1/AAAIMN MANAIA/S a figure in Maori carving consisting of a human body and bird-like head [n -S]

2/AABDERTV VARTABED/S an Armenian clergyman [n -S]

3/AABEHNST ABTHANES- ABTHANE, a monastic territory [n]

4/AABELNPT PANTABLE/S a slipper (a light, low shoe) [n -S]

5/AABELNRY BALNEARY a bath (a receptacle for bathing) [n BALNEARIES]

6/AABENPRS PARABENS- PARABEN, any of a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries [n]

7/AABIMNO AMBOINA/S the mottled wood of an Indonesian tree, also AMBOYNA [n -S]
BONAMIA/S a parasite that attacks oysters [n -S]

8/AABINRS C/ARABINS- ARABIN, the essential chemical within gum arabic [n]

9/AACEHLNT CALANTHE/S an orchid (a flowering plant) [n -S]

10/AACELNRY ARCANELY secretly (kept from knowledge or view) [adv]

11/AACEMNST CAMSTANE/S a type of white stone, also CAMSTONE [n -S]

12/AACENPST PASTANCE/S a pastime (a recreational activity) [n -S]

13/AACEPRST CAPRATES- CAPRATE, a type of salt [n]

14/AACERSTV CRAVATES- CRAVATE, a scarf or band worn as necktie also CRAVAT [n]

15/AADNORY ANYROAD anyway (in any case) [adv]

16/AAEHLMNT -METHANAL/S formaldehyde [n -S]

17/AAELMNPT PLATEMAN someone who is in charge of the silver-plate [n PLATEMEN]

18/AAEMPRST APTAMERS- APTAMER, any of various created RNA-based molecules with therapeutic properties [n]

19/AAENPSTY PEASANTY- in the style of a peasant [adj]

20/AAFLNOR FORLANA/S a dance of old Venice, also FURLANA [n -S]

21/AAITW -AWAIT/S to wait for [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TAWAI-/S (Maori) a New Zealand beech, also TAWHAI [n -S]

22/AALMORT ALAMORT half dead [adj]

23/ABBEENOR BAREBONE/DS a lean person [n -S]

24/ABBEIST BABIEST- BABY, childish (like a child) [adj]
TABBIES TABBY, to give a wavy appearance to [v]

25/ABEGOTT BOTTEGA/S a wine shop [n -S]

26/ABIOO BOOAI/S a remote rural place, also BOOHAI, BOOAY [n -S]

27/ABIOOS BOOAIS- BOOAI, a remote rural place, also BOOHAI, BOOAY [n]

28/ABOUY BAYOU/S a marshy offshoot of a lake or river [n -S]
BOYAU/X a communication trench [n BOYAUX]

CROCEATE saffron-coloured, also CROCEOUS [adj]

30/ACDEIRTT CITRATED- pertaining to citrate (a salt of citric acid) [adj]
TETRACID/S a type of acid (a type of chemical compound) [n -S]
TETRADIC pertaining to a tetrad (a group of four) [adj]

31/ACDIIRS CIDARIS a type of tiara (a jewelled headpiece) [n -ES]
SCIARID/S a tiny fly [n -S]

32/ACEEMORW OWRECAME OWRECOME, (Scots) to overcome [v]

33/ACEHLV CHEVAL as in cheval glass, a tiltable mirror [adj]

34/ACINU UNCIA-/EL a coin of ancient Rome [n UNCIAE]
T/UNICA UNICUM, a unique example or specimen [n]

35/ADDEELN DELENDA things to be deleted [n]
LADENED LADEN, to load with cargo, also LADE [v]

36/ADDEERS DEADERS- DEADER, a corpse [n]

37/ADIISY SAIYID/S a title of respect for a Muslim dignitary, also SAYYID, SAYID, SAID [n -S]

38/ADLLOP DALLOP/S a lump [n -S]

39/AEEGLV -GLEAVE/S a sword (a weapon with a long blade) [n -S]

40/AEEHMORW HOMEWARE/S the things that furnish a home [n -S]

41/AEELLST LEALEST LEAL, loyal (faithful) [adj]

42/AEELNSS ENSEALS- ENSEAL, to put a seal upon [v]

43/AEERSSU RESEAUS- RESEAU, a filter screen for making colour films [n]
SEASURE/S a convulsion [n -S]
UREASES- UREASE, an enzyme that converts urea to a salt, also URASE [n]

44/AEGV A/-GAVE/L GIVE, to transfer freely to another's possession [v]
VEGA-/NS a low fertile plain [n -S]

45/AEL BDEGHKMPRSTVWY/ALE-/CEFSW an alcoholic beverage [n -S]
FIOP/-LEA/DFKLMNPRST a meadow, also LEY [n -S]

46/AENOPSSU POSAUNES- POSAUNE, the trombone (a brass wind instrument) [n]

47/AEOPRSSU J/ASPEROUS rough with short hairs [adj]

48/AHINRTY RHYTINA/S an aquatic mammal [n -S]

49/AHITU HUTIA/S the hog-rat [n -S]

50/AHLNOP PHONAL pertaining to speech sounds [adj]

51/BDDEIORS DISORBED deprived of the orb of sovereignty [adj]
DISROBED- DISROBE, to undress (to take off clothing) [v]

52/BDEINOSS BISSONED BISSON, to cause to be blind [v]

53/BDELNOS BLONDES-/T BLONDE, a fair complexioned and haired person, also BLOND [n]
-BOLDENS- BOLDEN, to make bold (brave, daring) [v]

54/BDELOTU BOULTED BOULT, to sieve through a cloth [v]
DOUBLET-/S a close-fitting jacket [n -S]

55/BDENOSU BONUSED BONUS, in Scrabble, to play all seven of one's tiles in a single turn [v]

56/BDEORSU OBDURES- OBDURE, to become hard-hearted, also OBDURATE [v]
ROSEBUD/S the bud of a rose [n -S]

57/BEIOSSTU BOUSIEST BOUSY, inclined to booze, also BOOZY, BOOZEY [adj]

58/CDEIORSS DISCOERS- DISCOER, one who frequents discos [n]

SCODIEST SCODY, (New Zealand) unkempt, dirty [adj]

60/CDELNOU ENCLOUD/S to cover with clouds [v -ED, -ING, -S]

61/CDEOSTU CUSTODE/S a custodian [n -S]
DOUCEST DOUCE, sedate (calm (free from agitation)) [adj]
DOUCETS- DOUCET, a sweet dish, also DOWSET [n]
SCOUTED SCOUT, to reconnoitre [v]

62/CEEIMOTY MEIOCYTE/S a cell which divides by meioisis [n -S]

63/CEFIILRT CLIFTIER CLIFTY, broken into cliffs [adj]

64/CEFILOUV VOICEFUL sonorous (characterized by a full and loud sound) [adj]

65/CEIINSTY CYTISINE/S a type of alkaloid (a type of chemical compound) [n -S]
SYENITIC pertaining to [adj SYENITE]

66/CEILLNOS LIONCELS- LIONCEL, a small lion used as a bearing (heraldry), also LIONEL [n]

67/CEILLORS COLLIERS- COLLIER, a coal miner [n]
ORSELLIC relating to orseille [adj]

68/CEILLOTU COUTILLE/S a type of cotton fabric, also COUTIL [n -S]

69/CEILNOSS CONSEILS- CONSEIL, advice (counsel) [n]
INCLOSES- INCLOSE, to surround, also ENCLOSE [v]

70/CEINNT INCENT/S to provide with an incentive [v -ED, -ING, -S]

71/CEIORSSU -SCOURIES- SCOURIE, a young gull [n]

LEUCONS- LEUCON, a sponge of complex structure [n]
UNCLOSE/DS to open (to expose to view) [v UNCLOSED, UNCLOSING, UNCLOSES]

73/CIILORT CORTILI CORTILE, an enclosed courtyard [n]

74/DDEEINS DESINED- DESINE, to plan in outline, also DESIGN, DESYNE [v]
-NEDDIES/T NEDDY, a donkey (the common ass) [n]
SDEINED SDEIN, to disdain (to scorn (to treat with contempt)) [v]

75/DDEEIRS DERIDES- DERIDE, to ridicule (to make fun of) [v]
DESIRED- DESIRE, to wish for [v]
DIEDRES- DIEDRE, an inwards angle in rock [n]
P/RESIDED- RESIDE, to live in a certain place [v]

76/DDEEIST DEIDEST DEID, dead (not alive) [adj]
S/-TEDDIES- TEDDIE, an item of woman's underwear [n]

77/DDEINOPS DISPONED- DISPONE, to make a legal transfer [v]

78/DDEIOPRS DROPSIED having dropsy (unnatural accumulation of serous fluid) [adj]
-SPODDIER SPODDY, boring, studious [adj]

79/DDEIOPST S/PODDIEST- PODDY, corpulent [adj]

80/DEEILLR DELLIER DELLY, like a dell [adj]

81/DEEINSS DESINES- DESINE, to plan in outline, also DESIGN, DESYNE [v]

82/DEFLORU -FLOURED FLOUR, to cover with a finely ground meal or grain [v]
-FOULDER/S to thunder (to produce a loud, resounding sound) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

83/DEGILRS GILDERS- GILDER, one that gilds (to cover with a thin layer of gold) [n]
GIRDLES- GIRDLE, to encircle with a belt [v]
GLIDERS- GLIDER, a type of aircraft (a machine for travelling in the air) [n]
GRISLED grey (between black and white, also GRAY) [adj]
LIDGERS- LIDGER, the financial record book of a company, also LIEGER [n]
REGILDS- REGILD, to gild once more [v]
RIDGELS- RIDGEL, a male animal whose testicles have not descended, also RIDGLING, RIDGIL [n]

84/DEHIORSS DISHORSE/DS to make someone fall from a horse [v DISHORSED, DISHORSING, DISHORSES]
HIDROSES HIDROSIS, abnormal perspiration [n]

85/DEHLOST SLOTHED SLOTH, to be lazy [v]

86/DEHNOSU UNSHOED- UNSHOE, to strip of shoes [v]

87/DEINOPSS DISPONES- DISPONE, to make a legal transfer [v]
DOPINESS the state of being dopey (lethargic; stupid, also DOPY) [n -ES]
SPINODES- SPINODE, the cusp of a point [n]

88/DELMORS S/MOLDERS- MOLDER, to turn to dust by natural decay, also MOULDER [v]
P/REMOLDS- REMOLD, to mold again [v]
SLORMED SLORM, to wipe carelessly [v]
-SMOLDER/S to burn with no flame, also SMOULDER [v -ED, -ING, -S]

89/DHITU DHUTI/S a loincloth worn by Indian men, also DHOOTI, DHOOTIE, DHOTI [n -S]

90/DHLLO DHOLL-/S a pea-like plant [n -S]

91/EEHT L/-ETHE-/R easy, also EATH, EATHE [adj]
THEE-/DKS to use the pronoun thee [v THEED, THEEING, THEES]

92/EEILLRS LEISLER/S a small black bat [n -S]
RELLIES- (Australian slang) relatives [n]

93/EEILNSS ENISLES- ENISLE, to put onto an island, also INISLE [v]
ENSILES- ENSILE, to store in a silo, also ENSILAGE [v]
SENILES- SENILE, one who exhibits senility [n]
-SENSILE responsive to stimulus [adj]
SILENES- SILENE, a flowering plant [n]

94/EEINOPPR PEPERINO/S a type of rock [n -S]
PEPERONI/S a highly seasoned sausage [n -S]
RONEPIPE/S (Scots) a drainpipe, also RONE [n -S]

95/EFIIPRST FIREPITS- FIREPIT, a depression dug in the ground in which a fire is made [n]
SPITFIRE/S a hot-tempered person [n -S]

96/EFIIRTUV FRUITIVE coming to fruition [adj]

97/EGIMORR GORMIER GORMY, sticky (tending to adhere) [adj]

98/EGINNOV D/OVENING OVEN, to cook in an oven, also OON [v]

99/EGIORRV GROVIER GROVY, like a grove [adj]

HOUSIEST HOUSEY, typical of house music (disco mixes) [adj]
STOUSHIE/S fuss, also STUSHIE [n -S]

101/EIIMNSTV MINIVETS- MINIVET, a brightly coloured shrike-like bird [n]

102/EILOPSST PISTOLES- PISTOLE, a former European gold coin [n]
PTILOSES PTILOSIS, plumage (the feathers of a bird) [n]
SLOPIEST SLOPY, sloping [adj]

103/FIINORS FIORINS- FIORIN, a type of grass [n]

104/FMOO MOFO/S motherfucker (obscene insult) [n -S]

105/GIINOSTT -STOITING STOIT, to bounce (to spring back) [v]

106/HIINORS NOIRISH bleakish (somewhat bleak) [adj]
ROINISH mangy (affected with mange, also MANGEY) [adj]

107/HIIORST HISTRIO/NS an actor (a theatrical performer) [n -S]

108/HIOW WHIO/S a New Zealand mountain duck with blue plumage [n -S]

109/IINOPST POITINS- POITIN, irish whiskey distilled unlawfully, also POTEEN, POTHEEN, POTTEEN [n]

110/IINORSV VIRINOS- VIRINO, a hypothetical organism [n]
VIRIONS- VIRION, a virus particle [n]

111/IIORSTV IVORIST/S a worker in ivory [n -S]
VISITOR/S someone who calls in to see you, also VISITANT, VISITER [n -S]

112/IKLNORT LINKROT/S the condition of a website link not being updated, with the result that the host website is no longer hyperlinked to the desired website [n -S]

113/LUZ LUZ a bone [n LUZZES]