1/AABERSTU ABATURES- ABATURE, trail of a stag through undergrowth [n]

2/AADL -DAAL/S the pigeon pea, a pea-like plant cultivated in India and the tropics, also DAL, DAHL, DHAL [n -S]

3/AAHJLS JHALAS- JHALA, a section of a raga (Indian music) [n]

4/ABGIINOR ABORIGIN/ES an aborigine (a native of a country), also ABORIGEN [n -S]

5/ABGM GAMB-/AEOS a leg, also GAMBE [n -S]

6/ABILQ QIBLA/S the direction Muslims face when praying, also KIBLAH, KEBLAH [n -S]

7/ABKS A/-BASK-/S to relax in pleasant warmth [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-KABS- KAB, an ancient Hebrew unit of measure [n]

8/ACHI CHAI-/NRS a female person (a human being) [n -S]
CHIA-/OS a Mexican herb [n -S]

9/ACNS S/-CANS-/OT CAN, to put in a cylindrical container [v]

10/ACOX COAX to cajole (to persuade by flattery) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
COXA-/EL the hip bone [n COXAE]

11/ADEILOU DOULEIA/S veneration of saints and angels [n -S]

12/AEILSTU SITULAE- SITULA, a bucket [n]

13/AEINRWY -YAWNIER YAWNY, full of yawns [adj]

14/AEKMRS KERMAS- KERMA, a term in physics relating to kinetic energy [n]
MAKERS- MAKER, one who makes (to create (to bring into being)) [n]
-MASKER/S one who wears a mask, also MASQUER [n -S]

15/AGLN ACKS/LANG long (far-extending) [adj LANGER, LANGEST]

16/AHLL S/-HALL/OS a large room for assembly [n -S]

17/AKNNOO NANOOK/S a polar bear [n -S]

18/AKSS BCHMT/ASKS- ASK, to inquire or request [v]
-SKAS- SKA, a popular music of Jamaica [n]

19/BEES BEES- BEE, a four-winged insect that makes honey [n]

20/BELS -BELS- BEL, a noise measure [n]
SLEB/S (slang) a celebrity [n -S]

21/BELT -BELT-/S to thrash with a belt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
A/-BLET/S to become soft (yielding easily to pressure) [v BLETTED, BLETTING, BLETS]

22/CEKR DTW/RECK-/S to be concerned about also REKE [v ROUGHT or RECKED, RECKING, RECKS]

23/CIMR S/-CRIM/EPS a criminal (one who has committed a crime) [n -S]

24/DEIM DIME-/RS a USA coin [n -S]
IDEM- the same (an identical thing) [adj]

25/DHO -DOH-/S a musical note [n -S]
S/-HOD-/S to bob (to move quickly up and down) [v HODDED, HODDING, HODS]

26/DIKR -DIRK/ES to stab with a small knife [v -ED, -ING, -S]

27/DOSS DOSS- to sleep in any convenient place [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
-DSOS- DSO, a cross between a yak and a cow, also ZHO, DZHO, DZO, JOMO [n]
-SODS- SOD, to cover with turf [v]

28/EFLL -FELL/ASY to cause to fall [v -ED, -ING, -S] / cruel (disposed to inflict pain) [adj FELLER, FELLEST]

29/EFLS DPS/ELFS- ELF, to entangle (hair) [v]
-SELF-/S to inbreed (to breed closely related stock) [v -ED, -ING, -S] / the particular being of one person [n SELVES]

30/EGILNRRU RULERING RULER, to strike with an implement for ruling lines [v]

31/EGINRTV AE/VERTING VERT, to become a convert [v]

32/EGNU GENU-/AS the knee [n GENUS or GENUA]

33/EIMNRSTU MUNTRIES- MUNTRIE, an Australian shrub with green-red edible berries [n]
UNMITERS- UNMITER, to depose from the rank of bishop, also UNMITRE [v]
UNMITRES- UNMITRE, to depose from the rank of bishop, also UNMITER [v]

34/EIMNSX MINXES MINX, a pert girl [n]
MIXENS- MIXEN, a dunghill (a heap of manure) [n]

35/EMNORSTT SORTMENT/S an assortment [n -S]
TORMENTS- TORMENT, to harass or torture [v]

36/ERTW S/-TREW/S that which is true [n -S]
WERT BE, to exist [v]

37/FLOR -FLOR/ASY a flavoursome yeast on sherry wines [n -S]
ROLF/S to perform a deep massage [v -ED, -ING, -S]

38/IMOX OXIM/ES a chemical compound, also OXIME [n -S]

39/KNOW -KNOW/ENS to have a true understanding of [v KNEW, KNOWING, KNOWS]
WONK-/SY an overly studious student [n -S]

40/NOOP S/-NOOP-/S a knob (a rounded protuberance) [n -S]
S/-POON-/S an East Indian tree [n -S]