1/1/AIT BGRTW/-AIT-/SU a small island, also EYOT [n -S]
DPV/-ITA-/S the miriti palm [n -S]
-TAI-/GLNST sea bream [n -S]

2/2/EOR BCDFGHKLMPRSTWY/-ORE-/S rock containing a valuable metal, also OWRE [n -S]
REO-/S language (te reo Maori is the Maori language) [n -S]
F/-ROE/DS fish-eggs [n -S]

3/3/FOR -FOR/ABDEKMT directed or sent to [prep]
A/FRO/EGMSW a hairstyle [n -S]
C/ORF-/ES a viral infection of sheep [n -S]

U/-VAE/S a bay or creek [n -S]

5/5/ENP NEP-/S catmint (an aromatic herb, also CATNIP) [n -S]
O/-PEN-/DEIKST to write, or commit to paper [v PENNED, PENNING, PENS]

6/6/AEY B/-AYE-/S an affirmative vote, also AY [n -S]
-YAE- (Scots) one, also AE [adj]
-YEA-/DHNRS an affirmative vote, also YAY [n -S]

7/7/EINORTTU RITENUTO/S a restrained musical passage [n -S]

8/8/BOR -BOR-/ADEKMNST a neighbour [n -S]
BRO/DGOSW buddy, pal, also BRU [n -S]
DFS/ORB-/SY to form into a sphere [v -ED, -ING, -S]
P/-ROB/ES to steal (to take by theft) [v ROBBED, ROBBING, ROBS]

9/9/EHS FHPR/EHS- EH, to say 'Eh' [v]
S/-HES-/PT HE, a male person (a human being) [n]
-SHE-/ADNSTW a female person (a human being) [n -S]

10/10/AEKNRS BCHJRTWY/ANKERS- ANKER, an old wine measure [n]
NAKERS- NAKER, a small kettledrum [n]
NERKAS- NERKA, the sockeye salmon [n]
RANKES-/T RANKE, a jog-trot [n]

11/11/NOO -NOO-/BKNP now [adv]
M/-ONO-/S a Hawaiian fish [n -S]
BCDGHLMNPRSTWZ/-OON-/ST a closed space for baking, also OVEN [n -S]

12/12/ACER FLMPR/ACER-/BS a plant of the maple genus [n -S]
N/ACRE/DS a measure of land [n -S]
S/-CARE-/DRSTX to be concerned [v CARED, CARING, CARES]
BGT/-RACE/DRS to compete in a contest of speed [v RACED or RAST, RAST, RACING, RACES]

13/13/LOSW BCFGPS/LOWS-/E LOW, to utter the sound of cattle [v]
BCDFGHJNSY/OWLS- OWL, to smuggle wool or sheep [v]
-SLOW/S to reduce speed [v -ED, -ING, -S] / moving with little speed [adj SLOWER, SLOWEST]
-SOWL-/ES to pull by the ears, also SOWLE [v -ED, -ING, -S]

14/14/EEM DFHLMST/-EME-/SU an uncle [n -S]
S/-MEE-/DKRST a Malaysian noodle food [n -S]

15/15/AAM CGKLMS/-AMA-/HS an oriental nurse, also AMAH [n -S]
-MAA-/RS to bleat like a goat [v -ED, -ING, -S]

16/16/ELT BCDFGKMPTWY/ELT-/S a young sow [n -S]
B/-LET/S to allow to go or come [v LUIT or LET or LETTED, LUITEN, LETTING, LETS]
-TEL-/ADELST an ancient mound in the Middle East [n -S]

17/17/DLO I/DOL-/ELST a unit of pain intensity [n -S]
ACP/-LOD-/ES the logarithm of the odds, used in statistics and in calculating Scrabble ratings [n -S]
BCFGHMSTWY/OLD/ESY a person of a specified age [n -S] / living for a long time [adj OLDER, OLDEST]

18/18/ALSW BPWY/AWLS- AWL, a pointed tool for making holes [n]
BCFS/LAWS- LAW, to take to court [v]
-SLAW/S a salad of raw shredded cabbage, also COLESLAW [n -S]

19/19/ANT BCDGHKLPRSVW/ANT-/AEIS a small insect (a small invertebrate segmented animal) [n -S]
G/-NAT-/S a nationalist [n -S]
-TAN-/AEGHKS to convert into leather by chemical process [v TANNED, TANNING, TANS] / tawny brown [adj TANNER, TANNEST]

20/20/GOS E/-GOS-/HS GO, a Japanese board game [n]
SOG-/S to soak (to saturate in liquid) [v SOGGED, SOGGING, SOGS]

21/21/AHNT C/-HANT-/S to haunt (to visit frequently) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TANH-/S a hyperbolic tangent [n -S]
-THAN/AEGKSX that time [n -S]

22/22/CHO C/HOC-/K this (the person or thing just mentioned) [pron]
CLMR/-OCH/E expressing impatience, also ACH [interj]

23/23/ASTW -STAW/S (Scots) to stall [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-SWAT/HS to hit sharply [v SWATTED, SWATTING, SWATS]
S/TAWS-/E TAW, to convert into white leather with minerals [v]
-TWAS- TWA, two (a number) [n]
WAST-/ES to consume lavishly or thoughtlessly, also WASTE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ST/-WATS- WAT, a hare [n]

24/24/ACH BEGMNRT/-ACH/EY expressing impatience, also OCH [interj]

25/25/EEKS DPR/EKES- EKE, to augment, also ECH, ECHE, EECH, EIK, ICH [v]
-SEEK-/S to go in search of [v SOUGHT, SEEKING, SEEKS]
SKEE/DFNRST to ski (to travel on narrow strips of wood) [v SKEED, SKEEING, SKEES]

26/26/OSU FLMNSY/-OUS-/T OU, a man (an adult human male) [n]
-SOU-/KLMPRST a former French coin [n -S]

27/27/DOS AU/-DOS-/AEHST DO, doh (a musical note) [n]
O/-DSO/S a cross between a yak and a cow, also ZHO, DZHO, DZO, JOMO [n -S]
BCDGHLMNPRSTY/ODS-/O OD, a mystical pervasive force, also ODYL, ODYLE [n]
-SOD-/AS to cover with turf [v SODDED, SODDING, SODS]

28/28/ARV G/RAV/ES a rabbi, esp one in authority; a teacher or mentor [n -S]
-VAR/AESY a unit of reactive power [n -S]

29/29/AEHORST ASTHORE/S (Irish) darling [n -S]
EARSHOT/S a range from which a sound can be heard [n -S]
C/HAROSET/HS part of the Passover meal, also HAROSETH [n -S]

30/30/DOR O/-DOR-/BEKMPRSTY to mock (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [v DORRED, DORRING, DORS]
BCFLSW/ORD-/OS a beginning [n -S]
BPT/-ROD/ES to clear a drain with a long slender pole [v RODDED, RODDING, RODS]

31/31/BEIJLR JERBIL/S a type of small rodent [n -S]

32/32/EMS FGHMRTW/EMS- EM, the letter M [n]
AE/-MES-/AEHS ME, the third note of the scale [n]

33/33/ALMS BCHMP/ALMS money or goods given to the poor [n ALMS]
BCFGS/LAMS- LAM, to flee hastily [v]
-MALS- MAL, sickness (the state of being sick (affected with ill health, also SIC)) [n]
-SLAM/S to shut forcibly and noisily [v SLAMMED, SLAMMING, SLAMS]

34/34/BOS AO/-BOS-/HKS BO, a pal [n]
BCDFGHJKLMNRSY/OBS- OB, an objection [n]
-SOB-/AS to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath [v SOBBED, SOBBING, SOBS]

35/35/DEEIKRSU DUKERIES DUKERY, a duke's seat [n]