2/5 ADIIORST TARSIOID/S a fossil of the suborder Tarsioidea [n -S]

3/6 ADEHNSU B/UNHEADS- UNHEAD, to decapitate [v]

4/8 ACFINNS FINNACS- FINNAC, a young trout, also FINNOCK, FINNACK [n]

5/9 AEENRST EARNEST/S a down payment [n -S]
-EASTERN- pertaining to the east [adj]
NEAREST NEAR, situated within a short distance [adj]
RATEENS- RATEEN, a coarse woollen fabric, also RATTEEN [n]
STERANE/S a chemical compound [n -S]

6/10 EKR BJMNPSYZ/ERK-/S an aircraftsman [n -S]

7/11 FHOO CW/-HOOF-/S to dance (to move rhythmically to music) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / the horny part of the feet of animals [n HOOFS or HOOVES]

8/12 DEIKRS DIKERS- DIKER, one that dikes (to furnish with an embankment, also DYKE) [n]
DIRKES- DIRKE, to darken (to make dark (having little light)) [v]
DISKER/S one who disks, breaks up land with a type of farm implement[n -S]
KRISED KRIS, to stab with a Malay dagger (pr t KRISES, KRISES), also CREESE, KREESE [v]
BF/RISKED RISK, to expose to loss or injury [v]
SKRIED SKRY, to decry (to denounce (to condemn openly)) [v]

9/13 DEGINSU -GUNDIES GUNDY, a toffee (a chewy candy, also TOFFY) [n]
SUEDING SUEDE, to finish leather with a soft, napped surface [v]

10/14 ABBU BABU/LS an Indian gentleman, also BABOO [n -S]
BUBA-/LS a skin disease, yaws, also BOBA [n -S]

11/15 AEEGIPRS PIERAGES- PIERAGE, a pier toll [n]

12/18 ELUX EXUL/ST (Spenser) to exile [v EXULS, EXULLING, EXULLED]
LUXE-/DRS (French) luxurious, as in de luxe [adj LUXER, LUXEST]
C/-ULEX- any plant of the gorse genus Ulex [n ULEXES or ULICES]

13/19 ADEEIMRT DIAMETER/S the measure through or across a circle [n -S]
DIATREME/S a volcanic vent produced by gaseous explosions [n -S]
REMEDIAT/E remedial (intended to correct something) [adj]

14/22 ACST FPT/ACTS- ACT, to do something [v]
CAST/ES to throw with force [v COOST or CAST or CASTED, CASTING, CASTS]
S/-CATS- CAT, to hoist an anchor to the cathead [v]
-SCAT/HST to leave hastily [v SCATTED, SCATTING, SCATS]

15/23 ACERSTU F/ACTURES- ACTURE, an action [n]
CAUTERS- CAUTER, the burning with caustics [n]
CRUSTAE- CRUSTA, (Latin) a hard coating [n]
-CURATES- CURATE, to act as a curator (a museum manager) [v]

16/25 ACLO ALCO/S an alcoholic, also ALKO [n -S]
CALO-/S a Spanish argot used by Chicano youths [n -S]
COAL/ASY to supply with a carbon fuel [v -ED, -ING, -S]
COLA-/S a carbonated beverage, also KOLA [n -S]
-LOCA/L LOCUS, a place [n]

17/26 AAIKS SAKAI/S (Malay) a Malaysian aborigine [n -S]
SAKIA-/S an Eastern water wheel, also SAKIEH, SAKIYEH [n -S]

18/28 EEORSTT ROSETTE/DS an ornament resembling a rose [n -S]
TETROSE/S a sugar whose molecules contain four carbon atoms [n -S]

19/29 AAEEKK AKEAKE/S a New Zealand tree with silver leaves and reddish bark [n -S]

20/30 ADEHILSW WHAISLED- WHAISLE, to wheeze, also WHAIZLE [v]

21/36 AAAHIT TAIAHA/S a Maori weapon [n -S]

22/38 GILORSTT TRIGLOTS- TRIGLOT, a book written in three languages [n]

23/39 ACDELST CASTLED- CASTLE, to make a certain move in chess [v]
SCLATED- SCLATE, to slate [v]

UNPARED not cut [adj]

25/46 CEILRSU CURLIES/T CURLI, curled hairlike processes on the E coli bacteria [n]

26/48 AAINPRTW WARPAINT/S paint used to decorate the face and body before battle [n -S]

27/51 EIRSTTTW -TWITTERS- TWITTER, to chirp (to utter a short, shrill sound) [v]

28/53 CDEIRSU CRUISED- CRUISE, to progress smoothly [v]

29/58 AELMNSU MENSUAL monthly [adj]

30/60 EEGINOPR PERIGONE-/S a structure in some flowers [n -S]

31/63 AEHILSUV VIHUELAS- VIHUELA, a Spanish musical instrument [n]

32/65 EINNORTT TONTINER-/S the receiver of an annuity [n -S]

33/67 BEIINNRS BRINNIES BRINNY, (Australian slang) a stone, when thrown, also YONNIE [n]

34/71 AENPT PATEN-/ST a plate, also PATIN [n -S]
TAPEN- made of tape [adj]

35/72 AAIRST -AARTIS- AARTI, (Hindi) an Indian ceremony in which candles dipped in ghee are lighted and offered to various deities also ARTI [n]
B/ARISTA/ES a bristlelike structure [n ARISTAS or ARISTAE]
RAITAS- RAITA, an Indian vegetable dish [n]
RIATAS- RIATA, a lasso, also REATA [n]
TAIRAS- TAIRA, a weasel [n]
TARSIA-/S a decorative wood inlay [n -S]
TIARAS- TIARA, a jewelled headpiece [n]

36/78 GILNORSU LOURINGS- LOURING, the act of scowling (to frown angrily) [n]

37/79 AEHIIMOP HEMIOPIA/S loss of one eye's vision [n HEMIOPIAS]

38/82 ADEGMORW WORDGAME/S a game in which words are used [n -S]


40/89 ADELNUW UNLAWED UNLAW, to annul (to declare void) [v]

41/90 AEGLLNS LEGLANS- LEGLAN, a milking pail, also LEGLEN, LEGLIN [n]

42/92 CDEILTU DUCTILE easily shaped [adj]
DULCITE/S a saccharine substance derived from plants, also DULCITOL, DULCOSE [n -S]

43/94 EGIMOSTW TWIGSOME composed of many twigs [adj]

44/100 ADRT -DART/S to move suddenly and swiftly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-DRAT/S to damn (to curse (to invoke evil upon)) [v DRATTED, DRATTING, DRATS]
S/-TRAD/ES traditional jazz [n -S]

45/107 DEEEGRRS REGREDES- REGREDE, to retrograde [v]

46/108 DKOU -DOUK/S to bathe, also DOOK [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-KUDO/S honour, also KUDOS [n -S]

47/112 ADEFILSY DAYFLIES DAYFLY, a mayfly (a winged insect) [n]
LADYFIES LADYFY, to make a lady of, also LADIFY [v]

48/115 AIILMRS SIMILAR being alike but not identical [adj]

49/116 ACELNSU CENSUAL pertaining to a census [adj]
LACUNES- LACUNE, an empty space or missing part, also LACUNA [n]
LAUNCES- LAUNCE, to pierce (to thrust, or make a hole through) [v]
UNLACES- UNLACE, to unfasten the laces of [v]
UNSCALE/DS to remove the scales from [v UNSCALED, UNSCALING, UNSCALES]

50/119 EEHNNOOT ETHONONE/S a toxic gas, also KETENE [n -S]

51/124 ACDIOSTX DOXASTIC/S the branch of logic concerned with belief [n -S]

52/126 AAELPRTT TETRAPLA/S an edition of four parallel texts [n -S]

53/133 EEIKRS SEIKER SEIK, sick (affected with ill health, also SIC) [adj]

54/135 CEIINNST INSCIENT ignorant [adj]

55/137 CEFGIOST ECOGIFTS- ECOGIFT, a donation of land to the government for ecological purposes [n]

56/140 ADEMNSU MEDUSAN-/S a jellyfish, also MEDUSA, MEDUSOID [n -S]
SUDAMEN/S (Latin) a whitish vesicle due to the retention of sweat in the sweat ducts or under the skin [n SUDAMINA or SUDAMENS]

57/144 AAELLNV AVELLAN/E (of heraldic crosses) with arms shaped like filberts [adj]

58/147 CINORST CISTRON/S a segment of DNA [n -S]
CITRONS- CITRON, a lemonlike fruit [n]
CORNIST/S a horn-player [n -S]
CORTINS- CORTIN, a hormone, also CORTISOL [n]

59/148 ELMS HY/ELMS- ELM, a deciduous tree [n]
-MELS- MEL, honey [n]

60/157 EIKOORS KOORIES KOORI, an Australian aborigine [n]
B/ROOKIES-/T ROOKIE, a novice (a beginner (a novice)) [n]

61/159 AADGNRST GARDANTS- GARDANT, a guardian, also GUARDANT [n]

62/170 DEEG HKLSW/EDGE/DRS to furnish with a border [v EDGED, EDGING, EDGES]
O/GEED- GEE, to turn to the right [v]

63/175 AEHINRSS ARSHINES- ARSHINE, a Russian unit of length, also ARCHINE, ARSHEEN, ARSHIN [n]
SHARNIES/T SHARNY, a person responsible for cleaning a cow-house [n]

64/187 AABDERRT BARRATED BARRAT, to quarrel especially at law [v]
TABERDAR/S a scholar of Queens College Oxford [n -S]

65/188 ABDELRS BEDRALS- BEDRAL, a church officer, also BEDERAL [n]
-BLADERS- BLADER, one that blades [n]

66/195 EFIIRSTT D/RIFTIEST RIFTY, having fissures [adj]

67/197 AAIM LZ/AMIA-/S a freshwater fish [n -S]

68/205 HIKOS -HOIKS- HOIK, to hitch up, also HOICK [v]
HOKIS- HOKI, a type of fish with white flesh [n]

69/207 ABDERSU DAUBERS- DAUBER, one that daubs (to smear (to spread with something oily or sticky)) [n]
EARBUDS- EARBUD, a small earphone (a headphone) [n]
SUBEDAR/S a governor of a subah, also SUBAHDAR, SUBADAR [n -S]

70/211 DEIINRST DISINTER/S to exhume (to dig out from the earth, also EXHUMATE) [v DISINTERRED, DISINTERRING, DISINTERS]
INDITERS- INDITER, one who indites (to write or compose) [n]
NITRIDES- NITRIDE, to convert into a compound of nitrogen [v]
RINDIEST RINDY, covered in rind [adj]

71/212 ACENRSST CRANTSES CRANTS, a type of garland [n]

72/213 ACDELRS CRADLES- CRADLE, to hold lovingly [v]
RECLADS- RECLAD, to clad again [v]
SCALDER/S that which scalds [n -S]

73/217 EMNOORSU ENORMOUS huge, also ENORM [adj]
NEMOROUS wooded [adj]

74/220 BDEISTU BUISTED BUIST, to brand livestock [v]
SUBEDIT/S to act as assistant editor [v -ED, -ING, -S]

75/221 CDEINSU -CUNDIES CUNDY, a tunnel, also CONDIE [n]
INCUDES INCUS, a bone in the middle ear [n]
INCUSED- INCUSE, to mark by stamping [v]
INDUCES- INDUCE, to persuade (to induce by reasoning or entreaty, also PERSWADE) [v]

76/224 CMOR CORM-/S a modified underground stem [n -S]

77/226 ACENSSTU CANTUSES CANTUS, (Latin) a melody or chant, esp in mediaeval ecclesiastical music [n]
NUTCASES- NUTCASE, a crazy person [n]

78/228 ADEX FMRTW/-AXED- AX, to chop with a cutting tool [v]

79/231 ACDEIRSU DECURIAS- DECURIA, a group of ten soldiers, also DECURY [n]

80/236 ADEGISSU DISUSAGE/S gradual cessation of use [n -S]


82/243 AEFGLORW GAREFOWL/S the great auk, also GAIRFOWL [n -S]

83/246 AEELSST ALTESSE/S highness, also ALTEZA, ALTEZZA [n -S]
STEALES- STEALE, a handle [n]
-TEASELS- TEASEL, to raise a nap on fabric, also TEAZEL, TEAZLE [v]

84/250 OORST ROOST-/S to prepare for sleep by perching [v -ED, -ING, -S]
W/-ROOTS-/Y ROOT, to implant in the earth [v]
ROTOS- ROTO, a type of printing process [n]
STOOR/S a battle [n -S]
TOROS-/E TORO, a bull [n]
TORSO-/S the trunk of the human body [n TORSOS or TORSI]

85/259 DELY G/-YELD barren, not giving milk [adj]

86/265 ACELSTU CAUTELS- CAUTEL, wariness (the state of being wary (watchful (closely alert))) [n]
SULCATE/D having long, narrow furrows, also SULCATED [adj]

87/269 ADEOSSTT ASSOTTED ASSOT, to make a fool of [v]

88/270 BEILOT BETOIL/S to weary with toil [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOLETI BOLETUS, a fungus (any of the major group of lower plants) [n]

89/275 AABDIOT BIODATA biographical information [n]

90/276 AEINNRT ENTRAIN/S to board a train [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TRANNIE/S a transistor radio, also TRANNY [n -S]

91/280 AEEMNSTU MANSUETE gentle (mild (gentle in temper and disposition)) [adj]

92/282 ADEINNSX DISANNEX to disjoin (to separate (to keep apart)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

93/283 EIOSTTT -STOTTIE/S a wedge of bread cut from a round loaf and stuffed with meat or cheese [n -S]
S/TOTTIES-/T TOTTIE, a small child (a young person) [n]

94/284 ADEKNS KNEADS- KNEAD, to massage with the hands [v]
SANDEK/S (Judaism) a man who holds a baby being circumcised [n -S]
-SNAKED- SNAKE, to slither like a limbless reptile [v]

95/289 HIOTWZ HOWZIT (South Africa) how are you? [interj]

96/290 ACEFGOST GEOFACTS- GEOFACT, a rock chipped by nature to look man-made [n]

97/293 FOOT A/-FOOT-/SY to walk (to advance on foot) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / the part of the body on which a human or animal stands [n FOOTS or FEET]

98/294 AEEIRRTT RETRAITE-/S a withdrawal, also RETRAICT, RETRAIT [n -S]

99/296 EIOSSTTU TOUSIEST TOUSY, shaggy (covered with long coarse hair) [adj]

100/297 AAHMR HARAM/S a group of wives and concubines, also HAREM, HAREEM, HARIM [n -S]
MARAH-/S bitterness [n -S]

101/300 DDEIORRS DISORDER/S to disarrange [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SORDIDER SORDID, squalid (filthy, neglected) [adj]

102/305 AFIMR FRAIM/S a stranger, also FREMD, FREMIT [n -S]

103/307 AEFLSTU FLUATES- FLUATE, a fluoride (a compound of fluorine, also FLUORID) [n]
SULFATE/DS to treat with sulfuric acid, also SULPHATE [v SULFATED, SULFATING, SULFATES]

104/309 BBOO -BOBO-/LS a well-to-do person who holds bohemian values and leads a bourgeois life [n -S]
BOOB-/SY to bungle (to mismanage) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

105/310 EIIMNRRU UNMIRIER UNMIRY, not miry [adj]

106/311 AAKL -KAAL naked (without clothes) [adj]

107/313 AIILLMRT
108/314 EIIPRSTT RISPETTI RISPETTO, an Italian folk-song with eight-line stanzas [n]
SPITTIER SPITTY, marked with saliva [adj]
S/TRIPIEST TRIPY, worthless [adj]

109/323 ADEFNSU SNAFUED SNAFU, to cause confusion [v]
UNDEAFS- UNDEAF, to free from deafness [v]

110/338 BDEILRS BIRSLED- BIRSLE, to scorch (to burn slightly) [v]
BRIDLES- BRIDLE, to check or restrain [v]

111/340 ACDERSU CRUSADE/DRS to engage in a holy war [v CRUSADED, CRUSADING, CRUSADES]
SCAURED SCAUR, to frighten (to make afraid, to scare, also FRIGHT) [v]

112/341 DHIS -DISH-/Y to put into a concave vessel [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SIDH/AE fairy people (Irish), also SIDHE [n]

113/344 AIRST AIRTS- AIRT, to direct (to control or conduct the affairs of) [v]
AP/ARTIS-/T ARTI, the daily ritual of the lamps on the Ganges, also AARTI [n]
-ASTIR on the move [adj]
KT/-RAITS- RAIT, to expose to moisture [v]
SITAR/S an Indian lute, also SITTAR [n -S]
STAIR/S a series of steps [n -S]
STRIA/E a thin groove, stripe or streak [n STRIAE]
TARSI-/A TARSUS, a part of the foot [n]
TIARS- TIAR, a tiara (a jewelled headpiece) [n]

114/345 DEGIRSU GUIDERS- GUIDER, one that guides (to show the way) [n]
GURDIES GURDY, a winch on a fishing boat [n]

115/349 ADEILMSY DYSMELIA/S the condition of being dysmelic [n -S]

116/350 AEEGILRT LITREAGE/S volume in litres [n -S]

117/351 DEP DEP-/S a convenience store [n DEPS]
AOS/-PED-/S a natural soil aggregate [n -S]

118/352 AGIJRS JAGIRS- JAGIR, a land tax, also JAGHIR, JAGHIRE [n]
JIRGAS- JIRGA, a council of tribal headmen in Afghanistan [n]

119/354 ARUV M/URVA/S the mongoose (a carnivorous mammal, also MUNGOOSE) [n -S]

120/363 AACENSTT CANTATES- CANTATE, the 98th psalm [n]
CASTANET/S a rhythm instrument [n -S]

121/370 BEEOORRT BOORTREE/S the elder-tree, also BOURTREE, BOUNTREE [n -S]


123/375 BDEILRU BLUDIER- BLUDY, stained with blood, also BLOODY, BLUDIE, BLUIDY [adj]
BUILDER/S one who builds (to construct) [n -S]

124/376 BDEINSU BEDUINS- BEDUIN, a nomadic Arab, also BEDOUIN, BEDAWIN, BEDU [n]
-BUNDIES BUNDY, to clock on or clock off work [v]

125/377 HLOS D/HOLS a vacation [n]
FS/LOSH- lord [interj]

126/378 DIMOYZ ZYMOID like a ferment [adj]

127/385 EEINNST INTENSE/R existing in a high degree [adj INTENSER, INTENSEST]
TENNESI- TENNE, an orange-brown colour [n]
TENNIES TENNY, the colour orange-brown [n]

128/386 BHOS -BOHS- BOH, an exclamation used to startle [n]
BOSH- nonsense (anything which makes no sense) [n -ES]
-HOBS- HOB, to furnish with hobnails [v]

129/390 AEFR -FARE-/DRS to get on or succeed [v FARED, FARING, FARES]
A/-FEAR/EST to be afraid of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
FRAE- from (starting at) [prep]

130/391 AAGINST -AGAINST opposite to [prep]
AGITANS as in paralysis agitans, Parkinson's disease [adj]
ANTISAG designed to prevent sagging [adj]
GITANAS- GITANA, a female gypsy [n]

131/394 AAENRTU NATURAE- NATURA, nature (the power that creates and regulates the world) [n]
TAUREAN relating to a bull [adj]

132/396 AEGT A/-GATE-/DRS to supply with a gate [v GATED, GATING, GATES]
-GEAT/S the hole for pouring into a mould [n -S]
-GETA-/S a Japanese wooden clog [n -S]

133/403 ADEGINNV ADVENING ADVENE, to be added over and above [v]
DAVENING DAVEN, to utter Jewish prayers, also DOVEN [v]

134/404 DLOO DOOL-/ESY a goal (a point-scoring play in some games) [n -S]

135/405 ACEGMORS SCARMOGE/S a skirmish [n -S]

136/412 ORTY RYOT/S an Indian peasant, also RAIYAT [n -S]
S/TORY- a political conservative [n TORIES]
S/TROY/S a system of weights [n -S]
TYRO/S a beginner or novice, also TIRO [n TYROS or TYROES or TYRONES]

137/416 AELPSTU PULSATE/DS to expand and contract rhythmically, also PULSE [v PULSATED, PULSATING, PULSATES]
PUTEALS- PUTEAL, a wall around the top of a well [n]
SPATULE/S a mixing implement, also SPATULA [n -S]

SPIRTLE/S a porridge stick [n -S]
TRIPLES- TRIPLE, to make three times as great [v]

139/425 AAENNSTV VENTANAS- VENTANA, a window [n]

140/428 AANORSTY SANATORY of healing [adj]

141/430 ADEGILLS GALLISED- GALLISE, to add water and sugar to wine, also GALLIZE [v]

142/434 BEJNU BUNJE/ES a strong rubber rope, also BUNGEE, BUNGEY, BUNGIE, BUNGY, BUNJEE, BUNJIE, BUNJY [n -S]

143/436 ADINW DIWAN/S an Indian official, also DEWAN [n -S]

144/440 EGINOPSY POESYING POESY, to utter poetry [v]

145/443 CDEELORS -RECLOSED- RECLOSE, to close again [v]

146/453 ADENOOZ ENDOZOA ENDOZOON, a parasite within, such as a tapeworm, also ENTOZOON [n]

147/454 BEINRTU BUNTIER BUNTY, diseased [adj]
TRIBUNE/S a defender of the rights of the people [n -S]
TURBINE/DS a type of engine, also TURBO [n -S]

148/458 ACDELNU LAUNCED- LAUNCE, to pierce (to thrust, or make a hole through) [v]
UNLACED- UNLACE, to unfasten the laces of [v]

149/460 CHILO CHOIL/S the end of a knife blade nearer the handle [n -S]
CHOLI/CS a type of bodice (a corset) [n -S]

150/466 AKPSU KAPUS- KAPU, (Hawaiian) a Hawaiian set of rules for daily life [n]
PUKAS- PUKA, a large evergreen tree of New Zealand [n]

151/468 AAEGORS AGAROSE/S a sugar obtained from agar [n -S]
OARAGES- OARAGE, a rowing movement [n]

152/478 ADEGLLNO ALLONGED- ALLONGE, to lunge [v]

153/479 AAEHLRTT THEATRAL pertaining to a theatre (a building for dramatic presentations, also THEATER) [adj]

154/481 AGIKN BCFLMRTW/-AKING- AKE, to endure a dull lasting pain, also ACHE [v]
KAING-/A KA, to serve, also KAE [v]
KIANG/S a Tibetan wild ass, also KYANG [n -S]

155/482 ACEHRT CHARET-/S a chariot [n -S]
B/RACHET-/S a mechanism which allows motion in one direction only [n -S] / to move by a rachet mechanism, also RATCHET [v -ED, -ING, -S]

156/483 ACIIORS SICARIO/S (Spanish) a hired gunman or assassin esp in Latin America [n -S]

157/486 CEIIRSTT RECTITIS inflammation of the rectum [n -ES]

158/487 AEEILRSV VELARISE/DS to pronounce with the back of the tongue, also VELARIZE [v VELARISED, VELARISING, VELARISES]

159/491 ADGIINR GRADINI- GRADINO, (Italian) a decoration for an altar gradin [n]
B/-RAIDING/S the act of raiding [n -S]

160/494 EINOSSU SINUOSE characterized by curves, bends or turns, also SINUOUS [adj]

161/496 BEKMOS EMBOSK/S to conceal with foliage [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KEMBOS- KEMBO, to set akimbo, also KIMBO [v]

162/498 EMPT DKNT/EMPT/SY to empty (to remove the contents of) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TEMP/IOST to be employed as a temporary worker [v -ED, -ING, -S]

163/499 ABB ABB-/AES a woof yarn [n -S]

164/503 GOR -GOR-/AEIMPSY a seagull [n -S]
ORG-/SY (short for) an organization [n -S]

165/504 CDEKNU S/UNDECK/S to rid or ornaments [v -ED, -ING, -S]

166/506 ABEGIMUX GIAMBEUX leggings (a covering for the leg, also LEGGIN) [n]

167/511 IMOT MOIT-/S a particle of dust [n -S]
MOTI-/FS a fat girl (India) [n -S]

SIBILATE/DS to hiss (to make a sibilant sound) [v SIBILATED, SIBILATING, SIBILATES]
TIBIALES TIBIALIS, a muscle in the calf of the leg [n]

169/513 GGNO GONG-/S to make the sound of a gong [v -ED, -ING, -S]
NOGG-/S a strong ale [n -S]

170/514 OOTZ -ZOOT-/Y in zoot suit [adj]

171/515 AEIILPRT LIPARITE/S an acid igneous rock [n -S]
REPTILIA/N REPTILIUM, a building for displaying reptiles [n]

172/516 AAHIKR HAKARI/S a ritual feast [n -S]
KARAHI/S (Hindi) a wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery; a dish prepared in this also KADAI [n -S]

173/519 DEENTX DENTEX a voracious Mediterranean fish [n -ES]
EXTEND/S to expand (to increase in size or volume) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

174/522 ACDEIOS COADIES COADY, a sauce made from molasses [n]
CODEIAS- CODEIA, a narcotic alkaloid, also CODEIN, CODEINA, CODEINE [n]

175/523 DEEMNOT DEMETON/S an insecticide [n -S]
TEENDOM/S teenagers collectively [n -MS]

176/524 ELP LEP/ST to leap (to spring off the ground) [v LEPPED, LEPPING, LEPS]
-PEL-/AEFLST an earlier, now less common, word for a pixel [n -S]

177/529 ACEEIMOT ACOEMETI an Eastern order of monks [n]

178/530 EEKRY -KEYER/S a device that turns a circuit on and off [n -S]
REKEY-/S to re-enter information [v -ED, -ING, -S]

179/531 AEILMSTY P/LAYTIMES- LAYTIME, the total time allowed [n]
STEAMILY STEAMY, covered with vapour [adv]
TALEYSIM TALLITH, a Jewish prayer shawl, also TALLIS, TALLIT [n]

180/532 ACDEMORS COMRADES- COMRADE, a close friend [n]
MERCADOS- MERCADO, (Spanish) a market [n]

181/534 AEORRTU ORATURE/S oral forms of literature such as folklore [n -S]

182/539 ABES A/BASE-/DNRS to found (to establish) [v BASED, BASING, BASES] / morally low [adj BASER, BASEST]
SABE-/DRS to savvy (to understand) [v SABED, SABEING, SABES]

183/551 BNO E/-BON-/ADEGKY good (having positive or desirable properties) [adj BONIER, BONIEST]
KS/-NOB-/S a wealthy person [n -S]

184/578 EEILORRW F/LOWERIER LOWERY, sullen (showing brooding ill humour) [adj]

185/581 AIINOSTT NOTITIAS- NOTITIA, a list [n]
OSTINATI OSTINATO, a constantly recurring melodic fragment [n]

186/584 ADEEERRS ARREEDES- ARREEDE, to declare, also AREAD, AREDE [v]

187/590 EEILLORS ORSEILLE/S a red or violet dye, also ARCHIL, ORCHEL, ORCHELLA, ORCHILLA [n -S]

188/591 ALSS CG/-LASS-/IOUY a young woman, also LASSIE [n -ES]
-SALS-/AE SAL, salt [n]

189/592 AAEISTT AETATIS (Latin) at the age of [adj]
SATIATE/DS to satisfy to capacity, also SATE [v SATIATED, SATIATING, SATIATES]

190/593 AEINNORS NONARIES NONARY, a group of nine [n]
RAISONNE arranged systematically [adj]

191/595 APSU OPZ/-UPAS an Asian tree [n -ES]

192/597 EINOQRTU REQUINTO/S a small guitar [n -S]

193/598 AIKRRS -KARRIS- KARRI, a type of Australian gum tree [n]
SIRKAR/S the government [n -S]

194/600 EFIN FENI-/S an alcoholic spirit made from coconuts, also FENNY [n -S]
FINE-/DRS to incur a monetary penalty [v FINED, FINING, FINES] / delicate [adj FINER, FINEST]
NEIF/S the fist or hand [n -S]
NIEF-/S the fist, also NIEVE, NEAFE, NEAFFE, NEIVE [n -S]
K/NIFE/S the earth's hypothetical core of nickel and iron [n -S]

195/601 GINORSTY ROYSTING ROYST, to roister (to revel, also ROYSTER) [v]
STORYING/S the art of relating tales [n -S]
STROYING STROY, to destroy (to demolish, also DESTRUCT) [v]

196/602 AEEGRS -AGREES- AGREE, to have the same opinion [v]
-EAGERS- EAGER, a tidal flood [n]
M/EAGRES- EAGRE, a tidal flood, also EAGER, EGER [n]
GEARES- GEARE, to jeer, to scoff [v]
GREASE/DRS to smear with grease (a lubricant) [v GREASED, GREASING, GREASES]
D/RAGEES- RAGEE, an East Indian cereal grass, also RAGI, RAGGEE, RAGGY [n]

197/603 ABEORRST ABORTERS- ABORTER, one who aborts (to come to nothing) [n]
ARBORETS- ARBORET, a shrubbery [n]
TABORERS- TABORER, one who tabors, also TABOURER [n]

198/605 ABEINRT ATEBRIN/S an anti-malaria powder, also ATABRIN [n -S]

199/606 AAFR -AFAR/AS a great distance [n -S]

200/609 ADENORTW DANEWORT/S a flowering plant, also DANEWEED [n -S]
TEARDOWN/S the process of disassembling [n -S]

201/610 AMOS MOAS- MOA, an extinct flightless bird [n]
BCHLNS/-OMAS-/A OMA, (German) a grandmother also OUMA [n]
-SOMA-/NS the body of an organism [n SOMAS or SOMATA]

202/614 AABKN BANAK/S (Honduran) a Central American tree [n -S]

203/615 AERW -AREW- in a row, also AROW [adv]
AS/-WARE-/DSZ to beware of [v WARED, WARING, WARES]
S/-WEAR/SY to be dressed in clothing [v WORE or WORN or WEARED, WEARING, WEARS] / to abrade (to wear away by friction) [v WORE or WORN or WEARED, WEARING, WEARS]

STRAITER STRAIT, narrow (having little width) [adj]
S/TARRIEST- TARRY, resembling tar [adj]

205/619 APSY AS/-PAYS-/D PAY, to give money in exchanges for goods or service [v]
-PYAS- PYA, a copper coin of Burma [n]
-SPAY-/DS to remove the ovaries of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
YAPS- YAP, to bark shrilly [v]

206/621 AAIKNT TANKIA/S a Japanese poem [n -S]

207/622 NOST ONST- once [adv]
-SNOT/S to blow the nose [v SNOTTED, SNOTTING, SNOTS]
-TONS- TON, a unit of weight [n]

208/623 AEHINRS ARSHINE-/S a Russian unit of length, also ARCHINE, ARSHEEN, ARSHIN [n -S]
HERNIAS- HERNIA, the protrusion of an organ through its wall [n]
NEARISH somewhat near [adj]

209/627 ADEELNT -EDENTAL belonging to a toothless order of mammals [adj]
LATENED LATEN, to become late (coming after the expected time) [v]

210/630 AADERST ADRATES- ADRATE, the price or tariff that businesses pay to advertise [n]

211/631 DLOT DOLT-/S a stupid person [n -S]
-TOLD TELL, to relate (to give an account of) [v]

212/632 DEINRST SNIRTED SNIRT, (Scots) to snigger [v]
TINDERS- TINDER, dry inflammable matter [n]

213/633 BEENRSTU BEERNUTS- BEERNUT, a peanut with a sweet coating [n]

214/634 DEKOR -DROKE/S (Canadian) a valley with steeply sloping sides [n -S]
BGPT/ROKED- ROKE, to smoke (to emit a gas or vapour due to burning) [v]

215/636 AHIKLT KHILAT/S an Indian robe of honour, also KILLUT, KELLAUT, KHALAT [n -S]

216/639 EENT -ETEN/S a giant, also ETTIN [n -S]
NETE-/S the highest note of the lyre [n -S]
S/-TEEN-/DESY a teenager (a person between thirteen and nineteen) [n -S]
C/-TENE-/ST an injury (harm inflicted or suffered) [n -S]

217/640 AHNU HAUN/ST (Scots) a hand [n -S]

218/641 ANSW BDFLMPRY/AWNS- AWN, a bristly growth [n]
-SAWN- SAW, to cut with a jagged edge tool [v]
-SNAW/S to snow (to rain white frozen crystals) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SWAN/GKS to swear (to utter a solemn oath) [v SWANNED, SWANNING, SWANS]
S/-WANS- WAN, to make pale (lacking colour) [v]

219/643 ABEGILN -BEALING/S an infected sore also BEAL [n -S]

220/644 ERSV E/REVS- REV, to increase the speed of [v]
AO/-VERS/EOT a verse [n VERSES or VERS]

221/648 ILTU LITU- LITAS, a former monetary unit of Lithuania, also LIT [n]
S/LUIT LET, to allow to go or come [v]

222/650 AHOW -WHOA- a call to stop, esp also WOAH [interj]
WOAH a call to stop, esp also WHOA [interj]

223/652 AEIOSTTU OUTASITE amazing, excellent [adj]

224/653 HJOOS SHOJO (Japanese) manga intended primarily for girls [n SHOJO]

225/654 ADEGLNOS DONEGALS- DONEGAL, a type of tweed [n]
SLOGANED having a slogan [adj]

226/655 AGINRST GASTRIN/S a hormone (a secretion of the endocrine organs) [n -S]
GRATINS- GRATIN, a type of food crust [n]
GP/RATINGS- RATING, an estimate or evaluation [n]
-STARING/S the act of staring [n -S]
S/TARINGS- TARING, the calculating of a tare [n]

227/661 EIKNRS JLPSTW/INKERS- INKER, one that inks (to mark with a coloured fluid) [n]
REINKS- REINK, to ink again [v]
RESKIN/S to replace the outermost layer of an aircraft or motor vehicle [v RESKINNED, RESKINNING, RESKINS]
-SINKER/S a weight for a fishing-line [n -S]

228/662 EOOSTZ STOOZE/DRS to borrow money at an interest rate of 0%, a rate typically offered by credit card companies as an incentive for new customers [v STOOZED, STOOZING, STOOZES]

229/667 AEGIMNNT ENTAMING ENTAME, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]

230/684 ADGIINRS B/RAIDINGS- RAIDING, the act of raiding [n]

231/692 DENT I/DENT-/S to make a depression in [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TEND-/SU to watch over [v -ED, -ING, -S]


233/699 DEINORSU DOURINES- DOURINE, a disease of horses [n]
NEUROIDS- NEUROID, either of the halves of a neural arch [n]
SOURDINE/S a device used to muffle the tone of a musical instrument [n -S]

234/701 EOWY YEOW an interjection used to express pain or shock [interj]
-YOWE-/DS a ewe (a female sheep (a ruminant wool-growing mammal)) [n -S]

235/703 ADEIRRS ARRIDES- ARRIDE, to please (to give enjoyment or satisfaction to, also PLEASURE) [v]
B/-RAIDERS- RAIDER, one that raids (to make a sudden assault on) [n]

236/704 ADMN DAMN-/S to curse (to invoke evil upon) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-MAND-/I MAN, to provide with workers [v]

237/708 BOOS -BOOS-/ET BOO, to show disapproval by making this sound, also BOOH [v]
BGHKLZ/-OBOS- OBO, an oil bulk ore vessel [n]

238/713 ELOR C/EORL/S a British nobleman, also EARL [n -S]
B/-LORE-/LS a traditional knowledge or belief [n -S]
ORLE/S a heraldic border [n -S]
DP/-ROLE/S a part played by an actor [n -S]

239/716 AORR MS/ORRA occasional [adj]
-ROAR/SY to utter a full, loud sound of a lion [v -ED, -ING, -S]

240/719 EGIOPRS PEROGIS- PEROGI, a traditional Polish dish, a semicircular filled dumpling, also PIEROGI, PIROGI [n]
PIEROGS- PIEROG, a large Russian pie, stuffed with meat, fish, eggs, or cabbage also PEROG, PIROG [n]
-PORGIES- PORGY, an American sea fish, also PORGIE [n]
SERPIGO/S a spreading skin eruption [n SERPIGOS or SERPIGINES or SERPIGOES]

241/721 ACDEEHIR CHARIDEE/S charity as pronounced in a mid-Atlantic accent [n -S]

242/722 ABELRST H/ALBERTS- ALBERT, a watch chain [n]
BATLERS- BATLER, a wooden mallet for beating clothes, also BATLET [n]
-BLASTER/S one tha blasts [n -S]
LABRETS- LABRET, an ornament worn in the lip [n]
STABLER-/S one who keeps a stable [n -S]

243/724 GRR GRR/L an interjection used to express anger or annoyance [interj]

244/726 ABDEERT BERATED- BERATE, to scold severely [v]
DEBATER-/S one who debates (to deliberate) [n -S]
REBATED- REBATE, to give a discount for payment [v]
TABERED TABER, to beat on a small drum, also TABOR, TABOUR [v]

245/729 AEEGMNOR ARGEMONE/S a plant with prickly leaves [n -S]

246/730 AAKSSV KAVASS- a Turkish policeman [n -ES]
VAKASS- (Armenian) a priest�s cloak with a metal breastplate, inscribed on which are the names of the twelve apostles also VAKAS [n -ES]

247/734 AAPW -PAWA-/SW abalone, also PAUA [n -S]

248/735 AJPU JAUP/S to splash (to scatter liquid about) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PUJA/HS a Hindu worship practice, also POOJA, POOJAH, PUJAH [n -S]

249/736 CDNO Y/COND-/O CON, to study carefully [v]

250/739 ISST SIST-/AS to stop (to halt or discontinue) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SITS- SIT, to rest on the buttocks [v]

251/742 EFIR FIER-/ESY a companion, also FERE, FEARE, FIERE, PHEER, PHEERE [n -S]
A/-FIRE-/DRS to ignite (to set on fire) [v FIRED, FIRING, FIRES]
REFI-/STX (short for) refinancing [n -S]
PT/REIF-/SY robbery (theft (the act of stealing)) [n -S]
RIFE-/R abundant (in great plenty) [adj RIFER, RIFEST]

252/743 CLRU CURL-/ISY to form into ringlets [v -ED, -ING, -S]

253/745 EMOV AE/MOVE/DRS to change from one position to another [v MOVED, MOVING, MOVES]

254/747 ABEIJL JALEBI/S (Sanskrit) an Asian snack of deep-fried dough covered with syrup also JALLEBI [n -S]

255/748 CEINORSS NECROSIS the death of living tissue [n NECROSES]
SERICONS- SERICON, tincture in alchemy [n]

256/749 EENRSTT NETTERS- NETTER, one that nets (to catch in an openwork fabric) [n]
-TENTERS- TENTER, to stretch on a type of frame [v]
TESTERN-/S to reward with sixpence [v -ED, -ING, -S]

257/750 ACOT -ATOC/S a skunk, also ATOK [n -S]
-COAT/EIS to cover with an outer garment [v -ED, -ING, -S]
OCTA/DLNS a unit of measure of cloud cover, also OKTA [n -S]
TACO/S a tortilla folded around a filling [n -S]

258/753 ADILNOS DOLINAS- DOLINA, a swallow-hole, also DOLINE [n]
LADINOS- LADINO, a fast-growing clover [n]

259/754 ACDIIRST ARCTIIDS- ARCTIID, a moth (a winged insect) [n]
CARDITIS inflammation of the heart [n -ES]
TRIACIDS- TRIACID, a type of acid (a type of chemical compound) [n]
TRIADICS- TRIADIC, a member of a triad [n]

260/758 CNOR AS/CORN-/IOSUY to preserve with salt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CRON/EKSY in computing, a command used to schedule a job that is executed at a certain time, or periodically [n -S]

261/760 AAEGILRS GASALIER/S a gaslight chandelier, also GASELIER, GASOLIER [n -S]
LAIRAGES- LAIRAGE, cattle housing [n]
RAILAGES- RAILAGE, (The cost of) transportation by railway [n]
REGALIAS- REGALIA, a big cigar (a roll of tobacco leaves for smoking) [n]

262/762 DLMO -MOLD-/SY to work into a particular shape, also MOULD [v -ED, -ING, -S]

263/766 DENU DUNE-/S a hill of sand [n -S]
NUDE/RS a naked figure [n -S] / naked (without clothes) [adj NUDER, NUDEST]
B/UNDE/ER wavy, also UNDEE, UNDY [adj]

264/769 EIIMNST MINIEST MINY, like a mine [adj]

265/770 ABELORS LABROSE thick lipped [adj]

266/771 ADELNRY DEARNLY secretly [adj]

267/772 DIIR MV/-IRID/S a plant of the iris family [n -S]

268/774 AINOPSTW SWAPTION/S a swap option [n -S]

269/775 MPUY S/PUMY a pebble, also PUMIE [n PUMIES]
BDHJLRT/UMPY- (Australian) an umpire, also UMPIE [n UMPIES]
-YUMP-/S to become air-borne in a vehicle [v -ED, -ING, -S]

270/778 AARV VARA-/NS a Spanish unit of length [n -S]

271/779 ABDEILS BALDIES-/T BALDY, a bald person [n]
DIABLES- DIABLE, a type of earthenware casserole [n]

272/780 ADEHIRS AIRSHED/S the air supply of a given region [n -S]
-DASHIER DASHY, stylish (fashionable) [adj]
DEHAIRS- DEHAIR, to remove the hair from [v]
HARDIES/T HARDY, a blacksmith's chisel [n]
SHADIER SHADY, underhand [adj]

273/782 AGIN F/-AGIN/G against (opposite to) [prep]
A/-GAIN/S to acquire (to come into possession of) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / near (situated within a short distance) [adj GAINER, GAINEST]
NGAI/O clan or tribe, as used before the names of certain Maori tribes [n]

274/785 AEHIPRTT THREAPIT THREAP, to dispute (pa p THREAPIT), also THREEP [v]

275/787 DLOS I/DOLS- DOL, a unit of pain intensity [n]
ACP/-LODS- LOD, the logarithm of the odds, used in statistics and in calculating Scrabble ratings [n]
BCFGHMSW/OLDS- OLD, a person of a specified age [n]
-SOLD-/EIOS remuneration, also SOLDE [n -S]

276/789 AEFRT DHRSW/AFTER/S later in time [prep]
FEART- (Scots) afraid [adj]
-FRATE-/R a Franciscan friar [n FRATI]
TREFA-/H (Hebrew) in the Jewish religion, forbidden as food, not kosher also TEREFA, TEREFAH, TRAYF, TREIF, TREIFA, TREYF, TREYFA [adj]

277/790 AAHKLT KHALAT/S an Indian robe of honour, also KILLUT, KELLAUT, KHILAT [n -S]

278/792 APSW S/PAWS- PAW, to draw the forefoot along the ground [v]
-SPAW-/LNS a spa (a mineral spring) [n -S]
-SWAP/ST to barter, give in exchange also SWOP [v SWAPPED or SWAPT, SWAPPING, SWAPS]
S/WAPS- WAP, to wrap (to enclose (to surround, also INCLOSE)) [v]
-WASP-/SY a stinging insect [n -S]

279/793 AAEPRST PETARAS- PETARA, a type of clothes basket, also PITARA, PITARAH [n]

280/794 AABERTU ABATURE/S trail of a stag through undergrowth [n -S]

281/795 ABERSTU ARBUTES- ARBUTE, an evergreen tree, also ARBUTUS [n]
BURSATE pertaining to a bursa (a bodily pouch) [adj]
SURBATE/DS to bruise (to injure and discolour the skin) [v SURBATED, SURBET or SURBATED, SURBATING, SURBATES]

282/796 CILOOST COOLIST/S a person, esp a scientist, who does not believe in global warming and the greenhouse effect [n COOLISTS]
SCIOLTO (Italian) in a free manner [adv]

283/797 CHMO -MOCH-/AISY (of foods) to become musty or spoiled [v -ED, -ING, -S]

284/801 ASY BCDFGHJKLMNPRSTWY/AYS- AY, an affirmative vote, also AYE [n]
-SAY/S to utter (to give voice to) [v SAID or SED or SAYED, SAYING, SAINE or SAYNE, present sing 2d person SAY, SAIST, SAYEST, or SAYST, 2d person past SAIDST or SAIDEST, 3d person SAYS or SEZ or SAITH]
ENPR/-YAS- YA, an Asian pear [n]

285/802 AENRSUW UNSWEAR/S to retract something sworn [v UNSWORE, UNSWORN, UNSWEARING, UNSWEARS]
UNWARES- unawares (without being aware) [adv]

286/803 ACHIK HAICK/S an Arab head covering, also HAIK, HAIQUE, HYKE [n -S]

287/805 HOSU HUSO/S the great sturgeon [n -S]

288/807 HIOS -HOIS-/ET HOI, to urge, incite [v]

289/809 AGLNOST ALONGST along (onward (towards the front, also ONWARDS)) [adv]

290/810 BORS -BORS- BOR, a neighbour [n]
BROS-/EY BRO, buddy, pal, also BRU [n]
DFS/ORBS- ORB, to form into a sphere [v]
P/-ROBS- ROB, to steal (to take by theft) [v]
-SORB/OS to adsorb or adsorb another substance, compare ABSORB, ADSORB, DESORB [v -ED, -ING, -S]

291/812 CEINPRST SPECTRIN/S a protein found in red blood cells and elsewhere [n -S]

292/813 AEIRSTT TW/ARTIEST- ARTY, artistic in a flashy way, also ARTSY [adj]
ARTISTE-/S an entertainer [n -S]
ATTIRES- ATTIRE, to clothe (to provide with clothing) [v]
IRATEST IRATE, angry (feeling hostility) [adj]
RATITES- RATITE, a flightless bird [n]
TASTIER TASTY, pleasant to the taste [adj]
TERTIAS- TERTIA, an infantry regiment [n]

293/816 AADKNS DANSAK/S (Urdu) any of a variety of Indian dishes consisting of meat or vegetables braised with water or stock and lentils also DHANSAK [n -S]

294/817 AAEELRST LAETARES- LAETARE, the fourth Sunday in Lent [n]

295/818 EGHILNST P/ENLIGHTS- ENLIGHT, to shed light on [v]
LIGHTENS- LIGHTEN, to reduce the weight of [v]

296/819 AFIK FAIK/S to abate (to reduce in intensity) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KAIF-/S hemp smoked to produce euphoria, also KEEF, KEF, KIEF, KIF [n -S]

URIDINES- URIDINE, a chemical compound [n]

298/825 EINNOORT TENORINO a high tenor [n TENORINI]

299/827 EGOT TOGE-/DS a toga (a garment worn in ancient Rome) [n -S]

300/829 ABILOTU BAILOUT/S the act of parachuting from an aircraft [n -S]
OBITUAL pertaining to obits (a date of death) [adj]

301/831 AARS T/-ASAR AS, a Norse god living in Asgard [n]

302/833 AAELRST TARSEAL/S (New Zealand) the bitumen surface of a road [n -S]

303/834 EGILRSU GUILERS- GUILER, a deceiver, also GUYLER [n]
LIGURES- LIGURE, a precious stone [n]
LURGIES LURGY, a fictitious disease, also LURGI [n]

304/841 AFLU -LAUF/S a run in a bobsleigh contest [n -S]

305/843 ADELNORU EUROLAND/S the area formed by the countries using the euro [n -S]
UNLOADER/S one that unloads (to remove cargo from) [n -S]
URODELAN/S a tailed Amphibia eg newts and salamanders [n -S]

306/844 BBMO BOMB/EOS to attack with an exploding device [v -ED, -ING, -S]

307/845 AFIKRS FAKIRS- FAKIR, a religious ascetic in India, also FAQIR, FAQUIR [n]
FRISKA-/S the fast section of a Hungarian dance, also FRIS [n -S]
KAFIRS- KAFIR, a cereal grass, also KAFFIR [n]

308/848 INTU C/-UNIT-/ESY a specific quantity used as a standard of measurement [n -S]

309/849 AEGILLST GALLIEST- GALLY, gall-like, bitter [adj]
LEGALIST/S an adherent of legalism (strict conformity to the law) [n -S]
-STILLAGE/S a frame [n -S]
S/TILLAGES- TILLAGE, cultivated land, also TILTH [n]

310/850 ACHR LMP/ARCH-/I to bend like a curved structure [v -ED, -ING, -ES] / cunning (crafty (skillful in deceiving)) [adj ARCHER, ARCHEST]
A/CHAR-/ADEKMRSTY to scorch (to burn slightly) [v CHARRED, CHARRING, CHARS] / to do odd jobs [v CHARRED, CHARRING, CHARS]
BO/-RACH/E a white streak on an animal's face [n -ES]

311/851 BEEINORT TENEBRIO/S a night prowler [n -S]

312/853 ADIMNOST DONATISM/S a belief in reverence to martyrs [n -S]
SAINTDOM/S the condition of being a saint [n -S]

313/854 AEGINSST BF/EASTINGS- EASTING, a movement toward the east [n]
GENISTAS- GENISTA, a plant [n]
GIANTESS a female giant (a person or thing of great size) [n -ES]
-SEATINGS- SEATING, material for covering seats [n]
-TEASINGS- TEASING, the act of teasing [n]
TSIGANES- TSIGANE, a Hungarian gypsy [n]

314/855 EEFGINR FEERING-/S a first guiding furrow, also FEERIN [n -S]
FEIGNER/S one that feigns (to pretend (to make believe)) [n -S]
FREEING FREE, to set at liberty [v]
REEFING/S the act of reefing [n -S]

315/856 AINP NIPA-/S a palm tree [n -S]
S/-PAIN/ST to cause suffering or distress [v -ED, -ING, -S]
A/PIAN-/IOS a tropical disease [n -S]
S/PINA-/S a pineapple [n -S]

316/857 AEGLNPRS GRAPNELS- GRAPNEL, a type of anchor [n]
SPANGLER-/S one that glitters (to sparkle (to reflect flashes of light)) [n -S]
SPRANGLE/DS to sprawl (to stretch out ungracefully) [v SPRANGLED, SPRANGLING, SPRANGLES]

317/858 ACEINRRT TRANCIER TRANCEY, (of music, etc) creating a hypnotic effect [adj]

318/859 ERST PV/ERST- formerly, also EARST [adv]
CDPTW/-REST-/OSY to stop word or activity for repose [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFT/RETS- RET, to expose to moisture [v]
-TRES/ST very [adv]


320/861 CEIRU E/CURIE/ST a unit of radioactivity [n -S]
UREIC pertaining to urea (a chemical compound) [adj]

321/863 EILLORST TRILLOES TRILLO, a shake (music) [n]
-TROLLIES TROLLY, to travel by streetcar, also TROLLEY [v]

322/864 ELTU EFG/-LUTE/ADRS to play a stringed musical instrument [v LUTED, LUTING, LUTES]
-TULE/S a tall marsh plant [n -S]

323/866 AADEGOT GEODATA information about the geographical location of objects [n]

324/867 AEEKKP -KAPEEK KAPEYKA, a monetary unit of Belarus [n]

325/869 CENOS IS/-CONES- CONE, to shape like a geometric solid [v]
BNPS/ONCES- ONCE, one time [n]
-SCONE/S a round flat cake [n -S]
-SONCE/S good luck, also SONSE [n -S]

326/871 ABENRSU UNBARES- UNBARE, to bare (to expose (to lay open to view)) [v]
UNBEARS- UNBEAR, to free from the pressure of a rein [v]

327/873 ADEEQRTU DETRAQUE/ES a deranged person [n -S]

328/874 AEILMPRS IMPALERS- IMPALER, one that impales (to pierce with a pointed object) [n]
IMPEARLS- IMPEARL, to make pearl-like [v]
LEMPIRAS- LEMPIRA, a monetary unit of Honduras [n]
PALMIERS- PALMIER, a pastry shaped like a palm leaf [n]

329/875 AAGIST AGITAS- AGITA, a feeling of agitation [n]
GAITAS- GAITA, a Spanish bagpipe [n]
-TAIGAS- TAIGA, a subarctic evergreen forest [n]

330/876 EIMS MISE-/RS an agreement or settlement [n -S]
SEMI/ES a freight trailer [n -S]

331/879 ENOX EXON-/S within a nucleic acid, a sequence which codes for protein synthesis [n -S]
BW/OXEN OX, a hoofed mammal [n]

332/880 IRST BCFGW/-RITS- RIT, to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v]
A/STIR/EKPS to move around or mix [v -ED, -ING, -S]

333/881 LMOY MOLY-/S a magical herb given by Hermes to Odysseus against the charms of Circe; a species of wild onion [n MOLIES] / (short for) molybdenum [n MOLYS]
MOYL-/ES a mule [n -S]

334/882 ACHKSY SHACKY- dilapidated [adj SHACKIER, SHACKIEST]

335/883 HITW -WHIT/ESY a particle (a very small piece or part) [n -S]
S/WITH-/ESY a partition between chimney flues [n -S]

336/885 ADELNOPR PONDERAL pertaining to weight [adj]

337/886 DNUY BCFGO/UNDY wavy, also UNDE, UNDEE [adj]

338/887 EEIIORSS H/OSIERIES OSIERY, osier-work [n]

339/888 ABENSTU BUTANES- BUTANE, a flammable gas [n]
SUNBEAT over exposed to the sun [adj]

340/889 EGIINNST GINNIEST GINNY, affected with gin (a strong liquor) [adj]
STEINING/S a stone lining [n -S]

341/891 AEENRTV -AVENTRE/DS to thrust (to push forcibly) [v AVENTRED, AVENTRING, AVENTRES]
E/NERVATE having veins [adj]
VETERAN/S a former member of the armed forces [n -S]

342/894 AHOTWZ HOWZAT a cry in cricket appealing for dismissal of batsman [interj]

343/900 AEIJSS JASIES JASY, a wig, also JASEY, JAZY [n]

344/919 AITTWX -ATWIXT betwixt [adv]

345/951 ELORSTT BCPS/-LOTTERS- LOTTER, one who assembles merchandise into salable lots [n]
SETTLOR/S one who makes a legal settlement [n -S]
-SLOTTER/S a machine that cuts slots [n -S]
TOLTERS- TOLTER, to flounder (to struggle clumsily) [v]

346/954 AEEGNTU TUNEAGE/S (A piece of) recorded music that one likes [n -S]

347/958 GGNU GUNG-/EY part of phrase gung ho, enthusiastically involved [adj]

348/960 EFIS FEIS/T an ancient assembly [n FEISEANNA]
SEIF-/S a long, narrow sand dune [n -S]

349/961 AAGN FKMPRST/ANGA/S any of the eight practises of yoga [n -S]
-NAGA-/S a snake [n -S]

350/962 AOTU AUTO/S to ride in an automobile [v -ED, -ING, -S]
C/-OUTA- an informal contraction of out of also OUTTA [prep]

351/963 CEIORST CORSITE/S a variety of diorite rock with a spherical structure, aka napoleonite [n -S]
EROTICS- EROTIC, an amatory poem [n]
TERCIOS- TERCIO, an infantry regiment [n]

352/964 ABCEIRRT CATBRIER/S a thorny vine also CATBRIAR [n -S]
CRIBRATE perforated like a sieve, also CRIBROUS, CRIBROSE [adj]

353/965 ABIM BIMA/HS a platform in a synagogue, also BEMA, BIMAH [n -S]
IAMB/IS a type of metrical foot, also IAMBIC, IAMBUS [n -S]

354/966 CEOORV CROOVE/S a pen or sty, also CRUIVE, CRUVE [n -S]

355/968 IIST V/-ISIT (South Africa) is it? [interj]

356/969 ELOT CFZ/LOTE-/S a waterlily [n -S]
S/-TOLE/DS to allure (to attract (to entice (to lead astray))) [v TOLED, TOLING, TOLES]

357/970 AANP NAPA-/S a soft leather, also NAPPA [n -S]
PAAN/S betel leaf [n -S]

358/971 EKPUY PUKEY- reminiscent of or resembling vomit [adj PUKIER, PUKIEST]

359/975 ADEILOPS EPISODAL sporadic (occurring at irregular intervals) [adj]
OPALISED converted into opal, also OPALIZED [adj]
SEPALOID resembling a sepal (one of the leaves of a calyx) [adj]

360/977 CLMU CULM/S to form a hollow stem [v -ED, -ING, -S]

361/978 BFOY BOYF-/S boyfriend [n -S]

362/979 EGINOPRY PIGEONRY a place for keeping pigeons [n PIGEONRIES]

363/981 ASSS -SASS/EY to talk impudently to [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

364/982 ACDEKR ARCKED ARC, to make an electric discharge [v]
-CARKED CARK, to worry (to cause to be anxious) [v]
-CRAKED- CRAKE, to boast (to brag (to boast)) [v]
-DACKER/S to lounge, also DAKER [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CFTW/RACKED RACK, to place in a type of frame [v]

365/984 OOPP Z/OPPO/S an opposite number or an opponent [n -S]
A/-POOP-/SY to tire out [v -ED, -ING, -S]

366/985 EHMR T/-HERM-/AS a type of statue, also HERMA [n -S]

367/986 EMRT -TERM/S to designate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TREM/AS an electric guitar lever for producing a tremolo [n -]

368/990 AEGOPRS PARGOES PARGO, (Spanish) a kind of food fish [n]

369/991 ABEL CFGHST/ABLE/DRST to enable (to make possible (capable of being true)) [v ABLED, ABLING, ABLES] / having sufficient strength or power [adj ABLER, ABLEST]
ALBE-/E albeit (although (despite the fact that)) [conj]
BAEL/S a thorny Indian tree [n -S]
-BALE-/DRS to form into tightly compressed bundles [v BALED, BALING, BALES]
BEAL/S an infected sore also BEALING [n -S]
BLAE/RS blackish blue [adj BLAER, BLAEST]

370/992 AEHIPRRT RATHRIPE/S an early ripening variety [n -S]

371/993 EHOV S/HOVE/ADLNRS to swell (to increase in size or volume) [v HOVED, HOVING, HOVES]

372/995 EIKLOO P/LOOKIE an interjection: look at this [interj]

373/996 EGOPR -GROPE/DRS to feel about with the hands [v GROPED, GROPING, GROPES]
PEROG/ISY (Russian) a large Russian pie, stuffed with meat, fish, eggs, or cabbage also PIEROG, PIROG [n -S]
PORGE/DS to cleanse by Jewish ritual [v PORGED, PORGING, PORGES]

374/1000 ACELNST S/CANTLES- CANTLE, to divide (to separate into different parts) [v]
CENTALS- CENTAL, a unit of weight [n]
LANCETS- LANCET, a narrow, pointed arch [n]
-SCANTLE/DS to stint (to limit (to restrict (to keep within boundaries))) [v SCANTLED, SCANTLING, SCANTLES]

375/1001 EINOSST NOSIEST- NOSEY, unduly curious [adj]
SONTIES (Shakespeare) sanctities, a mild oath [n]
A/-STONIES/T STONY, to astonish (to amaze or shock, also ASTONE, ASTONY) [v]

376/1002 DEEH EHED EH, to say 'Eh' [v]
T/HEED/SY to pay attention to [v -ED, -ING, -S]

377/1003 ADEGHILN HEALDING HEALD, to incline (to slant (to deviate from the horizontal or vertical)) [v]

378/1006 NOTU KS/-NOUT cattle (domesticated bovines) [n]
S/TOUN/S a town (an urban area) [n -S]
JP/UNTO to (in the direction of) [prep]

379/1007 AMO MOA-/INST an extinct flightless bird [n -S]
BCHLNRS/-OMA-/S (German) a grandmother also OUMA [n -S]

380/1008 EEINOSS EOSINES- EOSINE, a red dye, also EOSIN [n]
ONESIES- ONESIE, a soft, loose-fitting, one-piece garment worn by adults for sleeping or lounging [n]

381/1011 AAERSTW AWAREST AWARE, knowing and alert [adj]

382/1013 AGLY AGLY with a turn or twist to one side, also AGLEE, AGLEY [adv]
GYAL/S an ox (a hoofed mammal) [n -S]

383/1014 ACDENRU DURANCE/S restraint by physical force [n -S]
UNCARED not cared (for) [adj]
UNRACED not raced [adj]

384/1016 AEIRSTV RAVIEST RAVEY, characteristic of a rave [adj]
-TAIVERS- TAIVER, to wander aimlessly [v]
VASTIER VASTY, of great extent or size [adj]

385/1018 CELU CLUE/DSY to obtain guiding information [v CLUED, CLUEING or CLUING, CLUES]
LUCE/S a freshwater fish [n -S]

386/1019 DEEOPRST DOPESTER/S one who predicts the outcomes of contests [n -S]
POSTERED POSTER, to stick bills on [v]
REEDSTOP/S an organ stop that is made up of or that controls a rank of reed pipes [n -S]
REPOSTED REPOST, to answer with a return thrust in fencing [v]

387/1020 BDEIMORS BROMIDES- BROMIDE, a bromine compound, also BROMID [n]
BROMISED- BROMISE, to treat with bromine, also BROMIZE [v]

388/1021 AGHU FHKLSW/-AUGH/T an interjection expressing despair or frustration [interj]

389/1022 EGLO GOEL-/S an avenger (one who avenges (to take retribution for, also VENGE)) [n -S]
-GOLE/MS a goal, a target [n -S]
E/LOGE-/S a small compartment [n -S]
BF/OGLE/DRS to stare at lecherously [v OGLED, OGLING, OGLES]

390/1024 EGRU -GRUE/DLS to shudder (to shiver or tremble) [v GRUED, GRUEING or GRUING, GRUES]
GPS/URGE/DRS to drive forward [v URGED, URGING, URGES]

391/1025 ABIJS BASIJ in Iran, volunteer vigilantes who enforce strict Islamic behaviour and dress code, esp on women, also BASEEJ [n]

392/1026 ENOOSTT TESTOON/S a former French coin, also TESTON [n -S]
TOSTONE/S (Spanish) a Mexican dish of fried plantains [n -S]

393/1027 GIIKNR GIRKIN/S a small cucumber, also GHERKIN [n -S]
DFKLY/IRKING IRK, to annoy or weary [v]

394/1028 ADEEGLN ANGELED ANGEL, to support financially [v]
GELANDE as in gelande jump, a jump made in downhill skiing [adj]
-GLEANED GLEAN, to gather little by little [v]

395/1029 ADENRST DARNEST/S one's utmost also DARNDEST [n -S]
ENDARTS- ENDART, to dart in, also INDART [v]
STANDER/S one who stands (to assume an upright position) [n -S]
STARNED STARN, to row backwards [v]

396/1032 AAAJMU UJAMAA/S a village community like a kibbutz [n -S]

397/1033 AEILLRSU RUELLIAS- RUELLIA, a plant of the acanthus family [n]

398/1035 CEILOPTU EPULOTIC/S a substance which aids the forming of scar-tissue [n -S]
POULTICE/DS to apply a hot, healing substance [v POULTICED, POULTICING, POULTICES]

399/1036 AEIMORS AIRSOME cold [adj]

400/1037 DEIKLN DELINK/S to break a connection between [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TW/INKLED- INKLE, to give a hint [v]
KILNED KILN, to bake in a type of oven [v]
BCPS/-LINKED LINK, to connect (to join together) [v]

401/1042 EKRSSY SKYERS- SKYER, a high hit into the air [n]
SKYRES- SKYRE, to shine (to emit light) [v]

402/1043 AACEGINR CANAIGRE/S a type of plant [n -S]

403/1044 AOTY G/OATY- like oats [adj OATIER, OATIEST]

404/1045 AEGNOST ONSTAGE being a part of the stage visible to the audience [adj]
TANGOES TANGO, to dance the tango [v]

405/1046 EGINOPR PERIGON/ES an angle equal to 360 degrees [n -S]
PIROGEN PIROG, (Russian) a large Russian pie, stuffed with meat, fish, eggs, or cabbage also PEROG, PIEROG [n]
S/PONGIER PONGY, smelly (having an unpleasant odour) [adj]

406/1047 AKOSTU OTAKUS- OTAKU, in Japan, a young computer nerd [n]
OUTASK/S to surpass in asking [v -ED, -ING, -S]

407/1050 AEEK R/AKEE-/S an African tree [n -S]

408/1052 EPST -PEST-/OSY an annoying person or thing [n -S]
S/PETS- PET, to caress with the hand [v]
SEPT/AS a clan (a group of families) [n -S]
-SPET/S to spit (to throw out saliva from the mouth) [v SPAT, SPETTING, SPETS]

409/1053 ADEPRST DEPARTS- DEPART, to leave (to depart) [v]
DRAPETS- DRAPET, a cloth covering [n]
PETARDS- PETARD, an explosive device, also PETAR [n]
TRAPSED- TRAPSE, to walk in an aimless manner also TRAIPSE, TRAPE, TRAPES [v]

410/1055 ACDIORS CARDIOS- CARDIO, a cardiograph [n]
SARCOID/S a disease of horses [n -S]

411/1056 ACDEINOS CODEINAS- CODEINA, a narcotic alkaloid, also CODEIA, CODEIN, CODEINE [n]
DIOCESAN/S a bishop [n -S]
OCEANIDS- OCEANID, an ocean nymph [n]

412/1057 AEELNORT REALTONE/S a ringtone that closely resembles an original sound record [n -S]

413/1058 BEIIORST ORBITIES ORBITY, bereavement [n]

414/1061 GIRT GIRT/HS to gird (to surround (to encompass)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-GRIT/HS to press the teeth together [v GRITTED, GRITTING, GRITS] / great (large (great in size)) [adj GRITTER, GRITTEST]
S/-TRIG/OS to make tight and sound [v TRIGGED, TRIGGING, TRIGS] / neat (tidy (neat and orderly)) [adj TRIGGER, TRIGGEST]

415/1066 CEGINRSU RECUSING RECUSE, to disqualify or challenge as judge in a particular case [v]
RESCUING RESCUE, to free from danger [v]
SCUNGIER SCUNGY, unkempt (untidy (messy (dirty or untidy))) [adj]
SECURING SECURE, to make safe or certain [v]

416/1067 ACELOPRS PARCLOSE/S a screen inside a church [n -S]
POLACRES- POLACRE, a polonaise [n]

417/1068 AEILOSS LOIASES LOIASIS, a tropical African disease [n]

418/1069 MSTU MUST-/HSY to become musty (having a stale odour) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-MUTS- MUT, a mongrel dog, also MUTT [n]
-SMUT/S to soil (to make dirty (soiled)) [v SMUTTED, SMUTTING, SMUTS]
-STUM/MPS to increase fermentation by adding grape juice [v STUMMED, STUMMING, STUMS]
S/-TUMS- TUM, a stomach [n]

419/1070 CEIINORT RETINOIC as in retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A that is important in morphogenesis and embryo development [adj]

420/1072 ACFU -CAUF a wagon used in a mine, also CORF [n CAUVES]

421/1073 EFLT -FELT/SY to mat together [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AC/-LEFT/ESY the left side or hand [n -S] / pertaining to the side to the north when one faces east [adj LEFTER, LEFTEST]

422/1074 ERSU CGT/RUES- RUE, to feel sorrow or remorse for [v]
CD/-RUSE/S a deception [n -S]
SUER-/S one that sues (to institute legal proceedings against) [n -S]
U/-SURE-/DRS to be security for [v SURED, SURING, SURES] / free from doubt [adj SURER, SUREST]
ACDJLMPS/-URES- URE, a wild ox [n]
LM/-USER-/S one that uses (to put into service) [n -S]

MINUTES-/T MINUTE, to take brief notes [v]
-MUNITES- MUNITE, to fortify, also MUNIFY [v]
MUTINES- MUTINE, to revolt against constituted authority, also MUTINY, MUTINEER [v]

424/1077 ADEIORS RADIOES RADIO, to transmit by radio [v]
ROADIES- ROADIE, a person who works for travelling entertainers [n]
SOREDIA/L SOREDIUM, a reproductive body in lichens [n]

425/1106 CDEKOW COWKED COWK, to feel nauseous [v]

426/1107 DEGKOR -GROKED GROK, to understand deeply by intuition [v]

427/1109 EIKNPR PERKIN/GS an oatmeal biscuit, also PARKIN [n -S]
-PINKER/S one that pinks (to cut a saw-toothed edge on cloth) [n -S]

428/1111 AMTT -MATT-/ES to produce a dull finish on, also MATTE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

429/1112 IKLP KILP/S large brown seaweed [n -S]

430/1118 ADIKQRU DIQUARK/S a low energy configuration of two QUARKS [n -S]

431/1136 BBSU BUBS- BUB, a young fellow [n]

432/1138 EEIIPRTT EPITRITE/S a poetic rhythm pattern [n -S]

433/1144 EHM ACT/-HEM-/EPS to provide with an edge [v HEMMED, HEMMING, HEMS]
-MEH- mediocre or boring; an expression of indifference or boredom [n]

434/1145 EHKO C/-HOKE/DSY to give false value to [v HOKED, HOKING, HOKES]
OKEH-/S approval (the act of approving (to regard favourably)) [n -S]

435/1146 ERSW BCGT/REWS- REW, regret [n]

436/1147 ADILMORU ORDALIUM/S resolving a disputed question by divination [n -S]

437/1149 AGHS -GASH- to make a long deep cut in [v -ED, -ING, -ES] / knowing (astute (shrewd and perceptive)) [adj GASHER, GASHEST]
S/-HAGS- HAG, to hack (to cut or chop roughly) [v]
-SHAG-/S to copulate (vulgar) [v SHAGGED, SHAGGING, SHAGS]

438/1150 AEGINRS ANGRIES/T ANGRY, an angry person [n]
BGHRSW/EARINGS- EARING, a line on a ship [n]
-ERASING ERASE, to efface or rub out [v]
GAINERS- GAINER, one that gains (to acquire (to come into possession of)) [n]
-GRAINES- GRAINE, silkworm eggs [n]
REAGINS- REAGIN, a type of antibody (a body substance that produces immunity against toxins) [n]
REGAINS- REGAIN, to take possession once more [v]
REGINAS- REGINA, a queen [n]
-SEARING/S the act of searing [n -S]
SERINGA-/S a Brazilian tree [n -S]

439/1151 ACEM ACME/S the highest point [n -S]
-CAME-/LOS a leaden window rod [n -S]
-MACE-/DRS to attack with a clublike weapon [v MACED, MACING, MACES]

440/1155 CEEEINRS CERESINE-/S a type of wax, also CERESIN [n -S]
SCREENIE/S (Australian) a screensaver [n -S]

441/1156 CKNOR CRONK- poor in quality [adj CRONKER, CRONKEST]

442/1157 ADEW CDHJKLMPSTY/-AWED- AWE, to strike with fear [v]
DEAW/SY (Spenser) to cover with dew [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WADE-/DRS to walk through water [v WADED, WADING, WADES]

443/1159 AIKN LT/-AKIN/G related by blood [adj]
IKAN/S fish as an ingredient of Malaysian cooking [n -S]
-KAIN-/GS a tax paid in produce or livestock, also KANE [n -S]
KINA-/S cinchona bark from which quinine is derived, also KINAKINA [n -S]
NAIK/S an Indian corporal [n -S]

444/1161 DEIV DEVI-/LS (Sanskrit) a Hindu goddess [n -S]
DIVE-/DRS to plunge headfirst into water [v DIVED, DIVING, DIVES]
-VIDE-/O (Latin) see, consult, refer -- no inflections [v]
I/VIED- VIE, to contend in rivalry [v]

445/1168 DEIORSTU IODURETS- IODURET, an iodide (a salt) [n]
OUTRIDES- OUTRIDE, to ride faster than [v]
OUTSIDER-/S one who does not belong to a particular group [n -S]
SUITORED SUITOR, to court a woman [v]

446/1173 AGIILNR GLAIRIN/GS organic matter in mineral waters [n -S]
G/-LAIRING LAIR, to live in a dwelling place for animals [v]
BDT/-RAILING/S a fence-like barrier [n -S]

447/1174 AAEILNNS ALANINES- ALANINE, an amino acid, also ALANIN [n]

448/1175 DEIIORTY IODYRITE/S a silver mineral [n -S]

449/1178 AILT -ALIT ALIGHT, to dismount (to get down from an elevated position) [v]
LATI- LAT, a former monetary unit of Latvia [n]
-TAIL-/S to follow closely, to shadow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TALI TALUS, a slope formed by an accumulation of rock debris [n]

450/1179 FFIT S/-TIFF/S to have a petty quarrel [v -ED, -ING, -S]

451/1181 ADEIMNNO DEMONIAN characteristic of a demon, also DEMONIC [adj]
MONDAINE-/S a person who lives in fashionable society, also MONDAIN [n -S]

452/1183 ADEKR BCDHKLMNPRWY/ARKED ARK, to put into an ark (a coffer) [v]
DAKER/S to lounge, also DACKER [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-DRAKE/S a male duck [n -S]
BC/-RAKED- RAKE, to gather with a toothed bar on a handle [v]


454/1185 AACHKP CHAPKA/S a type of military hat, also CZAPKA [n -S]
PACHAK-/S an aromatic root resembling ginger, also PUTCHOCK, PUTCHUK [n -S]

455/1186 ACINORRT CARROTIN/S a plant pigment, also CAROTENE, CAROTIN [n -S]
CONTRAIR contrary [adj]

456/1188 AAIOPRRT TROPARIA TROPARION, a short hymn [n]

457/1195 AEGILNN P/ANELING ANELE, to anoint (to consecrate with oil) [v]
WY/EANLING/S the young of a sheep of goat [n -S]
CG/-LEANING/S a tendency (a trend or inclination, also TENDENZ) [n -S]
-NEALING NEAL, to anneal (to toughen (to make tough (strong and resilient))) [v]

458/1197 CEIINRS E/IRENICS- the theology of promoting peace between churches [n]
SERICIN/S a kind of protein [n -S]
-SIRENIC pertaining to a sirenian (any of an order of aquatic mammals) [adj]

459/1198 EEILPRST EPISTLER-/S one who writes epistles [n -S]
PELTRIES PELTRY, an animal skin [n]
PERLITES- PERLITE, a volcanic glass [n]
REPTILES- REPTILE, any of a class of cold-blooded, breathing vertebrates [n]
SPIRELET/S a slender spire [n -S]

460/1199 AAADIRST DATARIAS- DATARIA, an officer who attends to papal bulls, also DATARY [n]
RADIATAS- RADIATA, a variety of pine tree, pinus radiata [n]

461/1200 ADEEFIRY REAEDIFY/E to rebuild (to build again) [v REAEDIFIED, REAEDIFYING, REAEDIFIES]

462/1202 AEIRRST ARTSIER- ARTSY, arty [adj]
SERRATI SERRATUS, a muscle of the thorax [n]
TARRIES/T TARRY, to linger (to delay departure) [v]
-TARSIER/S a nocturnal primate [n -S]

463/1206 ADEGRST RADGEST- RADGE, angry (feeling hostility) [adj]

464/1210 BDEO A/-BODE-/DS to foretell (to tell about in advance) [v BODED, BODING, BODES]
A/-DOBE-/S an unburned, sun-dried brick made of clay and straw also ADOBE, DOBIE, DOBY [n -S]

465/1212 ADEELRT ALERTED ALERT, to warn (to notify in advance) [v]
FHP/ALTERED ALTER, to make different [v]
REDEALT- REDEAL, to deal again [v]
-RELATED- RELATE, to give an account of [v]

466/1213 AEEIORST ETAERIOS- ETAERIO, an aggregated fruit like a blackberry [n]

467/1214 CEKMS MECKS- MECK, a halfpenny, also MAIK [n]

468/1217 AEILNSST EASTLINS- eastwards [adv]
ELASTINS- ELASTIN, a bodily protein [n]
NAILSETS- NAILSET, a steel rod for driving a nail into something [n]
SALIENTS- SALIENT, an outward-pointing angle of a fortification [n]
SALTINES-/S SALTINE, a salted cracker [n]
STANIELS- STANIEL, the kestrel (a small falcon (a bird of prey)) [n]

469/1218 IMNOORST MONITORS- MONITOR, to keep track of [v]
TROMINOS- TROMINO, a flat, three-sided shape [n]

470/1219 ADEIIPRR PERRADII PERRADIUS, a radius of a coelenterate [n]
PRAIRIED- having prairie land [adj]

471/1221 ADPS DAPS- DAP, to dip in water [v]
-PADS- PAD, to stuff or fill with soft material [v]

472/1222 AIILMNO MONILIA/ELS (Latin) a fungus of the Monilia genus, having conidia in branched chains [n MONILIAE or MONILIAS]

473/1225 DEGILNOS GLENOIDS- GLENOID, a socket shape [n]
SIDELONG directed to one side [adj]

474/1230 FIS DGKR/IFS- IF, a condition [n]
-SIF-/T (S African slang) disgusting (syphilitic) [adj]

475/1232 EPRS CP/REPS- REP, to act as a commercial representative [v]

476/1239 AAAKMS KAAMAS- KAAMA, a large South African antelope (the hartebeest) [n]

477/1240 EEHIRSTT ETHERIST/S one who administers ether [n -S]


479/1266 DEIW WEID/S a sudden illness [n -S]
-WIDE/NRS wideness (the state of being wide) [n -S] / extending far [adj WIDER, WIDEST]

480/1294 AFKSW WAKFS- WAKF, a donation for pious purposes, also WAQF [n]

481/1303 EILNOPRU NEUROPIL/S part of the nervous system in vertebrates [n -S]

482/1304 AAHKMS HAKAMS- HAKAM, a sage (an aromatic herb) [n]

483/1305 AEENSST ENTASES ENTASIS, a slight convexity in a column [n]
SATEENS- SATEEN, a cotton fabric [n]
-SENATES- SENATE, a governing body [n]
-SENSATE/DS to sense (to have an impression or inward feeling) [v SENSATED, SENSATING, SENSATES]

484/1306 AEEIKRRS RAKERIES RAKERY, dissoluteness [n]
SKEARIER SKEARY, scary (frightening, also SCAREY) [adj]

485/1307 ADENNSTU -ASTUNNED ASTUN, to astonish (to amaze or shock, also ASTONE, ASTONY) [v]

486/1309 ADINRTU TRIDUAN lasting three days [adj]
UNITARD/S a leotard that also covers the legs [n -S]

487/1312 AACENRST CANASTER/S a type of tobacco (an annual herb cultivated for its leaves) [n -S]
CATERANS- CATERAN, a brigand (a bandit (an outlaw)) [n]

488/1314 CEINOPRT ENTROPIC pertaining to entropy (a measure of unavailable energy) [adj]
INCEPTOR/S one that incepts (to take into the body) [n -S]
PRETONIC denoting the syllable before the one bearing the primary stress in a word [adj]

489/1315 ADEORST -DOATERS- DOATER, one who dotes, also DOTER [n]
B/ROASTED ROAST, to bake (to cook in an oven) [v]
TORSADE/S a twisted cord [n -S]
TROADES- TROADE, a track, also TROAD [n]

490/1317 ACIMNORU CONARIUM the pineal gland [n CONARIA]
COUMARIN/S a chemical compound, also CUMARIN [n -S]

491/1318 EEFNORST ENFOREST/S to turn into forest [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RESOFTEN/S to soften again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SOFTENER/S one that softens (to make soft (yielding easily to pressure)) [n -S]

492/1321 KLOUY YOKUL yes [adv]

493/1324 AKRY -KRAY/S (Russian) an administrative district in Russia [n -S]
-KYAR/S a fibre obtained from coconut husks, also COIR [n -S]
-YARK-/S to wrench violently [v -ED, -ING, -S]

494/1325 CEEINRS CERESIN/ES a type of wax, also CERESINE [n -S]
SCRIENE/S a screen [n -S]
SINCERE/R genuine (authentic) [adj SINCERER, SINCEREST]

495/1328 AEEKORST KERATOSE/S resembling horny tissue [adj]

496/1332 CEEIIRST SERICITE/S silky potash mica [n -S]

497/1338 EEIPRX EXPIRE/DRS to come to an end [v EXPIRED, EXPIRING, EXPIRES]
PREXIE/S (colloq.) a president also PREX, PREXY [n PREXIES]

498/1339 ABEINRSU ANBURIES ANBURY, a soft wart on a horse [n]
URBANISE/DS to cause to take on urban characteristics, also URBANIZE [v URBANISED, URBANISING, URBANISES]

499/1340 CEEGNORT CONGREET-/S to greet one another [v -ED, -ING, -S]
COREGENT/S a joint regent [n -S]

500/1341 AABHKS KASBAH/S the old section of a North African city, also CASBAH [n -S]
SABKHA/HST a coastal plain, also SABKHAH, SABKHAT [n -S]

501/1342 ADEEMNTW METEWAND/S a measuring wand, also METEYARD [n -S]

502/1343 ACEINRTX XERANTIC drying up [adj]

503/1344 ACEEILRV RECEIVAL/S the act of receiving (to accept (to receive with favour)) [n -S]

504/1346 KNPU S/PUNK-/ASY dry, decayed wood used as tinder [n -S] / of inferior quality [adj PUNKER, PUNKEST]

505/1347 AEGINRSS ASSIGNER/S one who assigns (to designate) [n -S]
P/REASSIGN/S to assign again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SEARINGS- SEARING, the act of searing [n]
SERINGAS- SERINGA, a Brazilian tree [n]

506/1348 AEILNRTT RATTLINE-/S one of the ropes forming the steps of a ladder on, also RATLINE, RATLIN, RATLING, RATTLIN [n -S]

507/1349 AAFGILNO GOLFIANA/S golfing items [n -S]

508/1351 ADEIMTU IDEATUM the real object of an idea [n IDEATA]
TAEDIUM/S the state of being tedious, also TEDIUM [n -S]

509/1354 AILSX AXILS- AXIL, the upper angle between leaf and stem [n]
SALIX a willow tree [n SALICES]

510/1355 EILOSX ISOLEX a line delineating a geographical region where a vocabulary item is used [n -ES]

511/1356 AGHIN AR/-AHING AH, to make a sound of delight [v]
-ANIGH/T nigh [adv]
HANGI-/S (Maori) an open air cooking pit also UMU [n -S]

512/1358 AAIKRS ASKARI/S an African soldier [n -S]
RAKIAS- RAKIA, a kind of fruit brandy produced by distillation of fermented fruit, popular throughout the Balkans, also RAKIJA [n]

513/1359 AEMNOPRT EMPATRON/S to patronize [v -ED, -ING, -S]

514/1361 AAEINPRS PANARIES PANARY, a bread store [n]

515/1363 CEIIMNOT -EMICTION/S the discharge of urine [n -S]

516/1366 ADEEMRTY METEYARD/S a measuring wand, also METEWAND [n -S]

517/1371 AEEHMRST ERATHEMS- ERATHEM, the group of rock strata of a particular era [n]

518/1374 ADGINOR ADORING ADORE, to worship (to honour as a divine being) [v]
GRADINO- (Italian) a decoration for an altar gradin [n GRADINI]
ROADING/S a wood-cock's evening flight, also RODING [n -S]

519/1375 AAKR Y/ARAK/S a strong alcoholic spirit [n -S]
KARA/ST a Sikh's bangle [n -S]

520/1379 CHKLOO KLOOCH a North American Indian woman, also KLOOTCH [n -ES]

521/1383 DINORSTU STURNOID resembling a sturnus (a bird) [adj]
TURDIONS- TURDION, a dance [n]

522/1385 ADEIPRR -DRAPIER/S a draper (a dealer in cloth) [n -S]
PARRIED PARRY, to ward off a blow [v]
RAPIDER RAPID, swift (speedy (swift)) [adj]

523/1386 BLRY BYRL/S to carouse (to engage in a carousal) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

524/1387 ACEIINRT ARENITIC of or like ARENITE, a rock made up chiefly of sandy grains [adj]

525/1388 ABEIRRS BARRIES-/T BARRY, (Australian slang) an embarrassing mistake (rhyming slang, a Barry Crocker, a shocker) [n]
BRASIER/S one who works in brass [n -S]

526/1389 ADNU DUAN/S a section of a poem [n -S]

527/1392 AEEGINST SAGENITE/S a mineral of needle-like crystals [n -S]

DOMINEES- DOMINEE, an Afrikaner church minister [n]

529/1397 AEELMNTV LAVEMENT/S a washing (the act of cleansing (to clean)) [n -S]

530/1401 ADEIMNOS AMIDONES- AMIDONE, a chemical compound [n]
DAIMONES DAIMON, an attendant spirit [n]
DOMAINES- DOMAINE, a vineyard in Burgundy [n]
NOMADIES NOMADY, the life of a nomad [n]

531/1404 BELOWZ BLOWZE/DS a beggar girl, also BLOWSE [n -S]

532/1423 EHPW -PHEW used to express relief, fatigue or disgust [interj]

533/1427 ESY SEY/S a part carcase of beef [n -S]
-SYE/DNS to strain (to exert to the utmost) [v SYED, SYEING, SYES]
ABDEHKLNOPRSTW/-YES-/KT to give an affirmative answer [v YESSED, YESSING, YESES or YESSES]

534/1450 ADEEINNS ADENINES- ADENINE, an alkaloid (a type of chemical compound) [n]
ANDESINE/S a feldspar (a family of crystalline minerals, also FELSPAR) [n -S]

535/1458 CIIKNW INWICK/S to perform a certain stroke in the game of curling [v -ED, -ING, -S]

536/1459 AADHILRT HARDTAIL/S a motorcycle or bicycle with no suspension at the rear [n -S]

537/1473 EOOPRSTU OUTROPES- OUTROPE, an auction sale, also OUTROOP [n]

538/1479 AAEHILMN HIELAMAN/S an Australian Aboriginal narrow shield [n -S]

539/1487 ACEINOP APNOEIC pertaining to apnea (temporary cessation of breathing, also APNOEA) [adj]
-PAEONIC/S a rhythm pattern in verse, also PAEON [n -S]

540/1488 DEHORX OXHERD/S one who tends oxen [n OXHERDS]


542/1510 DELNORSU F/LOUNDERS- LOUNDER, to beat (to strike repeatedly) [v]
ROUNDELS- ROUNDEL, a round object, also ROUNDLE [n]
ROUNDLES- ROUNDLE, a round object, also ROUNDEL [n]
UNSOLDER/S to separate (to keep apart) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

543/1516 EGIOV -OGIVE/S a pointed arch [n -S]
VOGIE/R vain (filled with undue admiration for oneself) [adj VOGIER, VOGIEST]

544/1521 BEGINSS BESINGS- BESING, to celebrate in song [v]
BIGNESS the state of being big (of large size) [n -ES]

545/1531 HHO P/-HOH-/AS to stop (to halt or discontinue) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

546/1537 AAEEGILP EPIGAEAL growing close to the ground, also EPIGEAL, EPIGEAN, EPIGEIC, EPIGEOUS [adj]

547/1538 AEEMNSTW SWEETMAN (Caribbean) a man kept by a woman [n SWEETMEN]

548/1542 CENOSTU CONTUSE/DS to bruise (to injure and discolour the skin) [v CONTUSED, CONTUSING, CONTUSES]
ECONUTS- ECONUT, an environmentalist [n]
UNCOEST- UNCO, strange (unusual (not usual)) [adj]

549/1543 AEMQSU MASQUE/RS a dramatic entertainment formerly popular in England [n -S]
SQUAME/S a scale [n -S]

550/1545 GIT -GIT-/ES a fool [n -S] / to get, GITS, GITTED, GITTING [v GITTED, GITTING, GITS]
TIG-/ES to touch (to come into contact with) [v TIGGED, TIGGING, TIGS]

551/1547 AEELNTVY -VENTAYLE/S the adjustable front of a medieval helmet, also VENTAIL, VENTAILE [n -S]

552/1551 EIINOPS PIONIES PIONY, a showy flower, also PEONY, PAEONY, PINY, PIONEY [n]
SINOPIE SINOPIA, a red pigment [n]

553/1553 EEMORSTU TEMEROUS rash (acting without forethought) [adj]

554/1555 AABDELNR BARELAND in phrase bareland croft, a croft with no croft house [adj]

555/1556 ACEILNPT PECTINAL/S a fish with bones or a spine resembling a comb [n -S]
A/PLANETIC pertaining to a planet or planets [adj]

556/1558 AAGINORR RANGIORA/S an evergreen New Zealand shrub with large ovate leaves and small greenish-white flowers [n -S]

557/1561 ADHL DAHL-/S an Indian dish of lentils and spices, also DAL [n -S]
DHAL/S an Indian dish of lentils and spices [n -S]

558/1563 EMRU E/-MURE/DSX to confine (to shut within an enclosure) [v MURED, MURING, MURES]
BG/RUME-/NS a watery discharge from the nose or eyes, also RHEUM [n -S]

559/1564 AERRV BCG/-RAVER-/S one who raves (to utter wildly or incoherently) [n -S]
VERRA (Scots) very [adv]

560/1566 AAKKS Y/AKKAS money (a medium of exchange) [n]
-KAKAS- KAKA, a parrot [n]

561/1571 DEEIILNT TIDELINE/S the edge of the tide [n -S]

562/1572 AEENPST NEPETAS- NEPETA, catmint (an aromatic herb, also CATNIP) [n]
-PENATES the Roman gods of the household [n]
PESANTE- heavy in musical terms [adj]

563/1574 ACDEERT CATERED CATER, to provide food and service [v]
CEDRATE/S citron (a lemonlike fruit) [n -S]
A/CERATED- covered with wax [adj]
CREATED- CREATE, to bring into being [v]
P/REACTED REACT, to respond to a stimulus [v]

564/1575 ACEEHILS HELICASE/S any of a group of enzymes that are able to separate the strands of the double-helix of a DNA molecule [n -S]

565/1584 ADEERSST ASSERTED ASSERT, to state positively [v]
DEARESTS- DEAREST, a loved one [n]
ESTRADES- ESTRADE, a low platform [n]

566/1586 AILORSTT ORLISTAT/S an orally administered drug that reduces the absorption of dietary fat by inhibiting the action of enzymes in the digestive system, used to treat obesity [n -S]

567/1587 CDEMOR S/CROMED- CROME, to draw by a crook [v]

568/1588 EHTY HYTE insane (mentally unsound) [adj]
-THEY- 3rd person pl [pron]

569/1589 AHIKNS NIKAHS- NIKAH, in Islamic marriage, the contract between bride and bridegroom [n]

570/1595 CEINORST COINTERS- COINTER, to bury together [v]
CORNIEST CORNY, trite (hackneyed) [adj]
NOTICERS- NOTICER, one who notices (to become aware of) [n]
E/RECTIONS- RECTION, a syntactical government [n]

571/1596 AAFJL AFLAJ FALAJ, water channel [n]
FALAJ water channel [n AFLAJ]

572/1598 EKSY P/-ESKY a container for keeping drinks cool [n ESKIES]
KEYS- KEY, to supply with a device for unlocking locks [v]
-KYES- KYE, a Korean village fund which lends for weddings, funerals etc [n]
SYKE/RS a small stream, also SIKE [n -S]
YESK-/S to hiccup, also YEX [v -ED, -ING, -S]

573/1599 EKORS -KEROS- KERO, a fuel oil, also KEROSENE, KEROSINE [n]
-KORES- KORE, an ancient Greek statue of a young woman [n]
BDPT/-ROKES- ROKE, to smoke (to emit a gas or vapour due to burning) [v]

574/1600 ABEEHRST BREATHES- BREATHE, to inhale and exhale air [v]
HARTBEES/T a large South African antelope [n -ES]

575/1601 AEIOSTT G/OATIEST OATY, like oats [adj]
OSTIATE having an ostium [adj]
TOASTIE/RS a toasted sandwich [n -S]

576/1604 DFNO FOND-/ASU to display affection [v -ED, -ING, -S] / having an affection for [adj FONDER, FONDEST]

577/1605 ABEKNR -BANKER/S a person who works in a bank [n -S]
BARKEN/S to dry up in a barky crust [v -ED, -ING, -S]

578/1606 AABEINST BASANITE/S a black jasper [n -S]

579/1609 CKOUY YUCKO- (Australian slang) unpleasant [adj]

580/1621 IKMPRS SKRIMP/S to steal windfalls, also SKRUMP [v -ED, -ING, -S]

581/1623 DLOU AC/-LOUD- strongly audible [adj LOUDER, LOUDEST]
-LUDO-/S a game [n -S]
CMNW/OULD old (living for a long time) [adj OULDER, OULDEST]

582/1627 ADEILLSU DUALLIES- DUALLIE, a pickup truck with double rear wheels [n]

583/1628 DEGINNTU DETUNING DETUNE, to reduce the power of a car engine [v]
UNTINGED not tinged [adj]

584/1631 CEINORU COENURI COENURUS, a tapeworm larva, also COENURE [n]
NOURICE/S a nurse [n -S]

585/1633 DEINORS DINEROS- DINERO, a former Peruvian silver coin [n]
DONSIER- DONSIE, unlucky, also DONSY [adj]
INDORSE/DERS to declare one's approval, also ENDORSE [v INDORSED, INDORSING, INDORSES]
S/ORDINES ORDO, a calendar of religious directions [n]
ROSINED ROSIN, to treat with a brittle resin, also ROSET [v]
SORDINE/S a device used to muffle the tone of a musical instrument [n -S]

586/1634 DEINOPRS DISPONER-/S the person who gives by legal transfer [n -S]
POINDERS- POINDER, one who impounds (to seize and retain in legal custody) [n]
PRISONED PRISON, to imprison (to confine (to shut within an enclosure)) [v]

587/1637 ADEEILSS DEISEALS- DEISEAL, motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIL, DEASIUL, DEASOIL, DEISHEAL [n]
IDEALESS without ideas [adj]

588/1639 AEEMRSTY METAYERS- METAYER, a tenant farmer who uses metayage [n]

589/1640 AAEHK HAKEA-/S an Australian shrub [n -S]

590/1645 EGIT GEIT/S to put a border on (an article of clothing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GITE-/S a resting place [n -S]
TIGE-/RS the shaft of a column [n -S]

591/1648 AAEEGST EATAGES- EATAGE, horse fodder [n]

RENEGATE/S a turncoat (a traitor (one who betrays another)) [n -S]
TEENAGER-/S a person between thirteen and nineteen [n -S]

593/1650 ANV NAV-/ESY (short for) navigation [n -S]
-VAN/EGST to transport in a type of motor vehicle [v VANNED, VANNING, VANS]

594/1651 ACEILRR CERRIAL of the turkey-oak [adj]

595/1655 EKLSY KYLES- KYLE, a narrow strait [n]
-YELKS- YELK, the yellow, fatty part of an egg, also YOLK [n]
YLKES- YLKE, ilk (type or kind) [n]

596/1656 AEEIPRR PEREIRA/S a type of Brazilian tree [n -S]

597/1658 IRTT BF/RITT-/S to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

598/1659 ADDEINPR DREPANID/S a hook-tip moth [n -S]

599/1661 EIOOPRST PORTOISE/S the gunwale (the upper edge of a ship's side) [n -S]
D/ROOPIEST ROOPY, hoarse (rough and husky in sound) [adj]

600/1662 LNOO -LOON-/SY a diving waterfowl [n -S]
NOLO/S same as nolo contondere, a legal plea which accepts punishment without conceding guilt [n -S]

601/1664 ABEIILRS BISERIAL arranged in two rows [adj]

602/1666 AKLOPS POKALS- POKAL, an ornamental drinking-vessel [n]
POLKAS- POLKA, to perform a lively dance [v]

603/1667 AEGMNORS MEGARONS- MEGARON, the principal hall in an ancient Greek house [n]

604/1668 AACDINRT E/RADICANT rooting from the stem [adj]
TRIDACNA/S a giant clam [n -S]

605/1670 AWY AST/-WAY/S to journey (to travel (to go from one place to another)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-YAW-/LNPSY to deviate from course [v -ED, -ING, -S]

606/1672 EIOPRSTT S/PORTIEST PORTY, of the taste of port [adj]
RISPETTO an Italian folk-song with eight-line stanzas [n RISPETTI]
-SPOTTIER- SPOTTY, marked with spots [adj]

607/1673 GILNORS LORINGS- LORING, teaching (a doctrine (a belief taught or advocated)) [n]

608/1674 FIST FIST/SY to strike with the tightly closed hand [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-FITS- FIT, to adjust to the right size [v]
SIFT-/S to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

609/1675 HIKO -HOIK-/S to hitch up, also HOICK [v -ED, -ING, -S]
HOKI/S a type of fish with white flesh [n -S]

610/1676 CDEIIRT DICTIER DICTY, snobbish (characteristic of a snob) [adj]
ICTERID/S an American oriole [n -S]

611/1677 AABHIJ BHAJIA- BHAJI, in Indian cookery, an appetizer consisting of vegetables cooked in batter [n]

612/1678 ACEHILOR HALICORE/S the dugong (an aquatic mammal) [n -S]
HEROICAL courageous [adj]

REAPINGS- REAPING, the cutting of e.g. corn [n]
SPEARING/S the act of percing with a spear [n -S]

614/1681 EFTT FETT-/AS to fetch (to go after and bring back) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

615/1682 AEIRSTTW SWATTIER SWATTY, given to hard study, also SWOTTY [adj]
-WARTIEST WARTY, covered with warts [adj]

616/1685 AADIMNRS MANDIRAS- MANDIRA, a Hindu temple, also MANDIR [n]

617/1687 AIKKLU KALUKI/S a card game similar to rummy, using two packs of cards and two jokers [n -S]
KULAKI- KULAK, a rich Russian peasant [n]

618/1689 AEINNZ ENZIAN/S a type of flavoured schnapps [n -S]

619/1690 ACEIMT ACMITE/S a pyramid shaped crystal [n -S]
E/MICATE/DS to furnish with mica [v MICATED, MICATING, MICATES]

620/1694 AEVW A/-WAVE/DRSY to flutter back and forth [v WAVED, WAVING, WAVES]

621/1695 EEFILRRT FERTILER- FERTILE, productive [adj]
FILTERER/S one that filters (to purify a fluid of solid matter) [n -S]
REFILTER/S to filter again [v -ED, -ING, -S]

622/1696 ACIINOS ASINICO/S stupid fellow [n -S]

623/1697 AEEGLOST SEGOLATE/S a disyllabic noun form, also SEGREANT [n -S]

624/1698 CDEINOST DEONTICS- the science of duty, ethics [n]

625/1703 ACEILNOR ACROLEIN/S a flammable liquid [n -S]
COLINEAR lying in the same straight line [adj]
CREOLIAN/S a type of mixed language, also CREOLE [n -S]
LONICERA/S the honeysuckle [n -S]

626/1704 CEIINNOR E/IRENICON/S a scheme for peace [n -S]

627/1706 EGIINNRT INTEGRIN/S any of a superfamily of cell surface proteins that bind to components of the extracellular matrix, facilitating the cell adhesion and signalling [n -S]

628/1711 LPU PLU/EGMS a beaver skin for trading, also PLUE, PLEW [n -S]
PUL/AEIKLPSUY a coin of Afghanistan [n PULS or PULI]

629/1712 EIMTYZ A/ZYMITE/S a priest who uses leavened bread [n -S]

630/1713 EINORST NORITES- NORITE, a granular rock [n]
ORIENTS- ORIENT, to acquaint with details of a situation [v]
-STONIER STONY, abounding in small rocks, also STONEY [adj]
TERSION/S wiping (the act of cleaning (to rid of stain)) [n -S]
TRIONES the seven stars of the Plough [n]

631/1715 DEINOPS DISPONE/DERS to make a legal transfer [v DISPONED, DISPONING, DISPONES]
SPINODE/S the cusp of a point [n -S]

632/1716 ADEINPS PANDIES PANDY, to punish by striking the hand [v]
PANSIED bedecked with pansies [adj]
-SPAINED SPAIN, to wean (to take off mother's milk) [v]

633/1719 AEEJ -AJEE off the straight [adv]

634/1723 IINTW INWIT/HS inward knowledge [n -S]

635/1727 AEWW -WAWE-/S a wave, also WAW [n -S]

636/1728 AEHILRS HAILERS- HAILER, one who greets (to address courteously on meeting) [n]
HALIERS- HALIER, a former monetary unit of Slovakia [n]
-SHALIER SHALY, resembling shale, also SHALEY [adj]

637/1729 EILSW LEWIS a hoisting device, also LEWISSON [n -ES]
LWEIS- LWEI, a monetary unit of Angola [n]
-SWILE/RS a seal (marine animal) [n -S]
WEILS- WEIL, a whirlpool [n]
WIELS- WIEL, a whirlpool [n]
DS/WILES- WILE, to entice (to lead astray) [v]

638/1732 EFORSTU -FOUTERS- FOUTER, to mess around, also FOUTRE [v]
FOUTRES- FOUTRE, to mess around, also FOUTER [v]

639/1735 BDEEISTU BESUITED wearing a suit [adj]

640/1736 EEMNOST TEMENOS a sacred precinct [n TEMENE]
TONEMES- TONEME, a tonal unit of speech [n]

641/1739 CKOR CORK-/SY to stop up [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BCFT/ROCK-/SY to move back and forth [v -ED, -ING, -S]

642/1741 EILW LWEI/S a monetary unit of Angola [n -S]
WEIL/S a whirlpool [n -S]
WIEL/DS a whirlpool [n -S]
DS/WILE/DS to entice (to lead astray) [v WILED, WILING, WILES]

643/1743 OOSY G/OOSY- having fluff [adj OOSIER, OOSIEST]

644/1745 EEGO Y/-OGEE/DS an S shaped moulding [n -S]

645/1749 EEFIRST FESTIER FESTY, (Australian slang) very bad [adj]

646/1750 CHUY YUCH expressing disgust, also YUCCH [interj]

647/1753 EIINORS L/IONISER-/S something that ionizes, also IONIZER [n -S]
IRONIES/T IRONY, words used to express the opposite of that stated [n]
NOISIER NOISY, making loud sounds [adj]

648/1754 AAIIOPST APOSITIA/S an aversion to food [n -S]

649/1757 ABKNRU UNBARK-/S to strip of bark [v -ED, -ING, -S]

650/1760 ACCHKU KUCCHA/S the short trousers traditionally worn by Sikhs, also KACCHA [n -S]

651/1761 CELMNU CULMEN the top ridge of a bird's bill [n CULMINA]

652/1763 EEINRSTV NERVIEST NERVY, nervous (easily excited) [adj]
REINVEST/S to invest again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SERVIENT subordinate [adj]
SIRVENTE/S a satirical medieval song or poem [n -S]

653/1764 AAEKNW -AWAKEN-/S to rouse from sleep [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WAKANE/S (Japanese) an edible seaweed that can be soaked and used as a salad vegetable also WAKAME [n -S]

654/1765 ACENORST ANCESTOR/S to be descended from a certain person [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ENACTORS- ENACTOR, one that enacts (to establish by law) [n]
SARCONET/S a fine silk fabric, also SARSENET, SARSNET, SARCENET [n -S]
SORTANCE/S suitableness [n -S]

655/1766 KNO I/-KON-/DKS to know (to have a true understanding of) [v KOND, KONNING, KONS]

656/1771 ADEEFIMS MADEFIES MADEFY, to moisten (to make moist (slightly wet)) [v]
SEMIDEAF partly deaf [adj]

657/1772 AAIMNOST AMATIONS- AMATION, love-making [n]
ANIMATOS- ANIMATO, (Italian) a passage to be played in a lively manner [n]

658/1773 CEEINRST -CENTRIES CENTRY, centre [n]
ENTERICS- ENTERIC, typhoid fever [n]
ENTICERS- ENTICER, one who entices (to lead astray) [n]
SCIENTER having knowledge [adv]
SECRETIN/GS a hormone (a secretion of the endocrine organs) [n -S]

659/1777 AOPSTU -ASPOUT (archaic) spoutingly [adv]

660/1778 AELORST -OESTRAL pertaining to estrus, also ESTRAL, ESTROUS, OESTROUS, ESTRUAL [adj]
OLESTRA/S a noncaloric fat substitute [n -S]

661/1780 ALNORST LATRONS- LATRON, a robber (one who robs (to steal)) [n]

662/1782 AGINOSTT TANGOIST/S a tango dancer [n -S]
TOASTING/S the act of toasting [n -S]

663/1783 CEIKRS -ERICKS- ERICK, a murderer's fine in old Irish law, also ERIC, ERIACH [n]
BDKLNPRTWY/ICKERS- ICKER, a head of grain [n]
-SICKER SICK, affected with ill health, also SIC [adj]

664/1784 DHKU KHUD/S a ravine (a narrow, steep-sided valley) [n -S]

665/1785 CENORSU CONURES- CONURE, a type of small parrot [n]
FT/-ROUNCES- ROUNCE, part of a hand printing press [n]

666/1787 EEEIRRST REESTIER REESTY, stubborn [adj]
RETIREES- RETIREE, one who has retired from his vocation, also RETIRANT [n]
STEERIER STEERY, busy or bustling [adj]

667/1788 EKRS BJMNPSYZ/ERKS- ERK, an aircraftsman [n]
-SERK-/S a chemise (a loose dress) [n -S]
AE/SKER/S to scour (to cleanse by hard rubbing) [v SKERRED, SKERRING, SKERS]

668/1789 DEIMORSU DIMEROUS composed of two parts, also DIMERIC [adj]
ERODIUMS- ERODIUM, a plant of the geranium family [n]
SOREDIUM a reproductive body in lichens [n SOREDIA]

669/1796 CEEINOST ICESTONE/S a mineral which yields aluminium [n -S]
SEICENTO/S the seventeenth century [n -S]

670/1802 EINOPRS F/ORPINES- ORPINE, a perennial herb, also ORPIN [n]
PIONERS- PIONER, an excavator [n]

671/1803 AAENPRTY PRYTANEA PRYTANEUM, an ancient Greek town hall [n]

672/1808 FHOU HOUF/FS to go often to a place [v -ED, -ING, -S]

673/1809 CEIKRY CRIKEY used as a mild oath, also CRICKEY [interj]
C/RICKEY/S an alcoholic beverage [n -S]
-YICKER/S to utter sharp little cries of an animal, also YIKKER [v -ED, -ING, -S]

674/1811 AERU UREA-/LS a chemical compound [n -S]

675/1812 AEKLNW KNAWEL-/S a cornfield weed of the chickweed family, also KNAWE [n -S]
-WANKLE unsteady (not steady) [adj]

676/1814 ACEISTT CATTIES-/T CATTIE, an Asian unit of weight [n]
STATICE-/S a flowering plant [n -S]
TIETACS- TIETAC, a tie clip, also TIETACK [n]

677/1819 HLMO -HOLM/ES a river island also HOLME [n -S]

678/1820 AEEHIPST APHETISE/DS to lose the first vowel of a word, also APHETIZE [v APHETISED, APHETISING, APHETISES]
HEAPIEST HEAPY, full of heaps [adj]
HEPATISE/DS to convert into a liver-like substance, also HEPATIZE [v HEPATISED, HEPATISING, HEPATISES]

679/1823 ELORTUY LOUTERY loutish behaviour [n LOUTERIES]

680/1824 ADELRZ DRAZEL/S a slut (a slovenly woman) [n -S]

681/1826 EEILMRT MELTIER MELTY, liable to melt [adj]

682/1841 AKNOT TONKA- (Tupi) as in tonka bean, a tall leguminous African tree with fragrant black almond-shaped seeds [adj]

INSEAMED INSEAM, to mark as if with a seam, also INSEEM [v]

684/1844 AADEHLNR ANHEDRAL/S the downward inclination of an aircraft's wing [n -S]

685/1845 GOY -GOY-/S a non-Jewish person [n GOYS or GOYIM]
-YGO/E GO, to move along [v]

686/1848 AEFNRSTU AFTERSUN/S a moisturiser to soothe sunburn [n -S]

687/1849 AEILMNRU LEMURIAN/S an ancient Roman festival, also LEMURINE [n -S]

688/1852 EJLL -JELL/OSY to congeal (to change from a fluid to a solid) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

689/1854 APUY YAUP/S to utter a loud harsh cry [v -ED, -ING, -S]

690/1855 EGILNRST LINGSTER/S an interpreter, also LINKSTER [n -S]
RINGLETS- RINGLET, a small ring [n]
STERLING/S british money [n -S]
TINGLERS- TINGLER, one that tingles (to cause a prickly, stinging sensation) [n]
TRINGLES- TRINGLE, a curtain-rod [n]

691/1859 AEFINNS FAINNES-/S FAINNE, a ring-shaped badge worn to show suport for the Irish language [n]
FANNIES FANNY, as in to fanny about, to procrastinate [v]

692/1860 AGINUX GUANXI/S a Chinese social concept based on the exchange of favours [n -S]

693/1862 EEIMNORT TIMONEER/S a helmsman (one who steer a ship) [n -S]

694/1866 ELU LEU/D a monetary unit of Romania [n LEI]
DGHMPRTY/ULE/SX a rubber tree [n -S]

695/1868 AKW BCDGHLMP/AWK-/S a computer-programming language used for data processing [n -S]
S/-KAW-/AS to cry like a crow, also CAW [v -ED, -ING, -S]

696/1870 ADIK DIKA/S a West Indian tree [n -S]
KADI/S a Muslim Judge [n -S]
-KAID-/S a North African chief [n -S]

697/1871 AEEILMSV MALVESIE/S a grape [n -S]

698/1874 DELORST DROLEST- DROLE, amusing [adj]
OLDSTER/S an old person [n -S]
STRODLE/DS to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v STRODLED, STRODLING, STRODLES]

699/1876 ADEGINR -AREDING AREDE, to declare, also AREAD, ARREEDE [v]
-DEARING DEARE, to injure, also DERE [v]
DERAIGN/S to dispute a claim [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BY/EARDING EARD, to bury, also YIRD [v]
GRADINE-/S one of a series of steps, also GRADIN [n -S]
-GRAINED- GRAIN, to form into small particles [v]
ABDT/READING/S material that is read [n -S]

700/1881 EKSSY SYKES- SYKE, a small stream, also SIKE [n]
YESKS- YESK, to hiccup, also YEX [v]

701/1882 EINTT ETTIN/S a giant, also ETEN [n -S]

702/1884 ELZZ LEZZ-/AY a lesbian, also LEZ, LEZZA, LEZZIE, LEZZY [n -ES]

703/1885 AKSSW -SKAWS- SKAW, a low cape [n]

704/1889 ADEMNORS MADRONES- MADRONE, an evergreen tree, also MADRONA, MADRONO [n]
T/RANSOMED RANSOM, to pay a price for redemption from captivity [v]
ROADSMEN ROADSMAN, a driver (one that drives (to urge or convey forward)) [n]

705/1890 EEGNOOST OSTEOGEN/SY a substance from which bone is formed [n -S]

706/1894 ABFR -BARF-/IS to vomit (to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
FRAB-/S to worry (to cause to be anxious) [v FRABBED, FRABBING, FRABS]

707/1902 AENWZ WANZE/DS to decrease (to diminish (to lessen (to become less))) [v WANZED, WANZING, WANZES]

708/1909 ACEIINRS RIANCIES RIANCY, merriment [n]

709/1915 EEINPRT INEPTER INEPT, clumsy (awkward (lacking grace)) [adj]

710/1918 ADEINORU DOUANIER/S a custom-house officer [n -S]

711/1930 AEENPRS PANEERS- PANEER, a soft white cheese used in Indian cookery [n]

712/1938 ADDEELNO LOADENED LOADEN, to load (to place goods or cargo on transportation) [v]

713/1941 EPPR PERP-/S a perpetrator (slang) [n -S]
-PREP-/S to attend a preparatory school [v PREPPED, PREPPING, PREPS]
REPP-/S a cross-ribbed fabric [n -S]

714/1956 DEKOPR PORKED PORK, to have sexual intercourse with (taboo) [v]
-PROKED- PROKE, to poke (to prod (to jab (to poke sharply))) [v]

715/1965 EFINX ENFIX to fix in, also INFIX [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

716/1970 DGIINORS O/DORISING DORISE, to become like the Dorians, also DORIZE [v]


718/1983 DEILOSV LIVEDOS- LIVEDO, a discoloured patch on the skin [n]

719/1985 DEGILNNO BG/OLDENING OLDEN, to age (to grow old) [v]

720/1990 AEHINRTW TARWHINE/S an Australian fish [n -S]

721/1993 ADEIPRST DIPTERAS- DIPTERA, a two-winged insect [n]
DRAPIEST DRAPEY, characterized by graceful folds [adj]
RAPIDEST RAPID, swift (speedy (swift)) [adj]
A/-SPIRATED spirally twisted [adj]
TARSIPED/S a marsupial [n -S]
TRAIPSED- TRAIPSE, to walk wearily also TRAPE, TRAPES, TRAPSE [v]

722/1995 ELORSTW -TROWELS- TROWEL, to smooth with a tool with a flat blade [v]
WORTLES- WORTLE, a perforated plate with wire to make it thinner [n]

723/1999 DOTW -DOWT-/S a cigarette-end [n -S]

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