1/AAABTT BATATA/S the sweet-potato [n -S]

2/AAAELRTV LAVATERA/S any plant of the lavatera genus [n -S]

3/AAAEMRST TARAMEAS- TARAMEA, (New Zealand) golden spear grass [n]

4/AAAEPRST SEPARATA SEPARATUM, a separate offprint [n]

5/AABDIOT BIODATA biographical information [n]

6/AABGIINR BRAAIING BRAAI, (South Africa) to grill or roast meat over open coals [v]

7/AABIR BRAAI/S (South Africa) to grill or roast meat over open coals [v -ED, -ING, -S]

8/AACGIINR GARCINIA/S a tropical tree [n -S]

9/AAEKLNT ALKANET-/S a Mediterranean plant [n -S]
KANTELA/S a Finnish zither, also KANTELE [n -S]

10/AAENRUZ AZUREAN of the colour of azure, also AZURN [adj]

11/AAGOSTU AGOUTAS- AGOUTA, a rare Haitian mammal that eats insects [n]

12/AANOPRTY ANATROPY a turning back of the ovule [n ANATROPIES]

13/ABCEILTT BITTACLE/S a casing for a ship's compass, also BINNACLE [n -S]

14/ABDDEIN -ABIDDEN ABIDE, to wait for [v]
BANDIED BANDY, to toss to and fro [v]

15/ABDEIMRR IMBARRED IMBAR, to shut in [v]

16/ABDEIRSX AXEBIRDS- AXEBIRD, a bird from Queensland, sounding like a chopping axe [n]

17/ABDNRSTU TURBANDS- TURBAND, a head covering [n]

18/ABEELSU SUEABLE able to be sued [adj]
USEABLE able to be used [adj]

19/ABEIKLNS BLANKIES- BLANKIE, a child�s blanket also BLANKY [n]
SINKABLE able to be sunk [adj]

20/ABEILRRW BRAWLIER- BRAWLIE, splendidly [adv]
WARBLIER WARBLY, voiced in a trilling or quavering manner [adj]

21/ABEINQSU BASQUINE/S an outer petticoat [n -S]

22/ABEIRSS BASSIER BASSY, somewhat deep in sound [adj]
-BRAISES- BRAISE, to stew (to cook by boiling slowly) [v]
BRASSIE/RS a golf club [n -S]

23/ABEKNRST BANKSTER/S a banker or investor whose financial practices have been exposed as illegal [n -S]


25/ACDEIJRU JUDICARE/S government-paid legal services [n -S]

26/ACEHILRR CHARLIER- as in charlier shoe, a light horseshoe [adj]

27/ACEHISTT CHATTIES/T CHATTY, a type of water-pot [n]
TACHISTE-/S an abstract painter, also TACHIST [n -S]

28/ACEILMNN CLINAMEN/S an inclination [n -S]

29/ACEIQSTU ACQUITES- ACQUITE, to free from a charge, also ACQUIT, ACQUIGHT [v]

30/ACELMOSU CAULOMES- CAULOME, the structure of a plant [n]
LEUCOMAS- LEUCOMA, an opacity of the cornea, also LEUKOMA [n]
MACULOSE spotted [adj]

31/ACEORTX EXACTOR/S one that exacts, also EXACTER [n -S]

32/ACILORR RACLOIR/S a scraper (one that scrapes (to rub and make a grating sound)) [n -S]

WANDERED WANDER, to roam (to move about without purpose or plan) [v]
WARDENED WARDEN, to guard as a warden [v]

34/ADDEHIR DIEHARD/S a stubborn person [n -S]
DIHEDRA/L DIHEDRON, a flattened double pyramid [n]

35/ADDEIMR ADMIRED- ADMIRE, to have a high opinion of [v]
MARDIED MARDY, to behave like a spoilt child [v]

36/ADDEINV INVADED- INVADE, to enter by military force [v]
VIDENDA VIDENDUM, things to be seen [n]

37/ADEEHLS LEASHED LEASH, to hold by a lead or thong [v]
-SHEALED SHEAL, to shell (to remove the outer covering from nuts) [v]

38/ADEELMU -AEMULED- AEMULE, to emulate (to try to equal or surpass) [v]

DR/-ELAPSED- ELAPSE, to pass by [v]
-PLEASED- PLEASE, to give enjoyment or satisfaction to, also PLEASURE [v]
SEPALED having a sepal [adj]

40/ADEELSW SWEALED SWEAL, to scorch (to burn slightly) [v]

41/ADEELY ALEYED- ALEYE, to quell, also ALLAY, ALAY [v]

42/ADEFMOSU FAMOUSED FAMOUS, to make widely known [v]
FUMADOES FUMADO, a smoked fish [n]

43/ADEHIJST JEHADIST-/S one who takes part in a jehad, also JEHADI, JIHADI, JIHADIST [n -S]

44/ADEHIKST SKAITHED SKAITH, to injure (to harm or do hurt to) [v]

45/ADEHLOPS ASPHODEL/S a flowering plant [n -S]
PHOLADES PHOLAS, a type of mollusc (an animal belonging to the large phylum of invertebrates, also MOLLUSK) [n]

46/ADEIISZ ZAIDIES ZAIDY, (Yiddish) a grandfather also ZAIDA, ZAIDEH, ZEDA [n]

47/ADEIKLNW DAWNLIKE suggestive of daybreak [adj]
WANDLIKE like a wand [adj]

48/ADELOPSY SEPALODY transformation into sepals [n SEPALODIES]

49/ADIMNNO MONDAIN/ES a person who lives in fashionable society, also MONDAINE [n -S]

50/AEEHNRSS ARSHEENS- ARSHEEN, a Russian unit of length, also ARCHINE, ARSHIN, ARSHINE [n]

51/AEELMSU -AEMULES- AEMULE, to emulate (to try to equal or surpass) [v]

52/AEELPSU EPAULES- EPAULE, the shoulder of a bastion [n]

53/AEFILRSZ FILAZERS- FILAZER, an officer who filed writs, also FILACER [n]

54/AEFISST FASTIES- FASTIE, a deceitful trick, also SWIFTY [n]
FIESTAS- FIESTA, a festival (a time of celebration) [n]
FISSATE deeply split [adj]

55/AEHINSS HESSIAN/S a coarse cloth [n -S]
SHENAIS- SHENAI, (Bengali) a double-reed wind instrument of India also SHEHNAI [n]

56/AEHIRSS GMP/ARISHES ARISH, a stubble field, also ARRISH [n]
RASHIES- RASHIE, a shirt worn by surfers a protection against the sun [n]
SHERIAS- SHERIA, a body of Islamic religious law, also SHARIA, SHARIAH, SHARIAT, SHERIAT [n]

57/AEHISST DHMW/-ASHIEST ASHY, covered with ashes [adj]
SAITHES- SAITHE, the coalfish, also SAITH [n]
STASHIE/S fuss [n -S]
TAISHES TAISH, second sight, also TAISCH [n]

58/AEIKLRSV KLAVIERS- KLAVIER, an early keyboard instrument, also CLAVIER [n]

59/AEILLRW WALLIER- WALLY, excellent [adj]

60/AEIMNSS INSEAMS- INSEAM, to mark as if with a seam, also INSEEM [v]
-MANISES MANIS, another name for the pangolin [n]
SAMISEN/S a Japanese stringed instrument [n -S]

61/AEIMRSS MASSIER MASSY, massive (of great size) [adj]
-SARMIES- SARMIE, (South Africa) a sandwich, cf SARNIE [n]

62/AEIMSST C/ASTEISM/S refined irony [n -S]
MISEATS- MISEAT, to eat improperly [v]
MISSEAT/S to seat wrongly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SAMIEST SAMEY, monotonous [adj]
SAMITES- SAMITE, a silk fabric [n]
-TAMISES- TAMISE, a woollen fabric [n]

63/AEIMSTUZ MAUZIEST MAUZY, foggy, misty also MAUSY [adj]

64/AEINPSS -ASPINES- ASPINE, the trembling poplar, also ASPEN [n]
PANSIES PANSY, a flowering plant [n]
SAPIENS pertaining to recent man [adj]

65/AEISSTV STEVIAS- STEVIA, a S. American plant cultivated for its sweet-tasting leaves; an extract of this plant used to sweeten foods [n]

66/AEOOPRS OROPESA/S a float used in minesweeping [n -S]

67/AFLNRSTU RUNFLATS- RUNFLAT, a tyre able to run after being punctured [n]

68/AIJLORT TOLARJI TOLAR, (Slovene) the standard monetary unit of Slovenia, pl TOLARS, TOLARJI or TOLARJEV [n]

69/AIMORRU ORARIUM/S a handkerchief [n ORARIUMS or ORARIA]

70/AINPTU TIPUNA/S (Maori) an ancestor, also TUPUNA [n -S]

71/AINTU TUINA/S a Chinese massage using vigorous hand movements [n -S]

72/BDEILMOS SEMIBOLD/S a typeface (the face of printing type) [n -S]

73/BEEINRSS NEBRISES NEBRIS, a fawn-skin cape [n]

74/CCDEEHIL CLICHEED filled with cliches [adj]

75/CDEEILS DECILES- DECILE, a statistical interval [n]
DELICES- DELICE, a delicacy (a choice food) [n]

76/CDEILMOS MELODICS- a branch of music concerned with melody [n MELODICS]

77/CDEILOPS SCOPELID/S a deepwater fish [n -S]

78/CDELOORS COLOREDS- COLORED, a colored person [n]
CROODLES- CROODLE, to cower down [v]
DECOLORS- DECOLOR, to deprive of color, also DECOLOUR [v]

79/CDHOT DOCHT DOW, to do well [v]

80/CDIORSV CORVIDS- CORVID, a type of crow [n]

81/CEEINRSS CERESINS- CERESIN, a type of wax, also CERESINE [n]
SCRIENES- SCRIENE, a screen [n]

83/CEINOV -COVINE-/S a conspiracy between two or more people to act to the injury of another also COVIN, COVYNE [n -S]
NOVICE/S a beginner (a novice) [n -S]

84/CEMNOW COWMEN COWMAN, one who owns cattle [n]

85/CIILNOOT NOCTILIO/S a South American bat [n -S]

86/CINOV COVIN/EGS a conspiracy between two or more people to act to the injury of another also COVINE, COVYNE [n -S]

87/DDEEFINR DEFRIEND/S to remove someone from one's list of friends on a social networking site [v -ED, -ING, -S]
FRIENDED FRIEND, to enter into a warm association with [v]

88/DDEIILO DOILIED having a doily [adj]

89/DDHINO HODDIN/GS a coarse cloth, also HODDEN [n -S]

90/DEEGOOS SOOGEED- SOOGEE, to clean ships with a special cleaning agent, also SOOGIE [v]

91/DEEHILS SHIELED SHIEL, to shell (to remove the outer covering from nuts) [v]

92/DEEHY HEEDY- (Spenser) heedful, careful [adj HEEDIER, HEEDIEST]
-HEYED HEY, to dance a country dance [v]

93/DEEILPS SEEDLIP/S a sowers basket [n -S]
SPEILED SPEIL, to climb, also SPEEL [v]
SPIELED SPIEL, to talk at length [v]

94/DEEILST ISLETED having islets (a small island) [adj]

95/DEENT DENET-/S to market a book outside the constraints of the Net Book Agreement [v DENETTED, DENETTING, DENETS]
TEEND-/S to kindle (to cause to burn) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

96/DEFLNOOU UNFOOLED UNFOOL, to undeceive [v]

97/DEFLOORS FLOODERS- FLOODER, one that floods (to inundate (to fill with overflowing abundance)) [n]
REFLOODS- REFLOOD, to flood again [v]

98/DEGIIM MIDGIE/RS a small biting insect such as a midge or sandfly [n -S]


100/DEIIIRTV VIRIDITE/S a green decomposition product in rocks [n -S]

T/-WINNED WIN, to winnow (to separate chaff from grain) [v]

102/DELOORSW WOOLDERS- WOOLDER, a pin in a ropemaker's top [n]

103/DEX -DEX-/Y a sulfate used as a stimulant [n -ES]
AE/-XED crossed out (past tense of verb to x) [v]

104/EEFILLRT FILLETER/S one who fillets [n -S]

105/EEFINRSS FINESSER-/S one who finesses (to use cunning strategy) [n -S]
RIFENESS the state of being rife (abundant (in great plenty)) [n -ES]

106/EEGOOS SOOGEE/DS to clean ships with a special cleaning agent, also SOOGIE [v SOOGEED, SOOGEEING, SOOGEES]

107/EEHNNR HENNER/SY a challenge to a daring act [n -S]

109/EEIILM MIELIE/S an ear of corn, also MEALIE [n -S]

110/EEIIMN MEINIE/S a retinue, also MEINEY, MEINY, MENYIE [n -S]

111/EEIIRRSV RIVIERES- RIVIERE, a necklace of precious stones [n]

112/EEILLRT TREILLE/S a trellis [n -S]

113/EEINPSST PENTISES- PENTISE, to provide with a penthouse, also PENTICE [v]

114/EEIRSSTV SIEVERTS- SIEVERT, the SI unit of radiation dose [n]
-TREVISES TREVIS, a stall, also TREVISS [n]
VESTRIES VESTRY, a room in which vestments are kept, also REVESTRY [n]

115/EEIRSSTW SWEIREST SWEIR, slothful (sluggish (slow-moving)) [adj]

116/EEJNOOR REJONEO/S the art of bullfighting on horseback [n -S]

117/EENRSST -NESTERS- NESTER, one that nests (to build a structure for holding eggs) [n]
RENESTS- RENEST, to nest again [v]
P/RESENTS- RESENT, to feel affront or ill-will [v]
STRENES- STRENE, an offspring [n]

118/EFHTW -WHEFT/S an ensign, flag or signal [n -S]

119/EFIRT FREIT/SY an omen, also FREET [n -S]
REFIT-/S to fit out afresh and repair [v REFITTED, REFITTING, REFITS]
RIFTE-/D RIVE, to tear apart [v]
-TREIF/A not kosher, also TREF, TEREFAH [adj]

120/EFLNOOSU FELONOUS ruthlessly cruel [adj]


O/-STENTING STENT, to stint (to limit (to restrict (to keep within boundaries))) [v]
TENTINGS- TENTING, the act of tenting [n]

123/EHNST -HENTS- HENT, to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v]
Y/-SHENT- SHEND, to disgrace (to bring shame upon) [v]
-THENS- THEN, that time [n]

124/EIIKLNR PS/-LINKIER LINKY, full of interlocking rings [adj]

125/EIIKNRS KEIRINS- KEIRIN, a cycling race originating in Japan, in which groups of cyclists follow a pacesetter and then sprint for the last part of the race [n]
-SINKIER SINKY, yielding underfoot [adj]


127/EILVY VEILY- like a veil [adj VEILIER, VEILIEST]

128/EINNPT S/PINNET/S a pinnacle [n -S]
TENPIN/S a bowling pin [n -S]

129/EINPSTT -SPITTEN SPIT, to throw out saliva from the mouth [v]

130/EINVW VINEW-/S to become mouldy (covered with mould) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

F/ROWIE/S (Scots) a bread roll made with butter and fat [n -S]

132/EIPRSTT S/PITTERS- PITTER, to sound like a grasshopper [v]
-SPITTER/S a type of pitch in baseball, also SPITBALL [n -S]
TIPSTER/S one who sells information to gamblers [n -S]

133/EIRRSTW WRISTER/S a type of shot in hockey [n -S]
WRITERS- WRITER, one who writes (to form characters on a surface with an instrument) [n]

134/EIRSTTW RETWIST/S to twist again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TWISTER/S one that twists (to force around) [n -S]
T/WITTERS- WITTER, to mutter peevishly [v]

135/EIRTTUV VUTTIER VUTTY, (Devonshire dialect) dirty [adj]

136/ELOOPRSU SUPERLOO/S a self-cleaning public toilet [n -S]

137/ELOVY LOVEY-/S fondly affectionate also LOVIE [adj LOVIER, LOVIEST] / a term of endearment [n -S]

138/GIILOST OLIGIST/S crystallized haematite [n -S]

139/GIIMNRRS SMIRRING SMIR, to drizzle (to rain lightly) [v]

140/IMOR MIRO-/S a tall coniferous tree of New Zealand [n -S]

141/IMR AES/MIR-/EIKOSVY a Russian peasant commune [n MIRS or MIRI]
BCGPT/RIM/AESUY to provide with an outer edge [v RIMMED, RIMMING, RIMS]

142/NOPT PONT/SY a small ferry boat [n -S]

143/NOPTY PONTY- an iron supporting rod used in glassmaking, also PUNTY, PONTIE, PONTIL, PONTILE, PUNTEE [n PONTIES]
POYNT/S to point (to indicate direction with the finger) [v -ED, -ING, -S]