1/1 EPR A/-PER-/CEIKMNPTV for each [prep]
-PRE/EMPXYZ before (in front of) [prep]
P/REP-/OPS to act as a commercial representative [v REPPED, REPPING, REPS]

2/2 EHR C/-HER-/BDELMNOSY the possessive case of the pronoun SHE [pron]
-REH-/S salt or Indian soil [n -S]

3/3 OPS BCDFHKLMOPSTW/OPS- OP, a style of abstract art [n]
AE/-POS-/EHSTY PO, a chamberpot [n]
-SOP-/HS to dip or soak in a liquid [v SOPPED, SOPPING, SOPS]

4/4 MOO -MOO-/DIKLNPRST to make the sound of a cow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BCDLRSTZ/-OOM-/S uncle [n -S]

5/5 AHO C/HAO-/S a monetary unit of Vietnam [n -S]
W/HOA-/RSX to stop (to halt or discontinue) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

6/7 HOO S/-HOO-/DFKNPRT expressing boisterous emotion [interj]
BCMST/-OHO- an expression of surprise [interj]
BP/-OOH-/S to express surprise [v -ED, -ING, -S]

7/8 AEM CDFGHKLNSTW/-AME-/NS (French) a soul [n -S]
-MAE-/S more (a greater amount) [n -S]

8/9 ENP NEP-/S catmint (an aromatic herb, also CATNIP) [n -S]
O/-PEN-/DEIKST to write, or commit to paper [v PENNED, PENNING, PENS]

9/10 IPR PIR-/LNS a Muslim title of honour [n -S]
CDGT/RIP/EPST to tear apart roughly [v RIPPED, RIPT or RIPPED, RIPPING, RIPS]

10/12 EFR KST/ERF- a garden plot [n ERVEN]
-FER-/EMN for (directed or sent to) [prep]
T/-REF-/IST to referee (to supervise the play in certain sports) [v REFFED, REFFING, REFS]

11/13 DRU C/RUD/DEISY to redden (to become red (the colour of blood, also REDD)) [v RUDDED, RUDDING, RUDS]
BCNST/URD-/ESY an annual bean grown in India [n -S]

12/14 INS ABDFGHJKLPQRSTVWYZ/INS- IN, to gather in harvest [v]
AU/-NIS/HI in Scandinavian folklore, a brownie or goblin also NISSE [n NISSES]
-SIN-/DEGHKS to offend against moral or religious law [v SINNED, SINNING, SINS]

U/-VAE/S a bay or creek [n -S]

14/16 BOO -BOO-/BHKLMNRST to show disapproval by making this sound, also BOOH [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BGHKLZ/-OBO-/ELS an oil bulk ore vessel [n -S]

15/17 RSU -SUR/ADEF above [prep]

16/18 EST BFGHJKLNPRTVWYZ/-EST-/S a program designed to raise awareness [n -S]
-SET/AST to put in a particular position [v SETTING, -S]
AU/-TES-/T TE, the note below doh [n]

17/19 AFR BZ/ARF-/S a barking sound [n -S]
A/-FAR-/DELMOST to remove to a distance [v FARRED, FARRING, FARS] / at a great distance [adv]
FRA/BEGPSTUY a friar (a member of a religious order) [n -S]

18/20 HIS ACGKPT/-HIS-/HNST the possessive form of the pronoun HE [pron]
BDEFHKNPW/-ISH- a Scottish law term for expiry [n -ES]

19/21 EEM DFHLMST/-EME-/SU an uncle [n -S]
S/-MEE-/DKRST a Malaysian noodle food [n -S]

20/24 DLO I/DOL-/ELST a unit of pain intensity [n -S]
ACP/-LOD-/ES the logarithm of the odds, used in statistics and in calculating Scrabble ratings [n -S]
BCFGHMSTWY/OLD/ESY a person of a specified age [n -S] / living for a long time [adj OLDER, OLDEST]

21/25 ENR DFHKPT/ERN-/ES a sea eagle [n -S]
BGW/-REN-/DKOSTY to run (to move by rapid steps) [v RENNED, RENNING, RENS]

22/26 ELT BCDFGKMPTWY/ELT-/S a young sow [n -S]
B/-LET/S to allow to go or come [v LUIT or LET or LETTED, LUITEN, LETTING, LETS]
-TEL-/ADELST an ancient mound in the Middle East [n -S]

23/27 AIT BGRTW/-AIT-/SU a small island, also EYOT [n -S]
DPV/-ITA-/S the miriti palm [n -S]
-TAI-/GLNST sea bream [n -S]

24/28 GRU -GUR-/LNSU sugar, also GOOR [n -S]
DFT/-RUG/AS to pull roughly [v RUGGED, RUGGING, RUGS]

25/29 AGU GAU/DMNPRS a Nazi political district [n -S]

26/30 GIN A/-GIN-/GKNS to remove seeds from cotton [v GINNED, GUNNEN, GINNING, GINS] / to begin (to start (to begin)) [v GINNED or GAN, GUNNEN, GINNING, GINS]
BDGHKLMPRSTWZ/ING-/OS a meadow, esp one beside a river [n -S]

27/31 BDO -BOD-/ESY a person (a human being) [n -S]
-DOB-/ESY to inform on [v DOBBED, DOBBING, DOBS]

28/32 KOU BDGJPSTYZ/OUK-/S a week, also OULK [n -S]

29/33 NOO -NOO-/BKNP now [adv]
M/-ONO-/S a Hawaiian fish [n -S]
BCDGHLMNPRSTWZ/-OON-/ST a closed space for baking, also OVEN [n -S]

30/34 EGR B/ERG-/OS a Saharan area of shifting sand dunes [n ERGS or AREG]
AE/-GER/EMST in Mongolia, another name for a YURT, a felt tent [n -S]
AD/REG-/OS a regulation [n -S]

31/55 ATT BMTW/ATT- a Laotian monetary unit [n ATT]

32/78 AST BCEFGHKLMNOPQRTVW/ATS- AT, monetary unit of Laos [n]
-SAT/EI SIT, to rest on the buttocks [v]
EIU/-TAS-/EHKS TA, an expression meaning thank you [n]

33/82 EEN BDFKPRSTW/-EEN- EE, an eye (the organ of sight) [n]
BDGMNPST/-ENE-/SW evening (poetic) [n -S]
KS/-NEE-/DMP born with the name of [adj]

34/98 ERU CGT/RUE/DRS to feel sorrow or remorse for [v RUED, RUEING, RUES]
CDIJLMPS/-URE-/AS a wild ox [n -S]

35/112 ARS BCEFGJLMOPSTVW/ARS-/EY AR, the letter R [n]
BEF/-RAS/EHPT an Ethiopian prince [n RASES or RASSES]
AKOT/-SAR/DIKS to savour (to taste or smell with pleasure) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

36/147 GIL LIG-/S to lie about [v LIGGED, LIGGING, LIGS]

37/209 ITX TIX- tickets [n]

38/237 AFH -FAH-/S a musical note, also FA [n -S]

39/262 JLO JOL-/ELST (South African slang) to have a good time [v JOLLED, JOLLING, JOLLS]

40/332 EWX -WEX-/E to wax (to treat with wax) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

41/423 DEZ -ZED/AS the letter Z [n -S]

42/456 EOR BCDFGHKLMPRSTWY/-ORE-/S rock containing a valuable metal, also OWRE [n -S]
REO-/S language (te reo Maori is the Maori language) [n -S]
F/-ROE/DS fish-eggs [n -S]

43/508 DEK AES/-KED/S a type of wingless fly that infests sheep [n -S]

44/510 EFN -FEN-/DIST a marsh (a tract of low, wet land also MARISH) [n -S]
-NEF-/S an ornamental stand for table cutlery [n -S]

45/555 GOS E/-GOS-/HS GO, a Japanese board game [n]
SOG-/S to soak (to saturate in liquid) [v SOGGED, SOGGING, SOGS]

46/566 AJP JAP-/ES to spatter (to scatter in drops) [v JAPPED, JAPPING, JAPS]

47/572 DIT AE/-DIT-/AESTZ to block (to obstruct (to get in the way of)) [v DITTED, DITTIT, DITTING, DITS]
-TID-/ESY a mood (a temporary state of the emotions or attitude) [n -S]

48/586 EFG FEG-/S a segment of an orange (also FIG) [n -S]

49/592 EXY -YEX- to hiccup, also YESK [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

50/605 SSU -SUS/SU a suspect also SUSS [n SUSES] / to arrest for suspicious behaviour [v SUSED or SUSSED, SUSING or SUSSING, SUSSES]

51/633 EMO DM/-EMO-/S emotional punk rock [n -S]
-MOE-/RS a wry face [n -S]

52/639 OSZ SOZ- short for sorry [interj]
D/-ZOS- ZO, a cross between a yak and a cow [n]

53/653 PUY PUY/S a small volcanic cone [n -S]
-YUP-/S yes, also YEP [n -S]

54/794 ABC A/BAC-/HKS baccalaureate, a university degree [n -S]
S/-CAB/AS to drive a taxicab [v CABBED, CABBING, CABS]

55/808 AUV UVA/ES a grape [n UVAS or UVAE]
VAU/ST the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, also VAV, VAW [n -S]

56/822 IKT S/-KIT-/EHS to equip (to provide with what is needed) [v KITTED, KITTING, KITS]
TIK-/AEIS the drug methamphetamine in crystal form [n -S]

57/877 SUY AKR/-YUS- YU, a precious jade [n]

58/916 DFO -DOF-/F (South African slang) stupid [adj]

59/917 COT S/COT/EHST a narrow bed [n -S] / to become tangled [v COTTED, COTTING, COTS]
A/TOC-/KOS code for the letter T [n -S]

60/919 IOS BG/-IOS- IO, a cry of joy [n]
MP/-ISO-/S film replay facilities [n -S]
BHKP/-OIS- OI, a bloke (a fellow) [n]

61/921 MOV -VOM/S (short for) to vomit [v VOMMED, VOMMING, VOMS]

62/941 MSU AEU/-MUS-/EHKOST MU, a Greek letter [n]
-SUM/IOPSY uzbekistan currency, pl SUMS or SUMY [n -S] / to add together [v SUMMED, SUMMING, SUMS]
BCFGHLMRSTV/UMS- UM, to say "um" [v]

63/950 NSY NYS- is not (no inflections) [v]
-SNY/E a side channel of a river, also SNYE [n SNIES]
SYN/CDE since (from then until now) [adv]

64/986 EIK RS/EIK/S to augment, also EKE, ECH, ECHE, EECH, ICH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

65/993 FOR -FOR/ABDEKMT directed or sent to [prep]
A/FRO/EGMSW a hairstyle [n -S]
C/ORF-/ES a viral infection of sheep [n -S]

66/1038 AEY B/-AYE-/S an affirmative vote, also AY [n -S]
-YAE- (Scots) one, also AE [adj]
-YEA-/DHNRS an affirmative vote, also YAY [n -S]

67/1108 ETW N/EWT/S a small salamander, also NEWT [n -S]
S/TEW-/S to work hard [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-WET-/AS to impregnate with liquid [v WETTED, WETTING, WETS] / saturated with liquor [adj WETTER, WETTEST]

68/1123 CRU E/CRU/DESX a vineyard (an area planted with grapevines) [n -S]
S/-CUR/BDEFLNRST a mongrel dog [n -S]
RUC/KS a legendary bird of prey, also ROC [n -S]

69/1140 EHS FHPR/EHS- EH, to say 'Eh' [v]
S/-HES-/PT HE, a male person (a human being) [n]
-SHE-/ADNSTW a female person (a human being) [n -S]

70/1151 HIO -HOI-/KS to urge, incite [v HOIS, HOIING, HOIED]

71/1163 CIT -CIT/EOSY not a gentleman [n -S]
EO/TIC-/EHKS a twitch [n -S] / to twitch [v TICCED, TICCING, TICS]

72/1177 AGV -VAG/IS to arrest someone for vagrancy [v VAGGED, VAGGING, VAGS]

73/1179 ARV G/RAV/ES a rabbi, esp one in authority; a teacher or mentor [n -S]
-VAR/AESY a unit of reactive power [n -S]

74/1244 EKN S/-KEN/OST to know (to have a true understanding of) [v KENNED, KENNING, KENS]
NEK-/S a mountain pass [n -S]

75/1269 ALU B/ALU-/MS (Hindu) a potato, also ALOO [n -S]

76/1277 HIU HUI/ACS a Maori gathering [n -S]

77/1310 DIN -DIN-/EGKOST to make a loud noise [v DINNED, DINNING, DINS]
-NID/EIS a pheasant's nest [n -S]

78/1341 AEU AUE (Maori) expressing astonishment [interj]
B/EAU-/SX a river or water [n EAUS or EAUX]

79/1365 COS E/-COS/EHSTY a variety of lettuce [n -ES]
SOC-/AKS the right of holding a local court [n -S]

80/1374 IMO -MOI-/LT used to express surprise [interj]

81/1396 BOR -BOR-/ADEKMNST a neighbour [n -S]
BRO/DGOSW buddy, pal, also BRU [n -S]
DFS/ORB-/SY to form into a sphere [v -ED, -ING, -S]
P/-ROB/ES to steal (to take by theft) [v ROBBED, ROBBING, ROBS]

82/1403 ENY S/-NYE-/DS to approach (to come near to) [v NYED, NYING, NYES]
EHS/-YEN-/S to yearn (to long for) [v YENNED, YENNING, YENS]

83/1422 CEH AEO/-CHE-/FMRWZ dialect version of I, also CH [pron]
EHLMPSTY/-ECH/EOT to augment, also EKE, ECHE, EECH, EIK, ICH [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

84/1503 EGO BRSV/-EGO/S conscious thinking subject [n -S]
GEO/S a gully, also GIO [n -S]
Y/-GOE-/LRSY to go (to move along) [v GOING, GOES]

85/1524 BOS AO/-BOS-/HKS BO, a pal [n]
BCDFGHJKLMNRSY/OBS- OB, an objection [n]
-SOB-/AS to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath [v SOBBED, SOBBING, SOBS]

86/1551 AAM CGKLMS/-AMA-/HS an oriental nurse, also AMAH [n -S]
-MAA-/RS to bleat like a goat [v -ED, -ING, -S]

87/1556 AMS AO/-MAS-/AEHKSTU MA, mother [n]
-SAM/AEPS to gather (to bring together in one place or group) [v SAMMED, SAMMING, SAMS]
-SMA small (little in size) [adj SMALLER, SMALLEST]

88/1562 AKM -KAM-/AEI awry, also KAMME [adj]
MAK-/EIOS to make (to create (to bring into being)) [v -ING, -S]

89/1582 ANT BCDGHKLPRSVW/ANT-/AEIS a small insect (a small invertebrate segmented animal) [n -S]
G/-NAT-/S a nationalist [n -S]
-TAN-/AEGHKS to convert into leather by chemical process [v TANNED, TANNING, TANS] / tawny brown [adj TANNER, TANNEST]

90/1664 EMS FGHMRTW/EMS- EM, the letter M [n]
AE/-MES-/AEHS ME, the third note of the scale [n]

91/1667 ACH BEGMNRT/-ACH/EY expressing impatience, also OCH [interj]

92/1672 HMO W/-HOM-/AEOSY a sacred plant of the ancient Persians, also HOMA [n -S]
-MHO/S a unit of electrical conductance [n -S]
-OHM-/S a unit of electrical resistance [n -S]

93/1674 AIW -WAI/DFLNRST (Maori) water [n -S]

94/1679 UWZ WUZ a nonstandard spelling of was, representing dialect or informal pronunciation [v]

95/1705 IRT BCFGW/-RIT/ESTZ to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v RITTED, RITTING, RITS]

96/1711 EKU NY/EUK/S to itch, also YUKE, EWK, YOUK [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KUE/HS the letter Q [n -S]
BCDJLNPY/UKE/S a small guitar-like instrument, also UKELELE, UKULELE [n -S]

97/1743 CHO C/HOC-/K this (the person or thing just mentioned) [pron]
CLMR/-OCH/E expressing impatience, also ACH [interj]

98/1761 BIO -BIO-/GS short form of biography [n -S]
-BOI-/LS a boyish looking lesbian [n -S]
GL/-OBI-/AST to bewitch with obia, also OBEAH [v -ED, -ING, -S]

99/1770 DOO -DOO-/BKLMNRS a dove [n -S]

100/1838 IRZ FG/RIZ/A RISE, to move upward [v]

101/1867 GPU -GUP-/S gossip [n -S]
S/-PUG/HS to fill in with clay or mortar [v PUGGED, PUGGING, PUGS]

102/1876 DOR O/-DOR-/BEKMPRSTY to mock (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [v DORRED, DORRING, DORS]
BCFLSW/ORD-/OS a beginning [n -S]
BPT/-ROD/ES to clear a drain with a long slender pole [v RODDED, RODDING, RODS]

103/1888 AHN KST/-HAN-/DGKT HAVE, to possess [v]
-NAH- no [adv]

104/1908 OSU FLMNSY/-OUS-/T OU, a man (an adult human male) [n]
-SOU-/KLMPRST a former French coin [n -S]

105/1919 DOS AU/-DOS-/AEHST DO, doh (a musical note) [n]
O/-DSO/S a cross between a yak and a cow, also ZHO, DZHO, DZO, JOMO [n -S]
BCDGHLMNPRSTY/ODS-/O OD, a mystical pervasive force, also ODYL, ODYLE [n]
-SOD-/AS to cover with turf [v SODDED, SODDING, SODS]

106/1953 RUY -RYU/S (Japanese) a school of Japanese martial arts [n -S]