1/18 EIORRSUV OUVRIERS- OUVRIER, a worker (one who works (to toil in mind or body)) [n]
REOVIRUS a type of virus (a pathogenic agent) [n -ES]

2/27 ADGIIMOR IDIOGRAM/S a diagram of chromosomes in pairs [n -S]

3/34 ILNORTU TORULIN-/S a vitamin in yeast [n -S]

4/42 AEINNPST PANTINES- PANTINE, a pasteboard doll with movable limbs [n]

5/44 ACEGINRS CREASING CREASE, to make a wrinkle in [v]
SEARCING SEARCE, to sift (to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE) [v]

6/46 ACINNOST ACTINONS- ACTINON, an isotope of radon [n]
CANONIST/S a specialist in canon law [n -S]
CANTIONS- CANTION, a song (a musical composition written for singing) [n]
CONTAINS- CONTAIN, to hold within [v]
SANCTION/S to authorize [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SONANTIC pertaining to a sonant (a sound made by vibration of the vocal chords) [adj]

7/53 EIMOSX EXOMIS a Roman sleeveless garment, also EXOMION [n -ES]
-MOXIES- MOXIE, spirit or courage [n]
OXIMES- OXIME, a chemical compound, also OXIM [n]

DT/READERS- READER, one who reads (to look at and understand written matter) [n]
REDEARS- REDEAR, the common sunfish [n]
REDSEAR brittle at red-heat, also REDSHARE, REDSHIRE, REDSHORT [adj]
REREADS- REREAD, to read again [v]

9/56 AAKSUW KAWAUS- KAWAU, the black shag [n]

10/58 ABEELRST ARBELEST/S a type of crossbow, also ARBALEST, ARBALIST, ARBLAST [n -S]
BLEAREST BLEAR, watery (containing water) [adj]
BLEATERS- BLEATER, a complainer [n]
RESTABLE/DS able to be rested [adj]
RETABLES- RETABLE, (French) a shelf or ornamental setting for panels behind an altar also RETABLO [n]

11/62 AEEILNTV ELVANITE/S a granular rock, also ELVAN [n -S]
A/VENTAILE-/S the adjustable front of a medieval helmet, also VENTAIL, VENTAYLE [n -S]

12/65 ANTU DGHJNSTV/AUNT/SY the sister of a mother or father [n -S]
TUAN/S a marsupial [n -S]
TUNA-/S a marine food fish [n -S]

13/69 EKSU NY/EUKS- EUK, to itch, also YUKE, EWK, YOUK [v]
KUES- KUE, the letter Q [n]
BCDJNPY/UKES- UKE, a small guitar-like instrument, also UKELELE, UKULELE [n]

14/73 ABEEILSV EVASIBLE capable of being evaded [adj]

15/79 ADEEMNRS -AMENDERS- AMENDER, one who amends (to correct (to make right)) [n]
MEANDERS- MEANDER, to wander (to roam (to move about without purpose or plan)) [v]
REAMENDS- REAMEND, to amend again [v]

16/81 CEEORSU CEREOUS waxy (resembling wax) [adj]

17/83 AEEILPTX PIXELATE/DS to divide an image into pixels for display in a digital format also PIXELLATE, PIXILATE, PIXILLATE [v PIXELATED, PIXELATING, PIXELATES]

18/88 BEEGIIST BEIGIEST BEIGY, relating to the color beige [adj]

19/89 ACINSTU ANICUTS- ANICUT, a dam, also ANNICUT [n]
NAUTICS- water sports [n]

20/90 AEGILMNY YEALMING YEALM, to prepare straw for thatching, also YELM [v]


22/93 EINRSSTT C/ENTRISTS- ENTRIST, one who indulges in entryism, also ENTRYIST [n]
-STINTERS- STINTER, one who stints (to limit (to restrict)) [n]

23/94 DEGINNR -DERNING DERN, to keep hidden [v]
GRINNED GRIN, to smile broadly, also GERNE [v]
T/-RENDING REND, to tear apart forcibly [v]

24/95 AEILLNNS -NAINSELL/S a Scots Highlander [n -S]

25/96 AINNRSU URANINS- URANIN, a sodium (a metallic element) [n]

26/97 AAEIMRR ARMERIA/S the generic name for the plant thrift [n -S]

27/99 EEINNRV ENRIVEN torn [adj]
NERVINE/S a soothing medicine [n -S]

28/100 AAEEHRTW -AWEATHER towards the windward side [adv]
HAWEATER/S a resident of Manitoulin Island, Ontario [n -S]
WHEATEAR/S a small bird [n -S]

29/101 IMNOORT MONITOR/SY to keep track of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TROMINO/S a flat, three-sided shape [n TROMINOS or TROMINOES]

30/102 DELMNOSU UNSELDOM not seldom [adv]

31/106 EGIMNST STEMING STEM, to deprive a plant of a leaf-bearing axis [v]
TEMSING TEMS, to sift (to pass through a strainer, also SIEVE) [v]

32/109 AADNOPRS PADRONAS- PADRONA, (Italian) a female boss or employer [n]
PANDORAS- PANDORA, ancient musical instrument, also BANDORA, BANDORE, PANDORE, PANDURA [n]

33/113 EIMNNOPT IMPONENT/S someone who imposes an obligation [n -S]
PIMENTON-/S smoked chilli powder [n -S]
POINTMEN POINTMAN, a certain player in hockey [n]

34/114 EINNOPS PENSION/EIS to grant a retirement allowance to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PINONES PINON, a pine tree, also PINYON [n]
SPINONE as in Italian spinone, a wiry-coated big-eared gun dog [n SPINONI]

35/115 AADILOPS PALISADO to fortify with a fence of stakes, also PALISADE [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

36/116 AAEKORTY AKARYOTE/S a cell without a nucleus [n -S]

37/117 AEELSSTU SETUALES- SETUALE, a plant [n]

38/119 ABDEELNT BANDELET/S a flat moulding around a column [n -S]

39/122 ACEIMOPT POEMATIC in the style of a poem [adj]

40/123 BEEILMOS EMBOLIES EMBOLY, an invagination [n]

41/125 AHINSTU INHAUST/S to drink in [v -ED, -ING, -S]

42/126 DINR G/RIND-/SY to bark (to cry like a dog) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

43/129 DEILOPS DESPOIL/S to plunder (to rob by force) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DIPLOES- DIPLOE, a bony tissue of the cranium [n]
DIPOLES- DIPOLE, a pair of equal and opposite electric charges [n]
PELOIDS- PELOID, a mud or other natural medium used as a medicinal plaster [n]
SOLIPED/S an animal with uncloven hoofs [n -S]
SPOILED SPOIL, to mar (to spoil) [v]

44/130 ACILRTU CURTAIL/S to cut short [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TRUCIAL bound by a truce [adj]

45/131 AAEGMRST MARGATES- MARGATE, a tropical fish [n]
MEGASTAR/S an extremely successful performer [n -S]


47/135 EIOOSST G/OOSIEST OOSY, having fluff [adj]

48/136 AAEELMN MELAENA/S a condition marked by black tarry stool also MELENA [n -S]

49/140 DOP -DOP-/AESY to dip (to immerse briefly in a liquid) [v DOPPED, DOPPING, DOPS]
AS/-POD-/S to produce seed coverings [v PODDED, PODDING, PODS]

50/141 ADEELLRS SARDELLE/S a small fish, also SARDEL [n -S]

51/142 CEIOSTT COTTISE/DS to give a heraldic border, also COTISE [v COTTISED, COTTISING, COTTISES]
SCOTTIE/S a short-legged terrier [n -S]

52/146 DEOZ A/DOZE/DNRS to sleep lightly [v DOZED, DOZING, DOZES]

53/147 DEEGLNT GENTLED- GENTLE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]
GLENTED GLENT, to glint (to glitter (to sparkle (to reflect flashes of light))) [v]

54/148 DEILMOS MELOIDS- MELOID, a type of beetle [n]
MIDSOLE/S the middle layer of the sole of a shoe [n -S]
-SMOILED- SMOILE, to smile (to look joyful) [v]


56/152 CEINNOS CONINES- CONINE, a poisonous alkaloid, also CONIINE, CONIN, CONICINE, CICUTINE [n]
CONNIES- CONNIE, a tram or bus conductor [n]

57/153 AADNRST -ASTRAND on the strand [adv]
TARANDS- TARAND, a reindeer (a large deer (a ruminant mammal)) [n]

58/154 AADMNORS MADRONAS- MADRONA, an evergreen tree, also MADRONE, MADRONO [n]
MANDORAS- MANDORA, a large mandoline [n]
MONARDAS- MONARDA, an aromatic herb [n]
ROADSMAN a driver (one that drives (to urge or convey forward)) [n ROADSMEN]

59/156 ACEEHORT OCHREATE relating to an ocrea, also OCREATE [adj]

60/157 EEGIKNRS KREESING KREESE, to stab with a Malay dagger, also KRIS, CREESE [v]
SKEERING SKEER, to scare (to frighten (to make afraid, to scare, also FRIGHT)) [v]

61/158 DEELORTT DOTTEREL/S a shore bird, also DOTTREL [n -S]
TOLTERED TOLTER, to flounder (to struggle clumsily) [v]

62/160 EGIMNRS GERMINS- GERMIN, something that serves as an origin, also GERMEN, GERMAIN, GERMAINE [n]
MERINGS- MERING, a marking off [n]
MINGERS- MINGER, an unpleasant person [n]

63/161 AEFMNRT RAFTMEN RAFTMAN, one who manages a raft, also RAFTSMAN [n]

64/162 AEKMRU KUMERA/S (New Zealand) the sweet potato, also KUMARA [n -S]


66/164 DEENNORS ENDERONS- ENDERON, the sensitive layer of the skin [n]

67/165 ABCEIIT R/ABIETIC as in abietic acid, a soap ingredient [adj]

68/166 CEHIORTT TROCHITE/S an encrinite joint [n -S]

69/169 AEIKMNR MANKIER MANKY, filthy (offensively dirty) [adj]
RAMEKIN/S a cheese dish, also RAMEQUIN [n -S]

70/170 AADEFIJO FEIJOADA/S a Brazilian dish of black beans, meat and vegetables served with rice [n -S]

71/173 AACEELN ANELACE/S a short dagger, also ANLACE [n -S]

72/178 DEEGILS LEGSIDE/S that half of a cricket field on the side on which the batsman stands when waiting to receive the ball [n -S]

73/179 AEGIRSS -AGRISES- AGRISE, to terrify, also AGRIZE, AGRYZE [v]
GASSIER GASSY, containing gas [adj]

74/184 EFN -FEN-/DIST a marsh (a tract of low, wet land also MARISH) [n -S]
-NEF-/S an ornamental stand for table cutlery [n -S]

75/185 AAEEGNRT TAGAREEN/S (English dialect) a scrap dealer's store [n -S]

76/186 ABEGRST BARGEST-/S a doglike goblin [n -S]

77/188 AAEEGMNS -AMENAGES- AMENAGE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]

78/189 EIKRS KEIRS- KEIR, a vat for boiling and dyeing fabrics, also KIER [n]
S/KIERS- KIER, a vat for boiling and dyeing fabrics, also KEIR [n]
-REIKS- REIK, a prank [n]
SIKER- secure (free from danger) [adj]
-SKIER/S one who skis (to travel on narrow strips of wood) [n -S]

79/190 DNORSTU ROTUNDS- ROTUND, to round (to shape like a ball) [v]

80/191 EGHINRTW WRETHING WRETHE, to shape into a wreath, also WREATHE [v]

81/192 GMPY GYMP-/S to trim with gimp [v -ED, -ING, -S]

82/193 EHITTW TEWHIT/S a shore bird, also TEUCHAT, TEWIT [n -S]

83/194 EEGNSTU GUESTEN/S to stay as a guest [v -ED, -ING, -S]

84/195 ACEIKNT ANTICKE-/DS (obsolete) an antic [n -S]

85/196 EINNOSY YONNIES- YONNIE, (Australian slang) a stone, when thrown, also BRINNY [n]

86/197 AADELNSW DANELAWS- DANELAW, danish law that prevailed in England, also DANELAGH [n]

87/198 AACEILRV CAVALIER/S to behave haughtily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VARICEAL of or relating to a varix [adj]

88/199 ADEIIRS AIRSIDE/S restricted area of an airport [n -S]
DAIRIES DAIRY, a shop where dairy products are sold [n]
DIARIES DIARY, a personal journal [n]

89/202 EFIOPRRT PORTFIRE/S a slow fuse, allowing the explosive to be carried for a while [n -S]
PROFITER/S one who profits (to gain an advantage or benefit) [n -S]

90/205 ACEEMRST -CREMATES- CREMATE, to reduce to ashes [v]
MEERCATS- MEERCAT, a South African carnivore, also MEERKAT [n]

91/206 AFILNTU ANTIFLU combating the flu [adj]
FLUTINA/S a type of accordion [n -S]

92/207 ACEGILS ALGESIC relating to algesia, sensitivity to pain also ALGETIC [adj]

93/208 AEGHNRS GNASHER/S one that gnashes (to grind the teeth together) [n -S]
C/-HANGERS- HANGER, one that hangs (to suspend (to stop for a period)) [n]
REHANGS- REHANG, to hang again [v]
SHERANG/S in the phrase the head sherang, the person in charge [n -S]

94/209 CEELORS CREOLES- CREOLE, a type of mixed language, also CREOLIAN [n]

95/210 CEEHLNOT ENCLOTHE/DS to clothe (to provide with clothing) [v ENCLOTHED, ENCLOTHING, ENCLOTHES]

96/211 ACGINOS AGNOSIC ss losing ability to recognize familiar objects [adj]
ANGICOS- ANGICO, a South American tree [n]

97/213 AEEINRRS REARISEN- REARISE, to arise again [v]

98/214 EEEINQRU QUEENIER- QUEENY, camp or effeminate [adj]

99/216 DEHIILNS LINISHED LINISH, to give a smooth linen-like finish to metal [v]

100/217 ELORSSTU SOULSTER/S a singer of soul music [n -S]

101/218 AAHKS -HAKAS- HAKA, a Maori ceremonial war-dance [n]
KASHA/S a cooked cereal [n -S]

102/219 AIKORR KORARI/S a native New Zealand flax plant [n -S]

103/222 EIILNRS INLIERS- INLIER, a type of rock formation [n]
RESILIN/GS an elastic substance in the cuticles of many insects [n -S]

104/223 AEGHNRU NURAGHE an ancient round tower, also NURHAG [n NURAGHI]

105/224 EKNORST REKNOTS- REKNOT, to knot again [v]
-STONKER/S to kill (to put to death) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STROKEN- STROKE, to rub gently [v]
S/TONKERS- TONKER, one who strikes (to hit (to strike forcibly)) [n]

106/225 AEILMOSV SEMIOVAL in the shape of half an oval [adj]

107/226 ACEENNR NARCEEN/S a narcotic component of opium, also NARCEINE, NARCEIN [n -S]

108/228 AEFIIRR -FAIRIER FAIRY, of or like a fairy [adj]

109/229 ABCEGIRS RIBCAGES- RIBCAGE, an enclosure for the ribs [n]

110/230 EGINPRU PUERING PUER, to tan leather with dog faeces [v]

111/232 EEIMNTT MINETTE/S an intrusive rock [n -S]

112/235 EEMNORSV OVERSMEN OVERSMAN, an umpire [n]
VENOMERS- VENOMER, one that venoms (to inject with a poisonous secretion) [n]

113/240 EEHNORSW HERONSEW/S a young heron [n -S]
NOWHERES- NOWHERE, a non-existent place [n]

114/242 ACDEORR CERRADO/S an area of wooded savanna in S America [n -S]
CORRADE/DS to erode (to wear away) [v CORRADED, CORRADING, CORRADES]

115/243 ACEOPRRT RECAPTOR/S one who captures (to take by force or cunning) [n -S]

116/246 EEEINQTU QUEENITE/S a queen's partisan [n -S]

117/247 AEOPRTTW TOPWATER floating on or near the top of the water [adj]

118/253 EEGIKNST KITENGES- KITENGE, a cotton cloth worn as a dress in East Africa [n]
STEEKING STEEK, to shut (to close (to make impassable)) [v]

119/254 AEEJNTU JAUNTEE briskly self-assured, also JANTY, JAUNTY, JANTEE [adj]

120/255 DHOY YODH-/S a Hebrew letter [n -S]

121/256 AEEHLMOS HEALSOME wholesome [adj]

122/259 CDEEGIIT DIEGETIC relating to DIEGESIS, the narration of the facts [adj]

123/260 DEEEGRST DETERGES- DETERGE, to cleanse (to clean (to rid of stain)) [v]
-REGESTED REGEST, (Milton) to register, record [v]

124/261 AEGNNRU GUNNERA-/S a plant [n -S]

125/262 EINOSTT SNOTTIE/RS a midshipman [n -S]
S/TONIEST- TONY, stylish (fashionable) [adj]
TONITES- TONITE, a blasting explosive [n]

126/263 AEEIPSTX EPITAXES EPITAXIS, epitaxy (a type of crystalline growth) [n]
EXPIATES- EXPIATE, to make complete atonement for [v]

127/264 CEIKNOST CONKIEST CONKY, full of a tree fungus [adj]
KENOTICS- KENOTIC, someone who promulgates the idea of kenosis [n]

128/265 CEEILRSU CISELEUR/S a chaser (one that chases (to pursue)) [n -S]
CISELURE/S the art of chasing [n -S]
RECUILES- RECUILE, to force back, also RECULE [v]

129/267 BDEEIOSW WEBISODE/S a short episode which airs initially as an Internet download or stream as opposed to first airing on broadcast or cable television [n -S]

130/268 ABEGINSY EBAYINGS- EBAYING, selling on eBay [n]

131/269 EEGILOSS GELOSIES GELOSY, being resentful of another's advantages, also JEALOUSY, GEALOUSY [n]

132/270 CEEFIINT INFICETE not facetious [adj]

133/271 AEEKNPRT PERTAKEN- PERTAKE, to participate (pa p PERTAKEN), also PARTAKE [v]

134/272 AEEKRST RETAKES- RETAKE, to take back [v]
SAKERET/S the male saker [n -S]

135/274 EGILMNNO LEMONING LEMON, to flavour with the juice of a citrus fruit [v]

136/276 CEIILRSU SLUICIER SLUICY, falling in streams [adj]

137/277 ADEIINUV INDUVIAE persistent withered leaves on some plants [n]

138/281 AAEEHPRT EARTHPEA/S a twining plant [n -S]
HEARTPEA/S the balloon-vine [n -S]


140/285 AKOR KARO/OS a small New Zealand tree [n -S]
-KORA-/IST an African musical instrument like the harp [n -S]
K/OKRA/S a tall annual herb [n -S]

141/286 HORT THRO/BEW through (by way of) [prep]

142/287 AINNSTU UNSAINT/S to divest of saintliness [v -ED, -ING, -S]

143/288 ABIMNRTU TAMBURIN/S a musical instrument [n -S]

144/289 DEEIIPR EPEIRID/S a type of spider, also EPEIRA [n -S]

145/290 BFSU FUBS-/Y FUB, to cheat, also FOB [v]

146/291 ACEOPRTT ATTERCOP/S a spider, also ETHERCAP, ETTERCAP [n -S]

147/292 EGINNRS ENRINGS- ENRING, to encircle (to form a circle around) [v]
A/-GINNERS- GINNER, one that gins cotton [n]

148/294 IKLNORST LINKROTS- LINKROT, the condition of a website link not being updated, with the result that the host website is no longer hyperlinked to the desired website [n]

149/295 AAELNPSU PAENULAS- PAENULA, a Roman cloak [n]

150/298 ACEGILRV CLAVIGER/S a club-bearer [n -S]

151/300 ABENNOS NANOBES- NANOBE, a very small microbe [n]

152/301 ACEORRS ARROCES ARROZ, (Spanish) rice [n]
COARSER- COARSE, rough (uneven (not even)) [adj]
CORREAS- CORREA, an Australian evergreen shrub with large tubular showy flowers [n]

153/302 COSY COSY- to attempt to get on friendly terms, also COZY [v COSIED, COSYING, COSIES] / snug and comfortable, also COZY [adj COSIER, COSIEST]
-COYS- COY, to caress (to touch lovingly) [v]

154/305 AEIRTTX EXTRAIT/S an extract [n -S]

155/307 CDELNOSU ENCLOUDS- ENCLOUD, to cover with clouds [v]
UNCLOSED- UNCLOSE, to open (to expose to view) [v]

156/310 ABEGILMN EMBALING EMBALE, to form into a bale [v]

157/312 EEINQRU ENQUIRE/DRS to ask (to inquire or request) [v ENQUIRED, ENQUIRING, ENQUIRES]

158/314 EEGLNST GENTLES-/T GENTLE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]
LENGEST longest (far-extending) [adj]


160/316 EEIRRTV RIVERET/S a small river (a large natural stream of water) [n -S]
RIVETER/S one that rivets (to fasten with a type of metal bolt) [n -S]

161/318 AENNORVY NOVENARY a set of nine things [n NOVENARIES]

162/319 BDEIILRU BLUIDIER BLUIDY, stained with blood, also BLOODY, BLUDIE, BLUDY [adj]

163/320 ABEORRS ARBORES ARBOR, a shady garden shelter [n]
BRASERO/S a brazier (a container for hot coals) [n -S]

164/321 EILNOTXY XYLONITE/S a plastic (a synthetic mouldable substance) [n -S]

165/322 CDELOSTU -COULDEST CAN, to put in a cylindrical container [v]
LOCUSTED LOCUST, to lay waste in the manner of locusts [v]

166/324 ABEGLNR BRANGLE/DS to wrangle (to argue noisily) [v BRANGLED, BRANGLING, BRANGLES]

167/325 GNNO NONG-/S a fool [n -S]

168/327 AEOPRRS PARORES- PARORE, a type of fish found around New Zealand and Australia [n]

169/330 EIIKNR DHKLPSZ/INKIER INKY, like ink [adj]
KEIRIN/S a cycling race originating in Japan, in which groups of cyclists follow a pacesetter and then sprint for the last part of the race [n -S]

170/331 ADILNRY RANDILY RANDY, lustful (full of lust) [adv]

171/332 AEILLNOR ALLERION/S in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, also ALERION [n -S]

172/333 AILMNRU MURLAIN/S a basket, also MURLAN, MURLIN [n -S]
RUMINAL- pertaining to a rumen (a part of the stomach of a ruminant) [adj]

173/335 ABEIOSS ABIOSES ABIOSIS, absence of life [n]
ISOBASE/S a contour line of equal upheaval of the land [n -S]

174/337 AENORSWZ WARZONES- WARZONE, a region of armed conflict [n]

175/338 EKSW EWKS- EWK, to itch, also YUKE, EUK, YOUK [v]
A/SKEW/S to turn aside [v -ED, -ING, -S] / awry [adj SKEWER, SKEWEST]

176/344 AEILLNNU UILLEANN- as in uilleann pipes, Irish bagpipes, worked by squeezing bellows under the arm [adj]
UNLINEAL not lineal [adj]

177/345 EEFLNORW ENFLOWER/S to cover with flowers [v -ED, -ING, -S]

178/347 AEGIMPRS EPIGRAMS- EPIGRAM, a brief, witty remark [n]
GRAMPIES GRAMPY, a grandfather [n]
PRIMAGES- PRIMAGE, an amount paid as an addition to freight charges [n]

179/348 ADEGHIRT GRAITHED GRAITH, to dress (to clothe (to provide with clothing)) [v]

180/350 BEINOST BONIEST BON, good (having positive or desirable properties) [adj]
-EBONIST/S an ebony worker [n -S]

181/351 AACEHIR ARCHAEI ARCHAEUS, an inner controlling spirit, also ARCHEUS [n]

182/352 AEEIQTUV EQUATIVE in grammar, denoting identity or equivalence [adj]

183/355 AEEHIPTT HEPATITE/S a mineral,a variety of barytes [n -S]

184/356 AEGINSS AGNISES- AGNISE, to acknowledge, also AGNIZE [v]
CLT/EASINGS- EASING, the act of freeing from pain or trouble [n]
-SEASING SEASE, to grasp suddenly [v]

185/357 BDEEORS BEDSORE/S an ulcer due to bed-confinement [n -S]
ROSEBED/S a part of a garden where roses grow [n -S]
SOBERED SOBER, to make sober [v]

186/358 EILOPRS SLOPIER SLOPY, sloping [adj]
SPOILER/S one who spoils (to mar (to spoil)) [n -S]

187/359 AEOPRRTV OVERPART/S to give an actor too difficult a part [v -ED, -ING, -S]

188/360 CDEEORTV CORVETED CORVET, of a horse, to act friskily [v]
VECTORED VECTOR, to guide in flight by means of radioed directions [v]

189/361 AADIILR DIARIAL of a diarchy [adj]

190/362 ACDINRU CANDIRU/S a tiny S American fish which can swim into a body orifice,where it attaches itself by means of a spine and feeds on blood and body tissue [n -S]
IRACUND easily angered [adj]

191/363 DEEOPTU TOUPEED- having a TOUPEE [adj]

192/365 AFINSTU FAUNIST/S someone who studies fauna [n -S]
FIAUNTS- FIAUNT, a judge's warrant [n]
FUSTIAN/S a cotton fabric [n -S]
INFAUST unlucky (not lucky) [adj]

193/367 EEORSST OSSETER/S a type of sturgeon (an edible fish) [n -S]
STEREOS- STEREO, to make a type of printing plate [v]

194/368 EEMNOPRS PROSEMEN PROSEMAN, a writer of prose [n]

195/370 AILNPTU NUPTIAL/S a wedding (a marriage ceremony) [n -S]
PATULIN/S a drug [n -S]
UNPLAIT/S to undo the plaits of [v -ED, -ING, -S]

196/371 CEIKLNOR CLONKIER CLONKY, making a dull thumping sound [adj]

197/373 DEIILTUY TUILYIED- TUILYIE, to struggle, also TUILZIE [v]

198/383 DELNRSU LURDENS- LURDEN, a lazy or stupid person, also LURDAN, LURDANE [n]
NURDLES- NURDLE, to glide the ball in cricket [v]
GT/RUNDLES- RUNDLE, a rung (a crosspiece forming a step of a ladder) [n]

STEPOVER/S an instance of raising the foot over the ball while in possession in order to wrongfoot an opponent [n -S]

200/385 BEENOST BEENTOS- BEENTO, (W Africa) someone who was educated in England [n]
BONESET/S a perennial herb [n -S]

201/386 CEEORSTW COWTREES- COWTREE, a type of tree [n]

202/388 AEGNSTT GESTANT laden [adj]

203/390 AEEFLMOS FLEASOME abounding in fleas (a parasitic insect) [adj]

204/391 ADEGORST GOADSTER/S a man who uses a goad, also GOADSMAN [n -S]

205/393 GINORTW ROWTING ROWT, to rummage out [v]
S/-TROWING TROW, to suppose (to assume to be true) [v]

206/394 EGHILNR GHRELIN/S a gastrointestinal hormone produced by epithelial cells lining the fundus of the stomach [n -S]
HERLING/S a young sea-trout [n -S]

207/395 BEKM KEMB/OS to comb (to separate with a toothed instrument) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

208/396 DIILOST IDOLIST/S someone who worships idols [n -S]

209/397 ACEIITV CAITIVE/S a captive [n -S]

210/399 ACENRSTT TRANECTS- TRANECT, a ferry [n]
TRANSECT/S to cut across [v -ED, -ING, -S]

211/400 AEILLSTT SITTELLA/S a small black-and-white bird, also SITELLA [n -S]
TALLITES TALLIT, a Jewish prayer shawl, also TALLITH, TALLIS [n]

212/401 IINRSTU SIRTUIN/S any of a group of enzymes which regulate cell metabolism and aging [n -S]

213/402 AGILNOV LOAVING LOAVE, to form a head as in a cabbage [v]

214/403 AEOPSTT APTOTES- APTOTE, an indeclinable noun [n]
TEAPOTS- TEAPOT, a pot used to make tea [n]

215/404 DELORSUV SOURVELD/S in South Africa, a type of grazing characterised by long coarse grass [n -S]

216/408 EGHIOSTT GOTHIEST GOTHY, (colloq.) relating to Gothic music or fashion [adj]
GOTHITES- GOTHITE, an ore of iron, also GOETHITE [n]

217/409 ADEGHIS HIDAGES- HIDAGE, a type of land tax [n]

218/410 ACINRSU CRUSIAN/S a type of fish [n -S]

219/412 AEIKNRR S/NARKIER NARKY, irritable [adj]

220/413 ACIRSTU URTICAS- URTICA, a plant of the nettle genus [n]

221/414 AEMORRS MAREROS- MARERO, a member of a mara in the US or Central America [n]
REMORAS- REMORA, a type of marine fish [n]
ROAMERS- ROAMER, one who roams (to move about without purpose or plan) [n]

222/415 EILMNNOO MONOLINE as in monoline insurer, an insurer who undertakes to pay the principal and interest on a bond should the issuer default [adj]

223/416 ACEGILRY GLYCERIA/S a plant [n -S]


225/419 CENORTT CORNETT-/IOS an old musical instrument [n -S]

226/421 EGINRRS H/ERRINGS- ERRING, a wandering [n]
GIRNERS- GIRNER, someone who girns [n]
BCW/RINGERS- RINGER, one that rings (to give forth a clear, resonant sound) [n]
-SERRING SERR, to press close, also SERRE [v]

227/425 AADLMNOR MANDORLA/S an oval panel [n -S]

228/426 CEIMORRT MORTICER-/S one that mortices (to join or fasten securely, also MORTISE) [n -S]

229/429 EFGIRST REGIFTS- REGIFT, to take a gift that has been received and give it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift [v]

230/430 AIKOORT ROOIKAT/S a South African lynx [n -S]

231/432 ABEGOSTT BOTTEGAS- BOTTEGA, a wine shop [n]

232/433 BDEIKNOR BRODEKIN/S a high boot worn by classical actors, also BRODKIN [n -S]

233/435 EGIMNRU D/-EMURING EMURE, to enclose behind walls, also IMMURE [v]

234/436 EILOOPRR POORLIER POORLY, unwell (not well) [adj]

235/439 ACEIKRT TACKIER TACKEY, adhesive [adj]
TRACKIE/S (of a garment) originally constituting part of a tracksuit [adj]

236/440 AHIOOST ATISHOO/S sound of a sneeze [n -S]


238/443 CDEKNO CONKED CONK, to hit on the head, also KONK [v]
DOCKEN/S a dock plant [n -S]
K/NOCKED NOCK, to notch a bow or arrow [v]

239/444 EGILNTT FKNPS/ETTLING ETTLE, to intend (to have as one's aim or purpose) [v]
B/LETTING/S the act of letting [n -S]

240/445 AENNOPS PANNOSE like felt [adj]

241/446 AEGGILNS LIGNAGES- LIGNAGE, ancestry (a line of ancestors) [n]

242/447 DEINNOP PINNOED PINION, to remove the wing feathers to prevent flight [v]


244/453 BEFIORTT FOREBITT/S a fastening post at the foremast [n -S]

245/454 EGIINRR GIRNIER- GIRNIE, ill-tempered [adj]

246/455 AILNOQSU AQUILONS- AQUILON, the north wind [n]

247/456 AEEOSUU EUOUAES- EUOUAE, a name for a Gregorian cadence, also EVOVAE [n]

248/457 EIILPRSU PLURISIE/S superabundance [n -S]

249/458 AACEEGLR CLEARAGE/S a piece of land cleared [n -S]

250/461 AGILNOP GALOPIN/GS a kitchen boy [n -S]

251/462 DEIINSST INSISTED INSIST, to maintain very firmly [v]
SNIDIEST SNIDEY, maliciously derogatory, also SNIDE [adj]
TIDINESS the state of being tidy (neat and orderly) [n -ES]

252/465 EGILNPR PINGLER-/S one that pingles (to strive (to contend)) [n -S]

253/466 ABEGIMNS BEAMINGS- BEAMING, a radiance (brightness) [n]
MISBEGAN MISBEGIN, to begin wrongly [v]

254/467 BIILNORU UROBILIN/S a brown pigment in faeces and sometimes urine [n -S]

255/470 AEGGIOPR ARPEGGIO/S a technique of playing a musical chord [n -S]
GEROPIGA/S a port substitute, also JEREPIGO [n -S]

256/471 AEIKNRW S/WANKIER WANKY, contemptible [adj]

P/RETREAT/S to go back [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TREATER/S one who treats (to deal with) [n -S]

258/473 AACORSTU ACATOURS- ACATOUR, a caterer (one who caters (to provide food and service)) [n]
AUTOCARS- AUTOCAR, a motor car [n]

259/474 AGINNSTU SAUNTING SAUNT, to make a saint of [v]
STAUNING STAUN, (Scots) to stand [v]
UNSATING not sating [adj]

260/475 EEGINTUX TEGUEXIN/S a lizard, also TEGU [n -S]

261/476 ACEGINNR ENRACING ENRACE, to implant (to plant firmly) [v]
RECANING RECANE, to replace the cane of [v]

262/477 ADELOPSU PALUDOSE of marshes [adj]

263/478 DEIINRSS INDRISES INDRIS, a short-tailed lemur, also INDRI [n]
INSIDERS- INSIDER, an accepted member of a group [n]

264/481 DENORSUU UNROUSED not roused [adj]
UNSOURED not soured [adj]

265/482 EEHMNORS HORSEMEN HORSEMAN, one who rides a horse [n]
SHOREMEN SHOREMAN, a landsman (a man who lives and works on land, also LANDMAN) [n]

266/484 ACEMNRT CREMANT of wine, moderately sparkling [adj]

267/486 EGINNST NESTING/S the act of making nests [n -S]
SENTING SENT, to scent (to fill with a perfume) [v]
TENSING TENSE, to make taut (fully stretched) [v]

268/487 ABEEITUX BEAUXITE/S an ore of aluminium, also BAUXITE [n -S]

269/488 AFINRSU F/UNFAIRS- UNFAIR, to deprive of beauty [v]

270/489 DEEENRS NEEDERS- NEEDER, one that needs (to require (to have need of)) [n]
SERENED- SERENE, to tranquillize [v]
SNEERED SNEER, to curl the lip in contempt [v]

271/490 EIOPRTTY PETITORY petitioning [adj]

272/495 ADIMNRS MANDIRS- MANDIR, a Hindu temple, also MANDIRA [n]

273/496 AIKMMS IMMASK/S to mask (to cover, cloak or disguise) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

274/497 AHINRSTY RHYTINAS- RHYTINA, an aquatic mammal [n]

275/500 ABEERRT REBATER-/S one that rebates (to give a discount for payment) [n -S]
TABRERE/S a person who bears the tabor [n -S]
TEREBRA/ES a boring instrument [n TEREBRAS or TEREBRAE]

276/501 EGHINNT HENTING HENT, to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v]

277/502 DEEORSV DEVORES- DEVORE, something etched with devore [n]

278/504 ABCENORR CARBORNE travelling by car [adj]

279/505 ADEFLNRU DEARNFUL mournful (expressing grief or sorrow) [adj]

280/506 EEGIOST EGOTISE/DS to talk about oneself a lot, also EGOTIZE [v EGOTISED, EGOTISING, EGOTISES]
GOETIES GOETY, black magic [n]

281/507 BDEEILMO BEMOILED BEMOIL, to bemire (to soil with mud) [v]
EMBOILED EMBOIL, to burn with anger [v]

282/508 BDEGINR -BREDING BREDE, to braid, to plait [v]

283/509 AAEEMNPT NAMETAPE/S a small bit of cloth with the owner's name [n -S]

284/510 AAFLNORS FORLANAS- FORLANA, a dance of old Venice, also FURLANA [n]
SAFRONAL/S a spicy-tasting chemical [n -S]

285/512 EIMOSTT MOTIEST MOTEY, full of motes [adj]
MOTTIES/T MOTTY, (Irish) a target at which coins are aimed in pitch-and-toss [n]
TITMOSE a small bird [n TITMICE]

286/514 EGILMNR GREMLIN/S a mischievous creature [n -S]
MERLING-/S the whiting (ground chalk) [n -S]
MINGLER-/S one who mingles (to mix together) [n -S]

287/515 AGIMNOS AGONISM/S a contest or struggle [n -S]

288/516 EEHNOPST POSHTEEN/S an Afghan sheepskin coat, also POSTEEN, POSTIN [n -S]
POTHEENS- POTHEEN, irish whiskey distilled unlawfully, also POTEEN, POTTEEN, POITIN [n]

289/518 AAEGIMRT GEMATRIA/S a numerical method of interpreting Hebrew scriptures [n -S]
MARITAGE/S the right of a feudal superior to arrange the marriage of a vassals heir [n -S]

290/520 EEINSTX EXTINES- EXTINE, the outer layer of some spores, also EXINE [n]
SIXTEEN/S a number [n -S]

291/522 AEFLORSU FUSAROLE-/S a semi-circular moulding around a column, also FUSAROL [n -S]

292/523 ACEGHILT LICHGATE/S a roofed churchyard gate, also LYCHGATE [n -S]
TEIGLACH a confection of dough balls boiled in honey, also TAIGLACH [n TEIGLACH]

293/524 CEINOPTT ENTOPTIC/S within the eyeball [adj]

294/525 AEGILPS PAIGLES- PAIGLE, the cowslip, also PAGLE [n]

295/526 EEIILRV VEILIER VEILY, like a veil [adj]

296/527 DEELORV C/-LOVERED having a love [adj]

297/528 CDEENOOS COOSENED COOSEN, to cheat, also COZEN, COOSIN [v]

298/530 DEEELRT DEERLET/S a mouse deer [n -S]

299/531 EIOSTTW TOWIEST- TOWY, like flax [adj]

300/532 AGILNNST SLANTING SLANT, to deviate from the horizontal or vertical [v]
TANLINGS- TANLING, a person tanned by the sun [n]

301/534 AADELRSY SALEYARD/S a yard for saleable cattle [n -S]

302/535 AEGIMPST PIGMEATS- PIGMEAT, bacon, ham or pork [n]

303/536 DDELORST STRODDLE/DS to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v STRODDLED, STRODDLING, STRODDLES]
STRODLED- STRODLE, to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v]
TODDLERS- TODDLER, a young child [n]

304/537 DEEILLST DELLIEST- DELLY, like a dell [adj]

305/538 EEINRRV NERVIER NERVY, nervous (easily excited) [adj]
VERNIER/S an auxiliary scale that gives fractional readings [n -S]
VERRINE/S an appetiser or dessert consisting of layers of different food presented in a glass [n -S]

306/540 EGIINRSU SIGNIEUR/S a feudal lord, also SEIGNIOR, SEIGNEUR [n -S]

307/541 ACIOPRT APRICOT/S an orange fruit, also APRICOCK [n -S]
APROTIC acting as a certain solvent [adj]
PAROTIC situated near the ear [adj]
PATRICO/S (slang) a hedge-priest also PATERCOVE [n PATRICOES or PATRICOS]

308/543 AADEEGMN -AMENAGED- AMENAGE, to tame (to subdue (to bring under control, also SUBDEW)) [v]
ENDAMAGE/DS to damage (to injure (to harm or do hurt to)) [v ENDAMAGED, ENDAMAGING, ENDAMAGES]

309/544 DELOPRSU POULDERS- POULDER, powder [n]

310/545 ADINOOP POINADO a small dagger, also PONIARD, POIGNADO [n POINADOES]

311/546 ACENRTY ENCRATY self-control [n ENCRATIES]
NECTARY- a plant gland [n NECTARIES]
TRANCEY- (of music, etc) creating a hypnotic effect [adj TRANCIER, TRANCIEST]

312/548 AHILNRS SHRINAL of a shrine [adj]

313/549 ABIRSTU ABITURS- ABITUR, in Germany, the final-year school examinations [n]

314/552 AEGNPRS ENGRASP/S to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

315/553 EEIISTV VISITEE-/S the person to whom a visit is made [n -S]

316/554 ABEIKNR INBREAK/S a violent rush in [n -S]

317/555 ACEGIPRS SPAGERIC pertaining to alchemy, also SPAGIRIC and SPAGYRIC [adj]

318/557 ADEGIRWY RIDGEWAY/S a track along a hill-crest [n -S]

319/560 EGINPRS S/PERSING PERSE, (Spenser) to pierce also PERCE, PEARCE [v]
PINGERS- PINGER, a device for producing pulses of sound [n]
SPRINGE-/DRS to catch with a type of snare [v SPRINGED, SPRINGEING, SPRINGES]

320/561 EIOPSTT S/POTTIES/T POTTY, a child's chamber pot [n]
SPOTTIE/RS (New Zealand) a deer up to three months old [n -S]
TIPTOES- TIPTOE, to walk on the tips of one's toes, also TIPPYTOE [v]

321/564 EIKORSTW WORKSITE/S an area where work takes place [n -S]

322/566 CEILOTT COLETIT/S a bird of the tit family [n -S]

323/567 AEKORSTV OVERTASK/S to impose too many tasks on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VOERTSAK (South Africa) offensive, expressing rejection, also VOERTSEK, VOETSAK, VOETSEK [interj]

324/568 ACGINORY CONGIARY an ancient Roman gift [n CONGIARIES]

325/569 AEGIMRRT RAGTIMER-/S one who plays ragtime music [n -S]

326/571 DEORSTUU OUTDURES- OUTDURE, to outlast (to last longer than) [v]

327/572 AEEISTTV AVIETTES- AVIETTE, a glider (a type of aircraft (a machine for travelling in the air)) [n]
L/EVITATES- EVITATE, to avoid, also EVITE [v]

328/578 AJNN -JANN/SY a supernatural being in Muslim mythology, also DJIN, DJINN, DJINNI, DJINNY, GENIE, JIN, JINN, JINNEE, JINNI [n -S]

329/580 AAHIKM KAMAHI/S a tall New Zealand hardwood tree with pinkish flowers [n -S]

330/583 AABKRS BAKRAS- BAKRA, (Caribbean) a white person, esp from Britain [n]
KABARS- KABAR, a heavy pole thrown as a feat of strength [n]

331/584 AEEEGNTW TWEENAGE/R having the characteristics of a TWEENAGER [adj]


333/591 AAENRST ANESTRA ANESTRUM, period of sexual inactivity, also ANOESTRUM [n]
SANTERA/S a priestess of santeria [n -S]


335/593 ADELNRSU LAUNDERS- LAUNDER, to wash clothes [v]
LURDANES- LURDANE, a lazy or stupid person, also LURDAN, LURDEN [n]
RUNDALES- RUNDALE, a system of holding land [n]

336/600 ACLW -CLAW/S to scratch with sharp, curved toenails [v -ED, -ING, -S]

337/601 BMNU NUMB/S to deprive of feeling [v -ED, -ING, -S] / lacking feeling [adj NUMBER, NUMBEST]

338/609 FILP -FLIP/S to spin in the air [v FLIPPED, FLIPPING, FLIPS] / flippant (impudent (insolently disrespectful)) [adj FLIPPER, FLIPPEST]

339/626 DEEGINNS ENSIGNED ENSIGN, to mark with a badge or sign [v]

340/627 ACIM -CAMI-/S (short for) camisole [n -S]
MICA-/S a mineral [n -S]

341/630 ADEMORST STROAMED STROAM, to wander (to roam (to move about without purpose or plan)) [v]

342/635 AEIINSTX AXINITES- AXINITE, a brown mineral [n]

343/636 AAEHKS -ASHAKE in a shaking state [adj]
HAKEAS- HAKEA, an Australian shrub [n]

344/637 AAKT KATA-/LS a karate practice sequence [n -S]
-TAKA-/S a monetary unit of Bangladesh [n TAKAS or TAKA]

345/638 DEFN -FEND-/SY to ward off [v -ED, -ING, -S]

346/644 CEOZ COZE-/DNSY to chat (to talk informally) [v COZED, COZING, COZES]

347/646 AKNRS KARNS- KARN, a memorial of a mound of stones [n]
KNARS- KNAR, to snarl, also GNAR, GNARR [v]
S/KRANS a precipice, also KRANTZ, KRANZ [n -ES]
S/-NARKS- NARK, to spy or inform [v]
BCFPT/RANKS- RANK, to assign to a particular place or grade [v]
SKRAN/S food (nourishment for the body to maintain life and growth) [n -S]
-SNARK-/SY an imaginary animal [n -S]

348/648 GORT -GROT/S a grotto (a cave) [n -S]
TROG/S to walk wearily [v TROGGED, TROGGING, TROGS]

349/655 DEOPX PODEX the rump [n -ES]
POXED POX, to infect with syphilis [v]

350/657 ABC A/BAC-/HKS baccalaureate, a university degree [n -S]
S/-CAB/AS to drive a taxicab [v CABBED, CABBING, CABS]

351/662 ADEEILS -AEDILES- AEDILE, a magistrate in ancient Rome, also EDILE [n]
DEISEAL/S motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIL, DEASIUL, DEASOIL, DEISHEAL [n -S]

352/663 ADEGHINR ADHERING ADHERE, to stick (to support with slender pieces of wood) [v]
HEADRING/S a palm-leaf hair ornament [n -S]

353/673 FFFU FUFF/SY to spit like a cat [v -ED, -ING, -S]

354/678 CHMU -CHUM/PS to be close friends with someone [v CHUMMED, CHUMMING, CHUMS]
MUCH/O a great amount [n -ES]

355/679 AFGINRST INGRAFTS- INGRAFT, to graft for propagation, also ENGRAFT [v]
DG/RAFTINGS- RAFTING, an activity of travelling by raft [n]
STRAFING/S shooting esp. from a plane [n -S]

356/683 AACEIIRV CAVIARIE/S the roe of sturgeon, also CAVIAR, CAVIARE, CAVIER [n -S]

S/TONKER/S one who strikes (to hit (to strike forcibly)) [n -S]


359/704 AHLT S/-HALT/S to stop (to halt or discontinue) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LATH-/EISY to cover with thin strips of wood [v -ED, -ING, -S]

360/707 AEENOPR PERAEON/S a crustacean's thorax, also PEREION, PEREON [n PERAEONS or PERAEA]

361/708 CEEIOPST ECTOPIES ECTOPY, abnormal displacement of body parts, also ECTOPIA [n]
PICOTEES- PICOTEE, a variety of carnation [n]

362/709 GMSU -GUMS- GUM, to smear with gum (a sticky substance) [v]
S/-MUGS- MUG, to assault with intent to rob [v]
-SMUG/S to make trim (neat and orderly) [v SMUGGED, SMUGGING, SMUGS] / self-satisfied [adj SMUGGER, SMUGGEST]

363/710 DHKSU KHUDS- KHUD, a ravine (a narrow, steep-sided valley) [n]

364/713 EEIINRSW SINEWIER SINEWY, lean and muscular [adj]
S/WINERIES WINERY, a place where wine is made [n]

365/714 AIKS -KAIS- KAI, a meal [n]
SAKI/AS a Japanese liquor [n -S]
SIKA-/S a deer (a ruminant mammal) [n -S]

366/720 KNOT -KNOT/S to tie with a closed loop [v KNOTTED, KNOTTING, KNOTS]
S/TONK-/AS to strike (to hit (to strike forcibly)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

367/726 GLMU -GLUM/ES low in spirits [adj GLUMMER, GLUMMEST]

368/730 AEGILNR M/ALIGNER/S one that aligns (to arrange in line) [n -S]
ENGRAIL/S to border with curved indentations [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LAERING LAER, to arrange wagons in a defensive ring [v]
BC/-LEARING LEARE, to teach (to instruct (to teach)) [v]
REALIGN/S to align again [v -ED, -ING, -S]
REGINAL- pertaining to a queen [adj]

369/731 ADOP -APOD-/ES an animal without feet or fins, also APODE [n -S]
-DOPA-/S a drug to treat Parkinson's disease [n -S]

370/732 BILP -BLIP/S to remove sound from a recording [v BLIPPED, BLIPPING, BLIPS]

371/733 DEGIILTU DIGITULE/S in zoology, a finger or toe or something resembling one [n -S]

372/734 GINORST F/ROSTING ROST, to roast (to bake (to cook in an oven)) [v]
SORTING/S the act of sorting [n -S]
STORING STORE, to put away for future use [v]
TRIGONS- TRIGON, an ancient stringed instrument [n]

373/736 EGGLMU S/MUGGLE/S (In fantasy fiction) a person who does not possess supernatural powers [n -S]

374/738 AALR MT/-ALAR-/MY pertaining to wings [adj]

375/740 KLNU BCFPS/LUNK-/S a stupid person, also LUNKHEAD [n -S]

376/742 AEFIK FAKIE/RS (In skateboarding and snowboarding) the movement or act of riding backwards [n -S]

377/746 AILNRSTU LUNARIST/S one who thinks the moon affects the weather [n -S]

378/747 ADDENRTU DRAUNTED DRAUNT, to drone (to make a monotonous humming sound) [v]
UNTRADED unfrequented [adj]

379/749 ADEINORT AROINTED AROINT, to frighten away, also AROYNT [v]
DERATION/S to free from rationing [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ORDINATE/DS to ordain (to decree (to issue an edict)) [v ORDINATED, ORDINATING, ORDINATES]
RATIONED RATION, to distribute in fixed amounts [v]

380/750 EHIRRSU D/HURRIES HURRY, to move swiftly [v]
B/RUSHIER RUSHY, abounding in rushes [adj]

381/751 DGIN -DING-/EOSY to sound like a bell [v -ED, -ING, -S]

382/753 LOOS A/-LOOS-/E praise [n -ES]
SOLO-/NS a performance by one person [n SOLOS or SOLI] / to perform a solo [v SOLOED, SOLOING, SOLOES]
SOOL/ES to incite to attack [v -ED, -ING, -S]

383/756 DEENRZ DZEREN/S an Asian antelope [n -S]

384/758 DEORRST DORTERS- DORTER, a dormitory, also DORTOUR [n]
RODSTER/S an angler (one who fishes (to try to catch cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates)) [n -S]

385/761 ACENOTT ATTONCE at once [adv]

386/768 ADHILNOR RHODINAL/S an aldehyde found in citronella, used in soaps and perfumes [n -S]

387/772 COT S/COT/EHST a narrow bed [n -S] / to become tangled [v COTTED, COTTING, COTS]
A/TOC-/KOS code for the letter T [n -S]

388/773 ACEORSTT SECTATOR/S an adherent of a party [n -S]

389/776 AEMNOST MANTOES MANTO, a 17c loose ladies gown, also MANTUA [n]

390/777 CEGIRSTU SCUTIGER/S a squire [n -S]

391/780 ACIINRSU URANISCI URANISCUS, the roof of the mouth [n]

392/781 EESV LMNY/EVES- EVE, evening (the latter part of daylight hours, also EEVEN, EEVN, EEVNING) [n]
VEES- VEE, the letter V [n]

393/785 AHKW C/-HAWK-/S to peddle (to sell or offer for sale) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

394/786 EEHINPRT NEPHRITE/S a mineral [n -S]
PREHNITE/S a type of mineral [n -S]
TREPHINE/DRS to operate on with a surgical saw, also TREPAN, TRAPAN [v TREPHINED, TREPHINING, TREPHINES]

395/787 EGILOOS GOOLIES- GOOLIE, a small stone, also GOOLY, GOOLEY [n]
O/-OLOGIES OLOGY, a branch of knowledge [n]

396/790 EIMNOPST EMPTIONS- EMPTION, the act of buying [n]
NEPOTISM/S favouritism shown to a relative [n -S]
PIMENTOS- PIMENTO, a sweet pepper, also PIMIENTO [n]

397/795 DEOW BCDJLMNRSTVWY/-OWED- OWE, to be indebted for [v]

398/802 GHIN ACEOT/-HING-/ES a foul-smelling gum resin [n -S]
A/NIGH/ST to approach (to come near to) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / near (situated within a short distance) [adj NIGHER, NIGHEST]

399/806 EFIRZ FRIZE-/DRS a frieze [n -S]

400/809 EEEHIRST ETHERISE/DRS to administer ether as an anaesthetic, also ETHERIZE [v ETHERISED, ETHERISING, ETHERISES]
SHEETIER SHEETY, like sheets [adj]

401/810 IOS BG/-IOS- IO, a cry of joy [n]
MP/-ISO-/S film replay facilities [n -S]
BHKP/-OIS- OI, a bloke (a fellow) [n]

402/812 ALMM S/MALM-/SY a soft, friable limestone [n -S]

403/813 ENORSTTU STENTOUR/S one who determines tax to be paid [n -S]

404/819 HPSU W/-HUPS- HUP, to go faster (by shouting hup to a horse) [v]
PUSH-/Y to thrust or press against [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

405/828 NSY NYS- is not (no inflections) [v]
-SNY/E a side channel of a river, also SNYE [n SNIES]
SYN/CDE since (from then until now) [adv]

406/832 ACENRTUY CENTAURY- a medicinal herb [n CENTAURIES]
CYANURET/S a cyanide [n -S]

407/835 ADEOORT ODORATE emitting a smell [adj]

408/837 ACDHINOR HADRONIC relating to a hadron [adj]
RHODANIC pertaining to thiocyanic acid [adj]

409/840 AADD DADA-/HS an artistic and literary movement [n -S]

410/844 HOORUZ HUZOOR/S an Indian potentate [n -S]

411/847 DEEIORST EROTISED- EROTISE, to give a sexual meaning to, also EROTIZE [v]

412/853 DEGIILNR GRIDELIN/S violet-grey [n -S]

413/858 AEGLORTY GEOLATRY earth-worship [n GEOLATRIES]

414/861 BEUZ ZEBU/BS an Asian ox [n -S]

415/862 ACRW S/-CRAW/LS the stomach of an animal [n -S]

416/863 AEGNRSU RAUNGES- RAUNGE, to set in a row [v]
UNGEARS- UNGEAR, to unharness [v]

417/868 ABJU BAJU/S a short Malayan jacket [n -S]
JUBA/S a lively dance [n -S]

418/870 DEINOPR POINDER/S one who impounds (to seize and retain in legal custody) [n -S]

BOYG-/S an ogre (a monster (an extraordinary grotesque or gigantic animal)) [n -S]
GOBY- a small fish [n GOBIES]

420/874 ENORRT RETORN RETEAR, to tear again [v]

421/876 EEILNNST LENIENTS- LENIENT, a softening application like a poultice [n]

422/882 ADEINSS -SDAINES- SDAINE, to disdain (to scorn (to treat with contempt)) [v]

423/895 ACDEKW S/WACKED- (colloq.) intoxicated, exhausted [adj]

424/896 CINZ ZINC-/OSY to coat with a metallic element [v ZINCKED or ZINCED or ZINKED, ZINCKING or ZINCING or ZINKING, ZINCS]

425/911 KRSY SKRY to decry (to denounce (to condemn openly)) [v SKRIED, SKRYING, SKRIES]
SKYR-/ES curd [n -S]

426/912 AEILNOR T/AILERON/S a balancing flap on a aeroplane [n -S]
ALERION/S in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, also ALLERION [n -S]
-ALIENOR/S one who transfers property [n -S]

427/913 EINOOSTZ ZOONITES- ZOONITE, a segment of an articulated animal [n]

428/916 AEILMRR LARMIER/S a course serving as a drip-stone [n -S]
MARLIER MARLY, abounding with marl [adj]

ENSEAMED ENSEAM, to make a mark like a seam [v]

430/921 EKLO KOEL/S an Australian bird [n -S]
BC/-LOKE/S a short narrow lane [n -S]

431/922 IKKUUY KIKUYU/S a type of African grass [n -S]

432/924 ADEIMNST MEDIANTS- MEDIANT, a type of musical tone [n]
TIDESMAN a customs officer [n TIDESMEN]

433/934 KKMOSU KOKUMS- KOKUM, (Marathi) an E. Indian tree also KOKAM, KOOKUM [n]

434/935 AEEGNRSU RENAGUES- RENAGUE, to be a turncoat [v]

435/937 DEEFHINT HINDFEET HINDFOOT, a rear foot [n]

436/939 DEIOSTT DOTIEST DOTY, stained by decay [adj]
-STOITED STOIT, to bounce (to spring back) [v]

437/940 ADEILOTT DATOLITE/S a rock formed from boron and calcium silicates [n -S]

438/941 CEEINNRT INCENTER/S the centre of an inscribed circle, also INCENTRE [n -S]
INCENTRE/S the centre of an inscribed circle, also INCENTER [n -S]

439/943 ELLV K/-VELL/S the fourth stomach of a calf [n -S]


441/947 EIK RS/EIK/S to augment, also EKE, ECH, ECHE, EECH, ICH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

442/949 DEIORST EDITORS- EDITOR, one who edits (to prepare for publication) [n]
ROISTED ROIST, to revel (to engage in noisy merrymaking) [v]
ROSITED ROSIT, to rosin (to treat with a brittle resin, also ROSET) [v]
SORTIED- SORTIE, to attack suddenly from a defensive position [v]
A/STEROID/S a type of chemical compound [n -S]
STORIED STORY, to relate an account of an event [v]
TRIODES- TRIODE, a type of electron tube [n]

443/957 ACDEFLOT OLFACTED OLFACT, to smell something [v]

444/959 AAEIKLN AKENIAL relating to an achene, also ACHENIAL [adj]

445/962 DEEGILST GELIDEST GELID, icy (covered with ice) [adj]
F/-LEDGIEST LEDGY, abounding in ledges (a narrow, shelflike projection) [adj]

446/964 AAENORST ANOESTRA ANOESTRUM, a period of sexual inactivity, also ANESTRUM [n]

447/967 ADEGLNOY GONDELAY/S gondolier [n -S]

448/975 EIOPRRT PIERROT/S a clown [n -S]
S/PORTIER/E PORTY, of the taste of port [adj]
PRERIOT preceding a riot [adj]

449/978 DDEILRST STRIDDLE/DS to straddle (to side, stand, or walk with the legs far apart) [v STRIDDLED, STRIDDLING, STRIDDLES]
TIDDLERS- TIDDLER, a small fish [n]

450/979 AACEOPRT CAPROATE/S a type of salt [n -S]

451/982 ALPP -PALP-/IS to feel (to perceive by the sense of touch) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-PLAP/S to make a sound like a flat plop [v PLAPPED, PLAPPING, PLAPS]

452/986 ACEKRW CAWKER/S a part of a horseshoe [n -S]
-WACKER-/S (Australian slang) a likeable funny fool, also WHACKER [n -S]

453/988 EHLL S/-HELL/OS to behave wildly [v -ED, -ING, -S]

454/991 ACEHORST -CHAROSET/HS a dish eaten at Passover [n -S]
THORACES THORAX, the part of the body between the neck and the abdomen [n]

455/1001 EPRV PERV-/EOSY to behave as a sexual pervert [v -ED, -ING, -S]

456/1002 DNOS U/-DONS-/Y DON, to put on [v]
S/-NODS- NOD, to give a quick forward motion of the head [v]
-SNOD/S to trim (to clip into shape) [v SNODDED, SNODDIT, SNODDING, SNODS] / smooth (not rough also SMOOTHE) [adj SNODDER, SNODDEST]

457/1004 DEELOTUV -EVOLUTED- EVOLUTE, to develop by evolution [v]

458/1006 AADEEPRS PASEARED PASEAR, to take a walk [v]

459/1007 ABLM BALM-/SY to embalm (to preserve a dead body, also IMBALM) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-BLAM/ES to make a sound like a gunshot [v BLAMS, BLAMMING, BLAMMED]
LAMB-/SY to give birth to baby sheep [v -ED, -ING, -S]

460/1009 AEFGILRR FRAGILER- FRAGILE, easily broken [adj]

461/1010 ADEEMRS MEDRESA/S (Arabic) an Islamic college, or school attached to mosque [n -S]
REMADES- REMADE, a thing made over [n]
REMEADS- REMEAD, to cure, also REMEDE [v]
SMEARED SMEAR, to spread with something oily or sticky [v]

462/1014 ADEGLRS -DARGLES- DARGLE, a dell (a small wooded valley, also DINGLE) [n]

463/1017 ABBR -BARB-/ESY to pierce with a sharp point [v -ED, -ING, -S]

464/1019 BKOOS BOKOS- BOKO, slang word for the nose [n]
E/BOOKS-/Y BOOK, to reserve in advance [v]
-KOBOS- KOBO, a monetary unit of Nigeria [n]

465/1021 EGINRSU REUSING REUSE, to use again [v]
RUEINGS- RUEING, repentance [n]
SIGNEUR (Shakespeare) senior [adj]

466/1022 CHIM -MICH-/ET to play truant, also MICHE, MITCH [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

467/1025 AIKMS -KAIMS- KAIM, a ridge of gravel or sand left by a glacier, also KAME [n]
-KAMIS- a South Asian loose tunic [n -ES]
S/MAIKS- MAIK, a halfpenny, also MECK [n]
MAKIS- MAKI, a small segment cut from a long roll of cold rice and various other ingredients wrapped in a sheet of seaweed, in Japanese cuisine [n]
-SMAIK/S a rascal (a rogue or scamp) [n -S]

468/1027 AIKL ILKA- each (every one taken separately) [adj]
S/-KAIL-/S a variety of cabbage, also KALE [n -S]
KALI/FS a type of large carpet [n -S]
G/LAIK/AS to play (to engage in recreation) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

469/1029 EGIL -GLEI/S a type of clay [n -S]

470/1030 AAEIMNRZ MAZARINE/S a rich blue colour [n -S]

471/1031 KKSUU KUKUS- KUKU, a New Zealand pigeon [n]
SUKUK/S a financial certificate that conforms to Muslim strictures on the charging or paying of interest [n -S]

472/1032 GLNO AFKP/LONG/AES to yearn for [v -ED, -ING, -S] / far-extending [adj LONGER, LONGEST]

473/1033 AIILRST LIATRIS a North American plant with small white flowers [n -ES]

474/1034 ADEIKLN KNAIDEL/S (Yiddish) in Jewish cooking, a dumpling also KNEIDEL [n KNEIDLACH, KNAIDLACH or KNAIDELS]

475/1035 ACELRSTU RAUCLEST RAUCLE, rough (uneven (not even)) [adj]

476/1036 ALNO S/LOAN/S to lend (to give for a time only) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

477/1037 HLWY HWYL/S emotional fervour [n -S]

478/1038 ADEELMT MEDALET/S a small medal [n -S]
METALED METAL, to provide with any ductile, fusible or lustrous substances [v]

479/1040 AEINNSW SWANNIE/RS in New Zealand, a heavy all-weather woollen shirt [n -S]

480/1043 GGMU MUGG-/ASY to make funny faces [v -ED, -ING, -S]

481/1045 CGIINORT TRIGONIC triangular [adj]

482/1046 AEGLNRUY GUNLAYER/S one who sights a gun [n -S]

483/1047 AFGN FANG-/AOS to seize, also PHANG [v -ED, -ING, -S]

484/1048 ACDELORV OVERCLAD overdressed [adj]

485/1049 EINORTTU RITENUTO/S a restrained musical passage [n -S]

ISBA/S a Russian log hut [n -S]

487/1051 HOSS HOSS- a horse [n -ES]
-SOHS- SOH, the fifth note of the scale [n]

488/1052 FFIR GT/-RIFF-/S to flip through hastily, also RIFFLE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

489/1055 ABKR -BARK-/SY to cry like a dog [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRAK-/ESY a breed of dog [n -S]
-KBAR/S a unit of atmospheric pressure [n -S]
KRAB/S a steel link used in mountaineering, also KARABINER, SNAPLINK [n -S]

490/1058 AMMO AMMO/NS ammunition [n -S]

491/1059 AKNU KUNA croatian monetary unit, = 100 lipa [n KUNE]

492/1062 BIOT BITO-/SU a tree which grows in dry tropical regions [n -S]
O/-OBIT-/S a date of death [n -S]

493/1063 EGRS B/ERGS- ERG, a Saharan area of shifting sand dunes [n]
AE/-GERS- GER, in Mongolia, another name for a YURT, a felt tent [n]
D/REGS- REG, a regulation [n]

494/1064 AEV CEFGHLNPRSW/AVE/LRS hail [n -S]
U/-VAE/S a bay or creek [n -S]

495/1065 EINNORU NOUNIER NOUNY, having many nouns [adj]
P/REUNION/S a uniting of people after separation [n -S]

496/1067 AARY RAYA-/HS a non-Muslim inhabitant of Turkey, also RAYAH, RAIA [n -S]
YAAR/S friend (India) [n -S]

497/1069 BDEL A/-BLED BLEED, to lose blood [v]

498/1070 ABBO BOAB-/S a tropical tree with a swollen trunk, also BAOBAB [n -S]
-BOBA-/CKS a skin disease, yaws, also BUBA [n -S]

499/1071 AEELSTV SALVETE/S a general "all hail" [n -S]
VALETES- VALETE, farewell [n]
VELETAS- VELETA, a dance in waltz time [n]

500/1075 AACEIST ECTASIA/S the lengthening of a short syllable, also ECTASIS [n -S]

501/1076 DNOO -DOON-/A (Scots) down, also DOUN [adv]

502/1078 ADER BCDEFHOPRSTW/-ARED-/DE AREAD, to declare also AREDE, ARREEDE [v]
-DARE/DRS to venture boldly also DARRE, DAUR [v DURST or DARED, DARING, DARES]
-DEAR/ENSY a loved one [n -S] / costly (expensive) [adj DEARER, DEAREST]
BHY/-EARD-/S to bury, also YIRD [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GIT/RADE- RIDE, to be conveyed by an animal or machine [v]
ABDOT/READ/DSY to look at and understand written matter [v READ, READING, READS]

503/1081 AEINOPZ APIEZON as in apiezon oils, the residue of almost zero vapour pressure left by vacuum distillation of petroleum products [adj]
EPIZOAN-/S an animal which lives on the surface of another, also EPIZOON [n -S]

504/1082 AAKRS Y/ARAKS- ARAK, a strong alcoholic spirit [n]
KARAS- KARA, a Sikh's bangle [n]

505/1083 AEINORST ANOESTRI ANOESTRUS, a period of sexual dormancy, also ANESTRUS [n]
ARSONITE/S one who maliciously lights fires, also ARSONIST [n -S]
NOTAIRES- NOTAIRE, in France, a public official authorized by the state to attest and certify certain legal documents, oversee property transactions, etc [n]
-NOTARIES NOTARY, a public official who can certify documents [n]
ROSINATE/S a resinate [n -S]
SENORITA/S an unmarried Spanish girl or woman [n -S]

506/1084 ADEGIRS -AGRISED- AGRISE, to terrify, also AGRIZE, AGRYZE [v]

507/1086 AABDEILN BALADINE-/S a female theatrical dancer [n -S]

508/1087 EEINSST SEITENS- SEITEN, a food made from wheat gluten, also SEITAN [n]
SESTINE/S a type of verse form, also SESTINA [n -S]

509/1090 GINS -GINS- GIN, to remove seeds from cotton [v]
BDGHKLMPRSTWZ/INGS- ING, a meadow, esp one beside a river [n]
SIGN-/AS to write one's name [v -ED, -ING, -S]
U/-SING-/ES to utter melodious musical sounds [v SANG or SINGED, SUNG or SANG, SINGING, SINGS]
SNIG/S to drag a load with chains [v SNIGGED, SNIGGING, SNIGS]

510/1091 AKOS KOAS- KOA, a timber tree [n]
BS/OAKS- OAK, a hardwood tree [n]
HK/-OKAS- OKA, a Turkish unit of weight, also OKE [n]
-SOAK/S to saturate in liquid [v SOAKED, SOAKEN or SOAKED, SOAKING, SOAKS]

511/1093 ENSS -NESS a headland (a point of land running out into the sea) [n -ES]
-SENS-/AEI since (from then until now) [adv]

512/1095 ILOORST LORIOTS- LORIOT, the golden oriole [n]

513/1097 AEGLNRS DJMTW/ANGLERS- ANGLER, one who fishes (to try to catch cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates) [n]
ERLANGS- ERLANG, a unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system [n]
CFS/-LANGERS- LANGER, (Irish slang) a penis, a dickhead [n]
LARGENS- LARGEN, to enlarge (to make larger, also ENLARGEN) [v]
-SLANGER/S a hawker (a peddler (one who peddles, also PEDLAR, PEDLER)) [n -S]

514/1098 ACEHIIRT HETAIRIC like a hetaira, also HETAERIC [adj]
HIERATIC/AS the sacred script of ancient Egypt [n -S]

515/1099 AHIINSTU HUITAINS- HUITAIN, a group of eight lines of verse [n]

516/1100 AIMOT S/TOMIA/L TOMIUM, the cutting edge of a bird's bill [n]

517/1102 ACELOST ALECOST/S a herb used to flavour ale [n -S]
LACTOSE/S a lactic sugar [n -S]
LOCATES- LOCATE, to find or pinpoint [v]
SCATOLE/S a crystalline compound [n -S]
TALCOSE pertaining to talc [adj]

518/1103 DEHNORT NORTHED NORTH, to head northwards [v]
THONDER yonder [adv]
-THORNED THORN, to prick with a sharp projection on a plant [v]
THRONED- THRONE, to sit on a royal chair [v]

519/1104 AEELZ S/LEAZE/S a pasture [n -S]

520/1105 AAIKNO AIKONA (Bantu) it is not [interj]

521/1106 AGIKNR BCDHKLMNPRSWY/ARKING ARK, to put into an ark (a coffer) [v]
BC/-RAKING/S the act of raking [n -S]

522/1107 AILOORS W/OORALIS- OORALI, a curare (an arrow poison, also CURARI, URARE, URARI) [n]
OORIALS- OORIAL, a Himalayan sheep, also URIAL [n]

523/1108 CRU E/CRU/DESX a vineyard (an area planted with grapevines) [n -S]
S/-CUR/BDEFLNRST a mongrel dog [n -S]
RUC/KS a legendary bird of prey, also ROC [n -S]

524/1109 AEOPT POTAE/S (Maori) a hat [n -S]

525/1110 ADGW GAWD-/S a large ornamental rosary bead [n -S]

526/1111 CEHT FHW/ECHT- authentic [adj]
FKLRV/ETCH to engrave with acid [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-TECH-/SY a technical college [n -S]

527/1116 DEGISTU DUGITES- DUGITE, an Australian venomous snake [n]
GIUSTED GIUST, to joust (to engage in personal combat, also JUST) [v]

528/1118 AACEENNT CATENANE/S a chemical compound [n -S]

529/1121 ACEELNS CLEANSE-/DRS to clean (to rid of stain) [v CLEANSED, CLEANSING, CLEANSES]
-ELANCES- ELANCE, to throw as a lance [v]
ENLACES- ENLACE, to entwine or entangle, also INLACE [v]
SCALENE/S a muscle, the scalenus [n -S]

530/1122 AILM LIMA/NSX an edible seed of a tropical American plant [n -S]
E/-MAIL/ELS to send by the government postal system [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MALI-/CKS a member of the gardener caste in India [n -S]

531/1123 DERS BC/-REDS- RED, to put in order [v]

532/1126 AEELNPS ALPEENS- ALPEEN, a cudgel [n]
SPELEAN living in caves, also SPELAEAN [adj]

533/1127 MOOR S/-MOOR-/SY to secure a vessel by cable or anchor [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BGV/-ROOM-/SY to lodge (to provide temporary accommodation) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

534/1128 AIMS KMS/AIMS- AIM, to direct a course [v]
CKRT/-AMIS-/S a clerical garb worn on the shoulders, also AMICE [n -ES]
-SAIM-/S lard made from pork fat [n -S]
SIMA-/RS an igneous rock [n -S]

535/1129 AEIMRSST ASTERISM/S a group of stars [n -S]
MAISTERS- MAISTER, to gain control over [v]
MISRATES- MISRATE, to rate incorrectly [v]
SMARTIES- SMARTY, a would-be smart person, also SMARTASS, SMARTIE [n]

536/1130 IKST KIST-/S to place into a coffin [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-KITS- KIT, to equip (to provide with what is needed) [v]
-SKIT-/ES a short satirical sketch in dramatic form [n -S]
TIKS- TIK, the drug methamphetamine in crystal form [n]

537/1131 DEGNNORU GROUNDEN GRIND, to wear, smooth or sharpen by friction [v]

538/1132 ABELMORU BELAMOUR/ES (Spenser) a beloved also BELAMOURE, BELLAMOURE [n -S]

539/1133 DEELNOT DOLENTE- musical direction, to be performed in a sorrowful manner [adj]

540/1134 AEGHILTT TEALIGHT/S a candle used in tea or food warmers or as a night light [n -S]

541/1135 FFIQSU QUIFFS- QUIFF, a forelock [n]
-SQUIFF/Y tipsy (slightly drunk) [adj SQUIFFIER, SQUIFFIEST]

542/1136 HIPT W/HIPT- HIP, to build a type of roof [v]
PITH-/SY to sever the central nervous system of [v -ED, -ING, -S]

543/1138 EIINRTT NITRITE/S a salt of nitrous acid [n -S]
S/NITTIER NITTY, full of nits [adj]
S/TINTIER TINTY, unevenly tinted [adj]

544/1139 AEENNRTU ENAUNTER lest by chance [conj]

545/1140 EIKLNOOR OERLIKON/S a type of Swiss aircraft [n -S]

546/1141 CCOY OCCY in the phrase all over the occy, all over the place [n OCCIES]

547/1145 ENP NEP-/S catmint (an aromatic herb, also CATNIP) [n -S]
O/-PEN-/DEIKST to write, or commit to paper [v PENNED, PENNING, PENS]

548/1146 ACINNOOT CONATION/S the inclination to act purposefully [n -S]
INTONACO/S the finishing coat of lime plaster [n -S]

549/1147 DEGORTU DROGUET-/S a ribbed woollen dress fabric [n -S]
-GROUTED GROUT, to fill a crack with thin mortar [v]

550/1149 OPRT AS/-PORT/ASY to shift to the left side [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TROP/E too much [adv]

551/1150 ALLS BCFGHLMPTW/ALLS- ALL, the whole (the entire thing) [n]
-SALL-/EY this is the only form of this verb [v -ES]

552/1151 BIKRS -BIRKS- BIRK, birch wood [n]
I/BRIKS- BRIK, a Tunisian filled pastry [n]
-BRISK-/SY to make lively (full of energy) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / lively (full of energy) [adj BRISKER, BRISKEST]

553/1152 AEILORTT LITERATO/R a learned person [n LITERATI]

554/1156 AEFHLORS FAHLORES- FAHLORE, a copper ore, also FAHLERZ [n]

555/1157 ACEELRS ALERCES- ALERCE, the wood of a sandarach tree [n]
CEREALS- CEREAL, food made from grain [n]
RELACES- RELACE, to do up again [v]
SCLERAE- SCLERA, the outermost membrane of the eyeball [n]

556/1159 AEEMNSTT NESTMATE/S a bird sharing a nest with another [n -S]

557/1162 ABGN O/BANG-/S to slam (to shut forcibly and noisily) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

558/1164 ADEGNRU ENGUARD/S to guard (to protect (to shield from harm, attack or injury)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RAUNGED- RAUNGE, to set in a row [v]

559/1165 AIOPRST AIRPOST/S the system of conveying mail by air [n -S]
AIRSTOP/S a helicopter stopping place [n -S]
PAROTIS (Greek) the parotid gland, near the ear [n PAROTIDES or PAROTISES]

560/1166 HIRS SHIR/EKRST to pucker, also SHIRR [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SHRI/S a Hindu title of respect (sir), also SRI [n -S]

561/1167 DIN -DIN-/EGKOST to make a loud noise [v DINNED, DINNING, DINS]
-NID/EIS a pheasant's nest [n -S]

562/1168 ABHT BAHT-/S the monetary unit of Thailand, also BHAT [n -S]
BATH-/ES a receptacle for bathing [n -S]
-BHAT a unit of Thai currency, also BAHT [n BHAT]

563/1170 CEEINORR ENCIERRO/S the ritual driving of bulls through the streets [n -S]

564/1172 AEIKMT KETMIA/S as in bladder ketmia, a plant with yellow flowers [n -S]

565/1173 FFIK S/-KIFF- excellent (South African slang) [adj]

566/1174 ADRY -ADRY thirsty (feeling a need to drink) [adj]
-DRAY/S to transport in a low, strong cart [v -ED, -ING, -S]
L/-YARD-/S to put in an enclosure [v -ED, -ING, -S]

567/1175 ACDEGLOU CLOUDAGE/S the amount of clouds [n -S]

568/1178 AELZ BG/LAZE/DS to pass time idly [v LAZED, LAZING, LAZES]
ZEAL-/S enthusiasm [n -S]

569/1179 ACENOPSU PONCEAUS- PONCEAU, a red dye [n]

570/1181 HIU HUI/ACS a Maori gathering [n -S]

571/1182 AEPS CGJNPRTV/-APES- APE, to mimic (to imitate (to copy (to imitate))) [v]
L/APSE/S a semicircular recess [n -S]
PASE-/OS a movement of a matador's cape [n -S]
-PEAS-/E PEA, the edible seed of an annual herb [n]
SPAE-/DRS to foretell (to tell about in advance) [v SPAED, SPAEING, SPAES]

572/1183 GNOW -GNOW/S west Australian aboriginal name for Mallee fowl [n -S]
-GOWN/S to dress in a gown (a long, loose outer garment) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

573/1184 AAEGILNR GERANIAL/S a lemon flavouring [n -S]
REGALIAN- regal [adj]

574/1187 DERV DERV/S fuel for a diesel engine road vehicle [n -S]
VERD green in the phrase verd antique (marble) [adj]

575/1188 ADEGLRU RAGULED with projections like stubs of branches, also RAGULY [adj]

576/1193 EEIINNS NEINEIS- NEINEI, a New Zealand shrub [n]

577/1195 AEMNOTU AUTOMEN AUTOMAN, a maker of automobiles [n]
NOTAEUM/S the upper surface of a bird's trunk [n -S]
OUTNAME/DS to surpass in notoriety [v OUTNAMED, OUTNAMING, OUTNAMES]

578/1197 ACEKNR -CANKER/SY to affect with ulcerous sores [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RECKAN/S a chain, hook or bar for hanging a pot over a fire [n -S]

579/1199 AEORSUVW WAVEROUS unsteady (not steady) [adj]

580/1200 ACDEINR -CAIRNED piled into a cairn [adj]
CARNIED- CARNY, to coax, also CARNEY [v]
DANCIER DANCY, (Esp of electronic music) suitable for dancing to, also DANCEY [adj]

581/1201 ABIST ABSIT/S an overnight pass from college [n -S]
-BAITS- BAIT, to set a trap [v]
BASTI-/S (India) a slum, also BUSTI, BUSTEE [n -S]
TABIS- TABI, (Japanese) a kind of sock worn with Japanese sandals [n]

582/1202 ABHIJS -BHAJIS- BHAJI, in Indian cookery, an appetizer consisting of vegetables cooked in batter [n]
HIJABS- HIJAB, a Muslim woman's face covering [n]

583/1204 EHNT AS/HENT-/S to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-THEN-/S that time [n -S]

584/1205 AEILLNU UILLEAN/N as in uillean pipes, an Irish bagpipe [adj]

585/1207 ABINORTU TABOURIN/GS a small drum, also TABRET [n -S]

586/1211 AMMS I/MAMS- MAM, mother [n]

587/1212 DEEHINST DISTHENE/S a mineral of nonuniform hardness [n -S]

588/1213 EHIORTU OUTHIRE/DS to give out as if on hire [v OUTHIRED, OUTHIRING, OUTHIRES]

589/1214 DEENRSTU DENTURES- DENTURE, a set of teeth [n]
SEDERUNT/S a prolonged sitting [n -S]
UNDERSET/S a current below the surface of the ocean [n -S]
UNDESERT/S a lack of merit [n -S]
UNRESTED not rested [adj]

590/1215 IKLPSU PIKULS- PIKUL, a Chinese weight, also PICUL [n]

591/1217 ENVY S/ENVY to covet others' possessions,looks etc [v ENVIED, ENVYING, ENVIES]

592/1218 FIKRS -FIRKS- FIRK, to whip (to strike with a lash) [v]
-FRISK-/ASY to gambol, or leap playfully [v -ED, -ING, -S]

593/1219 AEILOPS LEIPOAS- LEIPOA, an Australian bird [n]

594/1220 ADEEINPR PINDAREE/S an Indian mercenary, also PINDARI [n -S]

595/1222 ESTW N/EWTS- EWT, a small salamander, also NEWT [n]
-STEW/SY to cook by boiling slowly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TEWS- TEW, to work hard [v]
E/-WEST/S to move towards the west, also WESTER [v -ED, -ING, -S]
WETS- WET, to impregnate with liquid [v]

596/1224 ELOV -LEVO- turning towards the left, also LAEVO [adj]
CGS/LOVE/DRSY to feel great affection for [v LOVED, LOVING, LOVES]
HN/OVEL/S a mourner of nearest blood relations (Jewish), also AVEL [n -S]
-VOLE-/DST to win all tricks in a card game [v VOLED, VOLING, VOLES]

597/1226 ENR DFHKPT/ERN-/ES a sea eagle [n -S]
BGW/-REN-/DKOSTY to run (to move by rapid steps) [v RENNED, RENNING, RENS]

598/1228 ABELNRS BRANLES- BRANLE, an old French dance, also BRANSLE, BRANTLE [n]
BRANSLE/S an old French dance, also BRANLE, BRANTLE [n -S]

599/1230 CDEEINPT DEPEINCT/S to paint (to apply colour with a brush) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
INCEPTED INCEPT, to take into the body [v]
PEINCTED PEINCT, to paint (to apply colour with a brush) [v]
-PENTICED- PENTICE, to provide with a penthouse, also PENTISE [v]

600/1235 EIKRSS KISSER/S one that kisses (to caress by touching with the lips) [n -S]
-KRISES KRIS, to stab with a Malay dagger (pr t KRISES, KRISES), also CREESE, KREESE [v]
-SKIERS- SKIER, one who skis (to travel on narrow strips of wood) [n]
SKRIES SKRY, to decry (to denounce (to condemn openly)) [v]

601/1236 ACDEFILR FILECARD/S a brush for cleaning a file [n -S]
FRICADEL/S in South Africa, a fried meatball [n -S]


603/1239 CMMO COMM/AOSY a small wearable badge-shaped radio transmitter [n -S]

604/1242 CEIOPRST PERSICOT-/S a cordial, also PERSICO [n -S]

605/1243 AIMOPT MATIPO/S a New Zealand shrub [n -S]
OPTIMA/L OPTIMUM, the most favourable point of any condition [n]

606/1246 ACEEHIT HICATEE/S a freshwater tortoise [n -S]
TEACHIE tetchy (irritable, also TECHY) [adj]

607/1247 ACEHINOT M/ETHANOIC as in ethanoic acid, the same as acetic acid [adj]
INCHOATE/DS to begin (to start (to begin)) [v INCHOATED, INCHOATING, INCHOATES]

608/1250 EEFR FEER-/S to plough (to turn soil with a farm implement, also PLOW) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
Y/-FERE-/RS a companion [n -S] / able, also FEARE, FIER, FIERE, PHEER, PHEERE [adj FERER, FEREST]
-FREE/DRST to set at liberty [v FREED, FREEING, FREES] / not subject to restrictions [adj FREER, FREEST]
REEF-/SY to reduce the area of a sail [v -ED, -ING, -S]

609/1252 AFILNSTU FLUTINAS- FLUTINA, a type of accordion [n]
INFLATUS inspiration [n -ES]

610/1253 AEEGILST EGALITES- EGALITE, the state of being equal, also EQUALITY, EGALITY [n]
ELEGIAST/S a writer of elegies [n -S]

611/1254 DEGILOPS DOGPILES- DOGPILE, a heap of bodies formed by people jumping on top of each other in an act of celebration [n]

612/1255 ADPR -DRAP/ES (Scots) to drop [v DRAPPED, DRAPPING, DRAPS]
S/-PARD-/ISY a leopard (a large, carnivorous, feline mammal) [n -S]
S/-PRAD/S a horse [n -S]

613/1259 AEEHINRT ATHERINE/S a fish resembling the grey mullet [n -S]
HERNIATE/DS to rupture (to burst (to break open violently also BRAST, BRUST)) [v HERNIATED, HERNIATING, HERNIATES]

614/1261 EFIOOST FOOTIES-/T FOOTIE, a flirting game played with the feet, also FOOTSIE, FOOTSY [n]
FOOTSIE/S a flirting game played with the feet, also FOOTIE, FOOTSY [n -S]
BGPRW/OOFIEST OOFY, expensive, ostentatious [adj]

615/1262 AEGILRS GLAIRES- GLAIRE, to coat with egg white, also GLAIR [v]
-GRAILES- GRAILE, gravel [n]

616/1263 NOPW -POWN-/DSY a peacock [n -S]

617/1265 BENW NEWB-/S a newbie also NEWBIE [n NEWBS]

618/1266 EIOORST M/OORIEST OOR, belonging to us, also OUR [adj]
ROOTIES/T ROOTY, military slang for bread [n]
SOOTIER SOOTY, covered with soot [adj]
TOORIES- TOORIE, a small heap [n]

619/1267 BEIORSST -BROSIEST BROSY, smeared with brose [adj]
SORBITES- SORBITE, a fine-grained constituent of steel [n]

620/1268 BDEEEINS BENISEED/S sesame seed [n -S]

621/1270 CEEHIRTU HEURETIC/S heuristic [n -S]

622/1271 FITT FITT-/ES a song, also FITTE [n -S]
TIFT/S to lunch (to eat a midday meal) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

623/1272 EIQSTU QUIETS- QUIET, to silence (to make quiet) [v]
E/QUITES- QUITE, to depart from or stop, also QUIT [v]

624/1275 DEEINSTV EVIDENTS- EVIDENT, something which serves as evidence [n]
INVESTED INVEST, to lay out for profit [v]

625/1282 EEFIMRST FEMITERS- FEMITER, a plant once used to treat scurvy, also FUMITORY, FEMETARY, FENITAR [n]

626/1283 EIKPPT KEPPIT KEP, to catch (to capture after pursuit) [v]

627/1284 AEEIPRS JN/APERIES APERY, the act of aping (to mimic (to imitate)) [n]
EPEIRAS- EPEIRA, a type of spider, also EPEIRID [n]

628/1288 AALY P/-ALAY-/S to quell, also ALLAY, ALEYE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

629/1289 EKN S/-KEN/OST to know (to have a true understanding of) [v KENNED, KENNING, KENS]
NEK-/S a mountain pass [n -S]

630/1290 AEKRS MT/-ASKER/S one who asks (to inquire or request) [n -S]
ESKAR/S a narrow ridge of gravel and sand, also ESCAR, ESKER [n -S]
KESAR/S an emperor, also KAISER, KEASAR [n -S]
BCD/-RAKES- RAKE, to gather with a toothed bar on a handle [v]
BCFW/REAKS- REAK, to care (to be concerned) [v]
SAKER-/S an Eurasian falcon [n -S]
SKEAR/SY to scare (to frighten (to make afraid, to scare, also FRIGHT)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

631/1291 EEEMNRST ENTREMES a light dish between main courses [n ENTREMES]

632/1292 ENTV E/VENT/S to provide with an opening [v -ED, -ING, -S]

633/1295 AFST FAST-/IS to abstain from eating [v -ED, -ING, -S] / able to move quickly [adj FASTER, FASTEST]
-FATS-/O FAT, to make plump (somewhat fat) [v]
-SAFT (Scots) soft [adj SAFTER, SAFTEST]

634/1296 NOTT NOTT- with short cropped hair [adj]

635/1299 EGILMOSU ELOGIUMS- ELOGIUM, a funeral oration, also ELOGE, ELOGY [n]

636/1302 ACEKRY S/CREAKY- creaking [adj CREAKIER, CREAKIEST]
-YACKER/S hard toil, also YAKKA [n -S]

637/1303 DEEILNST ENLISTED ENLIST, to enrol (to insert on a register, also ENROLL) [v]
LINTSEED/S a lint or flax seed [n -S]
G/LISTENED LISTEN, to try to hear [v]
TINSELED TINSEL, to give a showy appearance to [v]

638/1316 BEEINRT BENTIER BENTY, like wiry grass [adj]

639/1318 BEGILOR GLOBIER GLOBY, (Milton) round [adj]
OBLIGER-/S one who obliges (to bind by some favour rendered) [n -S]

640/1323 EFNU ENUF enough, used in texting [adj]

641/1324 ADFT -DAFT insane (mentally unsound) [adj DAFTER, DAFTEST]

642/1325 ABDILOST BLASTOID/S an extinct bud form [n -S]
TABLOIDS- TABLOID, a small newspaper [n]

643/1329 KMOO S/MOKO/S a Maori tattoo [n -S]
MOOK-/S a book produced in magazine format [n -S]

644/1334 AESSZ ASSEZ as part of a musical direction, fairly, eg assez lent: fairly slowly [adv]
SAZES SAZ, a stringed instrument of the Middle East [n]

645/1335 EERSZ PT/REZES REZ, (short for) a (Native American) reservation also RES [n]

646/1336 AKOTU OTAKU/S in Japan, a young computer nerd [n -S]

647/1337 AEEILSTT AILETTES- AILETTE, a plate of armour for the shoulder [n]

648/1339 ACDEIPRS EPACRIDS- EPACRID, an Australian plant resembling heath, also EPACRIS [n]
PERACIDS- PERACID, a type of acid (a type of chemical compound) [n]

649/1342 AEOOZ ZOOEA/ELS the larval stage of crabs, also ZOEA [n ZOOEAS or ZOOEAE]

650/1348 AITVV VIVAT-/S an expression of applause [n -S]

651/1364 AINOPSTT POSTNATI those born after a specified event [n]

652/1377 ADEHILNO LIONHEAD/S a small long-tailed breed of rabbit [n -S]

653/1378 AEEILRST ATELIERS- ATELIER, an artist's studio [n]
NP/EARLIEST- EARLY, before the due time [adj]
B/LEARIEST LEARY, suspicious [adj]
REALTIES- REALTIE, honesty (the quality of being honest) [n]

654/1398 DDEEGINT NIDGETED NIDGET, to assist a woman in labour [v]

655/1403 EIORSST ROESTIS- ROESTI, a dish of grated potatoes shaped into a pancake and fried, also ROSTI [n]
BP/ROSIEST- ROSY, roselike (like a rose) [adj]
SIROSET of or relating to the chemical treatment of woollen fabrics to give a permanent-press effect [adj]
SORITES a type of argument used in logic [n SORITES]
SORTIES- SORTIE, to attack suddenly from a defensive position [v]
-STORIES STORY, to relate an account of an event [v]
TOSSIER TOSSY, pert (jaunty (briskly self-assured, also JANTY, JANTEE, JAUNTEE)) [adj]
TRIOSES- TRIOSE, a simple sugar [n]

656/1406 AAHKPU HAPUKA/S (Maori) the groper, also HAPUKU [n -S]

657/1407 CEH AEO/-CHE-/FMRWZ dialect version of I, also CH [pron]
EHLMPSTY/-ECH/EOT to augment, also EKE, ECHE, EECH, EIK, ICH [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

658/1412 AAMR MAAR-/ES a volcanic crater often forming a lake [n MAARS or MAARE]
MARA-/EHS the so-called Patagonian hare [n -S]

659/1413 DEHINOPR NEPHROID kidney-shaped [adj]

660/1414 ORUY -YOUR-/NST belonging to you [pron]

661/1418 DOPR DORP-/S a village (a small community in a rural area) [n -S]
DROP/ST to let fall in globules [v DROPT or DROPPED, DROPPING, DROPS]
S/-PROD-/S to jab (to poke sharply) [v PRODDED, PRODDING, PRODS]

662/1419 AHTT TATH-/S to manure (to fertilize) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-THAT the one indicated [pron THOSE]

663/1421 AEGIRST M/AGISTER/S person in charge of agisted cattle, also AGISTOR [n -S]
AIGRETS- AIGRET, a tuft of feathers worn as a head ornament, also AIGRETTE [n]
GAITERS- GAITER, a covering for the lower leg [n]
SEAGIRT surrounded by the sea [adj]
STAGIER STAGY, having a theatrical quality, also STAGEY [adj]
STRIGAE- STRIGA, a bristle [n]
TIRAGES- TIRAGE, drawing wine from a barrel before bottling [n]
TRIAGES- TRIAGE, to treat disaster victims using a triage [v]

664/1423 AEKNRS BCHJRTWY/ANKERS- ANKER, an old wine measure [n]
NAKERS- NAKER, a small kettledrum [n]
NERKAS- NERKA, the sockeye salmon [n]
RANKES-/T RANKE, a jog-trot [n]

665/1426 AAKMNU MANUKA/S a New Zealand tree [n -S]

666/1427 EIQRSU S/QUIRES- QUIRE, to arrange paper in sets of twenty four [v]
RISQUE/S a hazard or danger [n -S]
SQUIER/S a carpenter's square [n -S]
E/-SQUIRE/DS to serve as an escort [v SQUIRED, SQUIRING, SQUIRES]

667/1429 ACER FLMPR/ACER-/BS a plant of the maple genus [n -S]
N/ACRE/DS a measure of land [n -S]
S/-CARE-/DRSTX to be concerned [v CARED, CARING, CARES]
BGT/-RACE/DRS to compete in a contest of speed [v RACED or RAST, RAST, RACING, RACES]

668/1432 ABIL -BAIL/S to set free by putting up security [v -ED, -ING, -S]

669/1437 DEFI DEFI-/S a challenge [n -S]
DEIF-/Y (Scots) deaf [adj DEIFER, DEIFEST]

670/1443 EGINOTZ GENIZOT/H GENIZAH, a room in a synagogue [n]

671/1447 KOPU -POUK/ES to pluck (to pull out or off) [v POUKIT, POUKING, POUKS]

672/1449 AKLOTW KOTWAL/S a magistrate of a town in India [n -S]

673/1451 CEIKL CLEIK/S a kind of golf club [n -S]
FMNPRST/ICKLE/R (colloquial) little [adj ICKLER, ICKLEST]

ELIDING ELIDE, to omit (to leave out) [v]

675/1455 ADEFIST DAFTIES- DAFTIE, someone who is silly [n]
FADIEST FADY, wearing away [adj]

676/1458 ACEEILRS -ESCALIER/S a staircase [n -S]

677/1459 ADIIOPRT TAPIROID/S any member of the tapir family [n -S]

678/1461 MNTU MUNT-/SU a black African, also MUNTU [n -S]

679/1463 AEELMST MALTESE as in maltese cross, a mechanism providing intermittent frame-by-frame movement in a motion picture film projector [adj]

680/1471 AEKMS -KAMES- KAME, a ridge of gravel or sand left by a glacier, also KAIM [n]
KASME (Hinglish) I swear [interj]
-MAKES- MAKE, to create (to bring into being) [v]
SAMEK-/HS a Hebrew letter, also SAMECH, SAMEKH [n -S]

681/1472 AEGKNOR KARENGO/S (New Zealand) an edible seaweed [n -S]

682/1473 AABEKT ATABEK/S turkish ruler, also ATABEG [n -S]

683/1475 EEIMNPST SEPIMENT/S a hedge [n -S]

684/1477 EFLW -FLEW/S the floppy upper lip of dogs such as bloodhounds [n -S]

685/1484 ADEEMNS AMENDES- AMENDE, a fine [n]
DEMEANS- DEMEAN, to lower in status [v]
SEEDMAN a dealer in seeds, also SEEDSMAN [n SEEDMEN]

686/1487 CEINORS COINERS- COINER, one that coins (to make metal currency) [n]
CRINOSE hairy (covered with hair) [adj]
CRONIES CRONY, a close friend [n]
ORCEINS- ORCEIN, a reddish brown dye [n]
ORCINES- ORCINE, a chemical obtained from lichen, also ORCINOL [n]
RECOINS- RECOIN, to coin again [v]
SERICON/S tincture in alchemy [n -S]

687/1491 BHHIKU BHIKHU/S a fully ordained Buddhist monk [n -S]

688/1492 LOSW BCFGPS/LOWS-/E LOW, to utter the sound of cattle [v]
BCDFGHJNSY/OWLS- OWL, to smuggle wool or sheep [v]
-SLOW/S to reduce speed [v -ED, -ING, -S] / moving with little speed [adj SLOWER, SLOWEST]
-SOWL-/ES to pull by the ears, also SOWLE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

689/1496 AEERSUV VAREUSE/S a loose jacket [n -S]

690/1500 ACEENRST CENTARES- CENTARE, a measure of land area, also CENTIARE [n]
ENCASTRE of a beam, fixed at the ends [adj]
REASCENT/S a second ascent [n -S]
P/REENACTS- REENACT, to enact again [v]
SARCENET/S a fine silk fabric, also SARSENET, SARSNET, SARCONET [n -S]

691/1502 EGILNRT RINGLET/SY a small ring [n -S]
TINGLER-/S one that tingles (to cause a prickly, stinging sensation) [n -S]
TRINGLE/S a curtain-rod [n -S]

692/1518 AEEGIMNR GERMAINE-/S something that serves as an origin, also GERMEN, GERMAIN, GERMIN [n -S]

693/1527 DENOSTUW UNSTOWED UNSTOW, to empty of contents [v]

694/1531 EEFFKL KEFFEL/S a horse [n -S]

695/1534 DELT -DELT-/AS short for deltoid muscle [n -S]
-TELD- TELL, to relate (to give an account of) [v]

696/1552 AEEGMRST GAMESTER/S a gambler (one that gambles (to play a game of chance)) [n -S]
MEAGREST- MEAGRE, inadequate, also MEAGER [adj]

697/1555 FILL -FILL-/EOSY to make full (filled completely) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

698/1557 ADENOST -ASTONED- ASTONE, to amaze or shock, also ASTONISH, ASTONY [v]
O/DONATES- DONATE, to contribute [v]
ONSTEAD/S a farmstead [n -S]

699/1558 AEFLNOSW SNOWFLEA/S a wingless insect appearing on snow in the spring [n -S]

700/1559 AGINOSU SAGOUIN/S a South American monkey, also SAGOIN, SAGUIN [n -S]

701/1560 AEIINRSY YERSINIA/ES a bacterium [n -S]

702/1561 DEIKNR -DINKER DINK, neat (tidy (neat and orderly)) [adj]
KINDER/S short form of kindergarten [n -S]
KINRED/S blood relationship, also KINDRED [n -S]
KIRNED KIRN, to churn (to agitate to make butter) [v]
P/-RINKED RINK, to skate at an amusement venue [v]

703/1564 EEFK S/KEEF/S hemp smoked to produce euphoria, also KAIF, KEF, KIEF, KIF [n -S]

704/1567 EGHILOSU GHOULIES- GHOULIE, a demon, also GHOUL [n]
OUGHLIES OUGHLY, to make ugly, also OUGLIE [v]

705/1569 CENU BDOP/UNCE/S an ounce (a unit of weight) [n -S]

706/1571 DEEIPRT -PREEDIT/S to edit beforehand [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TEPIDER TEPID, lukewarm (moderately warm) [adj]

707/1572 ADIINZ DIAZIN/ES a chemical compound, also DIAZINE [n -S]
DIZAIN/S a ten-line stanza [n -S]

708/1573 AEIIKS SAIKEI/S a landscape of bonsai [n -S]

709/1574 AAHM AMAH-/S an oriental nurse, also AMA [n -S]
-MAHA as in maha yoga, a form of yoga practised with a master that incorporates all eight classical yogas [adj]

710/1575 EHKORY HORKEY/S a harvest-home [n -S]

711/1576 AEPT S/-PATE-/DNRS the top of the head [n -S]
S/-PEAT-/SY a substance composed of partially decayed vegetable matter [n -S]
E/-TAPE-/DNRST a long, narrow strip or band [n -S] / to put tape over [v TAPED, TAPING, TAPES]
TEPA/LS a chemical compound [n -S]

712/1579 EIORSTW -OWRIEST OWRIE, dingy, also OURIE, OORIE [adj]
TOWSIER TOWSY, shaggy (covered with long coarse hair) [adj]

713/1580 DEIL DEIL-/S the devil [n -S]
DELI-/S a delicatessen, also DELLY [n -S]
DIEL-/S a 24-hour period, in relation to animal behaviour patterns [n -S]
EILD/S senility (mental and physical infirmity due to old age) [n -S]
S/IDLE/DRS to be unoccupied [v IDLED, IDLING, IDLES] / inactive (indolent (lazy (disinclined toward work or exertion))) [adj IDLER, IDLEST]
CFP/LIED- a German song [n LIEDER]

714/1581 ACEELST CELESTA/S a keyboard instrument, also CELESTE [n -S]
SELECTA-/S a disc jockey [n -S]

715/1582 MOOS -MOOS-/E MOO, to make the sound of a cow [v]
BCDLRSTZ/-OOMS- OOM, uncle [n]
-SOOM/S to swim (to propel oneself in water) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

716/1584 EINR G/REIN-/KS to restrain (to hold back) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BCTU/RINE-/S a thick outer covering [n -S]

717/1586 DEILRSTU DILUTERS- DILUTER, one that dilutes, also DILUTOR [n]
LURIDEST LURID, ghastly (terrifying) [adj]
STUDLIER STUDLY, muscular and attractive [adj]

718/1589 ABCDELNO BLANCOED BLANCO, to coat a military belt [v]

719/1590 AAHIIK HAIKAI- a type of Japanese poem [n HAIKAI]

720/1593 AADEIMNP PANDEMIA/NS a widespread epidemic [n -S]

721/1596 AGIILNRS GLAIRINS- GLAIRIN, organic matter in mineral waters [n]
RAILINGS- RAILING, a fence-like barrier [n]

722/1598 AALV KN/AVAL-/E pertaining to a grandparent [adj]
F/-LAVA-/S molten rock that issues from a volcano [n -S]

723/1599 ELNOOSU NEOSOUL/S a style of popular music combining traditional soul music with elements from other genres [n -S]

724/1602 BDEEIRS BREDIES- BREDIE, (South Africa) a meat and vegetable stew [n]
DERBIES DERBY, a type of hat [n]

725/1603 ELPY A/YELP/S to utter a sharp cry [v -ED, -ING, -S]

726/1605 EHSY W/HEYS- HEY, to dance a country dance [v]
-HYES- HYE, to hasten (to hurry (to move swiftly)) [v]

727/1606 IKLPS KILPS- KILP, large brown seaweed [n]

728/1607 ADEEHLR HEDERAL- pertaining to a particular ivy genus [adj]

729/1608 AEELNSW WEANELS- WEANEL, a weanling (a recently weaned child or animal) [n]

730/1612 AGJLSU JUGALS- JUGAL, the cheek bone [n]

731/1617 EGIOORS GOORIES- GOORY, (New Zealand) a mongrel, an extinct native dog, also GOORIE, KURI [n]
-GOOSIER GOOSY, resembling a goose, also GOOSEY [adj]

732/1618 KNOQSU QUONKS- QUONK, to make an accidental disturbing noise [v]

733/1619 EGO BRSV/-EGO/S conscious thinking subject [n -S]
GEO/S a gully, also GIO [n -S]
Y/-GOE-/LRSY to go (to move along) [v GOING, GOES]

734/1621 AKM -KAM-/AEI awry, also KAMME [adj]
MAK-/EIOS to make (to create (to bring into being)) [v -ING, -S]

735/1622 EEIMOPST EPISTOME/S a structure over the mouth of some invertebrates [n -S]
EPITOMES- EPITOME, a typical example [n]
EPSOMITE/S a type of mineral [n -S]

736/1623 ENPY PYNE/DS to pine (to languish with longing) [v PYNED, PYNING, PYNES]

737/1626 DILO DIOL/S a chemical compound [n -S]
-IDOL/AS an object of worship [n -S]
LIDO-/S a fashionable beach resort [n -S]
S/LOID/S to open with a strip of celluloid [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-OLID rank-smelling [adj]