1/1 EEHIPRST TREESHIP/S existence as a tree [n -S]

2/4 AEEHISST ATHEISES- ATHEISE, to talk as an atheist, also ATHEIZE [v]
A/ESTHESIA/S the ability to receive sensation, also ESTHESIS [n -S]

3/5 AADEFIS FADAISE/S a silly saying [n -S]

4/7 AEIKLRS LAIKERS- LAIKER, one who is unemployed [n]
SERKALI/S white rulers (in Africa) [n -S]

5/9 EEMNORSU MOUNSEER/S a Frenchman [n -S]

6/15 AKKKOO KOKAKO/S a large dark grey wattled crow of New Zealand [n -S]

7/16 ADEILORS DARIOLES- DARIOLE, a shell of pastry [n]
SOLIDARE/S a small coin [n -S]
SOREDIAL- pertaining to so (the fifth tone of the scale, also SOL) [adj]

8/17 EMPR S/-PERM-/S to permanent wave the hair [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PREM-/SY a premature baby [n -S]

9/21 AABC -ABAC-/AIKS a nomogram, a chart or diagram of scaled lines or curves used to assist in mathematical calculations [n -S]
-CABA-/LS a woman's work basket [n -S]

10/22 BKNU BUNK-/OS to go to bed [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-KNUB/S a knob (a rounded protuberance) [n -S]

RINGSTER/S a member of a ring [n -S]
A/STRINGER/S one who strings (to provide with catgut, silk, wire or cord) [n -S]

12/24 DEIS DESI/S (Hinglish) a person of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi birth who lives abroad also DESHI [n -S]
DIES- DIE, to cut with a material shaping device [v]
ABCFHNRSTW/IDES- IDE, a European freshwater fish [n]
A/-SIDE/DRS to support or agree with [v SIDED, SIDING, SIDES]

13/27 AKOORR KARORO/S a large seagull with black feathers on its back [n -S]
KARROO/S a dry plateau, also KAROO [n -S]
KORORA/S a fairy penguin [n -S]

14/30 DEGIIRS DIRIGES- DIRIGE, a dirge (a funeral song) [n]

15/35 EHNO OPRS/-HONE-/DRSY to sharpen (to make sharp (capable of cutting or piercing)) [v HONED, HONING, HONES]

16/36 AFRS BZ/ARFS- ARF, a barking sound [n]
A/-FARS-/E FAR, to remove to a distance [v]
-FRAS-/S FRA, a friar (a member of a religious order) [n]

17/39 EIMR -EMIR/S a chieftain's title, also EMEER [n -S]
MERI/LST a war-club [n -S]
-MIRE-/DSX to sink in mud [v MIRED, MIRING, MIRES]
RIEM/S a rawhide thong [n -S]
CGP/RIME-/DRS to compose verse with corresponding terminal sounds, also RHYME [v RIMED, RIMING, RIMES]

18/42 AHNT C/-HANT-/S to haunt (to visit frequently) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TANH-/S a hyperbolic tangent [n -S]
-THAN/AEGKSX that time [n -S]

19/43 AEEGINRT ENARGITE/S a dark-grey crystalline copper arsenic sulphide, a minor ore of copper [n -S]
INTERAGE including people of various ages [adj]

20/47 AGKNOU NOGAKU a type of Japanese drama [n NOGAKU]

21/49 ELMO LOME/DS to cover with loam [v LOMED, LOMING, LOMES]
A/-MOLE-/DS the quantity of a compound that has a weight equal to the compound's molecular weight [n -S] / to elicit bit by bit [v MOLED, MOLING, MOLES]

22/52 AMSU CNRW/-AMUS-/E AMU, a unit of mass [n]
MASU-/S a Japanese salmon [n -S]

23/57 COOS -COOS-/T COO, to make the sound of a dove [v]

24/62 AAIKSS SAKAIS- SAKAI, (Malay) a Malaysian aborigine [n]
SAKIAS- SAKIA, an Eastern water wheel, also SAKIEH, SAKIYEH [n]

25/65 EKRSY GT/RYKES- RYKE, to reach (to stretch out the hand) [v]
SKYER/S a high hit into the air [n -S]
SKYRE-/DS to shine (to emit light) [v SKYRED, SKYRING, SKYRES]
SYKER- surely (certainly) [adv]
-YERKS- YERK, to draw tight [v]

26/66 EINV NEVI NEVUS, a birthmark [n]
VEIN/SY to fill with tubular blood vessels [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AO/VINE-/DRSW to grow like a climbing plant [v VINED, VINING, VINES]

27/70 AELLNRT ENTRALL old singular form of ENTRAILS (internal organs) [n ENTRALLES]

28/80 AAGH AGHA/S a Turkish military officer, also AGA [n -S]

29/83 DEINNOT INTONED- INTONE, to speak in a singing voice [v]
A/-NOINTED NOINT, to anoint (to consecrate with oil) [v]

31/112 IKLOOT LOOKIT an interjection: look at this [interj]

32/124 GGIN A/-GING-/ES a gang [n -S]

33/138 AAPY -APAY/DS to satisfy also APPAY [v APAYD or APAID, APAYING, APAYS]

34/152 EORU EURO/S a large kangaroo (an Australian mammal) [n -S]
ROUE/NS a lecherous man [n -S]

35/161 DEEELRST DEERLETS- DEERLET, a mouse deer [n]
STREELED STREEL, to saunter (to walk in a leisurely manner) [v]

36/168 IIMR MIRI-/DN MIR, a Russian peasant commune [n]

37/174 GOS E/-GOS-/HS GO, a Japanese board game [n]
SOG-/S to soak (to saturate in liquid) [v SOGGED, SOGGING, SOGS]

38/185 EEMS DFHLMST/-EMES- EME, an uncle [n]
S/MEES- MEE, a Malaysian noodle food [n]
MESE-/LS the middle string on the lyre [n -S]
SEEM-/S to appear to be [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SEME/ENS a type of ornamental pattern [n -S]
-SMEE/KS a duck [n -S]

39/187 HISS W/HISS-/Y to make a sibilant sound [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

40/188 AEIIRSST IRISATES- IRISATE, to make iridescent [v]

41/189 ACDEMNOU MANUCODE/S (Javanese) a bird of Paradise [n -S]

42/192 BEIN BEIN/GS (Scots) to fill also BIEN [v -ED, -ING, -ED]
BENI-/S the sesame plant, also BENNE, BENNI [n -S]
BIEN comfortable [adj]
BINE-/RS the stem of a climbing plant [n -S]

43/195 BGINORST STROBING/S STROBE, to produce vibrating bright light [v]

44/201 ACEEIMRT CEMITARE/S a curved oriental sword [n -S]

45/203 EHIS L/-EISH of surprise (South African) [interj]
RS/HIES- HIE, to hurry (to move swiftly) [v]

46/205 AEMORST AMORETS- AMORET, sweetheart [n]
MAESTRO/S a master of an art [n MAESTROS or MAESTRI]
OMERTAS- OMERTA, the Mafia code of honour [n]

47/213 EPRU S/PUER/S to tan leather with dog faeces [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PURE-/DERS to refine (to free from impurities) [v PURED, PURING, PURES] / clean, unspoiled or unmixed [adj PURER, PUREST]

48/218 AAEGLNS ALNAGES- ALNAGE, cloth inspection, also AULNAGE [n]
ANLAGES- ANLAGE, the first discernible rudiment of an organ [n]
GALENAS- GALENA, the principal ore of lead, also GALENITE [n]
LAGENAS- LAGENA, a narrow-necked bottle [n]
LASAGNE/S an Italian baked pasta dish, also LASAGNA [n -S]

49/222 GIPR -GRIP/ESTY to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v GRIPT or GRYPT or GRIPPED, GRIPPING, GRIPS]
S/-PRIG/S to steal (to take by theft) [v PRIGGED, PRIGGING, PRIGS]

50/226 ADEEHRS ADHERES- ADHERE, to stick (to support with slender pieces of wood) [v]
HEADERS- HEADER, a grain harvester [n]
HEARSED- HEARSE, to transport in a vehicle for carrying corpses [v]
HEDERAS- HEDERA, ivy (a climbing vine) [n]
SHEARED SHEAR, to cut the wool or hair from [v]

51/228 AEFRSTU FAUREST FAUR, (Scots) far [adj]

52/229 AAFV -FAVA/S the edible seed of a climbing vine [n -S]

53/233 EGIMNOS MISGONE MISGO, to go astray [v]

54/238 ADEGIORT ERGATOID/S a wingless but sexually perfect worker [n -S]

55/242 NSTU K/-NUTS-/OY NUT, to gather hard-shelled dry fruit [v]
A/-STUN/GKST to render unconscious [v STUNNED, STUNNING, STUNS]
S/-TUNS- TUN, to store in a large cask [v]

56/252 DNOU DOUN (Scots) down, also DOON [adv]
-UDON-/S thick Japanese noodles [n -S]
UNDO/S a computer feature that allows the user to reverse the effect of the last action [n UNDOS] / to bring to ruin [v UNDID, UNDONE, UNDOING, UNDOES]

57/254 DEEIOPRT PERIDOTE-/S a green mineral, also PERIDOT [n -S]
PROTEIDE-/S a nitrogenous organic compound, also PROTEIN, PROTEID [n -S]

58/255 AEHP EPHA/HS a Hebrew unit of dry measure, also EPHAH [n -S]
AC/HEAP/SY to pile up [v -ED, -ING, -S]

59/259 KRSU B/RUSK/S a sweetened biscuit [n -S]

60/263 AGINRSU AIRGUNS- AIRGUN, a gun that discharges missiles by means of compressed air [n]

61/267 ADEIKL LAIKED LAIK, to play (to engage in recreation) [v]

62/272 ELSUX EXULS- EXUL [n]

63/273 AACP S/CAPA-/S a type of cloak [n -S]
PACA-/S a large rodent (a gnawing mammal) [n -S]

64/275 DDEEGINR ENGIRDED ENGIRD, to secure with a belt, also [v]
ENRIDGED formed into ridges [adj]

65/277 CEEINPRS PERCINES- PERCINE, a perch-like fish, esp one belonging to the family Percidae also PERCOID [n]

66/279 CEEHK CHEEK/SY to speak impudently to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-KEECH a lump of fat [n -ES]

67/280 AIKLS S/-KAILS- KAIL, a variety of cabbage, also KALE [n]
KALIS- KALI, a type of large carpet [n]
G/LAIKS- LAIK, to play (to engage in recreation) [v]
-SKAIL/S to disperse (to scatter (to disperse in all directions)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]


69/282 ASTW -STAW/S (Scots) to stall [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SWAT/HS to hit sharply [v SWATTED, SWATTING, SWATS]
S/TAWS-/E TAW, to convert into white leather with minerals [v]
-TWAS- TWA, two (a number) [n]
WAST-/ES to consume lavishly or thoughtlessly, also WASTE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ST/-WATS- WAT, a hare [n]

70/289 AALS BDPT/-AALS- AAL, an East Indian shrub [n]
BGMNPT/-ALAS- used to express regret [interj]

71/291 CDEEHINR ENRICHED ENRICH, to improve (to make better) [v]
INHERCED- INHERCE, to enclose in a hearse, also INHEARSE, ENHEARSE [v]
NICHERED NICHER, to snigger (to snicker (to utter a partly stifled giggle)) [v]
RICHENED RICHEN, to make rich (having wealth (valuable possessions)) [v]

72/297 AKKNRU KUNKAR/S a limestone found in India, also KUNKUR [n -S]

73/298 AAKV -KAVA/LS a tropical shrub, also AVA, KAVAKAVA [n -S]

74/300 ADET -DATE/DRS to record a statement of time [v DATED, DATING, DATES]
TAED- TAE, to toe the line [v]
S/TEAD-/ES a torch, also TEADE [n -S]

75/307 AEILSZ AIZLES- AIZLE, hot ashes [n]
LAZIES/T LAZY, to move or lie sluggishly [v]

76/313 EKU NY/EUK/S to itch, also YUKE, EWK, YOUK [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KUE/HS the letter Q [n -S]
BCDJLNPY/UKE/S a small guitar-like instrument, also UKELELE, UKULELE [n -S]

77/316 ACENOSTT CONSTATE/DS to assert (to state positively) [v CONSTATED, CONSTATING, CONSTATES]

78/317 ACRT S/-CART-/AES to convey in a two wheeled vehicle [v -ED, -ING, -S]

79/318 AAEGMNRT MAGNETAR/S a neutron star with a massive magnetic field [n -S]

80/319 DEFIRST FRISTED FRIST, to delay (to put off to a later time) [v]

81/325 DEIRSSTU DIESTRUS a period of sexual inactivity, also DIESTRUM [n -ES]
DRUSIEST DRUSY, rough with minute crystals [adj]
STUDIERS- STUDIER, one who studies (to apply oneself to learning) [n]
STURDIES/T STURDY, a disease of sheep [n]

82/326 ADEFILS DISLEAF/S to deprive of leaves, also DISLEAVE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

83/327 CEEHILRT TELECHIR/S a type of robot (a man-like machine that can performs many human functions) [n -S]

84/334 ADHO -ODAH-/S a room in a harem, also ODA [n -S]

85/337 BIO -BIO-/GS short form of biography [n -S]
-BOI-/LS a boyish looking lesbian [n -S]
GL/-OBI-/AST to bewitch with obia, also OBEAH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

86/339 ABMO GJMSZ/AMBO/S a pulpit in an early Christian church [n AMBOS or AMBONES]
A/-BOMA/S a fenced enclosure [n -S]

87/349 EGIILNRT GIRTLINE/S a nautical hoisting rope [n -S]
-GLINTIER GLINTY, glittering [adj]
RETILING RETILE, to tile again [v]
TINGLIER TINGLY, tingling [adj]
TIRELING/S a tired animal [n -S]

88/351 EMOS DM/-EMOS- EMO, emotional punk rock [n]
-MOES- MOE, a wry face [n]
-MOSE-/DSY to have glanders [v MOSED, MOSING, MOSES]
SOME- being an unspecified number or part [adj]

89/358 AMMU GS/UMMA-/HS the body of Muslim believers considered as one community, also UMMAH [n -S]

90/364 AELNRSST SALTERNS- SALTERN, a place where salt is produced, also SALTWORK [n]
SLANTERS- SLANTER, a trick, also SLINTER [n]

91/366 AIJLMS MAJLIS an assembly of council [n -ES]

92/367 AEINSTW FLTY/AWNIEST AWNY, bristly like an awn [adj]
TAWNIES/T TAWNY, light brown, also TAWNEY [n]
WANIEST WANY, waning in some parts, also WANEY [adj]
WANTIES WANTY, a horse's belt [n]

93/370 EKRSS -SERKS- SERK, a chemise (a loose dress) [n]
AE/SKERS- SKER, to scour (to cleanse by hard rubbing) [v]

95/374 EEKKNO KEKENO/S a New Zealand fur seal [n -S]
KONEKE/S a farm vehicle with runners at the front and wheels at the rear [n -S]

96/375 AAEGGINR GRAINAGE/S duties on grain [n -S]

97/376 EEMNORST SERMONET/S a short sermon [n -S]
STOREMEN STOREMAN, a storekeeper [n]

98/378 IRZ FG/RIZ/A RISE, to move upward [v]

99/382 AAEEHIMR HAEREMAI/S welcome [n -S]

100/383 NOSW EGKS/NOWS- NOW, the present time [n]
DGLPT/OWNS- OWN, to have as a possession [v]
-SNOW/KSY to rain white frozen crystals [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SOWN-/DE SOW, to scatter seeds for a crop [v]
-WONS- WON, to dwell (to reside (to live in a certain place)) [v]

101/384 BRRU BURR-/OSY to remove the rough edge from [v -ED, -ING, -S]

102/388 ABDEIRST BARDIEST- BARDY, insolent [adj]
BRAIDEST BRAID, broad (wide (extending far)) [adj]
RABIDEST RABID, affected with rabies [adj]
REDBAITS- REDBAIT, to denounce as Communist [v]
TRIBADES- TRIBADE, a lesbian (a female homosexual) [n]

103/394 KKOSSU SUKKOS SUKKAH, a shelter where meals are eaten during Jewish festivals [n]

104/401 AEGORST GAROTES- GAROTE, to execute by strangling, also GARROTE, GAROTTE, GARROTTE [v]
ORGEATS- ORGEAT, an almond-flavoured syrup [n]
STORAGE/S a place for storing [n -S]
TOERAGS- TOERAG, a beggar [n]

105/403 ADEOPRST ADOPTERS- ADOPTER, one who adopts (to take as one's own) [n]
-ASPORTED ASPORT, to wrongfully carry away [v]
PASTORED PASTOR, to serve as a spiritual head [v]
P/READOPTS- READOPT, to adopt again [v]

106/406 DEIINORS DERISION/S the act of deriding (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [n -S]
S/IRONISED- IRONISE, to satirize with irony, also IRONIZE [v]
IRONSIDE/S a man of great strength [n -S]
RESINOID/S a resinous substance [n -S]

107/408 AAKLOT ATOKAL without offspring, also ATOKOUS [adj]

108/412 INSU -SUNI-/S a small S African antelope [n -S]
MS/-UNIS- UNI, university [n]

109/416 ANOX CT/AXON/ES an extension of a nerve cell [n -S]

110/421 IILORSTT TROILIST/S one who practices troilism (sexual relations involving three persons) [n -S]

111/423 EGLOPRTU GROUPLET/S a small group [n -S]

112/425 ADILMNO MONDIAL worldwide [adj]

113/427 ACDEERS CREASED- CREASE, to make a wrinkle in [v]
DECARES- DECARE, a measure equal to ten ares, also DEKARE [n]
SEARCED- SEARCE, to sift (to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE) [v]

114/432 EKLU LEKU- LEK, a monetary unit of Albania [n]
F/-LUKE lukewarm (moderately warm) [adj]

115/433 BEIJLR JERBIL/S a type of small rodent [n -S]

116/439 ENTT NETT-/SY to net (to catch in an openwork fabric) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TENT-/HSY to live in a portable shelter [v -ED, -ING, -S]

117/445 ACDEINRT CRINATED- having hair, also CRINATE [adj]
DICENTRA/S a plant with two broadly pouched outer petals, also DIELYTRA [n -S]

118/447 EHINORSS HERISSON/S a heraldic hedgehog [n -S]

119/460 CEIRSZ CIZERS (Shakespeare) scissors [n]

120/464 AEGLNRT -TANGLER-/S one that tangles (to form into an interwoven mass) [n -S]
S/TRANGLE/S a diminutive of the fesse (heraldry) [n -S]

121/466 EINRSTT C/ENTRIST/S one who indulges in entryism, also ENTRYIST [n -S]
RETINTS- RETINT, to tint again [v]
-STINTER/S one who stints (to limit (to restrict)) [n -S]
S/-TINTERS- TINTER, one that tints (to colour slightly) [n]

122/471 EIRS CFHMSTVW/-IRES- IRE, to anger (to irritate (to provoke (to arouse to anger or sexual desire))) [v]
B/REIS-/T a twig [n -ES]
SEIR-/S a fish of the mackerel family [n -S]
-SIRE-/DENS to beget (to produce (to bring into existence)) [v SIRED, SIRING, SIRES]

123/473 ADEGMNRS DRAGSMEN DRAGSMAN, the driver of a coach [n]

124/474 HRSU E/RHUS a plant of the sumach genus [n -ES]
BCF/RUSH/Y to move swiftly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

125/475 ABBIJ D/JIBBA-/HS a long loose outer garment worn by Muslims [n -S]

126/476 BFFU BUFF/AEIOSY to polish (to make lustrous by rubbing) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / dull yellow brown [adj BUFFER, BUFFEST]

127/477 ANOZ G/AZON-/S a radio-controlled aerial bomb [n -S]
ZONA/EL a belt [n ZONAE]

128/478 AEEHLST LATHEES- LATHEE, a heavy stick used as a weapon [n]

129/479 AEKORT KOTARE/S a small greenish-blue kingfisher found in New Zealand [n -S]

130/483 ADIMOST DIATOMS- DIATOM, any of a class of algae [n]
MASTOID/S the rear portion of the temporal bone [n -S]

131/485 ADEINRSY SYNEDRIA/L SYNEDRIUM, a judicial assembly [n]

132/486 EGIILNS SEILING SEIL, to strain (to exert to the utmost) [v]

133/487 AEHORST ASTHORE/S (Irish) darling [n -S]
EARSHOT/S a range from which a sound can be heard [n -S]
C/HAROSET/HS part of the Passover meal, also HAROSETH [n -S]

134/489 DEK AES/-KED/S a type of wingless fly that infests sheep [n -S]

135/491 DEGHLNOR HORNGELD/S a feudal rent based upon the number of horned cattle [n -S]

136/493 AEHIIKRT TERAKIHI/S an Australasian food fish, also TARAKIHI [n -S]

137/494 AELNSTY STANYEL/S the kestrel (a small falcon (a bird of prey)) [n -S]

138/496 OSU FLMNSY/-OUS-/T OU, a man (an adult human male) [n]
-SOU-/KLMPRST a former French coin [n -S]

139/497 ADEEPRS PREASED- PREASE, to press, also PREACE, PREASSE [v]
RESPADE/DS to turn over soil again [v RESPADED, RESPADING, RESPADES]
SPEARED SPEAR, to pierce with a long pointed weapon [v]

140/498 AEEGINTX EXIGEANT/E exacting [adj]

141/502 ABIORST ORBITAS- ORBITA, the hollow in which the eyeball rests [n]

142/503 AEHOPRST E/PHORATES- PHORATE, an insecticide [n]
POTSHARE/S a fragment of broken pottery, also POTSHERD, POTSHARD [n -S]

143/510 ABDEELR BEDERAL/S a church officer, also BEDRAL [n -S]
-BLEARED BLEAR, to dim (to reduce the light of) [v]

144/513 BENORSTU BURSTONE/S a heavy stone [n -S]
RUBSTONE/S a whetstone [n -S]

145/516 GPU -GUP-/S gossip [n -S]
S/-PUG/HS to fill in with clay or mortar [v PUGGED, PUGGING, PUGS]


147/519 EINRTTW -TWINTER/S a two year old animal [n -S]
WRENTIT/S a long-tailed North American bird [n -S]
WRITTEN WRITE, to form characters on a surface with an instrument [v]

148/522 EOOS BGLMNRW/-OOSE-/S fluff [n -S]

149/523 DEEGILNO ELOIGNED ELOIGN, to remove to a distant place, also ELOIN, ESLOIN, ESLOYNE [v]
LEGIONED set out in legions [adj]

150/524 EKKS KEKS trousers [n]

151/528 DEEIMRST DEMERITS- DEMERIT, to lower in status [v]
DEMISTER/S a device that demists [n -S]
DIMETERS- DIMETER, a verse of two metrical feet, also DIPODY [n]
MISTERED MISTER, to address as mister [v]

152/529 EKLPSS -SKELPS- SKELP, to slap (to strike with the open hand) [v]
SPELKS- SPELK, a splinter [n]

153/532 LOPY -PLOY/ES to move from a line into column [v -ED, -ING, -S]
POLY-/PS a polytechnic [n POLIES or POLYS or POLLIES]

154/536 AEGP A/-GAPE-/DRS to stare with open mouth [v GAPED, GAPING, GAPES]
A/-PAGE/DRS to summon by calling by name [v PAGED, PAGING, PAGES]
PEAG-/ES a form of currency once used by North American Indians, also PEAGE, WAMPUM [n -S]

155/538 BINR A/-BRIN/EGKSY a rib or a fan [n -S]

156/540 ADEILRTY DIELYTRA/S a plant with two broadly pouched outer petals, also DICENTRA [n -S]

157/543 ACEELRU CAERULE sky-blue, also CERULE [adj]

158/544 BEEINPRS PEBRINES- PEBRINE, a silkworm disease [n]

159/545 AKPSTU UPTAKS- UPTAK, the act of being quick to understand [n]

160/547 GGUV VUGG-/SY a small cavity in a rock, also VUG, VUGH [n -S]

161/548 DEGINOPS DEPOSING DEPOSE, to remove from office [v]
PIDGEONS- PIDGEON, a type of business affair [n]

162/549 ACNR CARN-/SY a mound of stones set up as a memorial, also CAIRN [n -S]
S/-CRAN/EKS a measure of capacity for landed herrings [n -S]
-NARC/OS an undercover drug agent, also NARCO [n -S]

163/552 ARV G/RAV/ES a rabbi, esp one in authority; a teacher or mentor [n -S]
-VAR/AESY a unit of reactive power [n -S]

164/553 ADEMNOR MADRONE/S an evergreen tree, also MADRONA, MADRONO [n -S]
ROADMEN ROADMAN, a man who repairs roads [n]

165/557 AEKRSY -KARSEY/S a lavatory, also KHAZI, KAZI, CARSEY, KARZY, KARSY [n -S]
SKEARY- scary (frightening, also SCAREY) [adj SKEARIER, SKEARIEST]

166/558 IMTU MUTI-/S a South African traditional medicine [n -S]

167/563 AEEIKNRT ANKERITE/S a mineral [n -S]
KREATINE/S a chemical found within vertebrate muscle, also CREATIN, CREATINE [n -S]

168/564 AEIKNOSS OAKINESS the quality or state of being oaky [n -ES]

169/565 EEIMNSTT MINETTES- MINETTE, an intrusive rock [n]

170/567 ADEEGLNT DANEGELT/S a tenth century defence tax, also DANEGELD [n -S]
DETANGLE/DRS to remove knots or tangles from [v DETANGLED, DETANGLING, DETANGLES]

171/569 AIILMRST MISTRIAL/S a trial made invalid because of some error in procedure [n -S]
TRIALISM/S a doctrine (a belief taught or advocated) [n -S]

172/571 AEERRSTT RETRATES- RETRATE, to draw back [v]
P/RETREATS- RETREAT, to go back [v]
TREATERS- TREATER, one who treats (to deal with) [n]

173/572 ENNORST STONERN- of stone [adj]
TONNERS- TONNER, an object having a specified tonnage [n]

174/573 IINNOSTU INUSTION/S burning in [n -S]
UNIONIST/S an advocate of unionism (the principle of forming a union) [n -S]
MP/UNITIONS- UNITION, conjunction [n]

175/574 EEKS DPR/EKES- EKE, to augment, also ECH, ECHE, EECH, EIK, ICH [v]
-SEEK-/S to go in search of [v SOUGHT, SEEKING, SEEKS]
SKEE/DFNRST to ski (to travel on narrow strips of wood) [v SKEED, SKEEING, SKEES]

176/575 AKSY O/-KAYS- KAY, the letter K [n]
K/YAKS- YAK, to chatter (to talk idly) [v]

177/581 ADEEFST DEAFEST DEAF, lacking the sense of hearing [adj]
DEFASTE- DEFACE, to spoil the appearance of [v]
DEFEATS- DEFEAT, to win a victory over [v]
-FEASTED FEAST, to dine sumptuously [v]

178/582 CDEEINS INCEDES- INCEDE, to advance majestically [v]

179/590 AEMNSTU UNTAMES- UNTAME, to make untame [v]
UNTEAMS- UNTEAM, to unyoke (to free from a yoke) [v]

180/592 AHN KST/-HAN-/DGKT HAVE, to possess [v]
-NAH- no [adv]

181/595 ILNORSTU TORULINS- TORULIN, a vitamin in yeast [n]

182/597 EIORSTTU TOUSTIER- TOUSTIE, irascible [adj]

183/599 EENS BDGLMNPST/ENES- ENE, evening (poetic) [n]
M/ESNE/S a domestic slave [n -S]
-SEEN- SEE, to observe with the eyes [v]
-SENE-/S a Samoan monetary unit [n -S]
-SNEE/DRS to cut (to sever (to divide or cut into parts)) [v SNEED, SNEEING, SNEES]

184/601 ADEELTV VALETED- VALET, to act as a personal servant to [v]
-VELATED- having a velum [adj]

185/602 AEEGIINR AEGIRINE/S a green mineral, also AEGIRITE [n -S]

186/607 AEELMNR REELMAN a reel operator [n REELMEN]

187/608 AELOSZ AZOLES- AZOLE, a type of chemical compound [n]
LAZOES LAZO, to catch with a long rope with a running noose (pr t LAZOES, LAZOS), also LASSO, LARIAT [v]
SLEAZO/S a sleazy person [n -S]

188/611 ACMY CYMA/ERS a curved moulding, also CYMATIUM [n CYMAS or CYMAE]

189/612 ADEIMRST MARDIEST- MARDY, petulant (peevish (irritable)) [adj]
MISRATED- MISRATE, to rate incorrectly [v]
P/READMITS- READMIT, to admit again [v]

190/613 AEIINNS ASININE idiotic (pertaining to an idiot (a mentally deficient person)) [adj]
INSANIE/S insanity (the state of being insane (mentally unsound)) [n -S]

191/615 EIKP KEPI-/S a type of cap [n -S]
KIPE-/S a woven basket for catching pike [n -S]
S/PIKE/DRSY to pierce with a long spear [v PIKED, PIKING, PIKES]

192/617 ACEINOT T/ACONITE/S a poisonous herb, also ACONITUM [n -S]
-ANOETIC feeling without understanding [adj]

193/626 ACLM CALM-/SY to become serene (calm, tranquil) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / free from agitation [adj CALMER, CALMEST]
-CLAM/EPS to gather the shellfish, clams [v CLAMMED, CLAMMING, CLAMS]

194/636 CDEIIRST ICTERIDS- ICTERID, an American oriole [n]

195/667 HIZZ CPW/HIZZ to hiss (to make a sibilant sound) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

196/673 ADEIRST ARIDEST ARID, dry (having no moisture) [adj]
ASTERID/S a starfish (a star-shaped marine animal) [n -S]
-ASTRIDE with a leg on each side [adv]
DIASTER/S a stage in mitosis [n -S]
STAIDER STAID, sober and sedate [adj]
STAIRED having stairs (a series of steps) [adj]
TARDIES/T TARDY, to retard (to hold back) [v]
-TIRADES- TIRADE, a long, vehement speech [n]

197/675 AHIJ B/-HAJI-/S a person who has made a hadj, also HADJI, HADJEE, HAJJI [n -S]

198/676 EKNORW KNOWER-/S one who knows (to have a true understanding of) [n -S]
WROKEN- WREAK, to inflict (to impose on) [v]

199/678 AABEORST AEROBATS- AEROBAT, one that performs feats in an aircraft [n]
RABATOES RABATO, a wide, lace-edged collar, also REBATO [n]

200/681 IMST MIST-/SY to become blurry (unclear (not clear)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SMIT/EHS to stain (to discolour) [v SMITTED, SMITTING, SMITS]
STIM/ESY a very small amount [n -S]

201/686 AACINRST ARCANIST/S a person knowing secrets of manufacture [n -S]

202/691 EEHINORT ETHERION/S a previously supposed light gas within air [n -S]
TW/HEREINTO into this place [adv]

203/692 ADEENSV ADVENES- ADVENE, to be added over and above [v]

204/695 ADEKNT -KANTED KANT, to turn on the edge [v]
S/TANKED TANK, to store in a container for liquids [v]

205/697 EEGL A/-GLEE/DKST to squint (to look with the eyes partly closed) [v GLEED, GLEEING, GLEES]

206/701 AARR ARAR/S the sandarac tree [n -S]

207/702 EFILORST FLORIEST FLORY, showy (making a brilliant display) [adj]
TREFOILS- TREFOIL, a plant having three-lobed leaves, also TRIFOLY [n]

208/703 DEIKLS KIDELS- KIDEL, a stake fence for catching fish, also KIDDLE [n]
SILKED SILK, to cover with a soft lustrous fabric [v]

209/706 EEIMRST MEISTER/S an expert in a particular field [n -S]
METIERS- METIER, a vocation (one's profession, business or occupation) [n]
REEMITS- REEMIT, to emit again [v]
RETIMES- RETIME, to time again [v]
TREMIES- TREMIE, a device for concreting under water [n]
TRISEME/S a type of metrical foot [n -S]

210/711 AFLN FLAN/EKS a flat open tart [n FLANS or FLANES]

211/721 AELNRTT -TRENTAL/S a series of thirty requiem masses [n -S]

212/723 MTU S/-MUT-/EIST a mongrel dog, also MUTT [n -S]
S/-TUM/PS a stomach [n -S]

213/725 IMOR MIRO-/S a tall coniferous tree of New Zealand [n -S]

214/728 ADEP CGJNRTV/-APED- APE, to mimic (to imitate (to copy (to imitate))) [v]

215/729 ACEMNOST CAMSTONE/S a type of white stone, also CAMSTANE [n -S]

216/731 BEGILNOS INGLOBES- INGLOBE, to form into a globe, also ENGLOBE [v]

217/733 GNOYZ ZYGON a H shaped fissure of the brain [n ZYGA]

218/737 AAKKP PAKKA durable, also PUKKA, PUCKA [adj]

219/740 EEIILRST TILERIES TILERY, a tile factory [n]

220/747 ACKK KACK/S -S faeces, also KAK, CACA, CACK [n]

221/748 EEGINPRS -SPEERING/S an inquiry (a question, also ENQUIRY) [n -S]
-SPREEING SPREE, to carouse (to engage in a carousal) [v]

222/752 EEKMSS SMEEKS- SMEEK, to smoke (to emit a gas or vapour due to burning) [v]
SMEKES- SMEKE, (Scots) to smoke [v]

223/754 AEK BCFHJLMRSTW/AKE/DES to endure a dull lasting pain, also ACHE [v AKED, AKING, AKES]
-KAE-/DS to serve, also KA [v KAED, KAEING, KAES]
-KEA/S a parrot [n -S]

224/755 ADDENOT DONATED- DONATE, to contribute [v]
NODATED knotted [adj]

225/757 LLOR DPT/ROLL/S to move along by repeatedly turning over [v -ED, -ING, -S]

226/761 ABEGNRTU BURGANET/S a light helmet [n -S]

227/763 ACNOSZ SCAZON/S a verse or prose pattern [n SCAZONS or SCAZONTES]


229/771 AEEGIMRT R/-EMIGRATE/DS to leave one's birthplace to settle in another [v EMIGRATED, EMIGRATING, EMIGRATES]
REMIGATE/DS to row (to propel by means of oars) [v REMIGATED, REMIGATING, REMIGATES]

230/772 AACCHK KACCHA/S a type of short trousers worn by Sikhs [n -S]

231/775 AAEGILS ALGESIA/S sensitivity to pain [n -S]

232/776 EHR C/-HER-/BDELMNOSY the possessive case of the pronoun SHE [pron]
-REH-/S salt or Indian soil [n -S]

233/778 AAEGMNO MANGEAO/S a small New Zealand tree with glossy leaves [n -S]

234/780 ILLP S/-PILL/S to administer small, rounded balls of medicine [v -ED, -ING, -S]

235/788 AHKMOS MOKSHA/S (Hindu) freedom from the endless cycle of transmigration [n -S]

236/790 IMO -MOI-/LT used to express surprise [interj]

237/794 EERSX GP/-REXES REX, a king [n]
SEXER/S one who sexes fowls [n -S]

238/795 ADEEHNST C/HASTENED HASTEN, to hurry (to move swiftly) [v]
NETHEADS- NETHEAD, an enthusiast or expert on the internet [n]

239/800 ELLM S/-MELL-/S to mix (to combine together) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

240/804 AEEHIPRS PHARISEE/S a hypocritically self-righteous person [n -S]
SPHAIREE/S (Australia) an alternative to tennis played on a very small court, eg a garage floor [n -S]

241/805 ABDEEST -BEASTED BEAST, to punish or torture (someone) in a manner that involves excessive physical exercise [v]
BESTEAD/S to help (to give aid) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DEBATES- DEBATE, to deliberate [v]

242/807 ADENPRSU UNDRAPES- UNDRAPE, to strip of drapery [v]
UNSPARED not treated with mildness; not saved from destruction, ruin, death, or the like [adj]

243/809 EIMORTT MOTTIER MOTTY, containing motes [adj]
OMITTER/S one that omits (to leave out) [n -S]

244/811 EILRSTY STYLIER- STYLIE, (New Zealand) fashion conscious [adj]

245/813 DEEENNRT ENTENDER/S to make tender (soft or delicate) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

246/816 ACEINOPS CANOPIES CANOPY, to cover from above [v]
PAEONICS- PAEONIC, a rhythm pattern in verse, also PAEON [n]

247/821 AEEMNPRT PERMEANT/S that permeates [adj] / something that permeates [n -S]
PETERMAN a safe-blower [n PETERMEN]

248/826 BDEEILOT BETOILED BETOIL, to weary with toil [v]

249/829 IMPR -PRIM/AEIOPSY to give a prim expression to [v PRIMMED, PRIMMING, PRIMS] / rigidly proper [adj PRIMMER, PRIMMEST]

250/833 AEENRSTV -AVENTRES- AVENTRE, to thrust (to push forcibly) [v]
VETERANS- VETERAN, a former member of the armed forces [n]

251/836 ABNR BARN-/SY to store in a large storage building [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-BRAN-/DEKST to soak in water mixed with the outer coat of cereals [v BRANNED, BRANNING, BRANS]

252/838 AILMSX LAXISM/S a moral opinion [n -S]
SMILAX a twining plant [n -ES]

253/852 AENNRTV VERNANT sprouting in spring [adj]

254/853 ACDEOPRU CROUPADE/S a type of horse leap [n -S]

255/860 ABEEORST ABORTEES- ABORTEE, a woman who has had an abortion [n]
REBATOES REBATO, a wide, lace-edged collar, also RABATO [n]

256/861 CHKO CS/HOCK-/S to pawn (to deposit as security for something borrowed) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

257/863 AENNRTY TANNERY- a place where hides are tanned [n TANNERIES]

258/876 EGIILNR LEIRING LEIR, to teach (to instruct (to teach)) [v]
BC/LINGIER LINGY, covered with heaths [adj]

259/878 ANNS BCJ/ANNS- ANN, a stipend paid to a parish minister's next of kin [n]
-NANS- NAN, a slightly leavened bread, also NAAN [n]

260/880 AEJST -JEATS- JEAT, a spout [n]
TAJES TAJ, a dervish's tall conical cap [n]

261/889 MNOUV -NOVUM/S a dice game whre nine and five are important [n NOVUMS]

262/890 CEIV CIVE/ST a chive [n -S]
-VICE/DS to grip with a special tool [v VICED, VICING, VICES]

CAITIVES- CAITIVE, a captive [n]
CAVITIES CAVITY, an unfilled space within a mass [n]
VICIATES- VICIATE, to render faulty [v]

264/895 BNOS KS/-NOBS- NOB, a wealthy person [n]
-SNOB/S a person who puts too much value on social standing [n -S]

265/898 DEGINOPR PROIGNED PROIGN, to preen (to clean and arrange the feathers with the beak) [v]

266/904 ALPW S/-PAWL-/S a hinged mechanical part [n -S]

267/906 AEIKNRST KERATINS- KERATIN, a fibrous protein [n]
S/NARKIEST NARKY, irritable [adj]

268/908 EITT TITE-/R promptly (quick to act or respond) [adv]

269/914 ELSS B/-LESS- a smaller portion [n -ES] / smaller (little in size) [adj LESSER, LEAST]
-SELS- SEL, self (the particular being of one person) [n]

270/915 DEEIIPRS EPEIRIDS- EPEIRID, a type of spider, also EPEIRA [n]

271/924 AEIINNTV INNATIVE native [adj]

272/927 AHPT PATH-/S to go a certain way [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PHAT susceptible of easy and rapid typesetting [adj PHATTER, PHATTEST]

273/929 DEKNU NUKED- NUKE, to attack with nuclear weapons [v]
BDFGJ/UNKED strange (unusual (not usual)) [adj]

274/942 AELNRSY B/LARNEYS- LARNEY, (South Africa) a white person, a rich person [n]

275/949 EEIILMNT ILMENITE/S a mineral [n -S]
G/MELINITE/S a powerful explosive [n -S]
MENILITE/S a kind of opal, liver opal [n -S]
TIMELINE/S a schedule of events [n -S]

276/951 EIKPS KEPIS- KEPI, a type of cap [n]
KIPES- KIPE, a woven basket for catching pike [n]
S/PIKES- PIKE, to pierce with a long spear [v]
-SPIKE-/DRSY to fasten with a long, thick nail [v SPIKED, SPIKING, SPIKES]

277/962 ABOS -ABOS- ABO, an aborigine [n]
BOAS-/T BOA, a large snake [n]
BS/-OBAS- OBA, a West African ruler [n]
-SOBA-/S (Japanese) noodles made from buckwheat [n -S]

278/967 KMOOSS KOSMOS the universe as an orderly system, also COSMOS [n -ES]
-SMOKOS- SMOKO, time-out for a smoke, also SMOKEHO [n]

279/971 DGRU -DRUG/S to dose with a medicinal substance [v DRUGGED, DRUGGING, DRUGS]

280/973 CEEIRSTT TIERCETS- TIERCET, a group of three lines that rhyme [n]

281/978 ABDU BAUD/S a unit of signalling speed [n -S]
BUDA-/S (HIndi) an insulting term for an old man [n -S]
DAUB/ESY to smear (to spread with something oily or sticky) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

282/981 HIIL C/HILI HILUS, a small opening in a bodily organ, also HILUM [n]

283/987 DINT DINT-/S to dent (to make a depression in) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TIND-/S to kindle (to cause to burn) [v TINDED, TYND or TYNDE, TINDING, TINDS]

284/988 ACDEILMN MEDCINAL an atrocious spelling of medicinal [adj]

285/991 IRT BCFGW/-RIT/ESTZ to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v RITTED, RITTING, RITS]

286/993 COOT S/-COOT-/S an aquatic bird [n -S]
TOCO-/S a punishment [n -S]

287/1005 AEGILOSS GOLIASES GOLIAS, to behave irreverently [v]
OILGASES OILGAS, a gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons used as a fuel [n]
SOILAGES- SOILAGE, green crops for feeding animals [n]

288/1008 ELNS G/-LENS/E to make a film of [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

289/1011 DEEIRTV RIVETED RIVET, to fasten with a type of metal bolt [v]
VERDITE-/RS green mica [n -S]

290/1014 AAEILORS OLEARIAS- OLEARIA, an Australian daisy-tree [n]

291/1015 EEHIMNO HEMIONE/S an Asiatic wild ass [n -S]

292/1016 AIW -WAI/DFLNRST (Maori) water [n -S]

293/1017 DEEINPSU UNESPIED not espied [adj]

294/1029 EINOSTW TOWNIES-/T TOWNIE, a nonstudent who lives in a college town [n]
TWONIES- TWONIE, a Canadian two-dollar coin, also TOONIE, TWOONIE [n]

295/1031 AALQST TALAQS- TALAQ, a form of divorce [n]

296/1040 EGHINRST BF/RIGHTENS- RIGHTEN, to set right [v]

297/1042 AAEINSTX ANATEXIS the partial melting of rocks, esp in the formation of metamorphic rocks [n ANATEXES]

298/1058 HMO W/-HOM-/AEOSY a sacred plant of the ancient Persians, also HOMA [n -S]
-MHO/S a unit of electrical conductance [n -S]
-OHM-/S a unit of electrical resistance [n -S]

299/1070 ACEINRT S/CANTIER CANTY, lively (full of energy) [adj]
CERATIN/S a fibrous protein [n -S]
CERTAIN absolutely confident [adj CERTAINER, CERTAINEST]
CREATIN/EGS a chemical found within vertebrate muscle, also CREATINE, KREATINE [n -S]
CRINATE/D having hair, also CRINATED [adj]
NACRITE/S a clay mineral [n -S]
TACRINE/S a drug for treating Alzheimer's disease [n -S]

300/1074 BEKOR BERKO- (Australian slang) berserk [adj]
-BROKE/DNRS to act as a stockbroker, also BROKER [v BROKED, BROKING, BROKES]

301/1081 AABDEERT TEABREAD/S a loaf of cake containing dried fruit, dipped in cold tea before baking [n -S]

302/1084 DEGORSTU DROGUETS- DROGUET, a ribbed woollen dress fabric [n]

303/1087 INOY YONI-/CS a symbol for the vulva [n -S]

304/1089 IPRU PUIR poor (lacking the means of support) [adj PUIRER, PUIREST]
PURI-/NS a light, flat wheat cake, also POORI [n -S]

305/1093 GINORTTU S/-TROUTING/S trout-fishing [n -S]
TUTORING/S the act of tutoring [n -S]

306/1094 BBEEKL LEBBEK/S a timber tree [n -S]

307/1103 AADILNOR ORDALIAN pertaining to ordalium (resolving a disputed question by divination) [adj]

308/1108 OOYZ BDW/OOZY slimy (resembling slime) [adj OOZIER, OOZIEST]

309/1111 EINQSU E/QUINES- QUINE, a worthless woman, also QUEAN, QUEYN, QUINIE, QUEYNIE [n]
SEQUIN/S to apply shiny ornamental disks to [v SEQUINNED or SEQUINED, SEQUINING, SEQUINS]

310/1117 ACHK CSTW/HACK/S to cut or chop roughly [v -ED, -ING, -S]

311/1130 ADOT DATO/S a Philippine tribal chief, also DATTO [n -S]
-DOAT/S to love excessively, also DOTE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TOAD/SY a toothless, tailless amphibian [n -S]

312/1134 MOTU MOTU-/S a small reef island [n -S]

313/1145 ABCEORSU CORBEAUS- CORBEAU, a blackish green colour [n]

314/1149 AELORSWY OWRELAYS- OWRELAY, a large cravat (a necktie (a strip of fabric worn around the neck)) [n]

REVERIST/S a person who has reveries [n -S]
RIVERETS- RIVERET, a small river (a large natural stream of water) [n]
RIVETERS- RIVETER, one that rivets (to fasten with a type of metal bolt) [n]

316/1154 AAHIILRT HAIRTAIL/S the cutlass fish [n -S]

317/1158 DEHIZZ CW/HIZZED HIZZ, to hiss (to make a sibilant sound) [v]

318/1159 NOTW -NOWT-/SY a zero, also NAUGHT, NOUGHT [n -S]
S/-TOWN-/SY an urban area [n -S]
WONT-/S to be accustomed [v -ED, -ING, -S]

319/1162 AAGS JNRS/-AGAS-/T AGA, a Turkish military officer, also AGHA [n]
SAAG/S in Indian cookery, spinach [n -S]
-SAGA-/S a series of novels dealing with a family history [n -S]

320/1163 DNSU -DUNS-/H DUN, to make demands for payment of a debt [v]

321/1165 AADELRTU -RADULATE like a radula [adj]

322/1172 ABET -ABET/S to encourage [v ABETTED, ABETTING, ABETS]
A/-BATE-/DS to diminish, also BAYT [v BATED, BATING, BATES]
-BEAT/HSY to strike repeatedly [v BEATEN or BEAT, YBET, BEATING, BEATS]
-BETA-/S a Greek letter [n -S]

323/1177 AIST BGRTW/-AITS- AIT, a small island, also EYOT [n]
DLPV/-ITAS- ITA, the miriti palm [n]
SATI-/NS the cremation of a Hindu woman on her husband's pile, also SUTTEE [n -S]
-TAIS-/H TAI, sea bream [n]

324/1178 EKOORR KORERO/S new Zealand word for a discussion [n -S] / to talk (to communicate by speaking) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

325/1181 EEGINNRV -ENERVING ENERVE, to enervate (to weaken (to make weak (lacking strength))) [v]

326/1182 ACERRSTU TRACEURS- TRACEUR, a participant in parkour, the sport of running in urban areas performing gymnastics on manmade objects [n]

327/1183 ABCEMNOR -BROMANCE/S a close but not romantic or sexual relationship between two men [n -S]

328/1184 ACELOORV LOCAVORE/S a person who will eat only food produced locally [n -S]

329/1185 ACELMOT CAMELOT/S a hawker (a peddler (one who peddles, also PEDLAR, PEDLER)) [n -S]

330/1186 AEFFNORT AFFRONTE-/DE in heraldry, facing each other [adj]

331/1187 BDEELRTU BUTLERED BUTLER, to act as a butler [v]

332/1189 ACEMNOS ANCOMES- ANCOME, sudden inflammation [n]

333/1190 CEHIOST ECHOIST/S a person who repeats another person's words [n -S]
TOISECH/S a Celtic noble, also TOISEACH [n -S]

334/1191 DEIMOOS MOODIES/T MOODY, to persuade by flattery [v]


336/1193 DDEENRTU RETUNDED RETUND, to blunt (to make dull (mentally slow)) [v]

337/1199 EFIRSTTU TURFIEST TURFY, covered with turf [adj]
TURFITES- TURFITE, a devotee of horse racing [n]

338/1200 CEHINOTY ONYCHITE/S onyx-marble [n -S]

339/1201 AEHMNOT NATHEMO never the more [adv]

340/1202 DEIPRRTU IRRUPTED IRRUPT, to enter forcibly or violently [v]
PUTRIDER PUTRID, rotten (being in a state of decay) [adj]

341/1205 EHIMNOST HOISTMEN HOISTMAN, a person who works a hoist [n]

342/1206 OPTT POTT-/OSY a size of paper [n -S]

343/1207 DINOOSTT ODONTIST/S a dentist (a tooth doctor) [n -S]

344/1208 AAPR ARPA/S a top level internet domain [n -S]
PARA-/ES a monetary unit of Yugoslavia [n -S]

345/1209 EFIRRSTU FRITURES- FRITURE, a dish of fried food [n]
FRUITERS- FRUITER, one who grows of sells fruit [n]
FURRIEST- FURRY, covered in fur [adj]

346/1211 MNOO -MONO-/S an infectious disease [n -S]
-MOON-/GSY to wander about listlessly [v -ED, -ING, -S]

347/1212 ADNT I/-DANT-/S to frighten, also DAUNT [v -ED, -ING, -S]

348/1214 AERSTTUV VETTURAS- VETTURA, a carriage (a wheeled horse-drawn vehicle) [n]

349/1215 CEELNOST TELECONS- TELECON, (short for) teleconference [n]

350/1216 DDEEINT ENDITED- ENDITE, to charge formally with a crime [v]
TEINDED TEIND, to assess (to estimate (to calculate)) [v]

351/1217 EKNTU JST/UNKET strange (unusual (not usual)) [adj]

352/1219 EFRT -FRET/S to worry (to cause to be anxious) [v FRETTED, FRETTING, FRETS]
-REFT- RIEVE, to rob (to steal (to take by theft)) [v]
-TERF/ES turf (the surface of land mattered with roots of grass) [n -S]
-TREF/A not kosher, also TREFA, TREFAH, TREIFA, TEREFAH, TREIF [adj]

353/1222 EERV -EREV-/S the day before a Jewish special day [n EREVS]
BFLNS/EVER-/TY at all times [adv]
VEER-/SY to change direction [v -ED, -ING, -S]

354/1223 EEGINRST A/-GENTRIES GENTRY, people of high social class [n]
INTEGERS- INTEGER, a whole number [n]
REESTING REEST, to balk (to refrain from proceeding, also BAUK, BAULK) [v]
-STEERING/S the guiding of a vehicle [n -S]
STREIGNE/DS to stretch (to extend (to expand (to increase in size or volume))) [v STREIGNED, STREIGNING, STREIGNES]

355/1224 BENS -BENS- BEN, an inner room [n]
S/NEBS- NEB, of birds, to touch bills [v]
-SNEB/S to snib (to latch (to close a gate with a catch)) [v SNEBBED, SNEBBING, SNEBS]

356/1226 ADEORWY RODEWAY/S a road, also ROADWAY [n -S]

357/1227 CLSU SCUL/KLPS school, also SCULLE [n -S]

358/1228 ENSY S/-NYES- NYE, to approach (to come near to) [v]
-SNYE-/S a side channel of a river, also SNY [n -S]
-SYEN-/S an offshoot (a lateral shoot from a main stem) [n -S]
SYNE-/DS to rinse (to cleanse with clear water) [v SYNED, SYNING, SYNES]
HS/-YENS- YEN, to yearn (to long for) [v]

359/1229 ABELRTTU BURLETTA/S a musical farce [n -S]
P/REBUTTAL/S an argument or proof that rebuts [n -S]

360/1231 BEGIINR BREIING BREI, (South Africa) to pronounce r sound at the back of the throat also BREY [v]

361/1232 ADEI W/-AIDE-/DRS an assistant [n -S]
IDEA-/LS a conception or a plan [n -S]

362/1233 BDEINRRS BREDRINS- BREDRIN, (Coll) a close male friend, also BREDREN [n]

363/1234 DEIMOPR IMPEDOR/S an electrical component which offers impedance, cf resistor [n -S]

364/1235 ACELOPR POLACRE/S a polonaise [n -S]

365/1236 HMSU C/-HUMS- HUM, to make a sound like bees [v]
S/MUSH-/AY to travel over snow with a dog sled [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

366/1237 ALMY AMYL/S an alcohol radical, also PENTYL [n -S]
-LYAM/S a leash, also LYM, LYME [n -S]
MYAL/L of African witchcraft [adj]

367/1240 AINPRSU PRUINAS- PRUINA, a powdery bloom upon the surface of plants [n]

368/1242 DINNOORS RONDINOS- RONDINO, a short rondo [n]

369/1243 AEFLRSTT FATTRELS ends of ribbon [n]
-FLATTERS- FLATTER, to praise excessively [v]

370/1245 DEHO S/HOED- HOE, to garden with a hoe [v]
HOP/OHED OH, to exclaim in surprise [v]

371/1246 CORU S/-COUR/BDEST to cover (to spread something over) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

372/1247 EOSV D/EVOS- EVO, evening (Australian slang) [n]
-VOES- VOE, a small bay, creek or inlet [n]

373/1249 AEGINSZ AGNIZES- AGNIZE, to acknowledge, also AGNISE [v]
SEAZING SEAZE, to grasp suddenly [v]

374/1250 AITW A/-WAIT-/ES to remain in readiness [v -ED, -ING, -S]

375/1251 DINNOOST TONDINOS- TONDINO, a circular moulding [n]

376/1254 AADEORRT AERODART/S an arrow-headed missile [n -S]

377/1256 ABCDEOR BARCODE/DS an arrangement, readable by computer, of thick and thin parallel lines, eg printed on, and giving coded details of, goods at a point of sale, library books, etc [n -S]
BROCADE/DS to weave a silky fabric with a raised design [v BROCADED, BROCADING, BROCADES]

378/1258 EGIINRW S/WEIRING WEIR, to guard (to protect (to shield from harm, attack or injury)) [v]
S/WINGIER WINGY, swift (speedy (swift)) [adj]

379/1260 AGGILNOT GLOATING/S the act of exulting [n -S]
GOATLING/S a young goat [n -S]

380/1263 ACELRSTT -CLATTERS- CLATTER, to make a rattling sound [v]

381/1267 EENV EEVN/S the latter part of daylight hours, also EVENING, EEVEN, EEVNING [n -S]
ESY/EVEN-/ST to make smooth or level [v -ED, -ING, -S] / smooth and level [adj EVENER, EVENEST]
-NEVE/LRS a granular snow [n -S]

382/1268 BEIRRSTU BRUITERS- BRUITER, one that bruits (to spread by rumour) [n]
BURRIEST BURRY, prickly (having many sharp points, also PRICKY) [adj]
BURSTIER BURSTY, occurring in short sudden episodes or bursts [adj]

383/1269 AAEERTX EXARATE of pupae, containing grooves [adj]

384/1270 ADEHOORW HAREWOOD/S a type of wood [n -S]

385/1272 BEIMOORS BOSOMIER BOSOMY, having large breasts [adj]
RIBOSOME/S a particle composed of protein and RNA [n -S]

386/1273 EEINRSST INTERESS/E to interest (to engage the attention of) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-SENTRIES SENTRY, the one who stands guard [n]
TRENISES- TRENISE, the fourth movement of a quadrille [n]

387/1274 BEEL -BLEE/DPS complexion [n -S]

388/1278 EFOORST FOETORS- FOETOR, a stench, also FETOR [n]
FOOTERS- FOOTER, to potter around aimlessly [v]
REFOOTS- REFOOT, to replace the foot of [v]

389/1279 ABELRRTU BARRULET/S a thin horizontal heraldic band [n -S]

390/1280 EMNOORTY NOOMETRY mind-measurement [n NOOMETRIES]

391/1285 CEIMNOS COSMINE-/S a hard substance in fish scales, also COSMIN [n -S]
INCOMES- INCOME, money earned regularly [n]
MESONIC resembling a meson (a subatomic particle, also MESOTRON) [adj]

392/1286 DEHIRSTT THIRSTED THIRST, to have a need to drink [v]
THRISTED THRIST, to thirst (to have a need to drink) [v]

393/1287 ACDEIMOV VIDEOCAM/S a camera for taking video [n -S]

394/1288 CEIINNO CONIINE/S a poisonous alkaloid, also CONIN, CONINE, CONICINE, CICUTINE [n -S]
INCONIE delicate and pretty, also INCONY [adj]

395/1289 DEIMNNTU MUNTINED having a muntin, a dividing strip for window panels [adj]

396/1291 ACEHORS CHOREAS- CHOREA, a nervous disorder [n]
OCHREAS- OCHREA, (Latin) a sheath of stipules enclosing the leafstalks of certain plants also OCREA [n]
-ORACHES- ORACHE, a cultivated plant, also ORACH [n]
B/ROACHES ROACH, to cause to arch [v]

397/1292 INNS JLW/INNS- INN, to stay at a public lodging house [v]

398/1293 BEEH T/HEBE/NS a Jew [n -S]

399/1297 ACDEMOR CAROMED CAROM, to collide with and rebound, also CARROM [v]
COMRADE/S a close friend [n -S]
MERCADO/S (Spanish) a market [n -S]

400/1298 ACLL S/-CALL-/AS to summon (to order to appear) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

401/1300 EHINOOPS ISOPHONE/S a line delineating a geographical region where a certain pronuncuation is used [n -S]

402/1303 ELNO ENOL/S a chemical compound [n -S]
LENO/S a style of weaving [n -S]
NOEL/S a Christmas carol [n -S]
A/-NOLE/S the top of the head, also NOLL, NOUL, NOULE, NOWL [n -S]

403/1305 ADDU DAUD/S to knock, also DAWD [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DUAD/S a pair [n -S]

404/1306 ABTY BAYT-/S to diminish, also BATE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

405/1307 EIMOPST MOPIEST MOPY, dejected, also MOPEY [adj]
OPTIMES- OPTIME, an honour student in mathematics at Cambridge University [n]
STOMPIE/RS (South Africa) a cigarette butt; a short man [n -S]

406/1308 ADEMNNRU MUNDANER- MUNDANE, ordinary, banal [adj]
UNDERMAN/S to use too few workers [v UNDERMANNED, UNDERMANNING, UNDERMANS] / an inferior (one of lesser rank) [n UNDERMEN]

407/1309 ACEHILNT CHAINLET/S a small chain [n -S]
CHATLINE/S a type of telephone service [n -S]
ETHNICAL pertaining to an ethnic (a member of a racial or cultural group) [adj]

408/1310 AHLM S/HALM/AS a plant stem, also HAULM [n -S]

409/1311 AIMORRSU ORARIUMS- ORARIUM, a handkerchief [n]

410/1312 DEMNOOR DOORMEN DOORMAN, an door attendant [n]
MORENDO/S (Italian) a gentle decrescendo at the end of a musical strain [n MORENDOS]

411/1313 AENOSVW WAVESON/S goods floating after a shipwreck [n -S]

412/1314 ABEINSTW WASTEBIN/S a rubbish bin [n -S]

413/1315 ACEHILMO CHOLEMIA/S an accumulation of bile pigments in the blood [n -S]

414/1317 AEPRSTTU STUPRATE/DS to ravish (to seize and carry off by force) [v STUPRATED, STUPRATING, STUPRATES]
UPSTATER-/S an inhabitant of an upstate region [n -S]

415/1319 DEIRRSU DRUSIER DRUSY, rough with minute crystals [adj]
DURRIES- DURRIE, an Indian cotton rug, also DHURRIE [n]

416/1320 EIMNOTY OMNEITY allness, also OMNIETY [n OMNEITIES]

417/1321 FILM FILM-/ISY to make a motion picture [v -ED, -ING, -S]
FLIM/PS a five pound note [n -S]
MILF-/S a sexually attractive middle-aged woman [n -S]

418/1322 EINNOOTX NEOTOXIN/S any medically harmful substance [n -S]

419/1327 ACDELNT S/CANTLED- CANTLE, to divide (to separate into different parts) [v]

420/1328 AELMOPR PLEROMA/S fullness (the state of being full, also FULNESS) [n -S]
RAMPOLE/S a standing dead tree, also RAMPIKE, RANPIKE [n -S]

421/1329 ACEHNOPR CANEPHOR/AES a Greek maiden bearing a basket on her head [n -S]
CARPHONE/S a phone for use in a car [n -S]
CHAPERON/ES to accompany and supervise [v -ED, -ING, -S]

422/1330 AEHOSTW AWHETOS- AWHETO, the so-called vegetable caterpillar of New Zealand [n]

423/1331 DEEFLNTU DEFLUENT running down [adj]
UNFELTED not felted [adj]

424/1332 EIKORST ROKIEST ROKY, smoky (filled with smoke, also SMOKEY) [adj]

425/1333 AFOR -AFRO/S a thick curly African hairstyle, also FRO [n -S]
FARO-/S a card game [n -S]
-FORA-/MY FORUM, a public meeting place [n]

426/1334 ANN CJ/ANN-/AOS a stipend paid to a parish minister's next of kin [n -S]
A/-NAN-/AEGOS a slightly leavened bread, also NAAN [n -S]

427/1336 EEMT MEET-/S to encounter [v MET, MEETING, MEETS] / fitting [adj MEETER, MEETEST]
METE-/DRS to distribute by measure [v METED, METING, METES]
S/TEEM-/S to be full to overflowing [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-TEME/DS a team [n -S]

428/1337 ACEERST CERATES- CERATE, a medicated ointment [n]
-CREATES- CREATE, to bring into being [v]
-ECARTES- ECARTE, a card game [n]
SECRETA- products of secretion [n]

429/1338 CEIOPRS COPIERS- COPIER, one that copies (to imitate (to copy)) [n]
COPSIER COPSY, like a coppice [adj]
PERSICO/ST a cordial, also PERSICOT [n -S]

430/1339 ACCDEINO DECANOIC as in decanoic acid, used in perfumes [adj]

431/1340 AEMOOPST POMATOES POMATO, a tomato grafted on a potato [n]

432/1341 ACEOPST CAPOTES- CAPOTE, a hooded cloak or overcoat [n]
SCOPATE tufted [adj]
TOECAPS- TOECAP, a covering for the front of a boot or shoe [n]

433/1342 ABCEILOP COPIABLE capable of being copied also COPYABLE [adj]

434/1343 AILNTUV UNVITAL not vital [adj]

435/1346 EGNS LM/ENGS- ENG, a phonetic symbol [n]
-GENS- a type of clan (a group of families) [n GENTES]
NEGS- NEG, a photographic negative [n]

436/1348 CRSU E/CRUS-/EHTY a part of the leg [n CRUSES or CRURA]
S/CURS-/EIT CUR, a mongrel dog [n]
RUCS- RUC, a legendary bird of prey, also ROC [n]
-SCUR/FS to scour (to cleanse by hard rubbing) [v SCURRED, SCURRING, SCURS]

437/1349 AHTW -THAW/SY to melt (to change from a solid to a liquid state by heat) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-WHAT-/AS the true nature of something [n -S]

438/1351 CENOORS CEROONS- CEROON, a hamper [n]

439/1352 ACDEHILT DITHECAL having two spore-cases, also DITHECOUS [adj]

440/1354 ADEIMRTW MIDWATER/S the middle portion vertically of a body of water [n -S]

441/1355 EGIMNORS NEGROISM/S devotion to the black civil rights movement [n -S]

442/1356 AINPSTU TIPUNAS- TIPUNA, (Maori) an ancestor, also TUPUNA [n]

443/1359 EEFGINRR FINGERER/S one who fingers (to touch with one of the five terminal parts of the hand) [n -S]

444/1360 EGIINRV REIVING/S plundering [n -S]
GP/RIEVING RIEVE, to rob (to steal (to take by theft)) [v]

445/1361 ADEORSWY RODEWAYS- RODEWAY, a road, also ROADWAY [n]

446/1364 DEGILNS -DINGLES- DINGLE, a small wooded valley, also DELL [n]
ENGILDS- ENGILD, to adorn with lustre [v]
SINGLED- SINGLE, to select from a group [v]

447/1365 AAEGMRT MARGATE/S a tropical fish [n -S]
B/REGMATA REGMA, a type of fruit [n]

448/1366 AACC BY/ACCA/S (Australian slang) an academic, also ACKER [n -S]
CACA/OS -S faeces, also KAK, CACK, KACK [n]

449/1369 AMSY -MAYS-/T MAY, to gather flowers in the spring [v]
L/YAMS- YAM, an edible root [n]

450/1371 AEHILORV HALIEROV HALIER, a former monetary unit of Slovakia [n]

451/1373 ACDEHOR CHORDAE- CHORDA, a primitive sort of spinal column [n]
B/ROACHED ROACH, to cause to arch [v]

452/1374 ADIL DALI-/S an American tropical tree [n -S]
DIAL/S to use a calibrated disk [v DIALLED or DIALED, DIALLING, DIALS]
PS/-LAID/S to burden (to load heavily) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

453/1376 AEMOPRTW POMWATER/S a sweet, juicy apple [n -S]
TAPEWORM/S a parasitic worm [n -S]

454/1377 ACRY S/-CRAY/S crayfish (a crustacean) [n -S]
O/RACY speedy (swift (speedy)) [adj RACIER, RACIEST]

455/1378 ACILNOOR CORONIAL of or relating to a CORONER [adj]

456/1379 DSTU A/DUST/SY to rid of minute particles of matter [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STUD/ESY to adorn with small projections [v STUDDED, STUDDING, STUDS]

457/1380 DEHINOOP INHOOPED INHOOP, to confine in a hoop [v]

458/1381 EHIMORS HEROISM/S heroic behaviour [n -S]
MOREISH such that one wants more [adj]

459/1383 BDEEILNR BEDLINER/S a protective covering for the bed of a truck [n -S]
LINEBRED produced by breeding within a particular line of descent [adj]
RENDIBLE capable of being rent [adj]

460/1384 IPQU E/QUIP/OSU to make witty remarks [v QUIPPED, QUIPPING, QUIPS]

461/1385 CEIORSW S/COWRIES- COWRIE, a glossy seashell, also COWRY [n]
-SCOWRIE/S a young gull [n -S]

462/1386 AFFY BDFT/AFFY- to trust (to place confidence in) [v AFFIED, AFFYDE or AFFIED, AFFYING, AFFIES]
N/-YAFF/S to bark (to cry like a dog) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

463/1387 CSTU S/-CUTS- CUT, to sever (to divide or cut into parts) [v]
-SCUT/AES a short tail eg rabbit [n -S]

464/1389 ADDEILS DAIDLES- DAIDLE, to waddle (to walk with short, swaying steps) [v]
CG/-LADDIES-/T LADDIE, a lad (a boy or youth) [n]

465/1391 DEENOSTT -OSTENTED OSTENT, to show off [v]

466/1392 DETY TEDY- tedious (causing weariness) [adj TEDIER, TEDIEST]
TYDE TIE, to fasten (to secure (to make safe or certain)) [v]
S/TYED- TYE, to wash in a trough [v]

467/1394 BEEGINNR BEGINNER-/S a novice (a beginner) [n -S]
BENIGNER BENIGN, favourably disposed [adj]

468/1396 ACELOTY ACOLYTE/S an assistant, also ACOLYTH [n -S]
COTYLAE COTYLE, an ancient Greek cup [n]

469/1398 ABEEGNTT BAGNETTE/S a gem cut as a long rectangle [n -S]

470/1399 CEHIMORT CHROMITE/S a chromium ore [n -S]
HORMETIC relating to HORMESIS [adj]
TRICHOME/S a hairlike outgrowth [n -S]

471/1402 ABIR ABRI/MNS a bomb shelter [n -S]
RABI/CDS the spring grain harvest [n -S]
RIBA-/S the charging of interest, forbidden by Islam [n -S]

472/1403 AEMRSTTU MATUREST- MATURE, fully developed, also MATURATE [adj]
TESTAMUR/S a pass certificate [n -S]

473/1404 BGOR BROG-/HS to prick (to puncture slightly, also PRICKLE) [v BROGGED, BROGGING, BROGS]

474/1405 AIMNRSU SURAMIN/S a drug [n -S]
URANISM/S homosexuality [n -S]

475/1408 AEILMNS ISLEMAN an islander, also ISLESMAN [n ISLEMEN]
-MALINES- MALINE, a delicate net used for veils [n]
MENIALS- MENIAL, a domestic servant [n]
SEMINAL- pertaining to semen (the liquid that carries spermatozoa) [adj]

476/1409 GLRUY GURLY- grim (stern and unrelenting) [adj GURLIER, GURLIEST]
LURGY a fictitious disease, also LURGI [n LURGIES]

477/1410 EIOPRTVW VIEWPORT/S a framed area on a computer display for viewing information [n -S]

478/1411 CJKO JOCK/OSY an athletic support [n -S]

479/1412 EFNOOPRT PENTROOF/S a roof that slopes one way only [n -S]

480/1414 EEGINNRY ENGINERY- machinery [n ENGINERIES]
RENEYING RENEY, to renounce, also RENEGUE [v]

481/1416 CEIOOPRS OPORICES- OPORICE, an old medicine made from summer fruits [n]

482/1417 AEIM MR/AMIE-/S a female friend [n -S]

483/1419 BRSU BRUS-/HKT BRU, buddy, pal, also BRO [n]
BURS-/AET BUR, to remove a rough edge from [v]
DG/RUBS- RUB, to apply friction to [v]
BC/URBS- URB, an urban area [n]

484/1420 CIKY DKMPSTW/ICKY- repulsive [adj ICKIER, ICKIEST]

485/1421 AEEIIMRT METAIRIE/S land cultivated under a system [n -S]

486/1422 EINOPSW POWNIES- POWNY, a pony, also POWNEY, POWNIE [n]
WINESOP/S a food sopped in wine [n -S]

487/1423 ENPT S/PENT-/S a penthouse [n -S]

488/1424 ACDERSTT DETRACTS- DETRACT, to take away [v]
SCRATTED SCRAT, to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v]

489/1425 AEFV -FAVE/LRS teenage slang for a favourite person or thing [n -S] / teenage slang for favourite [adj FAVER, FAVEST]

490/1426 AIMR -AMIR-/S a Muslim governor, also AMEER [n -S]
-MAIR/ES more (a greater amount) [n -S]
-RAMI-/ENS an Asian shrub, also RAMIE, RAMEE [n -S]
P/RIMA-/E a chink [n RIMAE]

491/1427 CHIT -CHIT-/S to sprout (to begin to grow) [v CHITTED, CHITTING, CHITS]
ABDFGHMPTW/ITCH/Y to have an irritating sensation in the skin [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
S/-TICH-/Y a small person (a human being) [n -ES]

492/1428 AESW W/AWES- AWE, to strike with fear [v]
T/WAES- WAE, woe (grief (intense mental stress)) [n]
WASE-/S a wisp of hay [n -S]

493/1429 BEEGINRR BREERING BREER, to sprout above ground, also BRAIRD [v]

494/1430 EHNOORS HEROONS- HEROON, a temple dedicated to a hero [n]
ONSHORE towards the shore [adv]
SOREHON/S a lords exaction of free accommodation from a tenant [n -S]

495/1431 AIMRSTU N/ATRIUMS- ATRIUM, a central courtyard [n]
MATSURI/S a Shinto festival [n -S]

496/1432 AAGILNRS LARIGANS- LARIGAN, a type of leather boot also LARRIGAN [n]
SANGRAIL/S the legendary cup used by Christ at the Last Supper also SANGREAL [n -S]

497/1433 EGLS -GELS- GEL, to become like a jelly [v]
CF/LEGS- LEG, to walk briskly [v]

498/1434 BEILORS -BOILERS- BOILER, a pot for boiling [n]
LIBEROS- LIBERO, a footballer who plays behind the backs [n]
P/REBOILS- REBOIL, to boil again [v]

499/1436 ADIMNNOS MONDAINS- MONDAIN, a person who lives in fashionable society, also MONDAINE [n]

500/1438 GLOO GOOL-/DSY a flower, also GOOLD [n -S]
LOGO-/INS an identifying symbol [n -S]

501/1439 ACLP S/-CALP-/AS a type of limestone [n -S]
-CLAP/ST the noise of striking two things together [v CLAPPED, CLAPT, CLAPPING, CLAPS]

502/1441 ACEMOST CAMOTES- CAMOTE, a type of sweet potato [n]
COMATES- COMATE, a companion [n]

503/1442 CEHIOPRT PHORETIC relating to phoresy, an association in which one animal clings to another to ensure movement from place to place, as some mites use insects [adj]

-GRAN/ADST a grandmother [n -S]
KOPW/RANG-/AEISY a row of long lots along a road [n -S]

505/1444 EHIOPST ETHIOPS an old name for various dingy chemicals [n -ES]
OPHITES- OPHITE, an igneous rock [n]

506/1445 IJNN D/-JINN-/EIS a supernatural being in Muslim mythology, also DJIN, DJINN, DJINNI, DJINNY, GENIE, JANN, JIN, JINNEE, JINNI [n -S]

507/1446 IPRT DG/RIPT- RIP, to tear apart roughly [v]
AS/-TRIP/ESY to stumble (to trip when walking or running) [v TRIPPED, TRIPPING, TRIPS]

508/1447 ABDENOY NAEBODY nobody (an unimportant person) [n NAEBODIES]

509/1448 BEOR AY/-BORE-/DELRS to pierce with a tool [v BORED, BORING, BORES]
P/-ROBE-/DS to dress (to clothe (to provide with clothing)) [v ROBED, ROBING, ROBES]

510/1449 KNOSU ONKUS bad, also ONCUS [adj]

511/1450 INOR INRO a Japanese ornamental container [n INRO]
G/IRON/ESY to eliminate wrinkles from clothes by pressing [v -ED, -ING, -S]
NOIR/S a bleak type of crime fiction [n -S]
NORI-/AS a seaweed used for food [n -S]
GP/ROIN/S to mutter (to murmur (to make a subdued muttered sound)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

512/1451 AIINSTT TITANIS/M a prehistoric bird [n -ES]
TITIANS- TITIAN, a reddish-brown colour [n]

513/1452 AAEHMST ATHAMES- ATHAME, a witch's ceremonial knife [n]
-HAMATES- HAMATE, a wrist bone [n]

514/1453 AEELPRSU -PLEASURE/DRS to give enjoyment or satisfaction to, also PLEASE [v PLEASURED, PLEASURING, PLEASURES]
SERPULAE- SERPULA, a member of a genus of marine annelids or tubeworms also SERPULID [n]

515/1454 DELS -DELS- DEL, an operator in differential calculus [n]
GMVW/ELDS- ELD, old age [n]
-SELD- rare (uncommon (fairly rare)) [adj]
I/-SLED/S to transport on a wheelless structure over snow [v SLEDDED, SLEDDING, SLEDS]

516/1455 AIS DKPRSTW/-AIS- AI, a three-toed sloth [n]
-SAI/CDLMNRS a monkey [n -S]

517/1456 EILRSTT BCFGS/LITTERS- LITTER, to scatter rubbish about [v]
-SLITTER/S one that slits (to make a long narrow cut in) [n -S]
-STILTER/S one who walks on stilts [n -S]
TESTRIL/LS a sixpence (a British coin) [n -S]
S/TILTERS- TILTER, one that tilts (to cause to slant) [n]
TITLERS- TITLER, a claimant (one who makes a claim, also CLAIMER) [n]

518/1458 EEIIKK KIEKIE/S (Maori) a climbing plant with edible berries [n -S]

519/1459 ABHI BHAI/S (Hindi) brother; a form of address for a man [n -S]

520/1461 EOOPRTU OUTROPE/RS an auction sale, also OUTROOP [n -S]

521/1462 LOOR F/-LOOR-/D beloved [adj]

522/1463 EELW AST/-WEEL-/S a whirlpool [n -S]

523/1464 DELL -DELL-/SY a small wooded valley, also DINGLE [n -S]

524/1465 AALMX MALAX- to soften by kneading, also MALAXATE [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

525/1466 EOOPRST POOREST POOR, lacking the means of support [adj]
POOTERS- POOTER, an entomological collecting bottle [n]
STOOPER-/S one that stoops (to bend the body forward and down) [n -S]

526/1468 ACERSTTU CRUSTATE/D covered with a crust [adj]

527/1469 AINR BC/AIRN-/S to iron (to eliminate wrinkles from clothes by pressing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BDGT/-RAIN-/ESY to fall in drops of water [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-RANI-/DS the wife of a rajah, also RANEE [n -S]

528/1471 ACEMORS AMORCES- AMORCE, a percussion cap for a toy pistol [n]
SCREAMO-/S a form of emo music typically featuring screaming vocals [n -S]

529/1472 EGILLNO LOGLINE/S a line for finding the speed of a vessel [n -S]

530/1473 ADIR M/-ARID dry (having no moisture) [adj ARIDER, ARIDEST]
DARI/CS indian millet, also DURRA, DHURRA [n -S]
B/-RAID-/S to make a sudden assault on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
T/RIAD-/S a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden [n -S]

531/1474 ABEINNOZ BEZONIAN/S a beggar, also BESONIAN [n -S]

532/1475 EKKOPU PUKEKO/S a New Zealand wading bird [n -S]

533/1476 CHIN -CHIN-/AEGKOS to hold with the lower part of the face [v CHINNED, CHINNING, CHINS]
CFGLPW/INCH to move very slowly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

534/1480 BEFIORS FIBROSE-/DS to form fibrous tissue [v FIBROSED, FIBROSING, FIBROSES]

535/1481 INNW -WINN-/AS a penny (a coin of the United Kingdom) [n -S]

536/1484 EFOR A/-FORE-/LSX the front part of something [n -S]
-FROE-/S a cleaving tool, also FROW [n -S]
ORFE-/S a golden-yellow fish [n -S]

537/1485 CEEEILNT TELECINE/S television transmission [n -S]

538/1486 EFIL FILE-/DRST to arrange in order for future reference [v FILED, FILING, FILES]
LIEF-/S beloved (a person who is much loved) [n -S] / willing (inclined or favourably disposed to) [adj LIEFER, LIEFEST]
LIFE/RS the state of functional activity [n LIFES or LIVES] / a still life [n LIFES or LIVES]

539/1487 DEFINNRU REINFUND/S to flow again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
UNFRIEND/S to remove someone from one's online circle of friends [v -ED, -ING, -S]

540/1488 DIOPSST DISPOST/S to displace from a post [v -ED, -ING, -S]

541/1490 DEIKNOST KENDOIST/S one practises kendo [n -S]

542/1491 EGORRST GROSERT-/S a gooseberry, also GROSER, GROSET [n -S]

543/1492 ABEOSTV -BOVATES- BOVATE, as much land as one ox could plough [n]

544/1493 EKLW KEWL cool, hip [adj KEWLER, KEWLEST]
-WELK/EST to wither, also WELKE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

545/1494 BIRS A/BRIS/EKS (Hebrew) a Jewish circumcision rite, also BRISS, BRITH [n BRISES or BRISSES]
CDF/RIBS- RIB, to poke fun at [v]

546/1496 ELOP ES/-LOPE-/DRS to run with a long stride [v LOPED, LOPING, LOPES]
G/OLPE/S a Greek jug [n OLPES or OLPAE]
-POLE-/DRSY to propel with a long stick [v POLED, POLING, POLES]

547/1498 ABTT -BATT-/ASUY a sheet of cotton [n -S]

548/1499 AAAEKT AKATEA/S a New Zealand vine with white flowers [n -S]

549/1500 CEIOPRT PTEROIC as in pteroic acid, the original folic acid found in spinach [adj]

550/1501 EGGY LP/EGGY- containing eggs to some extent [adj EGGIER, EGGIEST]
-YEGG/S a burglar, also YEGGMAN [n -S]

551/1502 CEHIMNOR CHOIRMEN CHOIRMAN, a male chorister [n]
NICHROME/S (trade) an alloy of nickel and chrome [n -S]

552/1503 ACEORSW CROWEAS- CROWEA, an Australian shrub with pink flowers [n]

553/1504 EIRW S/WEIR/DS to guard (to protect (to shield from harm, attack or injury)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ST/-WIRE/DRS to fasten with threads of ductile metal [v WIRED, WIRING, WIRES]

554/1507 AEHMNOPR MORPHEAN pertaining to Morpheus the Greek god of dreams [adj]

555/1508 ELMU E/-MULE/DSY to strike from dies belonging to two different issues as a coin [v MULED, MULING, MULES]

556/1509 ENOS AJNP/-EONS- EON, a vast age, also AEON [n]
-NOES NO, a negative reply [n]
-NOSE-/DRSY to sniff with a smelling organ [v NOSED, NOSING, NOSES]
BCHJNPRSTZ/ONES- ONE, a number [n]
-SONE-/S a unit of loudness [n -S]

557/1510 EHST BHMT/ETHS- ETH, an Old English letter, also EDH [n]
CG/-HEST-/S behest, also HEAST, HEASTE [n -S]
KSW/HETS- HET, a Hebrew letter, also HETH, KHET, KHETH [n]
A/-SHET-/S to shut (to close (to make impassable)) [v SHET, SHETTING, SHETS]

558/1511 AELW -ALEW-/S a greeting cry, halloo [n -S]
DS/-WALE/DRS to mark with welts [v WALED, WALING, WALES]
S/WEAL/DS a mark left by a whip lash [n -S]

559/1512 AEGOSST GOATSES- GOATSE, a deliberately shocking and offensive, usually pornographic, image placed maliciously by someone into a website [n]

560/1513 ACDEEINR DERACINE/S (French) a displaced person [n DERACINES]

561/1514 EHINOPRT TRIPHONE/S a shorthand sign [n -S]

562/1515 AABEINPR PEABRAIN/S a stupid person [n -S]

563/1517 BDEEORST BESORTED BESORT, to match (to be equal to) [v]
BESTRODE BESTRIDE, to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v]

564/1518 AILV A/-VAIL/S to lower (to appear dark and threatening) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VALI/DS a governor (one that governs (to rule or direct)) [n -S]
VIAL-/S to put in a small container for liquids [v VIALED or VIALLED, VIALLING or VIALING, VIALS]

565/1519 ALSU BMT/ALUS- ALU, (Hindu) a potato, also ALOO [n]
SAUL-/ST soul (the spiritual aspect of human beings) [n -S]

566/1520 ABRY A/-BRAY-/S to cry like as ass [v -ED, -ING, -S]

567/1521 AEFHLOR FAHLORE/S a copper ore, also FAHLERZ [n -S]

568/1522 EPSY -ESPY to catch sight of [v ESPIED, ESPYING, ESPIES]
-PYES- PYE, to jumble or disorder, also PI, PIE [v]
SYPE/DS to soak (to saturate in liquid) [v SYPED, SYPING, SYPES]
YEPS- YEP, yes, also YUP [n]

569/1524 EHILNOOP OENOPHIL/ESY a wine connoisseur, also ENOPHILE, OENOPHILE [n -S]

570/1526 EILSTTU LUTITES- LUTITE, any rock derived from clay or mud Also PELITE [n]
TITULES- TITULE, to give a title to [v]

571/1527 AIOPSTTU UTOPIAST-/S one who looks for perfection in society [n -S]

572/1528 EINS S/NIES- NY, to approach (to come near to) [v]
SIEN/ST a child or descendant, also SCION, SIENT [n -S]
SINE-/DSW to rinse (to cleanse with clear water) [v SINED, SINING, SINES]

573/1529 AELQSU EQUALS- EQUAL, to reach the same level of quantity or value [v]
LASQUE/S a thin, flat diamond [n -S]
SQUEAL/S to utter a sharp, shrill cry [v -ED, -ING, -S]

574/1530 AILMNRSU MURLAINS- MURLAIN, a basket, also MURLAN, MURLIN [n]

575/1531 EELNV ELVEN resembling an elf also ELFIN [adj]
NEVEL-/S to pound with the fists, also KNEVELL [v NEVELLED, NEVELLING, NEVELS]

576/1532 BENOORS BOONERS- BOONER, a young working class person from Canberra [n]

577/1533 CHOT COTH-/S a hyperbolic cotangent [n -S]

578/1536 EERT A/RETE-/M an anatomical mesh or network [n RETIA]
S/TEER-/S to daub (to smear (to spread with something oily or sticky)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TREE/DNS to drive into a tall, woody plant [v TREED, TREEING, TREES]

579/1537 ACKW -CAWK-/S chalk, also CAUK [n -S]
S/WACK/EOSY an eccentric person [n -S] / bad, unfashionable, also WACKO [adj WACKER, WACKEST]

580/1538 ANST BCDGHKLPRSVW/ANTS-/Y ANT, a small insect (a small invertebrate segmented animal) [n]
G/-NATS- NAT, a nationalist [n]
-SANT-/OS a saint [n -S]
-TANS-/Y TAN, to convert into leather by chemical process [v]

581/1539 AINOQRSU NARQUOIS mocking [adj]

582/1540 AEPRRSTU PARTURES- PARTURE, departure [n]
PASTURER-/S one who pastures livestock [n -S]
RAPTURES- RAPTURE, to fill with great joy [v]

583/1541 DEILNOS DOLINES- DOLINE, a swallow-hole, also DOLINA [n]
INDOLES- INDOLE, a chemical compound, also INDOL [n]
SONDELI/S the Indian musk shrew [n -S]

584/1542 AAEGIMNP PIGMAEAN pertaining to pygmies (a small person, also PIGMY) [adj]

585/1544 AEGORSS SORAGES- SORAGE, a hawk in its first year [n]

586/1545 AMNO MANO-/RS a stone roller used in Mexico etc. for grinding maize [n -S] / a kind of clam with a soft shell [n MANOES]
MOAN-/S to utter a low, mournful sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MONA-/DLS a West African monkey [n -S]
-NOMA-/DS a severe inflammation of the mouth [n -S]

587/1548 AILRTUV VIRTUAL having the effect but not the actual form of what is specified [adj]
VITULAR pertaining to a calf, also VITULINE [adj]

588/1549 AELORWY OWRELAY/S a large cravat (a necktie (a strip of fabric worn around the neck)) [n -S]

589/1550 DNTY TYND/E TIND, to kindle (to cause to burn) [v]

590/1551 AFWY AWFY (Scots) awfully, extremely [adv]

591/1552 AACEHST ACHATES bought provisions [n]

592/1553 AEEGPRRT PARGETER/S a plasterer [n -S]

593/1554 DEEILPSU EPULIDES EPULIS, a tumor of the gums [n]

594/1555 DDEOT DOTED- DOTE, to love excessively, also DOAT [v]

595/1557 BMOR BORM-/S to smear with paint or oil [v -ED, -ING, -S]

596/1558 BEILRSTT -BLITTERS- BLITTER, a chip or system that performs BLIT transfers [n]
BRITTLES-/T BRITTLE, to become fragile (easily broken) [v]
-TRIBLETS- TRIBLET, a tapering mandrel [n]

597/1562 BKO BOK-/EOS a South African antelope [n -S]
-KOB-/OS a reddish brown antelope [n -S]

598/1563 OPSU M/-OPUS a musical composition [n -ES]
CDLMNRS/-OUPS- OUP, to bind with thread, also OOP [v]
-SOUP-/SY to increase the power of efficiency of [v -ED, -ING, -S]

599/1564 EHILRSTT THRISTLE/S a thistle (a prickly plant) [n -S]

600/1565 ADENPSTU UNADEPTS- UNADEPT, a person who is not adept or skilled [n]

601/1566 ADEIKLNS KNAIDELS- KNAIDEL, (Yiddish) in Jewish cooking, a dumpling also KNEIDEL [n]
SANDLIKE like sand [adj]

602/1567 CDEHIOOR CHOREOID resembling chorea (a nervous disorder) [adj]
OCHEROID of or like ocher [adj]
OCHIDORE/S a shore crab [n -S]

603/1568 AAINNRU URANIAN- heavenly (full of beauty and peace) [adj]

604/1569 ADEERRST ARRESTED ARREST, to bring to a standstill [v]
DREAREST- DREAR, dreary, also DREARE, DRERE [adj]
RASTERED RASTER, to create a raster image [v]
RETREADS- RETREAD, to tread again [v]
SERRATED- SERRATE, to supply with toothlike projections [v]
-TREADERS- TREADER, one who treads (to walk on, over, or along) [n]

605/1570 CEILOPT TOECLIP/S a foot holder on a pedal [n -S]

606/1571 AEILORSV OVERSAIL/S to project (to extend outward) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VALORISE/DS to establish and maintain the price of by government action, also VALORIZE [v VALORISED, VALORISING, VALORISES]
VOLARIES VOLARY, an aviary (a large bird enclosure) [n]

607/1572 EMOR MOER-/S (South African slang) to attack [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-MORE-/LS a greater amount [n -S]
CGHV/OMER/S a Hebrew unit of dry measure [n -S]

608/1573 CEFHINOT INFOTECH/S an informal short form of information technology [n -S]

609/1574 EENW R/-ENEW-/S in falconry, to plunge the quarry into water [v -ED, -ING, -S]
T/-WEEN-/SY to fancy (to take a liking to) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

610/1575 AEORSVY AVOYERS- AVOYER, a chief magistrate [n]

611/1576 EGINOOSS GOOINESS the state of being gooey (sticky or viscid) [n -ES]
ISOGONES- ISOGONE, a line indicating the earth's magnetic field, also ISOGONAL, ISOGONIC [n]

612/1577 BMOO -BOOM-/SY to make a roaring sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

613/1578 AANN -ANAN-/A expressing misunderstanding [interj]
CMNTW/ANNA-/LST a former coin of India [n -S]
NAAN/S a slightly leavened bread, also NAN [n -S]
AJ/-NANA-/S a grandmother [n -S]

614/1579 ADNNOOST NANODOTS- NANODOT, a small cluster of metal atoms which can store much data [n]

615/1580 CIRT -CRIT/HS criticism [n -S]

616/1581 EGLOPRST SPROGLET/S a small child [n -S]

617/1582 EINOPSY PIONEYS- PIONEY, a showy flower, also PEONY, PAEONY, PINY, PIONY [n]

618/1583 ACELNOOP PALEOCON/S an extremely right-wing conservative [n -S]

619/1584 BCEILOTU TUBICOLE/S inhabiting a tube [n -S]

620/1586 ALNU LUNA-/RS a North American moth [n -S]
KY/ULAN/S one of a body of Prussian cavalry, also UHLAN [n -S]
ULNA/DERS a bone of the forearm [n ULNAS or ULNAE]

621/1587 DIOV DIVO-/ST (Ital) a highly distinguished male singer [n DIVI or DIVOS]
AO/VOID/S to nullify of legal force or effect [v -ED, -ING, -S]

622/1588 DEILNNS DINNLES- DINNLE, to shake (to move to and fro with short, rapid movements) [v]
LINDENS- LINDEN, a tall forest tree [n]

623/1589 DEINNSU DUNNIES/T DUNNY, an outside lavatory [n]
N/UNDINES- UNDINE, a female water spirit, also ONDINE [n]

624/1590 AEMORSW SEAWORM/S a marine worm [n -S]
WOMERAS- WOMERA, a stick used to propel spears, also WOMMERA, WOOMERA [n]

625/1592 CEIMORTY EMICTORY promoting urine flow [adj]

626/1593 AAEMNPRT PARAMENT/AS an ornamental vestment [n -S]
PERMATAN/S a permanent tan [n -S]

627/1594 EEFGORST GOREFEST/S a movie featuring much bloodshed [n -S]

628/1595 AELMOOPT OMOPLATE/S the shoulder-blade [n -S]

629/1596 ABEHNOS HEBONAS- HEBONA, anything with a poisonous juice, also HEBENON [n]

630/1598 AART RATA-/LNS a New Zealand tree [n -S]
TARA-/S a bracken (a large fern (a flowerless vascular plant)) [n -S]

631/1600 EGNOORS ORGONES- ORGONE, a vital force permeating the universe [n]
OROGENS- OROGEN, a region which has undergone orogeny [n]

632/1603 EPTY -PYET-/S a magpie, also PYAT, PIET, PYOT [n -S]
TYPE/DSY to print with a typewriter [v TYPED, TYPING, TYPES]

633/1606 AEIIRST FHLV/AIRIEST AIRY, relating to air [adj]

634/1607 INPS S/NIPS- NIP, to pinch lightly [v]
S/-PINS- PIN, to fasten (to secure (to make safe or certain)) [v]
-SNIP/ESY to cut with a short, quick stroke [v SNIPPED, SNIPPING, SNIPS]
-SPIN/AEKSY to draw out and twist into threads [v SPUN or SPINED, SPINNING, SPINS]

635/1608 ADEGLNU LANGUED- having a tongue (heraldry) [adj]

636/1609 AFSU HL/AUFS- AUF, an elf's child [n]

637/1610 ACEHLOT CATHOLE/S a part of a ship [n -S]
CHOLATE/S a chemical salt [n -S]

638/1611 CHSU CUSH/Y thigh armour [n -ES]
SUCH of that kind [adj]

639/1612 AELNRRUV NERVULAR of the nerves [adj]

640/1613 CEIRSTTU TUTRICES TUTRIX, a female tutor [n]

641/1614 AEILMMOT AMMOLITE/S the fossilised shell of an ammonite [n -S]

642/1615 EEILMOST MESOLITE/S a zeolite composition [n -S]
MISLETOE/S a former spelling of mistletoe [n -S]

643/1616 EILT BEF/LITE-/DRS of food and drink, low in calories, alcoholic content, etc [adj LITER, LITEST] / (Spenser) to alight, dismount [v LITED, LITING, LITES]
S/TEIL/S a lime tree [n -S]
SU/TILE-/DRS to cover with thin slabs of baked clay [v TILED, TILING, TILES]

644/1617 CDEORSTU RS/EDUCTORS- EDUCTOR, one that educes (to draw out) [n]
-SEDUCTOR/S one who seduces (to lead astray) [n -S]

645/1618 ABEM A/BEAM/SY to emit a ray of light [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMA/DS a platform in a synagogue, also BIMA, BIMAH [n BEMAS or BEMATA]
MABE/S a cultured pearl [n -S]

646/1619 EILRRSU FS/LURRIES LURRY, any garbled formula [n]
SURLIER SURLY, sullenly rude [adj]

647/1622 DGIILNOS DISLOIGN/S to remove (to transfer to another place) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

648/1626 AERR CU/-RARE/DERS uncommon (fairly rare) [adj RARER, RAREST] / to be enthusiastic [v RARED, RARING, RARES]
AD/-REAR/MS to lift upright [v -ED, -ING, -S]

649/1627 LLPU PULL-/ISY to draw or drag [v -ED, -ING, -S]

650/1628 AAMS CGKLMS/-AMAS-/S AMA, an oriental nurse, also AMAH [n]
-MAAS- (South Africa) thick soured milk [n -ES]
O/MASA-/S a Mexican dough [n -S]
-SAMA-/NS a Japanese title [n -S]

651/1629 AEGILMN GEMINAL having two matching substituted groups on the same atom [adj]
G/LEAMING LEAM, to shine (to emit light) [v]
-MEALING MEAL, to cover with a grain [v]


653/1632 IMNO AI/MINO/RS a raincoat of hemp [n -S]

654/1633 EEFGIRRT REGIFTER/S one who regifts [n -S]

655/1634 EHLP CW/HELP/S to give aid [v HOLP or HELPED, HOLPEN, HELPING, HELPS]

656/1635 ACLT E/-CLAT/S to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v CLATTED, CLATTING, CLATS]
TALC/SY to treat with a fine powdery mineral [v TALCED or TALCKED, TALCING or TALCKING, TALCS]

657/1636 CEIORSV CORSIVE/S a corrosive [n -S]
VOICERS- VOICER, one who voices (to utter (to give voice to)) [n]

658/1637 ACELMOR CAROMEL/S caramel (a chewy candy) [n -S]

659/1638 EIMOPRST IMPOSTER/S one who poses as another to deceive, also IMPOSTOR [n -S]
STOMPIER- STOMPY, conducive to stomping the feet [adj]

660/1639 AACELNOR LECANORA/S a lichen [n -S]

661/1640 GNPU PUNG-/AS a box-shaped sleigh [n -S]

662/1641 EIMNRRSU MURRINES- MURRINE, a substance used to make ancient Roman vases [n]

663/1642 ALPT S/-PLAT/ESTY to plait (to braid (to plait)) [v PLATTED, PLATTING, PLATS]

664/1644 AEHMNOS HOSEMAN a fireman who directs the stream of water [n HOSEMEN]

665/1647 DEHINOP DIPHONE/S a shorthand sign for a diphthong [n -S]
-PHONIED PHONY, to alter, so as to appear genuine [v]

666/1648 ELMNOOT MOONLET/S a small satellite [n -S]
TOOLMEN TOOLMAN, a man who works with tools [n]

667/1649 BDEELNST BENDLETS- BENDLET, a half-width bend [n]

668/1652 ABELNNRU RUNNABLE fit for hunting [adj]

669/1653 ADEHMOR HADROME/S xylem (a woody tissue in trees or plants, also XYLOGEN) [n -S]

670/1656 AEMNOPS MOPANES- MOPANE, a small South African tree, also MOPANI [n]

671/1658 FFNU S/NUFF/S enough (sufficient) [n -S]

672/1659 BEIMORS BROMISE/DS to treat with bromine, also BROMIZE [v BROMISED, BROMISING, BROMISES]

673/1660 NOOR CK/-ROON-/S a list or selvage, also RUND [n -S]

674/1661 EKOT KETO-/L pertaining to ketone (a type of chemical compound) [adj]
AS/-TOKE/DNRS to puff a marijuana cigarette [v TOKED, TOKING, TOKES]

675/1662 AEIILSW LEWISIA/S a perennial herb [n -S]

676/1664 DGIIMNOU GONIDIUM an asexual reproductive cell [n GONIDIA]

677/1665 AAHJNR K/HANJAR/S a Persian dagger, also HANDJAR, KHANJAR [n -S]
RHANJA/S (Hinglish) a male lover [n -S]

678/1666 AAINTTU TUTANIA/S a type of Britannia metal [n -S]

679/1667 BOOR -BOOR-/DS a rude person [n -S]
-BROO-/DKLMS the eyebrow, also BREE, BRIE [n -S]

680/1668 DEGINOW WENDIGO/S (Am. Ind.) a mythical monster among some N. American Indian tribes, that eats human flesh also WINDIGO [n WENDIGOES or WENDIGOS]
WIDGEON/S a river duck [n -S]
WONGIED WONGI, to chat (to talk informally) [v]

681/1669 ALPS CPS/ALPS- ALP, a high mountain [n]
ACFKPS/LAPS-/E LAP, to extend beyond some limit [v]
O/-PALS-/AY PAL, to associate as friends [v]
-SALP-/AS a free-swimming small marine animal, also SALPA, SALPIAN, SALPID [n -S]
-SLAP/S to strike with the open hand [v SLAPPED, SLAPPING, SLAPS]

682/1671 OOPR S/-POOR-/IT lacking the means of support [adj POORER, POOREST]
-PROO-/F a call for a horse to stop, also PRUH [interj]
DT/-ROOP-/SY to make a hoarse sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

683/1673 BKRSU -BRUSK- abrupt in manner, also BRUSQUE [adj BRUSKER, BRUSKEST]
BURKS- BURK, a fool, also BERK [n]

684/1674 DERY DREY/S a squirrel's nest [n -S]
-DYER-/S one that dyes (to change the colour of) [n -S]
YERD-/S to bury (to put in the ground and cover with earth) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

685/1676 BNOO A/-BOON-/GS a gift [n -S]
NOOB-/S an Internet novice, a NEWBIE [n -S]

686/1677 EEFGIRST FIGTREES- FIGTREE, a tree that bears figs [n]

687/1678 AENR DLY/EARN-/S to obtain reward for labour [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-NARE/S a nostril (an external opening of the nose) [n -S]
A/-NEAR/S to approach (to come near to) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / situated within a short distance [adj NEARER, NEAREST]
-REAN/S a watercourse [n -S]

688/1679 ELSU BCFGPS/LUES syphilis (a venereal disease, also SYPH) [n LUES]
SLUE/DS to cause to move sideways, also SLEW [v SLUED, SLUEING or SLUING, SLUES]
DGHMPRTY/-ULES- ULE, a rubber tree [n]

689/1680 AILS BFHJKMNPRSTVW/AILS- AIL, to be indisposed [v]
AG/LIAS early Jurassic rocks, LIASES [n -ES]
-SAIL-/S to be pushed in a boat by the wind [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SIAL/S a type of rock formation [n -S]

690/1681 ABELNOS BONSELA/S a gratuity to a black South African, also BONSELLA, BANSELA, PASELA [n -S]

691/1682 AASV CFJKLT/-AVAS-/T AVA, an tropical plant, also KAVA, KAVAKAVA [n]
VASA-/L VAS, an anatomical duct [n]

692/1683 AEGLNPST PANTLEGS- PANTLEG, the leg part of a pair of trousers or pants [n]
SPANGLET-/S a sparkling bit of metal [n -S]

693/1684 ADEILMOS DAMOISEL/S a young woman, also DAMSEL [n -S]
MELODIAS- MELODIA, a type of organ stop [n]

694/1685 AEKORST KOTARES- KOTARE, a small greenish-blue kingfisher found in New Zealand [n]

695/1686 LOOT CS/-LOOT-/S to plunder (to rob by force) [v LOOTED, LOOTEN or LUTTEN, LOOTING, LOOTS]
LOTO-/S a game [n -S]
S/TOOL-/S to use an implement for manual work [v -ED, -ING, -S]

696/1687 CEOR CERO/S a large food fish [n -S]
S/-CORE-/DRSY to remove the central part of [v CORED, CORING, CORES]

697/1689 CEIT CITE-/DRS to quote as an example [v CITED, CITING, CITES]
M/-ETIC/S a type of linguistic analysis [n -S]
-TICE-/DS to entice (to lead astray) [v TICED, TICING, TICES]

698/1691 BDEI A/-BIDE-/DRST to wait (to remain in readiness) [v BIDED, BIDING, BIDES]
DIEB-/S a North African jackal [n -S]

699/1693 EFNO FOEN- FOE, an enemy (a hostile foe) [n]
-FONE- FOE, an enemy (a hostile foe) [n]

700/1694 ADEILOST DIASTOLE/S the normal rhythmical dilation of the heart [n -S]
-ISOLATED- ISOLATE, to set apart from others [v]
SODALITE/S a mineral [n -S]

701/1695 CEIMNOT CENTIMO/S any of various small coins [n -S]
P/ENTOMIC pertaining to insects (a small invertebrate segmented animal) [adj]
TONEMIC pertaining to a toneme (a tonal unit of speech) [adj]

702/1699 ADDEIST -TADDIES- TADDIE, a tadpole (the aquatic larva of an amphibian) [n]

703/1700 AINN -NAIN own [adj]

704/1701 DEER DEER-/ES a ruminant mammal [n -S]
-DERE/DS to injure, also DEARE [v DERED, DERING, DERES]
-DREE/DRS (Scots) dreary [adj DREER, DREEST] / to suffer, endure [v DREED, DREEING, DREES]
CDLMS/-ERED- ERE, to plough (to turn soil with a farm implement, also PLOW) [v]
AB/REDE-/DS to advise (to counsel (to advise)) [v REDED, REDING, REDES]
BCDFGPT/REED-/ESY to fasten with the stalks of tall grass [v -ED, -ING, -S]

705/1708 DEMN AE/-MEND-/S to repair (to restore to good condition) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

706/1716 GINOORST ROOSTING ROOST, to prepare for sleep by perching [v]
ROOTINGS- ROOTING, the act of rooting [n]

707/1729 HOSZ D/-ZHOS- ZHO, a cross between a yak and a cow, also DSO, DZHO, DZO, JOMO [n]

708/1746 ADEIRSTT STRAITED STRAIT, to tighten (to make taut (fully stretched)) [v]
STRIATED- STRIATE, to mark with stria [v]
TARDIEST- TARDY, slow (moving with little speed) [adj]

709/1749 DDRU RUDD-/SY a freshwater fish [n -S]

710/1753 AEEIKLR BT/EARLIKE like an ear [adj]
LEAKIER LEAKY, inclined to leak [adj]

711/1756 EEINRTU NEURITE/S an axon (an extension of a nerve cell) [n -S]
RETINUE/DS a group of attendants [n -S]
UTERINE pertaining to the uterus [adj]

712/1761 JKOU -JOUK/S to dodge (to evade (to escape or avoid by cunning)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

713/1762 ACHM -CHAM-/PS an Asian ruler [n -S]
-MACH-/EIOS a number relating the speed of a body to the speed of sound [n -S]

714/1764 AEEHILRS SHIRALEE/S a swagman's bundle [n -S]

715/1765 KKNORS SKRONK/S music that is grating, dissonante, and frequently avante garde [n -S]

716/1767 AHIM MIHA/S a young fern frond that has not opened [n -S]

PRISAGE/S the former right of English kings to wine [n -S]
SPAIRGE/DS to sprinkle (to scatter drops on) [v SPAIRGED, SPAIRGING, SPAIRGES]

718/1769 ABENORW RAWBONE/D gaunt (emaciated, also GANT) [adj]

719/1771 HOWW E/-WHOW-/S to impress [v -ED, -ING, -S]

720/1772 ACDEEMNO CODENAME/S a name used to conceal the identity of a plan or a person, also CODEWORD [n -S]

721/1773 AENT Z/ANTE-/DS to stake at poker [v ANTEED or ANTED, ANTEING, ANTES]
ETNA/S a vessel for heating liquids [n -S]
-NEAT/HS a bovine (an animal of the cattle family) [n -S] / tidy (neat and orderly) [adj NEATER, NEATEST]
S/-TANE- one [pron]

722/1774 AINS CFGHKMPRSTW/-AINS- AIN, a Hebrew letter [n]
MR/-ANIS-/E ANI, a tropical American bird [n]
ISNA/E is not (no inflections), also ISNAE [v]
-SAIN-/EST to make the sign of the cross on, also SANE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

723/1777 ADEHKS KHEDAS- KHEDA, an enclosure for elephants, also KEDDAH, KHEDAH [n]
SHAKED- SHAKE, to move to and fro with short, rapid movements [v]

724/1778 DEOR DERO/S (Australian slang) a derelict also DERRO [n -S]
DOER-/S one that does something [n -S]
A/-DORE-/ES another name for the fish walleye [n -S]
CU/REDO-/NSX to do something again [v REDID, REDONE, REDOING, REDOS or REDOES]
ET/-RODE-/DOS to perform an evening flight [v RODED, RODING, RODES]
ROED- containing roe [adj]

725/1779 AEHV CS/-HAVE/NRS to possess [v HAS, HAST, HATH, (Spenser) HAN, HAVING, HAD, HADST, HADDEST] / a wealthy person [n -S]

726/1780 DEIIKN DINKIE/RS an affluent married childless person (dual income no kids) [n -S]
-KINDIE/S short form of kindergarten, also KINDY [n -S]

727/1781 EOTY EYOT/S a small island, also AIT [n -S]
TOEY- nervous (easily excited) [adj TOEIER, TOEIEST]

728/1782 EILS AL/ISLE/DST to place on a small island [v ISLED, ISLING, ISLES]
GV/LEIS-/H LEI, a garland of flowers [n]
CFPV/LIES- LIE, to make an intentional false statement [v]
SEIL-/S to strain (to exert to the utmost) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
E/SILE/DNRSX to strain (to exert to the utmost) [v SILED, SILING, SILES]

729/1783 GILT GILT/S the gold with which something is gilded [n -S]
-GLIT/SZ sticky material [n -S]

730/1785 GLOW A/-GLOW/S to emit light and heat [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-GOWL/S to cry (to utter a sound of distress or to weep) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

731/1786 OPSW POWS- POW, an explosive sound [n]
SOWP-/S (Scots) to soak [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SWOP/ST to barter, give in exchange also SWAP [v SWOPPED or SWOPT, SWOPPING, SWOPS]
S/-WOPS- WOP, to whip (to strike with a lash) [v]

732/1787 DEEMNOST DEMETONS- DEMETON, an insecticide [n]
TEENDOMS- TEENDOM, teenagers collectively [n]

733/1788 EGIMNOOR GERONIMO expressing exhiliration jumping from a great height [interj]

734/1789 EHRU ERHU/S a Chinese two-stringed musical instrument, played with a bow [n -S]
HUER-/S a pilchard fishermen's lookout man [n -S]

735/1790 BDEE BEDE-/LSW a prayer (a devout petition to a deity) [n -S]
DEBE-/LS (Swahili) a large tin [n -S]

736/1792 AEHINPT PENTHIA/S a bitter plant [n -S]

737/1793 ABCH -BACH-/AS a Welsh term of address [n -S] / to live as a bachelor [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

738/1794 AEHT BDHMN/EATH-/E easy, also EATHE, ETHE [adj]
HAET-/S a small amount [n -S]
-HATE-/DRS to despise (to loathe (to detest (to hate intensely))) [v HATED, HATING, HATES]
CW/-HEAT/HS to make hot (having a high temperature) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-THAE these; those [adj]

739/1795 ACELMOST CAMELOTS- CAMELOT, a hawker (a peddler (one who peddles, also PEDLAR, PEDLER)) [n]
MOLECAST/S a molehill (a small mound of earth) [n -S]

740/1796 AHOR HARO/S a cry claiming legal redress [n -S]
-HOAR-/DSY to make hoary (white with age) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-HORA/HLS an Israeli dance, also HORAH [n -S]

741/1797 AARU L/AURA/ELRS a subtle emanation [n AURAS or AURAE]

742/1798 FORS A/FROS-/HT FRO, a hairstyle [n]
ORFS- ORF, a viral infection of sheep [n]

743/1799 ACHS -CASH to convert into ready money [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-CHAS-/EM CHA, tea [n]

744/1802 EINP PEIN/S to beat with a rounded hammer head, also PEEN, PEAN, PENE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PENI-/ES a penny, also PENIE [n -S]
OS/PINE-/DSY to languish with longing [v PINED, PINING, PINES]

745/1803 AGJU A/JUGA-/L JUGUM, a pair of opposite leaves [n]


747/1807 AGGH HAGG-/S any broken ground in a moss [n -S]

748/1808 CHOR B/-ROCH- the little auk [n -ES]

749/1810 DOOR -DOOR-/NS an entrance that opens and closes [n -S]
-ODOR/S smell, also ODOUR [n -S]
FS/ORDO-/S a calendar of religious directions [n ORDOS or ORDINES]
B/ROOD-/S a crucifix (a cross bearing an image of Christ) [n -S]

750/1811 ADGS -DAGS- DAG, to remove clotted tufts of wool from a sheep [v]
E/-GADS-/O GAD, to roam about restlessly [v]

751/1813 ADEGINRR -DREARING/S gloominess [n -S]

752/1816 AELV CFGJNR/AVEL-/S (Hebrew) a mourner of nearest blood relations also OVEL [n -S]
CS/-LAVE-/DRS to wash (to cleanse in liquid) [v LAVED, LAVING, LAVES]
LEVA-/S LEV, a unit of Bulgarian currency also LEW [n]
A/-VALE/ST a valley (a depression of the earth's surface) [n -S]
U/VEAL/ESY to kill and prepare a calf for food [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VELA/R VELUM, a thin membranous covering or partition, also VELAMEN [n]

753/1817 EIINSTT SITTINE/S any of the nuthatch species in the genus Sitta [n -S]
TINIEST- TINY, very small [adj]

754/1819 AEENRSST ASSENTER/S one who agrees, also ASSENTOR [n -S]
EARNESTS- EARNEST, a down payment [n]
SARSENET/S a fine silk fabric, also SARSNET, SARCENET, SARCONET [n -S]
STERANES- STERANE, a chemical compound [n]

755/1820 DEFO DEFO-/G definitely, as an expression of agreement or consent [interj]
FEOD/S a feudal estate [n -S]

756/1821 AHIN C/-HAIN/ST to save (to rescue from danger, injury or loss) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

757/1823 DOPU -DOUP/S the posterior, or bottom of anything, also DOWP [n -S]
UPDO/S an upswept hairdo [n -S]

758/1824 ENOPRST POSTERN-/S a rear door or gate [n -S]
PRONEST- PRONE, ready (prepared) [adj]

759/1825 AEINOPPR ROANPIPE/S (Scots) a roof-gutter, also RONEPIPE [n -S]

760/1827 ACHV S/CHAV-/ES an uncultured youth eg Vicky Pollard in Little Britain [n -S]

761/1828 EFLU FLUE-/DSY a smoke-duct in a chimney [n -S]
FUEL/S to provide with an energy-producing material [v FUELED or FUELLED, FUELLING or FUELING, FUELS]

762/1832 ERRS S/ERRS- ERR, to make a mistake [v]
-SERR-/AESY to press close, also SERRE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

763/1833 ALRY ARYL-/S a univalent radical [n -S]
LYRA as in lyra viol, a lute-like instrument forerunner of the mandolin [adj]
RYAL-/S a royal person [n -S]

764/1836 AEGS CGMPRSWY/AGES- AGE, to grow old [v]
GAES- GAE, to go (to move along) [v]
U/-SAGE-/RS an aromatic herb [n -S] / wise (having wisdom (the quality of being wise)) [adj SAGER, SAGEST]

765/1837 CEEIINRS -EIRENICS- eirenical theology, concerned with promoting peace between churches [n]

766/1838 HOSW CDSW/HOWS-/O HOW, a low hill [n]
-SHOW-/DNSY to display (to put on show) [v SHOWED, SHOWN, SHOWING, SHOWS]

767/1839 LSUU -SULU/S a Melanesian skirt [n -S]
LPSZ/ULUS- ULU, an Eskimo knife [n]

768/1840 AORY GHR/-OARY- like oars [adj OARIER, OARIEST]

769/1844 ENOP -NOPE no [adv]
C/-OPEN-/S to expose to view [v -ED, -ING, -S] / not shut [adj OPENER, OPENEST]
-PEON/SY an unskilled labourer [n PEONS or PEONES]
-PONE/SY a corn bread [n -S]

770/1845 ABCR -CARB-/OSY carburetor [n -S]
S/CRAB/S to complain (to express discontent) [v CRABBED, CRABBING, CRABS]

771/1846 BCKU BUCK/OSU to leap forward and upward suddenly [v -ED, -ING, -S]

772/1848 AELPRSTU APLUSTRE/S an ornament on the stern of a ship [n -S]

773/1850 ACEELNST -CLEANEST CLEAN, free from stain [adj]

774/1852 HHIS PSW/-HISH- to hiss (to make a sibilant sound) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

775/1855 AIRY DFHLV/AIRY- relating to air [adj AIRIER, AIRIEST]

776/1857 EEFKS KEEFS- KEEF, hemp smoked to produce euphoria, also KAIF, KEF, KIEF, KIF [n]
-SKEEF- (South Africa) at an oblique angle [adj]

777/1858 ADEEEPRT DEPARTEE/S one who departs (to leave (to depart)) [n -S]
EPATERED EPATER, (French) to shock complacent people [v]
REPEATED REPEAT, to say or do again [v]

778/1859 ADEKS BCMT/-ASKED ASK, to inquire or request [v]
KADES- KADE, a wingless fly that attacks sheep [n]

779/1860 AHMW S/HAWM-/S to lounge about [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MWAH a representation of the sound of a kiss [interj]
-WHAM-/OS to hit with a loud impact [v WHAMMED, WHAMMING, WHAMS]

780/1861 HLOW T/-HOWL-/S to cry like a dog [v -ED, -ING, -S]

781/1862 AIMNOST MANITOS- MANITO, an Algonquain Indian deity, also MANITOU, MANITU [n]
STAMNOI STAMNOS, an ancient Greek jar [n]

782/1864 EEGIMNSU EUGENISM/S advocacy of eugenics [n -S]

783/1865 EPRY PREY-/S to exploit or terrorize victims [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/PYRE/SX a pile of combustible material [n -S]
G/RYPE/R a mountain-dwelling species of grouse [n RYPER]

784/1866 ACEHINRV VACHERIN/S a dessert (a final course of a meal) [n -S]

785/1872 ILNN -LINN-/SY a waterfall [n -S]

786/1873 ADDR AY/-DRAD dread [adj]

787/1874 ADEK BCFLNORW/-AKED- AKE, to endure a dull lasting pain, also ACHE [v]
KADE/S a wingless fly that attacks sheep [n -S]
KAED- KAE, to serve, also KA [v]

788/1876 ALSY ABCFPS/-LAYS- LAY, to deposit as a wager [v]
-SLAY/S to kill (to put to death) [v SLAYED, SLAIN, SLAYING, SLAYS] / to amuse very much [v SLAYED or SLEW, SLAIN, SLAYING, SLAYS]

789/1878 ALOS ALSO- likewise (in a similar manner) [adv]
SOLA-/HNRS a spongewood [n -S]

790/1881 AEKL -KALE/S a variety of cabbage, also KAIL [n -S]
FS/-LAKE/DRS a sizable inland body of water [n -S]
B/LEAK-/SY to seep through [v -ED, -ING, -S]

791/1883 AANS KLMNRT/-ANAS- ANA, a collection of miscellaneous information [n]
HS/ANSA-/E the projecting part of Saturn's rings [n ANSAE]

792/1885 CEIL CEIL/IS to furnish with a ceiling [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CIEL/S to ceil (to furnish with a ceiling) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-LICE LOUSE, a parasitic insect [n]

793/1886 AEGILNP LEAPING LEAP, to spring off the ground [v]
-PEALING PEAL, to ring out [v]
PLEAING PLEA, to dispute in a court [v]

794/1890 AEFIMNS -FAMINES- FAMINE, extreme scarcity of food in a district [n]
INFAMES- INFAME, to defame (to destroy the reputation of) [v]

795/1893 ESTY STEY/S (Scots) steep [adj STEYER, STEYEST] / a ladder [n -S]
-STYE-/DS an inflamed swelling of the eyelid [n -S]
S/-TYES- TYE, to wash in a trough [v]
-YEST-/SY a fungi (any of the major group of lower plants) [n -S]

796/1896 AMOR -MORA-/ELSTY a unit of metrical time in prosody [n MORAS or MORAE]
ROAM/S to move about without purpose or plan [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AG/-ROMA-/LN ROM, a Gypsy man or boy [n]

797/1897 ABGI BIGA-/E a two horse chariot [n BIGAE]

798/1901 EGHU HLT/-EUGH/S a yew (a tree) [n -S]
HUGE-/R very large [adj HUGER, HUGEST]

799/1902 EEIN S/EINE eyes [n]

800/1903 ABNORST BARTONS- BARTON, a farmyard (an area surrounding farm buildings) [n]

801/1906 DEOP -DOPE-/DRSY excellent [adj DOPER, DOPEST] / to give a narcotic to [v DOPED, DOPING, DOPES]
CDHLMORT/-OPED- OPE, to open (to expose to view) [v]

802/1907 DEEHINRS DRISHEEN/S an Irish sausage [n -S]
RESHINED- RESHINE, to shine again [v]

803/1908 DDER A/REDD-/SY to put in order, also RED [v -ED, -ING, -S]

804/1913 AGLS -GALS- GAL, a girl (a female child (a young person)) [n]
BCFS/-LAGS- LAG, to fall behind [v]
-SLAG/S to criticize, mock or deride [v SLAGGED, SLAGGING, SLAGS]

805/1925 ACDEINSY CYANIDES- CYANIDE, to treat an ore with cyanid [v]
CYANISED- CYANISE, to turn into cyanide, also CYANIZE [v]

806/1943 AEELRSST RESLATES- RESLATE, to put down new slate [v]
STEALERS- STEALER, one who steals (to take by theft) [n]
-TEARLESS without tears [adj]
TESSERAL- isometric [adj]

807/1957 ADEENRY DEANERY- the office of a dean, also DEANSHIP [n DEANERIES]
RENAYED RENAY, to renounce (to disown (to deny the ownership of)) [v]
YEAREND/S the end of the year [n -S]
-YEARNED YEARN, to long for [v]

808/1960 FOU -FOU/DLRS a bushel [n -S] / drunk (intoxicated) [adj FOUER, FOUEST]
B/UFO/S an unidentified flying object [n -S]

809/1962 GHNO T/HONG-/IS hang (to suspend (to stop for a period)) [v HONG, HONGING, HONGS] / a Chinese warehouse [n -S]

810/1964 EIMNORSS E/MERSIONS- MERSION, a dipping (the act of dipping) [n]

811/1971 ALLM S/-MALL-/S to maul (to batter or maltreat) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

812/1978 CIKSY -SICKY- (slang) a day off work also SICKEE, SICKIE, SICKO [n SICKIES]