEGINTUX TEGUEXIN/S a lizard, also TEGU [n -S]

671/1673 EEIISTV VISITEE-/S the person to whom a visit is made [n -S]

672/1674 BDEEILMO BEMOILED BEMOIL, to bemire (to soil with mud) [v]
EMBOILED EMBOIL, to burn with anger [v]

673/1675 CEINOPTT ENTOPTIC/S within the eyeball [adj]

674/1676 AEGGILNS LIGNAGES- LIGNAGE, ancestry (a line of ancestors) [n]

675/1678 AEFTW FETWA/S a religious decree of death [n -S]

676/1679 DDELORST STRODDLE/DS to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v STRODDLED, STRODDLING, STRODDLES]
STRODLED- STRODLE, to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v]
TODDLERS- TODDLER, a young child [n]

677/1680 DEELORV C/-LOVERED having a love [adj]

678/1681 ADINOOP POINADO a small dagger, also PONIARD, POIGNADO [n POINADOES]

679/1682 ABEGIMNS BEAMINGS- BEAMING, a radiance (brightness) [n]
MISBEGAN MISBEGIN, to begin wrongly [v]

680/1684 EGHMNOU HUMOGEN/S a fertilizer [n -S]

681/1685 ABCENORR CARBORNE travelling by car [adj]

682/1686 ABEIKNR INBREAK/S a violent rush in [n -S]

683/1691 AAEEMNPT NAMETAPE/S a small bit of cloth with the owner's name [n -S]

684/1692 DEORSTUU OUTDURES- OUTDURE, to outlast (to last longer than) [v]

685/1693 AAHIKM KAMAHI/S a tall New Zealand hardwood tree with pinkish flowers [n -S]

686/1697 EMST METS- MET, short for meteorology [n]
STEM/ES to deprive a plant of a leaf-bearing axis [v -ED, -ING, -S]
IS/-TEMS/E to sift (to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

687/1698 ADENPRUY UNDERPAY/S to pay less than is deserved [v UNDERPAID, UNDERPAYING, UNDERPAYS]
UNPRAYED UNPRAY, to revoke the praying of [v]

688/1699 ABDEEGR REBADGE/DS to market a product under a new brand name [v REBADGED, REBADGING, REBADGES]

689/1700 AGINNSTU SAUNTING SAUNT, to make a saint of [v]
STAUNING STAUN, (Scots) to stand [v]
UNSATING not sating [adj]

690/1701 AACORSTU ACATOURS- ACATOUR, a caterer (one who caters (to provide food and service)) [n]
AUTOCARS- AUTOCAR, a motor car [n]

691/1702 AAENRST ANESTRA ANESTRUM, period of sexual inactivity, also ANOESTRUM [n]
SANTERA/S a priestess of santeria [n -S]

692/1703 AEIKNRW S/WANKIER WANKY, contemptible [adj]

693/1708 AAFLNORS FORLANAS- FORLANA, a dance of old Venice, also FURLANA [n]
SAFRONAL/S a spicy-tasting chemical [n -S]

P/RETREAT/S to go back [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TREATER/S one who treats (to deal with) [n -S]

695/1711 CEILOTT COLETIT/S a bird of the tit family [n -S]

696/1713 AEGGIOPR ARPEGGIO/S a technique of playing a musical chord [n -S]
GEROPIGA/S a port substitute, also JEREPIGO [n -S]

697/1714 AHINRSTY RHYTINAS- RHYTINA, an aquatic mammal [n]

698/1715 AEIMPRST APTERISM/S a lack of wings [n -S]
PRIMATES- PRIMATE, any of an advanced order of mammals, also PRIMATAL [n]

699/1716 DEIPRSU PUDSIER PUDSY, podgy also PUDSEY [adj]
SIRUPED SIRUP, to make into syrup [v]
UPDRIES UPDRY, to dry completely [v]

700/1717 AGIMNOS AGONISM/S a contest or struggle [n -S]

701/1721 AADEEGMN -AMENAGED- AMENAGE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]
ENDAMAGE/DS to damage (to injure (to harm or do hurt to)) [v ENDAMAGED, ENDAMAGING, ENDAMAGES]

702/1723 ADEGIRWY RIDGEWAY/S a track along a hill-crest [n -S]

703/1725 AEKORSTV OVERTASK/S to impose too many tasks on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VOERTSAK (South Africa) offensive, expressing rejection, also VOERTSEK, VOETSAK, VOETSEK [interj]

704/1726 EILMRSTY LYMITERS- LYMITER, one who limits, also LIMITER [n]

705/1727 DENORSUU UNROUSED not roused [adj]
UNSOURED not soured [adj]

706/1728 AAEGIMRT GEMATRIA/S a numerical method of interpreting Hebrew scriptures [n -S]
MARITAGE/S the right of a feudal superior to arrange the marriage of a vassals heir [n -S]

707/1730 AEGIMPST PIGMEATS- PIGMEAT, bacon, ham or pork [n]

708/1731 EEHNOPST POSHTEEN/S an Afghan sheepskin coat, also POSTEEN, POSTIN [n -S]
POTHEENS- POTHEEN, irish whiskey distilled unlawfully, also POTEEN, POTTEEN, POITIN [n]

709/1732 EGILNPR PINGLER-/S one that pingles (to strive (to contend)) [n -S]

710/1735 ACIOPRT APRICOT/S an orange fruit, also APRICOCK [n -S]
APROTIC acting as a certain solvent [adj]
PAROTIC situated near the ear [adj]
PATRICO/S (slang) a hedge-priest also PATERCOVE [n PATRICOES or PATRICOS]

711/1736 DEINNOP PINNOED PINION, to remove the wing feathers to prevent flight [v]

712/1738 AGILNOP GALOPIN/GS a kitchen boy [n -S]

713/1739 AEGNPRS ENGRASP/S to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

714/1740 AABKRS BAKRAS- BAKRA, (Caribbean) a white person, esp from Britain [n]
KABARS- KABAR, a heavy pole thrown as a feat of strength [n]

715/1742 AENNOPS PANNOSE like felt [adj]

716/1743 DELOPRSU POULDERS- POULDER, powder [n]

717/1744 EEGIOST EGOTISE/DS to talk about oneself a lot, also EGOTIZE [v EGOTISED, EGOTISING, EGOTISES]
GOETIES GOETY, black magic [n]

718/1745 ABDIOSU BADIOUS chestnut-coloured [adj]

719/1747 ADEEGMN ENDGAME/S the last stage of a board game [n -S]
MANEGED- MANEGE, to train horses [v]
A/MENAGED- MENAGE, to manage (to control or direct) [v]

720/1755 AFLNOTU NUTLOAF a savoury loaf made from nuts, vegetables, rice, etc [n NUTLOAVES]

721/1756 ADEEGNV -AVENGED- AVENGE, to take retribution for, also VENGE [v]
VENDAGE/S the grape harvest, also VENDANGE [n -S]

722/1757 EKLLS S/-KELLS- KELL, a type of woman's hairnet [n]
-SKELL/SY a homeless person [n -S]

723/1758 AFIIMN INFIMA INFIMUM, a mathematical term for the greatest lower bound [n]

724/1759 INOOST NOSTOI NOSTOS, a Greek poem describing a return journey [n]
TOISON/S a fleece [n -S]

725/1763 EGHIKT -KEIGHT CATCH, to capture after pursuit [v]

726/1764 EEFGILT GEFILTE as in gefilte fish, a dish of fish stuffed with various ingredients, also GEFULLTE [adj]

727/1765 DEILPRU PRELUDI/O PRELUDIO, a prelude [n]

728/1766 BENRSTU BRUNETS- BRUNET, a dark-haired male [n]
BUNTERS- BUNTER, one who bunts (to butt (to hit with the head)) [n]
BURNETS- BURNET, a perennial herb [n]
BURSTEN BURST, to break open violently also BRAST, BRUST [v]
SUBRENT/S to sublet or rent out (a property that is already rented) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

729/1767 IPU PIU-/M more (a musical direction) [adv]

730/1770 IORT AG/RIOT/S to take part in a violent public disturbance [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ROTI-/S an unleavened bread [n -S]
TIRO/S a beginner or novice, also TYRO [n TIROS or TIROES]
TORI-/CI TORUS, (Latin) a large convex moulding [n]
TRIO/LRS a group of three [n -S]

731/1772 AEEGLPR PEREGAL/S an equal [n -S]

732/1774 EHILRSU HURLIES HURLY, a large two-wheeled barrow [n]
FPS/LUSHIER LUSHY, tipsy [adj]

733/1776 ACEEGHNR ENCHARGE/DS to enjoin (to order or direct) [v ENCHARGED, ENCHARGING, ENCHARGES]
GRENACHE/S a kind of black grape; a red wine made from this [n -S]

734/1778 ACILNOPS SALPICON/S a pate and pastry filling [n -S]

735/1780 CEHILNST LINCHETS- LINCHET, a boundary, also LINCH [n]
TINCHELS- TINCHEL, a circle of men who hunt deer [n]

736/1782 ELNOSTUZ ZONULETS- ZONULET, a small belt or girdle [n]

737/1784 DEINPSU UNIPEDS- UNIPED, a one-footed person or animal [n]
UNSPIDE unobserved [adj]
UNSPIED unobserved [adj]

738/1787 ABDEMRTU DRUMBEAT/S the sound of a drum [n -S]
UMBRATED faintly traced [adj]

739/1789 AOPRSTU -ASPROUT in a sprouting state [adv]

740/1790 ADEEGLNR ENLARGED- ENLARGE, to make larger, also ENLARGEN [v]
-LANGERED extremely drunk [adj]
LARGENED LARGEN, to enlarge (to make larger, also ENLARGEN) [v]

741/1793 AEHLNSTY NAYTHLES notwithstanding [adv]

742/1795 AEMNPSTU PUTAMENS- PUTAMEN, (Latin) a fruit stone; a membrane lining an eggshell [n]
SPUMANTE/S a sparkling Italian white wine [n -S]

743/1798 ACEEGNRY REAGENCY a substance with a characteristic reaction, also REAGENT [n REAGENCIES]

744/1799 ENORRTUU TOURNURE/S a contour [n -S]

745/1802 AIKLP PALKI/S a palanquin (a carried passenger-box), also PALKEE [n -S]

746/1807 CEEIOPST ECTOPIES ECTOPY, abnormal displacement of body parts, also ECTOPIA [n]
PICOTEES- PICOTEE, a variety of carnation [n]

747/1809 EEGHINPT PHENGITE/S a transparent stone [n -S]

748/1810 ALMM S/MALM-/SY a soft, friable limestone [n -S]

749/1811 DEENRZ DZEREN/S an Asian antelope [n -S]

750/1812 AAEIMOPR PAROEMIA/CLS a proverb [n -S]

751/1815 AEMNOST MANTOES MANTO, a 17c loose ladies gown, also MANTUA [n]

752/1816 AELNV ELVAN/S a granular rock, also ELVANITE [n -S]
-NAVEL-/S a depression in the abdomen [n -S]
VENAL- open to bribery [adj]

753/1817 ACDEHNRU BCG/RAUNCHED RAUNCH, to tear away [v]
UNARCHED not arched [adj]

754/1818 DEORRST DORTERS- DORTER, a dormitory, also DORTOUR [n]
RODSTER/S an angler (one who fishes (to try to catch cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates)) [n -S]

755/1819 ADEELMNS DALESMEN DALESMAN, one living in a dale [n]
EMENDALS funds set aside for repairs [n]
LEADSMEN LEADSMAN, a seaman who measures the depth of water [n]

756/1820 LOOS A/-LOOS-/E praise [n -ES]
SOLO-/NS a performance by one person [n SOLOS or SOLI] / to perform a solo [v SOLOED, SOLOING, SOLOES]
SOOL/ES to incite to attack [v -ED, -ING, -S]

757/1821 ENORSTTU STENTOUR/S one who determines tax to be paid [n -S]

758/1824 DEILNPS SPELDIN/GS a haddock (a food fish) [n -S]
SPINDLE/DRS to impale on a slender rod [v SPINDLED, SPINDLING, SPINDLES]
SPLINED- SPLINE, to provide with a key to make a wheel and shaft revolve [v]

S/TONKER/S one who strikes (to hit (to strike forcibly)) [n -S]

760/1828 DEOW BCDJLMNRSTVWY/-OWED- OWE, to be indebted for [v]

761/1829 ADEINORT AROINTED AROINT, to frighten away, also AROYNT [v]
DERATION/S to free from rationing [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ORDINATE/DS to ordain (to decree (to issue an edict)) [v ORDINATED, ORDINATING, ORDINATES]
RATIONED RATION, to distribute in fixed amounts [v]

762/1830 CEEGHINR CHEERING/S the act of encouraging [n -S]
B/-REECHING REECH, to emit smoke [v]

763/1832 AEFIK FAKIE/RS (In skateboarding and snowboarding) the movement or act of riding backwards [n -S]

764/1835 ACENRTUY CENTAURY- a medicinal herb [n CENTAURIES]
CYANURET/S a cyanide [n -S]

765/1836 AEGIMNRU GERANIUM/S a flowering plant [n -S]
MAUNGIER MAUNGY, scabby (covered with scabs) [adj]

766/1838 ABEIKLOO KABLOOIE an interjection expressing an abrupt happening also KABLOOEY [interj]

767/1841 ACIM -CAMI-/S (short for) camisole [n -S]
MICA-/S a mineral [n -S]

768/1844 AENPV PAVEN-/S a slow formal dance, also PAVANE [n -S]

769/1845 EIMNOPST EMPTIONS- EMPTION, the act of buying [n]
NEPOTISM/S favouritism shown to a relative [n -S]
PIMENTOS- PIMENTO, a sweet pepper, also PIMIENTO [n]

770/1848 EFIRZ FRIZE-/DRS a frieze [n -S]

771/1850 GLMU -GLUM/ES low in spirits [adj GLUMMER, GLUMMEST]

772/1858 CEGIRSTU SCUTIGER/S a squire [n -S]

773/1860 ORTW -ROWT-/HS to rummage out [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TROW/S to suppose (to assume to be true) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-WORT/HS a plant, herb or vegetable [n -S]

774/1862 AEEGPRS ASPERGE/DRS to sprinkle (to scatter drops on) [v ASPERGED, ASPERGING, ASPERGES]
PRESAGE/DRS to foretell (to tell about in advance) [v PRESAGED, PRESAGING, PRESAGES]

775/1864 ADOP -APOD-/ES an animal without feet or fins, also APODE [n -S]
-DOPA-/S a drug to treat Parkinson's disease [n -S]

776/1867 ACIINRSU URANISCI URANISCUS, the roof of the mouth [n]

777/1871 AAEHKS -ASHAKE in a shaking state [adj]
HAKEAS- HAKEA, an Australian shrub [n]

778/1873 AAIJKR RAKIJA/S a kind of fruit brandy produced by distillation of fermented fruit, popular throughout the Balkans, also RAKIA [n -S]

779/1875 AEENOPR PERAEON/S a crustacean's thorax, also PEREION, PEREON [n PERAEONS or PERAEA]

780/1876 CEOZ COZE-/DNSY to chat (to talk informally) [v COZED, COZING, COZES]

781/1877 ACENOTT ATTONCE at once [adv]

782/1879 AEEGRTU TREAGUE/S a truce [n -S]

783/1880 ABDERSTY DRYBEATS- DRYBEAT, to beat without drawing blood [v]

784/1881 FFFU FUFF/SY to spit like a cat [v -ED, -ING, -S]

785/1883 ACEKR BDHJLPRSTWY/ACKER/S (Australian slang) an academic, also ACCA [n -S]
-CRAKE/DS to boast (to brag (to boast)) [v CRAKED, CRAKING, CRAKES]
S/-CREAK/SY to squeak (to make a sharp, high-pitched sound) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

786/1884 AABDELRS BASELARD/S a dagger [n -S]

787/1885 EEIINRSW SINEWIER SINEWY, lean and muscular [adj]
S/WINERIES WINERY, a place where wine is made [n]

788/1889 GINORST F/ROSTING ROST, to roast (to bake (to cook in an oven)) [v]
SORTING/S the act of sorting [n -S]
STORING STORE, to put away for future use [v]
TRIGONS- TRIGON, an ancient stringed instrument [n]

789/1890 ABEINNOS BESONIAN/S a beggar, also BEZONIAN [n -S]

790/1892 AEEIMRR CD/REAMIER REAMY, creamy (having the consistency of cream) [adj]
REREMAI/S the basking shark [n -S]

791/1893 GMSU -GUMS- GUM, to smear with gum (a sticky substance) [v]
S/-MUGS- MUG, to assault with intent to rob [v]
-SMUG/S to make trim (neat and orderly) [v SMUGGED, SMUGGING, SMUGS] / self-satisfied [adj SMUGGER, SMUGGEST]

792/1894 DEEGINNS ENSIGNED ENSIGN, to mark with a badge or sign [v]

793/1897 NSY NYS- is not (no inflections) [v]
-SNY/E a side channel of a river, also SNYE [n SNIES]
SYN/CDE since (from then until now) [adv]


795/1901 KLNU BCFPS/LUNK-/S a stupid person, also LUNKHEAD [n -S]

796/1902 EEEHIRST ETHERISE/DRS to administer ether as an anaesthetic, also ETHERIZE [v ETHERISED, ETHERISING, ETHERISES]
SHEETIER SHEETY, like sheets [adj]

797/1904 DEEFHORT FOTHERED FOTHER, to protect a sail with tarred yarn [v]

798/1905 ACEORSTT SECTATOR/S an adherent of a party [n -S]

799/1907 ADEEILS -AEDILES- AEDILE, a magistrate in ancient Rome, also EDILE [n]
DEISEAL/S motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIL, DEASIUL, DEASOIL, DEISHEAL [n -S]

800/1908 GHIN ACEOT/-HING-/ES a foul-smelling gum resin [n -S]
A/NIGH/ST to approach (to come near to) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / near (situated within a short distance) [adj NIGHER, NIGHEST]

801/1910 ADEOORT ODORATE emitting a smell [adj]

802/1912 AIKS -KAIS- KAI, a meal [n]
SAKI/AS a Japanese liquor [n -S]
SIKA-/S a deer (a ruminant mammal) [n -S]

803/1914 COT S/COT/EHST a narrow bed [n -S] / to become tangled [v COTTED, COTTING, COTS]
A/TOC-/KOS code for the letter T [n -S]

804/1916 DEHILRTW WRITHLED wrinkled [adj]

805/1917 CEILSTU CLUIEST CLUEY, (Aust. sl.) well-informed and adroit [adj]
LUCITES- LUCITE, an acrylic resin or plastic consisting essentially of polymerized methyl methacrylate [n]
LUETICS- LUETIC, one infected with syphilis [n]

806/1918 AKNRS KARNS- KARN, a memorial of a mound of stones [n]
KNARS- KNAR, to snarl, also GNAR, GNARR [v]
S/KRANS a precipice, also KRANTZ, KRANZ [n -ES]
S/-NARKS- NARK, to spy or inform [v]
BCFPT/RANKS- RANK, to assign to a particular place or grade [v]
SKRAN/S food (nourishment for the body to maintain life and growth) [n -S]
-SNARK-/SY an imaginary animal [n -S]

807/1919 AEIINSTX AXINITES- AXINITE, a brown mineral [n]

808/1920 EEHINPRT NEPHRITE/S a mineral [n -S]
PREHNITE/S a type of mineral [n -S]
TREPHINE/DRS to operate on with a surgical saw, also TREPAN, TRAPAN [v TREPHINED, TREPHINING, TREPHINES]

809/1921 ADDENRTU DRAUNTED DRAUNT, to drone (to make a monotonous humming sound) [v]
UNTRADED unfrequented [adj]

810/1923 EMNRSTU MUNSTER/S a mild cheese, also MUENSTER [n -S]
MUNTERS- MUNTER, an unattractive person [n]
STERNUM/S a long, flat supporting bone of most vertebrates [n STERNUMS or STERNA]

811/1927 ACILOSTV VOCALIST/S a singer (one who sings (to utter melodious musical sounds)) [n -S]
VOLATICS- VOLATIC, a creature with wings [n]

812/1932 BDEGINO BINGOED BINGO, to play all seven of one's tiles at Scrabble [v]
BOINGED BOING, to reverberate by bouncing, also BOINK [v]

813/1933 ACILORSV CORIVALS- CORIVAL, to rival (to strive to equal or surpass) [v]

814/1934 AIPP PIPA-/LS a type of toad (a toothless, tailless amphibian) [n -S]

815/1936 ACDLNOT COTLAND/S land belonging to a cottage [n -S]

816/1937 AEEENRTT ENTERATE having an alimentary canal [adj]

817/1939 ACENPRSU ENCARPUS a frieze decoration of festooned fruit [n -ES]
PRAUNCES- PRAUNCE, to prance (to parade ostentatiously) [v]

818/1942 DDEU DUDE-/DS to dress in flashy clothes [v DUDED, DUDING, DUDES]
DUED- DUE, to provide with [v]

819/1943 AEILRRTT RATTLIER RATTLY, inclined to rattle [adj]

820/1945 IKNORW PT/INWORK/S to work in [v -ED, -ING, -S]

821/1947 ABDEFNRU FABURDEN/S a harmony (agreement) [n -S]

822/1948 AENNOSY ANYONES- ANYONE, anybody at all [n]

823/1950 EIOPST POSTIE/S a postman (a mailman (a man who carries and delivers mail)) [n -S]
POTSIE/S a children's game, also POTSY [n -S]

824/1951 AEILPS -ESPIAL/S the act of espying (to catch sight of) [n -S]
LAIPSE/DS (English dialect) to thrash soundly [v LAIPSED, LAIPSING, LAIPSES]
LIPASE-/S an enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n -S]
PILEAS- PILEA, pileum (the top of a bird's head) [n]

825/1958 DEIMSTU MUISTED MUIST, to powder (to reduce to fine dust-like particles) [v]
TEDIUMS- TEDIUM, the state of being tedious, also TAEDIUM [n]

826/1959 ACEENRS CAREENS- CAREEN, to lurch while moving [v]
CASERNE-/S a barracks for soldiers, also CASERN [n -S]
ENRACES- ENRACE, to implant (to plant firmly) [v]
RECANES- RECANE, to replace the cane of [v]

827/1960 AGIPR GRAIP/S a fork [n -S]
PAGRI/S a turban, also PUGGERY [n -S]

828/1961 AAHNT THANA-/HS an Indian police station, also TANA, TANNA, TANNAH, THANAH, THANNA, THANNAH [n -S]

829/1963 ACIOPTT -APTOTIC grammatically uninflected [adj]

830/1964 DEIMPRST DIREMPTS- DIREMPT, to separate into two [v]

831/1967 ABJU BAJU/S a short Malayan jacket [n -S]
JUBA/S a lively dance [n -S]

832/1971 ACILORRS RACLOIRS- RACLOIR, a scraper (one that scrapes (to rub and make a grating sound)) [n]

833/1972 ABILOPST BIOPLAST/S a minute portion of protoplasm [n -S]

834/1974 CELNRTU LECTURN/S a reading desk [n -S]

835/1975 DEINOPR POINDER/S one who impounds (to seize and retain in legal custody) [n -S]

836/1977 ACILOPST CAPITOLS- CAPITOL, a building occupied by a state legislature [n]
COALPITS- COALPIT, a pit from which coal is obtained [n]
POSTICAL of plant parts, behind, also POSTICOUS [adj]
TOPICALS- TOPICAL, a postage stamp forming part of a set or collection with designs connected with the same subject [n]

837/1979 IKKUUY KIKUYU/S a type of African grass [n -S]

838/1990 DEGIILNR GRIDELIN/S violet-grey [n -S]

839/1997 AIKR -KRAI/ST (Russian) an administrative district in Russia [n -S]
T/RAIK-/S to go; to range [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RAKI/AS a Turkish liqueur, also RAKEE [n -S]