1/1/AIS DKPRSTW/-AIS- AI, a three-toed sloth [n]
-SAI/CDLMNRS a monkey [n -S]

2/2/EHOS S/-HOES- HOE, to garden with a hoe [v]
CTW/-HOSE-/DLNRSY to spray with water [v HOSED, HOSING, HOSES] / stockings or socks [n HOSEN]
-SHOE-/DRS to provide with a covering for the foot [v SHOD or SHOED, SHODDEN or SHOED, SHOEING, SHOES] / a covering for the foot [n SHOES or SHOON]

3/3/CHIN -CHIN-/AEGKOS to hold with the lower part of the face [v CHINNED, CHINNING, CHINS]
CFGLPW/INCH to move very slowly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

4/4/ENOS AJNP/-EONS- EON, a vast age, also AEON [n]
-NOES NO, a negative reply [n]
-NOSE-/DRSY to sniff with a smelling organ [v NOSED, NOSING, NOSES]
BCHJNPRSTZ/ONES- ONE, a number [n]
-SONE-/S a unit of loudness [n -S]

5/5/EOPR S/-PORE/DRS to gaze intently [v PORED, PORING, PORES]
REPO-/ST something repossessed [n -S]
GT/-ROPE/DRSY to bind with thick twisted fibre [v ROPED, ROPING, ROPES]


7/7/OOR BDGHLMP/-OOR- belonging to us, also OUR [adj OORIER, OORIEST]
BP/-ROO/DFKMNPST a kangaroo (an Australian mammal) [n -S]

8/8/APRS S/-PARS-/E PAR, to score a certain number of golf strokes [v]
CDFTW/RAPS- RAP, to strike sharply [v]
G/-RASP-/SY to scrape with something rough [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SPAR-/DEKST to box (to put in a container) [v SPARRED, SPARRING, SPARS]

9/9/AERS BCDFGHLMNPRTVW/-ARES- ARE, a land measure [n]
CFMP/ARSE-/DSY the buttocks [n -S] / as in "to arse about", to muck around [v ARSED, ARSING, ARSES]
BDFGHLNPRSTWY/-EARS-/T EAR, to form a spike or a head of corn [v]
T/-ERAS-/E ERA, an important period of time, also EPOCH, EPOCHA [n]
EPU/RASE-/DRS to demolish, also RAZE [v RASED, RASING, RASES]
-SEAR-/ES to burn the surface of [v -ED, -ING, -S] / withered, dry [adj SEARER, SEAREST]
-SERA-/CIL SERUM, the watery portion of whole blood [n]

10/10/APSS GHJRW/ASPS- ASP, a venomous snake, also ASPICK [n]
-PASS-/E to go by [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SAPS- SAP, to deprive of strength [v]
-SPAS-/M SPA, a mineral spring [n]

11/11/NRU K/-NUR-/DLRS a knot of wood, also KNUR, KNURR, NURR [n -S]
-RUN/DEGST to move by rapid steps [v RAN or RUNED, RUNNING or RONNING, RUNS]
BCDGOT/URN-/S to enclose in a type of vase [v -ED, -ING, -S]

12/12/DEI DEI-/DFL DEUS, god [n]
DIE-/BDLST to cut with a material shaping device [v DIED, DIEING, DIES] / to lose one's life [v DIED, DYING, DIES]
ABCEHNRSTVW/-IDE-/AEMS a European freshwater fish [n -S]

13/13/AAENNSTT -STANNATE/S a salt of stannic acid [n -S]
S/-TANNATES- TANNATE, a chemical salt [n]

14/14/AHSW CST/HAWS-/E HAW, to turn left [v]
P/-SHAW-/LMNS to show (to display (to put on show)) [v SHAWED, SHAWN, SHAWING, SHAWS]
SHWA/S an indistinct vowel sound [n -S]
AS/-WASH-/Y to cleanse in liquid [v WASHED, WASHEN or WASHED, WASHING, WASHES]

15/15/AABEHLOT OATHABLE capable of taking an oath [adj]

16/16/AEKST -KETAS- KETA, a Pacific salmon [n]
SKATE-/DRS to glide over ice with blades or wheels [v SKATED, SKATING, SKATES]
-STAKE/DRS to fasten with a pointed piece of wood or metal [v STAKED, STAKING, STAKES]
-STEAK/S a slice of beef [n -S]
S/-TAKES- TAKE, to seize possession [v]
S/TEAKS- TEAK, an East Indian tree [n]

17/17/EILV DK/EVIL/S wickedness or depravity [n -S] / morally bad [adj EVILER, EVILEST, EVILLER, EVILLEST]
ABOS/LIVE/DNRS to function as a living thing [v LIVED, LIVING, LIVES] / having life (the state of functional activity) [adj LIVER, LIVEST]
VEIL/SY to wear a piece of sheer fabric [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VILE/R physically repulsive [adj VILER, VILEST]
-VLEI/S a swamp, also VLY [n -S]

18/18/BRU BRU/STX buddy, pal, also BRO [n -S]
-BUR/ABDGKLNPRSY to remove a rough edge from [v BURRED, BURRING, BURS]
DG/RUB/ESY to apply friction to [v RUBBET or RUBBIT or RUBBED, RUBBING, RUBS]
BC/URB-/S an urban area [n -S]

19/19/EEHR CSTW/-HERE-/S this place [n -S]

20/20/DENS -DENS-/E DEN, to live in a lair [v]
BFHLMPRSTVW/ENDS- END, to terminate [v]
S/-NEDS- NED, a young hooligan [n]
-SEND-/S to cause to go [v SENT, SENDING, SENDS] / to pitch into a trough of also SCEND [v SENDED, SENDING, SENDS]
-SNED/S to prune (to trim and shape by cutting back) [v SNEDDED, SNEDDING, SNEDS]