1/5 DHOVZ VOZHD/S a supreme Russian leader [n -S]

2/12 ELVY LEVY- to impose or collect by legal authority [v LEVIED, LEVYING, LEVIES]

3/19 AELOSZ AZOLES- AZOLE, a type of chemical compound [n]
LAZOES LAZO, to catch with a long rope with a running noose (pr t LAZOES, LAZOS), also LASSO, LARIAT [v]
SLEAZO/S a sleazy person [n -S]

4/22 GMRU -GRUM/EP morose (sullen (showing brooding ill humour)) [adj GRUMMER, GRUMMEST]

5/30 ACRR CARR-/SY boggy ground [n -S]

6/41 DEEGILNO ELOIGNED ELOIGN, to remove to a distant place, also ELOIN, ESLOIN, ESLOYNE [v]
LEGIONED set out in legions [adj]

7/55 AHKRTU KHURTA/S a loose-fitting tunic of India, also KURTA [n -S]

8/65 ABIORST ORBITAS- ORBITA, the hollow in which the eyeball rests [n]

9/101 AKSY O/-KAYS- KAY, the letter K [n]
K/YAKS- YAK, to chatter (to talk idly) [v]

10/108 AEEORRS REAROSE REARISE, to arise again [v]

11/122 AEKRSY -KARSEY/S a lavatory, also KHAZI, KAZI, CARSEY, KARZY, KARSY [n -S]
SKEARY- scary (frightening, also SCAREY) [adj SKEARIER, SKEARIEST]

12/138 HIJNSU SHINJU/S (Japan) a ritual double suicide of lovers [n -S]

13/148 BENORSTU BURSTONE/S a heavy stone [n -S]
RUBSTONE/S a whetstone [n -S]

14/149 ACEKNO NOCAKE/S a meal made from parched maize [n -S]

15/173 EINN NINE/RS a number [n -S]

16/184 EEGIRTU GUERITE/S a turret (a small tower) [n -S]

17/199 AKLN BCFPS/LANK/SY to become limp (lacking rigidity) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / long and thin [adj LANKER, LANKEST]

18/203 AGLM -GLAM/S characterised by extravagant glamour [adj GLAMMER, GLAMMEST] / to glamourise [v GLAMMED, GLAMMING, GLAMS]

19/206 HKNO HONK-/SY to cry like a goose [v -ED, -ING, -S]

20/217 AEELMNR REELMAN a reel operator [n REELMEN]

21/219 AABDEELT DATEABLE able to be dated [adj]
DEALBATE whitened [adj]

22/222 JOSSU SOJUS- SOJU, (Korean) a Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato [n]

23/223 BGNO BONG-/OS to make a deep ringing sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

24/224 ACMY CYMA/ERS a curved moulding, also CYMATIUM [n CYMAS or CYMAE]

25/232 ACHKTU KUTCHA- makeshift, also KACHA, KACHCHA, KUCHCHA [adj]

26/238 AAKLSS LAKSAS- LAKSA, (Malay) rice noodles served in curry or hot soup [n]

27/249 AADEOPST ADESPOTA anonymous works [n]

28/254 ADEIIRSS AIRSIDES- AIRSIDE, restricted area of an airport [n]
DIARISES- DIARISE, to keep a diary, also DIARIZE [v]

29/263 GGUV VUGG-/SY a small cavity in a rock, also VUG, VUGH [n -S]

30/273 EKLPSS -SKELPS- SKELP, to slap (to strike with the open hand) [v]
SPELKS- SPELK, a splinter [n]

31/274 EGHIORU ROUGHIE/S a dry bough, also ROUGHY [n -S]

32/282 EGIKLS -GLIKES- GLIKE, a jest [n]
KLIEGS- KLIEG, a kind of electric lamp used in filming [n]

33/288 AKPSTU UPTAKS- UPTAK, the act of being quick to understand [n]

34/292 AEEIKNRT ANKERITE/S a mineral [n -S]
KREATINE/S a chemical found within vertebrate muscle, also CREATIN, CREATINE [n -S]

35/297 ACPT E/-PACT-/AS an agreement [n -S]

36/303 HIZZ CPW/HIZZ to hiss (to make a sibilant sound) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

37/306 ADEIRST ARIDEST ARID, dry (having no moisture) [adj]
ASTERID/S a starfish (a star-shaped marine animal) [n -S]
-ASTRIDE with a leg on each side [adv]
DIASTER/S a stage in mitosis [n -S]
STAIDER STAID, sober and sedate [adj]
STAIRED having stairs (a series of steps) [adj]
TARDIES/T TARDY, to retard (to hold back) [v]
-TIRADES- TIRADE, a long, vehement speech [n]

38/307 NRTU BGP/RUNT-/SY the smallest of a litter, also RONT, RONTE [n -S]
-TURN/S to rotate (to turn like a wheel) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

39/311 ABEERSTU SUBERATE/S a salt of suberic acid [n -S]

40/315 BEGILNOS INGLOBES- INGLOBE, to form into a globe, also ENGLOBE [v]

41/320 AGKLOO KAGOOL/S a light anorak, also CAGOUL, CAGOULE, KAGOUL, KAGOULE [n -S]

42/325 OSSW SOWS-/E SOW, to scatter seeds for a crop [v]

43/326 EIORRSTT RORTIEST RORTY, rowdy (disorderly in behavior) [adj]

44/330 EELT FGS/LEET-/S a former English court for petty offenses [n -S]
S/-TEEL-/S an East Indian plant, also SESAME, SEMSEM [n -S]
S/TELE-/SX a television set [n -S]

45/331 EHIMORST ISOTHERM/S a contour line of equal temperature [n -S]
MOITHERS- MOITHER, to confuse (to perplex (to puzzle (to perplex))) [v]


47/334 ABDEGINO GABIONED fortified with stones [adj]

48/336 GNOYZ ZYGON a H shaped fissure of the brain [n ZYGA]

49/337 ACCK CACK/SY to defecate [v -ED, -ING, -S]

50/338 AENP -NAPE-/DS the back of the neck [n -S] / to drop napalm upon [v NAPED, NAPING, NAPES]
S/NEAP/S to tend towards the tide of the smallest range [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/-PANE-/DLS to insert panels in [v PANED, PANING, PANES]
S/-PEAN-/S to beat with a rounded hammer head, also PEEN, PEIN, PENE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

51/343 AARR ARAR/S the sandarac tree [n -S]

52/347 ADEKNT -KANTED KANT, to turn on the edge [v]
S/TANKED TANK, to store in a container for liquids [v]

53/353 AAKKP PAKKA durable, also PUKKA, PUCKA [adj]

54/354 DEEEIMNS INSEEMED INSEEM, to mark as if with a seam, also INSEAM [v]

55/362 EKNORW KNOWER-/S one who knows (to have a true understanding of) [n -S]
WROKEN- WREAK, to inflict (to impose on) [v]

56/366 ADEERRTW REDWATER/S a cattle disease [n -S]

57/373 DIV DIV-/AEIOS in Persian legend, an evil spirit, also DEEV [n -S]
A/-VID/ES short for video [n -S]

58/377 EEKMSS SMEEKS- SMEEK, to smoke (to emit a gas or vapour due to burning) [v]
SMEKES- SMEKE, (Scots) to smoke [v]

59/380 IMOR MIRO-/S a tall coniferous tree of New Zealand [n -S]

60/381 EELNOSTT NOTELETS- NOTELET, a short letter [n]

61/391 CPSU S/-CUPS- CUP, to put into a small, open container [v]
CUSP/SY a pointed end [n -S]
-SCUP/S a marine fish food, also SCUPPAUG [n -S]

62/392 BEIORRSU BOURSIER/S a foundation-scholar [n -S]

63/398 HPRU PRUH a call for a horse to stop, also PROO [interj]

64/400 DEELORTY DELETORY pertaining to deletion (the act of deleting (to remove printed matter)) [adj]

65/405 EEIMRST MEISTER/S an expert in a particular field [n -S]
METIERS- METIER, a vocation (one's profession, business or occupation) [n]
REEMITS- REEMIT, to emit again [v]
RETIMES- RETIME, to time again [v]
TREMIES- TREMIE, a device for concreting under water [n]
TRISEME/S a type of metrical foot [n -S]

66/420 CEKRSU SUCKER/S to strip off superfluous shoots [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BDFMPSTY/UCKERS a form of ludo [n UCKERS]

67/425 IMST MIST-/SY to become blurry (unclear (not clear)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SMIT/EHS to stain (to discolour) [v SMITTED, SMITTING, SMITS]
STIM/ESY a very small amount [n -S]

68/431 EFILORST FLORIEST FLORY, showy (making a brilliant display) [adj]
TREFOILS- TREFOIL, a plant having three-lobed leaves, also TRIFOLY [n]

69/433 AEEIORT ETAERIO/S an aggregated fruit like a blackberry [n -S]

70/447 AACEGNRS CAGANERS- CAGANER, a traditional character in Catalan Christmas scenes, a squatting defecating person [n]
CARNAGES- CARNAGE, great and bloody slaughter [n]
CRANAGES- CRANAGE, the use of a crane [n]

CREASIER CREASY, having wrinkles [adj]

72/456 AEHKSY ASHKEY/S the winged fruit of the ash tree [n -S]

73/478 ADEP CGJNRTV/-APED- APE, to mimic (to imitate (to copy (to imitate))) [v]

74/485 EEIILRST TILERIES TILERY, a tile factory [n]

75/487 ACEMNOST CAMSTONE/S a type of white stone, also CAMSTANE [n -S]

76/499 AEFLORSY FORELAYS- FORELAY, to wait in ambush [v]


78/511 MTU S/-MUT-/EIST a mongrel dog, also MUTT [n -S]
S/-TUM/PS a stomach [n -S]

79/512 AHIJ B/-HAJI-/S a person who has made a hadj, also HADJI, HADJEE, HAJJI [n -S]

80/516 DEIKLS KIDELS- KIDEL, a stake fence for catching fish, also KIDDLE [n]
SILKED SILK, to cover with a soft lustrous fabric [v]

81/519 EEGINPRS -SPEERING/S an inquiry (a question, also ENQUIRY) [n -S]
-SPREEING SPREE, to carouse (to engage in a carousal) [v]

82/521 EGILOSU -OUGLIES- OUGLIE, to make ugly (pr p OUGLIEING), also OUGHLY [v]

83/529 LLOR DPT/ROLL/S to move along by repeatedly turning over [v -ED, -ING, -S]

84/533 AMM I/-MAM-/AS mother [n -S]

85/546 MOU -MOU-/EPS a Scots form of mouth [n -S]

86/547 DEEFOORT FOOTERED FOOTER, to potter around aimlessly [v]
REFOOTED REFOOT, to replace the foot of [v]

87/550 KLOO KOLO/S a European folk dance [n -S]
BP/LOOK-/SY to use one's sight [v -ED, -ING, -S]

88/561 AEEV DHLRW/-EAVE/DS the projecting edge of a roof [n -S]

89/563 ESTX SEXT-/OS to send a text message of a sexual nature [v -ED, -ING, -S]


91/566 AELNRTT -TRENTAL/S a series of thirty requiem masses [n -S]

92/568 EEHINORT ETHERION/S a previously supposed light gas within air [n -S]
TW/HEREINTO into this place [adv]

93/577 AEEGIMRT R/-EMIGRATE/DS to leave one's birthplace to settle in another [v EMIGRATED, EMIGRATING, EMIGRATES]
REMIGATE/DS to row (to propel by means of oars) [v REMIGATED, REMIGATING, REMIGATES]

94/589 EFKLS SKELF/S a splinter of wood [n -S]

95/592 AEK BCFHJLMRSTW/AKE/DES to endure a dull lasting pain, also ACHE [v AKED, AKING, AKES]
-KAE-/DS to serve, also KA [v KAED, KAEING, KAES]
-KEA/S a parrot [n -S]

96/600 ACKK KACK/S -S faeces, also KAK, CACA, CACK [n]

97/604 AFLN FLAN/EKS a flat open tart [n FLANS or FLANES]


99/619 AGGO AGOG-/E in excited eagerness [adv]

100/626 ILLP S/-PILL/S to administer small, rounded balls of medicine [v -ED, -ING, -S]

101/629 ADELNOS LOADENS- LOADEN, to load (to place goods or cargo on transportation) [v]

102/664 DEEENNRT ENTENDER/S to make tender (soft or delicate) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

103/671 CEILMNOT MONTICLE/S a little hill [n -S]

104/676 ABNR BARN-/SY to store in a large storage building [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-BRAN-/DEKST to soak in water mixed with the outer coat of cereals [v BRANNED, BRANNING, BRANS]

105/732 EJUV JUVE/S a juvenile lead [n -S]

106/734 NOTW -NOWT-/SY a zero, also NAUGHT, NOUGHT [n -S]
S/-TOWN-/SY an urban area [n -S]
WONT-/S to be accustomed [v -ED, -ING, -S]

107/735 AGMU GAUM-/SY to smear (to spread with something oily or sticky) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

108/736 AEELNRST ALTERNES- ALTERNE, adjoining different plant communities [n]
ETERNALS- ETERNAL, something lasting forever [n]
TELERANS- TELERAN, a system of air navigation [n]

109/737 ADOT DATO/S a Philippine tribal chief, also DATTO [n -S]
-DOAT/S to love excessively, also DOTE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TOAD/SY a toothless, tailless amphibian [n -S]

110/738 AAHIILRT HAIRTAIL/S the cutlass fish [n -S]

111/739 DEHIZZ CW/HIZZED HIZZ, to hiss (to make a sibilant sound) [v]

112/740 EKOORR KORERO/S new Zealand word for a discussion [n -S] / to talk (to communicate by speaking) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

113/741 OPRU -POUR/S to cause to flow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CG/-ROUP/SY to auction (to sell publicly to the highest bidder) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

114/743 MOTU MOTU-/S a small reef island [n -S]

115/744 AADELRTU -RADULATE like a radula [adj]

116/745 ABCEORSU CORBEAUS- CORBEAU, a blackish green colour [n]

117/746 ABET -ABET/S to encourage [v ABETTED, ABETTING, ABETS]
A/-BATE-/DS to diminish, also BAYT [v BATED, BATING, BATES]
-BEAT/HSY to strike repeatedly [v BEATEN or BEAT, YBET, BEATING, BEATS]
-BETA-/S a Greek letter [n -S]

118/747 AKLOP POKAL/S an ornamental drinking-vessel [n -S]
POLKA-/S to perform a lively dance [v -ED, -ING, -S]

119/748 ACEHILNT CHAINLET/S a small chain [n -S]
CHATLINE/S a type of telephone service [n -S]
ETHNICAL pertaining to an ethnic (a member of a racial or cultural group) [adj]

REVERIST/S a person who has reveries [n -S]
RIVERETS- RIVERET, a small river (a large natural stream of water) [n]
RIVETERS- RIVETER, one that rivets (to fasten with a type of metal bolt) [n]

121/750 AAPR ARPA/S a top level internet domain [n -S]
PARA-/ES a monetary unit of Yugoslavia [n -S]

122/751 AELORSWY OWRELAYS- OWRELAY, a large cravat (a necktie (a strip of fabric worn around the neck)) [n]

123/752 HKOW C/HOWK-/S to dig (to excavate (to dig out)) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

124/753 ABEINSTW WASTEBIN/S a rubbish bin [n -S]

125/754 DNSU -DUNS-/H DUN, to make demands for payment of a debt [v]

126/756 AIST BGRTW/-AITS- AIT, a small island, also EYOT [n]
DLPV/-ITAS- ITA, the miriti palm [n]
SATI-/NS the cremation of a Hindu woman on her husband's pile, also SUTTEE [n -S]
-TAIS-/H TAI, sea bream [n]

127/757 EHILNOSV NOVELISH somewhat like a novel [adj]

128/758 AAGS JNRS/-AGAS-/T AGA, a Turkish military officer, also AGHA [n]
SAAG/S in Indian cookery, spinach [n -S]
-SAGA-/S a series of novels dealing with a family history [n -S]

129/759 AAEEGRST STEARAGE/S the act of steering [n -S]

130/760 EHIMNOST HOISTMEN HOISTMAN, a person who works a hoist [n]