1/12 EELNOPTT TENTPOLE/S a big budget movie whose high earnings are intended to offset the cost of less profitable ones [n -S]

2/15 ADLU CFHTY/AULD old (living for a long time) [adj AULDER, AULDEST]
DUAL/S to make a two lane carriageway [v DUALLED, DUALLING, DUALS]
B/LAUD/S to praise (to express admiration or approval of) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-UDAL/S a Scottish estate without feudal superior, also ODAL [n -S]

3/16 CCHO -CHOC/KOS chocolate [n -S]
-COCH (Spenser) a coach [n -ES]

4/17 ACILNOOV VOCALION/S a musical instrument [n -S]

5/18 AFIN -FAIN/EST to delight in [v -ED, -ING, -S] / joyful (happy (marked by joy)) [adj FAINER, FAINEST]
NAIF/S a naive person [n -S] / naive (lacking sophistication) [adj NAIFER, NAIFEST]

6/19 AEELSTU ELUATES- ELUATE, liquid obtained by eluting [n]
SETUALE/S a plant [n -S]

7/20 AGRT -GART-/H GAR, to cause or compel [v]
-GRAT/E GREET, to address courteously on meeting [v]

8/21 AANT M/ANTA-/ERS a pilaster each side of a doorway [n ANTAS or ANTAE]
-TANA-/S an Indian police station, also TANNA, TANNAH, THANA, THANAH, THANNA, THANNAH [n -S]

9/23 AFIILRST AIRLIFTS- AIRLIFT, to transport by air [v]

10/25 MPRU CFGT/-RUMP-/OSY to turn one's back on [v -ED, -ING, -S]

11/29 MPSU -SUMP-/HS a low area serving as a drain [n -S]
BDGHJLMPRSTY/UMPS- UMP, to umpire (to rule on the plays in a game) [v]

12/31 EKNO KENO-/S a game of chance, also KEENO, QUINO [n -S]

13/32 AENW -ANEW- afresh (anew) [adv]
-WANE-/DSY to decrease in size [v WANED, WANING, WANES]
-WEAN/S to take off mother's milk [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WENA- (Zulu) you [pron]

14/35 AEGHILRS GASHLIER GASHLY, ghastly [adj]

15/36 BEOS DJLMR/-OBES-/E OBE, a form of sorcery of African origin [n]

16/37 ADIIRSTT DARTITIS a nervous condition affecting darts players, resulting in an inability to release the dart [n -ES]
DISTRAIT/E absent-minded [adj]
TRIADIST/S a composer of triads [n -S]

17/38 CEINOPR PERICON a type of folk dance [n PERICONES]
PONCIER PONCY, effeminate, also PONCEY [adj]
-PORCINE pertaining to swine (a domestic pig) [adj]

18/41 BDENOORU EUROBOND/S a bond issued in a euro currency [n -S]

19/42 EGILNRUY GUYLINER-/S eyeliner when worn by a man or boy [n -S]

20/43 EIKL AGY/LIKE/DNRS to be fond of [v LIKED, LIKING, LIKES] / identical or similar [adj LIKER, LIKEST]

21/45 ARST CDFHKMPTW/ARTS-/Y ART, works of creative imagination [n]
BW/RAST-/A RACE, to compete in a contest of speed [v]
BDFPT/-RATS- RAT, to hunt long-tailed rodents [v]
-STAR/EKNRST to shine as an actor or singer [v STARRED, STARRING, STARS]
S/-TARS-/I TAR, to cover with a viscous black liquid [v]
-TSAR/S an emperor or king, also CZAR, TZAR KSAR [n -S]

22/46 ADMR -DRAM/AS to tipple (to drink alcoholic beverages) [v DRAMMED, DRAMMING, DRAMS]
-MARD-/Y MAR, to spoil (to mar) [v]

23/47 IMPUX MIXUP/S a state of confusion [n -S]

24/48 DPSU -DUPS- DUP, to open (to expose to view) [v]
S/-PUDS-/Y PUD, pudding (a thick, soft dessert) [n]
-SPUD/S to remove with a spade-like tool [v SPUDDED, SPUDDING, SPUDS]

25/51 ADIORSU SAUROID/S a type of fish [n -S]

26/52 HOTU CS/-HOUT/S to hoot (to cry like an owl) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
THOU-/S to address as thou [v -ED, -ING, -S]

27/56 GINR GIRN/S to snarl, also GURN [v -ED, -ING, -S]
A/-GRIN/DS to smile broadly, also GERNE [v GRINNED, GRINNING, GRINS]
BEIW/-RING-/S to give forth a clear, resonant sound [v RANG or RONG or RINGED, RUNG, RINGING, RINGS] / to form a circle around [v RINGED, RINGING, RINGS]

28/57 MSUU HM/-UMUS- UMU, a Maori oven [n]

29/59 DEEIMRS REMEIDS- REMEID, to cure (to restore to health) [v]
P/REMISED- REMISE, to give up a claim to [v]

30/61 ABEIOSTW BIOWASTE/S waste composed chiefly of organic matter [n -S]

31/62 AEOQRTU EQUATOR/S an imaginary circle round the middle of the earth [n -S]
QUORATE having a quorum [adj]

32/63 ABEIRZ BRAIZE/S a sea-bream [n -S]
ZERIBA/S an improvised stockade, also ZAREBA, ZAREEBA, ZARIBA, ZEREBA [n -S]

33/64 AKT IS/-KAT-/AIS an evergreen shrub, also KHAT, QAT [n -S]
TAK-/AEISY to take (to seize possession) [v TOOK, TAKING, TAKS]

34/65 AORS BHRSV/-OARS- OAR, to propel with long, broad-bladed poles [v]
-OSAR OS, an orifice (a mouth-like opening, also ORIFEX) [n]
-SOAR/ES to fly at a great height [v -ED, -ING, -S]
P/-SORA/LS a marsh bird [n -S]

35/66 ADGIJO ADJIGO/S an Australian edible yam [n -S]

36/67 CEIIOSTV SOVIETIC pertaining to the soviet [adj]

37/70 HOOT BSW/-HOOT-/SY to cry like an owl [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TOHO a call for a hunting dog to stop [interj]

38/71 ABSS -BASS-/EIOY of a voice, low in pitch [adj BASSER, BASSEST] / the lowest part in music [n -ES] / to utter in a deep tone [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-SABS- SAB, to sob (to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath) [v]

39/72 GNOP PONG/AOSY to stink (to emit a foul odour) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

40/73 AENV K/-NAVE-/LSW the main body of a church [n -S]
-VANE-/DS a device for showing the direction of the wind [n -S]
VENA/EL a vein [n VENAE]

41/74 EEEINSST TW/EENSIEST EENSY, (colloq.) very small [adj]

42/76 OOR BDGHLMP/-OOR- belonging to us, also OUR [adj OORIER, OORIEST]
BP/-ROO/DFKMNPST a kangaroo (an Australian mammal) [n -S]

43/77 ACEHIRS CAHIERS- CAHIER, a notebook (a book in which to write) [n]
-CASHIER/S to dismiss in disgrace [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ERIACHS- ERIACH, a murderer's fine in old Irish law, also ERIC, ERICK [n]


45/81 AGHN BCPTW/HANG-/IS to suspend (to stop for a period) [v HUNG or HANGED, HANGING, HANGS]

46/82 ABIN -BANI-/A BAN, a monetary unit of Romania [n]

47/86 AFRT -FART-/S to expel gas through the anus [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-FRAT-/EIS a college fraternity [n -S]
CDGK/-RAFT/S to ride on water on a floating mass [v -ED, -ING, -S]

48/87 AEGHIRS HEGARIS- HEGARI, a grain [n]
HIRAGES- HIRAGE, the fee for hiring something, also HIREAGE [n]

49/92 DISU SUID-/S any member of the pig family [n -S]

50/93 AEILLST SITELLA/S a small black-and-white bird, also SITTELLA [n -S]
TAILLES-/S TAILLE, a former French tax [n]
-TALLIES TALLY, to count (to number (to count)) [v]

51/94 CEPS CEPS- CEP, a large mushroom, also CEPE [n]
S/PECS- PEC, a pectoral muscle [n]
-SPEC/KST to write specifications for [v SPECCED, SPECCING, SPECS]

52/96 ELST BCDFGKMPWY/ELTS- ELT, a young sow [n]
B/-LEST-/S to listen (to try to hear) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
B/LETS- LET, to allow to go or come [v]
-TELS- TEL, an ancient mound in the Middle East [n]

53/98 DEOS -DOES-/T DO, to perform (to begin and carry through to completion) [v]
-DOSE-/DHRS to give a measure of medicine to [v DOSED, DOSING, DOSES]
BCLMNR/ODES- ODE, a lyric poem [n]

54/106 EEHL SW/-HEEL/S to supply with the raised part of a shoe [v -ED, -ING, -S]
HELE/DS to hide (to conceal (to hide)) [v HELED, HELING, HELES]

55/109 CFOR -CORF- a wagon used in a mine, also CAUF [n CORVES]

56/111 ADSW A/DAWS- DAW, to dawn (to grown light in the morning) [v]
S/-WADS- WAD, to pad (to stuff or fill with soft material) [v]

57/114 ENSW E/NEWS-/Y to report (to give an account of) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SEWN- SEW, to mend or fasten with a needle and thread [v]
-WENS- WEN, a benign tumor of the skin [n]

58/117 ADHS O/-DAHS- DAH, a dash in morse code [n]
-DASH-/IY to strike violently [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CS/-HADS-/T HAD, to hold (to keep possession of) [v]
-SHAD-/ESY a food fish [n -S]

59/118 AEINNSS SANNIES- SANNIE, a sandshoe (a lightweight sneaker) [n]
SIENNAS- SIENNA, a brown pigment [n]

60/121 EERS BCDFGHLMPST/-ERES- ERE, to plough (to turn soil with a farm implement, also PLOW) [v]
BCDFGPT/REES-/T REE, the female Eurasian sandpiper [n]
SEER-/S a prophet (one who predicts (to foretell)) [n -S]
-SERE-/DRS to burn the surface of [v SERED, SERING, SERES] / withered, dry [adj SERER, SEREST]

61/122 AEHIMNS HAEMINS- HAEMIN, a chloride of haematin [n]
HEMINAS- HEMINA, a liquid measure [n]

62/123 BGLO -BLOG/S to keep a personal online journal [v BLOGGED, BLOGGING, BLOGS]
-GLOB/EISY a rounded mass [n -S]

63/124 FILT -FLIT/EST to move lightly and swiftly [v FLITTED, FLITTING, FLITS]
CG/LIFT/S to raise higher [v LEFTE or LIFTED, LIFTING, LIFTS]

64/132 AEEGLRSW LEGWEARS- LEGWEAR, anything worn on the legs [n]

65/135 ELRU A/-LURE-/DRSX to entice (to lead astray) [v LURED, LURING, LURES]
B/-RULE/DRS to control (to exercise authority over, also CONTROUL) [v RULED, RULING, RULES]

66/136 ADEEIRTV DERIVATE/DS to derive, especially in a chemical sense [v DERIVATED, DERIVATING, DERIVATES]
EVIRATED- EVIRATE, to castrate (to remove the testes of) [v]
TAIVERED TAIVER, to wander aimlessly [v]

67/137 EKLMSU MUSKLE/S an edible marine shellfish [n -S]
SKELUM/S a scamp [n -S]

68/139 ABOUXY BOYAUX- BOYAU, a communication trench [n]

69/141 AIMO MOAI- a huge carved figure on Easter Island [n MOAI]

70/143 DEGIIRST RIDGIEST RIDGY, having ridges [adj]
F/RIGIDEST RIGID, stiff (not easily bent) [adj]

LODGERS- LODGER, one who stays in rented accommodation [n]

72/145 BCMO COMB/EIOSY to separate with a toothed instrument [v -ED, -ING, -S]

73/146 EEPP PEEP-/ES to cheep like a chicken [v -ED, -ING, -S]

74/149 CDEIRSTU CRUDIEST CRUDY, (Shakespeare) crude, raw [adj]
CRUDITES raw vegetables served with a dip [n]
CURDIEST CURDY, curdled [adj]
CURTSIED CURTSY, to bow politely, also CURTSEY [v]

75/150 HSTU BCPS/-HUTS- HUT, to live in a simple shelter [v]
-SHUT/ES to close (to make impassable) [v SHUT or SHUTED, SHUTTING, SHUTS]
THUS frankincense [n -ES]
TUSH/Y to gore with a long, pointed prominent tooth, also TUSK [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

76/151 ELSW -SLEW/S to cause to move sideways, also SLUE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-WELS/H a large fish, the American giant catfish, introduced into European rivers, aka SHEATFISH [n WELS]

77/152 EMMY FGJ/EMMY/S a TV award [n EMMYS]

78/153 ILLY BDFGHSTW/ILLY- ill [adv]
S/LILY a flowering plant [n LILIES]
-YILL/S (Scots) to entertain or delight with ale [v -ED, -ING, -S]

79/158 AGILNST ANGLIST/S an expert on English language or culture [n -S]
B/LASTING/S a durable fabric [n -S]
SALTING/S land regularly flooded by tides [n -S]
SLATING/S the act of covering with slate [n -S]
STALING STALE, to become past its best [v]

80/160 BFFI -BIFF/OSY to hit (to strike forcibly) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

81/162 CEIILMOT CIMOLITE/S a type of clay [n -S]

82/163 BHLU BUHL/S a style of furniture decoration, also BUHLWORK [n -S]

83/167 CDEIORSY DECISORY decisive (conclusive) [adj]

84/170 EEGILRTV VERLIGTE/S an enlightened person [n -S]

85/180 AEEIMNS MEANIES- MEANY, a nasty person, also MEANIE [n]
NEMESIA/S a South African flowering plant [n -S]

86/182 AEGIMNST MANGIEST MANGEY, affected with mange, also MANGY [adj]
MINTAGES- MINTAGE, the act of minting (to process or stamp coins) [n]
MISAGENT/S a bad agent [n -S]
-STEAMING/S a method of cooking [n -S]
S/TEAMINGS- TEAMING, driven by team [n]

87/183 AAEOZ ZOAEA/ES a larval stage of crabs, pl ZOAEAE or ZOAEAS, also ZOEA [n ZOAEAS or ZOAEAE]

88/194 MTTU MUTT-/S a mongrel dog, also MUT [n -S]

89/195 AEEMRST C/REMATES- REMATE, to mate again [v]
RETEAMS- RETEAM, to team up with again [v]
-STEAMER/S to travel by steamship [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TEAMERS- TEAMER, a truck driver, also TEAMSTER [n]

90/201 AAKP KAPA/S a coarse cloth [n -S]

91/204 DEEIKNOT DIKETONE/S a compound used in dye manufacture [n -S]

92/215 MOOP -MOOP-/S to nibble (to eat with small bites) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
POMO-/S postmodernism [n -S]

93/219 AENQTU -EQUANT/S a geometric adjustment to explain planetary motion [n -S]

94/220 AAFL H/ALFA-/S a code word for A [n -S]

95/226 AEEMNRST REMANETS- REMANET, a piece left over, also REMANENT [n]

96/230 BEKR -BERK/OS a fool, also BURK [n -S]
KERB/S to provide a street with a concrete border [v -ED, -ING, -S]

97/233 ACEEIMRS CASIMERE/S a woollen fabric, also CASIMIRE [n -S]

98/240 FRSU FURS- FUR, to cover with a dressed animal pelt [v]
SURF-/SY to ride breaking waves on a narrow board [v -ED, -ING, -S]

99/252 AFIORST FAITORS- FAITOR, an imposter, also FAITOUR [n]

100/257 ACEHINT CHANTIE/S a type of song (a musical composition written for singing) [n -S]

101/265 ADEEFINR FREDAINE/S a prank [n -S]

102/268 ADIORSSU SAUROIDS- SAUROID, a type of fish [n]

103/271 ANOV -NOVA/ES a type of star [n NOVAS or NOVAE]

104/273 EILNRSTU INSULTER/S one who insults (to subject to indignity) [n -S]
LUSTRINE/S a glossy silk cloth, also LUSTRING [n -S]

105/275 CILO -COIL/S to wind in even rings [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LOCI/ES an engine used in logging also LOCIE [n -S]

106/280 DEGY HKLSW/EDGY tense (taut (fully stretched)) [adj EDGIER, EDGIEST]

107/282 AALP J/-ALAP-/AS the introductory section of a raga, also ALAAP, ALAPA [n -S]
-PAAL/S a pale, a post driven into the ground [n -S]

108/284 AEIMRST IMARETS- IMARET, a Turkish inn [n]
MAESTRI MAESTRO, a master of an art [n]
MAISTER/S to gain control over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MASTIER MASTY, of the nature of masts [adj]
SMARTIE/S a would-be smart person, also SMARTY, SMARTASS [n -S]

109/287 CDEIOST CESTOID-/S a tapeworm, also CESTODE [n -S]
COEDITS- COEDIT, to edit together [v]
COTISED- COTISE, to give a heraldic border, also COTTISE [v]

110/290 IORV RIVO a drinking cry [interj]

111/292 ACEFILOS FASCIOLE/S a band of colour, also FASCIOLA [n -S]

112/294 EESS BLMRY/ESES ES, ess (the letter S, also ES) [n]
CDFGJ/ESSE-/S actual existence [n -S]
SEES- SEE, to observe with the eyes [v]
SESE/Y disputed meaning [interj]

113/296 DENP SU/-PEND-/SU to remain unsettled or undecided [v -ED, -ING, -S]

114/299 AESY B/-AYES- AYE, an affirmative vote, also AY [n]
EASY- not difficult [adj EASIER, EASIEST] / a communication code word for the letter E [n EASIES] / to stop rowing [v EASIED, EASYING, EASIES]
-EYAS/S an untrained young hawk, also EYASS, NYAS [n -ES]
-YEAS-/T YEA, an affirmative vote, also YAY [n]

115/300 EFSU FEUS- FEU, to grant land to under Scottish feudal law, also SUBFEU [v]
-FUSE/DELS to equip with a detonating device, also FUZE [v FUSED, FUSING, FUSES]

116/301 ABDEIMR EMBRAID/S to braid, also EMBREAD [v -ED, -ING, -S]

117/302 ALMO CG/LOAM/SY to cover with loose soil [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-LOMA/S a hill with a flat top, a membranous fringe [n LOMAS or LOMATA]
MOLA-/LRS a marine fish [n -S]

118/303 EGILRSTY GREYLIST/S a form of blacklist on which people are merely objected to rather than banned also GRAYLIST [n -S]

119/304 ACEILRV CALIVER/S a type of light musket [n -S]
CAVILER/S one that cavils, also CAVILLER [n -S]
CLAVIER-/S an early keyboard instrument, also KLAVIER [n -S]
VALERIC pertaining to a valerian (a perennial herb) [adj]
VELARIC pertaining to the velar [adj]

120/310 CEPU PUCE/RS a dark red colour [n -S] / dark red [adj PUCER, PUCEST]

121/312 GLPU GULP-/HSY to swallow rapidly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PLUG-/S to fill a hole with a material [v PLUGGED, PLUGGING, PLUGS]

122/313 CHIV CHIV-/ESY to knife (to stab (to pierce with a pointed weapon)) [v CHIVVED, CHIVVING, CHIVS]

123/314 CHIR -RICH/T to enrich (to improve (to make better)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES] / having wealth (valuable possessions) [adj RICHER, RICHEST]

124/317 FOSW SOWF-/FS to whistle softly, also SOWFF [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WOFS- WOF, a nobody, a fool (a waste of flesh) [n]

125/319 OORT W/-ROOT-/SY to implant in the earth [v -ED, -ING, -S]
P/ROTO-/NRS a type of printing process [n -S]
TORO-/ST a bull [n -S]

126/320 ANRT BDGOT/-RANT-/S to declaim bombastically [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TARN-/S a small mountain lake [n -S]

127/321 DEGU DEGU-/MS a small rodent native to Chile, aka Brush-Tailed Rat [n -S]
GUDE/S something that is good [n -S]

128/322 AHMR CPT/-HARM/S to injure (to harm or do hurt to) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

129/323 IKNST -KNITS- KNIT, to make a garment by joining loops of yarn [v]
SKINT- having no money [adj SKINTER, SKINTEST]
-STINK/OSY to emit a foul odour [v STUNK, STINKING, STINKS]
S/-TINKS- TINK, to repair (to restore to good condition) [v]

130/324 DLOW -DOWL-/ESY a piece of fluff, also DOWLE [n -S]
-WOLD/S an elevated tract of open land [n -S]

131/325 ADNW -DAWN-/S to grown light in the morning [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-WAND-/S a slender rod [n -S]

132/331 DFIO FIDO-/S a defective coin [n -S]
FOID/S one of a group of minerals related to feldspar [n -S]

133/332 LOOP BCGS/-LOOP-/SY to form oval openings [v -ED, -ING, -S]
POLO-/S a game played on horseback [n -S]
S/POOL-/S to contribute to a common fund [v -ED, -ING, -S]

134/333 AELNRSV VERLANS- VERLAN, a variety of French slang using back-to-front words, eg meuf for femme [n]

135/336 ACEINPS INSCAPE/S the essential inner nature of persons, objects etc [n -S]
-PINCASE/S a holder for pins [n -S]

136/339 AEHL STW/-HALE/DRS to compel to go [v HALED, HALING, HALES] / healthy (wholesome) [adj HALER, HALEST]
SW/HEAL/DS to make sound again [v -ED, -ING, -S]

137/341 ANRW BDP/-RAWN-/S fish-roe [n -S]
A/WARN-/S to notify in advance [v -ED, -ING, -S]

138/343 AELMRTU RELATUM a term in a proposition that is related to the referent of the proposition [n RELATA]

139/346 AADELLRT DATALLER/S a day-labourer, also DAYTALER [n -S]

140/348 EEMN A/-MENE-/DS to lament (to cry out in grief) [v MENED, MENING, MENES]
NEEM-/BS an East Indian tree [n -S]

141/351 ELLS BCDFHJKMPSTVWY/ELLS- ELL, a measure of length [n]
-SELL-/AES to give up for money [v SOLD, SELLING, SELLS]

142/352 CKLO BCF/LOCK/S to secure with a fastening device [v -ED, -ING, -S]

143/363 DLU LUD/EOS lord [n -S]

144/364 EILNOPST POINTELS- POINTEL, a sharp instrument [n]
PONTILES- PONTILE, an iron supporting rod used in glassmaking, also PUNTY, PONTIE, PONTIL, PONTY, PUNTEE [n]
POTLINES- POTLINE, a row of electrolytic cells [n]
TOPLINES- TOPLINE, to star (to shine as an actor or singer) [v]

145/366 AEILMPT IMPLATE/DS to put a covering plate over [v IMPLATED, IMPLATING, IMPLATES]
PALMIET-/S a riverside plant [n -S]

146/367 AEGINSY EASYING EASY, to stop rowing [v]


148/369 ILMO LIMO/S a limousine [n -S]
MILO-/RS a cereal grass [n -S]
-MOIL-/ES to work hard [v -ED, -ING, -S]

CABRIES- CABRIE, a pronghorn, also CABRIT [n]
CARBIES CARBY, the carburettor [n]
CARIBES- CARIBE, a voracious fish, the piranha [n]

150/376 NOOS M/-ONOS- ONO, a Hawaiian fish [n]
BCGHLMNPRTWZ/-OONS- OON, a closed space for baking, also OVEN [n]
-SOON in the near future [adv SOONER, SOONEST]

151/377 ACENOPT PATONCE describing a type of heraldic cross [adj]

152/378 EHLY CP/HYLE/GS wood, matter [n -S]

153/379 MOPR -PROM-/OS a formal dance [n -S]
T/ROMP-/S to play boisterously [v -ED, -ING, -S]

154/383 AJNOY YOJAN/AS an Indian measure of distance 5 miles, also YOJANA [n -S]

155/385 ADIORSTT STRADIOT/S a Venetian light horseman [n -S]

156/386 ABEEILST SEABLITE/S a salt-marsh plant [n -S]

157/388 ARSV G/RAVS- RAV, a rabbi, esp one in authority; a teacher or mentor [n]
-VARS- VAR, a unit of reactive power [n]

158/389 FFTU S/TUFF/ES a volcanic rock [n -S]

159/390 ABGR -BRAG-/S to boast (to brag) [v BRAGGED, BRAGGING, BRAGS] / first-rate [adj BRAGGER, BRAGGEST]
-GARB-/EOS to clothe (to provide with clothing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GRAB/S to grab suddenly [v GRABBED, GRABBING, GRABS]

160/391 AGRY -GRAY/S between black and white, also GREY [adj GRAYER, GRAYEST] / to make grey, also GREY [v -ED, -ING, -S]

161/392 DEHY HYED- HYE, to hasten (to hurry (to move swiftly)) [v]

162/395 OPU CDLMNRS/-OUP-/AHS to bind with thread, also OOP [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-UPO-/N upon (on) [prep]

163/398 AEIMNST -ETAMINS- ETAMIN, a loosely woven fabric, also ETAMINE [n]
INMATES- INMATE, one who is confined to an institution [n]
MAINEST MAIN, principal [adj]
MANTIES MANTY, a ladies outer garment worn in the 17c [n]
TAMEINS- TAMEIN, a garment worn by Burmese women [n]
E/-TAMINES- TAMINE, a fabric [n]

164/399 EFIORSST FOISTERS- FOISTER, one who foists (to bring in by stealth) [n]

165/401 ACEHINRS ARCHINES- ARCHINE, a Russian unit of length, also ARSHEEN, ARSHIN, ARSHINE [n]
CHAINERS- CHAINER, one who chains [n]
INARCHES INARCH, to graft in a certain way [v]

166/403 EIKLMN MILKEN like milk [adj]

167/405 EMNU MENU-/S a list of dishes that may be ordered in a restaurant [n -S]
NEUM/ES a sign used in musical notation, also NEUME [n -S]

168/415 AEEILNS SEALINE/S a coastline [n -S]

169/421 CEIKLS CLEIKS- CLEIK, a kind of golf club [n]
-SICKLE/DS to harvest with a single blade implement [v SICKLED, SICKLING, SICKLES]

170/422 AAHKLS KAHALS- KAHAL, the governing body of a Jewish community [n]

171/426 CDEKLO CLOKED- CLOKE, to cover (to spread something over) [v]
BCF/LOCKED LOCK, to secure with a fastening device [v]

172/430 EEINORSS ESSOINER/S one who submits an essoin to court [n -S]

173/443 ADEHNOSU SEAHOUND/S a dogfish (a small shark) [n -S]

174/445 ABEGINOR ABORIGEN/S an aborigine (a native of a country), also ABORIGIN [n -S]

175/453 ADIRZ DARZI/S a Hindu tailor, also DURZI [n -S]
LRVW/IZARD-/S a type of ibex (a wild goat) [n -S]

176/457 ADIKSU ADSUKI/S (Japanese) a kind of bean, also ADUKI, ADZUKI, AZUKI [n -S]
ADUKIS- ADUKI, (Japanese) a kind of bean, also ADSUKI, ADZUKI, AZUKI [n]

177/470 EKMP KEMP/STY to strive to win [v -ED, -ING, -S]

178/473 DEGINNRU ENDURING ENDURE, to last (to continue (to go on with)) [v]
UNRINGED not ringed [adj]

179/476 GGHO HOGG-/S a young sheep [n -S]

180/478 JKOO JOOK/S to duck (to bob quickly) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

181/480 EEEHIZ HEEZIE/S a lift [n -S]

182/484 ABCINORU CONURBIA/S the lifestyle etc of a clustered group of towns [n -S]

183/486 AHNW -HWAN a monetary unit of South Korea [n HWAN]

184/488 AHMU HUMA-/NS a fabulous bird [n -S]

185/490 ABNT -BANT-/SUY to diet (to regulate food and drink) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

186/496 AAEGINPS NAGAPIES- NAGAPIE, a nocturnal lemur [n]

187/497 ACHN -NACH/EO a type of Indian dance [n -ES]

188/502 AHIL -HAIL/SY to greet (to address courteously on meeting) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
HILA/R HILUM, a small opening in a bodily organ, also HILUS [n]

189/504 DEINOTTU DUETTINO/S a simple duet [n -S]

190/521 ADILMNOU UNIMODAL having or involving one mode [adj]

191/527 DETU DUET-/ST a musical performance by two people, also DUETT, DUETTO [n -S] / to perform a duet [v DUETED or DUETTED, DUETING or DUETTING, DUETS]

192/531 EIINORSS L/IONISERS- IONISER, something that ionizes, also IONIZER [n]
S/IRONISES- IRONISE, to satirize with irony, also IRONIZE [v]
-SIRONISE/DS to use a particular process to treat fabric to prevent wrinkling, also SIRONIZE [v SIRONISED, SIRONISING, SIRONISES]

193/532 DEINPRTU TURNIPED TURNIP, to plant with an edible plant root [v]

194/536 CIOT CITO- quickly (speedy (swift)) [adv]
COIT/S the buttocks [n -S]
L/-OTIC pertaining to the ear [adj]

195/537 AGINPRT PARTING/S a division or separation [n -S]
U/-PRATING/S the act of prating [n -S]
-TRAPING TRAPE, to walk in an aimless manner, also TRAIPSE, TRAPES, TRAPSE [v]

196/538 AFFH C/-HAFF/S a seaside lagoon [n -S]

197/542 ABST BAST-/AEIOS woody fibre in a plant [n -S]
-BATS- BAT, to hit a ball with a bat (cricket,baseball) [v]
-STAB/S to pierce with a pointed weapon [v STABBED, STABBING, STABS]
S/-TABS- TAB, to provide with an identifying mark [v]

198/544 DGIIORT TIGROID like a tiger [adj]

199/545 ACEN ACNE/DS a skin disease [n -S]
DHLNPR/ANCE once [adv]
-CANE-/DHRS to beat with a flexible rod [v CANED, CANING, CANES]

200/547 APRT AS/-PART-/ISY to divide, separate or break [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-PRAT/ESTY the buttocks [n -S]
TWY/-RAPT- deeply engrossed [adj]
TARP-/S a protective canvas covering [n -S]
S/-TRAP/EST to catch in a snare [v TRAPT or TRAPPED, TRAPPING, TRAPS]

201/555 ABIT -BAIT/HS to set a trap [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TABI-/DS (Japanese) a kind of sock worn with Japanese sandals [n -S]

202/558 AEHIMNST ANTHEMIS a genus of aromatic herbs of the family native to the Mediterranean region and SW Asia [n -ES]
HEMATINS- HEMATIN, a compound of hemoglobin, also HEMATINE [n]

203/560 EESZ M/ZEES- ZEE, the letter Z [n]

204/562 AEGIRSV GARVIES- GARVIE, a sprat, also GARVOCK [n]
GRAVIES GRAVY, juices from cooked meat [n]
RIVAGES- RIVAGE, a coast, shore or bank [n]

205/566 AEMNNOST MONTANES- MONTANE, the lower vegetation belt of a mountain [n]
NONMEATS- NONMEAT, a substance that does not contain meat [n]

206/569 HPTU -PHUT/S to land with a thud [v PHUTTED, PHUTTING, PHUTS]

207/573 EFRY RYFE rife (abundant (in great plenty)) [adj]

208/575 ACEKNW ACKNEW ACKNOW, to recognize [v]

209/576 ABELORSU A/ROUSABLE capable of being roused [adj]
RUBEOLAS- RUBEOLA, a virus disease [n]

210/577 DEKRSU DUSKER DUSK, darkish (somewhat dark) [adj]

211/583 ABTU -ABUT/S to border (to be adjacent to) [v ABUTTED, ABUTTING, ABUTS]
BUAT/S a lantern, also BOWAT, BOWET [n -S]
TABU-/NS to exclude or prohibit by social influence, also TABOO [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TUBA-/ELRS a brass wind instrument [n TUBAS or TUBAE]

212/584 AEGINTZ TEAZING TEAZE, to make fun of [v]
TZIGANE/S a gypsy [n -S]

213/586 CEILOPST TOECLIPS- TOECLIP, a foot holder on a pedal [n]

214/590 IKLMS -MILKS- MILK, to draw milk from the udder of [v]
SKLIM/S to climb (to ascend (to rise (to move upward))) [v SKLIMMED, SKLIMMING, SKLIMS]

215/593 EEILSTV -EVILEST EVIL, morally bad [adj]
-LEVITES- LEVITE, a clergyman [n]
-VELITES foot soldiers of ancient Rome [n]

216/594 ALOW -ALOW/E to a lower position [adv]
AWOL/S one who is absent without leave [n -S]

217/595 CHLY LYCH a corpse, also LICH [n -ES]

218/597 CNNO CONN-/ES to direct the steering of a ship [v -ED, -ING, -S]

219/598 ACES DFLMPRT/ACES- ACE, to serve an unreturnable shot eg in tennis [v]
AESC a rune (a letter of an ancient alphabet) [n -ES]
CASE/DS to put in a container [v CASED, CASING, CASES]
-CEAS/E urging flight, also SESSA, CAESE [interj]

220/599 ACDENRT CANTRED/S in early England, a division of a county, also CANTREF [n -S]
-TRANCED- TRANCE, to put into a semiconscious state [v]

221/615 COST COST-/AES to estimate a price for production of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/COTS- COT, a narrow bed [n]
AE/-SCOT/S a tax [n -S]
A/TOCS- TOC, code for the letter T [n]

222/616 OORS B/-ROOS-/AET ROO, a kangaroo (an Australian mammal) [n]

223/617 AERS BCDFGHLMNPRTVW/-ARES- ARE, a land measure [n]
CFMP/ARSE-/DSY the buttocks [n -S] / as in "to arse about", to muck around [v ARSED, ARSING, ARSES]
BDFGHLNPRSTWY/-EARS-/T EAR, to form a spike or a head of corn [v]
T/-ERAS-/E ERA, an important period of time, also EPOCH, EPOCHA [n]
EPU/RASE-/DRS to demolish, also RAZE [v RASED, RASING, RASES]
-SEAR-/ES to burn the surface of [v -ED, -ING, -S] / withered, dry [adj SEARER, SEAREST]
-SERA-/CIL SERUM, the watery portion of whole blood [n]

224/619 EFLOORTU FOOTRULE/S a ruler which is a foot long [n -S]

225/624 EIKT S/KITE-/DRS to obtain money fraudulently [v KITED, KITING, KITES]
TIKE-/S a small child, also TYKE [n -S]

226/626 ADNP -PAND-/ASY the valance of a bed [n -S]

227/628 AEKRRT KARTER/S one who drives go-carts [n -S]
-KRATER/S a type of vase (a container used for holding flowers) [n -S]

228/632 EEKNRS -KERNES- KERNE, a medieval foot soldier [n]
SKREEN/S a partition [n -S]

229/633 AEHISTY HAYIEST HAYEY, like hay [adj]

230/634 AEEEGNST TEENAGES- TEENAGE, the age between 13 and 20 [n]

231/636 AAMN -MANA-/ST a supernatural force in certain Pacific island religions [n -S]
NAAM/S legal distraint, also NAM [n -S]

232/640 EENR CGKT/ERNE-/DS to yearn (to long for) [v ERNED, ERNING, ERNES]
GPT/-REEN-/S a watercourse [n -S]

233/643 DEEHNORR DEERHORN/S the horn of a deer [n -S]
DEHORNER/S one that dehorns (to deprive of horns) [n -S]

234/644 APSS GHJRW/ASPS- ASP, a venomous snake, also ASPICK [n]
-PASS-/E to go by [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SAPS- SAP, to deprive of strength [v]
-SPAS-/M SPA, a mineral spring [n]

235/645 EELM F/-LEME/DLS to shine (to emit light) [v LEMED, LEMING, LEMES]

236/648 DNRU -DURN/S to damn (to curse (to invoke evil upon)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-NURD-/SY a socially inept person, also NERD [n -S]
G/RUND-/S a list or selvage, also ROON [n -S]

237/649 AHKSS -HASKS- HASK, a fish-basket [n]

238/656 AMRW MAWR-/S an awkward girl, also MAUTHER, MAWTHER [n -S]
S/-WARM-/S to raise the temperature [v -ED, -ING, -S] / moderately hot [adj WARMER, WARMEST]

239/658 ALUV V/ULVA/S an edible seaweed [n -S]

240/662 EHKT -KHET/HS a Hebrew letter, also HET, HETH, KHETH [n -S]

241/676 EEKLMP KEMPLE/S forty bundles of hay [n -S]

242/679 DEILLORS DOLLIERS- DOLLIER, one who wheels a trolley [n]

243/684 AOORT RATOO-/NS a local chief in Fiji, also RATU [n -S]

244/692 ABEEILNU BANLIEUE/S a suburb (a residential area adjacent to a city) [n -S]

245/695 AEGLOSU GEALOUS/Y resentful of another's advantages, also JEALOUS [adj]

246/699 ABNS -BANS- BAN, to prohibit (to forbid with authority) [v]
S/-NABS- NAB, to capture (to take by force or cunning) [v]
-SNAB/S a pretentious person [n -S]

247/700 CEILNOPR PERCOLIN/S a type of small bird [n -S]
REPLICON/S a part of a DNA molecule replicated from a single origin [n -S]

248/702 CHKOO CHOKO/S a type of fruit [n -S]
-CHOOK/S a hen (a female chicken) [n -S] / to make a sound like a chook [v -ED, -ING, -S]


250/707 AERV CFHLPRSTW/AVER-/ST to declare positively [v AVERRED, AVERRING, AVERS]
BCDGT/-RAVE-/DLNRSY to utter wildly or incoherently [v RAVED, RAVING, RAVES]
-VARE-/CS a wand of authority [n -S]
-VERA very (absolute) [adj]

251/708 BEILNOS BOLINES- BOLINE, a Wiccan knife [n]

252/711 ACEILMN CNEMIAL relating to the shin [adj]
MELANIC/S one who is affected with melanism, also MELANIST [n -S]

253/717 HIKSTY TYKISH childish (like a child) [adj]

254/718 AATW -TAWA-/IS an evergreen tree [n -S]

255/719 ABEILPT PATIBLE capable of suffering [adj]

256/722 AELNRZ RANZEL/S a search for stolen goods, also RANCEL, RANSEL [n -S]

257/724 AGIL A/GILA/S a venomous lizard [n -S]
GLIA/LS supporting tissue that binds nerve tissue [n -S]

258/725 EORR CFP/-RORE/S tumult [n -S]

259/727 IMRU MUIR/S a moor (an extensive waste covered with patches of heath) [n -S]
RIMU-/S a New Zealand tree [n -S]

260/728 MRRU MURR/AEISY a diving bird, also MURRE [n -S]

261/730 ACHP CAPH-/S a Hebrew letter [n -S]
-CHAP-/EST to cause to crack [v CHAPPED, CHAPT, CHAPPING, CHAPS]

262/732 CEHR O/-CHER-/ET dear (costly (expensive)) [adj CHERRIER, CHERRIEST]

263/733 AEGILMR GREMIAL/S a lap cloth used by a bishop [n -S]

264/734 COPS S/-COPS-/EY COP, to steal (to take by theft) [v]
-SCOP/AES (Old English) an Anglo-Saxon poet and harpist [n SCOPS or SCOPAS]

265/736 AEFIJLOS JEOFAILS- JEOFAIL, the acknowledgement of a mistake [n]

266/738 AEGIMNR GERMAIN/ES something that serves as an origin, also GERMEN, GERMAINE, GERMIN [n -S]
GERMINA-/L GERMEN, something that serves as an origin, also GERMAIN, GERMAINE, GERMIN [n]
MANGIER MANGEY, affected with mange, also MANGY [adj]
S/-MEARING MEARE, to bound (to leap (to spring off the ground)) [v]
BCD/REAMING REAM, to enlarge with a reamer [v]

267/740 AINZ NAZI/RS a type of fascist (a supporter of fascism, also FASCISTA) [n -S]

268/741 ACHT -CHAT-/S to talk informally [v CHATTED, CHATTING, CHATS]
-TACH/EOS a device for indicating speed of rotation [n -S]

269/743 HLOT HOLT/S a grove (a small forested area) [n -S]
CS/LOTH- unwilling, also LOATH [adj LOTHER, LOTHEST]

270/744 CESY SCYE/S a sleeve opening [n -S]
SYCE/ES a male servant in India, also SAICE, SICE [n -S]

271/747 ELTY F/LYTE/DS to dismount (to get down from an elevated position) [v LYTED, LYTING, LYTES]
-YELT/S a young sow [n -S]

272/748 AFIKS FAIKS- FAIK, to abate (to reduce in intensity) [v]
KAIFS- KAIF, hemp smoked to produce euphoria, also KEEF, KEF, KIEF, KIF [n]

273/749 DEEINOST SIDENOTE/S a comment written in the margin [n -S]

274/753 AFLM -FLAM/EMSY to deceive (to mislead by falsehood) [v FLAMMED, FLAMMING, FLAMS]

275/766 DEEEIRRT REITERED REITER, to reiterate [v]

276/768 BERY BREY/S (South Africa) to pronounce r sound at the back of the throat, also BREI [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BYRE/S a cow shed [n -S]

277/772 EORS ACDHKWZ/EROS/E sexual desire [n -ES]
BCDFGKLMPRSTY/-ORES- ORE, rock containing a valuable metal, also OWRE [n]
REOS- REO, language (te reo Maori is the Maori language) [n]
F/-ROES- ROE, fish-eggs [n]
ABEP/-ROSE/DST to make like a rose, in colour or scent [v ROSED, ROSING, ROSES]
-SORE/DELRSX to wound (to inflict an injury upon) [v SORED, SORING, SORES] / tender to the touch [adj SORER, SOREST]

278/773 ADDEEHIR DEHAIRED DEHAIR, to remove the hair from [v]

279/774 CCEO RS/ECCO behold, also ECCE [interj]

280/776 AEES CFLMPST/EASE-/DLRS to free from pain or trouble [v EASED, EASING, EASES]

281/777 AHPS CSW/HAPS- HAP, to happen (to occur (to take place)) [v]
-HASP-/S to fasten with a clasp [v -ED, -ING, -S]
O/-PAHS- PAH, a Maori settlement [n]
-PASH-/AM to strike violently [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

282/779 ADES DAES- DAE, to do (to perform (to begin and carry through to completion)) [v]
T/SADE-/S a Hebrew letter, also SADHE, SADI, TSADE, TSADI [n -S]

283/782 AEMNOPR MANROPE/S a rope used as a handrail [n -S]
REPOMAN one who repossesses unpaid-for goods [n REPOMEN]

284/784 EOPT POET/S one who writes poems [n -S]
POTE-/DS to poke (to prod (to jab (to poke sharply))) [v POTED, POTING, POTES]
S/-TOPE-/DEKRS to drink liquor to excess [v TOPED, TOPING, TOPES]

285/786 DEEIPZ PEIZED- PEIZE, to weigh, also PEISE, PEASE, PEAZE, PEYSE [v]

286/787 NORU BMY/-OURN- belonging to us, also OURS [pron]

287/790 ADEIILLR LAIDLIER LAIDLY, (Scots) loathly also LAITHLY, LOATHLY [adj]

288/791 EGIILLNO OLLIEING OLLIE, to perform a certain kind of jump into the air in skateboarding [v]

289/793 DEIR -DIRE/R disastrous [adj DIRER, DIREST]
AFHMSTVW/-IRED- IRE, to anger (to irritate (to provoke (to arouse to anger or sexual desire))) [v]
BGPT/-RIDE-/RS to be conveyed by an animal or machine [v RADE or RODE, RIDDEN, RIDING, RIDES]

290/795 DEI DEI-/DFL DEUS, god [n]
DIE-/BDLST to cut with a material shaping device [v DIED, DIEING, DIES] / to lose one's life [v DIED, DYING, DIES]
ABCEHNRSTVW/-IDE-/AEMS a European freshwater fish [n -S]

291/796 DEIMORS MISDOER/S one who misdoes (to do wrongly) [n -S]
MOIDERS- MOIDER, to confuse (to perplex (to puzzle (to perplex))) [v]

292/797 BEOT BOET/S (South Africa) a brother, or a buddy [n -S]
BOTE-/LS compensation for injury or damage to property [n -S]

293/799 AAMT ATMA/NS (Hindi) the essential self also ATMAN [n -S]

294/803 EKNOS KENOS- KENO, a game of chance, also KEENO, QUINO [n]
SNOEK/S the barracouta [n -S]
SNOKE/DS to prowl or sneak about, also SNOWK [v SNOKED, SNOKING, SNOKES]
SOKEN-/S a district [n -S]

295/804 MPTY TYMP/S the plate on a blast-furnace [n -S]
YMPT YMPE, to graft (to unite with a growing plant by insertion, also GRAFF) [v]

296/805 AHST G/HAST-/AEY HAVE, to possess [v]
CGKW/-HATS- HAT, to provide with a covering for the head [v]
-SHAT- SHIT, to defecate (to discharge faeces) [v]
S/-TASH- to soil (to make dirty (soiled)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

297/812 HIMS SW/HIMS- HIM, a male (a member of the male sex) [n]
-SHIM/S to adjust by using a thin strip of metal or wood [v SHIMMED, SHIMMING, SHIMS]

298/814 EESW EWES-/T EWE, a female sheep (a ruminant wool-growing mammal) [n]
-SWEE/DLPRST to sway (to move slowly back and forth) [v SWEED, SWEEING, SWEES]
S/WEES-/T WEE, to urinate (to discharge urine) [v]

299/816 ACDEGOR CARGOED CARGO, to load (to place goods or cargo on transportation) [v]
CORDAGE/S the amount of wood in an area [n -S]

300/818 BOTT BOTT-/ESY the larva of a bot fly [n -S]

301/820 AGIR -GAIR/S a triangular piece (of cloth or land) [n -S]
GARI-/S pickled ginger, served with sushi [n -S]
T/RAGI-/S an East Indian cereal grass, also RAGEE, RAGGEE, RAGGY [n -S]

302/822 NORT F/RONT/ES the smallest of a litter, also RUNT, RONTE [n -S]
TORN- TEAR, to weep (to shed tears (salty liquid) from the eyes) [v]
TRON/ACEKS a public weighing machine [n -S]

303/826 AFILNORU FRIULANO/S (Italian) a cow's-milk cheese with firm pale-yellow flesh, and a mild flavour, originating in Friuli, Italy [n -S]

304/827 EEEILNNO EOLIENNE/S a fine silk and woollen dress material [n -S]

305/828 AAGNOST TAONGAS- TAONGA, (Maori) something highly prized [n]

306/830 DEEY FHK/EYED- EYE, to watch closely [v]
YEDE/S to go or proceed also YEED [v YOD or YODE, YEDING, YEDES]
YEED/S to go or proceed also YEDE [v YOD or YODE, YEEDING, YEEDS]

307/836 AMPS CDGLRSTV/AMPS- AMP, to get excited (Australian slang) [v]
MAPS- MAP, to plan a layout of [v]
S/PAMS- PAM, the jack of clubs in certain card games [n]
-SAMP-/IS coarsely ground corn [n -S]
-SPAM-/S electronic junk mail [n -S] / to send out spam [v SPAMMED, SPAMMING, SPAMS]

308/840 CELO -COLE-/DSY a plant of the cabbage family, also COLESEED, COLEWORT [n -S]

309/842 AKLOST SKATOL/ES a chemical compound, also SKATOLE [n -S]
STALKO-/S (Irish) a gentleman without fortune or occupation [n STALKOES or STALKOS]

310/843 AEIMNOU MOINEAU/S a small flat bastion [n -S]

311/844 DEEFIST DEIFEST DEIF, (Scots) deaf [adj]

312/846 AEGNNRTW GNATWREN/S any of various species of small bird of the gnatcatcher family [n -S]

313/848 AKRS BCDHJKLMNPRSWY/ARKS- ARK, to put into an ark (a coffer) [v]
-KSAR/S an emperor or king, also CZAR, TZAR TSAR [n -S]
-SARK-/SY a shirt [n -S]

314/850 DIKN -DINK-/SY to adorn (to embellish) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / neat (tidy (neat and orderly)) [adj DINKER, DINKEST]
KIND-/ASY to beget (to produce (to bring into existence)) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / good to others [adj KINDER, KINDEST]

315/859 AEHIRSV -ASHIVER in a shivering state [adj]

316/862 ABKOOR BOORKA/S a coverall worn by Muslim women, also BURKA, BOURKHA, BURQA [n -S]

317/863 ABRU BAUR/S a Scots word for a joke, also BAWR [n -S]
BURA-/NS a violent windstorm, also BURAN [n -S]

318/868 ADEHLNSU UNHALSED unsalted (not salted) [adj]
UNLASHED UNLASH, to untie the binding of [v]
UNSHALED- UNSHALE, to reveal (to make known) [v]

319/870 AENU AUNE/S measure of length [n -S]

320/877 AEGMNOS GAMONES- GAMONE, a secretion which attracts another gamete [n]
MANGOES MANGO, an edible fruit [n]

321/878 CEGK GECK/OS to mock (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

322/880 FOPU POUF/FS to give a puffed shape to the hair, also POUFF, POUFFE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

323/883 ITVY S/-TIVY with great speed [adv]

324/886 EEKW -WEEK-/ES seven days [n -S]

325/897 ILLR BDFGKPT/-RILL/ES to flow like a small brook [v -ED, -ING, -S]

326/901 AEELORRS RELEASOR/S one who releases, also RELEASER [n -S]

327/906 AABINQ NIQAAB/S (Arabic) a veil worn by some Muslim women also NIKAB, NIQAB [n -S]

328/908 AMOU DL/OUMA/S (Afrikaans) a grandmother also OMA [n -S]

329/928 AEGMNRT GARMENT/S to clothe (to provide with clothing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-MARGENT/S to provide with a border, also MARGIN [v -ED, -ING, -S]
F/RAGMENT-/S a catalogue, also RAGMAN [n -S]

330/942 ADEEGNNR ENDANGER/S to expose to loss or injury [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ENRANGED- ENRANGE, to arrange, also ENRAUNGE [v]

331/952 ABDEILT LIBATED- LIBATE, to pour in honour to [v]

332/958 AELM ALME/HS an Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally, also ALMA, ALMAH, ALMEH [n -S]
BCF/-LAME-/DRS to make lame [v LAMED, LAMING, LAMES] / disabled in the legs [adj LAMER, LAMEST]
FG/LEAM-/S to shine (to emit light) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-MALE-/S a member of the male sex [n -S]
MEAL/SY to cover with a grain [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MELA-/S a Hindu festival or fair [n -S]

333/967 ELMY ELMY- abounding in elms (a deciduous tree) [adj ELMIER, ELMIEST]
LYME-/S a leash, also LYAM, LYM [n -S]
-YELM/S to prepare straw for thatching, also YEALM [v -ED, -ING, -S]
X/YLEM/S the basis from which the elements were developed [n -S]

334/969 EIKSV KIEVS- KIEV, a dish made of thin fillets of meat, esp chicken (chicken kiev), filled with butter, etc, coated with breadcrumbs, and fried [n]
SKIVE/DRS to pare or split leather [v SKIVED, SKIVING, SKIVES]

335/970 ADIINSU INDUSIA/L INDUSIUM, an enclosing membrane [n]
SUIDIAN/S a member of the pig family [n -S]

336/971 HINS CSTW/-HINS- HIN, a Hebrew unit of liquid measure [n]
HISN- his (the possessive form of the pronoun HE) [pron]
K/-NISH- nothing (no-thing) [n -ES]
-SHIN/ESY to climb by gripping with the hands and legs, also SHINNY [v SHINNED, SHINNING, SHINS]
SINH-/S a hyperbolic function of an angle [n -S]

337/975 ABINOSU ABUSION/S misuse [n -S]

338/978 ACEGINRT ARGENTIC pertaining to argent (silver) [adj]
CATERING/S CATER, to provide food and service [v]
CITRANGE/S a hybrid between citron and orange [n -S]
CREATING- CREATE, to bring into being [v]
P/REACTING REACT, to respond to a stimulus [v]

339/979 LMPU CFPS/-LUMP-/SY to make into a shapeless mass [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PLUM-/BEPSY a fleshy fruit [n -S] / plum coloured [adj PLUMMER, PLUMMEST]

340/980 AILW S/-WAIL-/S to lament (to cry out in grief) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WALI/S a governor (one that governs (to rule or direct)) [n -S]

341/981 AAEELNNR ANNEALER/S one who anneals (to toughen (to make tough)) [n -S]
LERNAEAN in Greek myth relating to Lerna, the swamp or lake near Argos in which dwelt the Hydra which Hercules slew [adj]

342/982 BEGI GIBE-/DLRS to jeer (to mock (to ridicule (to make fun of))) [v GIBED, GIBING, GIBES]

343/984 EFHT TW/-HEFT/ESY to lift up [v -ED, -ING, -S]

344/985 IPRS PIRS- PIR, a Muslim title of honour [n]
CDGT/RIPS- RIP, to tear apart roughly [v]
C/RISP/S to grate (to reduce to shreds by rubbing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

345/987 LOPT -PLOT/SZ to plan secretly [v PLOTTED, PLOTTING, PLOTS]
POLT-/S to beat (to strike repeatedly) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

346/988 CEO DS/ECO/DS ecology (an environmental science) [n ECOS]

347/989 ALOT S/ALTO-/S a low female singing voice [n -S]
F/LOTA-/HS a small water vessel used in India, also LOTAH [n -S]
TOLA/NRS an Indian unit of weight [n -S]

348/990 FIRT A/-FRIT/HSTZ to fuse ceramically, also FRITT [v FRITTED, FRITTING, FRITS]
DG/RIFT-/ESY to form a fissure [v -ED, -ING, -S]

349/991 EETW E/-TWEE/DLNPRT affectedly cute [adj TWEER, TWEEST]
ST/WEET-/ES to know (to have a true understanding of) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / wet (saturated with liquor) [adj WEETER, WEETEST]

350/994 AIKNORST SKIATRON/S a cathode-ray tube [n -S]

351/995 AHNS -SHAN-/DKS a counterfeit coin, also SHAND [n -S]

352/998 BEIV VIBE/SXY a vibration [n -S]

353/1000 OOST BCFHLMPRST/OOTS- OOT, out [n]
-SOOT/EHSY to cover with a residue of burning [v -ED, -ING, -S]

354/1002 AEILNSU INSULAE- INSULA, a Roman block of buildings [n]
INULASE-/S an enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n -S]

355/1007 KNOP KNOP/S a knob (a rounded protuberance) [n -S]
PONK/S to smell bad [v -ED, -ING, -S]

356/1010 AEHMNORS HORSEMAN one who rides a horse [n HORSEMEN]
MENORAHS- MENORAH, a candleholder used in Jewish worship [n]
RHAMNOSE/S a sugar found in plants [n -S]
SHOREMAN a landsman (a man who lives and works on land, also LANDMAN) [n SHOREMEN]

357/1012 EILV DK/EVIL/S wickedness or depravity [n -S] / morally bad [adj EVILER, EVILEST, EVILLER, EVILLEST]
ABOS/LIVE/DNRS to function as a living thing [v LIVED, LIVING, LIVES] / having life (the state of functional activity) [adj LIVER, LIVEST]
VEIL/SY to wear a piece of sheer fabric [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VILE/R physically repulsive [adj VILER, VILEST]
-VLEI/S a swamp, also VLY [n -S]

358/1013 AAGL ALGA/ELS seaweed (a plant growing in the sea) [n ALGAS or ALGAE]
-GALA-/HSX a celebration [n -S]

359/1014 BDOR A/-BORD-/ES an old spelling of BOARD [n -S]
-BROD-/S to prod (to jab (to poke sharply)) [v BRODDED, BRODDING, BRODS]
-DORB-/AS a fool, also DORBA [n -S]

360/1019 EMNT A/MENT-/AO MING, to mix (to combine together) [v]

361/1020 IINT INTI/LS a monetary unit of Peru [n -S]

362/1021 ADHLNOTU DUATHLON/S an athletic event where everyone runs and cycles [n -S]

363/1024 LMOO BGS/-LOOM-/S to appear indistinctly as in a mirage [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MOOL-/AISY to cover with soft soil [v -ED, -ING, -S]

364/1028 BDNU BUND-/EHSTUY to make an embankment [v -ED, -ING, -S] / a German federation or league [n BUNDS or BUNDE]

365/1030 EENOPRST PROTENSE/S time extension [n -S]

366/1031 ACOP -CAPO-/NST a pitch-raising device for fretted instruments [n CAPOS or CAPI]
PACO-/S an alpaca (a animal related to the llama) [n -S]

367/1034 ACDEELRS DECLARES- DECLARE, to make known clearly [v]
DESCALER-/S a thing for removing limescale from something such as a tap, kettle or coffee machine [n -S]
RESCALED- RESCALE, to plan to a new scale [v]

368/1037 EGILNPRS PINGLERS- PINGLER, one that pingles (to strive (to contend)) [n]
SPERLING/S a dialect (a language peculiar to a region) [n -S]
SPRINGLE/ST a snare [n -S]

369/1038 EITV E/VITE/X quickly (speedy (swift)) [adv]

370/1040 AMTU A/MAUT/S malt [n -S]

371/1044 AMRU GL/-ARUM/S a lily (a flowering plant) [n -S]
MURA/LS a Japanese village [n -S]
UMRA/HS a lesser pilgrimage to Mecca made separately or at the same time as the hajj, and consisting of a number of devotional rituals performed within the city, also UMRAH [n -S]

372/1046 EOOZ BC/OOZE/DS to leak slowly [v OOZED, OOZING, OOZES]

373/1053 EHMS C/-HEMS- HEM, to provide with an edge [v]
MESH-/Y to entangle (to twist together) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

374/1054 ABRW BAWR/S a Scots word for a joke, also BAUR [n -S]
-BRAW-/LNS splendid (magnificent) [adj BRAWER, BRAWEST]
-WARB-/SY a dirty or insignificant person [n -S]

375/1055 ADEISST DISSEAT/S to unseat (to remove from a seat) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SAIDEST SAY, to utter (to give voice to) [v]

376/1056 LMOS MOLS- MOL, a mole (the quantity of a compound that has a weight equal to the compound's molecular weight) [n]
H/OLMS- OLM, a cave-dwelling European salamander [n]

377/1057 ALNW BF/-LAWN-/SY to turn into lawn, an area of managed grass [v -ED, -ING, -S]

378/1059 BIST BIST- BE, to exist [v]
O/-BITS-/Y BIT, to restrain (to hold back) [v]

379/1064 ADEEMNR -AMENDER-/S one who amends (to correct (to make right)) [n -S]
ENARMED ENARM, to arm (to supply with weapons) [v]
MEANDER/S to wander (to roam (to move about without purpose or plan)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
REAMEND/S to amend again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
F/REEDMAN one who plays a reed instrument [n REEDMEN]
RENAMED- RENAME, to issue with a new name [v]

380/1067 AKNR KARN/S a memorial of a mound of stones [n -S]
S/-NARK/SY to spy or inform [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BCDFPT/RANK-/ES disagreeable in odour or taste [adj RANKER, RANKEST] / to assign to a particular place or grade [v -ED, -ING, -S]

381/1068 ENRY RENY- to renounce (to disown (to deny the ownership of)) [v RENIED, RENYING, RENIES]

382/1069 ENRT BDPUY/RENT-/ES to hire (to use for a price) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TERN/ES a seabird (any marine bird) [n -S]

383/1070 DORS O/-DORS-/AE DOR, to mock (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [v]
BCFLSW/ORDS- ORD, a beginning [n]
BPT/-RODS- ROD, to clear a drain with a long slender pole [v]
-SORD/AOS of mallard, to ascend in flight [v -ED, -ING, -S]

384/1071 AHIINOPT PHOTINIA/S a type of shrub [n -S]

385/1072 BHOO -BOHO-/S a bohemian (an unconventional person) [n -S]
-BOOH-/S to show disapproval by making this sound, also BOO [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-HOBO-/S to live like a tramp [v -ED, -ING, -S or -ES]

386/1073 ARSY K/ARSY- lucky (having good fortune) [adj ARSIER, ARSIEST]
BCDFGKPTX/-RAYS- RAY, to emit a narrow beam of light [v]
D/-RYAS- RYA, a Scandinavian handwoven rug [n]


388/1077 ACEKLN -CANKLE/S (slang) an obese or otherwise swollen ankle that blends into the calf without clear demarcation [n -S]

389/1079 HOOS BP/-OOHS- OOH, to express surprise [v]
-SHOO-/KLNST to drive away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SOHO- a huntsman's halloo [interj]

390/1080 ADDS W/ADDS- ADD, to compute the sum of [v]
-DADS- DAD, to dash against [v]

391/1081 IMRS AES/MIRS- MIR, a Russian peasant commune [n]
BCPT/RIMS- RIM, to provide with an outer edge [v]
-SMIR/KRS to drizzle (to rain lightly) [v SMIRRED, SMIRRING, SMIRS]

392/1082 ADHORSTU TOADRUSH a low rush with flowers [n -ES]

393/1083 AEEGRSTU TREAGUES- TREAGUE, a truce [n]

394/1087 AEFL ALEF-/ST a Hebrew letter, also ALEPH [n -S]
FEAL/S to conceal (to hide (to conceal)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-FLEA/MS a parasitic insect [n -S]
LEAF-/SY to turn pages rapidly [v -ED, -ING, -S] / a flat green structure attached to a plant [n -S]

395/1088 AEFNOPRT PANFORTE/S (Italian) a hard spicy cake [n -S]

396/1090 CEER -CERE/DS to wrap in a waxy cloth [v CERED, CERING, CERES]
S/-CREE/DKLPS to soften by boiling [v CREED, CREEING, CREES]

397/1094 EGIIMNOS IGNOMIES IGNOMY, loss of one's good name, also IGNOMINY [n]

398/1096 EILM CGS/LIME/DNSY to treat with calcium compound [v LIMED, LIMING, LIMES]
S/MILE-/RS a unit of distance [n -S]

399/1098 EFFJ -JEFF/S to ruthlessly downsize an organisation, also KENNETT (after Jeff Kennett, premier of Victoria) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

400/1111 EENRSTV E/-VENTERS- VENTER, the abdomen (the belly) [n]
A/VENTRES- VENTRE, to venture (to risk (to expose to loss or injury)) [v]

401/1112 EINW DGST/WINE-/DSY to provide with fermented juice of the grape [v WINED, WINING, WINES]

402/1127 AEKKS M/EKKAS- EKKA, a small one-horse carriage [n]

403/1143 KUY -KYU-/S a novice grade in judo [n -S]
YUK-/EOSY to laugh loudly, also YUCK [v YUKKED, YUKKING, YUKS]

404/1160 MOXY MYXO/S myxomatosis, a disease introduced to control rabbits [n -S]

405/1167 AAHS -AAHS- AAH, to exclaim in surprise [v]

406/1175 AAHKL KAHAL/S the governing body of a Jewish community [n -S]

407/1183 DEOOPX EXOPOD/S the outer branch of a crustacean limb [n -S]

408/1185 EMSW S/MEWS- stables converted to housing [n MEWSES or MEWS] / to pass through a hedge [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-SMEW/S an Eurasian duck [n -S]
-WEMS- WEM, a womb, also WEMB [n]

409/1187 DEFIIOTV VIDEOFIT/S an identikit picture [n -S]

410/1190 CEEH -ECHE-/DS to augment, also EKE, ECH, EECH, EIK, ICH [v ECHED, ECHING, ECHES]
BKLR/-EECH to augment, also EKE, ECH, ECHE, EIK, ICH [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

411/1191 AGINOPR PIGNORA PIGNUS, property held as security for a debt [n]
PORANGI (Maori) crazy [adj]

412/1193 AALM HT/ALMA/HS an Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally, also ALMAH, ALME, ALMEH [n -S]
AMLA/S an Indian tree [n -S]
LU/-LAMA-/S a Buddhist monk [n -S]
-MALA-/MRSX a string of 108 prayer beads (yoga) [n -S]

413/1195 ADHNOSU HOUDANS- HOUDAN, a type of domestic fowl [n]

414/1197 GMNU MUNG-/AEOS to process data (computing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

415/1199 AEGLRTUY ARGUTELY shrilly [adv]

416/1201 DEWY DEWY- covered with dew, also DEAWIE, DEAWY [adj DEWIER, DEWIEST]

417/1202 ORRT -RORT/SY to falsify accounts [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TORR-/S a unit of pressure [n TORRS]

418/1204 EORW BCDLMPRSTV/OWER- over [prep]
HP/OWRE/S rock containing a valuable metal, also ORE [n -S]
WERO/S (Maori) a ritual challenge issued to a visitor to a marae [n -S]
S/-WORE WEAR, to be dressed in clothing [v]

VIER-/S one who vies (to contend in rivalry) [n -S]
-VIRE/DOS to transfer funds [v VIRED, VIRING, VIRES]

420/1207 DEKY DYKE/DSY to furnish with an embankment, also DIKE [v DYKED, DYKING, DYKES]

421/1208 AIQU QUAI-/LRS a wharf, also QUAY [n -S]

422/1209 NOTY AS/-TONY- a simpleton [n TONIES] / stylish (fashionable) [adj TONIER, TONIEST]
A/YONT- position beyond [prep]

423/1211 AEFILRV FAVRILE/S an iridescent glassware [n -S]

424/1214 AAIMST MATAIS- MATAI, (Maori) a coniferous evergreen tree of New Zealand, aka black pine [n]

425/1215 GHSU GUSH-/Y to flow forth forcefully [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CT/-HUGS- HUG, to clasp tightly in the arms [v]
-SUGH-/S to make a moaning or sighing sound, also SOUGH [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ESV/UGHS- UGH, the sound of a cough or grunt [n]

426/1217 AEEGLSTV VEGETALS- VEGETAL, a plant or vegetable [n]

427/1220 AKRST KARST/S a limestone region [n -S]
S/-KARTS- KART, a small motor vehicle [n]
-SKART/HS a cormorant, also SCARTH, SKARTH [n -S]
STARK-/S to stiffen (to make stiff (not easily bent)) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / harsh in appearance [adj STARKER, STARKEST]
STRAK/E STRIKE, to hit (to strike forcibly) [v]

428/1223 EILLORTT TORTELLI/S (Italian) small pasta parcels stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables also TORTELLINI [n -S]

429/1224 CEHINOT HENOTIC tending to unify [adj]

430/1226 EGILNRTY RINGLETY- resembling or suggestive of a ringlet [adj]

431/1227 EOPP PEPO-/S a fruit having a fleshy interior and a hard rind, also PEPONIDA, PEPONIUM [n -S]
POEP/S (Afrikaans) to break wind [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-POPE-/S the head of the Roman Catholic Church [n -S]

432/1228 OSTT -STOT/ST to bound, also STOTT [v STOTTED, STOTTING, STOTS]
Y/TOST TOSS, to throw lightly [v]
S/TOTS- TOT, to total (to amount to) [v]

433/1229 ABILORST LABORIST/S a supporter of workers' rights, also LABOURIST, LABORITE [n -S]
ORBITALS- ORBITAL, a subdivision of a nuclear shell [n]
STROBILA-/ER the body of a tapeworm [n STROBILAE]

434/1230 AEMR -MARE-/S a female horse [n -S] / a dark area on the Moon or Mars [n MARES or -S or MARIA]
BCD/REAM/ESY to enlarge with a reamer [v -ED, -ING, -S]

435/1231 CEIINOPS EPINOSIC unhealthy [adj]

436/1232 AGNU GAUN-/T GAE, to go (to move along) [v]
GUAN/AOS a large bird [n -S]

437/1233 ORRY F/RORY noisy (making loud sounds) [adj RORIER, RORIEST]

438/1234 ADEH AR/AHED AH, to make a sound of delight [v]
S/HADE-/DS to incline (to slant (to deviate from the horizontal or vertical)) [v HADED, HADING, HADES]
HAED- HAE, to have (to possess) [v]
A/HEAD/SY to be chief of [v -ED, -ING, -S]

439/1237 AEGN -AGEN-/ET once more, also AGAIN [adv]
GAEN- GAE, to go (to move along) [v]
-GANE-/FV GAE, to go (to move along) [v]
-GEAN/S a European wild cherry [n -S]
GENA-/LS the cheek [n -S]

440/1238 EHOT S/HOTE-/LN HETE, to command also HIGHT, HECHT [v]

441/1239 CDHI -CHID-/E CHIDE, to scold (to rebuke harshly) [v]
-DICH/T do it [interj]

442/1240 AGLU AGLU/S a hole in the ice through which a seal breathes, also AGLOO [n -S]
GULA-/GRS the gullet (the throat) [n -S]

443/1241 LOST G/LOST- not to be found or recovered [adj]
BCPS/LOTS-/A LOT, to allot or distribute [v]
-SLOT/HS to cut a long narrow opening in [v SLOTTED, SLOTTING, SLOTS]


445/1247 ADNO DONA-/HS a Spanish lady [n -S]

446/1249 DEEILNY DYELINE/S a copy made by using the diazo method [n -S]
NEEDILY NEEDY, in a state of poverty [adv]

447/1250 HKOR HORK/S to spit [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KHOR/S a ravine (a narrow, steep-sided valley) [n -S]

448/1251 ETTY S/TYTE at once [adv]
YETT-/S a gate, also YATE [n -S]

449/1252 ABDEEGRU BEDEGUAR/S a spongy gall on the sweet-briar [n -S]

450/1253 ACEILMR CALMIER CALMY, clayey (resembling clay) [adj]
CLAIMER/S one who makes a claim, also CLAIMANT [n -S]
MIRACLE/S an act which breaks the law of nature [n -S]
RECLAIM/S to make suitable for cultivation of habitation [v -ED, -ING, -S]

451/1254 EEKST S/KEETS- KEET, a young guinea fowl [n]
KETES- KETE, a basket woven from flax [n]
-SKEET-/S the sport of clay bird shooting [n -S]
-STEEK/S to shut (to close (to make impassable)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

452/1255 ACEHLORU LEACHOUR/S one who engages in lechery [n -S]

453/1258 AEGIRSW EARWIGS- EARWIG, to bias someone against [v]
GAWSIER- GAWSIE, well-fed and healthy looking, also GAWSY [adj]

454/1259 EIRT TUW/RITE-/S a ceremonial act or procedure [n -S]
TIER-/S to arrange in rows [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TIRE/DS to grow tired [v TIRED, TIRING, TIRES]
TRIE/DRS to attempt (to endeavour) [v TRIED, TRIES]

455/1262 AEGR CEGJLPRSWY/-AGER-/S one who ages (to grow old) [n -S]
-AREG- ERG, a Saharan area of shifting sand dunes [n]
-GARE-/S a dock-basin on a waterway [n -S]
-GEAR/ES to provide with gears (toothed machine parts) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / equipment, also GERE [n -S]
-RAGE-/DERS to react with violent anger [v RAGED, RAGING, RAGES]

456/1263 DEELMNOS LODESMEN LODESMAN, a pilot [n]

457/1265 ABBE ABBE-/DSY an abbot (the superior in a monastery) [n -S]
BABE/LS a baby [n -S]

458/1267 EFFS JMT/EFFS- EFF, euphemism for fuck [v]


460/1272 AAENNSTT -STANNATE/S a salt of stannic acid [n -S]
S/-TANNATES- TANNATE, a chemical salt [n]

461/1274 DEFIORRU FROIDEUR/S coolness in personal relationships [n -S]

462/1275 AEGM R/EGMA/S enigma (something that is difficult to understand) [n -S]
-GAME-/DRSY to gamble (to play a game of chance) [v GAMED, GAMING, GAMES] / plucky (brave and spirited) [adj GAMER, GAMEST]
I/-MAGE-/S a magician (one who is skilled in magic) [n -S]
O/MEGA- enormous (huge, also ENORM) [adj]

463/1277 EIMN MEIN/STY to lament (to cry out in grief) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MIEN/S demeanor (the manner in which one conducts oneself) [n -S]
AI/MINE/DRS to dig for valuable materials [v MINED, MINING, MINES]

464/1278 ESTU SUET-/ESY hard, fatty tissue around the kidneys of cattle and sheep [n -S]
BCJLM/-UTES- UTE, a utility truck [n]

465/1279 MNOR MORN-/ES morning (the early part of the day) [n -S]
E/NORM-/AS a standard (an established measure of comparison) [n -S]

466/1281 ADRU DAUR/S to venture boldly, also DARE, DARRE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DUAR/S a type of tent village, also DOUAR, DOWAR [n -S]
DURA/LS a cereal grain, also DURR [n -S]

467/1283 ADGILOST DOGSTAIL/S a grass with spiky flowerheads also DOGTAIL [n -S]
DOGTAILS- DOGTAIL, a grass with spiky flowerheads also DOGSTAIL [n]

468/1286 ALTU LATU-/S an edible Asian seaweed, having small green berrylike capsules [n -S]

469/1288 ACHY ACHY- aching [adj ACHIER, ACHIEST]
-CHAY-/AS an Indian plant [n -S]

470/1291 ARTY PTW/ARTY- an artistic person, also ARTSY [n ARTIES] / artistic in a flashy way, also ARTSY [adj ARTIER, ARTIEST]
S/-TRAY/FS a flat, shallow board for carrying food [n -S]

471/1293 CHOU CHOU/TX cabbage [n CHOUX]
CGMPTV/OUCH/T to ornament with settings for precious stones [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

472/1294 EGINORTU OUTREIGN/S to reign longer than [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ROUTEING ROUTE, to send on a particular course [v]

473/1300 ACKY CAKY lumpy, also CAKEY [adj CAKIER, CAKIEST]
K/YACK/AS to talk persistently [v -ED, -ING, -S]

474/1301 AEILNRSU LUNARIES LUNARY, the moonwort fern [n]

475/1302 CHIK CHIK-/S a type of door screen [n -S]
CT/-HICK-/S characteristic of rural people [adj HICKER, HICKEST] / a person from the country, a yokel [n -S]

476/1304 ACIR -CRIA/S the offspring of a llama [n -S]

477/1305 ILMP BF/-LIMP/AS to walk lamely [v -ED, -ING, -S] / lacking rigidity [adj LIMPER, LIMPEST]
PLIM/S to swell (to increase in size or volume) [v PLIMMED, PLIMMING, PLIMS]

478/1306 DENO DOEN- DO, to perform (to begin and carry through to completion) [v]
-DONE-/ER DO, to perform (to begin and carry through to completion) [v]
A/-NODE-/S a swollen enlargement [n -S]

479/1307 APRS S/-PARS-/E PAR, to score a certain number of golf strokes [v]
CDFTW/RAPS- RAP, to strike sharply [v]
G/-RASP-/SY to scrape with something rough [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SPAR-/DEKST to box (to put in a container) [v SPARRED, SPARRING, SPARS]

480/1308 FFIY BJMN/IFFY- full of uncertainty [adj IFFIER, IFFIEST]

481/1311 ACDELSTU -CAULDEST CAULD, cold (having no warmth) [adj]
SULCATED- having long, narrow furrows, also SULCATE [adj]

482/1313 EITW T/WITE-/DS to blame (to find fault with) [v WITED, WITING, WITES]

483/1314 AGIILNRT RINGTAIL/S an animal whose tail has ringlike markings [n -S]
-TRAILING TRAIL, to draw along behind [v]
TRIALING TRIAL, to make a judicial examination of [v]

484/1315 ACEIMRT MATRICE-/S the womb [n -S]

485/1317 IIRS S/IRIS to give the form of a rainbow to [v -ED, -ING, -ES] / a part of the eye [n IRISES or IRIDES]
SIRI-/HS a climbing plant, also BETEL, SIRIH [n -S]

486/1318 AEGKNORS KARENGOS- KARENGO, (New Zealand) an edible seaweed [n]

487/1321 EMSU -EMUS- EMU, a large flightless bird [n]
E/MEUS-/E MEU, the plant baldmoney [n]
A/-MUSE-/DRST to ponder (to consider deeply) [v MUSED, MUSING, MUSES]

488/1322 EPQU QUEP expressing derision [interj]

489/1330 DEIMNNOS MISDONNE MISDO, to do wrongly [v]

490/1331 EEPR S/PEER-/SY to look narrowly or searchingly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PERE-/AS father [n -S]
S/-PREE-/DNS to test by tasting [v PREED, PREEING, PREES]

491/1333 ITTW -TWIT/ES to ridicule (to make fun of) [v TWITTED, TWITTING, TWITS]

492/1334 DEEMNORS MODERNES-/T MODERNE, a design style of the 1920s and 1930s [n]
SERMONED SERMON, to preach a religious discourse [v]

493/1336 BEER BEER-/SY an alcoholic drink [n -S]
-BERE/ST barley (a cereal grass) [n -S]
-BREE/DMRS the eyebrow, also BRIE, BROO [n -S]

494/1338 HORS K/-HORS/ETY outside [prep]
-RHOS- RHO, a Greek letter [n]

495/1340 AEGIMRS GISARME/S a medieval weapon [n -S]
IMAGERS- IMAGER, one that images (to form a likeness of mentally) [n]
MAIGRES- MAIGRE, a large Mediterranean food fish [n]
MIRAGES- MIRAGE, a type of optical illusion [n]

496/1341 EKRY GT/RYKE/DS to reach (to stretch out the hand) [v RYKED, RYKING, RYKES]
-YERK-/S to draw tight [v -ED, -ING, -S]

497/1343 AEIKNST INTAKES- INTAKE, the act of taking in [n]
KENTIAS- KENTIA, a feather palm [n]
TANKIES TANKY, a hard line communist [n]

498/1345 AELT ABEPS/-LATE-/DNRX coming after the expected time [adj LATER, LATEST]
BCP/-LEAT-/S a water trench [n -S]
TAEL-/S a Chinese unit of weight [n -S]
S/-TALE/ARS a story [n -S]
S/TEAL-/S a river duck [n -S]
S/TELA-/E an anatomical tissue [n TELAE]

499/1347 ELPU PLUE-/S a beaver skin, as a tradable item of value, also PLEW, PLU [n -S]
S/-PULE-/DRS to whine (to whimper (to cry plaintively)) [v PULED, PULING, PULES]

500/1348 EIIMOSTY MOYITIES MOYITY, a half, also MOIETY [n]

501/1351 DEMO -DEMO/BINS a demonstration [n -S] / to demonstrate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DOME-/DS to cover with a rounded roof [v DOMED, DOMING, DOMES]
-MODE-/LMRS a way or manner of acting [n -S]

502/1352 CERT CERT/SY a certainty [n -S]

503/1354 ACEHILT ALETHIC pertaining to truth or possibility [adj]
ETHICAL/S a drug sold by prescription only [n -S]

504/1355 ABDEEGRS REBADGES- REBADGE, to market a product under a new brand name [v]

505/1356 DEEIOPS EPISODE/S a series of events forming digression [n -S]
POESIED POESY, to utter poetry [v]

506/1357 AGILNOPS GALOPINS- GALOPIN, a kitchen boy [n]

507/1359 BEET BEET-/S to improve (to make better) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETE-/DLS to improve (to make better) [v BETED, BETING, BETES]

508/1360 CDEEGIRU CUDGERIE/S (Australia) a large tropical tree with pink wood [n -S]

509/1363 AEHK S/-HAKE/AS a marine fish [n -S]

510/1364 EGNR -GREN/S to grin (to smile broadly, also GERNE) [v GRENNED, GRENNING, GRENS]

511/1365 HOST G/HOST-/AS to entertain socially [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PS/HOTS- HOT, to heat (to make hot) [v]
-SHOT-/EST to load with small pellets [v SHOTTED, SHOTTING, SHOTS]
SOTH-/S truth (conformity to fact or reality) [n -S]
TOSH/Y to trim (to clip into shape) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

512/1366 NNO A/-NON-/AEGI not (in no way) [adv]

513/1368 EEFHIORS FIREHOSE/S a hose used by firefighters [n -S]

514/1369 DKNOOP PONDOK/S a type of crude dwelling [n -S]

515/1371 ANOORTT ARNOTTO/S a tropical tree [n -S]
NOTATOR/S one that notates [n NOTATORS]
RATTOON/S to sprout from a root planted the previous year, also RATOON [v -ED, -ING, -S]

516/1374 DEIINSTU DISUNITE/DRS to separate (to keep apart) [v DISUNITED, DISUNITING, DISUNITES]
NUDITIES NUDITY, the state of being nude (naked (without clothes)) [n]
UNITISED- UNITISE, to divide into units, also UNITIZE [v]
UNTIDIES/T UNTIDY, to make messy (dirty or untidy) [v]

517/1376 CLOT -CLOT/EHS to form into a thick mass [v CLOTTED, CLOTTING, CLOTS]
COLT-/S to cheat (to defraud (to swindle (to take money or property from by fraudulent means))) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / a young male horse [n -S]


519/1384 ADENPRTU DEPURANT/S a purifier (one that purifies (to cleanse from impurities)) [n -S]
UNPARTED not parted [adj]

520/1390 AADDILNO DIANODAL passing through a node [adj]

521/1400 ACEIRSU SAUCIER/S a chef who specializes in sauces [n -S]
URICASE/S an enzyme (a complex protein, also ENZYM) [n -S]

522/1407 AILN -ANIL-/ES a West Indian shrub [n -S]
BEPS/-LAIN LIE, to make an intentional false statement [v]
S/-NAIL/S to fasten with a long slender piece of metal [v -ED, -ING, -S]

523/1414 FNOT FONT-/S a container for baptismal water [n -S]

524/1428 EEHKSS KESHES KESH, the uncut hair and beard of a male Sikh [n]

525/1429 EEGINRSW RESEWING RESEW, to sew again [v]
SEWERING/S providing with sewers [n -S]
SWEERING SWEER, to swear (to utter a solemn oath) [v]

526/1437 ILLT LILT/S to sing or speak rhythmically [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TILL-/SY to prepare land for crops by ploughing [v -ED, -ING, -S]

527/1450 DEEGILMO LIEGEDOM/S allegiance [n -S]

528/1459 BHIKSU BUKSHI/S a paymaster, also BUKSHEE [n -S]

529/1461 BIRT -BRIT/HST a young herring, also BRITT [n -S]

530/1465 EINT U/NITE-/RS night (the period from sunset to sunrise) [n -S]
S/TEIN/DS a monetary unit of Kazakhstan, equal to one hundredth of a tenge [n -S]

531/1466 BDEFIORS FIBROSED- FIBROSE, to form fibrous tissue [v]

532/1467 AEEGHLRS SHEARLEG/S one of the spars of sheers, also SHEERLEG [n -S]

533/1468 ADEILMOX ALDOXIME/S an oxime from a certain chemical reaction [n -S]

534/1469 AEFS SAFE/DRS to make secure (free from danger) [v SAFED, SAFING, SAFES] / free from danger [adj SAFER, SAFEST]

535/1470 ACEIMNT EMICANT sparkling [adj]
NEMATIC/S a liquid crystal in a particular phase [n -S]

536/1473 ACEIMNST AMNESTIC pertaining to amnesia (loss of memory) [adj]
NEMATICS- NEMATIC, a liquid crystal in a particular phase [n]
A/SEMANTIC/S pertaining to meaning (the sense intended) [adj]

537/1474 DEINORSW DISOWNER/S one that disowns (to deny the ownership of) [n -S]
WINDORES- WINDORE, a form of window [n]

538/1479 AEFILMN FEMINAL of a man, thinking like a women [adj]

539/1480 HNOS CP/-HONS- HON, short for honey (pet name) [n]
NOSH- to eat snacks between meals [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

540/1481 AEGMORS F/ROMAGES- ROMAGE, tumult [n]

541/1485 AHIKST SKAITH/S to injure (to harm or do hurt to) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TAKHIS- TAKHI, a wild horse, also TAKI [n]

542/1486 EILP CS/LIPE-/S a lurching or jerking movement [n -S]
S/PILE/ADIRS to lay one upon the other [v PILED, PILING, PILES]
-PLIE/DRS a movement in ballet [n -S]

543/1487 EGTU TEGU-/AS a lizard, also TEGUEXIN [n -S]

544/1488 CFFU S/CUFF/OS to strike with the open hand [v -ED, -ING, -S]

545/1489 BKOSY BOSKY- woody (resembling wood) [adj BOSKIER, BOSKIEST]
KYBOS-/H KYBO, temporary lavatory (keep your bowels open) - scout slang [n]

546/1490 EHOR S/HERO-/NS a man revered for his bravery and heroic deeds [n -S or -ES]
S/HOER-/S one that hoes (to garden with a hoe) [n -S]
CSW/-HORE mouldy (covered with mould) [adj]

547/1493 EKLS WY/ELKS- ELK, a large deer (a ruminant mammal) [n]
LEKS- LEK, to gather at a piece of ground for display purposes [v]

548/1494 BETY BYTE/S a group of adjacent binary digits [n -S]
-YBET BEAT, to strike repeatedly [v]

549/1495 ABDO DOAB/S land between two rivers [n -S]

550/1497 NOSS -SONS-/EY SON, a male child (a young person) [n]

551/1498 EEKN S/-KEEN/OS to wail loudly over the dead [v -ED, -ING, -S] / enthusiastic [adj KEENER, KEENEST]
-KNEE/DLS to strike with a joint of the leg [v KNEED, KNEEING, KNEES]

552/1501 ELOS C/-LOSE-/DLNRS to misplace or be deprived of [v LOSED, LOAST, LOSING, LOSES] / to loose (to set free) [v LOSED, LOAST, LOSING, LOSES]
BCDGHJMNPRSTV/-OLES- OLE, a shout of approval [n]
SLOE/S a plumlike fruit [n -S]
-SOLE-/DIRS to replace the bottom of a shoe or boot [v SOLED, SOLING, SOLES]

553/1502 ESTT SETT-/S the burrow of a badger [n -S]
-STET/S to cancel a previously made printing correction [v STETTED, STETTING, STETS]
-TEST-/AESY to examine critically [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TETS- TET, a Hebrew letter, also TETH [n]

554/1503 ACDEINV INCAVED- INCAVE, to secrete, also ENCAVE [v]

555/1504 EEIPQU EQUIPE-/S a motor-racing team [n -S]

556/1506 BNOR BORN-/AE BEAR, to endure (to last (to continue (to go on with))) [v]

557/1507 GOSS GOSS-/E to spit (to throw out saliva from the mouth) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SOGS- SOG, to soak (to saturate in liquid) [v]

558/1508 AEIPRSU SPURIAE feathers of the bastard wing [n]

559/1509 CEHO ECHO-/S a reflected sound [n ECHOES or ECHOS] / to repeat a sound [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BL/-OCHE-/RS in darts, the line from which players throw [n -S]

560/1511 AILR ARIL/S an outer covering of some seeds, also ARILLUS [n -S]
FG/-LAIR/DSY to live in a dwelling place for animals [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LARI-/S a monetary unit of Maldives, also LAREE [n -S]
LIAR/DST a person who tells untruths [n -S]
LIRA/S (Italian) an Italian unit of currency [n LIRE or LIRAS] / a Maltese unit of currency [n -LIRI] / an Israeli unit of currency [n -LIROT or LIROTH]
BDFGT/-RAIL-/ES to enclose or separate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PTU/RIAL-/S a monetary unit of Iran [n -S]

561/1512 DHOS -DOHS- DOH, a musical note [n]
DOSH-/A money (a medium of exchange) [n -ES]
-HODS- HOD, to bob (to move quickly up and down) [v]
-SHOD- SHOE, to provide with a covering for the foot [v]

562/1514 AIMN GRT/AMIN-/EOS a type of chemical compound [n -S]
A/-MAIN/S to make lame (disabled in the legs) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / principal [adj MAINER, MAINEST]
-MANI-/ACS a stone prayer in a Tibetan Buddhist temple [n -S]
MINA/ERS an ancient unit of weight and value [n MINAS or MINAE]

563/1518 EISS SEIS-/EM SEI, a large whale [n]
SIES (South Africa) yech, an expression of disgust also SIS [interj]

564/1519 MOQTUU QUOTUM/S a share, also QUOTA [n -S]

565/1522 AADILST STADIAL-/S a substance which depends on the life of a glacier [n -S]

566/1523 HMOS -HOMS- HOM, a sacred plant of the ancient Persians, also HOMA [n]
-MHOS- MHO, a unit of electrical conductance [n]
MOSH- to dance frantically to rock music [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
OHMS- OHM, a unit of electrical resistance [n]
SHMO/E (Yiddish) a stupid or boring person also SCHMO, SCHMOE, SHMOE [n SHMOES]

567/1526 AEEILMRT EREMITAL pertaining to hermits (a recluse (one who lives in solitude and seclusion)) [adj]
MATERIEL/S a substance that can be used for making anything, also MATERIAL [n -S]
REALTIME relating to a computer system [adj]

568/1527 AABB DGY/ABBA-/S father [n -S]
-BABA/S a rum cake [n -S]

569/1529 AACS -CAAS- CAA, (Scots) to call [v]
CASA/S a dwelling (the place where one lives) [n -S]

570/1530 EERY BLPV/EERY weird (strange (unusual (not usual))) [adj EERIER, EERIEST]
FGK/-EYER-/S one that eyes (to watch closely) [n -S]
EYRE/S a journey [n -S]

571/1531 DEEFILR DEFILER-/S one that defiles (to make dirty (soiled)) [n -S]
FERLIED- FERLY, to wonder, also FERLIE [v]
FIELDER/S one who catches or picks up a ball in play [n -S]
P/REFILED- REFILE, to file again [v]

572/1532 DORW -DROW/NS a squall [n -S]
S/-WORD/SY to express in speech sounds [v -ED, -ING, -S]

573/1533 AEGIMNS ENIGMAS- ENIGMA, something that is difficult to understand [n]
-GAMINES-/S GAMINE, a tomboy (a girl who acts like a boy) [n]
-MEASING MEASE, to make less severe, also MITIGATE [v]
SEAMING/S the act of joining by sewing together [n -S]

574/1535 LMOT SY/MOLT-/OS to shed feathers or fur, also MOULT [v -ED, -ING, -S]

575/1536 CENO S/-CONE-/DSY to shape like a geometric solid [v CONED, CONING, CONES]
BNPS/ONCE/RST one time [n -S]

576/1539 EELY DJS/EELY- like an eel [adj EELIER, EELIEST]

577/1540 AEHIPST APESHIT (vulgar) berserk; destructively crazy [adj]

578/1542 AIRS FGHLMPSVW/AIRS- AIR, to expose to the air [v]
DGLNPSZ/ARIS/EH (Cockney slang) arse [n -ES]
K/-RAIS-/E RAI, north African music [n]
AC/RIAS- RIA, a long, narrow inlet [n]
-SAIR-/S to wound (to inflict an injury upon) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / sore (tender to the touch) [adj SAIRER, SAIREST]
SARI-/NS an outer garment worn by Hindu women, also SAREE [n -S]

579/1543 ADGINRU DAURING DAUR, to venture boldly, also DARE, DARRE [v]

580/1545 ACEELRST CLEAREST CLEAR, undimmed (not dimmed) [adj]
SCELERAT/ES a villain (a malevolent evil-doer, also VILLAN) [n -S]
TREACLES- TREACLE, to smear with molasses [v]

581/1546 AINPRST A/SPIRANT/S a sound produced by narrowing the air passage [n -S]
SPRAINT-/S otter's dung [n -S]

582/1547 BEGR -BERG/S an iceberg (a large floating body of ice) [n -S]

583/1548 CEHS -SECH-/S hyperbolic secant (math) [n SECHS]

584/1550 ERTY TREY/FS the three in cards, dice, or dominoes [n -S]
-TRYE-/R choice, purified [adj]
-TYER-/S one that ties (to fasten (to secure)) [n -S]
S/TYRE/DS to supply a covering for a wheel [v TYRED, TYRING, TYRES]

585/1552 LOOW WOOL-/DSY the fleece of sheep or goats [n -S]

586/1554 AGOP I/-GAPO-/S a flooded forest, also IGAPO [n -S]

587/1555 ADOR D/-ORAD- towards the mouth [adv]
BT/ROAD/S a way for public transport [n -S]

588/1556 AFFR DG/-RAFF/S the disreputable element of society, also RIFFRAFF, RAGTAG [n -S]

589/1559 AEILMTY P/LAYTIME/S the total time allowed [n -S]
MEATILY MEATY, full of meat [adv]

590/1562 BDEILNOY BODYLINE/S in cricket, a fast bowl at the batsman's body [n -S]

591/1565 AEGILNY ALEYING ALEYE, to quell, also ALLAY, ALAY [v]
-YEALING/S a person of the same age [n -S]

592/1567 AEGL LR/-EGAL equal [adj]
-GALE-/ADS a strong wind [n -S] / to frolic playfully [v GALED, GALING, GALES]
GEAL/S to congeal (to change from a fluid to a solid) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

593/1568 EIKLNRST LINKSTER/S an interpreter, also LINGSTER [n -S]
STRINKLE/DS to sprinkle (to scatter drops on) [v STRINKLED, STRINKLING, STRINKLES]
TINKLERS- TINKLER, one who tinkles (to make sharp, metallic sounds) [n]

594/1569 BITT BITT-/ESY to secure a cable [v BITTED, BITTING, BITTS]

595/1570 EIPS S/PIES- PIE, to jumble or disorder printing type (pr p PIEING, PIING, PYEING), also PI, PYE [v]
PISE-/S rammed earth or clay [n -S]
SIPE-/DS to seep (to pass slowly through small openings) [v SIPED, SIPING, SIPES]
-SPIE/DLRS a secret agent [n -S]

596/1571 ADGR DARG/AS a task [n -S]
-DRAG/S to pull along the ground [v DRAGGED, DRAGGING, DRAGS]
-GRAD/ES a graduate [n -S]

597/1574 DENY DENY- to declare to be untrue, also DENAY [v DENIED, DENYING, DENIES]
DYNE/LS a unit of force [n -S]
NYED- NYE, to approach (to come near to) [v]

598/1575 CEIS BDFRSTV/ICES- ICE, to cover with frozen water [v]
-SICE-/S a male servant in India, also SYCE, SAICE [n -S]

599/1576 EEFINRS ENFIRES- ENFIRE, to inflame (to set on fire) [v]
FEERINS- FEERIN, a first guiding furrow, also FEERING [n]
FINEERS- FINEER, to get goods by fraud [v]
REFINES- REFINE, to free from impurities [v]

600/1577 OPTY PYOT/S a magpie, also PYAT, PYET, PIET [n -S]
TYPO/S a typographical error [n -S]

601/1579 AEIJNST JANTIES/T JANTY, one who is self-assured [n]
TAJINES- TAJINE, a clay pot, also TAGINE [n]

602/1581 ISTU SUIT-/ES to be appropriate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
E/TUIS-/M TUI, a New Zealand bird [n]
CKM/-UTIS din [n -ES]

603/1583 AGINRTY GIANTRY giant stories [n GIANTRIES]

604/1584 EGOS RSV/-EGOS- EGO, conscious thinking subject [n]
GEOS- GEO, a gully, also GIO [n]
-GOES-/T GO, to move along [v]
-SEGO-/LS a perennial herb [n -S]

605/1585 CEOS -COSE-/CDSTY to make oneself cosy [v COSED, COSING, COSES]
D/-ECOS- ECO, ecology (an environmental science) [n]
-SECO- dry (of wine) [adj]

606/1589 ADEEMRST DESTREAM/S to reverse the categorising of students [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MASTERED MASTER, to accomplish [v]
STREAMED STREAM, to flow in a steady current [v]

607/1590 AINT T/ANTI-/CS one who is opposed to anything [n -S]
S/-TAIN-/ST a thin plate [n -S]
TIAN/S a vegetable gratin baked in an earthenware dish [n -S]
TINA-/S (slang) crystal meth [n -S]

608/1595 ADLY BG/LADY- a woman of refinement and gentle manners [n LADIES]
YALD nimble (agile (able to move quickly and easily)) [adj]

609/1597 AERY F/AERY the nest of a bird of prey [n AERIES] / airy, also EYRIE, AERIE, AIERY, AYRIE [adj AERIER, AERIEST]
F/AYRE/S an air such as a song or tune [n -S]
EYRA/S a wild cat [n -S]
-YARE-/R nimble (agile (able to move quickly and easily)) [adj YARER, YAREST]
-YEAR-/DNS three hundred and sixty five days [n -S]

610/1601 GHHI AT/HIGH/ST to turn to the left [v -ED, -ING, -S] / reaching far upward [adj HIGHER, HIGHEST]

611/1607 DEILPRSU SERPULID/S a marine worm that lives in a stony tube [n -S]

612/1608 BERR BRER/ES brother (a male sibling (one who has the same parents as another, also SIB, SIBB)) [n -S]

613/1609 BEILORSU -BLOUSIER BLOUSY, slovenly (habitually untidy or unclean) [adj]
RIBULOSE/S a type of sugar [n -S]

614/1611 FLOO FOOL-/S to deceive (to mislead by falsehood) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AK/-LOOF-/AS the palm of the hand [n LOOFS or LOOVES]

615/1613 DEENPRT S/-PRENTED PRENT, to print (to produce by pressed type on a surface) [v]
PRETEND/S to make believe [v -ED, -ING, -S]

616/1615 AELS BDEGHKMPRSTVWY/-ALES- ALE, an alcoholic beverage [n]
B/LASE-/DRS to use a laser [v LASED, LASING, LASES]
FP/-LEAS-/EHT LEA, a meadow, also LEY [n]
-SALE-/PST the act of selling [n -S]
SEAL-/S to close or make secure [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SLAE/S the blackthorn [n -S]

617/1618 ADSY A/-DAYS- DAY, the time between sunrise and sunset [n]
D/-YADS- YAD, a stick with a small pointing hand at the tip, used to follow text in the Torah [n]

618/1632 PRSY PRYS-/E an old spelling of PRICE [n -ES]
-SPRY nimble (agile (able to move quickly and easily)) [adj SPRIER, SPRIEST, SPRYER, SPRYEST]

619/1636 ELPT CS/LEPT-/A LEAP, to spring off the ground [v]
S/-PELT-/AS to shower blows or missiles, also PELTER [v -ED, -ING, -S]

620/1641 GINN -GINN-/Y a class of spirits in Muslim folklore [n]

621/1645 AAGM MT/AGMA/S the sound "ng" [n -S]
A/-GAMA-/SY a pasture grass [n -S]

622/1648 EEINSSTU ENSUITES- ENSUITE, (French) a room, as a bathroom, adjoining another room [n]

623/1654 AGIT -GAIT/AST to train a horse to move in a certain way [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TAIG-/AS a catholic (derogatory), Northern Ireland [n -S]

624/1662 AEGINOPT PINOTAGE/S a variety of grape grown mainly in South Africa, produced by crossing Pinot with another grape; a red wine made from this grape [n -S]

625/1663 ACMR S/-CRAM/EPS to pack tightly [v CRAMMED, CRAMMING, CRAMS]
-MARC-/HS the residue remaining after a fruit has been pressed [n -S]

626/1665 EFIIMNOS FISNOMIE/S facial features (physiognomy) [n -S]
OMNIFIES OMNIFY, to make universal [v]

627/1667 RRTU TURR/S (Canadian) a Newfoundland name for the guillemot [n -S]

628/1669 EINNRSTU RUNNIEST RUNNY, tending to drip [adj]
STURNINE pertaining to a sturnus (a bird) [adj]

629/1676 EEHM RT/-HEME-/S a component of hemoglobin, also HAEM, HAEMATIN [n -S]

630/1677 DEGILNRY YELDRING/S the yellowhammer (a bird) [n -S]

631/1678 ALTW TWAL-/S (Scots) twelve [n -S]

632/1679 HIRT THIR/DL these (the person or thing just mentioned) [pron]

633/1684 AGNW -GNAW/NS to wear away by persistent biting [v GNAWED, GNAWN, GNAWING, GNAWS]
DST/WANG-/S the cheek [n -S]

634/1686 DDEEIMOR MOIDERED MOIDER, to confuse (to perplex (to puzzle (to perplex))) [v]

635/1687 ABDN A/-BAND-/AHSY to decorate with strips of material [v -ED, -ING, -S]

636/1696 ORST BDFMPRSTW/ORTS- ORT, a scrap of food [n]
CFP/ROST/IS to roast (to bake (to cook in an oven)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GT/ROTS- ROT, to decompose [v]
-SORT/AS to arrange in class, kind or size [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TORS-/EIKO TOR, a high, craggy hill [n]

637/1712 ABDI RT/-ABID/E ABIDE, to wait for [v]

638/1714 AFH -FAH-/S a musical note, also FA [n -S]

639/1718 ABHU BAHU-/ST (Hindi) a daughter-in-law, especially one who lives with her husband's family when married [n -S]
HABU/S a poisonous snake [n -S]

640/1720 CDEEGIRS GRECISED- GRECISE, to provide with a Greek style, also GRECIZE, GRAECIZE, GRAECISE [v]


642/1723 BEOY M/-OBEY-/S to do as one is told [v -ED, -ING, -S]
YEBO yes [interj]

643/1725 ADEGILT LIGATED- LIGATE, to bind, also LIGATURE [v]
TAIGLED- TAIGLE, to entangle (to twist together) [v]

644/1727 AEIMRSY RIMAYES- RIMAYE, a bergschrund, a crevasse formed where a glacier or snowfield moves away from a mountain wall [n]

645/1728 AEEGLTUV -EVULGATE/DS to divulge (to reveal (to make known)) [v EVULGATED, EVULGATING, EVULGATES]

646/1729 AEILNUV UNALIVE lacking in vitality [adj]

647/1732 BILN -BLIN/DGIKSY to cease (to stop (to halt or discontinue)) [v BLINNED, BLINNING, BLINS]

648/1733 EHOOV HOOVE/DNRS to hover (to hang suspended in the air) [v HOOVED, HOOVING, HOOVES]

649/1735 EEGHILNS W/HEELINGS- HEELING, the act of inclining laterally [n]
-SHEELING SHEEL, to shell (to remove the outer covering from nuts) [v]

VIRELAIS- VIRELAI, a medieval French verse form, also VIRELAY [n]

651/1739 ABEEST SEBATE/S a salt of sebacic acid [n -S]

652/1740 EEMNRTU TRUEMEN TRUEMAN, an honest man [n]

653/1742 EINOPTT PENTITO in Italy, a Mafia criminal who has become a police informer [n PENTITI]

654/1743 DEGLNOS DONGLES- DONGLE, a device for defeating software piracy [n]
-GOLDENS- GOLDEN, to become golden [v]

655/1744 BEIIMNOS EBIONISM/S an early Christian sect which honoured Mosaic law [n -S]

656/1745 AEIPRTVY VARITYPE/DS to produce copy on a special typewriter [v VARITYPED, VARITYPING, VARITYPES]

657/1747 AEIMNUV MAUVEIN/ES a mauve dye, also MAUVEINE, MAUVIN, MAUVINE [n -S]
MAUVINE-/S a mauve dye, also MAUVEIN, MAUVEINE, MAUVIN [n -S]

658/1748 BEEGILST GLEBIEST GLEBY, cloddy (lumpy (full of lumps)) [adj]

659/1752 AILNOPS OILPANS- OILPAN, (US) a sump [n]

660/1753 EGINNRTV A/VENTRING/S an enterprise [n -S]

661/1754 CEIIOPRS IRISCOPE/S an instrument showing colours of a prism [n -S]

662/1755 EFG FEG-/S a segment of an orange (also FIG) [n -S]

663/1756 CDEILSTU DULCITES- DULCITE, a saccharine substance derived from plants, also DULCITOL, DULCOSE [n]
LUCIDEST LUCID, easily understood [adj]

664/1757 AAGHKN KANGHA/S a coloured cotton cloth worn as a dress, also KANGA, KHANGA [n -S]
KHANGA/S a coloured cotton cloth worn as a dress, also KANGA, KANGHA [n -S]

665/1758 EEGIN B/EIGNE first born [adj]
GENIE/S a supernatural being in Muslim mythology, also DJIN, DJINN, DJINNI, DJINNY, JANN, JIN, JINN, JINNEE, JINNI [n -S]

666/1759 BEIILOPR PERIBOLI PERIBOLUS, a precinct (a sub-division of a city or town) [n]

667/1761 EOSY N/-OYES- a proclamation, also OYEZ [n OYESES or OYESSES]

668/1765 ACDR -CARD-/ISY to provide with a stiff piece of paper [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DRAC/KO unattractive (said of a woman), also DRACK [adj]

669/1767 EOV DL/EVO/ES evening (Australian slang) [n -S]
E/-VOE/S a small bay, creek or inlet [n -S]

670/1769 AESV CEFHLNOPRSW/AVES- AVE, hail [n]
-SAVE-/DRSY to rescue from danger, injury or loss [v SAVED, SAVING, SAVES]
VAES- VAE, a bay or creek [n]
VASE-/S a container used for holding flowers [n -S]


672/1771 ACEILOSX SAXICOLE living or growing among rocks, also SAXATILE [adj]

673/1772 ACDEFIR FARCIED- diseased with farcy (glanders) [adj]

674/1773 AIKNU NIKAU/S a New Zealand palm tree [n -S]

675/1776 AEGMNOOT MOONGATE/S a circular gate in a wall [n -S]

676/1778 CEIILOPR POLICIER/S a film featuring police investigating crimes [n -S]

677/1780 EEHW WHEE/LNP used to express delight [interj]

678/1782 ACEIMST ACMITES- ACMITE, a pyramid shaped crystal [n]
B/ETACISM/S one way of pronouncing eta [n -S]
E/MICATES- MICATE, to furnish with mica [v]
SEMATIC serving as a warning [adj]

679/1783 ACEINSV INCAVES- INCAVE, to secrete, also ENCAVE [v]

680/1784 AEHNOQTU HAQUETON/S a type of jacket [n -S]

681/1786 ADEGHIR HAGRIDE/RS to harass (to bother persistently) [v HAGRODE, HAGRIDDEN, HAGRIDING, HAGRIDES]
HEADRIG/S a headland in a ploughed field [n -S]

682/1787 AEHIMRS -MASHIER- MASHY, of the nature of a mash [adj]

683/1788 DEIKOORS SKIDOOER/S one that rides on a snowmobile [n -S]

684/1790 OOTW -WOOT-/Z wilt thou (no inflections) [v]

685/1792 AEIMRSW AWMRIES- AWMRIE, a cupboard for sacred vessels, also AMBRY, ALMERY, ALMIRAH, AMBERY, AUMBRY, AWMRY [n]
SEMIRAW somewhat raw [adj]

686/1793 EMOT ES/MOTE-/DLNSTY a small particle (a very small piece or part) [n -S] / must (to become musty (having a stale odour)) [v MOSTE, MOTEN]
TOME-/S a large book [n -S]

687/1794 ADLNOSTY TOYLANDS- TOYLAND, the toy industry [n]

688/1796 ACLNOSTU CONSULTA-/S a council meeting [n -S]
OSCULANT adhering closely [adj]

689/1797 MOSU -MOUS-/ETY MOU, a Scots form of mouth [n]
MUSO-/S a musician (one who performs or composes music) [n -S]
SOUM-/S to determine the ratio of cattle to pasture [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SUMO-/S a Japanese form of wrestling [n -S]

690/1800 AEIMST MATIES/T MATY, a friend [n]
MISATE MISEAT, to eat improperly [v]
SAMITE/S a silk fabric [n -S]
TAMISE-/S a woollen fabric [n -S]

691/1804 AEMZ AS/MAZE/DRSY to bewilder (to confuse (to perplex (to puzzle))) [v MAZED, MAZING, MAZES]

692/1809 EGLORSU REGULOS- REGULO, the scale of temperature in a gas oven [n]

693/1810 ADILMOSU ALODIUMS- ALODIUM, land held absolutely, also ALLODIUM, ALOD [n]

694/1812 EIIMNOSV VISNOMIE/S the act of judging character from appearance, also VISNOMY [n -S]

695/1813 CEIR -CIRE/S a gloss finish for fabrics [n -S]
CSX/ERIC/AKS a murderer's fine in old Irish law, also ERIACH, ERICK [n -S]
DNR/ICER-/S one who makes icing [n -S]
DGPT/-RICE/DRSY to form soft foods by pressing through a ricer [v RICED, RICING, RICES]

696/1814 EKNOORST STROOKEN- STRIKE, to hit (to strike forcibly) [v]

697/1815 ACINNOT ACTINON/S an isotope of radon [n -S]
CANTION/S a song (a musical composition written for singing) [n -S]
CONTAIN/S to hold within [v -ED, -ING, -S]

698/1817 AANR V/ARNA/S an Indian water-buffalo [n -S]
GP/-RANA-/S a Rajput prince [n -S]

699/1818 AILNV ANVIL/S to shape on a heavy iron block [v ANVILED or ANVILLED, ANVILLING or ANVILING, ANVILS]
NIVAL pertaining to snow [adj]
VINAL-/S a synthetic textile fibre [n -S]

700/1820 EEHILRS LEISHER LEISH, supple (pliant (easily bent)) [adj]

701/1821 ACEIRSV CARVIES CARVY, a herb used in cooking, also CARAWAY, CARRAWAY [n]
CAVIERS- CAVIER, the roe of sturgeon, also CAVIAR, CAVIARE, CAVIARIE [n]
A/VARICES VARIX, a varicose vein [n]
VISCERA/L VISCUS, an internal organ [n]

702/1822 DEEIMNS DESMINE/S the mineral stilbite [n -S]
SIDEMEN SIDEMAN, a member of a jazz band [n]

703/1823 AEGNNRTY GANNETRY a breeding place for gannets [n GANNETRIES]

704/1824 MOPY MOPY- dejected, also MOPEY [adj MOPIER, MOPIEST, MOPILY]
YOMP-/S to carry (to convey from one place to another) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

705/1827 AEIKRST ARKITES- ARKITE, an inmate of Noah's ark [n]
KARITES- KARITE, an African tree [n]

706/1828 ACEIPRTV PRACTIVE practical [adj]

707/1829 AGIMNORR ARMORING ARMOR, to dress with defensive covering, also ARMOUR [v]
ROARMING (dialect) severe, as in a roarming cold [adj]

708/1830 ABEILMR BALMIER BALMY, fragrant (having a pleasant perfume) [adj]
LAMBIER- LAMBY, resembling a lamb [adj]
MIRABLE wonderful [adj]
REMBLAI/S earth used for a rampart [n -S]

709/1832 ADDEIRSU RADIUSED RADIUS, to give a rounded form to [v]

710/1834 EGMNORSU MURGEONS- MURGEON, to mock with grimaces [v]

711/1836 BEIR BIER/S a coffin stand [n -S]
-BREI/DS (South Africa) to pronounce r sound at the back of the throat also BREY [v BREID, BREIING, BREIS]
BRIE/FRS the eyebrow, also BREE, BROO [n -S]

712/1837 CEEEGNOT ECTOGENE/S a gene involved in the development of an embryo in artificial conditions [n -S]

713/1838 EHLU S/-HULE/S a Central American rubber tree [n -S]

714/1839 AMNU MAUN/D must (cannot be conjugated) [v]
-NAMU-/S a black New Zealand sandfly [n -S]

715/1841 DEEHILT LETHIED affected by lethe [adj]

716/1842 AELY -YALE/S a mythical animal [n -S]

717/1844 EHWW -WHEW/S to utter a sound of astonishment, also WHEUGH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

718/1846 ACEHINPT HAPTENIC relating to hapten [adj]
INCHTAPE/S a measuring tape marked out in inches [n -S]

719/1848 EEHILST SHEITEL/S (Yiddish) a wig worn by a married Jewish woman [n -S]
SHELTIE/S a small, shaggy pony, also SHELTY [n -S]

720/1849 EEHNRST THRENES- THRENE, an ode for the dead, also THRENOS [n]

721/1850 CHOO -COHO/EGS a small salmon (a food fish) [n -S]

722/1853 AEEGMRSU REMUAGES- REMUAGE, the process of turning wine bottles [n]

723/1854 EILN A/LIEN-/S a legal right to hold or sell a debtor's property [n -S]
AC/LINE-/DNRSY to mark out with slender, continuous marks [v LINED, LINING, LINES]

724/1860 EEGR L/-EGER/S a tidal flood, also EAGER, EAGRE [n -S]
-GERE-/S equipment, also GEAR [n -S]
A/-GREE/DKNST to agree (to have the same opinion) [v GREED, GREEING, GREES]

725/1862 NSSU -SUNS- SUN, to expose to sunlight [v]

726/1864 IKLMSS SKLIMS- SKLIM, to climb (to ascend (to rise (to move upward))) [v]

727/1871 ADINSTU UNSTAID not staid [adj]

728/1873 AEEILPRS ESPALIER/S to train to grow on a trellis [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PEARLIES/T PEARLY, a costermonger dressed in pearl-buttoned clothes [n]

729/1877 AEILMNR MANLIER MANLY, having the qualities of a man [adj]
MARLINE-/S a rope used on a ship, also MARLING [n -S]
MINERAL/S any of various classes of inorganic substances [n -S]
RAILMEN RAILMAN, a railway employee [n]

730/1878 AEINNTT ANTIENT/S an old man [n -S]

731/1884 AEIMPRS IMPRESA/S an emblem with a motto, also IMPRESE, IMPRESSE [n -S]
SAMPIRE/S a plant [n -S]

732/1885 ABEIMNR MIRBANE/S a name for nitrobenzene [n -S]

733/1887 ABGILNOT BLOATING/S a cattle disease [n -S]
OBLIGANT/S a person bound by themself to a duty or payment [n -S]

734/1896 AILORSTU SUTORIAL relating to cobbling, also SUTORIAN [adj]

735/1905 AEEIMNSS NEMESIAS- NEMESIA, a South African flowering plant [n]

736/1906 AMMR S/-MARM-/S madam [n -S]

737/1908 AEINPTY PANEITY the state of being bread [n PANEITIES]

738/1909 AAEOSTUV AUTOSAVE/DS to save by a facility which automatically saves newly-recorded data at regular intervals [v AUTOSAVED, AUTOSAVING, AUTOSAVES]

739/1915 AABORZ ABRAZO/S an embrace [n -S]

740/1917 PRTY TRYP-/S short for trypanosome (a flagellate protozoon) [n -S]

741/1920 ELTW DS/-WELT/S to mark with ridges [v -ED, -ING, -S]

742/1921 ADEV DEVA-/S a Hindu god, also DEV [n -S]
E/VADE/DS to pass away [v VADED, VADING, VADES]

743/1923 ABRS BCDGW/ARBS- ARB, a type of stock trader [n]
K/-BARS- BAR, to exclude (to shut out) [v]
-BRAS-/HST an old form of BRASS [n -ES]

744/1925 ADEY YEAD-/S to go or proceed [v YOD or YODE, YEADING, YEADS]

745/1927 AAIKT AKITA/S (Japanese) a large powerfully built breed of Japanese dog [n -S]
KIAAT/S (Afrikaans) a tropical African leguminous tree [n -S]

746/1931 GSUY GUYS-/E GUY, to ridicule (to make fun of) [v]
-YUGS- YUG, an age of time in Hinduism, also YUGA [n]

747/1932 IKLNY KYLIN/S a mythical animal depicted on Eastern pottery [n -S]
PS/-LINKY- full of interlocking rings [adj LINKIER, LINKIEST]

748/1934 EHLO HELO/ST a helicopter [n -S]
DTW/-HOLE/DSY to make a cavity in [v HOLED, HOLING, HOLES]

749/1938 AGHKU -KAUGH/S care or trouble, also KIAUGH [n -S]

750/1941 IKMNOR O/MIKRON/S a unit of length, also MICRON [n MIKRONS or MIKRA]
MORKIN/S an animal that dies by accident, also MORTLING [n -S]

751/1948 AGINRSTW RINGTAWS- RINGTAW, a game of marbles [n]
STRAWING STRAW, to cover with stalks of threshed grain [v]
WRASTING WRAST, to take away by force, also WREST [v]

752/1949 CEIP S/-EPIC/S a long narrative poem [n -S]
S/-PICE- a former coin of India and Pakistan [n PICE]

753/1950 DEFKSY SKYFED SKYF, (South Africa) to smoke [v]

754/1951 HINT A/HINT-/S to suggest indirectly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-THIN/EGKS to water down [v THINNED, THINNING, THINS] / lean or narrow [adj THINNER, THINNEST]

755/1953 AEGIOST GOATIES/T GOATY, a goatee beard [n]

756/1955 BLLO BOLL/S to swell (to increase in size or volume) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

757/1960 AFTU FAUT/S to fault (Scots) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TUFA/S a porous limestone, also TOPH, TOPHE [n -S]

758/1962 AAEGRST -AGRASTE AGGRACE, to grace (to give beauty to) [v]
GASTREA/S a type of metazoan, also GASTRAEA [n -S]
TEARGAS to assault with a gas that irritates the eyes [v TEARGASSED, TEARGASSING, TEARGASES or TEARGASSES]

759/1963 ADEGISU -AGUISED- AGUISE, to adorn, also AGUIZE [v]
GAUDIES/T GAUDY, a festival (a time of celebration) [n]

760/1966 ARSW BCD/RAWS- RAW, a sore or irritated spot [n]
-WARS-/T WAR, to engage in armed conflict [v]

761/1968 EKTY S/KYTE/S the stomach [n -S]
TYKE/S a small child, also TIKE [n -S]

762/1969 ADEERRTT RETRATED- RETRATE, to draw back [v]

763/1971 ACEINTUV UNACTIVE/DS to make (a person) inactive [v UNACTIVED, UNACTIVING, UNACTIVES]

764/1973 EEINRSTT INERTEST INERT, passive [adj]
P/INSETTER/S one that insets (to insert (to put in)) [n -S]
INTEREST/S to engage the attention of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STERNITE/S the ventral plate of a segment in arthropods [n -S]
TRIENTES TRIENS, a coin of ancient Rome [n]

765/1974 DEEORRTU REROUTED- REROUTE, to choose a different route [v]
RETOURED RETOUR, to return as heir [v]

766/1976 DIMS DIMS- DIM, to reduce the light of [v]
AI/-MIDS-/T MID, the middle [n]

767/1985 ESST BFGHJKLNPRTVWYZ/ESTS- EST, a program designed to raise awareness [n]
SETS- SET, to put in a particular position [v]

768/1989 CESS -CESS/E to tax or assess [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SECS- SEC, a trigonometric function of an angle, also SECANT [n]

769/1992 DEEGIRST DIGESTER/S an apparatus which softens substances, also DIGESTOR [n -S]
ESTRIDGE/S the ostrich, also ESTRICH [n -S]
P/REDIGEST/S to digest again [v -ED, -ING, -S]

770/1993 AEEGINSS -AGENESIS absence or imperfection of a bodily part, also AGENESIA [n AGENESES]
AGENISES- AGENISE, to treat with agene, also AGENIZE [v]
ASSIGNEE/S one to whom property is allotted [n -S]

771/2000 EFMR -FERM-/IS a farm [n -S]