1/1 HOP CSW/-HOP-/ES to move by jumping on one foot [v HOPPED, HOPPING, HOPS]
-PHO/HNST a Vietnamese noodle soup [n -S]
-POH-/S to reject contemptuously [v POHED, POHING, POHS]

2/3 AEINOPSZ EPIZOANS- EPIZOAN, an animal which lives on the surface of another, also EPIZOON [n]

3/5 CDIT E/DICT/ASY to dictate (to read aloud for recording) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

4/7 AEFLMNOT MATFELON/S the greater knapweed [n -S]

5/30 EEHR CSTW/-HERE-/S this place [n -S]

6/33 EFRS -REFS- REF, to referee (to supervise the play in certain sports) [v]
-SERF-/S a feudal slave [n -S]

7/34 EOOPRX PEROXO containing the bivalent group of two oxygens, also PEROXY [adj]

8/51 AHLL S/-HALL/OS a large room for assembly [n -S]

9/61 IMOX OXIM/ES a chemical compound, also OXIME [n -S]

10/66 AGLN ACKS/LANG long (far-extending) [adj LANGER, LANGEST]

11/69 AKSS BCHMT/ASKS- ASK, to inquire or request [v]
-SKAS- SKA, a popular music of Jamaica [n]

12/73 NOOP S/-NOOP-/S a knob (a rounded protuberance) [n -S]
S/-POON-/S an East Indian tree [n -S]

13/74 ACNS S/-CANS-/OT CAN, to put in a cylindrical container [v]

14/78 DIKR -DIRK/ES to stab with a small knife [v -ED, -ING, -S]

15/83 CIMR S/-CRIM/EPS a criminal (one who has committed a crime) [n -S]

16/85 AABERSTU ABATURES- ABATURE, trail of a stag through undergrowth [n]

17/89 EGNU GENU-/AS the knee [n GENUS or GENUA]

18/91 BELT -BELT-/S to thrash with a belt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
A/-BLET/S to become soft (yielding easily to pressure) [v BLETTED, BLETTING, BLETS]

19/94 GMNO AE/MONG-/OS a mixture (the product of mixing) [n -S]

20/100 ACOX COAX to cajole (to persuade by flattery) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
COXA-/EL the hip bone [n COXAE]

21/101 EIMNRSTU MUNTRIES- MUNTRIE, an Australian shrub with green-red edible berries [n]
UNMITERS- UNMITER, to depose from the rank of bishop, also UNMITRE [v]
UNMITRES- UNMITRE, to depose from the rank of bishop, also UNMITER [v]

22/103 BEES BEES- BEE, a four-winged insect that makes honey [n]

23/112 AEILSTU SITULAE- SITULA, a bucket [n]

24/120 BDEEGINR BERINGED adorned with rings [adj]
-BREEDING/S upbringing [n -S]
BREINGED- BREINGE, (Scots) to plunge forward, also BREENGE [v]

25/121 ADELOPRT PORTALED having a portal [adj]
PROLATED- PROLATE, to lengthen out in utterance [v]

26/140 ADEIMPR DAMPIER DAMPY, damp (moist (slightly wet)) [adj]

27/149 ABDEEILT DELIBATE/DS to sip (to drink in small quantities) [v DELIBATED, DELIBATING, DELIBATES]
EDITABLE able to be edited [adj]

28/153 MORU ROUM/S available space [n -S]

29/155 DEGILNOP -DELOPING DELOPE, to fire one's gun into the air during a duel [v]
DIPLOGEN/S heavy hydrogen [n -S]

30/165 AORU URAO/S a chemical compound, also NATRON [n -S]

31/166 BIMR A/-BRIM/S to fill to the top [v BRIMMED, BRIMMING, BRIMS]

32/168 CEST SECT-/S a group of people united by common beliefs [n -S]
TECS- TEC, detective [n]

33/172 INT KSU/-NIT/ES the egg of a parasitic insect [n -S]
-TIN-/ADEGKSTY to coat with a metallic element [v TINNED, TINNING, TINS]

34/176 INVY VINY-/L covered with vines [adj VINIER, VINIEST]

35/190 AKSU BCJW/AUKS- AUK, a seabird (any marine bird) [n]
SKUA/S a predatory seabird, also SEAHAWK [n -S]

36/193 ACHIKS HAICKS- HAICK, an Arab head covering, also HAIK, HAIQUE, HYKE [n]

37/194 ADGIMNRS MRIDANGS- MRIDANG, a two-headed Indian drum, also MRIDANGA [n]

38/200 LNRU K/NURL-/S to make grooves in [v -ED, -ING, -S]

39/201 CDEHINOT TECHNOID/S a technician [n -S]

40/212 INRU B/RUIN/GS to destroy (to demolish, also DESTRUCT) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

41/214 ADEILLS -DALLIES DALLY, to waste time [v]
DISLEAL not loyal, also DISLOYAL [adj]
LALDIES- LALDIE, vigorous action, also LALDY [n]
-SALLIED SALLY, to rush out suddenly [v]

42/216 KOW -KOW-/S a branch of twigs [n -S]
WOK-/ES a pan used in Chinese cookery, also WOCK [n -S]

43/220 CDEEINR CEDRINE belonging to the cedar-tree [adj]

44/221 AACILNT ACTINAL pertaining to the area near the mouth of a starfish or a jellyfish; oral [adj]
ALICANT/S a wine from Spain [n -S]
ANTICAL above or in front of another plant part, anterior [adj]

45/222 AAEENSTX ANATEXES ANATEXIS, the partial melting of rocks, esp in the formation of metamorphic rocks [n]

46/224 AEGILNST EASTLING-/S easterly, also EASTLIN [adj]
GELATINS- GELATIN, a glutinous substance, also GELATINE [n]
GENITALS- the sexual organs [n]
STEALING/S the act of stealing [n -S]
TAGLINES- TAGLINE, the final line of a play or joke that makes the point [n]

47/227 EEJNOORS REJONEOS- REJONEO, the art of bullfighting on horseback [n]

48/234 HHOP -PHOH- an expression of disgust, also FOH [interj]

49/239 ABEINSST BASINETS- BASINET, a light helmet, also BASCINET, BASNET [n]
BASSINET/S a basket used as a bed for a baby [n -S]
BESAINTS- BESAINT, to make a saint of [v]
BESTAINS- BESTAIN, to stain all over [v]

50/241 AELNOOS ALSOONE- as soon [adv]

51/243 AEILSTW S/WALIEST- WALY, excellent [adj]

52/245 LOWY DJL/OWLY- owlish (like an owl) [adj OWLIER, OWLIEST]
-YOWL-/S to cry mournfully [v -ED, -ING, -S]

53/248 ABSU T/SUBA-/HS a province of India, also SUBAH [n -S]

54/256 AEIILNRS H/AIRLINES- AIRLINE, an air transportation system [n]
SNAILIER SNAILY, like a snail [adj]

55/260 AACDELNR CALENDAR/S to schedule, also KALENDAR [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LANDRACE/S a large white pig [n -S]

56/265 AGIINNST SAINTING SAINT, to hail as a person of exceptional holiness [v]
SATINING SATIN, to make smooth like satin material [v]
STAINING/S the act of staining [n -S]

57/267 AEILNORS T/AILERONS- AILERON, a balancing flap on a aeroplane [n]
ALERIONS- ALERION, in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, also ALLERION [n]
-ALIENORS- ALIENOR, one who transfers property [n]

58/268 ANWY FLTY/AWNY- bristly like an awn [adj AWNIER, AWNIEST]
-WANY- waning in some parts, also WANEY [adj WANIER, WANIEST]
-YAWN-/SY to open the mouth in a large gape [v -ED, -ING, -S]

59/269 ABLY ABLY ABLE, having sufficient strength or power [adv]
-BLAY/S a small fish, also BLEY [n -S]

60/270 AEEHRTV THREAVE/S two dozen [n -S]

61/273 AACILNR CARINAL- relating to a carina [adj]
CLARAIN/S lustrous bands in coal [n -S]
CRANIAL- pertaining to the skull [adj]

62/274 AGILNPST PLATINGS- PLATING, a thin layer of metal [n]
SPALTING SPALT, to split (to separate lengthwise) [v]
STAPLING/S the act of fastening with a U-shaped metal clip [n -S]

63/277 AGGR RAGG-/ASY a rough hard stone [n -S]

64/282 BEIORST ORBIEST ORBY, resembling a sphere [adj]
SORBITE/S a fine-grained constituent of steel [n -S]

65/283 EKNU KUNE KUNA, croatian monetary unit, = 100 lipa [n]
-NEUK/S a corner [n -S]
-NUKE/DS to attack with nuclear weapons [v NUKED, NUKING, NUKES]

66/288 DEELRSTW LEWDSTER/S someone addicted to lewdness, also LEWDSBY [n -S]

67/291 AGILNRSW WARLINGS- WARLING, someone disliked [n]
WARSLING WARSLE, to wrestle (to grapple with, also WRASSLE, WRASTLE, WRAXLE) [v]

68/296 EEIMNRV MINEVER/S a fur coat [n -S]

69/297 ABDEILRS BEDRAILS- BEDRAIL, a rail that runs along the side of a bed [n]
DISABLER-/S one that disables (to render incapable, also DISHABLE) [n -S]
RAILBEDS- RAILBED, the bed of a railway track [n]

70/298 AEFIJLO JEOFAIL/S the acknowledgement of a mistake [n -S]

71/299 CINORSTT CONTRIST/S to sadden (to make sad (unhappy (sad))) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STRONTIC pertaining to strontia (a chemical compound) [adj]

72/301 DDEY DYED- DYE, to change the colour of [v]
NRT/EDDY to move against the main current [v EDDIED, EDDYING, EDDIES]

73/304 AAILMNR LAMINAR-/Y pertaining to a lamina, also LAMINARY [adj]
RAILMAN a railway employee [n RAILMEN]

74/305 ACEEFIMT FACETIME/DS to communicate with (a person) using the FaceTime application [v FACETIMED, FACETIMING, FACETIMES]

75/316 ACIILNR CLARINI CLARINO, the highest register of a trumpet in baroque music [n]

76/317 AEILSSU SAULIES- SAULIE, a hired mourner [n]

77/319 AAIKORSU -OUAKARIS- OUAKARI, a type of South American monkey [n]

78/320 ACINOST FPT/ACTIONS- ACTION, to carry out [v]
-ATONICS- ATONIC, an unaccented syllable or word [n]
CATIONS- CATION, a positively charged ion, also KATION [n]

79/321 BEEIRST REBITES- REBITE, to freshen by acid [v]

80/326 ADEIMNSS SIDESMAN a deputy churchwarden [n SIDESMEN]

81/328 DEGILOP DOGPILE/S a heap of bodies formed by people jumping on top of each other in an act of celebration [n -S]

82/334 CEIINOPT EPITONIC overstrained [adj]

83/337 EINRTUUV UNVIRTUE/S lack of virtue [n -S]

84/338 EENOORUZ EUROZONE/S the area formed by the countries using the euro [n -S]

85/341 AAHILNT THALIAN pertaining to the Muse of comedy [adj]

86/348 FFPU PUFF/ASY to blow in short gusts [v -ED, -ING, -S]

87/354 BEIX V/IBEX a wild goat [n IBEXES or IBICES]

88/359 AEILLNUV LAEVULIN/S a sugar in certain plants, also LEVULIN [n -S]

89/360 BCKO BOCK/S to belch, also BOKE, BOAK [v -ED, -ING, -S]

90/362 ABEILNSU SABULINE sandy (covered with sand) [adj]

91/363 ABBEEINR BEARBINE/S a bindweed (a twining plant) [n -S]

92/367 ADEILSS M/AIDLESS helpless (defenceless) [adj]
DEASILS- DEASIL, motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIUL, DEASOIL, DEISEAL, DEISHEAL [n]

93/368 FORT -FORT-/EHSY to fortify (to strengthen against attack) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

94/370 CKOT S/TOCK-/SY to make the sound of a clock [v -ED, -ING, -S]

95/371 BEKLOY BLOKEY- like one of the blokes, also BLOKISH, BLOKEISH [adj BLOKIER, BLOKIEST]

96/374 EEORTUV OUVERTE- open (not shut) [adj]

97/376 EINSSTU INTUSES- INTUSE, a bruise [n]

98/377 AHLO HALO/NS to form a ring of light [v HALOED, HALOING, HALOES or HALOS]

99/378 ADEKW -KAWED KAW, to cry like a crow, also CAW [v]
A/-WAKED- WAKE, to rouse from sleep [v]

100/380 EIINRSTV INVITERS- INVITER, one who invites (to request the presence of) [n]
VINTRIES VINTRY, a wine-shop [n]
VITRINES- VITRINE, a glass showcase for art objects [n]

101/388 AEEIISST G/-ASEITIES ASEITY, self-origination [n]

102/389 ADEINSSV AVIDNESS avidity (greed (excessive desire for gain or wealth)) [n -ES]
VANESSID/S a butterfly of the red admiral genus Vanessa [n -S]

103/392 MOOZ MOZO-/S a manual labourer [n -S]
-ZOOM-/S to move with a buzzing sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

104/393 EILOOSTZ -ZOOLITES- ZOOLITE, a fossil animal, also ZOOLITH [n]

105/396 ADEILLU DUALLIE/S a pickup truck with double rear wheels [n -S]

106/397 ENNRSTU RUNNETS- RUNNET, a means of curdling milk [n]
STUNNER/S a very attractive person [n -S]

107/400 AHIS -AHIS- AHI, a Hawaiian fish (yellowfin tuna or bigeye) [n]

108/401 EEGORRST OSTREGER/S one who keeps goshawks [n -S]

109/402 AAEGILNP PELAGIAN/S an oceanic animal [n -S]

110/405 ADDEIMRS DISARMED DISARM, to deprive of weapons [v]
MISDREAD/S (Shakes.) to fear [v -ED, -ING, -S]


112/410 EERSTZ -TREZES TREZ, threepence, also TREYBIT [n]
-ZESTER/S a utensil for peeling citrus rind [n -S]

113/413 ADEEPRRT DEPARTER/S one who departs (to leave (to depart)) [n -S]

114/414 CFIO COIF/S to style the hair [v -ED, -ING, -S]
FICO/S a rude gesture, also FIGO [n FICOS or FICOES]
FOCI FOCUS, a point in which rays converge [n]

115/417 IOPT TOPI-/CS a sun-helmet, also TOPEE [n -S]

116/423 AEGIMNN -AMENING AMEN, to conclude prayerfully [v]
-MEANING/S the sense intended [n -S]

117/424 DSU SUD/DS froth of soapy water [n -S]
BCDFJLMOPRSW/UDS an oath (a solemn appeal to god as witness) [interj]

118/425 AEIMSSTU MAUSIEST MAUSY, foggy, misty also MAUZY [adj]

119/432 AELNRSS RANSELS- RANSEL, a search for stolen goods, also RANCEL, RANZEL [n]

120/434 CITU CUIT/S the ankle [n -S]

121/435 EGSV
122/436 ADEILLPR PALLIDER PALLID, pale (lacking colour) [adj]
PILLARED PILLAR, to supply with vertical building supports [v]

123/439 EHSW CSTW/HEWS- HEW, to cut with an ax [v]
-SHEW-/NS to show (to display (to put on show)) [v SHEWED, SHEWN, SHEWING, SHEWS]

TENDRON/S a shoot [n -S]

125/451 ADY -DAY-/S the time between sunrise and sunset [n -S]
D/-YAD-/S a stick with a small pointing hand at the tip, used to follow text in the Torah [n -S]

126/452 EGORSTV GROVETS- GROVET, a wrestling hold [n]

127/454 EIORSTTW SWOTTIER SWOTTY, studying excessively [adj]

128/455 IJMNOS JIMSON/S a type of poisonous plant with white flowers and shiny fruits also JIMPSON [n -S]

129/457 AABIRST -BARISTA/S one who makes and serves coffee to the public [n -S]
BARTSIA/S a family of parasitic weeds [n -S]

130/461 AEGINNP S/NEAPING NEAP, to tend towards the tide of the smallest range [v]
S/-PEANING PEAN, to beat with a rounded hammer head, also PEEN, PEIN, PENE [v]

131/464 ADNNOST DANTONS- DANTON, to dare, also DAUNTON [v]
DONNATS- DONNAT, an idler, also DONNOT [n]

132/467 EEFLRSTU FLEURETS- FLEURET, a fencing foil [n]

133/470 AGILNSU LINGUAS- LINGUA, the tongue [n]
SALUING SALUE, to salute (to greet with a sign of respect) [v]

134/475 AAIRSTY RAIYATS- RAIYAT, an Indian peasant, also RYOT [n]

135/478 ADD W/ADD-/SY to compute the sum of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-DAD-/AOS to dash against [v DADDED, DADDING, DADS]

136/481 BEEIKORS BROEKIES (South Africa) underpants [n]

137/482 ACEEHIPT EPITHECA/E the outer older cell layer of a diatom, also HYPOTHECA [n EPITHECAE]
PETECHIA/EL a small hemorrhagic spot on a body surface [n PETECHIAE]

138/483 ACDEILLN DECLINAL/S the act of declining [n -S]

139/484 AEEHNRS ARSHEEN/S a Russian unit of length, also ARCHINE, ARSHIN, ARSHINE [n -S]

140/486 AAIMNST MANATIS- MANATI, a large aquatic mammal, also MANATEE [n]
STAMINA/LS endurance [n -S]

141/490 AIINSTV NAIVIST in a naive style [adj]

142/491 AELLRST -STELLAR- pertaining to the stars [adj]
TELLARS- TELLAR, to form tillers [v]

143/496 ADEGHOOS SAGEHOOD/S the state of being wise [n -S]

144/499 ACEEHITV ATCHIEVE/DS to achieve (to carry out successfully) [v ATCHIEVED, ATCHIEVING, ATCHIEVES]

145/500 ACGILNTU CLAUTING CLAUT, to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v]

146/501 AAHINST SHAITAN/S an evil spirit, also SHEITAN [n -S]
TAHINAS- TAHINA, an oily paste [n]

147/503 ABCEENR CARBEEN/S the Moreton Bay ash [n -S]
CARBENE/S a neutral divalent free radical [n -S]

148/506 AEILSSTW -SWALIEST SWALY, shady (underhand) [adj]

149/507 AILNOSS M/ALISONS- ALISON, a small flowering plant, sweet alyssum [n]
SIALONS- SIALON, ceramic material [n]

150/510 AEEGSTT -GESTATE/DS to carry in the uterus during pregnancy [v GESTATED, GESTATING, GESTATES]

151/512 DEKNSU DUSKEN/S to grow dark [v -ED, -ING, -S]

152/515 AEHIINNT IANTHINE violet-coloured [adj]

153/517 IKT S/-KIT-/EHS to equip (to provide with what is needed) [v KITTED, KITTING, KITS]
TIK-/AEIS the drug methamphetamine in crystal form [n -S]

154/519 AFPR -FRAP-/ES in sailing, to bind well [v FRAPPED, FRAPPING, FRAPS]

155/521 DEGHIOOS SHOOGIED- SHOOGIE, to swing (to move freely back and forth) [v]

156/524 ARSS KT/-SARS- SAR, to savour (to taste or smell with pleasure) [v]

157/526 ADGILORY GOLIARDY- boisterous, irreverent behaviour [n GOLIARDIES]
GYROIDAL spiral in arrangement [adj]

158/529 EIVW VIEW-/SY to look at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/WIVE/DRS to marry a woman, also WIFE [v WIVED, WIVING, WIVES]

159/530 AAEKLNRS LARNAKES LARNAX, a coffin [n]

160/532 AHSY DHMW/-ASHY- covered with ashes [adj ASHIER, ASHIEST]
CS/-HAYS- HAY, to convert cut dried grass into fodder [v]
-SHAY-/AS a light carriage, also CHAISE [n -S]
A/-YAHS- YAH, an affirmative vote [n]

161/534 ALOV OVAL-/S an egg-shaped object [n -S]
VOLA-/ER the hollow of a hand or foot [n VOLAE]

162/535 FOOS -FOOS- FOO, a name for a temporary computer variable or file [n]
CGHLPRWY/OOFS- OOF, money (a medium of exchange) [n]


164/539 AADEIMS AMIDASE/S an enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n -S]
SEAMAID/S a mermaid (a fabulous creature with a woman,s body and a fish's tail) [n -S]

165/540 AEGINRRS EARRINGS- EARRING, an ornament for the ear [n]
GRAINERS- GRAINER, one that grains (to form into small particles) [n]
D/-REARINGS- REARING, the act of bringing up [n]

166/541 AELORSS LASSOER/S one who lassoes (to catch with a long rope with a running noose, also LARIAT, LAZO) [n -S]
OARLESS without oars [adj]
SEROSAL- pertaining to serosa (a thin membrane lining some bodily cavities) [adj]
SOLERAS- SOLERA, a system of sherry production [n]

167/542 GINZ -ZING-/SY to move with zest [v -ED, -ING, -S]

168/543 ACGILNST CASTLING/S a type of move in chess [n -S]
CATLINGS- CATLING, a surgical knife, also CATLIN [n]
SCLATING SCLATE, to slate [v]

169/544 AEGILNRT ALERTING ALERT, to warn (to notify in advance) [v]
FHP/ALTERING ALTER, to make different [v]
INTEGRAL/S a total unit [n -S]
-RELATING RELATE, to give an account of [v]
TANGLIER TANGLY, tangled [adj]
TERAGLIN/S an edible marine fish of Australia [n -S]
TRIANGLE/DS a polygon having three sides [n -S]

170/545 DEEILTU DILUTEE-/S an unskilled worker employed in a skilled area [n -S]

171/547 FGI FIG/OS to dress up [v FIGGED, FIGGING, FIGS]
-GIF-/ST a type of computer image [n -S]

172/548 INRS BGT/-RINS-/E RIN, to run or melt [v]

173/549 AILRU O/URALI/S a plant which yields curare, also OURALI, WOURALI [n -S]
BC/-URIAL/S a Himalayan sheep, also OORIAL [n -S]

174/552 AEEERRTW TREEWARE/S printed materials as opposed to electronic text [n -S]

175/553 ACEEHRT -CHEATER/SY one who cheats (to defraud (to swindle)) [n -S]
HECTARE/S a unit of area [n -S]
RECHATE/S the call to hounds [n -S]
RECHEAT/S to sound a hunting call [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TEACHER/S one who teaches (to instruct (to teach)) [n -S]

176/554 ANSY -NAYS- NAY, a negative vote [n]
-NYAS an untrained young hawk, also EYAS, EYASS [n -ES]

177/555 CEINOPST PONCIEST PONCY, effeminate, also PONCEY [adj]

178/558 EELMR MEREL-/LSY a counter used in a game of merils, also MERELL, MERIL [n -S]
MERLE-/S a blackbird, also MERL [n -S]

179/560 EEKOORST KREOSOTE/DS to treat with a wood preservative, also CREOSOTE, KREASOTE [v KREOSOTED, KREOSOTING, KREOSOTES]

180/561 ADEGINNR -DEARNING DEARN, to darn [v]
GRANNIED- GRANNIE, to defeat totally [v]

181/564 ELNORST LENTORS- LENTOR, sluggishness [n]

182/565 EIRSTTU TERTIUS the third person [n -ES]

183/566 AIILRTV TRIVIAL- insignificant [adj]
VITRAIL stained glass [n VITRAUX]

184/569 CEILORST CLOISTER/S to seclude (to remove or set apart from others) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
COSTLIER COSTLY, expensive [adj]
CREOLIST/S a person who studies creole languages [n -S]

185/571 EIOPRSST PERIOSTS- PERIOST, a type of tough membrane [n]
-PROSIEST PROSY, pertaining to prose, also PROSAIC [adj]
PROSTIES- PROSTIE, a prostitute [n]
REPOSITS- REPOSIT, to put away [v]
RIPOSTES- RIPOSTE, to make a return thrust in fencing, also RIPOST [v]
SPORTIES/T SPORTY, a sporty person [n]
TRIPOSES TRIPOS, a stand with three legs, also TRIPOD [n]

186/574 AHIMNOST HOISTMAN a person who works a hoist [n HOISTMEN]
MANIHOTS- MANIHOT, a tropical plant [n]

187/576 BBBI BIBB-/S a mast support [n -S]

188/577 ADINORS DONAIRS- DONAIR, sliced lamb rolled in pita bread [n]
INROADS- INROAD, a hostile raid [n]
ORDAINS- ORDAIN, to decree (to issue an edict) [v]
SADIRON/S a heavy flatiron [n -S]

189/579 ADNOSTT DOTANTS- DOTANT, someone who dotes, also DOTARD [n]

190/580 DEINSST DISNEST/S to dislodge from a nest [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DISSENT/S to disagree (to differ in opinion) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SNIDEST- SNIDE, maliciously derogatory, also SNIDEY [adj]

191/581 ACDI -ACID/SY a type of chemical compound [n -S] / sour (sharp or biting to the taste) [adj ACIDER, ACIDEST]
CADI-/ES a Muslim judge, also QADI [n -S]
-CAID/S a Muslim leader, also QAID [n -S]

192/583 AELP LEAP-/ST to spring off the ground [v LEPT or LEAPED or LEAPT, LEAPT or LUPPEN, LEAPING, LEAPS]
S/-PALE-/ADRST to lose colour [v PALED, PALING, PALES] / lacking colour [adj PALER, PALEST]
S/PEAL-/S to ring out [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PELA-/SU a type of white wax [n -S]
-PLEA/DST to dispute in a court [v -ED, -ING, -S]

MEERCAT/S a South African carnivore, also MEERKAT [n -S]

194/585 AABKS -ABASK- in genial warmth [adv]

195/589 GHOS GOSH-/T used as an exclamation of surprise [interj]
CS/HOGS- HOG, to eat hoggishly [v]
-SHOG-/IS to move along [v SHOGGED, SHOGGING, SHOGS]

196/595 EEORSTX RETOXES RETOX, to embark on a binge of drink, drugs, or unhealthy food after a period of abstinence [v]
XEROTES abnormal dryness of body parts, also XEROSIS [n XEROTES]

197/598 DEEORTX OXTERED OXTER, to take under the arm [v]
RETOXED RETOX, to embark on a binge of drink, drugs, or unhealthy food after a period of abstinence [v]

198/601 ABEEMRT BEERMAT/S a cardboard mat to put under a glass of beer [n -S]

199/605 ANOPRRTU PROTURAN/S any of an order of white wingless insects [n -S]

200/609 AFFW -WAFF/S to wave (to flutter back and forth) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

201/613 GLNU CFS/LUNG-/EIS a respiratory organ [n -S]

202/617 CERW S/-CREW/ES to serve aboard a ship [v -ED, -ING, -S]

203/620 AEEMRTY METAYER/S a tenant farmer who uses metayage [n -S]

204/623 ADHOS DOSHA-/S (Sanskrit) each of three energies believed in Ayurveda to circulate in the body [n -S]
-ODAHS- ODAH, a room in a harem, also ODA [n]

205/624 AIIPRST A/PIARIST/S a member of a Christian group who educate the poor [n -S]

206/625 ACEILSTT LATTICES- LATTICE, to form a network of crossed laths or bars [v]
TALCIEST TALCY, pertaining to talc [adj]

207/627 AIKNRST KIRTANS- KIRTAN, devotional singing, usually accompanied by instruments [n]
RANKIST/S a person who discriminates against people on the grounds of rank [n -S]

208/629 ANOSTTU TOTANUS a bird [n -ES]

209/630 AEEHMRT ERATHEM/S the group of rock strata of a particular era [n -S]
-THERMAE hot springs [n]

210/634 AEEENNRV VENEREAN/S a person addicted to sexual intercourse [n -S]

211/639 BEEIRTY EBRIETY drunkenness [n EBRIETIES]

212/641 AELRSST W/ARTLESS lacking cunning [adj]
BP/-LASTERS- LASTER, one that lasts (to continue (to go on with)) [n]
P/-SALTERS- SALTER, one that salts (to treat with a preservative) [n]
SLATERS- SLATER, a woodlouse (a small creature which likes wood) [n]
TARSELS- TARSEL, a male hawk, also TARCEL, TASSELL [n]

213/644 AACERST -ACATERS- ACATER, a caterer (one who caters (to provide food and service)) [n]
CARATES- CARATE, a tropical skin disease [n]

214/645 CDEENORT CENTRODE/S a type of mathematical locus [n -S]

215/647 AELRSTY RAYLETS- RAYLET, a small ray [n]
P/SALTERY- a factory where fish is salted for storage [n SALTERIES]

216/648 KKMOOU S/KOOKUM/S (Marathi) an East Indian tree also KOKAM, KOKUM [n -S]

217/649 EGILLNOS LOGLINES- LOGLINE, a line for finding the speed of a vessel [n]

218/650 KORW A/WORK/S to toil in mind or body [v WORKED, WROUGHT or WORKED, WORKING, WORKS]

219/651 CEILNRTU LINCTURE/S a medicine, also LINCTUS [n -S]

220/653 EEGIKLOT EKLOGITE/S a crystalline rock, also ECLOGITE [n -S]

221/654 AAINSTV VANITAS a Dutch still-life painting [n -ES]

222/655 ABEMORSU AMBEROUS containing amber [adj]

223/656 AAEINSTT ASTATINE/S a radioactive element [n -S]
TANAISTE/S (Irish) in Irish politics, the vice-Taoiseach or deputy prime minister of the Republic of Ireland [n -S]

224/657 IMPS DGLNPSTW/IMPS- IMP, to graft feathers onto a birds's wing [v]
MIPS a million instruction per second [n]
-SIMP-/S a foolish person [n -S]
SPIM/S an instant message version of spam (unsolicited messages) [n -S]

225/660 EORRSTU RETOURS- RETOUR, to return as heir [v]
-ROUSTER/S a wharf labourer and deckhand [n -S]
GT/-ROUTERS- ROUTER, a scooping tool [n]
TOURERS- TOURER, a large, open automobile [n]
-TROUSER-/S to appropriate or pocket money [v -ED, -ING, -S]

226/661 ADGI GADI-/DS a hassock, also GADDI [n -S]
-GAID/S a spear [n -S]
-IGAD a mild oath, also EGAD, ECOD, EGADS [interj]

227/662 BDINO BIDON/S a container for liquids [n -S]

228/663 DEIIKLNR DINKLIER DINKLY, neat, tidy [adj]
KINDLIER KINDLY, kind (good to others) [adj]

BGW/-RENS- REN, to run (to move by rapid steps) [v]

230/665 AHILNOS SHINOLA/S (trade) a kind of boot polish [n -S]

231/667 EEEILNRT TREELINE/S the line marking the altitude above which trees will not grow [n -S]

232/668 EIRU -IURE by right or by law [adv]

233/670 AINOOPR PRONAOI PRONAOS, a vestibule in front of a temple [n]

234/672 ADEMNRS DAMNERS- DAMNER, one that damns (to curse (to invoke evil upon)) [n]
MANREDS- MANRED, homage, also MANRENT [n]
RANDEMS- RANDEM, a tandem with three horses [n]
REMANDS- REMAND, to send back [v]

235/675 DEEL DELE-/DS to delete (to remove printed matter) [v DELED, DELEING, DELES]
G/LEDE-/S the introductory section of a news story [n -S]
BG/LEED- LEE, to make a false statement unintentionally [v]


237/677 ACIKPZ PACZKI/S (Polish) a round, filled doughnut [n -S]

238/678 EIIRSTV P/REVISIT/S to visit again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STIVIER STIVY, stuffy (poorly ventilated) [adj]
VISITER-/S someone who calls in to see you, also VISITOR, VISITANT [n -S]

239/679 AIPS -PAIS/AE the people from whom a jury is formed [n PAIS]
PIAS- PIA, a membrane of the brain [n]

240/681 EFILRTU FLUTIER FLUTY, resembling a flute in sound, also FLUTEY [adj]
FUTILER- FUTILE, ineffective [adj]

241/682 AEHILOST HALIOTES HALIOTIS, (Greek) a genus of molluscs [n]

242/683 AEEMNPT PEATMEN PEATMAN, a peat seller [n]

243/684 EHILNORT HOTLINER-/S someone running a radio call-in show [n -S]

244/685 ADILO DOLIA DOLIUM, a type of Roman jar [n]
E/IDOLA- IDOLON, a mental image, a fallacy, also IDOLUM [n]

245/687 ADEINSSW WINDASES WINDAS, a windlass, also WINDAC [n]

246/688 AINOPRS PARISON/S a lump of pre-moulded glass [n -S]
PORINAS- PORINA, (New Zealand) the larva of a moth that damages grassland [n]
SOPRANI SOPRANO, the highest singing voice [n]

247/689 EINOSTTW NOWTIEST NOWTY, bad-tempered [adj]
TOWNIEST- TOWNY, townish (characteristic of a town) [adj]
TOWNSITE/S the site of a town [n -S]

248/690 EGSU A/GUES-/ST GUE, an old Shetland viol, also GJU, GU [n]

249/692 ADLS OU/-DALS- DAL, an Indian dish of lentils and spices, also DAHL [n]
BCG/-LADS- LAD, a boy or youth [n]

-KRAYS- KRAY, (Russian) an administrative district in Russia [n]
KYARS- KYAR, a fibre obtained from coconut husks, also COIR [n]
-YARKS- YARK, to wrench violently [v]

251/695 AAKPS KAPAS- KAPA, a coarse cloth [n]
PASKA/S (Russian) a Russian dessert eaten at Easter also PASHKA, PASKHA [n -S]

252/696 BERUX EXURB/S a residential area beyond the suburbs in a city, also EXURBIA [n -S]
URBEX (short for) urban exploration, a recreational activity in which people explore derelict urban structures such as abandoned sewers or underground railways [n -ES]

253/698 ADR BCEFHLMNPSWY/ARD-/S a primitive plough [n -S]
BDGOPT/-RAD/ES to fear (to be afraid of) [v RADDED, RADDING, RADS] / radically trendy [adj RADDER, RADDEST]

254/699 CHIKOR CHIKOR/S a type of partridge [n -S]
CHOKRI/S a girl (a female child (a young person)) [n -S]

255/700 ADEHOPST POTASHED POTASH, to treat with an alkali [v]
POTHEADS- POTHEAD, one who smokes marijuana [n]

256/703 ENOR BDGHLMTZ/ONER-/SY something unique [n -S]
RENO-/S (short for) a renovated house [n -S]
CDGIKPT/-RONE/OS (Scots) a drainpipe, also RONEPIPE [n -S]

257/705 ADIINPR PINDARI/S an Indian mercenary, also PINDAREE [n -S]
PRIDIAN relating to yesterday [adj]

258/706 DEHIMORS HEIRDOMS- HEIRDOM, heirship (the right of inheritance) [n]
MIDSHORE designating a fishery that is between the inshore and offshore fisheries [adj]

259/707 ADDEILR DIEDRAL/S the angle between two planes, also DIHEDRAL [n -S]
-DRAILED DRAIL, to dirty by dragging [v]
LADDIER- LADDY, laddish in behaviour [adj]

260/708 ACEV -CAVE/DLRS to hollow out [v CAVED, CAVING, CAVES]

261/709 GILRU LURGI/S a fictitious disease, also LURGY [n -S]


263/711 ABEEMNT BEMEANT- BEMEAN, to debase (to lower or degrade) [v]

264/712 CINO S/-CION/S a cutting from a plant or tree [n -S]
COIN/S to make metal currency [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CONI-/ACN CONUS, an anatomical part in mammals [n]
-ICON/S a symbol or image, also IKON [n ICONS or ICONES]

265/713 AFRU FAUR/D (Scots) far [adj FAURER, FAUREST]
FRAU-/DS a married woman [n -S]

266/715 ADEGLNO DONEGAL/S a type of tweed [n -S]

267/716 AKNST -KANTS- KANT, to turn on the edge [v]
-STANK/S to dam (to build an embankment to retain water) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TANKS- TANK, to store in a container for liquids [v]

268/717 CDOU DOCU-/S (colloq.) a documentary film [n -S]
DOUC/ES an Asian monkey [n -S]

269/719 ACILORS LORICAS- LORICA, (Latin) a leather corslet also LORIC [n]

270/720 ABEORSU AEROBUS a type of monorail that is suspended by an overhead cable [n -ES]

271/722 EIOPRST PERIOST/S a type of tough membrane [n -S]
PORIEST PORY, having pores [adj]
PROSTIE/S a prostitute [n -S]
REPOSIT/S to put away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RIPOSTE-/DS to make a return thrust in fencing, also RIPOST [v RIPOSTED, RIPOSTING, RIPOSTES]
ROPIEST ROPY, resembling rope, also ROPEY [adj]

272/723 BIOS -BIOS- BIO, short form of biography [n]
-BOIS- BOI, a boyish looking lesbian [n]
G/-OBIS- OBI, to bewitch with obia, also OBEAH [v]

273/724 ARSU RUSA/S an East Indian deer [n -S]
A/SURA-/HLST a chapter of the Koran [n -S]
B/URSA/E a female bear (a furry animal) [n URSAE]

274/725 EILLORS BT/-ROLLIES- ROLLIE, a hand-rolled cigarette [n]

275/726 AEEHIMPT EPITHEMA- a group of leaf cells which exude water, also EPITHEM [n EPITHEMATA]

276/728 ADEFNRS FARDENS- FARDEN, a farthing (a former British coin) [n]
SNARFED SNARF, (colloquial) to eat or drink greedily [v]

277/729 IMORSTTU MISTUTOR/S to instruct badly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TUTORISM/S the act of tutoring [n -S]

278/730 CEENSSTU A/CUTENESS the quality of being cute [n -ES]

279/731 APY AS/-PAY-/S to give money in exchanges for goods or service [v PAID or PAYED, PAYING, PAYS]
-PYA/ST a copper coin of Burma [n -S]
YAP-/PS to bark shrilly [v YAPPED, YAPPING, YAPS]

280/732 CEGILNRU RECULING RECULE, to force back, also RECUILE [v]
ULCERING ULCER, to affect with a type of lesion, also ULCERATE [v]

281/734 AILMNOS -MALISON/S a curse [n -S]
MONIALS- MONIAL, a mullion, the upright division between the panes of a window [n]
SOMNIAL pertaining to dreams [adj]

282/735 CEIM DH/-EMIC/S a type of linguistic analysis [n -S]
A/-MICE- MOUSE, a small rodent (a gnawing mammal) [n]

283/738 ACEIORST EROTICAS- EROTICA, (Latin) erotic books, art etc [n]

284/739 AKPU KAPU/ST (Hawaiian) a Hawaiian set of rules for daily life [n -S]
PUKA/S a large evergreen tree of New Zealand [n -S]

285/742 ADEINST DESTAIN/S to rid of stain [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DETAINS- DETAIN, to hold in custody [v]
INSTEAD as a substitute or alternative [adv]
NIDATES- NIDATE, to become implanted in the uterus [v]
SAINTED SAINT, to hail as a person of exceptional holiness [v]
SATINED SATIN, to make smooth like satin material [v]
STAINED STAIN, to discolour [v]

286/743 EILNSTW WESTLIN/S western [adj]
WINTLES- WINTLE, to stagger (to walk or stand unsteadily) [v]

287/744 EHIIRST HIRSTIE dry (having no moisture) [adj]

288/745 GILNOST -LINGOTS- LINGOT, an ingot [n]
TIGLONS- TIGLON, the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion, also TIGON [n]
TOLINGS- TOLING, the use of toll-bait, also TOLLING [n]

289/747 AILP LIPA-/S a Croatian monetary unit, 1/100 of a kuna [n LIPAS or LIPE or LIPA]
S/-PAIL/S a watertight cylindrical container [n -S]
PALI-/S (Hawaiian) a cliff in Hawaii [n -S]
S/PIAL- pertaining to a pia (a membrane of the brain) [adj]
PILA/EFORUW an anatomical structure like a pillar in form [n PILAE]

290/749 EEGINNS ENGINES- ENGINE, to equip with machinery [v]
GENNIES GENNY, a large triangular sail, also GENOA [n]
NEESING NEESE, to sneeze, also NEEZE [v]
SNEEING SNEE, to cut (to sever (to divide or cut into parts)) [v]

291/751 LNOW BCF/-LOWN-/DES to calm (to become serene (calm, tranquil)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-NOWL-/S the top of the head, also NOLL, NOLE, NOUL, NOULE [n -S]

292/757 ACNORSTT CONTRAST-/SY to place in opposition to display differences [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CONTRATS- CONTRAT, a contract [n]

293/759 AIOPRSST AIRPOSTS- AIRPOST, the system of conveying mail by air [n]
AIRSTOPS- AIRSTOP, a helicopter stopping place [n]
PROSAIST/S a writer of prose, also PROSER [n -S]
PROTASIS the introductory part of a classical drama [n PROTASES]

294/762 AEEPRTY -PEATERY a region covered with peat, also PEATARY, PETARY [n PEATERIES]

295/763 AEGILTY LR/EGALITY the state of being equal, also EQUALITY, EGALITE [n EGALITIES]

296/764 ADIIKOST DAKOITIS- DAKOITI, robbery by Indian gangs, also DACOITY, DAKOITY [n]

297/767 EEFINRT FEINTER FEINT, ruled with faint lines [adj]

298/769 ADDEILRW T/WADDLIER WADDLY, having a waddling gait [adj]

299/771 EKLOS KOELS- KOEL, an Australian bird [n]
BC/-LOKES- LOKE, a short narrow lane [n]

300/776 AEILMNSS ISLESMAN an islander, also ISLEMAN [n ISLESMEN]

301/784 DEELNSTY ENSTYLED- ENSTYLE, to style (to name (to give a title to)) [v]

302/789 ABDGILNR BARDLING/S a petty poet [n -S]

303/793 HISW S/-WISH-/AT to desire (to wish for) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

304/794 DEIIKNRS RINKSIDE/S the area at the side of a rink [n -S]

305/801 BEEINPR PEBRINE/S a silkworm disease [n -S]

306/802 ACEILSST ELASTICS- ELASTIC, a stretchable material [n]
SALICETS- SALICET, organ stops [n]
SCALIEST SCALY, peeling off in flakes [adj]

307/803 ACEEILNP CAPELINE-/S a small iron skullcap [n -S]

308/808 EEGU EUGE well done [interj]

309/812 ADEEIMST MEDIATES- MEDIATE, to interpose between parties as a friend to each [v]
SIDEMEAT/S meat cut from the side of the pig [n -S]

310/816 DEEPRSTU PERTUSED- punched or pierced, also PERTUSE [adj]

311/817 AAEKLNST ALKANETS- ALKANET, a Mediterranean plant [n]
KANTELAS- KANTELA, a Finnish zither, also KANTELE [n]

312/819 ACIIINST ISATINIC pertaining to isatin (a chemical compound, also ISATINE) [adj]

313/823 AHINOPRU OPHIURAN-/S a type of starfish, also OPHIURA, OPHIURID [n -S]

314/824 AAEMRST AMEARST AMERCE, to fine or punish [v]
RETAMAS- RETAMA, a name for various desert plants [n]

315/828 AEEILMNT LINEMATE/S a hockey player on the same line as another [n LINEMATES]
MELANITE/S a black variety of garnet [n -S]

316/829 DEENSTU DETENUS- DETENU, a prisoner (one that is imprisoned) [n]
DETUNES- DETUNE, to reduce the power of a car engine [v]

317/830 AEMS CDFGHJKLNSTW/-AMES- AME, (French) a soul [n]
MAES- MAE, more (a greater amount) [n]
MASE-/DRS to generate microwaves [v MASED, MASING, MASES]
MESA-/LS a flat-topped hill with steep sides [n -S]
Y/-SAME-/KLNSY an identical thing [n -S]
SEAM-/ESY to join by sewing together [v -ED, -ING, -S]

318/831 BLOW A/-BLOW/NSY to propel by a current of air [v BLEW or BLOWED, BLOWN, BLOWING, BLOWS]
-BOWL-/S to make a delivery of a ball [v -ED, -ING, -S]

319/833 AELORSTU -OESTRUAL pertaining to oestrus, a period of sexual excitement and ovulation in animals also ESTROUS, ESTRUAL [adj]
ROSULATE arranged in the form of a rosette [adj]

320/834 EGHILNRS GHRELINS- GHRELIN, a gastrointestinal hormone produced by epithelial cells lining the fundus of the stomach [n]
HERLINGS- HERLING, a young sea-trout [n]
SHINGLER-/S one who shingles (to cover with thin tiles of wood) [n -S]

321/835 ABEIKRST BARKIEST BARKY, having a tough outer covering [adj]
BRAKIEST BRAKY, abounding in shrubs or ferns [adj]
BREASKIT/S meat from the breast of an animal, also BRISKET [n -S]

322/836 ORTU CGT/-ROUT/EHS to defeat utterly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TOUR/S to travel from place to place [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TROU/T (short for) trousers [n]

323/838 AEHNOPRT HAPTERON/S a plant's organ of attachment [n -S]

324/839 ACDIORT ARCTOID bearlike (like a bear) [adj]
CAROTID/S an artery in the neck [n -S]

325/841 AEKNRST CF/RANKEST- RANK, disagreeable in odour or taste [adj]
STARKEN/S to become stark (harsh in appearance) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

326/844 EEINSTV TENSIVE causing tensity [adj]
VENITES- VENITE, the ninety fifth Psalm [n]

327/845 ADEGILS SILAGED- SILAGE, to harvest and store a crop [v]

328/846 ILPY PILY divided into a number of wedge-shaped heraldic designs [adj]

329/847 GIS E/-GIS-/MT GI, a judo costume [n]
SIG-/HNS a short personalized message at the end of an email, a signature [n -S]

330/848 AAAJKT JATAKA/S a nativity (the process of being born) [n -S]

331/849 FIRS FIRS-/T FIR, an evergreen tree [n]
FRIS/EKT the fast section of a Hungarian dance, also FRISKA [n -ES]
-RIFS- RIF, to dismiss from employment [v]

332/850 AENRSST SARSNET/S a fine silk fabric, also SARSENET, SARCENET, SARCONET [n -S]
TRANSES- TRANSE, a passage [n]

333/851 AEILNQU EQUINAL pertaining to horses [adj]

334/853 DEHINOPS DIPHONES- DIPHONE, a shorthand sign for a diphthong [n]
SIPHONED SIPHON, to draw off through a tube, also SYPHON [v]
SPHENOID/S a bone of the skull [n -S]

335/854 GIOR GIRO/NS a European mechanism for transfer of funds [n -S]
GORI-/S a white female (India/Pakistan) [n -S]

336/855 AEIMNRRV RIVERMAN a man who works on a river [n RIVERMEN]

337/856 GHPU -PUGH- used to express disgust [interj]

338/857 DESU DEUS god [n DEI or DI]
DUES- DUE, to provide with [v]
SUED-/E SUE, to institute legal proceedings against [v]
BFMS/-USED- USE, to put into service [v]

339/860 AEILRSSV REVISALS- REVISAL, a revised version, also REVISION [n]
RIVALESS a female rival [n -ES]

340/861 ACEILMNS MELANICS- MELANIC, one who is affected with melanism, also MELANIST [n]
MENISCAL in the shape of a meniscus [adj]
MESCALIN/ES a hallucinogen derived from mescal, also MESCALINE, MEZCALINE [n -S]

341/863 ELOW A/-LOWE-/DRS to blaze (to burn with a strong flame) [v LOWED, LOWING, LOWES]

342/864 CEEINPR PERCINE/S a perch-like fish, esp one belonging to the family Percidae also PERCOID [n -S]

343/866 AENS BCFJKLMPSVW/ANES- ANE, one (a number) [n]
BDGJLMPRSWY/-EANS- EAN, to give birth [v]
NAES- NAE, (Scots) no [n]
-SANE-/DRS to make the sign of the cross on [v SANED, SANING, SANES] / mentally sound, also SAIN [adj SANER, SANEST]
-SEAN-/S to catch fish in a net [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SENA-/S an army (a large body of people armed for war) [n -S]

344/867 ABINU BUNIA/S a Hindu merchant [n -S]
NUBIA/S a woman's scarf [n -S]

345/868 DEINOST DITONES- DITONE, an old musical scale interval [n]
A/STONIED STONY, to astonish (to amaze or shock, also ASTONE, ASTONY) [v]

346/870 AADINST -AIDANTS- AIDANT, (archaic) a helper [n]

347/874 AADIKS KADAIS- KADAI, (Hindi) a wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery; a dish prepared in this also KARAHI [n]

348/875 AENPSTU PEANUTS- PEANUT, the monkey-nut or groundnut [n]
PESAUNT/S a peasant, also PESANT, PEZANT [n -S]

349/877 CEIIR DR/ICIER ICY, covered with ice [adj]

350/879 AAEHLNST M/ETHANALS- ETHANAL, another name for acetaldehyde [n]

351/880 AGINOTZ TOAZING TOAZE, to tease out [v]

352/882 AKST IS/-KATS- KAT, an evergreen shrub, also KHAT, QAT [n]
-SKAT-/EST a card game [n -S]
TAKS- TAK, to take (to seize possession) [v]
-TASK-/S to assign a mission to [v -ED, -ING, -S]

353/883 ABEIKNRS BEARSKIN/S the pelt of a bear [n -S]
INBREAKS- INBREAK, a violent rush in [n]

354/885 AEEGISS -AEGISES AEGIS, protection, also EGIS [n]
ASSIEGE/DS to besiege (to attack and surround, also SIEGE) [v ASSIEGED, ASSIEGING, ASSIEGES]

355/886 EELS FHJKPRSTW/-EELS- EEL, a snakelike fish [n]
ELSE- otherwise [adv]
BFG/LEES-/E LEE, to make a false statement unintentionally [v]
-SEEL-/DSY to stitch closed the eyes of, as a falcon [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SELE-/S happiness [n -S]
-SLEE/KPRT sly (crafty (skillful in deceiving)) [adj SLEER, SLEEST]

356/888 BENU UNBE/D to cease to have being [v UNBED, UNBEEN, UNBEING]

357/890 EEGILNRS F/LEERINGS- LEERING, the act of leering [n]
REELINGS- REELING, the act of reeling [n]

358/891 ADEG CGPRW/-AGED- AGE, to grow old [v]
B/-EGAD/S a mild oath, also ECOD, EGADS, IGAD [interj]
GADE-/S a spear [n -S]
GAED- GAE, to go (to move along) [v]

359/892 AEMNRSU MANURES- MANURE, to fertilize [v]
-MURENAS- MURENA, a food fish of the Romans, also MURAENA [n]
SURNAME/DRS to give the family name to [v SURNAMED, SURNAMING, SURNAMES]

360/893 AABKSU KUBASA/S (Russian) a Ukrainian sausage also KIELBASA, KOLBASI, KOLBASSA, KOLBASSI, KULBASA [n -S]

361/894 EIIKLNST PS/-LINKIEST LINKY, full of interlocking rings [adj]

362/895 AADILMNO DOMAINAL of a domain, also DOMANIAL [adj]
DOMANIAL of a domain, also DOMAINAL [adj]

363/896 CEHY -YECH/SY an expression of disgust [n -S]

364/897 DEGILNNS B/-LENDINGS- LENDING, the act of giving in loan [n]

365/898 EGILNOS ELOIGNS- ELOIGN, to remove to a distant place, also ELOIN, ESLOIN, ESLOYNE [v]
LEGIONS- LEGION, a large military force [n]
LIGNOSE/S a constituent of lignin [n -S]
-LINGOES LINGO, (colloq.) language [n]
LONGIES long underwear [n]

366/901 AEEGNNS ENNAGES- ENNAGE, a measurement of printing type in ens [n]

367/902 EGOR ERGO-/NST a logical conclusion [n -S]
GOER-/S one that goes (to move along) [n -S]
-GORE-/DS to pierce with a horn or tusk [v GORED, GORING, GORES]
OGRE/S a monster (an extraordinary grotesque or gigantic animal) [n -S]
G/-REGO-/S motor registration, also REGGO [n -S]

368/903 AACHINRT CANTHARI/DS CANTHARUS, a two handled cup [n]

369/904 DHIL C/HILD HOLD, to keep possession of [v]

370/906 ACIOPRST APRICOTS- APRICOT, an orange fruit, also APRICOCK [n]
PATRICOS- PATRICO, (slang) a hedge-priest also PATERCOVE [n]
PISCATOR/SY a fisherman [n -S]

371/907 AILNPSTU NUPTIALS- NUPTIAL, a wedding (a marriage ceremony) [n]
TAILSPUN TAILSPIN, to perform a kind of spin in an aeroplane [v]
UNPLAITS- UNPLAIT, to undo the plaits of [v]

372/908 ACELNRS G/LANCERS- LANCER, a cavalryman armed with a spear [n]
RANCELS- RANCEL, a search for stolen goods, also RANSEL, RANZEL [n]

373/910 ALPY PALY- somewhat pale [adj PALIER, PALIEST]
SU/-PLAY/AS to engage in recreation [v -ED, -ING, -S]

374/911 DEFINRTT DRIFTNET/S a large fishnet arranged to drift with the tide or current [n -S]

375/912 DIKKOP DIKKOP/S the stone-curlew [n -S]

376/913 ABEILSST ABLEISTS- ABLEIST, someone who discriminates against disabled people [n]
ASTILBES- ASTILBE, a flowering plant [n]
BASTILES- BASTILE, a prison [n]
BESTIALS- BESTIAL, cattle (domesticated bovines) [n]
BLASTIES-/T BLASTIE, a dwarf (an extremely small person) [n]
STABILES- STABILE, a stationary abstract sculpture [n]

377/914 AAEEGLST ETALAGES- ETALAGE, a shop window display [n]
STEALAGE/S theft (the act of stealing) [n -S]

378/916 LORU CF/-LOUR-/ESY to lower (to appear dark and threatening) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
P/ROUL/ES a scroll, also ROULE [n -S]

379/918 ADGIINRR ARRIDING ARRIDE, to please (to give enjoyment or satisfaction to, also PLEASURE) [v]

380/920 CDEIMOST COMEDIST/S a writer of comedies [n -S]
DEMOTICS- the study of people in society [n]
DOMESTIC/S a household servant [n -S]

381/921 AEIN DFRS/AINE-/E elder (masculine form) [adj]
EINA (South African) ouch [interj]

382/922 ADDW DAWD-/S to knock, also DAUD [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-WADD-/SY an earthy ore, also WADT [n -S]

383/925 DDEIKL KIDDLE/S a stake fence for catching fish, also KIDEL [n -S]

384/926 ACEIRSSU SAUCIERS- SAUCIER, a chef who specializes in sauces [n]
SCAURIES SCAURY, a young gull [n]
URICASES- URICASE, an enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n]

385/927 AHLY P/HYLA/S a tree frog [n -S]

386/928 CENNOS CONNES- CONNE, to know (to have a true understanding of) [v]
-NONCES- NONCE, the present occasion [n]

387/929 AELRSTT BCFPS/LATTERS- LATTER, the second mentioned of two [n]
BP/RATTLES- RATTLE, to make a quick succession of short, sharp sounds [v]
-SLATTER/NSY to be untidy [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STARLET/S a small star [n -S]
TATLERS- TATLER, a gossip [n]

388/933 ESSS -SESS/A a tax, a local rate for the maintenance of soldiers [n -ES] / to assess (how much tax is owed) also CESS [v --ED, -ING, -ES]

389/937 HLLU A/HULL/OSY to separate the shell from the seed [v -ED, -ING, -S]

390/938 HLOO C/HOLO/NS (short for) hologram [n HOLOS]

391/939 INOOT NOOIT (South Africa) expressing pleased or shocked surprise [interj]

392/940 AEISSZ ASSIZE/DRS to assess (to estimate (to calculate)) [v ASSIZED, ASSIZING, ASSIZES]
SEIZAS- SEIZA, (Japanese) a kneeling position in Japanese martial arts [n]

393/942 EHIORSST HOISTERS- HOISTER, one that hoists (to raise with tackle) [n]
HORSIEST- HORSEY, resembling a horse [adj]
HOSTRIES HOSTRY, a lodging (a temporary place to live, also LODGMENT) [n]
SHORTIES- SHORTY, one who is not tall, also SHORTIE [n]

394/943 CEEGINR CREEING pertaining to a creed (a statement of belief) [adj]
ENERGIC showing energy [adj]
GENERIC/S a type of drug [n -S]

395/948 IILR LIRI LIRA, (Italian) an Italian unit of currency [n]

396/949 GSU -GUS-/HT GU, an old Shetland viol, also GUE, GJU [n]
-SUG/HOS to attempt to sell a product while purporting to be engaged in market research [v SUGGING, SUGGED, SUGS]
BDFHJLMNPRSTVY/UGS- UG, to arouse loathing in [v]

397/950 AEMNORST MONSTERA-/S a tropical American plant [n -S]
ONSTREAM in production [adv]
STOREMAN a storekeeper [n STOREMEN]
TONEARMS- TONEARM, the pivoted part of a record player that holds the needle [n]

398/951 INOT P/INTO to a position within [prep]
JNP/OINT/S to anoint (to consecrate with oil) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

399/953 ACHL CHAL-/KS a male person (a human being) [n -S]

400/954 AESVY SAVEY-/S to understand, also SAVVEY [v -ED, -ING, -S]

401/955 AILNNSTU INSULANT/S an insulating material [n -S]
UNINSTAL/LS to reverse a previous installation also UNINSTALL [v UNINSTALLED, UNINSTALLING, UNINSTALS]

402/956 ABEILNSS ALBINESS fem of albino [n -ES]
BASSLINE/S the lowest line in a piece of jazz or popular music, provided by a bass instrument or electronically [n -S]
LESBIANS- LESBIAN, a female homosexual [n]

403/962 DEELNPRS RESPLEND/S to shine brilliantly [v -ED, -ING, -S]

404/964 AGILRSTY GRAYLIST/S to hold (someone) in suspicion, without actually excluding him or her from a particular activity also GREYLIST [v -ED, -ING, -S]

405/970 DEEEORSW OREWEEDS- OREWEED, a type of seaweed (a plant growing in the sea) [n]

406/971 EGMORST GROMETS- GROMET, a reinforcing ring of metal, also GROMMET, GRUMMET [n]

407/974 AEHN HAEN- HAE, to have (to possess) [v]

408/975 BDEY BYDE/DS to bide (Chaucer) [v BYDED, BYDING, BYDES]

409/976 AAKM -KAMA-/S earthly desire [n -S]

410/977 ENPS NEPS- NEP, catmint (an aromatic herb, also CATNIP) [n]
O/-PENS- PEN, to write, or commit to paper [v]

411/979 AADIMNR MANDIRA-/S a Hindu temple, also MANDIR [n -S]

412/983 CDEEENOS SECONDEE-/S a person on secondment [n -S]

413/987 EGILMOU ELOGIUM/S a funeral oration, also ELOGE, ELOGY [n -S]

414/992 ACEEHIMN CHIMENEA/S a freestanding fireplace for outdoor use [n -S]

415/995 EIMNRSST C/ENTRISMS- ENTRISM, political branch-stacking, also ENTRYISM [n]
MINSTERS- MINSTER, a large church or cathedral [n]
TRIMNESS the state of being trim (neat and orderly) [n -ES]

416/998 AIINPRS ASPIRIN/GS a pain relieving drug [n -S]
RAPINIS- RAPINI, (Italian) immature turnip plants also RAPPINI [n]


418/1007 ACIKKS KIACKS- KIACK, a fish of the herring family [n]

419/1008 AADINRW WARDIAN as in wardian case, a case for displaying orchids etc [adj]

420/1012 AAIPRST PITARAS- PITARA, a type of clothes basket, also PETARA, PITARAH [n]

421/1014 EGMNORU MURGEON/S to mock with grimaces [v -ED, -ING, -S]

422/1016 AENSSTU NASUTES- NASUTE, a type of white ant [n]
UNSEATS- UNSEAT, to remove from a seat [v]

423/1017 ADENRSS SANDERS- sandalwood [n -ES]
SARSDEN/S grey-coloured sandstone [n -S]

424/1018 EGINNRST RENTINGS- RENTING, the act of renting [n]
-STERNING STERN, to row backwards [v]

425/1020 AHIINTU HUITAIN/S a group of eight lines of verse [n -S]

426/1021 AEINPSSU APNEUSIS gasping with inadequate exhalation [n APNEUSES]

427/1022 AEGILMNU -AEMULING AEMULE, to emulate (to try to equal or surpass) [v]

-PROBED- PROBE, to examine thoroughly [v]

429/1026 AEHS HAES- HAE, to have (to possess) [v]
SHEA-/FLRS an African tree [n -S]

430/1028 ADENOOPS EPANODOS a recapitulation of the chief points [n -ES]

431/1029 AAEGNNOP NEOPAGAN/S a modern pagan [n -S]

432/1030 EEEILNS A/LIENEES- LIENEE, in law, a party against whom a lien has been placed [n]

433/1033 AIKST -IKATS- IKAT, indonesian weaving using tie-dyed yarns [n]
KATIS- KATI, an Asian unit of weight, also CATTY, KATTI [n]
SAKTI/S (Hindu) the wife of a god in Hinduism [n -S]
SITKA as in sitka spruce, a tall North American spruce tree [adj]
TAKIS- TAKI, a wild horse, also TAKHI [n]
TIKAS- TIKA, a red forehead mark on a Hindu woman, also TILAK, TIKKA [n]

434/1034 AGHILNRS HARLINGS- HARLING, a scraping or small quantity of anything [n]
RINGHALS a venomous snake [n -ES]

435/1036 DIOR AD/ROID as in roid rage, angry and aggressive behaviour caused by the use of anabolic steroids [adj]

436/1039 AINOSTTU TITANOUS pertaining to titanium (a metallic element) [adj]

437/1040 ACIKK KIACK/S a fish of the herring family [n -S]

438/1042 ASV SAV/ES short for saveloy, as in 'battered sav' [n -S]
AKU/-VAS/AET an anatomical duct [n VASES or VASA]

439/1043 AEIKMRST MISTAKER-/S one that mistakes (to interpret wrongly) [n -S]
SITKAMER/S (Afrikaans) a sitting-room [n -S]

440/1045 EFNS -FENS- FEN, a marsh (a tract of low, wet land also MARISH) [n]
-NEFS- NEF, an ornamental stand for table cutlery [n]

441/1047 DEEHIOTX M/ETHOXIDE/S a type of saltlike compound with metal and organic components, elso ETHYLATE [n -S]

442/1050 AEIOPRST SEPTORIA/S a type of fungus [n -S]

443/1051 AFGILNRS FANGIRLS- FANGIRL, a female who is an enthusiastic devotee of something [n]

444/1053 AEHW -WHAE- (Scots) who, also WHA [pron]

445/1054 ADEILLNY LEYLANDI/IS the Leyland cypress [n -S]

446/1055 ADELOTT TOADLET/S a small toad [n -S]
TOTALED TOTAL, to amount to [v]

447/1056 EGOUV VOGUE/DRSY to imitate poses of fashion models [v VOGUED, VOGUEING, VOGUES]
VOUGE/S a foot-soldier's weapon, also VOULGE [n -S]

448/1057 AIKNS -IKANS- IKAN, fish as an ingredient of Malaysian cooking [n]
-KAINS- KAIN, a tax paid in produce or livestock, also KANE [n]
KINAS-/E KINA, cinchona bark from which quinine is derived, also KINAKINA [n]
KISAN/S a peasant of India [n -S]
NAIKS- NAIK, an Indian corporal [n]

449/1058 ADIKST DIKAST-/S in ancient Athens, a broadly chosen judge, also DICAST [n -S]
TSADIK-/S (Hebrew) in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety also TSADDIK, TSADDIQ, TZADDIK, TZADDIQ, TZADIK, ZADDICK, ZADDIK [n -S]

450/1059 ACDINOOS ASCONOID like an ascon, a type of sponge [adj]

451/1061 ACEILPRS CALIPERS- CALIPER, to use a type of measuring device [v]
CARSPIEL/S a curling match in which curlers compete for a car [n -S]
REPLICAS-/E REPLICA, a copy or reproduction [n]
SPIRACLE/S an orifice through which breathing occurs [n -S]

452/1064 AAKSV -KAVAS-/S KAVA, a tropical shrub, also AVA, KAVAKAVA [n]
-VAKAS/S (Armenian) a kind of mantle worn by priests in the Armenian church also VAKASS [n -ES]

453/1065 ABEGILR BERGALI/S a fish of the wrasse family found in British coastal areas, aka cunner [n -S]

454/1066 AABELORS BRESAOLA/S salt-cured, air-dried beef, served thinly sliced with oil, lemon juice and black pepper [n -S]

455/1071 ABINORST SORBITAN/S a chemical compound [n -S]

456/1073 AGILNOOS ISOGONAL/S a line indicating the earth's magnetic field, also ISOGONE, ISOGONIC [n -S]

457/1074 ABDERST DABSTER/S a bungler (one who mismanages) [n -S]
TABERDS- TABERD, a medieval peasant's overcoat [n]

458/1075 ALLO HM/OLLA/SV a wide-mouthed pot or jar [n -S]

459/1077 BEEIJORT BOERTJIE/S (South Africa) friend, as a form of greeting [n -S]

460/1078 ADDY BCDFLPW/ADDY- an email address (slang) [n ADDIES]
-DYAD/S a pair of units [n -S]

461/1080 EFILSX EXFILS- EXFIL, to remove (data) from a computer, network, etc surreptitiously and without permission or unlawfully [v]
FLIXES FLIX, to melt, also FLUX [v]

462/1081 AADMP PADMA/S the sacred lotus [n -S]

463/1083 AEMNRSTW TRANSMEW/S to change to another form or substance [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TREWSMAN a wearer of trousers [n TREWSMEN]

464/1084 AGRU GAUR-/S a wild ox [n -S]
GUAR/DS a drought-tolerant legume [n -S]
RAGU-/S in Italian cookery, a meat and tomato sauce [n -S]
RUGA-/EL an anatomical fold or wrinkle [n RUGAE]

465/1085 BEMW WEMB-/S a womb, also WEM [n -S]

466/1086 AGILNRST B/RATLINGS- RATLING, one of the ropes forming the steps of a ladder on a ship, also RATLINE, RATLIN, RATTLIN, RATTLINE [n]
SLARTING SLART, (Northern English dialect) to spill , SLARTING, SLARTED [v]
STARLING/S a European bird [n -S]

467/1088 ACKNPR PRANCK/ES to pleat, also PRANK, PRANCKE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

468/1089 DHLO DHOL/ELS an large cylindrical drum, used in Indian music [n -S]
A/-HOLD/S to keep possession of [v HELD or HILD, HOLDEN, HOLDING, HOLDS]

469/1090 BMOU K/OMBU/S a type of South American tree [n -S]
BDGJR/UMBO/S the rounded elevation at the centre of a shield [n UMBOS or UMBONES]

470/1091 EEEFIRRT FREETIER FREETY, superstitious, also FREITY [adj]

471/1092 AADEKNST ASKANTED ASKANT, to turn aside, also ASKANCE [v]

472/1093 ACILORTV VICTROLA/S (trade) a type of gramophone [n -S]
VORTICAL pertaining to a vortex (a whirling mass of fluid) [adj]

473/1096 INOORST ISOTRON/S a device for separating isotopes [n -S]
NITROSO- containing nitrosyl [adj]
TORSION/S the act of twisting [n -S]

474/1097 ADNNORS RANDONS- RANDON, a rush [n]

475/1098 AEINRSST T/ARTINESS the quality of being arty [n -ES]
RESIANTS- RESIANT, a residence, also RESIANCE [n]
RETSINAS- RETSINA, a resin-flavoured Greek wine [n]
SNARIEST SNARY, in danger of entrapment [adj]
STAINERS- STAINER, that which stains [n]
STEARINS- STEARIN, the solid portion of a fat, also STEARINE [n]

476/1099 AKRSST KARSTS- KARST, a limestone region [n]
-SKARTS- SKART, a cormorant, also SCARTH, SKARTH [n]
STARKS- STARK, to stiffen (to make stiff (not easily bent)) [v]

477/1101 ABEEILRS ABSEILER/S one that abseils [n -S]

478/1104 BDOO DOOB-/S dog's tooth grass [n -S]

479/1105 CDRU -CRUD-/EOSY to be blocked with filth [v CRUDDED, CRUDDING, CRUDS]
-CURD-/SY to curdle (to congeal (to change from a fluid to a solid)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

480/1107 AILNU INULA/S a type of plant [n -S]

481/1109 DDEIORS O/DORISED- DORISE, to become like the Dorians, also DORIZE [v]
SODDIER- SODDY, consisting of sod; covered with sod [adj]

482/1110 ACEH CMNRT/-ACHE-/DS to endure a dull lasting pain, also AKE [v ACHED, ACHING, ACHES]
BLPRT/-EACH every one taken separately [adj]

483/1112 EILLNST LENTILS- LENTIL, an Eurasian annual plant [n]
-LINTELS- LINTEL, a horizontal supporting beam, also LINTOL [n]
TELLINS- TELLIN, a bivalve mollusc, also TELLEN [n]

484/1113 AAHST S/HASTA- until (up to the time of) [prep]
TAHAS- TAHA, the South African weaver bird [n]

485/1114 ACDEIINT ACTINIDE/S any of a series of radioactive elements, also ACTINOID [n -S]
CTENIDIA CTENIDIUM, a comblike anatomical structure [n]
DIACTINE/S a sponge spicule having two rays that develop in different directions from a single point of origin also DIACT [n -S]

486/1115 EORRSTTU TORTURES- TORTURE, to subject to severe physical pain [v]
-TROUTERS- TROUTER, a trout fisherman [n]

487/1116 ACEILST -ASTELIC lacking a stele [adj]
G/ELASTIC/S a stretchable material [n -S]
LACIEST LACEY, resembling lacework, also LACY [adj]
LATICES LATEX, the milky juice of rubber trees [n]
SALICET/AS organ stops [n -S]

488/1120 EELV C/-LEVE-/ELRS a beloved (a person who is much loved) [n -S]
VELE/S a veil [n -S]

489/1121 DEGHLLOS LEGHOLDS- LEGHOLD, a trap that catches an animal by its leg [n]

490/1125 ABDEOST BOASTED BOAST, to brag (to boast) [v]
SABOTED wearing sabots [adj]

491/1126 ACOR M/ACRO/S a skiing event in which a skier performs acrobatic moves to music [n -S]
NY/ARCO-/S (Italian) the bow of a stringed instrument [n ARCOS or ARCHI]
ORCA-/S a marine mammal, also ORC [n -S]

492/1127 ABPR BARP-/S a cairn (a mound of stones set up as a memorial, also CARN) [n -S]
-BRAP- an exclamation used to imitate the sound of a burst of gunfire from an automatic weapon [interj]

493/1128 BGOOY BOOGY to dance to rock music, also BOOGIE, BOOGEY [v BOOGIED, BOOGYING, BOOGIES]
GOOBY (New Zealand) spittle [n GOOBIES]

494/1129 CEIIRST MV/ERISTIC/S an expert in debate [n -S]
P/-RICIEST RICY, like rice [adj]

495/1133 ACIP S/CAPI-/Z CAPO, a pitch-raising device for fretted instruments [n]
S/PICA-/LS a craving for unnatural food [n -S]

496/1134 AINV -VAIN filled with undue admiration for oneself [adj VAINER, VAINEST]
VINA-/LS a stringed instrument of India, also VEENA [n -S]

497/1136 AEIRSTTX EXTRAITS- EXTRAIT, an extract [n]

498/1142 EINORSTU NITREOUS as in nitreous silica, another name for quartz glass [adj]
ROUTINES- ROUTINE, a regular course of procedure [n]
SNOUTIER SNOUTY, resembling a long, projecting nose [adj]

499/1143 AADIK KADAI/S (Hindi) a wok-like copper utensil used in Asian cookery; a dish prepared in this also KARAHI [n -S]

500/1146 EFST HLW/EFTS- EFT, a newt, also EVET [n]
-FEST-/ASY a gathering of people for an activity [n -S]
FETS- FET, to fetch (to go after and bring back) [v]
-TEFS- TEF, a cereal grass, also TEFF [n]

501/1147 EGIS A/-EGIS protection, also AEGIS [n -ES]
GIES- GIE, to give (to transfer freely to another's possession) [v]

502/1149 DENNOST STONNED- STONNE, to stun, also STONN [v]
TENDONS- TENDON, a cord or fibrous tissue [n]

503/1150 EENORSTV OVERNETS- OVERNET, to cover with a net [v]

504/1154 EKNT KENT-/ES to steer by a punting pole [v -ED, -ING, -S]

505/1155 AGSW GAWS-/Y GAW, an imperfect rainbow or other supposed sign of coming weather [n]
-SWAG/ES to sway (to move slowly back and forth) [v SWAGGED, SWAGGING, SWAGS]
S/-WAGS- WAG, to move from side to side, also WAGGLE [v]

506/1160 AADEIRTT DIATRETA DIATRETUM, a kind of glass bowl of late Roman times [n]

507/1166 AELL I/LEAL- loyal (faithful) [adj LEALER, LEALEST]

508/1170 AABEIK AKEBIA/S (Japanese) a climbing shrub [n -S]

509/1174 DEEIMNO DOMINEE-/RS an Afrikaner church minister [n -S]

510/1175 MOUV N/-OVUM the female reproductive cell [n OVA]

511/1179 DEILORSU SOULDIER/S a soldier [n -S]

512/1180 BHTU -BHUT/S a small whirlwind, also BHOOT [n -S]

513/1181 AGMS O/GAMS- GAM, to visit socially [v]
-MAGS- MAG [v]

514/1182 BEEGINR BIGENER/S a hybrid between genera [n -S]
BREINGE/DS (Scots) to plunge forward, also BREENGE [v BREINGED, BREINGING, BREINGES]

515/1184 AEIIKLNT KALINITE/S native potash alum [n -S]

516/1189 AAEGNRST STARAGEN/S the tarragon plant [n -S]
TANAGERS- TANAGER, a brightly coloured bird [n]

517/1191 ABER CST/ABER/S (Welsh) an estuary [n -S]
-BARE-/DRS to expose (to lay open to view) [v BARED, BARING, BARES] / naked (without clothes) [adj BARER, BAREST]
A/-BEAR/DES a furry animal [n -S] / to endure (to last (to continue (to go on with))) [v BORE, BORN or BORNE or YBORE, BEARING, BEARS] / to act like a bear [v BEARED, BEARING, BEARS]
BRAE-/S a hill-side [n -S]

518/1194 CFOT -COFT COFF, to buy (to purchase (to buy)) [v]

519/1196 AAIKLL ALKALI/CNS a type of chemical compound [n ALKALIS or ALKALIES]
ALLIAK/S (Inuit) an Inuit sledge [n -S]

520/1199 AELN ELAN/DS dash or style [n -S]
AFPS/-LANE/S a narrow passageway, also LANEWAY [n -S]
CG/-LEAN-/STY to incline or tilt [v LEANT or LEANED, LEANING, LEANS] / having little fat [adj LEANER, LEANEST]
NEAL/S to anneal (to toughen (to make tough (strong and resilient))) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

521/1200 DINS -DINS- DIN, to make a loud noise [v]
-NIDS- NID, a pheasant's nest [n]
SIND-/S to rinse (to cleanse with clear water) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

522/1201 EERW FHNS/EWER-/S a large pitcher (a container for holding and pouring liquids) [n -S]
ST/WEER- WEE, tiny (very small) [adj]
-WERE BE, to exist [v]

523/1202 EGNRSTU GUNTERS- GUNTER, a rig [n]
GURNETS- GURNET, a marine fish, also GURNARD [n]
-SURGENT pertaining to surge [adj]

524/1205 AEEMNORZ ARMOZEEN/S material for clerical gowns, also ARMOZINE [n -S]

525/1206 AEHRW -WHARE/S a house [n -S]
-WHEAR/E where [adv]

526/1208 DORU O/-DOUR/A sullen (showing brooding ill humour) [adj DOURER, DOUREST]
DURO/CSY a Spanish silver dollar [n -S]

527/1209 ADOS DFS/-ADOS- ADO, fuss [n]
DOSA-/IS (Hindi) an Indian pancake made from rice flour [n DOSAI or DOSAS]
CS/-ODAS- ODA, a room in a harem, also ODAH [n]
-SADO-/S a Japanese tea ceremony, also CHADO, CHANOYO, CHANOYU [n -S]
-SODA-/S a type of chemical compound [n -S]

528/1210 AKPR S/-PARK-/AISY to leave a vehicle in a certain location for a time [v -ED, -ING, -S]

529/1212 HMPU CTW/-HUMP-/HSY to bend into a rounded projection [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BHS/UMPH-/S oomph, energy [n -S]

530/1216 GGIS GIGS- GIG, to catch fish with a pronged spear [v]
BMR/IGGS- IGG, (slang) to ignore [v]


532/1218 DEOV -DEVO-/NST (short for) devolution, as in devo max, an arrangement in which a central government transfers the maximum amount of authority to a regional government while still retaining sovereignty over it [n -S]
DOVE/DNRS to stun (to render unconscious) [v DOVED, DOVING, DOVES]

533/1222 BLOO BOLO/S a long-bladed knife [n -S]
BOOL-/S (Scots) to play bowls [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-LOBO-/S the timber wolf [n -S]
B/OBOL-/EIS an ancient Greek coin, also OBOLUS [n -S]

534/1223 EILLNOS LIONELS- LIONEL, a small lion used as a bearing (heraldry), also LIONCEL [n]
NIELLOS- NIELLO, to decorate with a black metallic substance [v]

535/1225 AIK -KAI-/DEFKLMNS a meal [n -S]

536/1227 KLOY YOLK/SY the yellow, fatty part of an egg, also YELK [n -S]

537/1228 ACEINRS ARCSINE/S a trigonometric inverse function [n -S]
ARSENIC/S a chemical element [n -S]
CERASIN/S the insoluble portion of cherry-tree gum [n -S]

538/1232 CEHIKR STW/-HICKER HICK, characteristic of rural people [adj]

539/1233 AADEINRT DENTARIA/S a flower with toothed roots [n -S]
RAINDATE/S an alternate date in the event of rain [n -S]

540/1234 GRSU GURS-/H GUR, sugar, also GOOR [n]
DFT/-RUGS- RUG, to pull roughly [v]

541/1235 EGILNPST PELTINGS- PELTING, the act of pelting [n]
PESTLING PESTLE, to crush with a club-shaped hand tool [v]

542/1236 AIMNORTU MINOTAUR as in minotaur beetle, a kind of dung-beetle [adj]

543/1240 AMSW MAWS- MAW, to mow (to cut down a crop) [v]
SWAM/IPY SWIM, to propel oneself in water [v]
WASM-/S an obsolete belief; an out-of-fashion 'ism' [n -S]

544/1241 ADEILPS T/ALIPEDS- ALIPED, an animal with winged feet [n]
ELAPIDS- ELAPID, a venomous snake [n]
LAIPSED- LAIPSE, (English dialect) to thrash soundly [v]
LAPIDES LAPIS, a semiprecious stone [n]
PAIDLES- PAIDLE, a sea fish, the lumpsucker [n]
PALSIED PALSY, to paralyze (to render incapable of movement, also PARALYSE) [v]
PLEIADS- PLEIAD, a group of seven illustrious persons [n]

545/1242 EEGRV GREVE/S a thicket (a dense growth of shrubs, also THICKSET) [n -S]

546/1244 CEIRSTU CUITERS- CUITER, to wheedle (to entice by soft words, also WHILLY) [v]
CURIETS- CURIET, a breastplate [n]
-CURITES- CURITE, a radioactive mineral [n]
ICTERUS a diseased condition of the liver [n -ES]

547/1246 AAILRSTT RATTAILS- RATTAIL, a marine fish [n]
STRIATAL- relating to the corpus striatum, the great ganglion of the forebrain [adj]

548/1248 DEEGILR GELIDER GELID, icy (covered with ice) [adj]
F/-LEDGIER LEDGY, abounding in ledges (a narrow, shelflike projection) [adj]
LEIDGER/S the financial record-book of a company, also LEIGER [n -S]

549/1250 AHINT -AHINT behind, also AHENT, AHIND [adv]
HAINT-/S (Southern US dialect) a ghost [n -S]
HIANT gaping [adj]

550/1252 AEGILST AGILEST AGILE, able to move quickly and easily [adj]
AIGLETS- AIGLET, a metal sheath at the end of a lace, also AGLET [n]
GELATIS- GELATI, an Italian ice cream, also GELATO [n]
LIGATES- LIGATE, to bind, also LIGATURE [v]
TAIGLES- TAIGLE, to entangle (to twist together) [v]

551/1254 AGNT -GANT-/S to yawn, also GAUNT [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-GNAT/S a small winged insect [n -S]
S/TANG-/AIOSY to ring (to give forth a clear, resonant sound) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

552/1255 AAEGLST AGELAST/S a non laughing person [n -S]
ALGATES- always (every time) [adv]
LASTAGE/S the lading of a ship [n -S]

553/1256 EIORSTU L/OURIEST OURIE, dingy, also OORIE, OWRIE [adj]
-STOURIE/R dusty, also STOURY [adj]
TOURIES- TOURIE, a small heap [n]
TOUSIER TOUSY, shaggy (covered with long coarse hair) [adj]

554/1257 AAEGLNRS ALNAGERS- ALNAGER, cloth inspector, also AULNAGER [n]
SANGREAL/S the legendary cup used by Christ at the Last Supper also SANGRAIL [n -S]

555/1258 AEHR CPSW/-HARE/DMS to run (to move by rapid steps) [v HARED, HARING, HARES]
SW/-HEAR/DEST to perceive by the ear [v HEARD, HEARING, HEARS]
RHEA/S a flightless bird [n -S]

556/1260 AOST BCHLRT/OAST/S a type of kiln [n -S]
BCDGM/-OATS- OAT, a cereal grass [n]
STOA/EIST an ancient Greek covered walkway [n STOAS or STOAE or STOAI]
TAOS- TAO, the right and proper conduct of Taoism [n]
TOSA/S a dog [n -S]

557/1261 CEIORSST CORSITES- CORSITE, a variety of diorite rock with a spherical structure, aka napoleonite [n]
CROSSTIE/DS a transverse beam [n -S]

558/1262 EGILNSTW -SWELTING SWELT, to swelter (to suffer from oppressive heat) [v]
WELTINGS- WELTING, a cord used to reinforce a seam [n]
WINGLETS- WINGLET, a small wing [n]

559/1263 AEOPRSST ESPARTOS- ESPARTO, a strong Spanish grass [n]
PROTASES PROTASIS, the introductory part of a classical drama [n]
SEAPORTS- SEAPORT, a harbour for seagoing ships [n]

560/1264 IMSW A/SWIM/S to propel oneself in water [v SWAM, SWUM or SWAM, SWIMMING, SWIMS]

561/1265 AILMNNTU LUMINANT/S a means of lighting [n -S]

562/1266 MOSY -MOYS- MOY, a measure [n]
SOMY- SOM, a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan [n]

563/1269 ADENRTY DENTARY a bone of the lower jaw [n DENTARIES]
TRAYNED- TRAYNE, to be instructed [v]
TYRANED TYRAN, to play the oppressor, also TYRANNE, TYRANT [v]

564/1270 DEINOSTU W/OUNDIEST OUNDY, (obsolete) wavy also UNDE, UNDEE, UNDY [adj]

565/1271 DEGINOP PIDGEON/S a type of business affair [n -S]

566/1273 EEW E/EEW- an interjection used to express disgust also EEEW [interj]
-EWE/RS a female sheep (a ruminant wool-growing mammal) [n -S]
AST/-WEE-/DKLMNPRST to urinate (to discharge urine) [v WEED, WEEING, WEES] / tiny (very small) [adj WEER, WEEST]

567/1274 CDEHINNR INDRENCH to submerge in water [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

568/1275 ABDR -BARD-/EOSY to cover a horse with armour, also BARDE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-BRAD-/S to fasten with thin nails [v BRADDED, BRADDING, BRADS]
-DARB/S something considered extraordinary [n -S]
DRAB/S to associate with prostitutes [v DRABBED, DRABBING, DRABS] / dull and monotonous [adj DRABBER, DRABBEST]

569/1276 GLUY GULY- in heraldry, shown by vertical lines representing red [adj]
F/UGLY to make offensive to the sight [v UGLIED, UGLYING, UGLIES] / offensive to sight [adj UGLIER, UGLIEST]

570/1277 EHILOST N/EOLITHS- EOLITH, a prehistoric stone tool [n]
HOLIEST- HOLY, perfect in a moral sense [adj]
HOSTILE/S an unfriendly person [n -S]
LITHOES LITHO, to make a lithograph [v]

571/1279 DELU DUEL-/S to fight formally [v DUELLED or DUELED, DUELLING or DUELING, DUELS]
-DULE/S woe, also DOOLE [n -S]
LEUD-/S a feudal vassal [n LEUDS or LEUDES]
BE/LUDE-/S a methaqualone pill [n -S]

572/1282 ADIMNOS DAIMONS- DAIMON, an attendant spirit [n]
DOMAINS- DOMAIN, an area of control [n]
MADISON/S a type of cyle relay race [n -S]

573/1283 DELORTT DOTTLER- DOTTLE, of tobacco, partly burnt [adj]
DOTTREL/S a shore bird, also DOTTEREL [n -S]

574/1284 AIKLPS KALPIS a water-jar [n -ES]
PALKIS- PALKI, a palanquin (a carried passenger-box), also PALKEE [n]

575/1285 EMSY EMYS a genus of freshwater terrapin also EMYD, EMYDE [n EMYDES]

REFRONTS- REFRONT, to put on a new front [v]
RENFORST RENFORCE, to reinforce [v]

577/1291 AHPU HAPU-/S a Maori subtribe (a subdivision of an iwi) [n -S]
PUHA-/S (Maori) sow thistle [n -S]

578/1293 DEIORSS O/DORISES- DORISE, to become like the Dorians, also DORIZE [v]
DOSSIER/S a file of papers on a single subject [n -S]

579/1300 EEMR AE/MEER-/S to bound (to leap (to spring off the ground)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-MERE/DLRS to bound (to leap (to spring off the ground)) [v MERED, MERING, MERES] / nothing more, nothing better [adj MERER, MEREST]

580/1302 ACELRST -CARTELS- CARTEL, a business organization [n]
CLARETS- CLARET, to drink a red dry wine [v]
CRESTAL-/S a crystal [n -S]
SCARLET/S to redden (to become red (the colour of blood, also REDD)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TARCELS- TARCEL, a male hawk, also TARSEL, TASSELL [n]

581/1303 ENST BCDFGHKPRSTVW/ENTS (colloq.) entertainments [n]
-NEST/S to build a structure for holding eggs [v -ED, -ING, -S]
NETS- NET, to catch in an openwork fabric [v]
SENT-/EIS to scent (to fill with a perfume) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-STEN/DOST to bound (to leap (to spring off the ground)) [v STENNED, STENNING, STENS]
ES/-TENS-/E TEN, a number [n]

582/1304 AFHT CS/-HAFT/S to supply with a handle [v -ED, -ING, -S]

583/1305 ADEGNOSS SONDAGES- SONDAGE, a trial bore [n]

584/1309 EGLN GLEN/ST a small valley (a depression of the earth's surface) [n -S]
-LENG/S to lengthen (to make longer) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

585/1311 DRUY C/RUDY- (In Jamaica) a member of a group of lower- or working-class teenagers in the 1960s, noted for listening to ska music and for juvenile delinquency also RUDI [n RUDIES]
CGN/URDY- pointed [adj]

586/1312 DEIMNTU MINUTED- MINUTE, to take brief notes [v]
-MUNITED- MUNITE, to fortify, also MUNIFY [v]
MUTINED- MUTINE, to revolt against constituted authority, also MUTINY, MUTINEER [v]
UNTIMED not timed [adj]

587/1313 EKNS S/-KENS- KEN, to know (to have a true understanding of) [v]
NEKS- NEK, a mountain pass [n]
-SKEN/ES (Scots) to squint [v SKENNED, SKENNING, SKENS]

588/1316 ACEHLOST CATHOLES- CATHOLE, a part of a ship [n]
CHOLATES- CHOLATE, a chemical salt [n]
ESCHALOT/S a shallot (type of onion) [n -S]

589/1319 HLSU BFPS/LUSH/Y to drink to success [v -ED, -ING, -ES] / abounding in vegetation [adj LUSHER, LUSHEST]
SHUL/ENS a synagogue, also SCHUL [n SHULS or SHULN]

590/1321 ILOV VIOL/ADS a stringed instrument, also VIOLA [n -S]

591/1323 ADDITZ TZADDI/KQS the eighteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, also SADHE, SADE [n -S]

592/1324 EIPR PERI-/LS a supernatural being of Persian mythology [n -S]
S/PIER-/ST a structure extending from land out over water [n -S]
CGT/RIPE-/DNRS to cleanse (to clean (to rid of stain)) [v RIPED, RIPING, RIPES] / fully matured [adj RIPER, RIPEST]

593/1326 DELO DELO-/S (Australian slang) a delegate [n -S]
-DOLE-/DS to distribute in small portions [v DOLED, DOLING, DOLES]
G/-LODE-/NS a deposit of ore [n -S]
S/OLDE-/NR a facetious spelling of OLD [n]

594/1327 AFU CHL/AUF/S an elf's child [n -S]

595/1328 CCHI -CHIC-/AHKOS elegance (refinement) [n -S] / smartly elegant [adj CHICER, CHICEST]

596/1333 CEIKR -ERICK-/S a murderer's fine in old Irish law, also ERIC, ERIACH [n -S]
BDHKLNPRSTWY/ICKER/S a head of grain [n -S]

597/1334 EERSZZ REZZES REZ, (short for) a (Native American) reservation also RES [n]

598/1336 AEILMPST IMPLATES- IMPLATE, to put a covering plate over [v]
PALMIEST- PALMY, marked by prosperity, also PALMIE [adj]
PALMIETS- PALMIET, a riverside plant [n]
PETALISM/S a type of ostracism [n -S]
SEPTIMAL relating to seven [adj]

599/1337 AIKOPT KATIPO/S a New Zealand spider [n -S]

600/1341 EEILMORT MOTELIER/S the owner or manager of a motel [n -S]

601/1348 AFGNO FANGO-/S a medicinal mud from thermal springs [n -S]

602/1350 CLNOORTU CONTROUL/S to exercise authority over, also CONTROL [v -ED, -ING, -S]

603/1351 AEMNRST ARTSMEN ARTSMAN, craftsman [n]
S/MARTENS- MARTEN, a carnivorous mammal [n]
SARMENT/AS a type of plant stem [n -S]
-SMARTEN/S to improve in appearance [v -ED, -ING, -S]

604/1355 EEKM S/-MEEK- having a mild and gentle temper [adj MEEKER, MEEKEST]

605/1356 EKOSS -KOSES KOS, a measure of distance in India, also COSS, KOSS [n]
SEKOS a sacred enclosure [n -ES]
SKEOS- SKEO, (Orkney) a hut, a shed also SKIO [n]
-SOKES- SOKE, a feudal right to administer justice in a certain area [n]

606/1361 AGOR AGRO/S a student of agricultural studies [n -S]
A/-GORA-/LS a white male (India/Pakistan) [n -S]

607/1363 AEIINQSU EQUINIAS- EQUINIA, glanders, a contagious horse disease [n]

608/1368 ERY T/-RYE/S a cereal grass [n -S]
DEOT/-YER-/DK (colloq.) your; you [adj]

609/1369 ILST AB/LIST-/S to write down in a particular order [v LISTED, LISTING, LISTETH or LISTS]
BCFGS/-LITS- LIT, a former monetary unit of Lithuania, also LITAS [n]
SILT/SY to fill with a fine sediment [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SLIT/S to make a long narrow cut in [v SLITTED, SLITTING, SLITS]
TILS- TIL, the sesame plant [n]

610/1371 AEHINRSW SHERWANI/S an Indian man's coat [n -S]

611/1376 EGINPRSU PERSUING PERSUE, to follow, in order to overtake or capture, also PURSUE, POURSEW, POURSUE, PURSEW [v]
PERUSING PERUSE, to read (to look at and understand written matter) [v]
SUPERING SUPER, to reinforce with a thin cotton mesh, as a book [v]

612/1378 DNSY SYND-/S to rinse (to cleanse with clear water) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

613/1381 NOOT C/ONTO forward to [prep]
OONT-/S a camel (a large, humped mammal) [n -S]
-TOON-/S an East Indian tree [n -S]

614/1382 BOSY -BOYS-/Y BOY, to act a female role as a boy [v]
SYBO/EW a variety of onion, also CIBOL, CIBOULE, SYBOE, SYBOW [n -ES]
-YOBS- YOB, a lout, also YOBBO [n]

615/1384 HOOR -HOOR-/DS a Scots and Irish form of WHORE; a difficult or unpleasant thing [n -S]

616/1388 ADEILSY DIALYSE/DRS to use a kidney machine, also DIALYZE [v DIALYSED, DIALYSING, DIALYSES]

617/1389 HHOS -HOHS- HOH, to stop (to halt or discontinue) [v]

618/1390 AIPR -PAIR/ES to arrange in sets of two [v -ED, -ING, -S] / (Scots) poor [adj PAIRER, PAIREST]

619/1394 AEFIIRST -FAIRIEST- FAIRY, of or like a fairy [adj]
G/RATIFIES RATIFY, to approve and sanction formally [v]

620/1397 ORSU CFHJLPSTY/OURS- belonging to us, also OURN [pron]
-SOUR-/S to make sharp or bitter to the taste [v -ED, -ING, -S] / sharp or biting to the taste [adj SOURER, SOUREST]

621/1405 AGINPRST PARTINGS- PARTING, a division or separation [n]
-PRATINGS- PRATING, the act of prating [n]
TRAPSING TRAPSE, to walk in an aimless manner also TRAIPSE, TRAPE, TRAPES [v]

622/1408 AILORSST M/ORALISTS- ORALIST, an advocate of oralism (the use of the oral method for teaching the deaf) [n]
SLIOTARS- SLIOTAR, a ball used in the sport of hurling [n]
SOLARIST/S an adherent of solarism (folk tales as concepts of the nature of the sun) [n -S]

623/1411 EILORSTV VERTISOL/S a type of clayey soil [n -S]

624/1412 ACIS F/ASCI ASCUS, an enlarged cell which has formed eight spores [n]
SAIC-/EKS a ketch-like vessel, also SAICK [n -S]

625/1413 EEIORSST EROTESIS a rhetorical question, also EROTEMA, EROTEME [n EROTESES]
EROTISES- EROTISE, to give a sexual meaning to, also EROTIZE [v]

626/1417 AAIKK KAIAK/S to travel in a kayak (light canoe), also KAYAK [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KAIKA-/IS (New Zealand) the South Island dialect word for KAINGA, a Maori village, also KAIK [n -S]

627/1418 APTU PATU-/S a Maori club [n -S]
TAPU-/S to forbid the use of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
UPTA/K (Australian slang) of poor quality, also UPTER [adj]


629/1421 AEINNR INANER- INANE, senseless [adj]
NARINE relating to naris [adj]
RANINE of the underside of the tongue [adj]

630/1424 NRRU K/NURR-/S a knot of wood, also KNUR, KNURR, NUR [n -S]

631/1428 ADEKNRT DARKNET/S the collection of networks and other technologies that enable people to illegally share copyrighted digital files with little or no fear of detection [n -S]
-TRANKED TRANK, (short for) to tranquillize [v]

632/1430 AILRSTU RITUALS- RITUAL, a system of rites [n]
TRISULA-/S a trident of Siva, also TRISUL [n -S]

633/1435 GIRS GRIS/ETY a grey fur [n -ES]
BFGPT/RIGS- RIG, to equip or fit with sails [v]

634/1436 ACDEERST CASTERED having casters, small swivelling wheels [adj]
CEDRATES- CEDRATE, citron (a lemonlike fruit) [n]

635/1440 ACEENPRT PERCEANT piercing, also PERSANT, PERSAUNT [adj]
-PREENACT/S to enact beforehand [v -ED, -ING, -S]

636/1442 EINOPRSS PORINESS a state of having pores [n -ES]
PRESSION/S pressure [n -S]
ROPINESS the state of being ropy (resembling rope, also ROPEY) [n -ES]

637/1443 AAIIKW KAWAII/S (Japanese) in Japanese culture, the quality of being cute [n -S]

638/1445 AEHORSST ASTHORES- ASTHORE, (Irish) darling [n]
EARSHOTS- EARSHOT, a range from which a sound can be heard [n]
C/HAROSETS- HAROSET, part of the Passover meal, also HAROSETH [n]
HOARSEST HOARSE, rough and husky in sound [adj]

639/1446 CLLU S/CULL/SY to select (to choose (to select by preference)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

640/1450 AKSW BCDGHLMP/AWKS- AWK, a computer-programming language used for data processing [n]
S/KAWS- KAW, to cry like a crow, also CAW [v]
-SKAW-/S a low cape [n -S]

641/1451 AGNS -GANS- GAN, (dialect) to go [v]
KS/-NAGS- NAG, to find fault incessantly [v]
SANG-/AHOS a Chinese organ played by mouth [n -S]
-SNAG/S to catch on a hidden obstacle [v SNAGGED, SNAGGING, SNAGS]

642/1452 ADEILRS DERAILS- DERAIL, to cause to leave the rails [v]
DIALERS- DIALER, one that dials, also DIALLER [n]
P/REDIALS- REDIAL, to dial again [v]
SIDERAL sent from the stars [adj]

643/1454 ABDERSTU SUBTRADE/S in the construction business, a trade such as plumber and electrician [n -S]
SURBATED- SURBATE, to bruise (to injure and discolour the skin) [v]

644/1456 EENOPRS OPENERS- OPENER, one that opens (to expose to view) [n]
PEREONS- PEREON, a crustacean's thorax, also PEREION, PERAEON [n]
PERONES- PERONE, the fibula (a bone in the leg) [n]
REOPENS- REOPEN, to open again [v]
P/REPONES- REPONE, to restore to office [v]

645/1457 ANS BCDEFGKMNPSTVW/ANS-/A as in ifs and ans, things that might have happened, but which did not [adj]
AM/-NAS- has not (no inflections) [v]
-SAN/DEGKST a sanatorium [n -S]

646/1460 AIRRZZ RIZZAR/ST to dry in the sun, also RIZZER, RIZZOR [v -ED, -ING, -S]

647/1461 CDEI CEDI/S a monetary unit of Ghana [n -S]
-CIDE-/DRS (Shakespeare) to decide [v CIDED, CIDING, CIDES]
-DICE/DRSY to cut into small cubes [v DICED, DICING, DICES]
DRTV/ICED- ICE, to cover with frozen water [v]

648/1462 AEIMRSTU MURIATES- MURIATE, chloride (a chlorine compound, also CHLORID) [n]

649/1463 AEIORST HR/OARIEST OARY, like oars [adj]
NRV/OTARIES OTARY, a big-eared seal [n]
ROASTIE/S (colloq.) a roast potato [n -S]

650/1466 AIRT AIRT-/HS to direct (to control or conduct the affairs of) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AP/ARTI-/CS the daily ritual of the lamps on the Ganges, also AARTI [n -S]
KT/-RAIT-/AS to expose to moisture [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TIAR/AS a tiara (a jewelled headpiece) [n -S]

651/1467 ADEGILN M/ALIGNED ALIGN, to arrange in line [v]
DEALIGN/S to withdraw allegiance to a political party [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-DEALING/S a business transaction [n -S]
P/LEADING/S a covering of lead [n -S]

652/1468 ORTT -TORT-/AES a civil wrong [n -S]
-TROT/HS to drive at a pace between walking and running [v TROTTED, TROTTING, TROTS]

653/1469 EEGIMNR MEERING MEER, to bound (to leap (to spring off the ground)) [v]
REGIMEN-/ST a systematic plan [n -S]

654/1471 AEEINSTT ANISETTE/S a liqueur prepared from aniseed [n -S]
TAENITES- TAENITE, a nickel-iron alloy found in meteorites [n]
TETANIES TETANY, a condition marked by painful muscular spasms [n]

655/1472 ELNT BGO/LENT/IO LEND, to give for a time only [v]

656/1474 ABOR -BOAR-/DST a male pig [n -S]
-BORA-/KLSX a cold wind [n -S]

657/1475 CIKLTY TICKLY easily tickled [adj TICKLIER, TICKLIEST]

658/1478 EGINRSST C/RESTINGS- RESTING, the act of resting [n]
STINGERS- STINGER, one that stings (to prick painfully) [n]
S/TRESSING TRESS, to form into long locks of hair [v]
TRIGNESS the state of being neat (tidy (neat and orderly)) [n -ES]

659/1480 AELNPRTY PLENARTY the state of an occupied benefice [n PLENARTIES]

660/1481 AGIINRS FP/AIRINGS- AIRING, an exposure to the air [n]
-ARISING ARISE, to come up [v]
RAGINIS- RAGINI, a modified raga [n]
ABFP/RAISING-/S an elevation [n -S]
-SAIRING SAIR, to wound (to inflict an injury upon) [v]

661/1486 BEEGMOU EMBOGUE/DS to flow out from a river mouth [v EMBOGUED, EMBOGUING, EMBOGUES]

662/1490 EFNNORST FORNENST directly opposite, also FORNENT, FERNINST [adv]

663/1491 OSTW DLNRT/OWTS- OWT, anything (something as opposed to nothing) [n]
-STOW/NPS to put away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SWOT/S to study hard [v SWOTTED, SWOTTING, SWOTS]
S/TOWS-/EY TOW, to pull by means of a chain or rope [v]
-TWOS- TWO, a number [n]
WOST- WIT, to know (to have a true understanding of) [v]
S/WOTS- WOT, to know (to have a true understanding of) [v]

664/1493 AEGINRST H/ANGRIEST- ANGRY, feeling hostility [adj]
ANGSTIER ANGSTY, feeling anxious [adj]
GANISTER/S a type of rock [n -S]
GANTRIES GANTRY, a structure for supporting railroad signals, also GAUNTRY [n]
GRANITES- GRANITE, a type of rock [n]
INGRATES- INGRATE, an ungrateful person [n]
O/RANGIEST RANGY, tall and slender [adj]
B/-REASTING REAST, to become rancid (rank in taste or smell) [v]
-STEARING- STEARE, to guide (to show the way) [v]
TASERING TASER, to stun with a taser gun [v]

665/1499 EEEGINRV ENGRIEVE/DS to grieve (to feel grief, also GREAVE) [v ENGRIEVED, ENGRIEVING, ENGRIEVES]

666/1500 KOR -KOR-/AEOSU a Hebrew unit of measure [n -S]
G/ROK/ESY a legendary bird [n -S]

667/1503 LOR F/-LOR-/DENY expressing surprise [interj]

668/1504 DEOY -YODE-/L YEAD, to go or proceed [v]

669/1505 ACEIMRTT TREMATIC of the gill-slits [adj]

670/1506 EFIILRT FIRELIT lit by firelight [adj]
FITLIER FITLY, FIT, in a good healthy condition [adv]

671/1507 DGOO A/GOOD-/SY something that is good [n -S] / having positive or desirable properties [adj GOODIER, GOODIEST]

672/1509 BDEINOR INORBED INORB, to encircle (to form a circle around) [v]

673/1510 AABELNR BANALER BANAL, flat and uninteresting [adj]

674/1511 AAIMNORT ANIMATOR-/S one who animates (to give life to) [n -S]
MONTARIA/S a light canoe [n -S]
TAMANOIR/S the great antbear [n -S]

675/1512 EPSU SPUE/DRS to spew (to vomit (to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth)) [v SPUED, SPUEING or SPUING, SPUES]
SUPE-/RS an actor without a speaking part [n -S]

676/1513 ACENRSU SUNCARE/S protection of the skin from damage by the sun [n -S]
SURANCE/S assurance [n -S]

677/1514 ADEGIOPT PAGODITE/S a soft, greenish, greyish or yellowish mineral, thought to be a variety of pinite, known particularly for its use by the Chinese for carving [n -S]

678/1518 AFINNORS FRANIONS- FRANION, a paramour (an illicit lover) [n]

679/1519 AAHT -TAHA/S the South African weaver bird [n -S]

680/1521 AACDEILS ALCAIDES- ALCAIDE, the commander of Spanish fortress, also ALCAYDE [n]
SIDALCEA/S a plant of the marrow family [n -S]

681/1525 AHNORST ANTHROS- ANTHRO, (short for) anthropology [n]

682/1526 AEFILMNS FLAMINES FLAMEN, a priest of ancient Rome [n]
INFLAMES- INFLAME, to set on fire [v]
MISFALNE MISFALL, unluckily to befall [v]

683/1527 EEGINNRS ENGINERS- ENGINER, an engineer [n]
INGENERS- INGENER, an engineer [n]
SERENING SERENE, to tranquillize [v]
SNEERING/S the act of sneering [n -S]

684/1528 EINOSSTT SNOTTIES-/T SNOTTIE, a midshipman [n]
-STONIEST- STONY, abounding in small rocks, also STONEY [adj]

685/1529 DEINORU DOURINE/S a disease of horses [n -S]
NEUROID/S either of the halves of a neural arch [n -S]
W/OUNDIER <oundy=> []

686/1530 ACINOPTU ACUPOINT/S an acupuncture site [n -S]

687/1531 EIORSTT STOITER/S to stagger (to walk or stand unsteadily) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TORTIES- TORTIE, (short for) tortoiseshell [n]

688/1532 AEHINPRS HEPARINS- HEPARIN, a biochemical [n]
PARISHEN/S a parish, also PAROCHIN [n -S]
SERAPHIN/ES SERAPH, a winged celestial being, also SERAPHIM [n]

689/1535 AEKNR BCDHJLRTWY/ANKER/S an old wine measure [n -S]
NAKER/S a small kettledrum [n -S]
NERKA-/S the sockeye salmon [n -S]
RANKE-/DRS a jog-trot [n -S]

690/1536 AEMT A/-MATE-/DRSY to copulate (to have sexual intercourse with) [v MATED, MATING, MATES]
-MEAT/HSY animal flesh used as food [n -S]
-META-/L pertaining to positions in a benzene ring [adj]
-TAME-/DRS to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW) [v TAMED, TAMING, TAMES] / gentle or docile [adj TAMER, TAMEST]
S/TEAM-/S to join together for joint action [v -ED, -ING, -S]

691/1537 ALNR LARN-/ST (dialect) to learn [v LARNED, LARNT, LARNING, LARNS]

692/1540 ILNT CEFG/LINT-/SY an accumulation of bits of fibre [n -S] / to put lint on [v -ED, -ING, -S]

693/1541 EEKP KEEP/S to retain in ones possession [v KEPT, KEEPING, KEEPS]
A/-PEEK-/S to sneak a sly look [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PEKE/S a small, long-haired dog [n -S]

694/1543 IILNT INTIL- into (to a position within) [prep]

695/1546 ANRY SU/-NARY not one [adj]
YARN-/S to tell a long story [v -ED, -ING, -S]

696/1547 EEELNRTV NERVELET/S a little nerve [n -S]

697/1548 EINOSTTT TOTIENTS- TOTIENT, the number of totitives of a number [n]

698/1550 BEEIOST TOEBIES- TOEBIE, (Afrikaans) a sandwich [n]

699/1553 AABERSTT RABATTES- RABATTE, to rotate into coincidence with another plane [v]
TABARETS- TABARET, a silk fabric [n]

700/1560 ADIS CGKLMQRS/-AIDS- AID, to help (to give aid) [v]
-DAIS/Y a raised platform [n -ES]
DISA-/S a type of orchid (a flowering plant) [n -S]
T/SADI-/S a Hebrew letter, also SADE, SADHE, TSADE, TSADI [n -S]
-SAID-/S a title of respect for a Muslim dignitary, also SAYED, SAYYID [n -S]
SIDA/S any plant of the Queensland hemp genus [n -S]

701/1563 AIKKOS SAKKOI SAKKOS, a Bishop's vestment like an alb, also SACCOS [n]

702/1564 ADEINRTU DATURINE/S a poison [n -S]
INDURATE/DS to make hard (firm and unyielding) [v INDURATED, INDURATING, INDURATES]
RUINATED- RUINATE, to ruin (to destroy (to demolish, also DESTRUCT)) [v]
URINATED- URINATE, to discharge urine [v]

703/1569 DEORSTT DETORTS- DETORT, to distort (to twist or bend out of shape) [v]
-DOTTERS- DOTTER, one that dots (to cover with tiny round marks) [n]

704/1571 DNTU DUNT-/S to strike with a heavy blow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TUND-/S to beat (to strike repeatedly) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

705/1580 GGIR -GRIG/S to tease (to make fun of) [v GRIGGED, GRIGGING, GRIGS]
-RIGG-/S the dogfish (a small shark) [n -S]

706/1582 AEEGOPRV OVERPAGE overleaf (on the other side of the page) [adv]

707/1586 AIKRS -KRAIS- KRAI, (Russian) an administrative district in Russia [n]
T/RAIKS- RAIK, to go; to range [v]
RAKIS-/H RAKI, a Turkish liqueur, also RAKEE [n]

708/1588 DILNPSU LISPUND/S a varying weight, also LISPOUND [n -S]


710/1593 HOPS CSW/-HOPS- HOP, to move by jumping on one foot [v]
-PHOS- PHO, a Vietnamese noodle soup [n]
-POHS- POH, to reject contemptuously [v]
S/POSH-/O to polish (to make lustrous by rubbing) [v -ED, -ING, -ES] / elegant (having fastidious taste) [adj POSHER, POSHEST]
-SHOP-/ES to visit shops to buy goods [v SHOPPED, SHOPPING, SHOPS]
SOPH-/SY a second year student [n -S]

711/1596 AEIPRST -PAIREST- PAIR, (Scots) poor [adj]
-PARTIES PARTY, to attend a social gathering [v]
PASTIER- PASTY, pale and unhealthy in appearance, also PASTIE [adj]
PIASTER/S a monetary unit of several Arab countries, also PIASTRE [n -S]
PIASTRE/S a monetary unit of several Arab countries, also PIASTER [n -S]
PIRATES- PIRATE, to commit piracy [v]
PRATIES- PRATIE, a potato, also PRATY [n]

712/1597 ABHS A/-BASH-/O to beat (to strike repeatedly) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

713/1598 ADTW DAWT-/S to fondle, also DAUT [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WADT-/S an earthy ore, also WADD [n -S]

714/1600 ADHKKU DUKKAH-/S a mix of ground nuts and spices, used as a dip, also DUKKA [n -S]
DUKKHA/S suffering due to the desire for permanence, also DUHKHA [n -S]

715/1602 AALT -TAAL/S the Afrikaans language [n -S]
-TALA/KQRS a traditional rhythmic pattern in Indian music [n -S]

716/1603 ABCEGO BOCAGE/S a thicket, also BOSCAGE, BOSKAGE [n -S]

717/1607 DEEIMNR DEMINER/S one that removes (explosive) mines [n -S]
V/ERMINED- trimmed with ermine [adj]

718/1609 PSUY PUYS- PUY, a small volcanic cone [n]
UPSY- a carousall, also UPSEE, UPSEY [n UPSIES]
-YUPS- YUP, yes, also YEP [n]

719/1612 AAEHLNT M/ETHANAL/S another name for acetaldehyde [n -S]

720/1613 DELMORSU S/MOULDERS- MOULDER, to turn to dust by natural decay, also MOLDER [v]
P/REMOULDS- REMOULD, to retread a tyre [v]
A/-SMOULDER/S to burn with no flame, also SMOLDER [v -ED, -ING, -S]

721/1614 AGITTW WITGAT/S a South African tree [n -S]

722/1617 IKPRSU PRUSIK/S to climb using mountaineering slings [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SPRUIK/S to harangue the public [v -ED, -ING, -S]

723/1618 ORSW BCDFGPTV/ROWS- ROW, to propel by means of oars [v]

724/1620 AJMNO JAMON designating a variety of Spanish ham [adj]

725/1621 GINP AO/-PING-/OS to produce a brief, high-pitched sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

726/1624 AADIINR DIARIAN of a diarchy [adj]

727/1626 AEIMRSU MAUSIER MAUSY, foggy, misty also MAUZY [adj]
UREMIAS- UREMIA, an abnormal condition of the blood, also URAEMIA, URINEMIA [n]

728/1628 ABCKOR BAROCK/S a bold decorative style, also BAROQUE, BAROCCO [n -S]

729/1629 ANPPSUW SUPPAWN/S a kind of porridge, also SUPAWN [n -S]

730/1635 DEIRSTV DIVERTS- DIVERT, to turn aside [v]
STRIVED- STRIVE, to contend (to vie (to contend in rivalry)) [v]
VERDITS- VERDIT, a judicial decision [n]

731/1637 AEGILNRS M/ALIGNERS- ALIGNER, one that aligns (to arrange in line) [n]
ENGRAILS- ENGRAIL, to border with curved indentations [v]
LASERING LASER, to treat with a laser, a source of high-intensity optical, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation produced as a result of stimulated emission maintained within a solid, liquid, or gaseous medium [v]
REALIGNS- REALIGN, to align again [v]
SALERING/S a cattle-selling area [n -S]
SANGLIER/S a wild boar [n -S]
SIGNALER/S one that signals (to notify by means of communication) [n -S]
SLANGIER SLANGY, containing slang [adj]

732/1638 EKNRS -KERNS- KERN, to be formed with a projecting typeface [v]
-NERKS- NERK, a bothersome idiot [n]

733/1640 OOPS CGHLMNPRSWY/-OOPS- OOP, to bind with thread, also OUP [v]
-POOS- POO, to defecate (to discharge faeces) [v]
-SOOP/S to sweep (to clean with a broom) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

734/1641 IKRS BDFKLMY/IRKS- IRK, to annoy or weary [v]
KIRS- KIR, an alcoholic beverage [n]
KRIS to stab with a Malay dagger (pr t KRISES, KRISES), also CREESE, KREESE [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BF/RISK/SY to expose to loss or injury [v -ED, -ING, -S]

735/1642 CHRU CHUR/LNR (New Zealand) an informal expression of agreement [interj]

736/1644 ILRV VIRL/S a metal ring or cap that prevents splitting [n -S]
VRIL/S electric fluid represented as the common origin of the forces in matter [n -S]

737/1646 INTY TINY- a small child (a young person) [n TINIES] / very small [adj TINIER, TINIEST]
TIYN/S a monetary unit of Kazakhstan also TIYIN, TYIN, TYIYN [n -S]
-TYIN/G a monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan also TIYIN, TIYN, TYIYN [n TYIN]

738/1647 AAEHSTT HASTATE/D triangular [adj]

739/1648 ABRST -BRAST-/S to break open violently, also BURST, BRUST [v -ING, -S]
-BRATS- BRAT, a badly behaved child [n]
TRABS (Liverpool dialect) sports footwear, training shoes [n]

740/1653 AEIMPSTX MIXTAPES- MIXTAPE, a compilation of songs from various sources [n]

741/1654 ACDE FLMPR/ACED- ACE, to serve an unreturnable shot eg in tennis [v]
CADE-/EST a European shrub [n -S]
-DACE/S a freshwater fish [n -S]
D/-ECAD/S a plant which has supposedly adapted to its environment [n -S]

742/1655 BEINRSU BURNIES- BURNIE, a brooklet (a small brook) [n]
RUBINES- RUBINE, a ruby, a precious stone, also RUBIN [n]
SUBERIN/S a substance found in cork cells [n -S]

743/1657 MSSU MUSS-/EY to mess (to make dirty or untidy) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-SUMS- SUM, to add together [v]

744/1666 ADIP PADI-/S a rice field, also PADDY [n -S]
A/-PAID PAY, to give money in exchanges for goods or service [v]

745/1667 BEKKNO BOKKEN/S (Japanese) a wooden sword for training [n -S]

746/1670 AEGIRSST M/AGISTERS- AGISTER, person in charge of agisted cattle, also AGISTOR [n]

747/1672 ENOV CDHRW/OVEN/S a closed space for baking [n -S] / to cook in an oven, also OON [v -ED, -ING, -S]

748/1673 AADT DATA/L DATUM, something used as a basis for calculating [n]

749/1675 ADIKO DAIKO/NS a large Japanese drum, also TAIKO [n -S]

750/1676 IKLS BFMS/ILKS- ILK, type or kind [n]
FG/LISK-/S the groin [n -S]
-SILK/SY to cover with a soft lustrous fabric [v -ED, -ING, -S]

751/1677 LNOY FS/ONLY standing alone, also ONELY [adj]

752/1682 ADEM -DAME-/S a matron (a married woman) [n -S]
MADE- MAKE, to create (to bring into being) [v]
MEAD/S an alcoholic beverage [n -S]

753/1687 AACDU CAUDA/DEL the area behind an animal's anus [n CAUDAE]

754/1690 INPT PINT-/AOS a measure of capacity [n -S]

755/1698 CIKS DHKLMNPRSTW/ICKS- ICK, something sticky or disgusting [n]
-SICK-/OSY to urge to attack [v -ED, -ING, -S] / affected with ill health, also SIC [adj SICKER, SICKEST]

756/1702 ACIKNP PANICK-/SY a grass such as millet, also PANNICK [n -S]

757/1705 AEKRST SKATER-/S one who skates (to glide over ice with blades or wheels) [n -S]
-STAKER-/S one that marks off an area with stakes [n -S]
STRAKE-/DS the planking extending along a ship's hull [n -S]
STREAK/SY to cover with long narrow marks [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TAKERS- TAKER, one that takes (to seize possession) [n]
-TASKER/S one who performs a task [n -S]

758/1706 AHHO HOHA- peevish (irritable) [adj]

759/1707 GINORSTU OUTGRINS- OUTGRIN, to surpass in grinning [v]
OUTRINGS- OUTRING, to ring louder than [v]
-ROUSTING ROUST, to arouse and drive out [v]
GT/-ROUTINGS- ROUTING, going to receptions [n]
TOURINGS- TOURING, cross-country skiing for pleasure [n]


761/1716 AKSSTT SKATTS- SKATT, a blow [n]

762/1720 EEKRS -ESKER/S a narrow ridge of gravel and sand, also ESCAR, ESKAR [n -S]
BC/REEKS- REEK, to give off smoke, fumes or smell [v]
-REKES- REKE, to be concerned about, also RECK [v]
SKEER-/SY to scare (to frighten (to make afraid, to scare, also FRIGHT)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

763/1723 AENPRST P/ARPENTS- ARPENT, a old French land measure, also ARPEN [n]
ENTRAPS- ENTRAP, to ensnare (to trap, also INSNARE) [v]
PANTERS- PANTER, an officer in charge of provisions, also PANTLER [n]
PARENTS- PARENT, to act as father or mother [v]
-PASTERN-/S a part of a horse's hoof [n -S]
PERSANT piercing, also PERCEANT, PERSAUNT [adj]
TREPANS- TREPAN, to operate on with a surgical saw, also TRAPAN, TREPHINE [v]

764/1725 AAEIMNOT METANOIA/S repentance [n -S]

765/1731 AJNOSY YOJANS- YOJAN, an Indian measure of distance 5 miles, also YOJANA [n]

766/1732 KKOTUU KOTUKU/S a kind of heron with brilliant white plumage, black legs, yellow eyes and bill [n -S]

767/1734 AAENSTV SAVANTE-/S a woman of great learning [n -S]

768/1740 GILN BCFPS/-LING-/AOSY a heath plant [n -S]

769/1741 ANRS SNAR/EFKLSY to slither like a snake [v SNARRED, SNARRING, SNARS]

770/1742 CEKP S/PECK-/ESY to strike with a beak [v -ED, -ING, -S]

771/1746 EGIOPRSY PYROGIES PYROGY, (Russian) a small dumpling with a filling also PEROGI, PEROGIE, PEROGY, PIEROGI, PIROGI, PYROHY [n]

772/1750 AABDERTT RABATTED- RABATTE, to rotate into coincidence with another plane [v]

773/1751 CKPU PUCK/AS a thick rubber disc used in ice hockey [n -S] / to hit a puck [v -ED, -ING, -S]

774/1753 ADIT -ADIT/S a mine opening, also STULM [n -S]
-DITA-/LS a Philippine tree [n -S]

775/1756 AEHLNSU UNHEALS- UNHEAL, to disclose (to reveal (to make known)) [v]
UNLEASH to free from a leash [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
UNSHALE/DS to reveal (to make known) [v UNSHALED, UNSHALING, UNSHALES]

776/1759 EIOORRST ROOTSIER ROOTSY, reminiscent of folk styles [adj]

777/1761 AEELSTY EYALETS- EYALET, a Turkish province [n]

778/1763 AAEMOSTT STEATOMA/S a tumour (an abnormal swelling) [n -S]

779/1765 CEHL B/-LECH to engage in lechery, also LETCH [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

780/1767 EGNT A/GENT-/SY a gentleman [n -S]

781/1768 EIKRSY KYRIES- KYRIE, a religious petition for mercy [n]
SKYIER SKYEY, resembling the sky, also SKIEY [adj]

782/1770 AACEIILN LACINIAE- LACINIA, a long narrow lobe in a leaf [n]

783/1771 DOY -DOY-/S (Scots) dear, a loved one [n -S]
-YOD-/EHS a Hebrew letter [n -S]

784/1773 EGILORS GLOIRES- GLOIRE, glory [n]
-GLORIES GLORY, to rejoice proudly [v]

785/1775 AEGNORR GROANER/S one that groans (to utter a low mournful sound, also GRONE) [n -S]
-ORANGER-/Y ORANGE, the colour of an orange (a fruit) [adj]

786/1776 EEIWZ WEIZE/DS to guide in a certain direction, also WEISE [v WEIZED, WEIZING, WEIZES]

787/1781 CHIS -CHIS- CHI, a Greek letter, also KHI [n]
ICHS- ICH, to eke (to augment, also ECH, ECHE, EECH, EIK, ICH) [v]
-SICH-/T such (of that kind) [adj]

788/1784 EIILMNTT MELITTIN/S a toxic polypeptide found in bee venom, responsible for the pain of the sting [n -S]

789/1790 ADDEGILS ADELGIDS- ADELGID, a kind of small insect related to the aphids [n]
-GLADDIES- GLADDIE, colloquial name for a gladiolus flower [n]

790/1791 DRRU DURR/ASY a cereal grain, also DURA [n -S]

791/1792 ACDELTU CLAUTED CLAUT, to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v]

792/1793 ACEEMNNO CANOEMEN CANOEMAN, a canoeist [n]

793/1797 EEMW WEEM-/S a subterranean dwelling [n -S]

794/1798 AEFLNSU FLAUNES- FLAUNE, a custard, also FLAWN, FLAMM [n]

795/1800 LOU C/-LOU-/DNPRST (Scots) to love [v -ED, -ING, -S]

796/1801 ADEGHIRS GARISHED GARISH, to heal (to make sound again) [v]
HAGRIDES- HAGRIDE, to harass (to bother persistently) [v]
HEADRIGS- HEADRIG, a headland in a ploughed field [n]

797/1803 AADELNST EASTLAND/S the east [n -S]

798/1805 ADGINORS ROADINGS- ROADING, a wood-cock's evening flight, also RODING [n]

799/1809 AAGILRT RAGTAIL ragged, shabby [adj]

800/1814 EIINPRS INSPIRE/DRS to influence to greater heights [v INSPIRED, INSPIRING, INSPIRES]
PIRNIES- PIRNIE, a striped woollen nightcap [n]
SNIPIER SNIPY, snipe-beaked [adj]
-SPINIER SPINY, covered with thorns, also SPINOSE, SPINOUS [adj]

801/1815 BNNU BUNN-/SY bun (a small sweet cake) [n -S]

802/1820 ABDEGNOR BONDAGER-/S a female outworker [n -S]

803/1824 AIMNSTTU ANTISMUT opposed to pornography [adj]

804/1825 EILMOPRS IMPLORES- IMPLORE, to entreat (to beg for) [v]
PELORISM/S unexpected regularity in a flower, also PELORIA, PELORY [n -S]

805/1827 EHMT -METH-/OS a stimulant drug [n -S]
-THEM-/AE objective case of THEY [pron]

806/1829 CFFO S/-COFF/S to buy (to purchase (to buy)) [v COFFED or COFT, COFT, COFFING, COFFS]

807/1830 AEILRRS T/RAILERS- RAILER, one that rails (to enclose or separate) [n]
RERAILS- RERAIL, to replace on the rails [v]

808/1836 AEMNRSTU ANESTRUM period of sexual inactivity, also ANOESTRUM [n ANESTRA]

809/1839 AABELLN BALNEAL pertaining to baths [adj]

810/1842 AERRUZ -RAZURE/S the act of scraping [n -S]

811/1843 GILLUY GLUILY GLUEY, resembling glue [adv]
UGLILY UGLY, offensive to sight [adv]

812/1844 ELNOSTU LENTOUS relating to lentor [adj]

813/1847 EKNY KYNE cows [n]

814/1850 EEHKST THEEKS- THEEK, to thatch (to cover with foliage) [v]

815/1851 AAELLNZ ZANELLA/S fabric for covering umbrellas [n -S]

816/1857 CDEINRS CINDERS- CINDER, to reduce to ashes [v]
DISCERN/S to perceive (to become aware of through the senses) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
NERDICS- NERDIC, another name for GEEKSPEAK [n]
P/RESCIND/S to annul (to declare void) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

817/1858 INOORSST ISOTRONS- ISOTRON, a device for separating isotopes [n]
TORSIONS- TORSION, the act of twisting [n]

818/1860 ADELLORS ODALLERS- ODALLER, a holder of an odal estate, also UDALLER [n]
SOLLARED SOLLAR, (archaic) to put in a floor or garret [v]

819/1865 AENSZZ ZANZES- ZANZE, an African musical instrument, also ZANZA [n]
ZAZENS- ZAZEN, meditation in Zen Buddhism [n]

820/1868 ACELORT CROTALE-/S a small cymbal [n -S]
LOCATER-/S one who locates, also LOCATOR [n -S]

821/1869 EHIKSS -KISHES KISH, solid graphite which separates from hot cast-iron [n]
SHEIKS- SHEIK, (Arabic) an Arab chief also SHAIKH, SHAYKH, SHEIKH [n]
SHIKSE/HS a non-Jewish girl or woman, also SHIKSA, SHIKSEH, SHICKSA [n -S]

822/1872 CDELORSW CLOWDERS- CLOWDER, a group of cats [n]
SCROWLED- SCROWLE, to draft, also SCROWL [v]

823/1873 ANOORSTT ARNOTTOS- ARNOTTO, a tropical tree [n]
NOTATORS- NOTATOR, one that notates [n]
RATTOONS- RATTOON, to sprout from a root planted the previous year, also RATOON [v]

824/1875 EIORRRT RORTIER RORTY, rowdy (disorderly in behavior) [adj]
TERROIR/S the combination of factors, such as soil and climate, that gives a wine its character [n -S]

825/1878 AAHOR AROHA/S (Maori) love, compassion [n -S]

826/1880 AELNSUW UNWEALS- UNWEAL, an affliction [n]

827/1881 EGHIMNOR HOMERING HOMER, to hit a home run [v]
REHOMING/S the act of homing again [n -S]

828/1882 ACFF S/-CAFF-/S (slang) cafe also CAF [n S]

829/1883 ACHLU LAUCH/S to laugh (to express mirth by explosive inarticulate sounds) [v LEUCH or LEUGH, LEUCHEN or LEUGHEN, LAUCHING, LAUCHS]
LUACH (Judaism) an inscribed tablet of Commandments, pl LUCHOT or LUCHOTH [n LUCHOT or LUCHOTH]

830/1884 AOPS CG/-APOS- APO, a type of protein (apolipoprotein) [n]
APSO/S a breed of dog, the Lhasa apso (a terrier) [n -S]
D/-OPAS- OPA, (German) a grandfather also OUPA [n]
POAS- POA, a type of plant [n]
SOAP/SY to treat with a cleansing agent [v -ED, -ING, -S]

831/1886 ACEIMNOR CORAMINE/S a circulatory stimulant banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, hence preventing its use by athletes [n -S]

832/1889 DILS -LIDS- LID, to provide with a movable cover [v]
SILD/S a young herring [n -S]
-SLID/E SLIDE, to move smoothly along a surface [v]

833/1890 ADEHIPST PITHEADS- PITHEAD, a mine entrance [n]
SIDEPATH/S a byway (a side road) [n -S]

834/1891 DEIIMNOS DOMINIES- DOMINIE, a clergyman [n]
MINISODE/S a heavily abridged version of a television episode, esp [n]

835/1892 AAEELNST ELASTANE/S a synthetic fibre that retains its shape after being stretched [n -S]

836/1893 AELPRSU PERUSAL/S the act of perusing (to read (to look at and understand written matter)) [n -S]
PLEURAS- PLEURA, a membrane that covers the lungs [n]
SERPULA/ES a member of a genus of marine annelids or tubeworms also SERPULID [n SERPULAE or SERPULAS]

837/1894 AHLU S/HAUL/DMST to pull with force [v -ED, -ING, -S]
HULA/S a Hawaiian dance [n -S]

838/1896 EILLOST OILLETS- OILLET, an eyelet [n]
STELLIO/N as in stellio lizard, a STELLION [adj]
-TOLLIES- TOLLIE, a castrated calf, also TOLLY [n]

839/1897 ADEFRSU FADEURS- FADEUR, dullness (the state of being dull, also DULNESS) [n]

840/1900 EGLOY -ELOGY a funeral oration, also ELOGE, ELOGIUM [n ELOGIES]
GOYLE/S (Dial) a ravine [n -S]

841/1901 ABEORRT ABORTER/S one who aborts (to come to nothing) [n -S]
ARBORET/AS a shrubbery [n -S]
TABORER/S one who tabors, also TABOURER [n -S]

842/1902 AEINRRST RESTRAIN/ST to hold back [v -ED, -ING, -S]
P/RETRAINS- RETRAIN, to train again [v]
-STRAINER/S a utensil used to separate liquids from solids [n -S]
TERRAINS- TERRAIN, a tract of land [n]
S/TRAINERS- TRAINER, one who trains (to instruct systematically) [n]
TRANSIRE/S a customs warrant [n -S]

843/1903 AAHKPS PASHKA/S (Russian) a rich dessert of cottage cheese, cream, almonds, raisins etc. traditionally served at Easter also PASKA, PASKHA [n -S]
PASKHA/S (Russian) a Russian dessert eaten at Easter also PASHKA, PASKA [n -S]

844/1904 ABELORST BLOATERS- BLOATER, a smoked herring [n]
RETABLOS- RETABLO, a shelf or ornamental setting for panels behind an altar also RETABLE [n]
SORTABLE able to be sorted [adv]
STORABLE/S something that can be stored [n -S]

845/1906 DEINOSS ONSIDES- ONSIDE, a cricket term [n]

846/1907 EGIRV GIVER-/S one that gives (to transfer freely to another's possession) [n -S]
VIRGE/RS the brink (an extreme edge) [n -S]

847/1908 EILNORS A/LIENORS- LIENOR, a party who holds a lien on a property [n]
NEROLIS- NEROLI, a fragrant oil [n]

848/1909 AAEMR ARAME/S edible seaweed [n -S]
MAARE- MAAR, a volcanic crater often forming a lake [n]
MARAE-/S a Maori meeting-place [n -S]

849/1910 EINPRSTU PRUNIEST PRUNEY, resembling a prune [adj]
REPUNITS- REPUNIT, a number of two or more identical integers [n]
UNPRIEST/S to divest of priesthood [v -ED, -ING, -S]
UNRIPEST UNRIPE, not mature enough [adj]

850/1911 DEKS DESK/S a writing table [n -S]
S/-KEDS- KED, a type of wingless fly that infests sheep [n]

851/1914 HRTU HURT/S to injure (to harm or do hurt to) [v -ING, -S]
T/RUTH-/S compassion [n -S]
THRU/M through (by way of) [prep]

852/1915 DEILLOSV LIVELODS- LIVELOD, a means of living [n]

853/1917 AHIKRS RAKISH- dapper (spruce (neat and trim in appearance)) [adj]
SHIKAR/AIS to hunt (to pursue (to follow, in order to overtake or capture, also PERSUE, POURSEW, POURSUE, PURSEW)) [v SHIKARRED, SHIKARRING, SHIKARS]
SHIKRA/S (Hindi) a small sparrow hawk [n -S]

854/1919 ALPU S/PAUL/S an obsolete papal coin, also PAOLO [n -S]
PULA-/OS a monetary unit of Botswana [n -S]

855/1920 AAELNPT -PLANATE having a flat surface [adj]
PLANTAE- PLANTA, the sole of the foot [n]
PLATANE-/S a large tree, also PLATAN [n -S]

856/1921 ACL -CAL/FKLMOPX (short for) calorie, as in low cal [adj]
LAC-/EKSY a resinous substance secreted by some insects [n -S]

857/1922 HKOO CS/HOOK-/ASY to catch with a bent piece of metal [v -ED, -ING, -S]

858/1923 AALN ALAN-/DEGST a large hunting dog, also ALAND, ALANT [n -S]
BCF/ANAL- pertaining to the anus [adj]
-LANA/IS the wood of the genipap tree [n -S]
-NALA/S a ravine (a narrow, steep-sided valley) [n -S]

859/1924 AIINRSTU RAINSUIT/S a waterproof jacket and pants [n -S]

860/1926 AEORRSTU ORATURES- ORATURE, oral forms of literature such as folklore [n]

861/1927 AACDEU CADEAU/X a gift [n CADEAUX]
CAUDAE- CAUDA, the area behind an animal's anus [n]

862/1929 AELMNOST SALMONET/S a young salmon, also SAMLET [n -S]
TELAMONS- TELAMON, a male figure used as a supporting column [n]

863/1931 AEPRT -APERT- open or public [adj]
APTER APT, suitable (appropriate) [adj]
E/PATER-/AS a father [n -S]
PEART- lively (full of energy) [adj PEARTER, PEARTEST]
PETAR/ADSY an explosive device, also PETARD [n -S]
U/-PRATE-/DRS to chatter (to talk idly) [v PRATED, PRATING, PRATES]
-TAPER-/S to become gradually narrower [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TRAPE-/DS to walk in an aimless manner, also TRAIPSE, TRAPES, TRAPSE [v TRAPED, TRAPING, TRAPES]

864/1932 ANNO ANNO-/Y in the year [prep]
CF/-ANON at another time [adv]
NANO-/S the science that deals with materials on an atomic or molecular scale [n -S]
NONA-/S a virus disease [n -S]

865/1933 HIST SW/HIST-/S to hoist (to raise with tackle) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CSW/-HITS- HIT, to strike forcibly [v]
-SHIT/ES to defecate (to discharge faeces) [v SHITTED, SHAT, SHITTING, SHITS]
SITH-/E since (from then until now) [adv]
-THIS the person or thing just mentioned [pron THESE]

866/1934 CEPR PERC-/EHS (short for) perchloride, a chemical used in dry cleaning [n -S]

867/1935 CDHOT DOCHT DOW, to do well [v]

868/1937 CEEVZ CEZVE/S a small metal pot, usually of copper, with a long metal handle, used for preparing Turkish, Arabic, or Greek style coffee [n -S]

869/1939 EEIMNOTX XENOTIME/S yttrium phosphate [n -S]

870/1940 ADHKLO DHOLAK/S (Hindi) a two-headed drum [n -S]

871/1941 AEGIRRTY ARGYRITE/S silver-glance [n -S]

872/1942 ADEEHNRT ADHERENT/S a supporter [n -S]
HARTENED HARTEN, to give courage to, also HEARTEN [v]
NEATHERD/S a cowherd (one who tends cattle) [n -S]
THREADEN made of thread [adj]

873/1943 EILOPSTT E/PISTOLET-/S a pistol [n -S]
PLOTTIES-/T PLOTTIE, a spiced hot drink, also PLOTTY [n]
POLITEST POLITE, showing consideration for others [adj]

874/1944 AAELMNT -AMENTAL- of a catkin [adj]

875/1945 AORT RATO-/OS a rocket-assisted aeroplane takeoff [n -S]
ROTA-/LNS a list of names [n -S]
TARO-/CKST a tropical plant [n -S]
-TORA-/HNS the body of Jewish law, also TORAH [n -S]

876/1947 GIMS A/-GISM-/OS energy, also JISM [n -S]
MIGS- MIG, a type of playing marble, also MIGG, MIGGLE [n]

877/1951 EIPRRRSU SPURRIER/S one who makes spurs [n -S]

878/1952 BEGILNST BELTINGS- BELTING, a beating (a defeat) [n]
BLINGEST BLING, flashy [adj]

879/1953 AEIKNSTW TWANKIES TWANKY, a variety of green tea [n]
S/WANKIEST WANKY, contemptible [adj]

880/1957 EHIOOST SHOOTIE/S a fashionable shoe that covers the ankle [n -S]

881/1959 EIKNRST REKNITS- REKNIT, to knit again [v]
SKINTER SKINT, having no money [adj]
-STINKER/S one that stinks (to emit a foul odour) [n -S]
S/-TINKERS- TINKER, to repair shoddily [v]

882/1960 ADDHOOS DOODAHS- DOODAH, something whose name one has forgotten, also DOODAD [n]

883/1962 MRTU TURM/ES a troop, also TURME [n -S]

884/1963 LOTT TOLT/S an old English writ [n -S]

885/1964 AACIOST ATOCIAS- ATOCIA, sterility in a female [n]
COAITAS- COAITA, a type of spider monkey [n]

886/1965 DHIKR DHIKR/S (Arabic) a Sufi religious ceremony [n -S]

887/1966 EHNS TW/-HENS- HEN, to lose courage [v]
NESH soft (yielding easily to pressure) [adj NESHER, NESHEST]
A/-SHEN-/DT the spiritual element of a person's psyche [n SHEN]

888/1967 EELR FS/LEER-/SY to look with a sideways glance [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-LERE/DS to teach (to instruct (to teach)) [v LERED, LERING, LERES]
C/-REEL-/S to wind on a type of rotary device [v -ED, -ING, -S]

889/1968 DEILOPST PISTOLED- PISTOL, to shoot with a small firearm [v]
POSTILED POSTIL, to gloss (to make lustrous (reflecting light evenly and efficiently)) [v]

890/1969 AHTU G/HAUT/E (French) high; (Shakesp.) haughty, exalted also HAUGHT, HAULT [adj HAUTER, HAUTEST]

891/1971 AAGINRS NAGARIS- NAGARI, a type of Indian script [n]
SANGRIA/S an alcoholic beverage [n -S]
SARANGI/S an Indian stringed instrument [n -S]

892/1974 ACHKOR CHOKRA/S a boy [n -S]

893/1975 ADEINORS ANEROIDS- ANEROID, a type of barometer [n]
ANODISER-/S something that anodises also ANODIZER [n -S]
DONARIES DONARY, a thing given to sacred use [n]

894/1976 ADEEIRST B/READIEST- READY, prepared [adj]
SERIATED- SERIATE, to put in a series [v]
SIDERATE/DS to strike (to hit (to strike forcibly)) [v SIDERATED, SIDERATING, SIDERATES]
STEADIER/S one that steadies (to make steady) [n -S]

895/1977 ABLT -BLAT/EST to bleat (to cry like a sheep) [v BLATTED, BLATTING, BLATS]

896/1978 DEEN -DEEN-/S din, disruptive noise [n -S]
-DENE-/ST a valley (a depression of the earth's surface) [n -S]
KS/NEED-/SY to require (to have need of) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

897/1979 ADEILMS MAELIDS- MAELID, an apple nymph [n]
MEDIALS- MEDIAL, a sound, syllable or letter in the middle of a word [n]
MISDEAL/ST to deal cards incorrectly [v MISDEALT, MISDEALING, MISDEALS]

898/1980 AEFLNRS SALFERN/S a medicinal herb, also GROMWELL [n -S]

899/1985 LOPS CEFGPS/-LOPS- LOP, to cut the tops off branches [v]
POLS- POL, a politician [n]
-SLOP/ESY to spill or splash [v SLOPPED, SLOPPING, SLOPS]

900/1986 ASWY A/-SWAY/LS to move slowly back and forth [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AST/-WAYS- WAY, to journey (to travel (to go from one place to another)) [v]
YAWS- YAW, to deviate from course [v]

901/1988 EGLU GLUE/DRSY to fasten with glue (an adhesive substance) [v GLUED, GLUEING or GLUING, GLUES]
-GULE-/ST the marigold (a flowering plant) [n -S]
K/LUGE-/DRS to race on a small sled [v LUGED, LUGEING, LUGES]

902/1989 EHNY -HYEN-/AS shakespearean form of HYENA [n -S]

903/1992 ACOS CS/OCAS- OCA, a South American herb [n]
-SOCA-/S calypso music [n -S]

904/1994 AEGLNSU ANGELUS a call to prayer [n -ES]
LAGUNES- LAGUNE, a shallow body of water, also LAGOON, LAGUNA [n]
LANGUES- LANGUE, a type of language [n]
LEGUANS- LEGUAN, a large monitor lizard of the genus Varanus, also LEGUAAN [n]

905/1995 OSST SOTS- SOT, to play the fool [v]

906/1996 EEPTTUW TWEETUP/S an online meeting of individuals arranged on the social networking website Twitter [n TWEETUPS]

907/1997 EEHRS TW/-HERES-/Y an heir [n HEREDES]
HERSE-/DS a harrow [n -S]
SHEER/S to swerve (to turn aside suddenly from a straight course) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / of very thin texture [adj SHEERER, SHEEREST]
-SHERE bright (shining) [adj]

908/1999 AHRT C/-HART/S a male deer (a ruminant mammal) [n -S]
W/RATH-/AES an ancient hill fort [n -S] / quick, also RATHE [adj RATHER, RATHEST]
TAHR/S a goatlike mammal [n -S]
THAR/MS a Himalayan goat [n -S]

909/2000 EIMNRSU MUREINS- MUREIN, a type of polymer (a complex chemical compound) [n]
-MURINES- MURINE, any of the family of small rodents, also MURID [n]
A/NEURISM/S a hypothetical nerve force [n -S]