1/AAAGILRT ALIGARTA/S alligator [n -S]

2/AAAGINRS ANGARIAS- ANGARIA, the right of warring state to seize neutral property, also ANGARY [n]
NIAGARAS- NIAGARA, a deluge or outpouring [n]

3/AABCIILR BIRACIAL including members of two races [adj]

4/AABORST ABATORS- ABATOR, one who unlawfully seizes an inheritance [n]
RABATOS- RABATO, a wide, lace-edged collar, also REBATO [n]
ROBATAS- ROBATA, (Japanese) a grill used for Japanese cooking [n]

5/AACLORT CROTALA- CROTALUM, a type of castanet (a rhythm instrument) [n]

6/AACORTU ACATOUR/S a caterer (one who caters (to provide food and service)) [n -S]
AUTOCAR/PS a motor car [n -S]

7/AADERSY ARAYSED- ARAYSE, to raise, also ARAISE [v]
DARESAY suppose (no inflections) [v 1st person sing]

8/AADMNOR MADRONA/S an evergreen tree, also MADRONE, MADRONO [n -S]
MANDORA/S a large mandoline [n -S]
MONARDA/S an aromatic herb [n -S]
ROADMAN a man who repairs roads [n ROADMEN]

9/AADNOPR PADRONA/S (Italian) a female boss or employer [n -S]
PANDORA/S ancient musical instrument, also BANDORA, BANDORE, PANDORE, PANDURA [n -S]

10/AAEEGMN -AMENAGE/DS to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v AMENAGED, AMENAGING, AMENAGES]

11/AAEFFNR FANFARE/DS to herald with loud acclaim [v FANFARED, FANFARING, FANFARES]

12/AAEFLRS RAFALES- RAFALE, a burst of artillery in quick rounds [n]

13/AAEGILSS ALGESIAS- ALGESIA, sensitivity to pain [n]

14/AAEGISSU AGEUSIAS- AGEUSIA, lack of a sense of taste [n]


16/AAEIMSUV MAUVAISE- worthless [adj]


18/AAELSTV VALETAS- VALETA, a dance in waltz time [n]

19/AAFGIN FAAING FAA, (Scots) to fall [v]

20/ABDEELTT BATTELED BATTEL, to have an account for kitchen provisions [v]
TABLETED TABLET, to write on a small flat surface [v]

21/ABDEGLRS BELGARDS- BELGARD, a fair look [n]

22/ABDFNORU FUNBOARD/S a special fast windsurfing board [n -S]

23/ABEESTTU BEAUTEST BEAUT, beautiful [adj]


25/ABEGLRSU BLAGUERS- BLAGUER, one who talks pretentious nonsense, also BLAGUEUR [n]

26/ABELLNOS BONSELLA/S a gratuity to a black South African, also BONSELA, BANSELA, PASELA [n -S]

27/ABELLNRU RUBELLAN-/S an altered biotite [n -S]

28/ABELNNRU RUNNABLE fit for hunting [adj]

29/ABELNOSS BONSELAS- BONSELA, a gratuity to a black South African, also BONSELLA, BANSELA, PASELA [n]

30/ABELNRU NEBULAR- relating to nebulae [adj]

31/ABENU ABUNE scots form of above [prep]

32/ABEP PEBA/S a type of armadillo [n -S]

33/ABGI BIGA-/E a two horse chariot [n BIGAE]

34/ACDEERRS SACREDER SACRED, dedicated to or set apart for the worship of a deity [adj]
SCAREDER SCARED, frightened [adj]

35/ACDEORSS SARCODES- SARCODE, living matter [n]

36/ACDIIOS ISODICA ISODICON, a short religious anthem [n]

37/ACEFIILS FELICIAS- FELICIA, a South American herb [n]

38/ACELLORS CORELLAS- CORELLA, an Australan bird [n]

39/ACELMOU CAULOME/S the structure of a plant [n -S]
LEUCOMA/S an opacity of the cornea, also LEUKOMA [n -S]

40/ACELOSST ALECOSTS- ALECOST, a herb used to flavour ale [n]
COATLESS without a coat [adj]
LACTOSES- LACTOSE, a lactic sugar [n]
SCATOLES- SCATOLE, a crystalline compound [n]

41/ACENSTU NUTCASE/S a crazy person [n -S]

42/ACEOSTUU AUTOCUES- AUTOCUE, a device for prompting a television speaker [n]

43/ACILRSU URACILS- URACIL, a chemical compound [n]

44/ACINNORR NARICORN/S the end of a bird's nostril [n -S]

45/ACIORRTT TRIACTOR/S a wager whereby the bettor must pick the first three places in the correct order [n -S]

46/ADDEIRR ARRIDED- ARRIDE, to please (to give enjoyment or satisfaction to, also PLEASURE) [v]

47/ADEEHRRS ADHERERS- ADHERER, one who remains close [n]
REDSHARE brittle at red-heat, also REDSEAR, REDSHIRE, REDSHORT [adj]

48/ADEERRSV ADVERSER- ADVERSE, acting against [adj]

49/ADEFGLRU FELDGRAU/S the grey colour of German military uniforms [n -S]

50/ADEGGIR DAGGIER DAGGY, scruffy (shabby (ragged (tattered))) [adj]

51/ADEGLMRU MAULGRED- MAULGRE, to spite (to treat with malice) [v]

52/ADEGLSTY DALGYTES- DALGYTE, (Australia) another name for the bilby [n]

53/ADEKNST DANKEST DANK, unpleasantly damp [adj]
-STANKED STANK, to dam (to build an embankment to retain water) [v]

54/ADEKRST DARKEST DARK, having little light [adj]
STARKED STARK, to stiffen (to make stiff (not easily bent)) [v]
STRAKED- having strakes (the planking extending along a ship's hull) [adj]

55/ADELLMOR MORALLED MORAL, to moralize (to explain in a moral sense, also MORALISE) [v]

56/ADELLOTV LAVOLTED LAVOLT, to dance with much leaping and turning, also LAVOLTA [v]

57/ADENOSSY ODYSSEAN of or like an odyssey, a long wandering journey [adj]

58/ADGIIIRT TIGRIDIA/S a tropical American plant with colourful flowers [n -S]

59/ADGINNR DARNING/S things to be darned [n -S]
NARDING NARD, to anoint with the aromatic oil spikenard [v]
B/RANDING RAND, to rant (to declaim bombastically) [v]

60/ADGINNT -DANTING DANT, to frighten, also DAUNT [v]

61/ADGINRR DARRING DARRE, to venture boldly, also DARE, DAUR [v]

62/ADINOSX DIAXONS- DIAXON, a bipolar nerve-cell [n]
DIOXANS- DIOXAN, a toxic flammable solvent, also DIOXANE [n]


64/ADLMOORU MALODOUR/S an offensive odor, also MALODOR, MALAROMA [n -S]

65/AEEHSTVY HEAVYSET stocky (having a short, thick body) [adj]

66/AEEIIRS AIERIES AIERY, the nest of a bird of prey, also EYRIE, AERIE, AERY, AYRIE [n]

67/AEEIN AINEE- elder (feminine form) [adj]

68/AEEL -ALEE- toward the side of a vessel sheltered from the wind [adv]
V/-EALE/DS (Shakes.) to ail [v EALES, EALING, EALED]

69/AEELN ANELE/DS to anoint (to consecrate with oil) [v ANELED, ANELING, ANELES]

70/AEEMSTTU -AMUSETTE/S a light field gun [n -S]

71/AEENR ARENE/S an aromatic hydrocarbon [n -S]
RANEE/S the wife of a rajah, also RANI [n -S]

72/AEFILNNR INFERNAL pertaining to hell [adj]

73/AEFLLORU FLORULAE- FLORULA, a fossil flower, also FLORULE [n]

74/AEFLNUU FAUNULE/S the fauna of a small region, also FAUNULA [n -S]


76/AEGGILN BT/EAGLING EAGLE, to score two under par in golf [v]
-GEALING GEAL, to congeal (to change from a fluid to a solid) [v]
LIGNAGE/S ancestry (a line of ancestors) [n -S]

77/AEGGLNS -GANGLES- GANGLE, to move awkwardly [v]
LAGGENS- LAGGEN, the angle between the side and bottom of a wooden dish, also LAGGIN [n]
SNAGGLE/S a tangled or knotted mass [n -S]

78/AEGLMRSU MAULGRES- MAULGRE, to spite (to treat with malice) [v]

79/AEGMPS SEPMAG pertaining to synchronized sound and film [adj]

80/AEHRSTTY SHATTERY- brittle (frail (fragile (easily broken))) [adj]

81/AEIILMPS LIPEMIAS- LIPEMIA, excessive fat in the blood, also LIPAEMIA [n]

82/AEILLW WALLIE/RS a fool [n -S]


84/AEIRSSU SAURIES SAURY, a marine fish [n]

85/AEITTT TATTIE/RS a potato (the edible tuber of a cultivated plant) [n -S]

86/AEKLNST ANKLETS- ANKLET, an ornament for the ankle [n]
-ASKLENT on the slant, also ASLANT, SLANTLY [adv]
B/LANKEST LANK, long and thin [adj]

87/AEKNRSU UNRAKES- UNRAKE, to uncover by racking [v]

88/AELLNOPS PALLONES- PALLONE, an Italian ball game [n]

89/AELLOPRS REPOSALL-/S reposing [n -S]

90/AELLORSV ALLOVERS- ALLOVER, a fabric with a pattern over the entire surface [n]
C/OVERALLS- OVERALL, a loose coverall [n]

91/AELNRSZ RANZELS- RANZEL, a search for stolen goods, also RANCEL, RANSEL [n]


93/AELOSSTY -ASYSTOLE/S a heart malfunction [n -S]

94/AELOSVY SAVELOY/S a highly seasoned sausage [n -S]

95/AEMN RSY/-AMEN-/DEST to conclude prayerfully [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-MANE-/BDHST the long hair that grows on the neck of some animals [n -S]
-MEAN/ESTY to intend (to have as one's aim or purpose) [v MEANED, MEANT, MEANING, MEANS] / stingy, MEANER, MEANEST (pa p MEANT) [adj MEANEST, MEANER]
-NAME-/DRS to give a title to [v NAMED, NAMING, NAMES]
E/NEMA/S a kind of worm, also NEMATODE [n -S]

96/AEMNS RY/AMENS- AMEN, to conclude prayerfully [v]
-MANES- MANE, the long hair that grows on the neck of some animals [n]
MANSE-/S a clergyman's house [n -S]
-MEANS- MEAN, to intend (to have as one's aim or purpose) [v]
MENSA/ELS the grinding surface of a tooth [n MENSAS or MENSAE]
-NAMES- NAME, to give a title to [v]
E/NEMAS- NEMA, a kind of worm, also NEMATODE [n]
-SAMEN- identical [adj]

97/AEMORSSU MESOSAUR/S an extinct aquatic reptile [n -S]

98/AENQSTU -EQUANTS- EQUANT, a geometric adjustment to explain planetary motion [n]

99/AENRW DFPY/AWNER/S an awn removing machine [n -S]
REWAN REWIN, to win again [v]

100/AENSTUX UNTAXES UNTAX, to remit a tax on [v]

101/AEQRSTU S/QUAREST QUARE, queer (odd (unusual (not usual))) [adj]
QUARTES- QUARTE, a fencing movement [n]
QUATRES- QUATRE, the four in cards or dice [n]

102/AETW -TWAE-/S two (a number) [n -S]
-WATE-/R WIT, to know (to have a true understanding of) [v]
-WETA-/S a grasshopper [n -S]

103/AFLRU FURAL/S a liquid obtained from bran and acid, also FURFURAL, FURFUROL, FUROL, FUROLE [n -S]

104/AGIKNRST KARTINGS- KARTING, the sport of racing karts [n]
STARKING STARK, to stiffen (to make stiff (not easily bent)) [v]

105/AGILNNR LARNING LARN, (dialect) to learn [v]

106/AGILNNT TANLING/S a person tanned by the sun [n -S]

107/AGILUYZ GAUZILY GAUZY, resembling gauze (a transparent fabric) [adv]

108/AGINPST PASTING/S a beating (a defeat) [n -S]
TAPINGS- TAPING, the act of recording something to magnetic tape [n]

109/AGINTTU TATUING TATU, to mark the skin, also TATTOW [v]
TAUTING TAUT, to tangle (to form into an interwoven mass) [v]

110/AGLMU ALGUM/S a wood imported into ancient Palestine [n -S]
ALMUG/S a precious wood mentioned in the Bible [n -S]
GLAUM/S to clutch (to grasp and hold tightly) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MULGA/S an acacia tree [n -S]

111/AGMMU -GUMMA/S a soft tumour [n GUMMAS or GUMMATA]

112/AGMOP GOMPA/S a temple (a house of worship) [n -S]

113/AHOP -OPAH-/S a marine fish [n -S]

114/AILNOQU AQUILON/S the north wind [n -S]

115/AILNSSTU STUNSAIL/S a type of sail [n -S]
UNALISTS- UNALIST, a holder of one benefice [n]

116/AILRSSTU TISSULAR pertaining to structural material [adj]
TRISULAS- TRISULA, a trident of Siva, also TRISUL [n]

117/AIPRSUY PYURIAS- PYURIA, the presence of pus in the urine [n]

118/ALNPSTU PULSANT pulsating [adj]
PULTANS- PULTAN, an Indian regiment, also PULTUN, PULTON, PULTOON [n]

119/ALOQSTU LOQUATS- LOQUAT, a small evergreen tree [n]

120/AOP CG/-APO/DS a type of protein (apolipoprotein) [n -S]
D/-OPA-/HLS (German) a grandfather also OUPA [n -S]
POA-/S a type of plant [n -S]

121/BDEEILTT BETITLED- BETITLE, to give a name to [v]

122/BDEGINSU DEBUSING DEBUS, to get off a bus [v]

123/BDEIIRS BIRDIES- BIRDIE, to score one under par in golf [v]
BRIDIES- BRIDIE, a meat and onion turnover [n]

124/BDIOSV BOVIDS- BOVID, an animal of the cattle family [n]

125/BDLO -BOLD/S brave, daring [adj BOLDER, BOLDEST / to make type bold [v -ED, -ING, -S]


127/BDNOOPTU POTBOUND of a plant, having roots which have grown to fill the pot [adj]

128/BEEEMOS BEESOME blind, also BISSON [adj]

129/BEEGIIR BEIGIER BEIGY, relating to the color beige [adj]

130/BEEILSTT BETITLES- BETITLE, to give a name to [v]

131/BEGILNSU BLUEINGS- BLUEING, the process of imparting a blue colour [n]
BULGINES-/S BULGINE, a steam locomotive, also BULLGINE [n]

132/BEGLNRSU -BLUNGERS- BLUNGER, a person who blunges [n]
BUNGLERS- BUNGLER, one who mismanages [n]

133/BEMOP POMBE/S an African alcoholic drink [n -S]


135/BFIR -FRIB/S heavy wool removed in woolclassing [n -S]

136/BGI BIG-/AGS to build (to construct) [v BIGGED, BIGGING, BIGS] / of large size [adj BIGGER, BIGGEST]
GIB-/ES to fasten with a wedge of wood or metal [v GIBBED, GIBBING, GIBS]

137/BGMOO GOMBO/S the okra plant, also GUMBO, GOMBRO [n -S]

138/BGMOOR GOMBRO/S the okra plant, also GUMBO, GOMBO [n -S]

139/BINORST RIBSTON/ES an apple, also RIBSTONE [n -S]

140/CEEEILNT TELECINE/S television transmission [n -S]

141/CEEILLNT LENTICEL/S a mass of cells on a plant stem [n -S]
LENTICLE/S a double convex mass [n -S]

142/CEEORTW COWTREE/S a type of tree [n -S]

143/CEFHIM FEHMIC pertaining to the fehm [adj]

144/CEGILNSU LUCIGENS- LUCIGEN, an oil-burning lamp [n]
SCUNGILE (Italian) the meat of a mollusc or conch, eaten as a delicacy also SCUNGILLE [n SCUNGILI]

145/CEIIRSU CRUISIE/RS a type of iron lamp, also CRUSIE, CRUSY [n -S]

146/CEIRSUY CRUISEY- frequented by homosexuals looking for partners also CRUISY [adj CRUISIER, CRUISIEST]

147/CENPTUX EXPUNCT/S to wipe out [v -ED, -ING, -S]

148/CHIORW CHOWRI/S a device for repelling flies [n -S]

UNCOIL/S to unwind (to reverse the winding of) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

150/CNOPSTU PUNCTOS- PUNCTO, a moment (a brief period of time) [n]

151/CPSU S/-CUPS- CUP, to put into a small, open container [v]
CUSP/SY a pointed end [n -S]
-SCUP/S a marine fish food, also SCUPPAUG [n -S]

152/CPU S/-CUP/S to put into a small, open container [v CUPPED, CUPPING, CUPS]

153/DDENORS DONDERS- DONDER, to thrash (to beat (to strike repeatedly)) [v]
NODDERS- NODDER, one that nods (to give a quick forward motion of the head) [n]
-SNODDER SNOD, smooth (not rough also SMOOTHE) [adj]

154/DEEFISTT FETIDEST FETID, stinking, also FOETID [adj]

155/DEEFT FETED- FETE, to honour with festivities [v]

156/DEEGGINR GINGERED GINGER, to make spirited [v]
S/NIGGERED NIGGER, to char or blacken [v]
RENIGGED RENIG, to fail to carry out a promise, also RENEGE [v]

157/DEEGGIRT TIGGERED TIGGER, to damage (electronic equipment) beyond repair, esp as a result of tinkering [v]

158/DEEHIRRS REDSHIRE brittle at red-heat, also REDSEAR, REDSHARE, REDSHORT [adj]
-SHERRIED cooked or flavoured with sherry [adj]

159/DEEI -EIDE/R EIDOS, an essence (a fundamental nature) [n]
-IDEE-/S an idea (a conception or a plan) [n -S]

160/DEEIPSTT TEPIDEST TEPID, lukewarm (moderately warm) [adj]

161/DEELMOSU DUELSOME given to duelling [adj]

162/DEENNRU ENURNED ENURN, to put into an urn, also INURN [v]

163/DEENNST DENNETS- DENNET, a nineteenth century horse gig [n]
STENNED STEN, to bound (to leap (to spring off the ground)) [v]

164/DEENSTT DETENTS- DETENT, a locking or unlocking mechanism [n]
O/-STENTED STENT, to stint (to limit (to restrict (to keep within boundaries))) [v]

165/DEFGINSU DEFUSING DEFUSE, to remove the fuse from, also DEFUZE [v]
FEUDINGS- FEUDING, the act of feuding [n]

166/DEFGISTU FUDGIEST FUDGY, resembling fudge (a soft, sweet candy) [adj]

167/DEGHILNS HINDLEGS- HINDLEG, a rear leg [n]
SHINGLED- SHINGLE, to cover with thin tiles of wood [v]

168/DEGILMNS GILDSMEN GILDSMAN, a male member of a guild, also GUILDSMAN [n]

169/DEGILNPS SPELDING-/S a haddock (a food fish) [n -S]


171/DEGILNSW SWINGLED- SWINGLE, to separate the woody fibre by beating, also SCUTCH [v]
-WELDINGS- WELDING, the act of welding [n]


173/DEIILRV LIVIDER LIVID, of bluish leaden colour [adj]

174/DEIIMST MISDIET/S to diet or eat improperly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MISEDIT/S to edit incorrectly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STIMIED- STIMIE, to put in an impossible situation [v]

175/DEIINSY -YINDIES- YINDIE, a person in his or her early 30's who combines a lucrative career with non-mainstream tastes [n]

176/DEIIPRS PIERIDS- PIERID, a type of butterfly [n]

177/DEIJO EJIDO/S (Spanish) a piece of land farmed communally in Mexico [n -S]

178/DEIKNRS KINDERS- KINDER, short form of kindergarten [n]
KINREDS- KINRED, blood relationship, also KINDRED [n]
REDSKIN/S a North American Indian [n -S]

179/DEIKNST DINKEST DINK, neat (tidy (neat and orderly)) [adj]
KINDEST KIND, good to others [adj]

180/DEILNN DINNLE/DS to shake (to move to and fro with short, rapid movements) [v DINNLED, DINNLING, DINNLES]
LINDEN/S a tall forest tree [n -S]
B/-LINNED LIN, to cease (to stop (to halt or discontinue)) [v]

181/DEORTUU OUTDURE/DS to outlast (to last longer than) [v OUTDURED, OUTDURING, OUTDURES]

182/DFRY FYRD/S local militia in Anglo-Saxon times [n -S]

183/DIJMSU MUSJID/S a mosque (a Muslim place of worship, also MASJID, MOSK) [n -S]

184/EEENRTV -EVENTER/S a horse which is trained for events [n -S]
EVERNET/S the internet as an always available resource [n -S]

185/EEFILSTT FELTIEST FELTY, matted like felt [adj]

186/EEGGILNR LEGERING/S the act of swindling (to take money or property from by fraudulent means) [n -S]


188/EEGIKNT KITENGE/S a cotton cloth worn as a dress in East Africa [n -S]


190/EEILMSTT MELTIEST MELTY, liable to melt [adj]

191/EEILRRSV RELIVERS- RELIVER, to deliver back [v]
RESILVER/S to cover with silver [v -ED, -ING, -S]
REVILERS- REVILER, one who reviles (to assail with bitter abuse) [n]
SILVERER/S one that silvers (to cover with a metallic element) [n -S]
SLIVERER/S one that slivers (to cut into long, thin pieces) [n -S]

192/EEINP PENIE-/S a penny, also PENI [n -S]

193/EELRSTT LETTERS- LETTER, to inscribe with symbols of speech sounds [v]
LETTRES- LETTRE, a letter [n]
SETTLER-/S one that settles (to place in a desired order) [n -S]
STERLET/S a small sturgeon (an edible fish) [n -S]
TRESTLE/S a framework for supporting a bridge, also TRESSEL [n -S]

194/EEMNOPR REPOMEN REPOMAN, one who repossesses unpaid-for goods [n]

195/EEMOPRT TEMPORE in the time of [adv]

GULFIEST GULFY, full of whirlpools [adj]

197/EGHNORU ENROUGH/S to make rough (uneven (not even)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ROUGHEN/S to make rough (uneven (not even)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

198/EGIKOOST GOOKIEST GOOKY, sticky, messy [adj]

199/EGILMNSU GUMLINES- GUMLINE, the edge of the gums meeting the teeth [n]
LEGUMINS- LEGUMIN, a plant protein [n]
MULESING/S the practice of removing wool-bearing skin from around the tail of (esp merino) sheep to prevent blowfly infestation [n -S]

200/EHIRS T/HEIRS- HEIR, to inherit (to receive by legal succession) [v]
S/-HIRES- HIRE, to use for a price [v]
-RHIES RHY, a grass [n]
SEHRI/S a meal eaten before sunrise by those fasting during Ramadan, also SOHUR, SUHUR [n -S]
A/SHIER/S a horse who has a tendency to shy [n -S]
-SHIRE-/DS a rural district having its own elected council [n -S] / (Irish) to refresh or rest [v SHIRED, SHIRING, SHIRES]

201/EIILLW WILLIE/DS a penis (the male organ used for copulation) [n -S]

202/EIILMRS MILREIS a former monetary unit of Portugal [n MILREIS]
-SLIMIER SLIMY, resembling slime [adj]
SMILIER SMILEY, given to smiling [adj]

203/EIILPST SPILITE/S igneous rock [n -S]


205/EIKLNRS BCKPS/-LINKERS- LINKER, one that links (to connect (to join together)) [n]
RELINKS- RELINK, to link again [v]
-SLINKER/S one who slinks (to move stealthily) [n -S]

206/EIKRSTU TURKIES a gemstone, also TURKIS [n -ES]
TUSKIER TUSKY, having prominent tusks [adj]

207/EILOSTV LOVIEST- LOVEY, fondly affectionate also LOVIE [adj]
OLIVETS- OLIVET, a button shaped like an olive [n]
VIOLETS- VIOLET, a flowering plant [n]

208/EIOPRSUV PERVIOUS capable of being penetrated [adj]
PREVIOUS occurring before [adj]
VIPEROUS resembling a viper (a venomous snake) [adj]

209/EIQRSTU QUERIST/S one who questions, also QUERIER [n -S]
REQUITS- REQUIT, to repay (pa p REQUITTED), also REQUIGHT [v]

210/EKLOSTV STOKVEL/S (South Africa) a savings club amongst friends [n -S]

211/EKNR -KERN/ES to be formed with a projecting typeface [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-NERK/AS a bothersome idiot [n -S]
RENK- horrible [adj RENKER, RENKEST]

212/ELLOSTX EXTOLLS- EXTOLL, to praise highly, also EXTOL [v]

213/ELMOSY S/MOYLES- MOYLE, to wet (to impregnate with liquid) [v]
-SMOYLE/DS to smile (to look joyful) [v SMOYLED, SMOYLING, SMOYLES]

214/ELNORSS NORSELS- NORSEL, to attach fastening lines to a net [v]

215/ELORSST HJ/OSTLERS- OSTLER, a horse tender at an inn [n]
STEROLS- STEROL, a type of solid alcohol [n]
TORSELS- TORSEL, a plate supporting a beam in a brick wall [n]

216/EMOSSY MOSEYS- MOSEY, to saunter (to walk in a leisurely manner) [v]
MYOSES MYOSIS, (Greek) excessive contraction of the pupil of the eye also MIOSIS [n]

217/ENOSSTU OUTNESS the state of being out [n -ES]
-TONUSES TONUS, the normal state of tension in muscle tissue [n]

218/ENR DFHKPT/ERN-/ES a sea eagle [n -S]
BGW/-REN-/DKOSTY to run (to move by rapid steps) [v RENNED, RENNING, RENS]

219/EORSSTU O/ESTROUS pertaining to estrus, also ESTRAL, OESTRAL, OESTROUS, ESTRUAL [adj]
-OESTRUS the period of heat in female mammals, also ESTRUM, OESTRUM, ESTRUS [n -ES]
JR/OUSTERS- OUSTER, the act or ousting [n]
SOUREST SOUR, sharp or biting to the taste [adj]
-SOUTERS- SOUTER, a shoemaker, also SOUTAR [n]
STOURES- STOURE, dust, also STOUR [n]
TORUSES TORUS, (Latin) a large convex moulding [n]
TOUSERS- TOUSER, one who touses (to dishevel, also TOUSLE, TOUZLE) [n]
-TROUSES- TROUSE, trews (that which is true) [n]
TUSSORE-/S an Asian silkworm, also TUSSAR, TUSSEH, TUSSER, TUSSOR, TUSSUR [n -S]

220/GLOP -GLOP/S to cover with glop (a messy mass or mixture) [v GLOPPED, GLOPPING, GLOPS]
GOLP/ES a purple roundel, also GOLPE [n -S]

221/GLOW A/-GLOW/S to emit light and heat [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-GOWL/S to cry (to utter a sound of distress or to weep) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

222/HMOO Z/HOMO-/S man generically [n HOMOS or HOMINES]
-MOHO/S a boundary separating the earth's crust and the mantle [n -S]

223/HNOT -THON-/G yon [adj]

224/IKOOR IROKO/S a large African timber tree [n -S]
KOORI/S an Australian aborigine [n -S or -ES]

225/ILMOO MOOLI-/S an East African vegetable [n -S]

226/ILOR LOIR/S a European dormouse [n -S]
BD/-ROIL/SY to make muddy (covered with mud) [v -ED, -ING, -S]